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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 6, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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sleep. we have more one-on-one with my dad. >> it will be fantastic. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio for the next three hours we have great guests lined up. >> i'll be there. >> see you monday, everybody. >> bill: good morning, everybody. cryptic warning from president trump with a meeting with military leaders saying, quote, this is the calm before the storm. the exact meaning, however, sparking a lot of speculation this morning. that's where we begin on this friday morning. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." friday. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president using the ominous phrase during a dinner last night with top pentagon brass. with tensions rising around the world. his comments suggesting something major could be in the works. >> what this represents? this is the calm before the storm. it's the calm before the storm.
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>> what storm? >> we have great military people. thank you all for coming. thank you. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> bill: kristin, good morning. any clarification from the white house about what storm he was talking about there? >> bill, no clarification from the white house but boy, what a cliffhanger. was he referring to north korea? remember a few days ago he told his secretary of state saying he was wasting his time with north korea or niger, or maybe he was referring to iran. president trump has just nine days to decide whether or not he will de-certify the iran nuclear deal. many have advised him against it. president trump has repeatedly said he believes the deal is
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not in the nation's best interest and when asked last night when can we expect a decision, he replied very shortly. >> president trump: we must not allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons. the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence, bloodshed and chaos across the middle east. that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement and we will be discussing that tonight. >> if president trump does indeed decide to de-certify the deal, it would essentially kick the can to congress and give lawmakers 60 days to decide whether or not they want to impose more sanctions or new sanctions on iran, bill. >> bill: now on las vegas, congress will begin debating this issue of gun control
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specifically the gun stocks. where does the white house stand on that, kristin? >> the white house says they are welcoming this debate and that they want to be included in the conversation going forward. if you don't know what we're talking about, it has been in the news a lot. these bump stocks are the devices the vegas shooter used that allow semi automatic rifles to behave like machine guns. president trump was asked do you believe that bump stocks should be banned? here is what he said. >> president trump: we will be looking into that over the next short period of time. we'll be looking into that over the next short period of time. >> right now there is a bill making its way through congress that would do just that. it has bipartisan support. it could get support from this white house as well. >> bill: kristin fisher leading our coverage today from the white house. >> sandra: republicans opening the door to regulating bump stocks, the device used by the las vegas shooter to convert
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semi automatic rifles into machine guns. what does the nra have to say? >> the other side on the other hand that has been so outright trying to politicize this tragedy we felt the need to speak out on the bump stock issue. the nra said we ought to take a look at that and see if it's in compliance with federal law and it is worthy of additional regulation. that being said, we didn't say ban, we didn't say confiscate. >> sandra: interesting distinction there. needed regulation or is it a slippery slope? that debate ahead with our panel. new details on the investigation as we learn that stephen paddock scouted out other music festivals. we get footage showing the aftermath of the scene. overturned chairs, purses, shoes, all left behind in the
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chaos and confusion. we're also getting another new piece of footage. it shows people running from the mandalay bay as the gunfire rings out. >> go now, go! go! get down! >> sandra: moments of sheer terror giving way to mourning. thousands attending a candlelight vigil for officer charleston hartfield who was killed in the shooting. we have the latest from las vegas. are investigators making progress learning the motive of the shooter? >> authorities are being tight lipped. we know the f.b.i. is analyzing all the gunman's technology to figure out if he had any help in this attack. it comes as they are also looking into all of the witness accounts that played out last sunday night, including this chilling video.
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[gunfire] >> get down! >> those are guns, run, don't walk. >> keep your head down, go. keep your head down, go. >> the man who shot that video was a city employee. he ended up putting a number of people in the back of his truck and driving them to safety. when you see the video you can understand why there are more than 100 people in local hospitals here including here at the university medical center, sandra. >> sandra: how is the city continuing to respond to this horrific act of violence? >> they are really pulling together. that includes people who live here and even people from out of town, including a carpenter from chicago who drove into
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town yesterday and he set up 58 wooden crosses in front of the iconic welcome to las vegas sign. really a stunning visual reminder of the tragic loss that we had last sunday night, sandra. >> sandra: will, thank you. >> bill: president trump wrapping up a jam-packed week. want to bring in chris stirewalt to recap all of it. a recap for you, massacre early monday morning our time. puerto rico monday, las vegas tuesday. >> it has been a week not just for the president but for the whole country. he has had to explore the different roles. he has come to inhabit the presidency in a different way than his predecessors and he has started to see the utility of some of the traditional roles of being presidential. helping the nation come together in times of trouble, directing disaster response, he
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does them in a different way but he is learning obviously to do them. >> bill: if you look at the visits to the hospital, that was the high point of the week. just relating to the wounded with the first lady in a very human way. >> i think his ability -- what we've seen from both of them is their abilities in the series of disasters, tragedies that they have faced in the period of his brief presidency so far, is that people respond really well to them. they responded well to them in houston after the hurricanes. when they get on the ground. when they are humanized and they are with these folks, things seem to go well. people seem to respond well. that's something i think that his handlers at the white house and the team he has together there now understands, which is this is something good for him and probably good for the country to get him in contact with ordinary folks. >> bill: read between the lines. what does calm before the storm mean? i don't think he is talking about nate in the gulf of mexico. >> no, i don't think he is
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talking about that. who could say? this is a reality show host. he loves the cliffhanger. i assume he looked around and saw all the scrambled eggs on all the shoulders in that room when he had the -- his general officers together and he thought this is an awesome picture and it will look great. he has them together and i assume he thinks this will scare kim jong-un, a guy who likes military parades, big shows of strength and force. >> bill: he likes generals. he likes the military. >> he likes all that sassafras. if you're him and thinking about and writing the script of your own presidency a little cliffhanger here and make iran or north korea think what is he talking about? >> bill: on iran, do you think the white house makes a move to push congress to tighten the sanctions? >> i would say they'll probably go the other way. they'll try to encourage back
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channel, encourage congress not to apply the sanctions so the president can say we're out of the deal but let the sanctions not be imposed on iran. they need it not to fall apart but the president doesn't want to keep having to say every 90 days we're certifying that iran is good. >> bill: much more on that coming up. have a great weekend. chris stirewalt there in washington, d.c. back to las vegas. everybody is looking for a motive. there are great pieces out there today about some of the massacres that we've experienced together as a country. you quickly learned there was something very devious behind the individual and clearly that was the case in las vegas. the why is still escaping us. the sheriff did say in an interview he says i'm confident we will get there. >> sandra: to learn now that he was plotting out other cities and attacks in other cities, very scary to continue to learn the details coming out of this, bill. meanwhile a decision on the iran nuclear deal could be imminent.
