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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the markets are off a tad bit today. this has been the calm. the storm is next. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: all right. shep, we're awaiting a police briefing on the las vegas mass shooting. when it -- when they come to the microphone, we'll bring you there. meantime, we're keeping a very close watch on stadium events on the reports that stephen paddock may have been targeting other events. we're at national's park where steve scalise will be throwing out the first pitch tonight. boston, home of fenway park where the shooter reportedly scouted out nearby hotel rooms and chicago's grant park, the scene of a major marathon this weekend. that's where stephen paddock booked a hotel room overlooking lollapalooza.
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keeping an eye what's going on in boston at fenway park. they don't run there until sunday. the point is, they're worried just the same. if there's buildings nearby, they're keeping an eye on it as is garrett tenney outside national's park in washington d.c. >> yeah, neil. the department of homeland security says they have no credible information. law enforcement is not taking any chances. that includes here in washington at national's stadium for tonight's game against the chicago cubs. there's the normal security. you can see they have the snowplows showing up to help security the perimeter. there's the metal detectors, the bag checks. there's also going to be security measures unseen on top of those that you see. there's a heightened police presence here as well as chicago where both teams will head after this weekend. this weekend will be big in
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chicago. there's 1.5 million people lining the streets for the marathon. the city's police chief says he's department has plans to employ an additional 1,000 officers sunday, including many undercover officers that will mix in with the crowds to snuff out threats. following the shooting in vegas, police have been meeting with security personnel at the high rise buildings to see what they can do to prevent a similar attack from happening there. you mentioned boston. police are stepping up security at the red sox game and sporting and other events. the fbi said the gunman in vegas had researched several sites around fenway park. so they're increasing the presence inside and outside the stadium and will have tactical teams ready to go. in new york city, the nypd is doing the same.
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this week following the vegas attack, they have started training hotel staff how to spot gun and rifle cases. tonight here in washington, there will be a heavy police presence with the metal detectors as well as being a checks. this is for the return of congressman steve scalise. the first time he's returned since he was shot in june at a baseball practice. he was been in recovery at the hospital for much of the time since. he didn't get a chance to go to that game so tonight will be the first time to return since that game was supposed to take place. big baseball fan. folks excited to have him throw the first pitch. joining him will be the united states capitol police special agent david bailey, who is one of the officers credited for saving scalise and many officers lives that day and he engaged the gunman. a special night here for the folks here in washington and especially this weekend as we go to sporting events and music venues. a lot of folks on edge.
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a lot of people are doing their best to keep everything safe. >> neil: knock on whatever. thanks, garrett. authorities now have been expanding this investigation into exactly what stephen paddock was intended and now growing suspicions that he had no intentions of dieing in that room. in fact, he had other plans. dan springer in las vegas with the latest. hey, dan. >> four days or more than four days into this investigation, the fbi still does not have a clear motive. the number 2 at the fbi, deputy director said that there's still no obvious thumb print as to what set off stephen paddock. we do know that he went through extensive planning. in fact, his sole goal was clearly to kill as many people as possible. stephen paddock made have been planning a car bombing. so yeah, police say he may have tried to get out of that room to set off a car bomb. the car that was found at the
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mandalay bay park there had 50 pounds of explosives, fertilizer and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in the car that he parked at the hotel. there's reports that he tried to buy tracer ammunition at a gun show but he was denied. the dealer was sold out. there's an associated press report that said he had 1,000 tracer rounds, but he never shot them. marilou danley, paddock's girlfriend has told investigators the last couple days that in a recent month, paddock would wake up in the middle of the night agitated and moaning. as garrett tenney was talking about fenway park was apparently cased by paddock. he actually was looking into searches, google searches at hotel rooms that would look down on fenway park and the boston police department responded to that yesterday. here he is. >> we just have information that he was on possible sites looking at boston.
