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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> thank you janice. that's it for us tonight. every night we will see youe he here. have a great weekend and sean hannity right now. >> sean: authorities do not know what carried out the deadliest mass shooting in american history. inth the sheriffs department has ruled out the possibility of a second gunman. andnt still trying to determinef he is in contact with others and if those people knew what was going to happen. and also saying they have not found any evidence if they were connected to isis. he did travel overseas and that's what they're also reporting. 1,000 rounds of tracer
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ammunition that would make it easier to see and he called the mandalay bay twice the night before his rampage. and coming from the floor butte and we've seen the worst and the best of humanity. and las vegas police officers who were on the scene of this horrific mass shooting and it was only the second day on the job.. in lessons we learn from vegas and why it's time for the left in this country to stop exploiting strategy and also tonight this president sending a cryptic message about sending military action.o we have important breaking news opening monologue. so we still have major unanswered questions and during
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a news conference they still do not have a motive. >> to date we've run down more than a thousand leagues. while some of it has helped create a better profile of the subject we areha still not clear over motive or reason why. what i cannot confirm to you today is whether anybody else knew before he cared at all. >> sean: law enforcement officials telling nbc news that it doesn't match any of his mobile phone. and the records show his car left the hotel parking garage and it was used to enter the hotel room.
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andme they did say they were not aware of that information. and the gunmen traveled overseas and earlier today the sheriffs department knocked on speculation. nlet's watch this. >> we have looked at everything. the suspect's personal life and political affiliation. economic situations. and potential radical and we are aware isis which today we have no known nexus. >> sean:. according to the ap he bought 1,000 rounds of tracer ammunition. and those rounds were found inn his room but authorities have to
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determine. and the police found a document at the crime scene with the name of the arizona man who sold him the tracer rounds. and he called mandalay bay security twice before the shooting rampage and he was complaining about loud music from the floor below. and they found an suv that they were searching for. and this terrible tragedy still remains a mystery. and tonight the pure evil that we saw in las vegas. america is learning very valuable lessons but despite the tragedy and that people are still in the hospital fighting foriv their lives, democrats, celebrities, mainstream media continue to politicize the tragedy.
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beyond shameful. this is not what america is about. tonight i want to focus on what america b should be doing no to help and support great people in vegas. earlier in the week we showed you this. as a powerful moment. it came one hour before the shooting started in las vegas. on the stage in the crowd is singing in unison god bless america. thoseel people, they are not republicans o or democrats, they are americans. they are singing god bless america in unison. it didn't matter who they voted for. he wasn't asking for i.d. cards. he wanted dead americans and shattered lives. and it isn't time for the rest of the country to follow the example that was set one hour
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and doesn't that start affecting our country, flagrant, military and those people that fought and died for that flag for this country and freedoms to go to the concert. in this terrible tragedy, to players of the kansas city chief still refuse to stand for the national anthem. and they took a moment of silence but those players still didn't rise for "the star-spangled banner" ." they really wanted to maker a statement and they should come together. how about the americans that were killed and injured and let them know their country really supports them. and last night during thursday night football, these finally stood for the anthem and we will see what happens this football sunday. and they still refuse to stand. they should take a look at this video. he was on this programn last
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night and saw him in the hospital and he stood to greet president trump even after being shot in the leg. it was a very powerful message. he says i will never lie down when the president comes to shake my hand. i mightth have issues with my country but i will always respect my country. i will stand to show my president the respect that he deserves s. it's an example and every american should follow. when onn perfect country but we are still all americans. and he wasn'tpo playing politic. those that continue to divideha this country, we should listen to the stories of some of the heroes in the vegas shooting. take a look at this. pay close attention because it shows america's greatness. take a look.