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will president trump ultimately kick the can down the road to congress and should he? we'll talk to congressman adam kinzinger, plus this. >> we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts and we would like to see input from the victims' families, from law enforcement and policymakers. >> keeping an open mind about the bump stocks all week as we learn chilling new details about the killer's plans for that evening. what we know so far five days into this investigation. >> sandra: and not again. please, no. here comes tropical storm nate targeting the u.s. mainland. we'll tell you where that storm is headed and just how powerful it may be. as vice president mike pence heads to the u.s. virgin islands to see the destruction
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there after visiting puerto rico last night. >> we're working tirelessly to clear every road, reach every community and bring aid to every puerto rican in need and we won't stop until the job is done. [applause]
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>> sandra: an alarming report revealing the personal cell phone of john kelly may have been hacked. political or foreign government may have had access to data on his cell phone. the suspected breach was
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discovered after kelly turned his phone over to white house tech support this summer complaining it wasn't working properly. >> are there any other persons of interest in this investigation? >> look we weapon obtaining, the different amounts of available. do you think it was accomplished on its own? face value, you have to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> bill: everybody is asking this question from wednesday the las vegas sheriff joe lombardo all point to the gunman getting help. we have a swat officer with me now, john sheahan. thank you for coming back today. what do you think about this idea that he had to have some
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help? does that fit with what you're learning? >> i don't know, a lot of times -- most times that we go back to methodologies of active shooters, unless there are two shooters involved or multiple shooters involved, these people usually act alone. and i would go back to the fact that our shooter rented that hotel room three days ahead of time before he committed this heinous act and had all the time in the world to get all that equipment, ammunition, firearms up to the room, set up the cameras, heck, he could have even made trips back to mesquite to go and reload and get stuff at his house and come back. he has three days. it's 90 miles away. not sure i can get there quite yet until we see what's ton the computers. >> bill: what about the escape theory? as an investigator what evidence would you have to find or discover that would lead you to believe that he thought he was going to make it out of there.
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>> been through thousands of live missions in swat and a lot of times when we have barricaded subjects that try to escape and we find evidence of that it's usually one of two ways. they've drawn up a map of an escape route, they have some sort of plans on paper in the structure that they're in, or there is actual physical evidence. look at the hotel room in mandalay bay. how could anybody possibly get out of that hotel room except out of the front door? it's 32 floors up. you can't go out the window. he is a 64-year-old man. the only sign physically that you would possibly have would be maybe he is trying to borough a hole through a wall and try to get out that way. >> bill: we don't have that evidence, though, right? >> we don't have that evidence. we don't know what the police have. >> maybe they found something in the car or the home in mesquite that told them he expected to return home. >> if he expected to return home after what he did, we really have to believe he is as
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delusional as we all thought he was. there was no way once he started his onslaught he would leave the hotel room, probably alive, either. he was going to die. he is forfeiting his life as soon as he began the rampage. >> bill: the report says he wanted to buy tracer fire at a gun show but there was none in supply. i don't know that report to be true. if you have more information to confirm it tell us now. the tracer fire at night would tell him whether he is hitting his target or not. without the tracer fire he is firing into the dark of night. >> it would make him a more accurate killer. every fifth round in a belt-fed ammunition with trace rounds in it would be the round to go out for people uneducated on it, it glows and looks sort of like a "star wars" blaster fire as it is going out and it makes you a
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much more accurate shooter. >> >> bill: almost like a laser. >> it's an indicator. >> bill: we've been told very little about motivation. in your professional history, how rare is it that you find a motive so elusive as we apparently have at this point in this investigation? >> it's pretty rare. usually an active shooter will leave some sort of manifesto, some sort of a note, will have communicated at the last minute prior to the onslaught to someone their intent to do what they are going to do. for this man to be as closed mouthed as he is, we don't know what he has told his girlfriend. what we'll find on those computers yet. but it is pretty unique, you're right. >> bill: and those devices apparently are at the f.b.i. for examination right now. thank you for coming back today. >> sandra: a top n ra executive
6:21 am
slamming the media and democrats for their hypocrisy on gun control. >> this hollywood crowd makes billions a year every single day teaching gun irresponsibility to the american public. the hypocrisy is beyond belief. >> sandra: the organization is siding with calls for a review of the gun modifier used by the shooter. a fair and balanced debate with our panel coming up. >> bill: one of the survivors in las vegas facing the president in the hospital and standing up with a gunshot wound on the leg and now he is taking heat from it. we'll tell you from where as he sat down in sean hannity in the hospital bed to explain why. >> i told my family the president of the united states comes in this room no matter who the president is you stand up and shake their hand and show them the respect they deserve. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> bill: here we go again. states along the gulf coast bracing for what is a tropical storm. nate is churning closer to the u.s. that storm has been a killer already. blamed for at least 22 deaths in nicaragua and honduras and costa rica flooding forcing 500 into shelters in costa rica. it is expected to strengthen and slam the gulf states as a category 1 hurricane late this weekend. the governor of louisiana warning everybody to be prepared right now. >> we have been blessed when harvey went left and irma went right. that's not what we anticipate out of nate. so everyone should take this very seriously. >> bill: the southeastern louisiana still recovering from tropical storm harvey that flooded streets and swamped a lot of cars and homes in that state. >> sandra: vice president pence
6:26 am
on his way to the u.s. virgin islands. he will be in puerto rico later today. mr. pence yesterday meeting with displaced puerto rican families at a disaster relief center inside orlando's international airport. the vice president promising them the full support of the u.s. government. >> we stand with you and we'll be with you every step of the way until we see the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico safe. the images of destruction have moved the hearts of all the american people. the president often says when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. when one part of america struggles, we all struggle. >> sandra: mike tobin is live from san juan. what is the activity like on that island right now? >> two weeks, melissa, since the hurricane and you can still break the activities down to three different points.
6:27 am
you have rebuilding and cleanup. that is largely happening by individuals happening by hand. you have restoration of power, that's the big job and it is happening very slowly and you still have the distribution of aid. more than two weeks out. from that we get some remarkable stories. not the least of which is coming from the f.b.i.'s elite hostage rescue team and their tactical helicopter unit. they were out with the helicopters and ran into a private sector donor who had aid and changed their mission. what they did is just flew around until they could find open soccer fields and baseball diamonds and put the helicopters down and hand out all the food, water and medicine they could get their hands on. sadly, what i hear from the agents in that unit there is still a tremendous need for aid and the remote towns high up in the mountains and bad roads. the trucks still aren't getting to them. >> sandra: the dam, what is the status of the dam at this point?