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nothing to indicate that he made it here or ever stepped foot in boston. all we know is he might have visited sites looking in the area of fenway park. >> that's why security will be so tight at all the baseball venues in the major league playoffs. i can tell you as i drove into one of the parking garages here, every one of the vehicles had to open their trunk as police and security personnel were looking for anything unusual. so security is tight here in las vegas and will be elsewhere. neil? >> neil: dan, it's the new reality. how long it lasts and what happens now. still to his point, no motive. no real clear indication as to why this crowd in this city last weekend was targeted. you have to be alert. and our next guest has handled big public events. just getting a resume from the
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united nations, nascar, rock and roll hall of fame. he knows about dealing with this, protecting large crowds. as owner of elite protection services, lou, this is a new level of scary. big venues like this, baseball playoff games at stadiums, what have you, the chicago marathon. authorities are on heightened alert and looking in the crowd and above the crowd, right? >> that's correct. this is a new norm. unfortunately we'll have to have new plans and start to put people in positions that can neutralize any threat. that's currently where we are at. i worked on a project, the golden globes ten years post 9-11. without disclosure, we had snipers all around the perimeter of the beverly hilton hotel. it's essential in providing a security presence. you control the high ground.
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what we just experienced with this individual is that from the high ground, he was able to pick people off somewhat at random that were beneath him. moving forward, law enforcement that already know this will control the high ground and areas that they don't have structures that support that concept, they'll build towers and have what we call overview. that's the direction that we're moving now. >> neil: how would you advise or what do you think we're in for this weekend with the playoff games and the marathon. it's one thing in the past that you looked at the crowd and monitoring outside the event. now you're monitoring the buildings and the areas and the event. a lot of people spread thin, right? >> yes. but law enforcement will reply upon each other. they have these concepts of mutual aid, for example. the beverly hills police, which is a good police department and they have their own tactical unit, which is very good, requested some support from the l.a. county sheriff's post-911.
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i approached the fbi, friends of mine in the field office, to add some support. they did that. so the security comes in layering. everyone in our community is concerned about the safety of individuals who attend these events and even people that are not attending events. everybody is in someone of a heightened state of alert. we live in a little bit of a different world. >> neil: i'm sure. let me ask you, is there anything that has been either revealed or leaked out or paddock that got your attention? very little social media profile, very little to trigger or telegraph what we saw him do. so anything strike you or maybe that alone strike you? >> what struck me with this individual is to is the extent that he went to plan this. this was an extensively planned
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operation. as we're learning, not only did he case and execute his plan in las vegas but he looked in other cities. this man was driven and preoccupied. neil, part of this issue is, we never have a "motive." this may be an issue of someone who is mentally defective. in saying that, it's quite apparent -- i don't want to go off on a tangent regarding gun control -- we might have to have psychological screening before obtaining we pops and if you need it, assault weapons. we can't have people that are mentally defective to having these weapons is wrong. common denominators is mental illness. what we're experiencing on top of that, not only are they using guns, we're running more people down and stab more people. it's clear we have a mental illness issue, which can be remedied through intelligence legislation with the help and
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support of the nra. >> none of that stopped him from getting the weapons he did. obviously not a so stringent background checks but background checks regardless. >> the point is simply stated, background checks are designed to identify whether or not you've been convicted of a felony. that's not a high enough bar today. not enough. all i'm saying to you when law enforcement acquires the weapons, we go through psychological screening or minnesota multiphasic screening. the public goes out with the driver license and acquire the same firearms we use and employ with our tactical units and we carry in the streets as law enforcement. there's a deficiency here. i support the second amendment but we have to put politics aside and compromise on the situations and address the mental illness issue and this