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>> my buddies stood next to me and said i was hit. there are scattering and fence.g the >> and a lot of ex-military people, they kept compression on his chest. >> they had articles on my clothing and everybody who i saw breathing and it's something we do. and i wanted to make sure that was the case. >> the gentleman was shot and he came to help me so they were people with shoes and running. and they're running away fast. and another powerful lesson this week. firemen and policemen and the
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dangers they put themselves and to keep all of us o safe. take a look at his body cam video. they run towards danger justro like police, firemen on 9/11. they run into danger when others might run away from danger. >> go that way. stayed on. as a man in the window. after seeing that other nfl players really gonna takeak a nd to protest this weekend. they should show support not for
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colin cabernet compared to thosa players, do they still stand by colinta after he supported grous like black lives matters saying what do we want, dead cops and pigs in the and those players still have cabernet x back. and stop protecting police officers. an emergent murdering thug dictator called castro. we forgot what happened on 9/11, cops, first responders and those who went up to save lives. maybe this week will teach us that we should stop rushing to judgment on big high profile cases. we rememberr president obama did so many times, with the
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different cases in ferguson, missouri, . or freddie gray in baltimore. maybe police, maybe we have to remember the incident this week. don't they deserve better? and the lesson from vegas and a strategy will be that this country needs to come together. it starts this sunday in the nfl and stadiums all across the country. are you going to enforce the rules. selling book, make america great again o strategist sebastian and we were on the other side a lot of these stories.
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and the martin case didn't involve the police. ferguson was predicated on a li lie. we know it didn't happen because the people it testified saw michael brown reach into the car of officer wilson and then later charged at him. and the people said that were predominantly african-american witnesses. why is this there rush to judgment?n obama was more guilty of anybody ever seen. >> let me say to you sean, this is about 500 americans who were shot. >> sean: these guys don't get the presumption ofof innocence. >> with this case here were
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seeing something totally different. in her heart stephanie go out, we have the toggle assault weapons. and we just heard on your show and that film footage, it means we need to have a serious conversation in this country when we see people lose so many lives in so many lives lost this week. there must be a. solution. and congress has to answer. we can't stand for this. >> sean: i just know, today was my 23rd year and have covered so many cases over theve years. nobody thought it would be w hee at this point. i've seen so many of these
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cases. it happens again and again. it's predictable. >> i would like to issue a challenge calling out call in or democrats, i want to show you one instance on sunday in vegas where an american peace officer, as the bullets are flying stopped and said to an african-american, sorry i'm not going to help you because i hate you because of your skin. you won't ever find one officer in america who did that. always set out on sunday is what makes us greats. vets, nurses, people who don't know anythingg about combat
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saving each other's lives. i think your monologue is right. let's forget about the politics and the nra and clinton versus anybody else right now. that's use las vegas to come together. we have eight years of divisiveness. we have an administration, based upon their skin color. then there background and sexual preference. that's un-american. we looked at each other as categories and human beings and as americans.e i think it's time for all of us to come together to respect the flag and national anthem. >> sean: i know everyone says we can talk about guns.
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i know a lot of these celebrities and politicians have their gated communities. they have their bodyguards and protected at the award shows. for the average person they only defense they have is themselves. so those people that want gun control, what would you do? if sony breaks into your house lateod at night, would you rathr a trained in the use of firearm and have a firearm to protect your family? >> i happen to be a gun owner. and i in the fifth grade by my
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boy scout troop. yes of course. >> sean: but all of these people saying the opposite all week. the average american doesn't have armed bodyguards. they don't have gated compounds. like all of these celebrities are lecturing everybody. >> we are talking about an assault rifle. that killed a great number of people. that's the gorilla that's in the room. 500 people i got shot, there would be 500 people. >> sean: the nra is talking about getting rid of certain things.
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>> i learned to shoot as soon as i learn to pick up a gun. the second amendment isn't about hunting or defense. i carry a gun and unlicensed to do so. it's not a guarantee against a tyrannical regime. it's about freedom and democrac democracy. that's the bottom line and the second amendment is nonnegotiable. >> sean: i don't know if any of our frameworks or founders talk about hunting. thanks for being with us, when we come back, las vegas police officer wounded during shooting with the second day on the job.
