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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

9:00 am we are back next sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. eric: hurricane nate packing a 1-2 punch as it makes landfall not once, but twice. louisiana, then mississippi. nate is the first hurricane to make landfall in the state since katrina in 2005. high winds knock out power for tens of thousands of people at this hour. the storm surge flooding streets and neighborhoods. it's a familiar scene that repeats once again. i'm eric shawn, this is america's news headquarters. arthel: nate is downgrade to a tropical storm as it moves inland after becoming the fourth
9:01 am
hurricane to slam the united states in the last six weeks. it may not have been as intense as earlier storms, but people along the gulf coast are facing a major cleanup effort. phil keating is live with the latest. reporter: the hard wok hotel was two days away from opening when katrina hit, and it delayed its opening by two years. orange bags of degree, work were are all over the place. the parking garage over there, several feet, up to six feet under water last night from the storm surge. take a look at the video. cars were half buried if not 2/3 of the way buried. inside the golden nugget hotel and garage, according to the
9:02 am
emergency operations director. about 8 feet of water came into the parking garage and a walkway entrance leading into the casino. we don't have any reports that the casino sustained water damage. as the eyewall was really starting to slam into and pummel the mississippi coastline, the rain was horizontal. the wind was howling, and the raindrops flying through the air. the eye going across, and the center of the storm for a second landfall. 12:30 a.m. 12:30 a.m. this morning. the storm surge was significant, about 6 feet pushed all that water, sand and sea debris up on
9:03 am
to the highway. as of right now there are many parts of that coastal stretch that goes east, west right along the coastline which are impassable. many trucks, bulldozers, back hose opening it up, trying to get it cleaned up to get traffic moving. the casinos, there are 12 of them in southern ms. mississippi. the mississippi gambling commission closed them all because of the approaching hurricane nate which people were beginning to suspect might make landfall as a category 2. but still that's what was slamming into the shoreline. and the rain continued even further in coastal alabama which is still dealing with massive flooding. a lot of cars under water and there were some needed rescues this morning.
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arthel: having nose casinos closed on a sunday and along a holiday weekend, they were going to stand to lose some money. phil keating. >> they think they will do it pretty soon. eric: tropical storm nate may be losing some of its punch this sunday, but people in the deep south are facing strong winds, heavy rain and flooding expected. adam klotz is in the extreme weather center. adam: folks in the southeast today dealing with winds up to 35 miles per hour, enough to take down a couple of trees and at times very strong rain stoarmts moving across the area. there is the low pressure system moving across the southeast. currently in alabama winds are at 35 miles an hour. north-northeast at 24 miles an hour.
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if you are in a spot where you are seeing this, it will move on pretty quick. we'll be running up into poargtss of eastern tennessee. so a fast moving storm nonetheless. this our center of circulation. this our low pressure system. eventually affecting folks in the mid-atlantic. that's only going to take you until monday and tuesday. it's moving across the whole country at a quick clip. they are currently 24 miles an hour. you can put this into motion. you see kinds of that main line of heavy showers moving across the appalachian the. getting into d.c. monday before tracking its way out. right now there is still a lot of the moisture in this, and that does still indicate there is some flash flood potential out there. so we have advisories stretching
9:06 am
from eastern alabama up close to the metro. >> bathe -- to the metro atlanta area. we could have some flooding over the course of the next day. as far as total rainfall goes, there will be areas where i show you these deeper reds, it's 4-6 inches of rain. you see rain for a. wider area. this system will affect a lot of folks here. it's this line right here we are waying close attention somewhere we can see flooding and winds getting up to 30-35 miles an hour. arthel: we turn to las vegas and a search for a motive one week ago tonight. some investigators reportedly believe an undiagnosed mental illness may have played a role in stephen paddock opening fire
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on concert-goers from the 31nd floor of a hotel. this last vice president mike pence traveled to las vegas top offer mope. >> no act of violence will ever diminish the strength and goodness of the american people. arthel: will carr is there with the latest on this investigation. reporter: authorities say paddock left a note on his night stand. there were calculations so he could maximize his accuracy as he was shooting down on the crowd. they are posting billboards across las vegas. also we are learning more about paddock and his girlfriend march lou danley. both had frekd the hotel over
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the years -- that frequented the hotel over the years. >> no one who ever worked here ever saw the gentleman or the lady take a drink of wine, beer or alcohol of any kind. a lot of people don't drink. but considering their frequency of all the restaurants and their behavior of normal tourists, they never ever dank any liquor. the. reporter: you will see this complex next to me. throughout the course of the morning we have seen people sanitizing this complex. several of the victims -- we are 500 yard from the concert venue. several of the victims were dragged here to get them to safety. eric: we mentioned vice
9:09 am
president mike pence, he had a solemn and emotional visit to las vegas yesterday. during his remarks he took a moment to recognize the heroes on the track is night last week. >> we find hope in the every day americans who heroic actions in the face of unspeakable evil inspired the nation. among the heroes, a mom who shield her 4-year-old daughter with her own body. a father who helped guide others to safety even though he had been shot not once, but twice. an off-duty firefighter who told his wife she had to run, but he had to stay to help those in need. and an army veteran who rushed to the scene to find his girlfriend and her mom and ended up carrying the wound off the field. these were everyday americans. eric: remarkable stories of the
9:10 am
american spirit. for more let's bring in the lieutenant governor of nevada, mark hutchinson. first off, is there anything significant that you can show that authority may be learning about paddock and why he committed this carnage? >> we continue to comb through he aspect of this life. investigators are working hard. we followed up on over a thousand leads. we have over 100 investigators on this matter. we continue to look at every possible piece of evidence or any lead we possibly can. what we asked for is the public's help. if anyone knows anything about the shooter, we are asking that they contact the metropolitan police department or the fbi and we engaged in an information campaign. that's the most of helpful thing we can do at this point.
