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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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"fox & friends" and back here. will be a lot of fun. take care everybody. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." almost 5 full days have passed since the horrifying mass shooting in las vegas. just a short time ago police updated us on the latest in the investigation. >> to date, we have run down more than 1,000 leads in this investigation. while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of the suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. >> tucker: as the rest of us try to understand why the gunman did it, the left decided in hours what they wanted to blame. middle american gun owners. late night coneddians and politicians like hillary clinton accused the nra and members for
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responsibility of stephen paddock's rampage. the "new york times" called for a repeal of the second amendment. left wing politicians and gun groups began fund-raising. did that make you safer? john calloway is a legislator from of the state of missouri and joins us. the question i have asked everyone i talked to this week on both sides: hours after this happened, you heard people, armchair analysts say this is a result of inaction. we could have stopped this but didn't because of political pressure from the national rifle association. what should we have done? >> mass shootings are from the times of weapons available to
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our society. i don't know that any one gun control proposal eliminates mass shootings or terrorism. this was an act of domestic terrorism. it's unacceptable to be satisfied with a death march. the inaction at this point is despicable. >> tucker: i am searching for the answer. i don't want to speak in generalities. i want hard specifics. >> [overlapping talking]
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>> tucker: what laws would have prevented sunday? >> we need a series consideration of limiting magazine sizes and a federal standard that tracks the transfer of every weapon in this county particularly those of a machine gun variety. if this man had a federal standard that tracked the type of weapons he was aholode?-- amassing, he would have drawn attention to himself. >> [overlapping talking] >> tucker: i am not arguing with you. let's start with those two. first, we need to limit magazine size. there are 60 million large capacity magazines in the united states in a country of 320 million. what do you do with those magazines? take them away from people? >> no, i didn't say that whatsoever. i think we should limit the size that can be manufactured from now going forward.
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the 1986 gun law limited the manufacture of automatic weapons. the mass shooting as a result. we saw the australian law. >> tucker:. [overlapping talking]. what is funny. >> [overlapping talking] >> tucker: you are wrong. >> it's hard to make reasonable arguments when you keep interrupting me. >> tucker: it's false. >> i am giving you answers. let's focus on the second solution, to put a serious federal standard around the tracking of every transfer of high volume machine gun style weapons. there is no reason a gentleman like this can amass a deadly military arsenal and not be tracked. >> tucker: what does that mean?
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[overlapping talking] let me finish my question! somebody did know. the u.s. government knows and the justice department knows, when you buy a weapon legally you go through a background check. >> not if you buy from a gun show. >> tucker: but he did not buy them at gun shows. >> tucker?-- >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: let me ask my question. [overlapping talking]. stop filler busting and answer the question. this guy bought guns legally. for the guns we tracked to their origin, they were all purchased legally and went through a background case in each case. no felony record and no mental illness. what should the government have done at that point? >> tucker, a federal standard
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for tracking the firearms of high velocity that every american owns. >> tucker: what does that mean? >> i am trying to explain. if i could explain, tucker. we knew he bought them legally, yes. there is no uniform federal standard for tracking who owns these weapons and how many they have. if there was such a standard, the justice department would have been tipped off this gentleman was amassing an arsenal and they could have asked him questions about what he was doing. >> tucker: are you saying?-- >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: let me get to specifics. >> don't be disrespectful. there is no universal tracking. >> tucker: what is the track you go are proposing? this is the last gun control segment i will do because it's frustrating. if you buy over a certain number of guns, law enforcement should
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talk to you? what are you talking about specifically? >> as i said in the last section when i tried to answer. if we are to allow the purchase of high velocity machines used for the efficient killing of mass numbers of humans, it's reasonable to track how many one person owns. >> tucker: what does that mean track? >> tucker, tucker, tucker, the government knows how many cars i own. >> tucker: what should they do about it. he had background checks already. >> tucker, stop. this is just?-- this is not productive. let's go to the next question. >> tucker: you are not answering my question. what should the government do? >> this is not productive. we have allowed ourselves to end the gun control debate in this country. >> tucker: this is just
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propaganda. >> [overlapping talking]. >> the gun debate is over. >> tucker: i have had enough. this is not useful. thanks for joining us. everyone in the press and on television had an opinion about gun control, but the least serious commentary came from comedians on late night tv. the less a person knows about firearms the more enthusiastic they are about controlling those fire arms with new laws. one is the daily show host who got defensive when a journalist pointed out he is not even american. >> there was some guy on the news and he was [bleep]. i think we have a clip here. >> the day after the horrible shooting in las vegas it struck the wrong chord for a lot of americans to hear people like trevor noah from south africa looking down their nose at us
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versus our gun laws versus the laws in their native land. this is an american conversation. >> most of the problems we face in the world come from the fact that people don't deal with issues that they don't have to deal with. >> tucker: what does that even mean? nothing. we invited a contributing editor larry to join us. it's great to see you. you wrote such a smart piece yesterday about the internal contradiction in this debate. you have liberals denouncing the executive branch. the federal government as run by donald trump as racist and intent on killing people and simultaneously arguing they should control all of the firearms. who how does that work? >> i talk radio here in washington. i was able to develop this idea with my really intelligent listeners. they call in: let's look at this for a minute.
