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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 7, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we are not corrupt and dishonest. see you back here monday. >> ♪ >> ♪ gggggggggggggggggggggggggg" we will see you back here on monday. "special report" up next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. three men are under arrest for plotting to carry out isis inspired terrorist attacks in new york city. in the summer of 2016. including a plan to detonate bombs and shoot people at concert venues. the details were made public today at the department of justice. a canadian man, a u.s. citizen based in pakistan, and a philippine citizens are all charged in the case. boston correspondent james rosen joins me now with every details in this case. good evening, james. >> good evening, bret. federal authorities are describing this as an international plot that was thwarted by law enforcement officers, including an undercover fbi agent who
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convinced the alleged plotters he was an isa supporter prepared to help carry out the planned attacks. one of the targets was said to be times square, as it has been before. the purported plot involved plans to detonate explosives there. they told the undercover agent, "we need a time bomb in times square. look at all these people" where they trained their sites on the nyc subway system, obtaining maps for these purposes. these charges were unsealed now by federal authorities. one of the suspects, a canadian citizen, purchased bomb making materials for use in the attacks and was arrested after traveling to the united states from canada back in may 2016. he has entered a guilty plea and is awaiting sentences. the other charges include a u.s. citizen based in pakistan. that's where he was arrested and
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is awaiting extradition to the united states. the third man charge is russell salic, a citizen of the philippines, where he bank wired money for the attacks. he was arrested in his home country and is also awaiting extradition. the one individual known to be cooperating with the officials at this point, -- we just walk in with guns in our hands. that's how the paris guys did it, he added. elsewhere, he told the undercover officer he wanted to create the next 9/11. all of this after he and haroon reportedly declared their allegiance to isis, bret in electronic medication. >> it's interesting on a friday afternoon from the justice department to have this out where obviously in the middle of an investigation in las vegas. where they have not determined a motive, they say they do not
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have any evidence or ties to isis, and yet this type of attack, it appears, try to be planned by these guys. >> we have seen isis claim credit for attacks with which it had nothing to do where it didn't essentially direct anything in the past. but here, i says has claimed credit for the las vegas attack if there was some connection between stephen paddock and isis, it would appear that the charges unsealed in this case on a friday evening would provide a antecedent for this kind of attack where isis was into medication with at least one of these three plotters who expressed an interest in shooting of concerts. >> james, thank you. turning out to sunday's deadly shooting at an outdoor concert, it could have been much worse. authorities in las vegas have new details about the ammunition the shooter used. the hunt for anyone else who could have helped that shooter and the search, as we mentioned, for the motive.
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in any positive ties to any other groups. correspondent dan springer has the latest developments. >> despite running down more than a thousand leads, investigators shall have no answers as to why it las vegas shooter stephen paddock did what he did. >> some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect. we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. we all want answers. we have looked at everything. literally. >> they again contain there is no sign of terrorism. >> we are also aware, of course, that isis has repeatedly claimed the rest on civility. which, today, i can tell you that we have no no nexus two -- no known the next is to. >> as visuals continue, we do know more about what else paddock may have been plotting. a law enforcement official said that paddock purchased 1,000
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runs of traits ammunition at a phoenix gun show. tracer rounds, which contain a fire in pyrotechnic charge to ensure accuracy, were found in paddock's sniper's in the mental mandalay bay hotel. they got a document who sold him the ammunition in early september. as in visitors look at paddock's interest in attacking additional areas. >> after news that paddock research parks in and around fenway park. >> the fbi reached out to us that boston was on the radar screen. we have information that he was on possible sites looking, but there's nothing to indicate he ever made it here or was ever stepping foot in boston. >> while officials still have not been able to establish a motive for paddock's actions, focuses on's goal for marylou danley. she told the fbi that he was
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experiencing mental health issues and would lie in bed moaning and screaming. investigators are acknowledging the unvisited nature of the case. >> in the past, terror cases or mass murder incidents, motive was made very clear. very clear in most of those cases by a note that was left by a social media post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today, in our investigation, we don't have any of that uncovered. i wish we did. >> and that lack of a clear motive clearly frustrating everyone, especially the police. some good news, those. five days after this carnage, several people, dozens in fact, left area hospitals today. they are down to 59 still getting treatment. 26 in critical condition. tomorrow, bret, vice president pence arrives tomorrow to greet and get beyond this terrible tragedy. >> bret: dan, thank you. the man who went on a shooting