9:11 am
eric: there is talk of an undiagnosed mental illness. any revelations about that? >> just rational human beings don't do what we saw sunday night. this an action of an absolute evil depraved individual. we continue to look hard for any motives. we continue to do so until we have all the information that's possible. >> as the "new york times" reports. march lou danley said he had a deteriorating mental and physical situation. something she said was making him deteriorate. and him having an apparent secret life buying all these weapons all these years. >> those are the leads we are following up on. that for us some of the information we are asking the public for. there may be friend or
9:12 am
individual associated with him. people in the past who can shed some light on what happened here. but we are looking at all those leads and all those pieces of information. eric are also was prescribed valium, an anti-anxiety medication. the indications could that have been a triggering event that potentially contributed to this? >> a situation like what we are looking at now with this kind of investigation, investigators will be able to get access to all that information to interview doctors and look at medical record and look at what happened in this killers life that would cause him to do some heinous acts. i know we are all look for answers. it's only been about a week. this killer fit a typical
9:13 am
profile. and we didn't have a suicide note or much of a presence on social media. we know of no one that he alerted this event to or what he planned to do. we continue to comb through those records and interview as many people as we possibly can. eric: he didn't have a social media footprint. he's in his 0s and he's not the millenial generation. but there is nothing here. practically, at least that's what's publicly being reported. >> that's part of the channel the investigators have. part of the challenge law enforcement has. there aren't any traditional signs of a massive killing that's about to take place or a killer who want to common kate his motives or reasons for doing so. -- i could not be more zooms
9:14 am
proud of joe lombardo and the las vegas police department and the fbi. couldn't be more proud of our first responders and medical personnel and the americans who helped each other through a terrible night and showed the true spirit of what it means to be an american. eric: we are coming up to a week. your thoughts as you stand there this sunday. the heroics and the selflessness. the worst of mankind and also some of the best. >> this is my hometown. i was born and raised in las vegas. i raised six children here. what we saw sunday night was our darkest day. but we also saw our finest hours. the response we saw in ordinary americans and medical personnel and the people at that concert. the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who shielded each other who blessed the lives and saved the lives of so many individual. it's in the highest and best
9:15 am
traditions of americans. and i couldn't be more proud of my city, nye my state, and my country. eric: we are with you and the people of las vegas. >> i want to thank you, i want to thank everyone across the world, the american people for the comfort and love and prayers they provided to this city. when felt it and the victims felt it and so did their families. arthel: the prayers will continue for sure. meanwhile, the with it house needs to fill some key cabinet level vacancies. how long could it take to find new secretaries for homeland security and health and human services? it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate.
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9:20 am
chief of staff. the chief congressional correspondent for the examiner. the trump administration is not only one who has trouble filling vacancies. in this case is there a certain group that's worried? and what's causing their concerns? >> you are right. trump's predecessor had difficulty filling vacancies and wasn't able to get his cabinet staffed up to the same degree and speed as his two predecessors. but what's different is we have homeland security and health and human services, two cabinets who lack secretaries. it's critical, especially with health and human services. the healthcare law is in trouble with spiraling costs. and a collapse of these individual market places. so you need someone in there to
9:21 am
help steer this thing to the point where people won't be left without health insurance. it's not a good cabinet to have vacant. homeland security, that's border security. all these things are critical. it's unsettling that those two are vacant at this point in time. there doesn't seem to be anyone on deck to fill either position. arthel: does president trump see those vacancies as a problem in terms of his ability to run his country? >> it's hard to say. you have got the senate that's going to slow walk everything because democrats want to slow down the trump administration. that's been going on since january. that's not going to change either. but an antagonistic relationship between president trump and his cabinet. he's willing to engage on twitter in a way some cabinet officials find frustrating.