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look at the main dominant stories of the last week. defending nfl football players for dishonoring our flag because this is a racist nation who allows law enforcement to kill innocent people because of their color. and the trumped is so incompetent or racist because they won't give aid to the victims of the hurricane in puerto rico, but we want to take all of the guns from the american people and give them to a racisti incompetent, evil government and let them decide who gets a weapon. if a hurricane comes and the government can't do anything or won't do anything, i would like to have a gun around at my disposal. that's a good idea. >> tucker: i am sympathetic to the emotions around shootings like this. i feel enraged and sad for the country. what i don't understand is to take that emotion and go immediately into a public forum
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and denounce people without thinking through what you are calling for? >> i don't think they are thinking it through. the argument we butt heads about. wanting to do something. i want to do something too. i want to embrace everyone who lost a loved one in las vegas. it's horrible. i look at those people who died and i look at my own children. it tears me apart. i want to do something. we have basic rights and freedoms in this country. the conflict of wanting to do something to make a perfect society versus allowing individual americans to enjoy the freedoms we have fought for, this is the constant conflict. the problem is when one side says of the other that they don't care that the people died or that people are slaughtered in the streets. they are only bought and paid for by the gun lobby. that's not only unfair but evil
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and despicable. >> tucker: it goes back to the same argument. it doesn't matter who commits the crime. it's always the fault of middle america. that's the default position of hillary clinton and the gun croups in d.c. it's your fault in the middle of the country. how is it their fault? >> think about. because those states went red and put donald trump in the white house. we have been told donald trump is fascist and this century's adolph hitler. why would we not want to arm ourselves just in case? why would we want hitler decide who gets a gun and doesn't? we have seen that play out and it's not a good one.
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>> tucker: you are applying logic. >> you are too, darn it. >> tucker: well, the website you-tube is mamipulating search results. youtube was concerned about the videos talking about the motives of the las vegas shooter. motives we know something about. trying to guide us by force to authorityive sources. youtube is not a company you want to trust. they promote left winning activist. its parent company googled recently fired a person. the tech companies are
8:14 pm
controlling access to it as well. >> we have fox news alert, three people arrested with connection to an isis terror plot. they were expected to conspire to commit mass shootings at a concert venue. and they wanted to commit the attack during the islamic holy month of ramadan. one of them told an undercover agent that new york needs to fall. >> up next the infighting with the democratic party has accused others of sexism.
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>> tucker: nancy pelosi is overseeing some of the biggest losses in the democratic party. some say it's time for leadership change. they should have known better. criticizing nancy pelosi is sexist. watch this. >> i heard that argument so many times before. it reflects the sexism that still exists in politics
8:19 pm
tonight. i think nancy pelosi is held to a different standard than others. the vilification in a sexist way led to this discussion. >> tucker: [laughing] journalist and author cathy joins us. i love this tape. i watched it like 19 times. this is a pile up at the 4-way intersection of identity politics. what that clip doesn't reveal. one of the people who called for nancy pelosi to step aside at the age of 77 is linda sanchez from california. i am losing track of who has privilege here. how does this work? >> well, linda sanchez is not necessarily right because she is a latino woman. i think some are sexist when it comes to nancy pelosi.