6:28 am
>> the dam is still the biggest threat for a big catastrophic failure. that dam hadn't been updated since the 1980s. during the course of the hurricane, the output pipes jammed, which was one problem. you had a tremendous amount of water coming into the reservoir. you had all the water that went over the spill way. it is supposed to do that but it had never handled this kind of volume before. >> such a volume of water came through so fast and the spillway itself had some structural issues and it undermined and ripped out the bottom half of the spill way and erode that back into the bottom of the dam. >> the foundation of that spillway is pretty much sand. if it erodes to the dam you could talk about a failure of the dam that would flood the hundreds of families down below. what the navy pilots and marines on the ground are doing are hooking up the jersey barriers to a helicopter and they drop it at the foot of
6:29 am
that spillway to make a pile of rocks. if they make the pile big enough it will shore up the foundation of the spillway and stop the erosion. >> sandra: amazing work they're doing there. >> bill: the trump team clarifying the president's remarks on puerto rico's staggering debt. press secretary sarah sanders addressed it again yesterday. >> there is a process for how to deal with puerto rico's debt. it will have to go through that process to have a lasting recovery and growth. this is a process that was put in place and set up under obama and that has a board of advisors that deals with that debt and it will go through that process as we move forward. >> bill: we'll see how the process works out in the end. you coming from the money background. >> sandra: that rocked markets. >> bill: you pulled it off the graph on your phone and said look at this. >> sandra: the puerto rican bonds. $74 billion in debt.
6:30 am
who pays for that? >> bill: and there are a lot of people on the line for that. has it recovered or once the comments were made has it -- >> it hasn't gotten a lot worse but it was a big comment to make. goldman sachs, taxpayers make up for that? >> bill: you have to find the money somewhere. you talked about the process. we'll see how the process unfolds coming up soon. >> sandra: one of hollywood's hottest producers under -- we'll tell you who is making the charges including an a-list actress. >> bill: president trump could be on the verge of de-certifying the iran deal. will it now rest in the hands of congress? adam kinzinger is next on that. >> a lot of countries have the opinions on whether the u.s. should stay in the deal or not.
6:31 am
those countries don't saying death to america. they aren't saying death to germany and all those things.
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>> sandra: president trump has got just under 10 days now to decide whether to leave the iran nuclear deal. here is what he said last night about it during a meeting with top military leaders. >> president trump: we must not allow iran to attain -- to obtain nuclear weapons. the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence, blood shed and chaos across the middle east. that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. >> sandra: joining me now is republican congressman adam kinzinger of illinois. he is also a pilot in the air national guard.
6:35 am
good to see you here, congressman. i understand you had a big meeting yesterday with the president's national security advisor mcmaster. how did that go? >> what makes me comfortable is when i see the president and his team in the situation room. hr was there. they have a grip not just on the iran issue but the broader issues of the world. under the prior administration, really all they wanted to do was get some kind of a deal with iran on nuclear weapons and call it a day. we got that some kind of a deal and over the period of time we've seen iran grow in influence. they're in syria, they're basically supplying hezbollah, putting big threats against israel and they are oh owe meddling in iraq and everyone else in the middle east because of this money from the deal. the administration has a comprehensive plan of which is iran deal is a part of it but i think there will be a broader confrontation against this terrible regime. >> sandra: so when the president called it the calm before the storm, what did he mean by that?
6:36 am
>> only the president knows what he meant by that. look, there is a sense of unpredictability with president trump which i think works in his favor. our enemies or adversaries don't know what his next action will be and there is huge benefit in that as they say what will they do to us next? as americans we have a ton of power and ability to do things and so bringing our allies along with us, for instance, in confronting iran or in pushing back against iran and syria, or eventually reimposing sanctions because iran is not living by the spirit of this deal, then i think the calm is where we are now. the storm is finally confronting iran not necessarily militarily but in a whole host of other areas. >> sandra: defense secretary mattis seems to disagree with walking away from the deal. stay in it for now, it is in the best interest of the national security of this country. contradicting the president. where does the president go
6:37 am
with this? >> i don't know if it's necessarily a contradict. a de-certifying of the iran deal don't mean we're tearing it up and leaving it. de-certification is a process where congress comes in with the administration and how to bring allies along. including missile development. i don't know if there is disagreement. if there is i think it's healthy disagreement within an administration. frankly, i don't think the president wants people in his administration will tell him what he has decided. he wants competing views and i tell you, h.r. mcmaster and mattis and secretary tillerson are smart people and bring their own strengths. >> sandra: he did hint saying he reiterated his belief that tehran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. we'll hear from him shortly on
6:38 am
iran with the deadline coming up. that being saitd i want to get what's going on -- you are one of three house republicans that you have sent a letter to the bureau of alcohol, to tobacco and firearms to look at the bump stocks that convert semi automatic weapons to nearly machine gun status. you want to look into this further, why? >> i'm a huge second amendment advocate and ima gun owner. what my fear is three days ago nobody knew what it was. when i shot it before i was surprised to find out it was technically legal by atf. i want them to re-evaluate this. they did under the obama administration and found it technically compliant. if the atf can handle it all the new devices the atf can determine whether it lives in the spirit of the ban of automatic weapons. the problem with jumping to legislation, if we ban these
6:39 am
certain devices and somebody creates something new that comes around the law will we have to do another law. the best place is in the atf. if they can't rule they're wrong we can look at legislation. >> sandra: we've heard from john cornyn of texas, open to change. do you worry about it as a slippery slope as far as further gun legislation that many democrats are calling for or congressman, do you have a fear this gets away from the real conversation and this absolutely evil act that we saw play out in las vegas sunday night? >> both are a fear. it is important to note that you can't screen evil until it commits evil acts. you have to understand that democrats don't want to just ban bump stocks. they want to ban guns in many cases. that's a reality. we have to block against that slippery slope. but when you look at something like a bump stock and you look at the law that everybody agrees on banning fully automatic weapons, this is a work around to the spirit of that law and i think we have to
6:40 am
reasonably say this is something we can address. you already see it on the left because they've said that going to the atf isn't enough. we need legislation. so continue to watch that. we have to be reasonal on this. >> sandra: before we let you go. have you heard back anything from the atf since you sent the letter? >> not yet. hopefully we will on an expedited basis. >> bill: speaking out on his meeting with the president and the first lady that has gone viral. check it out. >> he just came from there. i don't care what anybody has to say to me. he cared. he wanted to listen to me and shake my hand and thank me and just was so awesome and melania was so sweet and to me it felt like they genuinely cared about the people here and what happened. >> bill: that is thomas gundserson rising to greet the
6:41 am
president and first lady and was grateful for the moment and never forget it and posting that he will never lie down when the president of the great country of the united states of america comes in to shake my hand. hannity found him yesterday and he didn't get up. he said to sean you aren't the president of the united states. >> sandra: he spoke with his parents which was a neat moment. the parents said they learned of the shooting watching fox news that night. >> bill: a tender moment right there, that handshake in las vegas. >> sandra: of course we've been talking in the wake of that shooting a lot about the politics of gun control. the debate is alive and kicking but would a law have stopped this killer? we will debate that next. >> one thing the american public knows, the elites always protect themselves and they always protect themselves with guns. then they lecture the american public how you shouldn't do that.