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gun control issue which is pow laterized. >> and authorities will give us an update on new details they learned about the shooter, what came out of the details of what they got out of the room, stephen paddock and his intentions but what new developments with marilou danley who said she noticed nothing of this. in the last few months she was concerned that he was more agitated. very little beyond that. we had our first down jobs report in some seven years. 33,000, fewer jobs. a lot of talk here that this was pretty much nature related. harvey and irma. no surprise there. forcing a lot of shut downs of businesses throughout the southeast, particularly in texas and in florida. that was good enough for the dow to snap a string of record
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closes. dropping two points. the nasdaq eeking out a gain. good enough for a record. by the way, it's six in a row. speaking of natural calamities, tropical storm nate barrelling up the gulf coast. could be in mexico later tonight. could make landfall sometime tomorrow. we're on top of that and all of these developments with live coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news. a special two-hour edition. bill there with the gang to sort of pick apart with everything going on here. not only the latest developments out of vegas but the markets and the incredible performance in the face of this, the developments that we're getting on the business community and their generosity and dealing with it. much more after this. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros
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>> neil: let's go to las vegas right now. officials are updating us on
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what they learned about last weekend's attack. >> we're providing an update on the route 91 music festival mass murder. we have run down more than 1,000 leads in this investigation. while some has helped kcredit - create a better profile of the madness, woe still don't have a reason why. i can assure you we're aware of all aspects of the case. to include the innuendo and supposition by many in the public. and i get it. we all want answers. we have look at everything, literally, to include the suspect's personal life, any political affiliation, his social behaviors, economic situation and any potential radicalization that so many have
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claims. we're also aware that isis has claimed responsibility. today, we have no known nexus too. we have been down each and every one of these paths trying to determine why. to determine who else may have known of these plans. we will continue to investigate each and every one of these areas as well as all the tips and leads that continue to come. in we must remain focused solely on truth and fact. it's easy to assume. we're collectively working with the fbi and many other partners to try to get there. at this time, i'll tell you again, we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation. we will not stop and we'll keep you up to date as anything develops on that. i tell you, all of the rumor and speculation has not been helpful to our investigation.
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in the past, terror attacks or mass murder incidents, motive was made clear. very clear in most of those cases by a note that was left by a social media post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation, we don't have any of that covered. i wish we did. we will and are continuing to investigate with great tenacity and hope to have an answer. we reported in the media yesterday that we found the missing hyundai tucson with nevada plate 114b 40. it was in the reno resident that we did a search warrant on. just a communication issue that we didn't know about when we reported it to you. most of you also now know the name of the mandalay bay security guard that you all named in the media.
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he went up there to investigate the open door. as he was doing his job, he came under fire by our suspect. he was struck in the leg, he turned around and retreated. he notified his dispatch, which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. i can tell you that this was a remarkable efforts by a brave and remarkable man. i want to say today i don't think we've done enough -- a good enough job recognizing him and his actions. for that, i apologize. i want to take the moment and clear the record that he's an absolute hero. also a couple of questions that have continued to come in in regards to this tanerite and the
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materials we've had. we have found the tanerite. it's composed of two substances. we also had a significant amount of that tanerite as a finished product. we had two chemicals of ammonium nitrite and powder and when combined make tanerite. i don't know what he was going to do with that tanerite. i wish we did. we continue to find that information out. a couple of things before i take any questions from you. however, first and foremost is that our partners, special agent in charge, aaron rouse has some information about a new media plan that the fbi has launched and i'd like him to explain that. mr. rouse? >> thank you. i'm cleared to announce that clear channel local in las vegas
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has partnered with the metropolitan police and with the fbi to reach as many people as we possibly can. we're starting an information campaign seeking true knowledge as to what happened in the events leading up to and involving this incident. the billboards will be displayed throughout las vegas. it will have the badge of the metropolitan police and seal of the fbi on it along with the terms "if you know something, say something." along with a phone number which we've agreed will be 800-call-fbi. this is critical for us. as the undersheriff mentioned, we have not stopped, we will not stop until we have the truth. thank you. >> thank you. next up i'll would like to have the chair of the clark county
