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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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leadership saying something that's not popular but necessary. paul: all right. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul guy president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un escalating their war of words in an ominous showdown. the president saying diplomacy has a long track record of failure in dealing with the kingdom and possibly hinting that the only option now left potentially could be military option. hello everyone i'm eric shawn. this is america's news headquarters. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president taking to twitter saying quote president and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the
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ink was dry making fool of the u.s. negotiators sorry but only one thing will work but not spelling out exactly what that one thing is. hours later kim jong-un stepping up his tough talk saying nuclear weapons are quote powerful deterrent which guarantees north korea's sovereignty. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house with all of this and perhaps can sort it out for us. hi, james. >> arthel, good afternoon. with that tweet of course the president further stoked speculation about a possible military conflict with north korea asked later what the one thing is that he was referring to, the president chose once again to remain cryptic. >> you will figure that out pretty soon. >> the president's tweet also appeared to undercut diplomatic efforts on north korea by secretary of state rex tillerson whom the president said was, quote, wasting his time. that drew criticism this morning from a democratic member of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i think the president should
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stop undermining the people in his administration. i think he should stop doing hurtful things to the country's national security, like telling the north koreans that there's no diplomatic path for them to give up nuclear weapons. >> the republican chair of foreign relations, bob corker, of tennessee, awakened this morning to a 7:00 a.m. twitter barrage from the president who perhaps provoked by recent criticism from corker allege that the chairman had quote unquote begged the president for an endorsement and opted not to seek reelection when he didn't get one. mr. trump adding quote didn't have the guts to run. it is a shame the chairman fired back on twitter an hour later the white house has become an adult daycare center, someone obviously missed their shift this morning. and corker's chief of staff added in a statement the president called senator corker on monday afternoon and asked him to reconsider his decision not to seek reelection. and reaffirmed that he would have endorsed him as he said many times. meantime vice president and mrs. pence were back in their home state to attend the 49ers
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game today. but they wound up leaving the stadium abruptly when a number of players on the san francisco team knelt to protest racism during the playing of the national anthem. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the vice president said in a statement afterward, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. mr. pence added i stand with president trump. i stand with our soldiers. and i will always stand for our flag and our national anthem unquote. so what appeared briefly like it might be -- between this white house and the nfl didn't come to pass quite as expected. arthel? arthel: maybe they should both sit down at the white house and have a conversation about what the issues are, the underlying issues and try to rectify it. >> a beer summit, if you will. >> i'm more that. james rosen, thank you. >> thank you. eric: there's some new developments in the las vegas massacre investigation. the associated press today reporting authorities found a
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note in the gunman's hotel room, believed to be a series of mathematical calculations that helped him shoot more precisely. the attack as you know killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more. vice president mike pence speaking there yesterday in an emotional and solemn visit to the site saying the city does not mourn alone. >> we are joined together in sadness shock and grief for the fallen, the injured and their families. those we lost were taken before their time. but their names and their stories will forever be etched into the hearts of the american people. >> and for the latest this afternoon, let's go to dan springer, who was live in las vegas. hi, dan. >> hi, eric, one full week after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history in the area where it happened behind me is still a taped off crime scene and still no word on a motive. in fact, police had a news conference earlier today and they would not take a single
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question on the investigation, where it is now, where it may be going, instead they talked about getting all the belongings left behind back to people. several truckloads have been taken to the family assistance center at the las vegas convention center, purses, cell phones, clothing, lawn chairs, thousands of items that are being catalogued and will be available in a couple of days for pickup. as for the investigation, more on the elaborate planning. police say the gunman calculated distance from the concert venue, length of drop from the 32nd floor at the mandalay bay hotel and the power of the rifles he was using and that told him where to aim to murder as many people as possible. the hotel is open today except for that 32nd floor. there aren't many guests inside and there are a lot of security guards throughout. police continue to dive into the past of 64-year-old stephen paddock. he was known of at many las vegas casinos, but he was completely unremarkable.