9:22 am
and the way he's dealing with north korea. arthel: when you talk about the pool of candidates for those spots, health and human services and homeland security. what is the talk on that? whoever gets those jobs, will they feel they have power and authority over their respect tough departments? >> this is coming out in anonymously sourced articles. we are hearing reporting of frustration at the cabinet level. and it leaves you have wondering how hard it might be to attract someone to those jobs. that's been part of the job. >> the former homeland security secretary-general john kelly as you well know, are aware general kelly was named white house chief of staff in july. and secretary kelly was seen as the great hope who can get
9:23 am
president trump on track and focus. not necessarily proving to be the case yet. is the there anyone who can prompt president trump to prioritize these appointments? >> this morning the omb director mulvaney said he thinks things are getting more organized in the white house than they were. but there is a lot of vetting and resume sorting done before the president took office. yet still, nothing has been acted upon in many instances. and for his base, it's not a big deal. trump is an anti-government kind of guy. the practicality is these people are necessary to get agenda in place that he has promised and to keep the government functioning smoothly. and that's critical. in a practical sense he will get the major positions filled and
9:24 am
get the ball rolling on it. but they won't see results. arthel: will the president be needing to find a new secretary of state come the top of the year? >> tillerson sounded passionate about wanting to remain in place at the pleasure of the president. it sounds like he's tonight to stay, at least for now. based on some of the things we have seen about comments tillerson made about the president and the president being unhappy about that leaves you to wonder if they can survive tension that's being reported. eric: president trump warning that quote only one thing will work with kim jong-un. what do you think that is? he did not say what that one thing is. but john bolton is here to analyze the president's mess took the north korean dictator. he's 72 years old.
9:25 am
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arthel: one week ago today, the las vegas massacre reigniting the gun control debate on capitol hill and thoughts may be that rare subject. more now from garrett. reporter: a week ago must have heard and i guess most of congress agreed that he needs to be done about these devices. however, there is still disagreement over what needs to be done. of course what allowed him to turn them into fully automatic machine guns. republicans are pushing vapor of
9:30 am
alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to change regulations which allows devices to be sold. democrats such as diane feinstein argue simply changing regulations doesn't go far enough. >> regulations aren't going to do it. we need a law. it can't be changed by another president. i hope that americans will step up and say enough is enough. congress, do something. >> some republicans have suggested they are open to legislation that would make bump stock illegal. many such as minority leader cross web steve scalise to push additional gun measures that one actually fix the problems of mass shootings. >> a week ago most people did not come a few people, but most people didn't know what a bump stock was. i too think they are not experts and know how to write some panacea law is fallacy.
9:31 am
>> democratic leaders such as nancy pelosi are again pushing for universal background checks issues and very opens and she hopes bump stock will be the first step in a slippery slope towards more gun-control. eric: as north korea prepares a reported missile that one lawmaker claims to hit the west coast of our country. president trump is not backing down. cryptic reminders of what kim jong un good faith. yesterday he treated quote the president said their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. the agreements made in massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. the agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. for more on what that one thing has one thing is, we're joined by ambassador john bolton to the united nations, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute, chairman of the gates
9:32 am
don't institute here in new york. ambassador, the term only one thing. is this dangerous in a responsible as critics claim her as a reminder of what can jong un could face? >> i don't think the language has any effect in calculations. people know the president treats them as a way to hear from him unmediated by the press. but the fact is his central point is that three prior administrations over 25 year. i've tried the state department's favored approach a mixture of carrots and sticks and disincentives to try and stop the north korean and assailed for 25 years. susan rice, admitted this a few weeks ago. an op-ed in "the new york times." don't keep talking north korea at this point will have any impact is real.