6:42 am
in the heart of the american public all over this country, they see these monsters and they don't want to be alone out there. they want to be able to protect themselves.
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>> sandra: a landmark legislation in california making it a sanctuary state. california's governor jerry brown signing the bill yesterday. it bars police from sharing information about people with federal immigration agents unless that person has been convicted of certain crimes. the decision comes as local and state governments are locked in legal battles with attorney general sessions over his move to slash federal grant funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. the new law will take effect on january 1st. >> when the water is rising and when it goes dark the american public values its freedom to protect themselves and now you have dianne feinstein and schumer and the media to get this horrible tragedy and they want to piggyback their whole agenda to ban guns, restrict law abiding people for the last
6:46 am
20 years this circus on the back of this tragedy. >> bill: the head of the nra pushing back efforts to politicize the vegas massacre. the nra is willing to consider regulation of the bump stock device that allowed to killer to fire his weapon like a machine gun. former ohio consciousman dennis kucinich and matt schlapp. in las vegas reports indicate that certain devices were used to modify the firearms involved. despite the fact that the obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stock on two associations the nra is calling on the atf to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law, end quote. what are you sensing from this so far?
6:47 am
is this an issue for the atf or is it bigger than that in congress? >> for wayne and chris who are friends and great constitutionalists, this is tough. this country said in 1934 it should be almost impossible for any private citizen to own a fully automatic weapon. wayne lopaire has been fighting with gun grabbers for decades that a semi auto is not an automatic weapon. what this tragedy demonstrated the horror when an automatic weapon can get into the hands of an evil madman. we passed a law in 1934 almost 100 years ago. technology has changed. we have to retrofit laws for the modern context. i think it's right to go back to atf for whatever reason the obama administration which never fully understood the second amendment and guns got it wrong. we ought to do what's right within the context of that law.
6:48 am
>> bill: the atf ruled it was seven years ago it was legal under the law because it did not alter the internal mechanism of the gun and the rational why it was still out there. you see wal-mart and amazon pull it off line. where are you on this? >> where i am is this, bill. i agree with a number of things that matt said. i want to -- i would like to go a little bit deeper. we have to end the polarization in the country over this issue. we need a new path forward. that path forward is addressing the underlying issues of violence in our society and of mental health needs and when we do that i think we can bring people together. and we may not ever really resolve this issue of guns in our country but we certainly can address domestic violence, spousal abuse, violence in the school, gang violence, racial violence, and gun violence but not from the standpoint of being in warring camps and
6:49 am
fighting each other over that when we can really make some progress. we need to seize the moment and address the violence and the mental health. >> bill: this could be entirely left up to the atf. that's under consideration. i want to go to back to wayne lopaire for what he calls hypocrisy. >> this hollywood crowd makes billions a year every single day teaching gun irresponsibility to the american public. the hypocrisy is beyond belief. they criticize me for saying people ought to be able to protect themselves from murderers, rapists and robbers and they make billions depicting every night those same situations. >> bill: i want to get to both of you. react to that, matt, quickly on the hypocrisy that he is calling out. >> we see it all the time with actors in hollywood left wing criticize the very things they use in their lives. tsa employees should be in
6:50 am
unions but they fly in private planes. guns should be illegal but they are protected by security officers. it is the hypocrisy is deep. >> bill: congressman, do you see it the same way? he painted it pretty much black and white. >> i see it as an opportunity to get wayne lopaire and people in hollywood together and talk about addressing the underlying issues of violence and lack of mental health -- >> i bet they won't be in the same room as him. >> you'd be surprised what we could do together. >> sandra: a hollywood heavy weight accused of sexually har acing women for decades. actress ashley j*ud is one of those women accusing the man behind some of the biggest movies of the past three decades of highly inappropriate behavior. the details straight ahead. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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>> sandra: a bombshell report in the "new york times" accusing one of hollywood's biggest power players of decades long pattern of sexual harassment. actress ashley judd, one of the women coming forward to accuse harvey weinstein of inappropriate and predator behavior. he has been the driving force behind a number of critically acclaimed music. pulp fiction and shakespeare in love to name a few. we have the story from los angeles. >> good morning, sandra. the report details allegations of sexual harassment by a number of women including employees and some very high profile actresses including ashley judd. she tells the paper of an incident that happened two decades ago when she says she
6:55 am
was asked to meet weinstein in his hotel room and greeted her wearing a bath robe and asked her to watch him take a shower. at least eight women have received settlements from weinstein over the years including rose mcgou an and similar accounts of him coerceing giving him massages for career enhancement. weinstein said he came of age in the 60s and 70s when rules in the workplace were different. he said i appreciate the way i behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for it. i brought in therapists and plan to take a leave of absence from my company to deal with this issue head on. despite that he says he could sue "the new york times" for reckless reporting. top democrats are distancing themselves from the outspoken democratic donor.
6:56 am
several senators including elizabeth warren and richard bloom en thal are announcing they will donate weinstein's campaign contributions to charity. last night cameras caught up with steven spielberg on the red carpet. when asked about the story he did his best to dodge the subject. >> it's something i don't shy from but it is not relevant to what we're discussing about susan's movie today. i have a lot of opinions about this but not for this event tonight. >> sandra: interesting think will you have one of the attorneys working with weinstein is lisa blum, the daughter of gloria alred. a bit of an ironic twist there. >> bill: here we go. fox news alert coming up next hour. president trump weighing in on the las vegas massacre. we'll talk to chris wallace live in washington, d.c. to get
6:57 am
his take on everything we've experienced this week and congressman ron desantis who was just in vegas getting briefed on that investigation and decision time on the iran nuclear deal. keep it or leave it? that's next. nning. but some people still like cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable switch to directv. call 1-800-directv. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. with less joint pain, watch me. for less joint pain and clearer skin, ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> sandra: new details about the las vegas killers and the chaos sunday night. >> what's that? >> did you get a driver? >> that's me. >> sandra: first responders doing as they're trained under the toughest conditions and in the confusion using any vehicles they could find to ferry the wounded and dying to local hospitals. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. acts of heroism and bravery amid the fear and confusion coming to light in a whole new way. those who survived the killer's fury leaving everything behind
7:01 am
to run for their lives hiding anywhere they could find. the fire department describing that scene just yesterday. >> we also had people jump the fence, break through the fences and get into the airport property. they were laying in between the runways trying to take cover because those areas are carved out between the runways and taxi ways. we had reports of gunshots fired at the airport. there is another example of we had a lot on our hands. a lot we thought was escalating when it was really contained but we didn't know it. >> sandra: claudia cowan is live in las vegas. >> five days later we still do not have a motive but there are no reports this morning that the gunman, stephen paddock, tried to buy tracer rounds to help aim in the dark but the store was sold out. investigators say he may have been scouting out other music festivals. he reserved a room at the black stone hotel in chicago that
7:02 am
overlooked this past summer's concert and looking at hotels near fenway park in boston and he booked rooms that overlooked the life is beautiful festival the week before he took aim at the route 91 harvest festival. whether that was his original target, pre-surveillance or a grudge against music fans, we don't know. officials say we still don't know much at all about the twisted mind of stephen paddock. >> he has virtually no footprint. he does not fit the profile of what we would expect in an incident like this. that's what makes it so baffling. a 64-year-old man who lives in rural nevada. you just wouldn't expect something like this. >> and frightening new cell phone video shows concert-goers running for their lives. the associated press is citing
7:03 am
sources who say -- his suite at mandalay bay was free because of his gambling. he brought guns and ammo during shift changes and along with arsenals and bomb making materials in his car he revealed he had an escape plan and possibly an accomplice or someone who knew what he was going to do. the sheriff suggesting that paddock would be a superman if he pulled it off alone. officials are trying to identify a mystery woman not his girlfriend spotted with paddock in las vegas as they tried to build a timeline of his movements in the days leading up to sunday night's massacre. >> sandra: thank you, claudia. >> bill: another big story this morning, though, is this. president trump with just about a week to decide whether or not the u.s. will stay in the iran nuclear deal. speculation heating up over the cryptic warning he delivered at
7:04 am
a meeting with military leaders last night at the white house. >> it could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> bill: rich, good morning. the u.s. could still technically stay in the iranian deal. how would that work? >> the idea the administration is considering and the one that has received the most attention over the past month would be if the administration were to certify iran is failing to comply with the nuclear agreement but it would continue suspending nuclear-related sanctions against iran. that would technically keep the united states in the iran nuclear agreement and keep the iran nuclear agreement together.