8:20 pm
nancy pelosi is a pioneer and a powerful woman. who knows? maybe she is jealous. >> tucker: i don't traffic in things like sexist. it's a stereotype don't you think to suggest that linda sanchez is jealous? >> i don't know why you would make that comment. it doesn't make sense. nancy pelosi is not a liability and her caucus supports her, why would she be there. linda's comments make no sense whatever. here are the numbers. after 2006 election. midway through bush's second
8:21 pm
term. pelosi became the speaker. they had 233 seats in the house of representatives. the democrats have 194 seats in the house and democrats lost over 1,000 across the country with pelosi as the visible leader of their party. maybe that suggests abject failure? >> the numbers show that politics can be sexist. this nation has 51% but 20% of congress. 20% in the house and 20% in the senate. now we have 23 cabinent members and 4 that are women. less than ever. half than with president obama. women are not necessarily making huge strides in washington, d.c. this is not a great time to be a woman in d.c. >> tucker: [laughing] electoral success is not the
8:22 pm
only measure of success, thank god. that's not how it feels to me. whatever. leaving generalations aside. donald trump woman the to vote for him. were they sexist? >> 3 million people voted for hillary clinton. more than donald trump. so she got more voters. >> tucker: just with the sexism. donald trump widely denounced as a sexist and he wins the majority of married women, actual women over the female candidate.
8:23 pm
>> now we are seeing the things that he does have been so sexist. the things he's done in office. >> tucker: can you address that? >> he had to put women in powerful positions. why would they vote for him? >> they made a mistake. >> tucker: the only point i am making and i don't want to debate the trump legacy or the last election. when you hear people write off the election or nancy pelosi's 11 years leading her party in the house as sexism, will you concede perhaps it's a simplistic explanation? >> it is. but she had a moment where men were speaking above her and no one was paying attention to her. the "washington post" pointed out that was a sexist momentum in d.c.
8:24 pm
there is a lot of sexism in d.c. >> tucker: nancy pelosi is the most powerful female leader in washington. >> a pioneer. >> tucker: but one of the richest people in washington and in the country. how rich and how powerful do you?-- can you get until you are not allowed to complain about being a victim anymore? >> [overlapping talking] >> when she can talk and be heard like our counterparts. then she can say that. if she is not treated equally she can keep complaining as far as i am concerned. >> tucker: [laughing]. it doesn't matter how rich and powerful she is. she can call herself a victim and you believe her?
8:25 pm
>> absolutely. a victim has a right to speak up no matter how much money that person makes. >> tucker: hilarious. cathy, thanks for coming on. not the only in fighting in the left. black lives matter has gone to war with the aclu because free speech according to some is bigotry. that's next. can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. which saves money. insurance a smarter way. they offer paperless billing and automatic payments. which saves paper.
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>> tucker: the black lives matter protesters in virginia
8:29 pm
shutdown a free speech event hosted by the aclu. why did they do that? because free speech is now bigotry. watch this. >> [shouting] >> aclu! >> no justice, no peace. >> [shouting] >> tucker: this is a new york city council member aligned with black lives matter. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i have to make a confession at the out set watching black lives matter say liberalism is white supremesy made my day. what i want to take seriously, i
8:30 pm
hear variations of this a lot. the revolution won't uphold the constitution. what does that mean exactly? >> well, you would have to ask the people who were protesting. i know there are many issues that need to be worked out. i think if you look at the constitution and the wording there are things people can still look at. there are issues that people see in this country. they are just trying the best way they can to express that by whatever tactics they have. >> tucker: but, i guess it's impossible to have a conversation with someone who doesn't agree on a baseline. as an american i thought we all agreed that free speech is the most important right that we have. if i don't agree that you have a right to speak and you don't agree that i do, what is the point of having a conversation? i noticed on the left a real
8:31 pm
tendency to attack the bill of rights like speech. does that bother you? >> well, i think everyone agrees on free speech. what is ironic is the aclu has been a great defender of that and the black lives matter movement was exercising their free speech. they don't understand what is in the constitution that allows people to talk about what is happening in the government. i think it's a weird comparison to make. what is true there is a huge issue around supremacy and privilege. it's been given a mega-phone and that's causing the division to grow in this country. >> tucker: i have no idea what you mean. i am not sure you do either?>> >> when part? >> tucker: there are issues of supremacy and privilege. >> you don't understand that part.