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>> he's been staying in las vegas since 06. so, you know, we're talking about 11 years with his girl friend or at least in recent years frequent visitor, once or twice a month to this hotel and others. the most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine, a modest gambler at least by our standards. >> and police tell me that the crime scene that you see behind me that's been taped off for a week now will remain up and active for at least another couple of days. eric? eric: all right, dan, in about five minutes we will be talking to retired las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton about the possible motivation. thanks. arthel? arthel: nate, the one time hurricane now downgraded to a tropical depression after making landfall twice along the gulf coast. the storm swamping roads and buildings and knocking out power for more than 100,000 residents. phil keating is live in
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mississippi near nate's second landfall. what's the latest there? >> hi, arthel. when hurricane nate raced ashore here yesterday it came in at such speed the national weather service determined it to be the fastest approaching hurricane to the gulf of mexico in recorded history, averaging 28 miles-an-hour. when it slammed at 12:30 a.m. into the coastline of mississippi, it brought in the storm surge of up to 4 feet of water through that marina and into the parking structure. that submerged cars halfway to two thirds of the way up, cars that had been obviously parked too close to the beach line. that water also went all the way across four lanes of traffic and u.s. highway 90, covering and closing much of that for today. and when the storm came in, the eyewall, the heavy howling and pummelling rain and winds really for about 9:00 p.m. to midnight along the coastline just
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hellacious at times, pounding waves, pounding slash, it was quite the hurricane -- pounding splash, it was quite the hurricane for a moment, but it was fast moving, fast in and fast out. this morning everybody woke up to a lot of debris, boats, sailboats, 35 feet long broke from their morings up along the side and along u.s. 90, multiple dump truck bulldozer and backhoe crews, and traffic detours turning a 20 minute drive into a 90 minute drive as they scooped up all of the sand and beach debris and all of the silt. getting back to normal, and for the most part, things are looking much more back to normal here in town. the hard rock hotel has the authority from the state gaming commission to open as soon as it's ready. that should really be happening in a couple of hours. they are already setting the black jack and poker cards up on top of the tables. and businesses down the street which had been closed yesterday afternoon just reopened about an hour ago.
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time to get businesses and tourists back here many of whom evacuated out of here saturday morning ending their columbus day weekend too early. arthel >> arthel: let's hope they can get back to normal soon. thanks, phil. dozens of counties from alabama all the way up to virginia now under a flood watch or a warning. let's get the latest from meteorologist adam klotz. he's been tracking the storm all weekend. what can we expect? >> this was a fast-moving storm, continues to be so. you're looking at the real bulk of this energy running up into northern georgia areas of tennessee and stretching farther to the north, still traveling at 24 miles-an-hour, the winds currently at 35 miles-an-hour, as this system continues to move off to the north and to the east. it is going -- it is moving fairly quickly. there's your low pressure system, it's been dry on the back side of this, will continue to be so, but there's your center of circulation. i will put that into motion for you. you see how quickly this happens. there are time tamps on that.
