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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 9, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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go nats. did i do that okay? all right. >> chicago we're not doing so well. that's it for today. howie: the gun control and whether the tragedy is being politicized. >> it was an act of pure evil. though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder our fellow citizens, it's our love that defines us today and always will forever. >> pitch perfect from the president right there. >> i thought the president's statement was so emotional. the tone was exactly right it was unifying and perfect for the
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country. >> they want to put off gun slaw discussions. more guns doesn't equal more death but still the media focuses on the gun, especially early orbefore all is known. >> we heard it again today, now is not the time to talk about how to deal with gun violence. why is now not the time? >> none of this mattered to the left in this country. their impulse to politicize this tragedy as they do other tragedies is beyond the pale. they are using this tragedy to score political points to. howie: are they being unfair about the trump visit to devastated puerto rico? >> you want to make america great again. do something the last two
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presidents haven't been able to do. pass any kind of common sense gun control legislation. but the vast majority of americans want. howie: are they changing their roles from entertainers to activists. harvey weinstein is facing sexual harassment allegations including from ashley judd. >> how can be have these allegations piling up. the settlements are part of the answer. the women who have these stories in many cases were not allowed to speak publicly about them. howie: the democratic donor is accusinged the times of false reporting. but he's taking a leave of
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absence. this is buz "mediabuzz." a massacre in las vegas. the president offered encouraging words during this visit. >> the police department incredible. the people themselves incredible. people leaving ambulances to have somebody else go because they felt they were hurt even more so. howie: shannon pettypiece, mollie hemingway. stunned and appalled by the carnage. we have been through this so
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much. do you think there is a sense of weariness? shannon: we have been through this so many times it's almost like a drill. another story, another mass shooting. i wouldn't say it's routine. but we feel like it's a drill and say how does this become part of our job. howie: a recurring part of the culture. what hillary clinton and the democrats quickly after we learned about this tweeting appeals for gun control. i got beat. you online saying can we wait until tomorrow morning. but in our culture nobody waits. mollie: they go to the gun control after a mass shooting. that's a problem because most of people in the media you can sense is pro gun control which
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is improper because you don't want to see people pushing an agenda. but we have a media that's bad pat knowing the basic facts. you had cnn put out an illustration of a bump fire stock. it didn't have a bump fire stock. there are basic errors if you are a gun owner to take them seriously because they don't know what they are talking about. howie: if president trump had given a speech and said people can better protect themselves. he would have been a after and or politicizing the tragedy. marie: i don't think it's fair to say that anybody who calls for gun control is just playing politic. we need to say why does this keep happening and how can we
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prevent it. i don't think it's fair to say the media is anti-gun. i think the media is anti-people getting shot and killed in this country in a way it happens nowhere else in the world. we do it with terrorist attacks. when terrorists fly into buildings we say should we have tougher regulations on airline security. mollie: is there not a conversation about guns. there is just a monologue, a lecture. if you don't believe in restricting the second amendment. we assume our right to protect ourselves begins tyranny in the include cla racial' independence and the second amendment. it's not the viewpoint. most of air cans.
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they -- not the viewpoint of most of americans. howie: republicans in congress might support some narrow measures on the bump stocks. the nra said we would be supportive of additional regulation on these. shannon: it's the first time we have seen agreement between the two sides on something. to mollie's point about something going on. the bump stock issue is interesting. i have not done an enormous amount of reporting on gun
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control. but i knew there were ways to modify a semiautomatic weapon to make it automatic. to hear all these lawmakers say i never heard of a bump stock. how much conversation is going on about what the issues are. mollie: bump fire stock does not convert an automatic into an automatic. bump fire is a method of firing. it doesn't -- it simulates automatic fire. that's why it's legal. it's an important semantic difference. you can actually do bump faring using our thumb and a belt. change the classification of these stocks won't prevent the actual problem. the media needs to bring in people who know about guns.
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marie: i think they have this week. the argument is bad people will do hard things no matter what. i want that conversation. i have been calling for that all week. i think it's frustrating on the right. people who support the second amendment make it seem like it's unfettered access to any weapon anywhere. it's not written into the second amendment that you can buy any gun anywhere. mollie: here is something people might agree with, how to reclassify bump fire. then you move it to how many guns you can buy. howie: in this particular case the calls for tighter background checks would not have worked because the las vegas shooter didn't have a criminal record.