1:23 pm
commission, steve sisilac come up and provide you additional information as well. >> thank you, undersheriff. i appreciate you being be here. in the past four days, we've had numerous names assigned to this event, this tragedy. for official purposes and in the future as consultation with the coroner, our first report is coming out this afternoon. the official name that which this tragedy will be referred to will be the number w1 october moving forward on this incident. thank you very much. >> with that i'll take a couple questions. >> are there any communications -- >> can you expand on the misinformation? a lot of rumors online about the investigation. >> yeah, listen, we have a responsibility as law enforcement organizations to run down each and every lead and
1:24 pm
debunk them and determine if there's validity to them. as i told you, we have a significant number of those. the investigative number is massive. rumor and supposition doesn't help. the true tips and leads are things that people know and imperative to this investigation. just because you think you know something doesn't necessarily mean that you do. if you have factual information that you can provide, it would be helpful to us. thank you. >> i understand a motive is inclear. can you confirm that investigators while recovering the numerous electronic devices that they may have recovered a video that the suspect may have alluded to his motive or any type of video regarding the shoot something. >> i'm not aware that we recovered any such video. >> have you been able to resolve the question of whether he had any help or whether there was an accomplice or are you -- can you eliminate the question of
1:25 pm
whether he was just trying to target somebody else? >> the question is can we confirm if there's an accomplice or not. we're very confident that he -- there was not another shooter in that room. what i cannot confirm to you today and what we continue to investigate is, whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. >> [question inaudible] >> you have to speak up. i'm sorry. >> concerning the question of tanerite, what is it used for? is there any indication that it was in his vehicles or his home? that he was putting together ieds, shrapnel or was this just a standardized package -- >> the question is about the tanerite that was found and whether we believed he was trying to make it into an eid. we found it in the condition that it was and it did not resemble an ied. >> the video of the mandalay
1:26 pm
bay, have you reviewed that and seen somebody else with him or -- >> the question is have we reviewed the video from the mandalay bay. i can tell you there's voluminous amounts of video from different locations. we have reviewed and we have not located any other person that we believe to be a suspect at this point. >> is there any other indication that someone else used his card key to get in his room while he left the hotel? >> the question is do we know that anybody else used the room key for the hotel room and we do not believe that happened. >> [inautomaticable question]. >> we're continuing to investigation. >> are you looking to who -- >> go ahead. >> the timeline. the security officer tells you the timeline that he was shot at 10:08. when was he shot? >> i can give you the exact time
1:27 pm
off the timeline off of camera. i don't have it in front of me as we sit here. to be clear about the timeline. what the sheriff and i both explain to you at different times is information that we had initially. we went back and reconciled it with what was on the body-worn camera and in our computed aided dispatch. the cad data. so that time line that we resented to you is what we have to the best of our knowledge today. sorry i cut you off. >> [question inaudible] >> the question is are we looking specifically at the month of october. the answer to that is as we're looking at every aspect from birth till death in the suspect of this kwai.
1:28 pm
. >> so you have a two-part question. what time did the security officer arrive to check the door and why -- the answer is that the door alarm went off indicating the door was ajar. your second question. >> is it possible that -- >> the question is was the security officer shot before the suspect was shooting into the crowd. yes, we believe -- i'm sorry. we believe he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot. i'm taking two more. go ahead. >> do we know how many people were actually shot versus the trampling injuries or anything else? >> that's a question that -- the question is, how many people were shot versus other trampling injuries. as you know, the number that we
1:29 pm
continue to look at both for dead and injuries and we still have critically injured people in the hospitals. you notice i'm not giving you a number. that changes every day. people are being discharged from the hospital. i'll let the coroner answer that in records to whether somebody received a gunshot wound. >> and there's a record about a key being used when his car was out of the garage. did that happen? >> the question is was his vehicle being used while his room key -- was his vehicle out of the garage while the room key was being used. i'm not aware of that information. last question. >>there were 22,000 peoples belongings there. when will they get them back? >> so we answered that question a couple times. the question is, when are people going to get their property