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-- there are time stamps on that. early monday morning, by the end of the day on monday, or very early on tuesday, already exited the entire continental united states heading back out to sea. this has been a quick-moving storm. that doesn't mean the threat is over because there are areas where you are getting 35, 40 miles-an-hour winds. on top of that some pretty good rainfall. future radar, a whole lot of activity stretching from north georgia the north georgia mountains all the way up into the ohio river valley including the cincinnati area. we will put this into motion for you. pay attention to the time stamp. you will look at waves of heavy rain. early tomorrow morning washington, d.c., eventually philadelphia, mid-atlantic getting into new york city will all get at least a round of heavy rain showers. for right now looking at flood watches and warnings stretching from north georgia up into the piedmont. that will be the area we will be paying attention to the next couple of hours. eric? eric: it will be a wet rest of the sunday and monday and tuesday. thanks. arthel: republicans are looking for a legislative win on tax reform, but the white house not
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taking its eye off healthcare. how president trump could put more pressure on democrats. and as we learn more about las vegas shooter stephen paddock, some say he was the last person they would expect. will police ever be able to figure out a motive? retired las vegas lieutenant randy sutton joins us next for that. as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is,
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eric: hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets of barcelona. barcelona is the capital of the region. the massive turnout coming one week after the government held a referendum on secession with the yes side winning over 90% of the vote. but spain's high court has ruled that referendum was illegal and police raided polling places last sunday in what's becoming the country's worst political crisis in a decade. arthel: and back to politics here at home, president trump is not giving up on his campaign promise to repeal and replace obama care. after the senate kept failing to pass a replacement bill, the president trying everything from executive orders to a possible
1:16 pm
deal with the democrats. meantime, g.o.p. lawmakers are working on a massive tax overhaul, hoping for a desperately needed legislative win. kristen fisher has more from washington. kristen? >> arthel, at the same time president trump is trying to cut a deal with democrats, he's also continuing to chip away at his predecessor's signature healthcare law. the latest example according to to the "wall street journal" is an executive order to be signed this week that would expand insurance option for americans who buy coverage on their own or work for a small employer. it would also direct federal agencies to explore ways to loosen regulations and potentially lower premiums. this comes just two days after the trump administration announced a new rule that would expand exemptions to the affordable care act's contraceptive mandate and one day after president trump announced that he'd reached out across the aisle again to senate minority leader schumer to try to cut a deal on a healthcare bill. he was asked about that call as he was leaving the white house
1:17 pm
yesterday. the president said he proposed a temporary deal, one that involved the federal government handing over money for healthcare directly to the state in the form of block grants >> so basically if we could do a one-year deal or a two-year deal, as a temporary measure, you will have block granting ultimately to the states which is what the republicans want. that really is a repeal and replace. >> there is a precedent for a bipartisan bill. who could forget the debt ceiling deal with chuck and nancy? but this morning on another sunday show republican senator ron johnson said he wasn't worried about it. >> if people really want to do a deal, they are going to have to come through republican house and republican senate. i have been talking to house members to try and get what we would require to fund what we all believe are collapsing markets under obama care. >> talk of a deal with dems on healthcare has unsettled some republicans on capitol hill and at a time when president trump really needs them if he wants to pass the largest tax cuts in
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u.s. history. arthel? arthel: thanks, kristen. this is a man who behaved rationally privately, a little introverted, liked to play video poker, but he was a rational man and yet he prepared over an extended period of time a totally irrational act -- irrational act. now this sounds like someone either totally demented a behavior which he never evidenced or someone who is sending a message. this is a plan. we don't know what that message is or if there is one, but this behavior according to my employees is as stunning as unexpected as anybody any of them have ever met. >> those of course chilling words from famed casino owner steve wynn. he says that some of his staff had known las vegas shooter stephen paddock for years but as you heard never saw any signs that he was capable of murder yet alone the carnage that unfolded last week as he was
1:19 pm
responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. this as police continue to search for an exact motive. they say they don't have one yet. randy sutton joins us, retired lieutenant with the las vegas metro police, host of blue lives radio. just heard steve wynn say either he was demented or sending a message, how do we find out which one or both? >> that's the $64,000 question, eric. the fact that this investigation is already almost a week old and we still don't have a motive, this might -- we might never find a motive. we have to be ready to accept that. as difficult as that is, now, we did find something else out very interesting, and that is that paddock had a pension for hiring prostitutes, and one of the prostitutes that was questioned by police indicated that he had
1:20 pm
violent rape fantasies and that he considered himself an evil man. now, that's pretty interesting. it's a complete dichotomy from what we just heard mr. wynn talk about. here we have this on one hand he behaves normally. he portrays himself as just a normal guy and has gotten away with it for years here in las vegas. as that moderate gambler, private guy, and then we have the other side, the dark side that we now know that he possessed. and that is that he had these violent rape fantasies that he acted out with prostitutes. what metro is doing is questioning, they are reaching out and trying to find other prostitutes that he might have hired over the years. eric: you are in the pd for a long time will the ladies of the
1:21 pm
evening so to speak come forward, you know, those who accompanied him and say what they knew or what he said? >> some will. some won't. and remember that this is -- that's a transient occupation, if you will. there may be women that were here at one time since he's a long-time vegas guy. he might have been doing this back in 06 when he first started going into the casinos here. so there may -- since this has such national attention, i would urge that any -- anyone who was in that line of work, if you will, even though you might be leading a straight life now, you might be -- you might hold the key to something that you don't even know. if -- eric: you talk about -- >> i would urge them to come forward. >> absolutely. you talk about the reports are that he claimed he had bad blood and was evil, and that's a reference to potentially his father who was a bank robber and apparently had psychological
1:22 pm
problems what about is being made a lot today about his mental state, his girlfriend marilou danley, the new york times reporting this that quote he seemed to be deteriorating in recent months both mentally and physically she said, perhaps his methodical and systematic mind had turned into a lethal and unpredictable in a new direction. carried this out like a professional hit man with the calculations in the room and at the same time he has this evil stuff going on, and apparently on valium. i mean valium is so common. what effect could that have had on him potentially carrying this out then? >> that's very interesting that there was this noted deterioration, but it certainly didn't affect his ability to reason when it came down to his tactics. now, here's something that i'm really, really anxious to find out, and i know that law enforcement is looking deeply into this.