7:05 am
it would kick that decision over to congress and congress could then decide whether to withdraw the united states. some of the president's top advisors have counseled him against withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. james mattis did so publicly this week. we asked secretary of state rex tillerson if he agreed with mattis and he refused to commit. >> we'll have a recommendation for the president. we are going to give him a couple of options how to move forward to advance the important policy towards iran. as you've heard us say many times the jcpoa represents only a small part of the many issues that we need to deal with when it comes to the iranian relationship. >> sources say officials are pushing for congress to get rid of that requirement that says the administration must certify every 90 days whether iran is in compliance. >> bill: some european governments are lobbying this administration to stay in the deal. why would that be? >> they're part of the iran nuclear agreement.
7:06 am
the argument they're making is iran is complying with the major components they say. they say iran has received tens of billions in unfrozen assets the u.s. and west won't be able to get back and they also have lots of businesses that are conducting business within iran and they don't want to see those businesses lose those relationships. but those who are opposed to that point of view say iran and its behavior has gotten much worse since the iran nuclear agreement and needs to be addressed through the nuclear agreement. >> bill: we'll find out real soon >> sandra: more with chris wallace. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you, sandra. congratulations, welcome to the show. >> sandra: thank you, sir. good to have you on. our first week. it's been a big week. here we are ending this week, chris, with wondering where the president is going to go next with this iran deal. he is up against a deadline. whether he stays in, stays out, at least for the time being the decision is whether or not to
7:07 am
recertify the deal. >> listen to what rich edson said. it is not just a decision by the president. the president can by october 15th, the deadline. de-certify u.s. involvement with the deal. that doesn't blow up the deal because it only blows up if we reimpose the sanctions. it goes to congress. they have two months to decide whether or not to reimpose the sanctions. a thought within the administration, you don't know if congress will go along with it. the president de-certifies and gets to say what he said on the campaign trail. it was a terrible deal and he wants to tear it up. but congress does not reimpose the sanctions, so the u.s. stays in the deal and therefore we don't break ranks with all the other european allies when we form the deal. it kind of is a halfway measure that allows the president to condemn the deal but doesn't blow up the deal. >> sandra: as we've heard from
7:08 am
the president you'll be hearing about iran very shortly. meanwhile, that meeting with military leaders yesterday, chris, the president sort of leading off by saying we're seeing the calm before the storm. we're all sort of left wondering what he meant by that. >> we are. and i suspect that's part of what the president wants. he wants us to be talking about it and wondering what he has up his sleeve. i will say it goes deeper than that. this president has a theory. richard nixon did as well. the kind of madman theory. one of the ways that you can perhaps control behavior is leading your enemies, your adversaries to think you don't know what the man in the oval office is going to do. there was a story recently the president was meeting with his trade representatives. we may pull out of the south korea trade deal. in 30 days we might do it. light highser said i'll tell them they have 30 days to clean up the deal and the president
7:09 am
said no, no, no. tell them he could pull out of this deal any minute basically to try to unsettle and get a better deal from the south koreans. perhaps saying this is the calm before the storm surrounded by the top brass of the most powerful military in the history of the world is a way to say to countries like iran and north korea. you better not mess with us. we have a lot at our disposal and i as president might just use it. >> sandra: five days after that unthinkable act of violence in las vegas last sunday night we're witnessing a gun debate raging on capitol hill. talk about what should be legal, what should not be legal. there is a statement by the nra. i want to share a piece of it with you this morning. in las vegas reports indicate that certain devices were used to modify the firearms involved. the nra believes that devices designed to allow semi automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles
7:10 am
should be subject to additional regulations. there seems to be some agreement from republicans and democrats on possible change here. >> yeah. to the bunt stocks. that's the device that allows, as the nra said, your ability to turn a semi automatic rifle into an automatic rifle. we watched and heard that horrific video where stephen paddock was able to fire off hundreds of rounds in a single minute. interesting in the nra's statement. they don't call for legislation, they called for regulation. they didn't call for a ban. my guess is that what the nra is saying look, the bunt stocks are so indefensible that we wouldn't -- we wouldn't die on this beachhead of either banning or regulating bump stocks. we sure don't want to see legislation. that will be a first step. you don't know what's going to happen on capitol hill and we don't particularly want to see
7:11 am
this. we don't want to see from the nra's point of view this expand to other things like high capacity magazines and things like that. so there may be agreement on the bunt stocks but i don't anticipate any sweeping gun control legislation on capitol hill. >> sandra: it will be a hot topic on your show this weekend. who is the big guest on your show? >> we'll have a live report. the latest. as has been pointed out we don't have a motive and don't know all the things stephen paddock did but we'll have an interview with steve winn one of the giants of las vegas, one of the biggest hotel and casino owners. interestingly enough, sandra, a couple years ago he decided that las vegas was a target and he brought in former seals team sick members, cia officers and hardened his hotels. profilers on site. hidden detectors and cameras. did he anticipate the idea of someone going to a high floor and breaking a window? we'll talk to him on the
7:12 am
subject. >> sandra: he has had a different approach to the security at his hotels there. we look forward to watching fox news sunday this weekend. thank you. >> bill: you get the sense the hotels are already changing in vegas and probably that's coming to your town sometime very soon. i was at a show the other night in broadway, x-rays in place. >> sandra: wanding suitcases in some hotels. >> it happened and i felt good about it. i was okay. new details on las vegas. where that investigation stands five days later. we talk to a congressman just in las vegas for a briefing. that's next live. plus this. >> sandra: another potential hurricane bearing down on the gulf coast. who is facing the biggest threat? >> bill: also, this call for nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders to step aside and it is coming from a
7:13 am
fellow top democrat. listen. >> their contributions to the congress and caucus are substantial but i think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch. i think it's time. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> we cannot live a life like this. we cannot be penalized by those who are evil people. we can't change how we love to live and want to do things and
7:17 am
be part of this world and seize the day every day of our lives. >> sandra: the mayor of las vegas. other cities the gunman was scouting. ron desantis was briefed on the investigation in las vegas. i know you've been on the plane. you were there very late last night. you spent a lot of time on the ground in the city yesterday. what did you learn? >> well, just being on the ground just a couple observations when you see those broken windows sitting on the street there in front of mandalay bay was a chilling feeling to see that. the other thing i noticed just being there is vegas is back. there was a lot of people walking around and doing what vegas does. so i actually was encouraged by that. in terms of the investigation, we've been doing a lot in the