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spree at a congressional baseball practice fired at least 70 rounds. that is one of the findings on the new report of the june shooting that wounded congressman steve scalise and four others. the report also found that the officers from the capitol police and alexandria police department were justified in returning more than 40 rounds of fire, killing the shooter james hodgkinson. the report notes that he was angered by the election of president donald trump and it was a supporter of democratic candidate bernie sanders. scalise returned to congress last week and is expected to throw out the first pitch before tonight's playoff game between the washington nationals and the chicago cubs. president trump is rolling back obama cares contraceptive mandate, giving businesses and organizations more power to project covering that. critics say it's an attack on women's health. correspondent kristin fisher is at the white house tonight on
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what the new rule means and what possibly comes next. good evening, kristin. >> good evening, bret. this new -- almost every democrat on capitol hill for nancy pelosi? she calls it despicable. but how >> paul ryan, he says this is a landmark base for religious liberty. it's a change that could impact hundreds and thousands of women. the trip administration announcing an expansion of exemptions to the affordable care act contraceptive mandate that allows employers to provide birth control coverage for its employees. before these exemptions were limited to churches and some religious organizations, but now, according to a rule released today by the department of health and human services, those exemptions have been expanded to include any company or nonprofit with moral obsessions exceptions as well. >> the president believes that one's right to practice their faith is a phenomenal write in this country and all of us do. that's what all today was about.
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the federal government should protect that right, and as long as donald trump's president, he will. >> the department of health and human services estimates the new rule will only impact 120,000 women. but democrats put the number much higher. in a statement, the president of planned parenthood said, "the trump administration took direct aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women. this is an unacceptable attack on basic health care that the vast majority of women rely on." the aclu calls the new rule discriminatory and has a ready file a lawsuit. for president trump, this is a fulfillment of a campaign promise, and a continuation of an executive order signed last may to protect religious freedom. >> with his executive order, we also make clear that the federal government will never, ever penalize any person for their protected religious beliefs. >> president trump is also reportedly picking apart at the affordable care act by refusing
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requests from republican governors and senators. in a state he won by nearly ten points, iowa. according to "the washington post," president trump has personally directed at ministers and officials to deny requests to fix the states obamacare market. despite a letter from republican governor kim reynolds, which claims her constituents are facing "an immediate collapsing market that could leave thousands without health insurance and the rest with 56% or higher premium rate increases." when asked today if the report was true, white house prosecutor he said... >> i'm not aware of that specific director. i have to check into that. >> the administration has got the enrollment. back in half the advertising job budget by nearly 90%. democrats say it all adds up to sabotage. but president trump, remember, he said repeatedly that he should perhaps let obamacare implode. then may be democrats and
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republicans might be more in the mood to cut a deal. bret? >> bret: kristin fisher live on the north along. he was supposed to go live on trial later this month. but now reports say that army sergeant bowe bergdahl will plead guilty to avoid trial. doug mckelway report from the pentagon tonight. >> he served the united states with honor and -- >> that is not a shared opinion of bowe bergdahl. only 16 days from his court-martial, the associated press reports he is expected to plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the army would not confirm the report, telling fox news "we continue to maintain careful respect for the military's judicial process. the rights of the accused, and ensuring the cases fairness and impartiality during this ongoing legal base." nor would bergdahl's attorney would confirm the ags story.
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he ended a phone call with a terse "no comment." one view, in this 2015 campaign appearance by then candidate donald trump. >> he's a traitor! a no good traitor who should have been executed! >> another view this -- who engineered bergdahl's release in exchange for five taliban prisoners held at guantanamo bay. in the rose garden ceremony length by bergdahl's parents, he equated bergdahl as alluded soldier on on the battlefield. >> united states america does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind. >> it's estimated that six u.s. soldiers may have died searching for the missing speed 21 who shipped most of his belongings home before he disappeared. bergdahl's legal team maintain he suffered terribly under a taliban and prism and, often left in a cage deprived of light and food. >> i think he's shown himself to be quite a remarkable person. as a running nose, he was held by the taliban for nearly five
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years, talking about a period of seven years out of this young man's life. >> the thing is even if he suffered, he put himself in that situation. he still has to answer for what he did and we suffered a lot. you know. trying to find him. >> bergdahl is still serving. he is under watch but security detail to protect him. >> president trump called it the cop before the start -- >> that got washington and world capitals buzzing about possible military action to come. correspondent rich edison report from the state department tonight on on the duty and seah for comments from that storm. >> with senior military officials throughout the home, president trump saying this is the calm before the storm.