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>> sean: >> new orleans and muce gulf coast is bracing now for another hurricane. storms slant into central america killing dozens. states of emergency have been declared in several states in some areas could see 15 inches
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of rain on the weekend. and expected to make landfall in the u.s. late saturday night. meanwhile comedians are mourning the death of ralphie may. he had been battling pneumonia and canceled several shows. he was born in tennessee and rose to fame on last comic standing. he was 45 years old. and now back to hannity. >> we will always find hope for the men and women that risked their lives. pray for the recovery of the injured and injured officers. they put themselves into danger when duty calls. when we grieve the loss of law enforcement personnel who were
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killed in this vicious attack. weh are blessed to be surrounded by heroes. >> sean: that was president trump praising first responders in the wake of the worst shooting in u.s. history. and body cam footage was released of officers risking their lives. take a look at the small sampling of what these officers do every single day. [shots being fired] >> everybody stayed on. >> sean: joining us now from
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las vegas, an officer who was shot. his second day on the job. good to see you. that's one way of saying welcome to the force. getting hit by fire. i know police officers, you and your family did not expect that. >> when stuff goes down i want to be there to face evil. >> sean: i i know it's an amazing thing. i met a lot of military guys. i spoke with a couple of people that were shot in the hospital. describe the scene and situation, what were you doing, what you felt, and the natures of your injuries.
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>> at first we had no idea where the shooting was coming from. we had reports i was in the festival or outside the festiva festival. so responded to the call. we got into our vehicles. we took cover rain into the fire. all he could see is cement, pop, pop, pop. rounds hitting the ground. we actually drewew the fire offf the crowd so people could get out. and i end up getting hit. wewe ran down las vegas bouleva. the shooter traced us. he ended up ripping my shirt off and we kept going in our patrol
9:27 pm
car. >> sean: where did you get hit? >> when i got hit, running into gunfire i wasn't scared at all. i didn't feel the shot hit me. i just felt my arm turn into a noodle. >> sean: wow. it's amazing about how many people didn't know because of the environment. and tell us what happened on your end. >> we were in the strip in different areas. and you see the lights and sirens in traffic. and we didn't know where the rounds are coming from.
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and there was one outside of the concert. and the rounds are coming down on w c officers. and the impact points and he asked me where it was coming from. and that's when he wasas hit. at that point my only concern was to make sure she got the care he needed. and the range of fire for the shooter t. >> sean: when he saw the injury and he said his arm felt like a noodle, how bad did you it was? how are you you looking at it? >> i saw the initial impact. i thought it was his arm.
9:29 pm
when i stripped his shirt i sought to impact points. andni the intention was to put a tourniquet on his arm. ie was concerned he had a long injury. it was a matter of minutes. so a tourniquet was not an option anymore. >> sean: good for you. amazing story and i'm glad you're safe. we wish you a speedye recovery. thank you for what you did for your partner. and what you both do for the city of vegas. thank you both. when we come back, you don't want to miss it next
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>> to date >> today we have ran down over a thousand leads. some of it has helped make a better profile of the madness of the suspect. but we still do not have a clear motive. >> sean: was the sheriff of clark county. there still is no motive on why he opened fired on the music festival on sunday. the real question is what turned him into a psychopath without conscious that would scream to him what he was planning on doing. and joining is now. it's not a phrase that we use lot, evil but over the centuries hundreds of millions of people murdered. and the killing fields of
9:35 pm
cambodia. there's a lot of evil in this world. >> there really is sean. stephen paddock made two decisions. one he was going to end his life and the second he was going to end it and away the whole world would remember him. he would no longer be a nobody but a somebody. he captured the attention of the entire country. so he plotted and planned this mass murder and he went out the way he wanted to go out. the way he wanted to be remembered.. it was personal and not political orc religious. stephen paddock wanted to end life. to do it this way, .
9:36 pm
>> sean: he did this premeditated and he surveyed fenway park, chicago and lollapalooza. he might have planned an escape. was he trying to get out of this and do it again, i don't think we know yet. maybe he had some other agenda. >> look who he is. what has happened and what reward did he get. he was going to die in a couple of hours and whats he wanted was to be remembered for what he had done and have himself known to the whole country and the world and everyone's talking about him. everyone knows who he is and nobody knew him before. a lot of these killings take place because people see what someone done in terms of notoriety. and they say i want to end my
9:37 pm
life and that's the way i want to go. he's a monster and it's very dark. but if you take a look at that rationality, he wants to end his life and want to be remembered as a great mass murder. the mandalay bay shooter. just like the boston marathon bombers. they knew they would be remembered. er>> sean: you know, and my heart of hearts, i just think there's something deeperhi here. at thehe root of it is evil. i wantt to throw something, the president does a photo op with military leaders yesterday. he talked about the calm before the storm. it was very cryptic. then he i mentioned it again. with these emerging situations
9:38 pm
with north korea, iran, is he sending a signal, take a listen. >> and it could be the calm before the storm. we have the world's great military. thank you all for coming. you will find out. >> what did you mean about the calm before the storm? >> you'll find out. >> sean: how do you interpret that, as it him negotiating publicly that we have the military might toe do things? >> i think is that and it might mean action and i believe itth would be north korea and iran.