1:23 pm
you don't just pick up that kind of tactical experience. okay? when he's calculating mathematically his distance to his target, the elevation, and his kill pattern, this is something that i believe he might have had help in. and i think that is really going to be key to finding more information about this. where did he get his training? that's really essential to understand and to know. eric: yeah, you just don't pick up these -- put that tripod, you know, out the window and start shooting for the very first time in your life. as you mentioned the other day, you can go out in the desert and do that, but as you just said, you pick this stuff up on the internet and a book? no. i mean you have to have some help potentially. >> i would think so, i would think so, eric. and i know that going through his phones and devices, that's where normal people, you know, when they have that history of, you know, wherever he obtained
1:24 pm
this knowledge, his contact might be in one of those devices. and that's why it's so essential that law enforcement so methodically have to go through that entire, you know, that entire lifetime history that are in those devices because it might be back several years, even and so when you go through all these things, that's the tediousness of this investigation but that's the benefit of having the resources of the fbi here because they have basically the unlimited resources to go into the backgrounds of all of these individuals. eric: it is a massive investigation, as you say, the nugget certainly is out there somewhere, and we're confident -- >> but eric, we really need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that we may never get the answers, and i know that's going to be very hard for the american public. i know that especially for these victims and their families, not knowing is going to be really
1:25 pm
devastating to them. eric: we will see -- >> it is something that -- but unfortunately, i think we have to resign ourself to that possibility. eric: it could be possible, but we're early on in this investigation, getting into his background, and as you say, if anyone had any contact with him, please tell authorities. no matter who you are. lieutenant randy sutton, as always, thank you. thank you for your service. >> thank you, sir. eric: of course. >> thank you. arthel: that massacre in las vegas is reviving the debate over gun control on capitol hill and for once lawmakers may be able to reach agreement on at least one aspect of this hot-button issue. plus a decision could come soon on whether or not president trump once again certifies the iran nuclear deal and there are already indications he won't. how will this impact the u.s. and the middle east and around the world? that story is coming up next. hat or how healthy you look.