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as for what that means, the president saying, >> we are never going to say in advance with the president is going to do. i think you can take the president protecting the american people always extremely serious. he's been really clear that's his number one priority. if he feels that action is necessary, he will take it. >> iran, north korea, isis, or the president toying with reporters. he had a week to -- every 90 days, the administration must tell congress whether iran is complying with the major components of a nuclear agreement. >> we are going to give the president a couple of options of how to move forward to advance the important policy towards iran. >> one of those options, use investor the united nations nikki haley detailed last month. she explained the administration can declare iran as failing to comply with the nuclear agreement. though continuing suspending
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nuclear related sanctions against iran, that would keep u.s. in the iran nuclear deal and the contract intact. the president's deadline to take the approach or another, octobe. then there is north korea. analyst at middlebury institute center for nonproliferation studies spoke to "the wall street journal" about how they examine north korean propaganda and use other publicly available tools to determine north korea's abilities to threaten the united states. >> at the end of the day, we say with a high degree of confidence that they have a compact nuclear weapon that can go on an icbm. >> cannot understand why it is even a question. >> we can talk about a missile that carry warheads and hit the continental u.s. >> new york, l.a. >> these foreign policy challenges and reports claim the relationship between the president and the secretary of state is irreparable with despite that, secular he says he has no plans to leave. the white house says the president has full confidence in his secretary of state.
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bret? >> bret: more with the panel. the trump administration issued a new directive today that we can and try to weekends and that his termination for lgbt people for agencies to do as much is possible to accommodate those who claim their religious freedoms are being violated. their claims would be enough to override concerns for the civil rights of lgbt people and antidiscrimination protections for women as well. critics say the move will set off a tidal wave of lawsuits against the government. congressional democrats are backing away from one of their big donors. hollywood heavyweight harvey weinstein as new details emerge of allegations of actual harassment by the hollywood producer. correspondent anita vogel response from los angeles. >> he's the man behind some of hollywood's biggest hits.
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and his money has been behind some of the country's top democratic politicians. those on the left are scrambling to distance themselves from mega producer harvey weinstein after the a prominent democratic donor was accused of sexually harassing employees and well-known actresses over decades. >> many democrats who perceive this money consider it tainted money. >> over the years, weinstein cozied up to the likes of hillary clinton and barack obama, giving more than $70,000 to obama's 2012 campaign and the victory fund, according to while clinton and the hillary clinton victory fund received more than 35 grand. political analysts say it's not possible the vet every single donation. but with this revelation, the ball is now in their court. >> regardless of what she knew and what she knew when, she can do nothing, and she can do something with the equivalent amounts of money that harvey
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weinstein given her. >> top democratic senators like possible 2020 white house contender elizabeth warren as well as patrick leahy and richard blumenthal already announced they would donate the money weinstein gave them to charity. >> they are shuttling that money away, getting rid of it, getting it off their books is going to be something that from a political standpoint is going to be beneficial to them. >> last night, famous director and ella democratic donor steven spielberg tried to duck the controversy. >> i have a lot of opinions about that. but not at this event tonight. >> for his part, weinstein said he came of age in the ' 60s and '70s, with the culture in the workplace was different. in a statement, he says "i've since learned it's not an excuse in the office or out of it to anyone." today, the democratic national committee says it condemns all forms of harassment and will donate more than $30,000 in contributions it's received from weinstein to women's charities. bret? >> bret: thank you. the gulf coast braces for yet
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another hurricane. we will take you to new orleans where they are over getting where they are over getting ready for nate.