7:18 am
congress on my subcommittee about how people become radicalized and then commit acts of terrorism. in this case it's different than any of the other cases we've dealt with because here we are five days later almost and we still don't have really a good sense at all as to why this individual did what he did. >> sandra: some people are dumbfounded like that. how can we be five days later and not have a motive for this shooter? >> part of it he didn't leave an obvious trail. he was reclusive where he lived in mesquite. wasn't doing much his neighbors could observe. the authorities will be looking at all his electronic devices. that will take a few days. any phones, computers, any of those instances they are going to have to go back and document his travel, his brother said that he hadn't talked to him in six months. as you know, isis has claimed responsibility for this. now there is no evidence to back that up.
7:19 am
but they claim this conversion happened in the last six months. i don't know whether that's true or not. it's something that has to be looked at. was he going to the philippines and going to some places and did something trigger this inside of him? but those questions in terms of the amount of evidence to answer that is probably as little as i've seen in any of these instances this far out. >> sandra: do you believe he acted alone or had help? the sheriff seems to think there is no way he could have pulled it off on his own. >> there are different views on that. i would just note that he was barricaded in that suite and so it wouldn't have been an obvious escape for somebody if they were there with him at that point. he may have had some assistance before then. i think they're trying to piece -- get all those pieces to the puzzle. i'm thinking about are there firing ranges near his home that he was practicing? i don't know how good of a shot he was but people probably would have observed him at some point. so i think there will be a lot of questions that will need to
7:20 am
be asked. if he had a facebook page where he had isis propaganda or other stuff it would be easier but that's not what he left >> sandra: he haven't seen what has come out of any of those devices yet. i have to get your take on tax reform. we're ending a big week here and tax reform is an aggressive part of the president's agenda. listen to paul ryan quick and i want to get your thoughts. >> we know that if we get our tax code fixed, if we make america more competitive, we'll have more jobs and keep the ones we have. build more but more importantly we'll be more prosperous and make more money and have higher wage growth. >> sandra: a lot of confidence this will get done. will it? >> i think the house will pass a very good pro-growth tax reform along the lines the president has outlined. >> sandra: before tend of the year? >> the house will do it before tend of the year. the senate hasn't proven it can
7:21 am
get much done. this will end up being a test for the u.s. senate. can you get 50 votes to advance something that will be good for taxpayers and good for our economy? i hope the answer is yes. we'll see. >> sandra: you've had a busy, long night. thanks for jumping on with us. >> congratulations on your new show. >> bill: two big stories now. we may have another hurricane this weekend and tell you where that's headed. president trump promising an answer soon on the iran nuclear deal. u.n. ambassador nikki haley says the decision will be based on what is best for the u.s. and not what on others have to say about it. >> it has never moved the u.s. to care about what other countries say. what does move the president is are we doing everything in the best interest, security interests for the american people? that's what you're seeing. . improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics.
7:22 am
yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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7:25 am
>> sandra: a top house democrat saying it's time for pelosi and the rest of the leadership to step aside. here is linda sanchez saying the party needs new blood. >> i think that it's time to pass the torch to a new generation. they are all of the same generation and their contributions to the congress and caucus are substantial. i think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch and i think it's time. >> sandra: there you have it. >> bill: that is going to be a big political story. it is just really starting to get traction right now. watch it and we'll see whether or not -- >> sandra: you have to start looking at the bench. >> bill: eventually you do. we'll see if she gets her wish. in the meantime watch this over the weekend. tropical storm nate heading to the gulf coast. landfall expected over the weekend. category 1 hurricane and the governor warning folks to get
7:26 am
ready now. >> the state of louisiana is prepared but everyone must pay close attention because the waters in the gulf of mexico remain extremely warm. there is potential for this storm to intensify very quickly. >> bill: janice dean, fox extreme weather center with more on this. what does nate look like now? >> it's a mess, which is a good thing. it is expected to strengthen. however, the good news about this is that a trough will scoop this up fairly quickly so it won't have a lot of time over warm water. but we still do anticipate some strengthening. here it is now 45 miles per hour sustained winds. it is a tropical storm. we're hoping that it doesn't strengthen quickly because that could mean trouble for the gulf coast. the hurricane center says it will have enough time to get up to a category 1, a minimal hurricane. the problem here is that these coastlines are very vulnerable to not only heavy rainfall but storm surge and strong winds. yes, new orleans is in here,
7:27 am
mobile, alabama, biloxi, all these areas need to play close attention. your preparations need to be completed today. it is happening sunday. sunday morning. overnight saturday into sunday and quickly picked up by a trough and moved to the north and east. the bottom line here is we have hurricane watches in place for much of the louisiana coastline towards mississippi and alabama here for the potential of a hurricane, a minimal one but still we're being cautious here. we want people to prepare for possibly the worst and hope for the best here. we think that it is going to be a strong tropical storm or a weak hurricane. the rainfall and storm surge is what we're concerned about. >> bill: nate, maria, irma, harvey, himn so far. you met a great group of americans in houston working for free on their own time. i want our audience to have a
7:28 am
look at team rubicon quickly. >> it is humbling. people here have lost so much. hopefully what we can give them is a little bit of hope. >> what a great team spirit. a lot of people don't realize team rubicon is expanding about the world and it is about community. >> disasters bring out the worst in situations but they also bring out the best in humanity so they will bring people together. there are more things that unite us than there is that divide us. >> bill: you went down there and helped raise a lot of money. what did you find? >> we went to wharton, texas, where one of the teams have been deployed. these are veterans that have been retired, a marine veteran, jake wood, started this with another marine back in 2010. the haiti earthquake is what prompted them to want to go out and help. they gathered six or seven of their buddies that had also served and decided they had the
7:29 am
tools that is required to go into a disaster area and help not only with cleanup but rebuilding. and this is expanded beyond the u.s. you saw team aussie there. they have canadian teams as well. these folks are amazing people that go out and donate their time because they feel they have in their dna that desire to serve. >> bill: fantastic. all over the world, too. helping people they don't even know. you had a generous contribution financially for them. >> "america's newsroom" helped. shannon bream and you bill hemmer helped as well. i came on your program a couple weeks ago to talk about my new book freddy the frog cast and i need to give back as well. all the proceeds that i get from that book go to team rubicon. i was able to give them a check for $15,000 this morning on "fox & friends." i hope you can donate, too, or even your time as well.