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. arthel: the massacre in las vegas reigniting the debate over gun control on capitol hill. it appears the years' long stalemate could be broken, on the subject of so-called bump stocks. garrett tenney has more from washington. garrett? reporter: arthel, this is one area there appears to be some consensus. that is a rare thing on capitol hill, particularly when it comes to gun control. lawmakers are concerned that the currently legal bump stock devices are essentially a loophole for folks looking to get around the ban on fully automatic weapons by equipping them to semiautomatic firearms and pushing them out at a faster rate. to review the current regulations which allow bump stocks to be sold, but leading democrats such as senator dianne feinstein argue that changing regulation says not enough. >> regulations aren't going to
1:31 pm
do it. we need a law. it can't be changed by another president. right now, we're seeing one president change actions of a president that came before him, and that would happen in this area, and i hope that americans will step up and say enough is enough, congress, do something. reporter: this week the nra announced support of the administration reviewing regulations on bump stocks, but along with many republicans, the group says creating new laws altogether won't do much good when the government is not enforcing many of the laws that we already have. >> i think you want to tell atf to do its job, it's interpretive issue and they need to get the job done. but not let dianne feinstein, which is what she wants to do, turn this into a christmas tree on the hill where she brings all her anti-gun circus, she's been trying to do for years. universal checks, there's not a
1:32 pm
gang member in chicago saying i'm going to get you, first i have to go through dianne feinstein's background check. it's nonsense. reporter: at this point, changing the regulation on bump stocks appears to be a much quicker albeit temporary solution to getting the devices off the market but also the issue of those already been sold. this week, both manufacturers of the device had their entire inventory sold out and that's another issue lawmakers have to look at moving forward. arthel: garrett tenney, thank you. eric? eric: meanwhile, we're awaiting a decision on president trump, once again certify whether he will decertify the iran nuclear deal on october 15th. the white house says a decision will come in the comes days. that deadline a week from today to report to congress on iran's compliance with the deal. he's already certified it twice. this as the reports he will declare the agreement does not serve america's national
1:33 pm
security interests. that prospect does strike some criticism today in corners. in the "new york daily news," the president of the plowshares foundation wrote an op-ed on this saying, quote -- joining us for more on this is ambassador dennis ross, former middle east coordinator and author of the book doomed to succeed, the u.s.-israeli relationship from truman to obama. would decertifying this be a body blow or a needed message to tehran to shape up? >> this is a case of, in a sense, it depends on how the president and the administration frame what they're going to do. if he decertifies, which by the way does not mean the u.s. walks away from the deal.
1:34 pm
this is in response to congressional law, it is not connected directly to the nuclear deal, the coin the comprehensive plan of action, if he decertifies and says we're walking away from the nuclear deal, he will isolate us and not the iranians. if he decertifies and says we're going to stick with the deal for now, but there are a number of concerns that we have that we think our allies share about ballistic missile testing. about the fact that the key limitations within the agreement that limit the enrichment of uranium to certain levels that prevent the iranians from doing nuclear reprocessing. if the limitations expire in 2030, iran will be able to immediately transform themselves. after that. so let's address that, and find a way to address what iran is doing in the region with the use of shia militias and destabiling activities. if the president decertifies and says i'm not walking away from the deal, prepared to work
1:35 pm
with allies on, this but we need to address these kinds of issues because those issues threaten our collective security. there is the potential to work with the europeans, he has to take into account, the europeans think the deal should be maintained and number two, the one area he has an opening is they may make an effort to keep us in the deal so that gives him leverage, but he has to take into account their concerns at the same time. eric: this sounds like he has an opening to have leverage, for example. the president of france has said that they've got to shape up their behavior. let me show you what you just mentioned. three of the major point, one is the sunset clause that could open the pathway for iran to have a nuclear bomb and a weapon in 10 or 15 years. not allowed to inspect military sites unless they suspect something, they want more aggressive inspections and the ballistic and cruise missile program, let alone behavior,
1:36 pm