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> bret: gulf coast residents are bracing for yet another hurricane. tropical storm nate is expected to make landfall as a hurricane over the weekend. casey stegall rep lawrence what residence in new orleans are doing to prepare as the storm takes aim. >> tropical storm nate has already pummeled parts of central america, killing at least 22 people, and dropping extreme amounts of rain's on nicaragua and costa rica. mexico's yucatan peninsula is
1:23 am
next. the popular tourist destination of cancun and cozumel are expected to take a direct hit on friday night. from there, forecasters say nate will move into the gulf of mexico, where warm waters will help it strengthen into a category one hurricane before making a u.s. landfall late saturday or early sunday. although over all rainfall may not be -- short ovens can produce flooding. >> national hurricane center exactly when nate will come ashore. model show anywhere from southeast louisiana to points further east in mississippi, alabama, or florida. >> everything on the bottom floor of my houses going up 3 feet. and if it goes higher than that, well, we in trouble. >> lines already started forming at gas stations across the region. many filling up their tanks on the way out of town. >> it's been crazy. get it while you can. because, um, it might be hard to
1:24 am
get it later. >> energy companies have already begun evacuating and shutting down some of their offshore oil platforms. experts say they could take about 15% of the total u.s. refining capacity off-line. and in new orleans, all eyes are on these giant pumping stations which help move water out of the big easy. but the system has been plagued with recent mechanical problems and crews have been furiously working to get the issues fixed. city officials saying now more than 80% of them are operational and have confidence they will do their job for whatever nate brings their way. and according to the latest advisory from the national hurricane center tonight, 3-6 inches of rain is forecast and with isolated spots of a foot or so. some of the coastal areas could see a storm surge of 4-8 feet, which is why these sandbagging operations going on at this fire
1:25 am
station in northern new orleans will be going on around the clock. so nate arrives tomorrow. bret? >> bret: casey stegall live in the big easy. vice president mike prince offering words of encouragement to residents during a visit to hurricane that stated puerto rico this afternoon. right now, fewer than one in eight puerto ricans have electricity and only about half the island has water. while they worked to rebuild, there is a very real threat remaining tonight. senior correspondent mike tobin reports. >> vice president mike prince said he was impressed by the resilience of the victims of hurricane maria, touring the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. he carried a message that the mainland is with them until the recovery is complete. >> on the president's behalf, i say to you we will be here for the long haul. >> the greatest threat on the island remains of what the half of -- the spillway function as it should, but it hadn't handled
1:26 am
before. >> volume of water was so fast. the spillway itself had some structural issues and it undermined and ripped out the bottom half of the spillway. if >> if the loose soil erodes that the bottom of the dam, it could cause catastrophic flooding below. u.s. marines are working with navy pilots to ch-53 naval helicopters. >> it's a pretty cool experienc experience. glad to be out here to help. >> in the end, it's not a sophisticated solution. they are turning those into a big pile of rocks. but the problem is so big, they've got more than 200 areas in the pile and it's not enough. they need to keep adding to the pile before it rains again. >> this continues to erode back, these concrete pieces you will see behind us will fall away. and it could lead to failure of the dam behind there. >> remote towns in the island are still unreachable by truck. tactical helicopter unit of the fbi's only hostage rescue team
1:27 am
volunteered to change missions and deliver food, water, medicine to puerto ricans trapped. most still exist without power. many collect water from underground streams for the basics of life. >> how long have you been without water? >> here in puerto rico, pence was asked if -- pence responded there would always be a public debate and they would be no short of options. bret question mike back to you >> bret: thanks. two names can be blamed for the loss of 32,000 jobs in september. harvey and irma. those two hurricanes closed thousands of businesses in texas and florida and forced widespread evacuations. it marked the first monthly hiring drop in nearly seven years. certainly isn't all bad news in that report today. the and implement rate fell to 4.2%. at the level since 2001. a sign that the job market
1:28 am
remains solid. stocks ended the week mostly lower. the dow is nearly down 2. the s&p 500 was off 3. the nasdaq was up 5. before that week, the dow was up more than 1.5%. the s&p 500 was also a more than a point. the nasdaq closed out the week 1.5 i had to up, whatever happened to the zika virus, and the fear that surrounded