9:33 am
there are other options out there which when the president was referring to. there is at least one democrat area, and when diplomatic option last and we talked about negotiating with china to reunite the korean peninsula. maybe that's what he was referring to. >> you think there's any possibility of that? kim jong marilou danley has established into north korea. >> look on the chinese come is certainly younger chinese leaders increasingly appreciate carrying around this ugly piece of baggage called north korea a doesn't benefit china, that the existence of the north korean regime is not an effective buffer against the united states and it is continuing nuclear weapons program poses risks for china for example if japan says we are not going to depend on the u.s. nuclear umbrella. we are going to get her own nuclear capability. that's a direct threat to china. there is a way to talk to the
9:34 am
chinese. i think there is a deal i could describe the parameters again, but the point is if you want to try diplomatic option, don't waste your time talking to the kim family airship era talk to people in beijing. >> what type of deal specifically do you recommend? >> reeducation can come in the following way. cheney's fear if north korea were to collapse for example after u.s. military strike against the nuclear program. the first thing they fear massacres of north korean refugees. we can do without because of the regime collapsed the south koreans would fear their own flow of north korean refugees. the constructively deal with that. the other thing the chinese don't want more than anything else as american troops on their border with north korea. we don't want to be along those rivers anymore than we want to be deployed. we want american forces in korea at the tip of the peninsula to
9:35 am
the rapidly deployable elsewhere in asia. there is a deal with china. it's not anything negotiation we started long ago. for those who think the military option is unimaginable, this is the most likely diplomatic solution. people can dismiss it if they want, but it only constrains what is available, which is increasingly looking at military force to use against the north's program. >> of course there's military force there were predictions of mass overwhelming casualties beyond comprehension. >> nobody wants to use military force, but here's the question question the president of the united states has to answer. are we prepared to live forever with north korea having nuclear weapons? will americans be under that threat as far as the eye can see? i find that unacceptable. there's substantial things that can be done to mitigate the effect on south korea. we should spend every effort to that effect. the president is responsible for
9:36 am
protecting americans. >> train to the russian lawmakers that they are showing a calculations could reach the u.s. mainland of the west coast. it the anniversary and the founding. what do we do not this fire, but potentially thus far in shows they do have the capability. >> north korea did have a missile capable of hitting some part of united date perhaps even further than just the whites does. they showed these calculations. the ballistic missile experts have been hoping that their program over the years in any case and this is the kind of propaganda that north korea used effectively in the past to back america away from taking a strong position.
9:37 am
they succeed at the mention rice a moment ago is prepared to accept north korea with nuclear weapons. they are willing to accept iran with nuclear weapons. >> russia and iran besides apparently helping the north koreans. we shall see what happens on tuesday, october 10th. ambassador john bolton, as always thank you for analysis. arthel: a vietnam veteran is coming out for my retirement is on truffle served his country taught himself the art of glass carving. the two-time purple heart recipient would later give his first-class presidential seal to president ronald reagan. now he's hoping to honor the current commander-in-chief. branyan is his live with more in this story. >> jonker rosler says he viewed and the moment he announced his campaign despite health issues to create a gift for a man that's driven home.
9:38 am
>> he woke something in me. he's for the people. >> judge. >> charger rustle. >> charger rustle of leaves and president trump so much so he created this glass and bronze presidential seal of the united states as a gift for the president. >> i love the country and the people in the president. >> be gifted to for president george w. bush and president ronald reagan. >> after 24 years he was inspired to make his best feel yet for trump. >> i hope her head in it and for the country. >> curving glass and bronze can take months of painstaking work. it darts at the drive-in tends with him suit up in curbing his
9:39 am
ire. >> one little mistake the pieces gone. >> is used to working under pressure. the vietnam war veteran served under that nation's first navy seal team. he was awarded two purple hearts. >> your hero. >> i don't like to hear that. >> what i'd like to hear? >> the heroes are the ones who didn't come home. reporter: the seal is a reminder of how great america is. honor is what you stand for. >> thousands of letters and offers a gift every year. it's now waiting game. he sent a letter to the white house in september and is hoping president trump will set the seal. i arthel. arthel: i bet he will accept that seal. eric: fantastic good hats off to him. a new phase in the battle to try and repeal and replace about the care.
9:40 am
president trump babies up for a temporary deal. you think that will pass muster with congressional republicans? we will have that story still ahead. [burker] at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-ooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you. [mascot] i'm cool. i'm cool. [burke] that's one way to fire up the crowd. but we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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arthel: president trump even have been suffered to a campaign promise to repeal to face obamacare. he's now willing to pursue a temporary deal to get a new health care plan in place. in the south on the president referred to an earlier deal to send money to states that seem to be gaining traction. >> we made a temporary deal that would be great for people. it's really up to them. obamacare is a disaster. it's exploding like i said it would. basically if we do a one year deal or two year deal with a
9:45 am
temporary measure, you'll have a lot grand opening to the states which is what the republicans want. that really is repeal and replace. arthel: let's talk about what this republican congressman of north carolina. a member of the house committee for natural services. thanks for being here with us. i understand you fought hard for graham cassidy. listen, even president obama agreed it's a temporary health care plan. is it a good idea for congressmen, might it cause more confusion than upset the health care if you will even further? >> sure. i was at the president last night and he was very clear on repeal and replace. he understands what the democrats ultimately want a single-payer, which would be a colossal failure again from what we've seen in how the government manages anything.