they may be listening because iran said we'll talk about our ballistic missile program. do you think just raising the possibility of scuttling this has rung bells in tehran? >> i think that the iranians are looking at it but i think they're also believing that if the administration doesn't take some european sensitivities into account, the iranians believe they'll be able to exploit. that we're not threatening the deal, the americans are. i think what it comes back to is we have an opening, because president of france also said we should have a supplemental arrangement. we said we're not going to renegotiate the joint comprehensive plan of action, but come up with a supplemental arrangement that extends the limitations that are built into the joint conference of planned actions. eric: that sounds like what the president wants. >> i think if that's the way he presents it, there's a potential. one of the important things for the president is to emphasize
1:37 pm
he's not leaving the deal now, and not asking the congress to reimpose sanctions now. he can say if nothing is done to address these concerns, you'll leave me no choice, but to come back and walk away from the deal, but there's a window that's open so work withug, if he approaches it that way, there is the potential to work with the concerns. >> foiinally, do you think this would or potentially could change iranian behavior? >> one thing about the iranians, the iranians do not change their behavior unless they think the cost is very high as they measure it. unless they're convinced this is going to put them in a corner that's difficult to escape from, if we create a united front against them and isolated on the issues then the potential to affect them goes up, then i'd be somewhat more hopeful that we see at least some of these areas addressed. eric: sounds like we're beginning to potentially get some leverage if indeed the president does move in that
1:38 pm
direction. ambassador dennis ross, always good to see you. >> my pleasure. eric: of course. arthel: eric, new developments in the trifle the woman accused of poisoning the half brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un. what evidence is examined for toxic nerve agents? president trump frustrated with the efforts to repeal obamacare. what he said at a private event that could mean a deal with democrats? with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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1:43 pm
kuala lumpur. they are looking for signs of the deadly vx which is a highly toxic nerve agent. some observers of north korea politics say kim jong-un saw his half brother as a threat and targeted for assassination. arthel: president trump speaking with republican donors last night in north carolina. and some who were there say mr. obama outlined the obstacles to repealing and replacing obamacare. while insisting he is still determined to move ahead on health care reform. they also say the president did not rule out working with the democrats on that. something he discussed before that north carolina fund-raiser. >> obamacare is a disaster. the numbers are out. it's exploding like i said it would. so basically, if we could do a one-year deal or a two-year deal as a temporary measure, we'll have block grant in the states which is what the republicans want.
1:44 pm
that really is a repeal and a place. arthel: let's bring in alana shore, the congressional reporter for politico, and alana, i understand the president outlined some of his frustrations in that meeting last night, that fund-raiser dinner. what's the president's biggest complaint to the donors and do we know how the donors responded? >> well, the biggest complaint is honestly that republicans started out this year saying they would get repeal and replace done by march. original time frame had them completing tax reform, and instead notch a single legislative win. the president's understandable frustration stems from that, and donors, it's not clear how they responded en masse, but that their is talk of closing up pocketbooks before republicans get results. arthel: want to talk about that in a moment. listen, we played the sound from the president this morning when he spoke about a temporary or transitional health care plan that would be in place for one or two years.
1:45 pm
a deal, as he called it. the president did. did the president mention that deal to the donors last night, do we know? >> he mentioned working with democrats, but the notion of a deal has yet to be filled in. democrats say when they talk to the president, he still hasn't given up on repeal and replace, a non-starter for them. it's a question whether the deal exists yet. arthel: so and frustrated with his own party, we're talking about the president going across the aisle, the president tweeted he called senator chuck schumer friday to see if, quote, the dems want to do a great health care bill. back to you, elana. is the question about bipartisan plan or a bill, a real possibility at this juncture, as you pointed out. senator schumer said listen, mr. president, we're willing to improve obamacare but the dems don't want to repeal and replace, there is a treadmill that is going nowhere? >> absolutely. i think the place to watch is the house. senator schumer has a
1:46 pm
bipartisan negotiation already ongoing with senators lamar alexander and patty murray. that may yield a deal that enough moderate republicans in the senate can back but the house is an open question. conservatives are very influential. arthel: and listen, obamacare needs fixing. most people would agree, president obama says obamacare can be improved upon, but president trump he campaigned in a big way on doing away with obamacare and coming up with a new health care plan. so if that doesn't happen, getting back to what you pointed out earlier, does president trump stand to lose the financial backing of republican donors, many of which he met with last night for dinner? >> well, he does stand to lose them but keep in mind, tax reform is on the table, and tax reform has always been the key issue for the base of the republican party. there is animus towards obamacare and desire to improve, it but taxes are job one, and if we don't see