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>> bret: the "whatever happened to" there is continuing. last year, people in southern florida word focusing on hurricanes or tropical storms. the main fear and talked about all the time was from a tiny mosquito and the virus and carried with the power to cause permanent damage to unborn babies. we had a number of viewers to
1:32 am
write in to ask, "whatever happened to zika?" correspondent feel phil keating talks about how much has changed in the year. >> it all started in lynnwood, miami's hip and rd 19 , where the -- first active transmission zika zone. that was the summer of 2016, when the pandemic exploded throughout latin america and eventually into the u.s. with devastating impacts on newborn babies. >> it was a very scary time. >> how alarming was this? >> it was very alarming. at that time, we were still learning about the zika virus and its impact on pregnant women. >> dr. henry locke reported more than 5,000 zika infections domestically, mostly travel related. this summer, the zika virus seemingly disappeared. fewer than 3,000 300 this yearh
1:33 am
one locally transmitted case in rural texas. >> i think communities are learning that these things that are an expected are becoming the expected. you have to be resilient. you need to have a plan in place. thank god, miami beach, were able to have a plan in place. >> the plan was multilayered. miami-dade county ramped up mosquito control, spraying insecticide to kill the mosquitoes and their lar vibe. the rest of the plan was education and awareness. every resident was advised to get rid of the standing water on their property. the use of bug spray was heavily promoted. >> we've got to keep fighting this. we are not going to have less mosquitoes. >> the zika virus, spread by mosquitoes, causes mild flu-like system, fever, rash, joint pain, red eyes. according to the cdc, zika can also cause the light from long deflect microcephaly, were babies born to mothers infected with zika while pregnant come
1:34 am
out of the womb with smaller, underdeveloped brains. roughly 10% of the pregnant women with zika last year had babies born with microcephaly or brain abnormalities. in the u.s., that was 24 out of 250 born. at one point, the cdc advised all pregnant women not to travel to miami-dade county. miami beach mayor philip levine rushed in the battle to fight the bite on the ground and from the air. >> it was horrible. it was horrible for the beach. the other areas of miami-dade county. >> that was then. this is now. >> everybody expected this is going to be an every summer event for the near future, so what happened to zika? >> once you are infected, we believe you are immune. you cannot get infected again. because so many people were infected all across latin america and the u.s. territories and mexico as well, the cases just dropped off a cliff. >> bret: the cdc closed its operations center for his zika
1:35 am
this week and the travel advisory for present women coming here is also gone. the vaccine is in development that shows early promise. until one is available for the public, the zika threat will never be gone for good. bret? >> bret: phil keating in miami. if you have a "whatever happened to" suggestion, drop us an email, facebook, or a tweet. rolling back a major obamacare mandate, our all-star panel weighs in on the controversial move next. plus the calm before the storm statement. first, beyond our borders. a fourth u.s. army soldier is dead following a ambush this week in niger. the soldier was hope feared held hostage, but there was no sign that this soldier was kidnapped or tortured. we know the three names of the u.s. special forces also killed in that attack. staff sergeant brian black, jeremiah johnson, and dustin wright all died from wounds in that ambush. all three soldiers were assigned
1:36 am
to the third special forces group at fort bragg. the attack is under investigation print companies in spain are moving out of barcelona as spain grapples with the move about catalonia's government to declare independence from the country. half a dozen listed companies including lighted a similar move. regional separatists have pledged to declare independence next week regardless of spain's constitution. iraq's prime minister's as iraqi forces have driven isis out of the extremist opossum's last strongholds in that country. the victory by iraq and kurdish forces in the town comes as baghdad and iraq's kurdish region remained deadlocked over a controversial kurdish independence referendum. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> you'll find out. >> let's go, guys. thank you. >> we are never going to say in advance what the president is going to do. as he said last night, in addition to those comments, you are going to have to wait and see. i think even take the president talking about protecting the american people always assume the serious. >> bret: standing with his military brass, the president saying this is the calm before the store. and then pressed numerous times, "what did you really mean?" you heard, we will see. you heard him there. and the press secretary bombarded with questions with reporters trying to find out what the storm is. let's bring in our panel and start there.