8:32 pm
>> tucker: i don't know how it relates to free speech. you have a right to say what you think is true. black lives matter in this tape is contesting that. >> no, they are not. they are protesting which is part of free speech. in fact, they are showing they have the courage to put up and protest their friends. i wish some people on the right would show the same courage with some of the craziness i hear coming from people on the right. >> tucker: no. they are preventing other people from talking. they are shutting down speech. i will always defend and do always defend people's right to express unpopular opinions even if i hate their opinions. they are preventing other people and talking and attacking the constitution which guarantees our right to speak. >> civil disobedience has a long history in this country. i would not use that tactic with the aclu. people whose voice have not been
8:33 pm
heard are choosing that tactic. i believe the aclu and black lives matter are on the same page, but we are forcing people to go to corners. we should be trying to unite people. >> tucker: but we should not prevent other people from saying what they think. final question: what do they mean when they say the revolution won't uphold the constitution? >> you asked me that before and i answered clearly. ask them because they said it. >> tucker: i get it. t what do you think it means? >> i can't talk for there are issues of supremacy and privilege in this country. it starts with the framework. one issue in the 15th amendment still allows slavery that might be pointed out that needs to be changed. >> tucker: it doesn't allow
8:34 pm
that. p >> it does. you can be a slave. >> tucker: okay. >> look that one up. >> tucker: okay. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: harvey weinstein is accused of being a sexual predator.ei decades long history of harassing hollywood actresses. promising to atone. how? by going after the nra. for liberals that's enough. details in ais minute. and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply.
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8:39 pm
times," a long list of femmeists are teaming up to protect harvey weinstein who is a major donor to the democratic party. he said he will sue the "new york times" and pledged to takous hit anger on the nra. a radio show host tammy o is following this story. asking people to watch him take a shower? did you did a poll of 167 women and ask would you like to see harvey weinstein take a shower? how many would say yes?id i am guessing zero. >> exactly. this is w awful. the problem here when it comes to his position and why he was really protected for so long, people are coming out and saying, this was not even a secret. tommy an aide to barack obama said it's a well known issue. this is a man who was in the white house 13 times in the
8:40 pm
obama. gave to barack obama. their daughter interned at his company. why would you have such a close relationship? a lot of democrats are saying y they will be giving their money to other democrat groups and not returning it. he got 269,000 dollars to the dnc. they are only distributing $30,000. hillary clinton who married a man with no pants, she was so cozy with him. she's silent once again. i worked on their campaign in 19 1992. i am a feminist. it's time for hillary clinton to say something and not just how awful sexual harassment is. we understand that certainly. she needs to call him out specifically. he is not the only problem.
8:41 pm
this is a problem throughout o that industry. an industry that is effectivelye funded her campaign. the obamasnd and liberal washington for a quarter of a century if not longer. it wasn't just actresses.r it was staff members. it was assistants. it was everybody he could get near according to the "new york times" report. >> tucker: what is so frustrating to watch is the cynicism at the core of his response. buying this moral compass and purchases services of lisa bloom and going after the nra as if that makes up for all of this stuff. it looks like it does. that's enough for liberals. >> this is shocking to him. it's been fine for decades. i would say his opening statement in his apology, many thought it was a joke, he said i
8:42 pm
grew up in the '60s and 70s. this is the culture then. in other words, all of them do it. this was a cultural dynamic. the interesting thing is he is right. that was a shot to everyone else saying we all do it. i know we do. at the very end. he was making a plea for look, you have been fine all of these years. i have money. i can make an impact. i will give my money to you. give me a pass. that's what he was saying. he is saying it because that's what has been happening. there are a few women who can condemn this and the passes and the free bill he received. that include hillary clinton. she's been a fraud from thel beginning. this is why women were alwaysom cautious about her not just her husband's behavior. >> tucker: it's all fake. michelle obama called him a wonderful person. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me.
8:43 pm
>> tucker: they came for robert lee and christopher columbus. who is next? an elected official who voted to end columbus day in his city. after the break. tucker carlson is brought to you to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: well, our revolutionary moment continues in the >> tucker: well, our c revolutionary moment continues in the campaign to cleanse history claimed another casualty. the city council of portland, maine voted to replace columbus day with indigenous people's day. t you voted for this. >> good to join you from the great state of maine.