1:30 pm
back. we have thousands of pieces of prop think that were left on the field that particular day. we're diligently working to find how it is that we can dockment the evidence where it lay. catalog it, collect it and find the mechanism to get that back to the people that own it. i believe we're still probably about four days away from allowing that to happen. the final thing i'd like to close off by saying to you that it's really imperative that the listening public have a clear understanding that there are still a number of people out there that know that something looked out of place. somebody may have been acting suspiciously that night or in the years prior, the months prior. somebody that may have seen something or know something. much like the fbi mentioned, if you know something, say something. provide it at 1-800-call-fbi and
1:31 pm
we'll continue to update you. thank you very much. >> neil: that was the latest briefing out of las vegas. still a lot they don't know because a lot of people have not shared information or there's nothing to share. bottom line is, with stephen paddock, we don't know. we don't know what motivated him to gun down 58 human beings and kill them and injure more than 479 others. we did get a sense that he was the only shooter. they seem to be fairly convinced, he was the only shooter that doesn't mean he didn't have help but not in the carrying out of the shooting themselves. also no evidence despite isis taking credit for this. that they had in role in this. authorities with continuing to investigate what is quite a large crime scene, a lot of
1:32 pm
belongings left behind and those trying to rescue them. again, one of the largest crime scenes in las vegas history if not american history. all right. the read on this from former secret service agent and nypd officer, dan bongino. nothing learned new they're except that they don't know what motivated paddock to do this. are you surprised? >> yeah, neil. this case is really an enigma. doesn't make any sense. my experience in the secret service, when you deal with targeted violence, mass smootings, usually have two types of motivations. people that become radicalized and have a belief system. then you have sociopathology. this doesn't make any sense. the sheriff is saying there's no
1:33 pm
ed of radicalization despite isis' claims. on the other side, with our experience with school shootings and stuff like that, beforehand there's a number of preattack indicators. there's none of that. nobody has come forward the our knowledge and said anything. one more thing, neil. i don't think the fbi or the local police department have a lot of information on this either. one they said it and secondly they're putting up billboards looking for clues. this is a disturbing case. >> shepard: what we do know, paddock was still loaded for bear with the car filled with the explosives including tannite and so much more. does that leave you to believe, hearing that, that he had other things to do or was this left over and he had no intentions to go back to it? what do you think? >> here's another angle that makes no sense at all to me.
1:34 pm
tanerite is typically used for a low yield explosive at a distance. it will only detonate when a high-i powered round will hit it. usually a rifle round will do it. a lot of times for movie effects and stuff like that. here's where the tanerite comes in in this case. you only use tanerite to practice long distance shooting so you can see where your round wouldn't hit and detonate. combine that with the fact that we learned he had acquired tracer rounds or attempted to acquire more, doesn't make sense. why accumulate that other than for training and then not use it later on? it just -- again, it speaks to a certain level of preattack planning. why would he accumulate that in his car is another mystery. doesn't make any sense. >> can one guy do all of this, gather it back and forth, didn't use a bell man, all of this
1:35 pm
luggage back and forth through multiple trips, gather them up, deal with the heat they generate as he is shooting, a 64-year-old guy, can he? >> is it possible in? yes. the number of rounds we're talking, we're talking about a lot of back and forth trips to get that in the room. is it possible? yes. along the front, just my -- i'm speculating. forgive me here. as a former investigator, i just don't think there was an accomplice here. i don't see what he did that required an accomplice. did he have help? maybe. an accomplice? what value added. everything he did he did legally. the acquiring of the weapons, the tanerite. doesn't make sense with your accomplice blowing your operation. >> neil: thanks, dan. there's still a lot of events planned tomorrow in las vegas. tomorrow night, at the t-mobile
1:36 pm
arena, an ultimate fighting championship night. title matches. dana white joins us. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> you have committed a lot of money to helping out those hurt in las vegas. upwards of a million dollars and more to come. are you getting any concerned raised by those that are planning to attend tomorrow's event that they're getting nervous about? >> no, not at all. the way this has been handled obviously that night by the first responders and a lot of people come to vegas and are attached to vegas. they feel like this is a second home, this hit close to home with a lot of people. they think this isn't a real community. it's a place to come party for the weekend. but this event last weekend, this disgusting act of cowardess
1:37 pm