1:41 am
charlie heard, opinion editor for "the washington times," charles lane, and jason riley, senior fellow of the manhattan institute, also author of the book "false black power." jason, let's start with you. thoughts on this and what it means in the big picture? >> we don't know. we know president trump enjoys poking fun at the press. he was joking, in some way? >> bret: trolling? >> though, i think the press woman sarah huckabee sanders made it seem this was some reference to something military. he has said in the past, "i like to keep my cards." is he talking about the certification of the nuclear deal with iran? is he talking about action in north korea? there is so much going on in so many parts of the world. >> bret: we've talked about it many times, chuck, how sometimes he does talk like this in speeches and it's almost like coming up next week on
1:42 am
"the apprentice," x, y, z. it does sound like that entity's format, but you are talking about potential military action here. it's interesting to hear. >> yes, "interesting." it's exactly right. the president loves to stir the pot. he loves... he says it over and over again in different contexts, "wait and see." "we will deal with that in a few days." "we will have summing for you soon." he likes to create suspense and drama for himself and whatever he's doing. one might argue it's a little irresponsible to do that in the context of the use of force of the united states of america, especially when these crises out there everybody's worried about north korea and at least potentially the iran situation. of the rhetorical, i guess people were more concerned he had something up his sleeve about north korea, although even there, the crisis seems to be abating recently. so again, i don't put a whole lot of stock in it. i think it's the kind of thing he wings all the time. it's true, what came to the
1:43 am
podium today from sanders was, seemingly, confirmation that something was up. my bottom line? the president shouldn't talk this way because he shouldn't gratuitously create this kind of uncertainty. >> bret: yet there are people who look at how he handles foreign policy and say because he's so unpredictable, because he has said what he has said, it has changed the dynamic in a number of different places. >> and i think that's the key to it, the imputed ability -- the unpredicted ability. some people think it's irresponsible. it's certainly unorthodox. it's very effective in terms of causing adversaries around the world to be worried about this guy. they are not sure what to take seriously or what not to take seriously and people in this country not sure at what to take seriously and what not to take seriously from the president. i think when you are dealing with an intractable, insane situation like we are in north korea that -- i think they can be a very effective tactic.
1:44 am
>> bret: meantime, the other news today, the change in the contraceptive exemption when it comes to obamacare. check this. >> the president believes that the freedom to practice is up in the middle right in this country. i think all of us do. after all that today was about, the federal government should always protect that right. and as long as donald trump's president, he will. >> we are ending the attacks on your religious liberty and we are probably reaffirming that america's leadership role as a nation that protects religious freedom for everyone. [applause] >> bret: we forecasted this move back earlier in may, jason. but the hhs putting out a statement, no person should violate his or her conscience in order to abide by the law. today's actions affirmed that the trauma ministrations commitment to upholding the freedoms afforded all americans under the contest.
1:45 am
thoughts? >> the planned parenthood left is trying to make this into an economic issue. i'm not sure the argument holds water. even without insurance, contraceptives are not that expensive. i think trump's right to do this on freedom of religious grounds. other voters that supported him -- i think it's the right thing to do, because for obama... for the obama administration, this wasn't about getting, um, um, um -- contraception to women. it was in forcing employers of faith, organizations of faith to bend to his will. he was not going to make an exemption for them. that's government bullying. i think trump's right to put in end to it. >> bret: the reason he could do this is because it wasn't in the obamacare law. it was an hhs regulation that could be rolled back. >> yes. he's fulfilling a campaign promise to the one group in the
1:46 am
republican base, religious conservatives, who had been the most unequivocally supportive of donald trump through thick and thin. there is no surprise there. but i think it's going to be a dilemma down the road politically because this contraceptive mandate is broadly popular with the rest of the electorate. i was looking at some poll data on it today. marist has a pull out today that says 67% of all publicans repeat republicans approved. it's a pet because not only of the republicans, but a slice of the republicans. >> that's the problem with obamacare. now every little health issues segmented down to things that are important to specific groups of people are now a public matter of political debate. for those of us who don't like obamacare, don't want obamacare, and feel like obamacare is going to fail ultimately, this is... i, i -- we don't want the government to do anything with
1:47 am
this stuff. you have the situation where you have people who are convinced that contraception, for example, is a guaranteed right from the government. >> bret: next up, the friday >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round
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vehicle i think that's a decision for those individuals to make whether or not that is money they want to take. that's up to them. that's certainly not a decision for us to make. >> a long, detailed allegations of harassment against harvey weinstein. source saying that he will be suspended from his company pending investigation that
1:51 am
sexual harassment claims. there's a lot. you can see a list here. hillary for america, hillary victory fund, the dnc tweeted out today they will donate $30,000 in weinstein cash to emily's list. jonathan martin, a democrat not in position to retweet jumps out at skin, quit and think of a way to make a bad situation worse, but the dnc figured it out. back with the panel. charlie? >> yeah. it's... i thought his response to all of this was pretty amazing. it's proof they would literally politicize anything. he goes through a statement -- it seems to be both apologizing and admitting everything while at the same time saying that the story was all wrong. but then pivoted and turned the whole thing on an attack on wayne lapierre and the nra trying to politicize both his scandal and the shooting in los angeles.