1:47 pm
movement by the spring, a donor revolt might be a real possibility. arthel: patience there on the part of financial backers. what about president trump's base? >> well, president trump's base has always been animated by other issues as well. keep in mind, the border wall is a live issue as he continues to negotiate about daca. the deferred action for childhood arrival's programs. arthel: elana shore, congressional reporter for politico. thank you very much. eric: well, he's one of the nation's first navy s.e.a.l.s. that's right. they date back to 1962, and now he's a famed glass artist but crafting latest piece as a gift for president trump. coming up, how number 45 is giving this hero new hope? >> i hope he puts it in his private office at the white house, instead of waiting for this library. i want this hung in the white house. >> why? >> i want to take my
1:48 pm
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or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. . arthel: at least seven people are dead and more than 130 injured in a gas station explosion in ghana. the fiery scene was caught on video. it happened last night on the
1:52 pm
outskirts of the capital. a tanker parked close to the gas triggering a second blast. the cause of the first explosion is under investigation. eric: back here at home, a highly decorated navy s.e.a.l. is not only a military hero but also a famed glass artist. he once carved a presidential seal for president ronald reagan. he is coming out of semi retirement to keep the tradition going. bryan llenas with the very latest what he's crafting now. reporter: john garofalo knew president trump would win the moment he announced his campaign. and despite health issues, the veteran worked tirelessly to create a gift for a man that's given him hope. >> the man woke something up in me. he's for the people. reporter: john garofalo believes in president trump, so much so, he created this hand-cut, four-foot, 150-pound
1:53 pm
glass and bronze presidential seal of the united states, as a gift for the president. >> i love when he talked about the country and the people and the soldiers. the president. reporter: this isn't the first seal he made, the 72-year-old carving glass for 44 years, he gifted two for president george h.w. bush and president ronald reagan. >> why reagan? he put the pride back into the serviceman. reporter: after 24 years he was inspired to make his best seal yet for trump. >> i have hope for him and hope for the country. reporter: carving glass and bronze can take months of painstaking work, it begins with a drawing and suiting up and carving the art. garofalo is used to working under pressure. the vietnam war veteran served seven years as a members of the first navy s.e.a.l. team. he was awarded 22 commendations including 2 purple hearts.
1:54 pm
>> i don't like to hear it. reporter: why don't you like to hear it? >> here was all the ones that didn't come home. reporter: garofalo says the seal is a reminder how great america is. >> the honor in the country, honor what the country stands for. reporter: presidents receive thousands of letters and offers of gifts every year and for john, it's now a waiting game. he sent a letter and booklet to the white house in september and hoping president trump will accept this seal. eric, by the way, this is a tough, tough man. he was listed twice during service in vietnam as missing in action. seven degree black belt and honestly part of the reason he voted for trump, as a self--made glass artist he's having a tough time running a business and hopes president trump will make the environment better for him to succeed. he has no plans of stopping being a glass artist. eric: he's spectacular.
1:55 pm
god bless john garofalo. those at the white house, he's making it, call bryan. he'll put him in touch with mr. garofalo. arthel: i think the president will accept it and help him boost up his business. a former commander in chief joins wounded warriors on a rigorous bike ride all for a very good cause. >> keeping up. >> you're not going to find a more connected and well-networked group of veterans than team 43. g new car.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
. eric: you know bike rides are really popular way for people to raise money and awareness for good causes. but not many pedal alongside a former president. arthel: 52 wounded warriors did it in the 7th annual w 100 k mountain bike ride hosted by former president george w. bush at his ranch in crawford. >> the vets have served together and oftentimes in very difficult and dangerous situations, and so i'm looking forward to riding them in the ground one more time. >> thank you for your service, and we truly see, you know, how many people really haven't forgotten about us. arthel: bush says he tells all the time people on the team,
2:00 pm
president bush, i should say, all the time, he admires veterans and the country is fortunate enough to have had citizens willing to serve. eric: that's true. and he does such great work for the veterans. bush see you in one hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you, hillary, for being a constant beacon of strength, hope and determination for me and millions of other young women. you've been a role model and an inspiration and a voice of reason in uncertain times. i could go on and on, but i'd like to get right to the point. i can give you a hug? >> yes, yes! [cheers and applause] . greg: they're already booing! the upside is at least she kept her clothes on. [cheers]


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