8:48 pm
>> tucker: thank you. i am interested in the idea behind this. this sounds like the city council of portland is sending the l message it would have been better if the europeans had not come to america in the first place. that's why they are eliminating columbus day. >> that's not what the city council is doing. a i am a bi-racial guy man and that would be trying to discount half of who i am. what was proposed by the fellowa councillor was to recognize indigenous peoples day. we can't usurp what the government put in place since 1937.e the columbus day remains. but portland recognizes ininous people's day. >> tucker: how many are there in maine? >> we are one of the least diverse states in the country. we don't have many
8:49 pm
african-americans in this state. that doesn't make us celebrateer black history month any less. what this is about is recognizing the fact that indigenous people and christopher columbus are connected. you can't talk about the history of indigenous people without talking about the history of columbus. this allows people to recognize the holiday as they see fit. i think it was a reasonable proposal the council took up. >> tucker: they eliminated christopher columbus from the holiday. how many indigenous people are there? how many main indian tribes can you name? >> there are a number. there are the wabanakee who are here before the settlers got here. there are a number of others up north.
8:50 pm
there are a number of native-americans in our community. you can name every single native-american on the streets? >> tucker: no, i can't. i agree with. that here's the point. there are a number of reservations in the state. i spent a lot of time near one. they are really hurting. what bothers me is the symbolic nature of this. presumably there are american-indians in portland that you could help and there are a lot of heroin addicts in portland. it's terrible. i why waste your time with symbolic stuff like this? that's my point. >> as far as wasting time the hearing and resolution tookff about 40 minutes of time at the city council level. >> tucker: no the guy who came up with this said he spent months on a this.
8:51 pm
>> he spends months and months working with the community, engaging with community members. i understand there are focus who don't want this to happen. the month of october is dedicateed to italian-americans who gave up the most feedback. this is a day in their month. what it does, it recognizes indigenous people and christopher columbus. >> tucker: i get it. the whole identity?-- we have a day for italians. i don't care about that. what i care about is politicians who solve problems that people care about. there are junkies in all of the parks. that's super depressing.ns for the city council to spend
8:52 pm
time on this nonsense when your city is famous for people overdosing on opiates, where are your priorities? >> our city is not famous for that. we are famous for lobsters and long fellow. that's what our city is famous for. we struggled in the same problems with opiates that many cities do. we spent time on this. the city council 40 minutes and moved on to the next issue which is what we are supposed to do at the municipal playful. i have to vote one way or another. >> tucker: thanks for talking to us. tropical storm nate bearing down on the gulf of mexico of mexico. one of our favorite people joins us next.e ladies and gentlemen.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. >>rm tropical storm nate will ht the gulf coast very soon. >> it's close to a hurricane. and making landfall saturday night into sunday. and it is defined as a minimal hurricane. and pay close attention to your local forecast. last week i went to texas where hurricane harvey devastated. i want to think a wonderful group who help a lot of people. >> hurricane harvey made landfall on august 25th. the storm brought unprecedented rain and damage and took dozens of lives. in times of disaster we rely on
8:58 pm
the helpers. and we need time and resources to lend a hand. and a group led by a marine veteran is helping. >> is nothing like getting out of helping your fellow neighbors. legal one of the hardest hit areas in houston. i met up with steve as they cleaned up a local community center. and these volunteers have come up to help. >> a lot of people don't realize that they are helping and it's all about community. >> and it's about bringing out the best in the worst situations. is the best of humanity. >> you can sit around and talk about what's going on but if you wanted do something you have to get up and do >> and one person said i have to ask you the hard question. we are all volunteers and she cried and broke down.
8:59 pm
it was a special c moment. >> i am in love with all of the team. it's great that people from all over the world think about others that'sbo in need. and when you have a servant heart that means everything. >> you're awesome, you're awesome. >> thank you for showing us. >> and one of the reason i work with fox is to help victims of that hurricane. >> i have you to think as well, you were a big supporter and all of the proceeds will go to help hurricane harvey.
9:00 pm
thank you team. >> thank you janice. that's it for us tonight. every night we will see youe he here. have a great weekend and sean hannity right now. >> sean: authorities do not know what carried out the deadliest mass shooting in american history. inth the sheriffs department has ruled out the possibility of a second gunman. andnt still trying to determinef he is in contact with others and if those people knew what was going to happen. and also saying they have not found any evidence if they were connected to isis. he did travel overseas and that's what they're also reporting.


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