7:30 am
>> bill: we'll follow your lead. congratulations, you bet. >> sandra: good work by janice. new clues continue to emerge on the las vegas gunman five days into the investigation and there are still so many questions. did the killer scope out other targets? did he have an escape plan? and what was his plan if he actually made his way out of that hotel room that night? all this as first responders describe the event from sunday night. >> they performed wonderfully under fire. taking care of patients that were right there in front of them. this was a very, very traumatic event. we have people that are hurt from this event psychologically. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
7:31 am
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7:33 am
>> bill: five days later why do we not know more? that's on the minds of everyone, including the lead investigators. the killer booked rooms overlooking other music
7:34 am
festivals. one in las vegas and perhaps one in chicago and boston over fenway parked popped up in the investigation. not clear if he considered those sites as targets but this is the information they're finding on his electronics. david shepherd, former executive director of security for the venetian resort hotel and casino with me. great to get your expertise. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> bill: you know a lot about this. what is going on and does it spread to other hotels in the country? >> the wynn are wanding people and trying to look at bags as well and right now there is more than one property doing that but it is not really done in the united states across the country yet. >> bill: you've taught 300 classes on active shooters.
7:35 am
what is the common thread that you try to convey to those in your class? >> the common thread when you are in a situation like what happened is to run. run away. you have to know the direction the bullets are coming from, your ability to get away. if you can't get away, 12.6% of the u.s. population are severely hand caped in some way, shape or form, they aren't able to run all the time. then we have to hide. barricade yourself, conceal yourself, cover. cover is the ability to stop bullets. concealment is obstructing from the view. the last course is to be able to fight under that situation. most of the active shootings happen between 7 to 10 feet. this is over 400 yards. so the -- these people didn't have the opportunity to fight. law enforcement has to intervene and stop the shooter. >> bill: you can search and put security measures in place for
7:36 am
the event itself but technically this killer wasn't even at the event, sir. >> he was in a different property all together. that's a whole new changer. this doesn't have to be a hotel. it could be a condo, business building, a bank building that overlooks an outdoor event. every security director right now that has to do an outdoor event has to be concerned, what about an aerial assault now? you have a high altitude advantage. the last time we had this was 1966 in the texas tower. charles wittman killed 13 from an elevated position of 27 floors. other than what happened in dallas at black lives matter when the gentleman was five stories up shooting down into the law enforcement and the people, we haven't really had one. these events now we had to worry about cars and trucks coming in. we have to put up barriers, now we have to start considering about what about elevated positions? >> bill: how have security
7:37 am
officials treated that so far? was it on their checklist or is that just beginning now? >> it is beginning back again now. it has been 51 years since we had this type of attack program. i look at this as domestic terrorism. this is the second worst event in the united states since 9/11, the number of people that have been killed. we all have to look at what happens now going forward. we do have copycats. we have to worry about any event we have out in the open now. >> bill: i want to mention the name of jesus campos who worked security inside mandalay bay. he is the one that approached the killer's room. 200 rounds fired through the door. he was shot in the leg but that was the tip-off that police needed to find exactly where the shots were coming from. the sheriff talked about the importance of hotel security in the following way, just have a listen on this one.
7:38 am
>> the mandalay bay did a great job of hiring police officers. they had sufficient staffing for the concert. and when this individual decided to fire upon the crowd, which was approximately 22,000 individuals, it's very difficult to manage that size crowd and you have to ensure you have the proper staffing. as described, our officers responded immediately in conjunction with the fire department. as soon as the fire department arrived but they were able to identify where the weapon was being discharged from and proximity it is hard to tell what floor it is from the outside. but once they gain entry into the hotel, in conjunction with security and through phone calls from patrons they were able to call it down to a possible floor. >> bill: for those of us on the outside looking in a security operation for an enormous hotel like the mandalay bay what do we need to understand from a
7:39 am
security standpoint they're doing right? >> they do a lot of things right under any condition. when we're protecting people on our properties, regardless if it's any particular property of a hotel, we have to look at international guests coming in. natural disasters, life safety issues, terrorism issues, public health issues, food defense-type programs, 85 different areas of criminal activity on property. that's what we have to do 24 hours a day and we have to do it whatever the length of our property in, outside and in. parking lots and garages and 10 million square feet of space we have to do the entire property. >> bill: you wrote a book called "active shooter." we have to start thinking like the secret service. we have to start looking at tall buildings, as you have suggested in this interview here, and then you ask this question, how far do we have to take it? how far? answer your own question. >> you will answer that in relation in three different ways. if we look at a particular shooting that we had now, is this something that the government has to take come in
7:40 am
and demand that we change our security? no. not necessarily. do we have to have it where the concern is the property owners themselves or the hotels and casinos? do we have to start putting in new security measures to help our guests? or the last section. do the guests and customers and the united states that come in, what do they demand us to do? a hotel is unique. you get to sleep under our security protection. other than home, we protect you when you sleep at night. we protect you when you aren't paying attention. that's what our job is. whatever the customer wants is what we try to do. i did one thing. i would take and ask the guests one question. did you feel safe when you stayed here? if you didn't feel safe, i would call them up and figure out why they didn't. if it is something i didn't do on my programs we'd change it. i took it one step further. i asked my own staff of almost 10,000 people, did you feel
7:41 am
safe working here? if they don't feel safe, how will they make a guest feel safe? >> bill: great point. david shepherd, appreciate your time today. thank you for coming on here. >> sandra: the waiting game on the iran nuclear deal could soon be over. president trump said to be close to a decision. will he walk away from that deal and should he? we will debate that next. >> president trump: we have had challenges that we really should have taken care of a long time ago like north korea, iran, afghanistan, isis. we must not allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons.