showed what a real city this is. it's been very impressive. >> neil: i've been reading a lot of the local press. it shows that events like yours go on. there's been some skiddishness about outdoor events. i'm wondering if you have heard that, whether people are changing venues. anything like that? >> no, it makes sense. i think that it's going to change the way people look at outdoor concerts and the security around outdoor concerts. this guy was at life is beautiful, too, the weekend before this happened. life is beautiful is all kids. literally everybody in town who has a child, their child was -- my kids were at life is beautiful. so -- >> neil: what does that tell you, dana? that's an interesting read i'd like on that subject. before we thought, why was he
1:38 pm
targeting a largely country music crowd, people trying to glean some political significance into that. people learned about this life is beautiful thing and we heard about him scoping out a lollapalooza event and then in fenway park in boston. seems like he was just looking for crowds. >> exactly. the one thing -- this is the way that i look at it. but listen, i wasn't there getting shot at last sunday either. you can't stop living your life. there's sick cowards everywhere. everywhere. this is the life we live, the world we live in. you just can't hide from these people. you know, i think that as time goes on, we're going to get better. the way they catch us, it's always the unimaginable. something that you would never think about. when somebody steps out to hurt
1:39 pm
people, they figure it out, whether it's with guns or whether they drive a car down the middle of a festival or a fair or running up stabbing people. it is just -- it's always something that you can't wrap your brain around and imagine. as time goes on we'll make it safer for people to enjoy themselves. >> neil: you represent a sport that has big mouths, bigger than life characters. everything we learned about the shooter, stephen paddock, is he didn't say much to anyone. didn't live a mark, didn't leave something that he would do something like this. all these days later, are you surprised that they still don't have a handle on this guy who seems to have been going through life unnoticed? >> yeah, it's crazy. just -- doesn't that seems like
1:40 pm
every time something like that tragic and insane happens, oh, this guy, nobody heard from him, nobody -- >> neil: and i agree with that. here's what's weird to me. usually by now we've had something and say ah-hah, there's this or there's that. nothing. nothing here. >> yeah. but he's the profile. he's the typical coward that, you know, should -- comes out to an event and hurts people that are out having fun and not harming anybody. you know, he's the typical coward. he's a coward. disgusting coward. >> neil: dana, good luck with all of these events and the great folks in your neck of the woods. they've been an inspiration to a lot of folks and changed a lot of people's perception in your fine town. >> thank you. >> neil: thanks very much. we have more coming up after this. there is now this growing concern as well about if it's
1:41 pm
taken this long just to try to get a handle on what this guy was about and we still don't know, will we ever? and then, of course, heightened concerned with playoff games and the certain marathon and people who seem to be thinking that there's always the possibility of copycat cooks. how to deal with that after this. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? and her new mobile wedding business.tted. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> neil: all right. here's what the hurricanes we're dealing with last month did. they knocked the economy for a loop. 33,000 jobs lost thanks to harvey and irma. that disrupted everything. a lot of economists look at this as a one-off as the unemployment rate down to 4.2%. the fundamentals look good. ronna mcdaniel here on all of
1:45 pm
that. very good to have you. thanks for coming. >> great to be here. thanks for having me, neil. >> neil: that would be largely expected. i know as you know, the guesstimates on what the jobs numbers would be were all over the map. nobody could get a sense of who the storms hit. what do you think? >> it's a byproduct of the hurricane. you have businesses that couldn't report jobs numbers because they were dealing with the aftermath. the underlying fundamentals are good. more people are working. under employment rates are down and incomes rising. the economy is healthy. you're seeing consumer confidence high and the dow breaking records. >> neil: are you surprised that the economy is doing as well as it is? whether it's just the underlying fundamentals are good or optimism that the president's tax cuts are going to become
1:46 pm
reality? what do you think? >> look at at four things. the deregulated has kick started the economy. looking at better tax and trade policies that the president is embarking on. they're looking at renegotiating nafta and the keystone pipelines. the final part, the tax cuts. bringing more money to the middle class. lowering the corporate tax rates and bringing jobs and wages up in our country. >> neil: are you worried that not all republicans are on the same page on this? some have hinted that if everyone doesn't get a tax cut, i believe rand paul, that he can't support it? there is a possibility in this depending on the math and how you crunch the numbers. that some won't. >> i think it's critical that we pass tax cuts. i think it's something we ran on, something the president has talked about, the republicans have talked about it especially with the inability to pass repeal and replace.