1:52 am
it's pretty disgusting. >> and the swipe at president trump also jumped out at me. i mean... people believe president trump deserves to be criticized for his personal behavior. but this guy? [laughs] if these allegations are true, the past 20 years of weinstein's life has been one strong comic long trump access hollywood video. it's hypocritical of them. >> bret: let's turn to this story which is bowe bergdahl. looks like he's going to plead guilty to avoid trial. he's obviously the one who was traded for the taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay. chuck, what about this? >> there's a lot we still don't know about how this apparent plea-bargain, if it's going to happen, how it all went down. one of the things that strikes me interesting about it is the bergdahl legal team had been attempting to get this trial overturned or some way limited because of undue influence from
1:53 am
the president who, during the campaign, though not yet president, during the campaign who had called for bergdahl essentially to be executed and said there were things very prejudicial to him. apparently, that argument has not panned out and they will try to limit his prison sentence. my own opinion is i think they should be merciful with bowe bergdahl. i think his behavior obviously was very wrong. but i think there were a lot of me to getting circumstances involving his mental health and the fact he did suffer horrifically under the taliban. i hope that justice will be tempered with mercy in this case. >> bret: obviously, there are people who they believe died searching for him. >> i understand. >> bret: let's do winners and losers quickly down the road. >> the winners, first responders, cops, regular people who risked their lives in vegas in order to save other people's lives. it was a reminder of the immense decency in this world amid
1:54 am
unspeakable, uh, uh, evil. losers is -- generating women, saying they sold out their gender by voting for donald trump. and then falsely claiming that the republican party is all white men. >> my winter this week, it's hard to find any good news of this atlantic. this is really good news. my winner are the separatist and catalonia. a majority of people in catalonia don't want it, but spain, ham handedly handling the referendum, helped the catalonian separatists. my loser, british prime minister also on the other side of the pond, theresa may, who was trying to reboot her prime minister ship and gave a speech in which she spent a lot of time coughing and the sign behind her was falling down. >> bret: just not good optics. winner or loser, real quick? >> house republicans took a step
1:55 am
toward tax reform by passing a budget resolution. my loser is the anti-gun left which once again is trying to use a tragedy to advance a political agenda. i predict, as before, the american people will tell them to go stuff it. >> bret: all right. we were hoping that the washington nationals are the winner, sorry, cubs fans. it's that time. notable quotables to wrap
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tonight another emotional week. many paid their respects to the las vegas and the hurricane maria victims. those in washington looked at what is next for the country. this week's notable quotables. >> for that to define what las vegas is, i don't think will happen. i know there is a seat waiting for him in hell. >> just hopped on my friend to make sure everyone was okay. >> everyone i saw breathing, i
1:59 am
helped, man. >> we call upon the bonds that unite us, our faith, family and shared values. >> when i say i do not know, i may know. >> everybody stay down. >> it's my experience that criminals obey gun laws like politicians keep promises. >> if this majority obviously that a bump stock prohibition is enough, they have been smoking something. >> the issue of collusion is still open. >> it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. >> funny car to see a mail talk about talk about yogurt. >> puerto rico you are throwing our budget ought of whack.
2:00 am
>> one week. that's it. "the story with martha maccallum" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> ♪ now. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." the investigation into the las vegas gunman stephen paddock. authorities don't know what led him to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in american history. the sheriff department ruled out the possibility of a second gunman. they are still working to determine if he was in contact with other people before the shooting and if those people knew about what was going on happen. the sheriff's department said they have not found to date any evidence that the shooter was radicalized or connected to isis. he did travel overseas and the ap is reporting that he brought


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