9:39 pm
and he will anticipating it down the road, north korea my guess is it may be some kind of new missile test. and he intends to deal with it ahead of time. i don't know if he's implying something, i would be more nervous in north korea than ira iran. >> sean: always appreciate you with us, thank you very much. what a dark world we live in. we will show you the absolute worst examples of what they do and this is what they do every single s day. cultural issues and everything else. that'slt next.
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>> ♪ >> sean: welcome back to hannity. hours after the shooting, democrats, liberals, mainstream media raced to politicize the shooting. prettyin chris traceable. take a look at some of the worst
9:44 pm
examples on the left. >>a what happened in las vegas s another horrible example of people with too many guns and too few restraints. >> now we need to shout and bake for gunls restrictions. >> and you are a bad parent if you have guns in the house. >> you can't buy a machine gun so just move it over to semi automatics. >> that's a pullers polarizing animal. >> and you bear no responsibility that anyone can get any weapon they want. >> sean: and hearing reactions reactions, i look at the celebrities and late-night hosts and politicians, i can thing in
9:45 pm
every instance that they have nice gated communities that they live. and protection for themselves. they go to events in his many armed guards taking care of them. so summary breaks into your home late at night and want to do harm to you and your family and children, what you do if you don't have a gun, what you do for the michael moore's of this world, would you do if we don't have the second amendment? >> i'm not going to sit here and say, the issue here is not about personal security, the second amendment is not unlimited. or talk about high-capacity magazines. and semi auto weapons.
9:46 pm
>> sean: you not answering, if somebody enters your home and you don't have a weapon, your family will be victims of a crime. at least have a fighting chance of protecting yourself. and talking about getting rid of the second amendment. a number of people. >> the left likes to speak out against both sides of their mouth. on one hand they talk about not getting rid of the second amendment. but then when nancy pelosi just said that she does hope whatever happens here is a slippery slope to our second amendment right. that's word democrats stand it. for them to politicize this, americans want to come together. the victims or want to stand
9:47 pm
together and talk about how we are all american. they don't want to talk will race or gender or politicalth issues. at the moment of their most intense moment. it's just plain morally bankrupt. >> we've had over 500 people remained int las vegas. were not trying to take your guns away. >> there is lots of countries with plenty of gun control. and you can live in chicago because the death rate is highe higher. >> sean: hang on. the research is on the doctor side. why are cities in this country and countries in europe have strict gun control laws have
9:48 pm
highest incidence of these types of things happening. more guns and less crime. >> more guns means more gun violence and domestic violence. >> sean: gun control doesn't work, it doesn't work in chicago or france. >> we should have a reasonable conversation around these things. >> sean: chicago has some of the toughest laws in the country and look at their case. and the gun violence and innocent people don't have guns. they want the slippery slope. this isn't about a particular kind of gun. they all have money the people lecturing us. people play by the rules and make the country great, the only line of defense is themselves.
9:49 pm
>> i understand that, particularly rural areas. i'm talking about things i have no place in a civilized society. >> >> talk about areas like chicago. they have the strongest gun control in the entire region and they have as many deaths every single month. when is the left admit the fact people who don't abide by laws won't obey. >> and chicago has lacks gun control. that's part of the problem. >> sean: the areas that have a right to carry laws and more guns, they have less crime. >> our young people in the
9:50 pm
country losing respect for the police. how they being indoctrinated into a mind-set that's false. straightnd ahead. and call 844-214-2424.