1:47 pm
we have to get this done. people are hurting. we need to stick -- >> neil: when he says that, look, everybody has to have a tax cut and he must resist and john mccain comes to mind, then you have to depend presumably on democrats, right? that could be dicey, right? >> yeah, this is a situation where let's find a way to get to yes. figure out how to get to yes. give people more of their hard-earned money. we know what democrats want to do raise taxes, expand government. republicans need to give money back to the american people, especially the middle class who have worked so hard. we need a middle class tax cut in this country. republicans have to come together and get in done. it's critical. we'll be held accountable by our voters if we don't deliver on the things we ran on. >> neil: do you think that some republicans balk, the way you shore up democratic support is to prove to them you're not giving a benefit to the rich and
1:48 pm
hence this talk of limiting the tax impact for the well-to-do, maybe a fourth rate beyond the 35% rate that's been talked and here? there might be a special group that sees no change in the upper income? what do you think? >> i think the president has made it very clear the focus is relief for the middle class. as long as we're delivering on tax cuts for the middle class, i think that -- we're keeping the promises that the president made. >> neil: what does that mean? that the rich in this case would have to deal, right? if they're expecting their rate to go to 35, 39.6, it might not, right? >> we'll see what they come out with. there's room for bipartisanship. it's something that we need to get done. good for economic growth and the corporate tax rates lowering, bringing jobs back, this is good for the economy. great if democrats could get on
1:49 pm
board but republicans have to deliver. it's one of the things we ran on this last campaign cycle and voters are looking for us to deliver. >> neil: thank you, ronna. the rnc chair woman. all right. you know, we talked about storms and how they affected things for the economy and certainly jobs and the lack of them in september, right? and here we have another one kicking off early october. nate. a tropical storm. but building fast, worrying a lot of folks and already in louisiana. worthy enough to claim a state of emergency. we're on to it after this. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> neil: all right. louisiana already declaring a state of emergency ahead of tropical storm nate. i say tropical storm for now. it could become a hurricane later on.
1:53 pm
we don't know. casey stegall in new orleans. what is the latest? >> hey, neil. it's looking more and more that way it will be upgraded to a hurricane and it moves off the yucatan peninsula. it will go through cozumel and then into the gulf where the warms water are expected to fuel it and strengthen it to hurricane status. where and when it makes landfall in a minute. first, a live look here at fair station 13, this is in the northern part of new orleans. you can see live the sandbagging operation that is underway. the firefighters say they have been here since 7:00 a.m. and people have been coming through nonstop. the bags are free. each person allowed up to six sand bags. not far from where we are in st. bernard parrish, a low-lying area, there's a mad race to get
1:54 pm
the big expensive boats out of the marina. folks not taking chances with a storm surge that can toss them around lining toys. then you have hope and structure protection going on. residents in the low-lying areas are being told to move their furniture, belongings to higher ground. unfortunately a drill so familiar with those that call this region home. we were going to show you a sound bite with someone moving furniture several feet off the ground. basically trying to get to higher ground. we should tell you about energy production. companies have already started shutting down and evacuating oil platforms. this has the potential of
1:55 pm
affecting about 15% of u.s. refining capacity between louisiana, alabama and mississippi. i'm told we have that sound, that interview now with the resident taking precautions. listen to what he had to say. >> everything on the bottom floor has gone up three feet. if it goes higher than that, we're in trouble. >> so the national hurricane center center expects nate to intensify into a tropical storm. then make landfall in the u.s. sometime saturday night into the early morning hours on sunday. unfortunately the cone of uncertainty is kind of wide when you look at the models, neil. some of the forecasts have the landfall here in southeast louisiana around some show it to the florida panhandle. southeast mississippi, alabama,
1:56 pm
florida. so multiple states under the gun here. many are taking precaution. >> neil: thank you, casey. we'll be looking at the impact of that in just a second. can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> neil: all right. we are just learning that vice president mike pence will be making a visit to las vegas tomorrow. that same week the president visited the area to show support for a city that is in a world of hurt, and does robin leach know it. he will be my special guest as we go live 10:00 a.m. eastern time. robin leach says vegas will stand together, also keeping a close eye on nate. brock long, fema director, also -- and puerto rico's governor saying he has tips for those in the way of the storm. don't take it lightly. tropical storm doesn't mean it can't be even bigger and better.
2:00 pm
his view and his view of the president his first time to chat with us since talking and touring puerto rico. all of that live. live. beginning 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we've got you covered. see you then. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, congressman jason chaffetz's, this is "the five." going live to las vegas in a moment for the latest in the shooting investigation, but the nra stepping forward to address the effort to restrict gun use in america. ceo wayne lapierre pointed to history to prove that laws only work for the law-abiding. >> if legislation worked, the boston massacre wouldn't have happened. san bernardino, where california has every gun law you can imagine on


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