7:42 am
♪ there's something ♪ for you and me, ♪ and the american road is calling, ♪ ♪ so what's it gonna be? ♪ ♪ hey it's an amazing day, ♪ ♪ traveling our own highway, ♪ ♪ no matter where it leads us ♪ ♪ we can smile, ♪ 'cuz there's meaning in the miles. ♪ ♪
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7:44 am
>> president trump: the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence, bloodshed and chaos across the middle east. that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression
7:45 am
and nuclear ambitions. they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement and we will be discussing that tonight. >> sandra: president trump talking about iran last night at a meeting with top military leaders and the topic could not be more timely. mr. trump has just under 10 days to decide whether to leave the nuclear deal in place. marie harf is a former state department spokesman and rich lowry is a fox news contributor. i feel like i need to start with you first. you were involved in the crafting of this deal. the president campaigned saying he would rip it up, throw it out. are we getting some indication that this administration might decide to stay in? >> the reality they're coming up against is that iran in the deal is living up to their nuclear obligations. the president doesn't like everything else they're doing in the region. neither do we, support for terrorism, ballistic missile tests. to me it would make more sense
7:46 am
to stay in the deal because there are risky consequences to getting out of it. if you are worried about the other behavior take steps to combat that separately. don't get rid of something that's working. that's irresponsible and our allies won't be with us if he does. >> sandra: when you look at what his team is saying. his own defense secretary james mattis staying say in the deal. general dunford says stay in the deal. listen to them saying that. >> do you believe it's in our national security interest to remain in the jcpoa? that's a yes or no question. >> yes, senator, i do. what i test feed to is iran is not in material breach of the agreement. i do believe the agreement to date has delayed the development of a nuclear capability by iran. >> sandra: the president has a big decision to make. does he listen to the military
7:47 am
leaders at his side? >> there is at least one person in this administration who wants to de-certify this deal. he happens to be the president of the united states. the latest reporting is all the advice from the insiders has been de-certify. they know that's what he wants to do. but preserve the deal anyway. they'll try to square the circle that i don't think makes a lot of sense. it will be a way of reasserting his discontent with the status quo without really breaking with -- >> sandra: you can de-certify the deal but not necessarily rip it up and get out of it. >> it gets kicked to congress and relying on congress to do the responsible thing makes me a little nervous. it goes to congress and they are the ones who can reimpose the sanctions that were listed because of the deal. if congress doesn't do anything, we're all still in the deal. now, i still think de-certifying will have consequences and effects
7:48 am
overseas but wouldn't automatically pull us out of the deal. congress needs to step up here and say it would not be in our national security interest to walk away and get blamed for it. >> sandra: what are the political ramifications of this? on the campaign trail you heard a candidate trump saying this is one of the worst deals i've ever seen. we'll tear it up. >> it would be another disappointment if he tries to do this sort of half pregnant approach. the reason the iranians are in compliance with the deal is because it's terrible and allowed them to become a threshold nuclear power with zero consequences. we gave them a lot of benefits while they preserve and continue their nuclear program. so this is a bad deal. it should be renegotiated and president trump should do what he said in the campaign trail. >> iran got rid of 98% of its enriched uranium. they can't make a weapon with what the deal left them. that's a fact. it's on the trump administration. if you don't like the deal, you have to have something to
7:49 am
replace it. you cannot replace something with nothing without their being serious consequences. the administration hasn't said what a renaoejiateed deal would look like. they just say we don't like this one. that's not enough. >> sandra: when you have general dunford saying it has delayed the development of a nuclear capability of iran, how can you say the deal is bad? >> it allows them to be a threshold nuclear power. the deal comes to an end in important respects. iran, what they did, they developed a nuclear capability and we accepted it because we were so desperate to have any deal. so if you reimpose serious sanctions and secondary sanctions and make europeans will they do business with the united states or iran they'll choose us. otherwise you go along with the status quo. iran is a threshold nuclear power now.
7:50 am
>> sandra: marie. >> iran could have made enough material for a nuclear weapon in under 60 days. now they're over a year. by any measure that's better and we shouldn't get rid of it. >> the sanctions were biting until we gave up. >> sandra: we could do this all day. here we go. have you ever guys ever chatted together? it could get interesting. good to get both your takes on that. >> bill: troops pulling out isis from the final stronghold it held in iraq with a stinging defeat. what does victory mean in the fight to defeat the terrorists? we'll check in on that next. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> sandra: o.j. simpson showing up at las vegas police headquarters. he has formally registered with the police as required after his release from prison last weekend. the conditions of his parole require him to report to his
7:54 am
parole officer on a monthly basis. simpson plans to live for the time being at a home in the las vegas area. >> bill: breaking news overseas isis suffering another major defeat in iraq as forces capture the last stronghold in the northern part of that country. benjamin hall live from london on this story. what does this mean for isis, ben? >> it's been just over three years since isis swept into iraq taking vast amounts of territory. it is the end of them as a territorial force in that country. in syria they still remain strong. this defeat came along with the help of the u.s.-led coalition, air strikes and u.s. military advisors. the city is 135 miles north of baghdad and captured in just days. 1,000 isis fighters have surrendered to iraqi and kurdish forces and now the iraqi prime minister has announced total victory. local residents came flowing out of houses to thank the
7:55 am
iraqi forces. but the city is a stronghold of sunni arab terrorism since the u.s. led invasion of iraq. there are still real concerns about people's loyalties there. it symbolizes the end of them as a territorial force there are concerns about how iraq can be brought together in the wake of this terrorist group. >> bill: that could be hard in light of the recent kurdish independence referendum, correct? >> absolutely. and, you know, iraqi and kurdish forces came together to defeat isis. but real concerns about the backlash following the referendum in which 90% of the kurds voted for independence. the krg remains under lockdown. turkey and iran trying to tighten economic screws. turkey has threatened the complete blockade and said they'll close the land borders. we're hearing that various sunni tribes and tribal leaders are talking about autonomy and
7:56 am
independence themselves. with the end of isis and defeat there is a threat iraq will splinter. if that would happen it would provide more safe havens for groups like isis. >> bill: benjamin hall reporting on that from london. >> sandra: a cryptic warning from president trump with a meeting with top pentagon brass saying this is the calm before the storm. the heated speculation that comment is sparking.
7:57 am
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>> associated press crossing just now sergeant bo berg dal is expected to plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior rather than facing trial for leaving his post in eastern afghanistan. the ap reporting this based on two sources. 31-year-old bergdahl could face five years in jail for the desertion charge and a life sentence for misbehavior.
8:00 am
sentencing 2 1/2 weeks from now. a great week, all right? are you ready for friday? >> unbelievable. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> jon: on this friday morning, cryptic remarks from the president as he met with top military leaders at the white house last night. president trump telling reporters that a photo op from the meeting could be, the quote, calm before the storm. >> melissa: what does that mean? >> jon: we'll get into that. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. with tensions rising around the world president trump's comments are leading to speculation about whether oh big decision could be in the works.


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