9:46 am
the va, the welfare system. the government system does not manage well. the president, to his credit is speaking about a transitional period. he sees the need to shore up health care for the american people today, but ultimately the american people don't want the single-payer system proposed by bernie sanders and schumer and nancy pelosi. this is clearly not going to work. >> you are saying that a temporary deal, a transitional deal is a good idea. what three major points would you want included two states -- go ahead, sir. >> only arthel if there was a transition into a market-driven system. the american people don't want the government choosing the health care for them. we have seen that. it drives up premiums. it drives up up deductibles. north carolina loaner programs have gone up 176%.
9:47 am
we only have one provider. what create real cost-effective health care is the dynamics of open and free market. we need to do that and frankly that is what the house passed. unfortunately, the senate didn't have enough to get that done. but frankly, there's a lot of pressure being put on senators for the failure to undo obamacare and provide good quality opportunities for health care to the american people. eric: again, everybody can be obamacare needs fixing. even congressmen if the president can guard or buy support to a temporary health care plan in place and if this feels rushed, is it fair to ask if president trump endgame is more about better health care for the people are satisfying a campaign promise to his base. >> the president understands we need to fix the problem. promises were made because there is problems in the system.
9:48 am
the president will want to fulfill that commitment of repeal and replace because it the smart thing to do. that was what will create quality health care for the american people. look, what is happening with how the governor has managed health care, we have 80 separate welfare programs that cost about a trillion dollars annually. it's a colossal failure. we look at the va system. we have 400 to 500 people in my office, veterans we assisted any given time. they do not manage well with the socialists won as one payer systems the government manages. now, we want to relegate this back to the states, give freedom and choice to the american people. arthel: congressman, i'm running out of time, but quickly do you feel if we put the power back into the individuals they come i
9:49 am
do feel some states will be in the short of that deal? >> now, it will be very driven out they are in way that is fair. it isn't fair today in terms the per capita amount of money that given, for example, for medicaid and needs to be given on a per capita basis. some states have far more medicaid funding was much less population. the wii will do a fair system, but what the president is driving towards and i compliment him with great leadership in terms of making sure that we repeal and replace the so we provide a market-driven health care system that will drive prices down to competition. arthel: have to leave it there. congressman pittenger, former -- hello long longhorn i should say. eric: arthel, more than nine months since an airline passenger shot and killed five
9:50 am
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9:54 am
people in barcelona -- are protesting in spain. some are calling for the catalan president to be sent to jail over the independence referendum. john huddy live in barcelona which is considered the capital of the area. john. reporter: it was a massive demonstration today. some people are still marching from a drug spanish flag. a guy pulled up here with we are the champions by queen. this is a chance for the other side, those who are opposed. there you go. independent catalonian. they spoke out, they marched the streets of barcelona. it was a peaceful demonstration in protest, but definitely an emotional and passionate one. we spoke of a number of people including 80 throughout momentum
9:55 am
was on the verge of tears. she said if an independent declaration happens by the parliament, it would tear the country, tear the fabric of the country apart. others agreed saying it would be illegal and also there were chants for the catalonian president to resign. not necessarily calling for him to be jailed. we definitely have heard that. they're expected to address the parliament pontoons they come erasing the question that the parliament will be deemed illegal by the spanish high court tomorrow and declare its independence day. that could have been. if it does on tuesday. the big question is if indeed it does, spanish prime minister said that would be illegal and they have the authority to take control here in northeastern spain and possibly even in article clv of the country's
9:56 am
constitution allowing for spain to do so. while there's some uncertainty going into tomorrow, one thing is for sure. this remains passionate, spirited, but definitely in historic debate. arthel: absolutely, john huddy. there live in barcelona. eric: back here at home, president trump facing a fast approaching deadline on whether to decertify the iranian nuclear deal. will he walk away from it and will congress support them? real meat number one. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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arthel: that does it for us. we will be back at 4:00 eastern eric: we'll be back at 6:00 eastern. spend your sunday with us if you can. have a great day. elizabeth: a war of words with 140 characters. president trump bickered dockworker of tennessee, calling them in negative boy standing in the way of the president's agenda. senator corker has come back swinging. leland: plus, tracking nate after make a landfall twice on the coast in the flooding in mississippi. elizabeth: awaiting a police briefing. we are live on the ground.


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