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. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. joining us now with more reaction to the media's coverage of the vegas shooting is the tmz founder and host harvey levin. you can catch him on his brand new hit series called objectified. this week his guest, good friend of this program israeli prime minister. harvey good to see you. thank you for joining us. one of the things i always love is that you reach younger audiences. a lot of your show is fun and entertainment and hollywood. but you do segments that really reach and touch your audience. what was the reaction from a younger audience considering a lot of this crowd that were victims of this shooting were young people? what was the reaction this week? >> despair. it is absolute despair.
9:55 pm
you know, this -- we've seen so many of these killings but it reminds me in some ways sean of the way the vietnam war resonated how other wars hadn't because you saw the gunfire on t.v. we have seen bits and pieces of these mass shootings before but here you hear the scene and you watch the people go down and you see the scramble and it was as vivid is anything i can remember. i don't even want to say more tragic because they're all so tragic. but the volume here and the randomness here, you know and the brutality where you're able to see it, you know people in my office were just -- it was just enormously depressing and everything i'm getting back there all of the users on tmz, you know, this one, they all hurt, this one really hurts. >> sean: you know what bothers
9:56 pm
me? and i always feel that young people are impression able. and we've had all these incidents. you had ferguson and for a long time the narrative was hands up don't shoot and michael brown was shot in the back, none of which ended up being true or freddie gray or the cambridge police acted stupidly and all these black lives matters, i sometimes wonder and worry that this younger generation may not have the full and complete understanding of how dangerous police work is. i hope i'm wrong on that. but i wanted to ask you. >> yeah i mean, look, i think everybody knows police work is dangerous. i think at the same time everybody knows that sometimes police cross the line. it just does happen sean n. any profession people cross.line. >> sean: finy -- tiny percentage. >> i understand that. if anything is happening now, i
9:57 pm
think people are just at some point saying stop this violence. you know, it's like, one side can blame another side, another side can blame that side. the fact is the violence keeps happening. at a point, what good is it to say you did it, no you did it, oh, no, you did it. at a point it's just got to stop. because this is impacting the way we live now. i mean this is do you go to an outdoor concert? do you go to a movie theater? do you send your kid to school? what about flying? at a point if you look at it everything is closing in on us. to me it's not about blame. it's just that this has got to stop. >> sean: you know, i totally agree. i love the fact that there's kind of two sides of you, you know there's the funny outrageous, crazy harvey that i've known for years. you have a really serious side. and your new show has been a big
9:58 pm
hit on the channel. this weekend you're doing a really big friend of mine prime minister netanyahu. >> i went to an american high school in the 60s. can you imagine? >> be honest with me, who is the most famous at lump? you or reggie jackson? >> in israel, me. in america, reggie jackson by, you know, 100 yards. [laughter] >> oh my gosh. >> sean: first of all i know him personally. i love that you get another side of people. you're asking questions that they don't get asked in normal interviews. >> look the idea here is to me almost a psychological hour. i want to know how these enormously successful people, accomplished people became who they are today with lessons they
9:59 pm
learned along the way. and you know, with the prime minister, you know, he -- i'm sure you know this, sean, we really got into it. he has a disdain for politics. and aggressively does not want his children to be political or to be -- to run for office. he finds it suffocating and cruel. and you know he talks to me about this. and i knew about how much his brother's death impacted him. but to sit there and talk to him about it, and really kind of get into it, and watch him cry was really moving to me. . >> sean: that's the raid. october at this identify. i promise i'll be watching, it's hoefd by harvey levin sunday night 8 the pm here on fox. good to see you. that's all the time we have this evening. thank you for being with us. this show will never be like the mainstream media, we're not
10:00 pm
corrupt and dishonest. we'll always be fair and balanced. thank you for your support. have a great weekend we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ . >> sean: i can tell you this, we're very confident that he did not -- there was not another shooter in that room. what i cannot confirm to you today, and what we continue to investigate is whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. . >> sean: wow. that was law enforcement officials. that was the under sheriff stating affirmatively there was no second shooter. we've all heard the rumors when 64 stephen paddock unlearned held on the crowd watching the country music concert. the number is holding at 58. 427 have suffered some type of wound that landed them in the hospital. there is still more questions than answers about the attack. that's why we've got "the story"


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