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let me move on to the president tweeting, this is after the two leaders of the senate intelligence committee held a televised briefing into their investigation into russian collusion. the president said why isn't the senate intel committee looking into the fake news networks in our country to see why so much of our news is just made up-fake! shannon: the iesh with you where we saw them agreeing there is an issue with fake news. it being a troll farm in russia or ukraine. so he's conflating the two. the danger with doing that is maybe these fake news stories coming out of a fake news farm
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in russia aren't hurting you right now. but three years down the road there are going to be blatantly fake stories about you murdered someone six years ago or you are running a pedophile ring out of a pizza shop against you. so that's the danger here. howie: whatever the many flaws in the media, the government should look into the media's conduct? mollie: they already are investigating media companies. so he's saying why not investigate other media countries. there is so much hostile media coverage. the pew story came out that thoughs 96% of the stories for
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president trump were negative compared to 20% or obama. howie: the nbc report on rex tillerson, secretary of state, may have animated the president to write this tweet. marie: he uses the term fake news when he doesn't like the story. mollie: they denied that. marie: rex didn't actually deny and he had the ability to deny it on the record. so the problem is, the senate intel committee is not looking into real news organizations. they are looking into fake news places in macedonia, troll farms that had a serious impact on how people were seeing things.
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howie: you want to write to us, us, whenoff.
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>> it was bizarre behavior it was celebratory when this is a island struggling. it's like we lost our sense of what is purely outrageous any more. it's strange to be throwing rolls of paper towels at people. howie: much of the media see him as an utterly insensitive human being. mollie: it's like an alternate world the media is living in. you watch the crowd and they are laughing at his jokes. the news rooms act uniformly hostile. who do you believe, the people who thought hillary clinton had it in the bag or your own lying
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eyes. howie: there was a media narrative whether the administration was low to move the issue. marie: i don't think it's bias to say the president has a different style than his presented sellsors. i'm not agreeing with everything you just showed. but one of the jobs of the media is to fact check what people say. the celebratory tone of his visit compared that 8 some% to 90% of the people on the island don't have power. he was striking a tone that made the people in puerto rico felt a little bit at odds. howie: you want to deliver hope and you don't want to undermine the situation.
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offering hope is part of the job of being president. but not saying we don't like the way he did it. shannon: even people who like him will save he's not the most of articulate messenger always. >> he hasn't been a professional politician who is accustomed to working crowds. shannon: he has his own style. he's staying true to who he is. maybe some people thought there would be a pivot or change in the way he would handle these disaster situations. but it's staying true to who he is. the media tried to katrina him and they failed and they were angry. this is a horrible disaster what is happening. but the u.s. recovery and relief are going pretty well. they were upset, they tried to
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katrina him and it didn't work. marie: a lot of people will disagree that it went well. fema has taken off their website the number of people who are still without power in puerto rico. howie: paul krug a man tweeted there is cholera in puerto rico. he said i tweeted it out and i was wrong and i made an error and i was wrong. late night come is line up behind gun control. ♪
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howie: rex tillerson holding a news conference to knock down a report that he had to be talked out of quitting and he called the president a moron. >> the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain as secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post. >> the main headline of this story is you called the president a moron. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. >> it's a fake news story of. it was made up by nbc. >> he would essentially have to fire rex tillerson. we stand by our reporting. we talked to a dozen people for
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this story. howie: james, the more important allegation that he contemplated quitting has surfaced before. james: in washington journalism we call it palace intrigue. it might be cotton candy unless the personality conflict is so severe sit would impede implementation of policy. howie: he said he won't respond to a petty question. james: had he said it he still did the right thing in calling it petty. howie: the "new york times" said his associates described tillerson's deep frustration
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with the president and talk of resignation. at least there are a couple other news organizations saying this is not entirely made up. james: what we just heard carol lee say, if we accept the truth of her reporting does not mean president has to fire rex tillerson. the question is how severe and persistent is this. perhaps an employee blows off a little steam, that's no reason to fire him. howie: that is known to happen. the public stage, whatever frictions might exist, the president publicly undercut tillerson when the secretary of state went to china and told reporters there might and back channel conversation with north korea. the president of the united states went on twitter saying he would be wasting his time negotiating with rocketman, and
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save your energy, rex. james: he had a good look at donald trump for a year as a candidate, then nominee and president-elect and he knew what he was getting into. jeff sessions, the president as a manager of talent seems to think it's okay to conduct this kinds of criticism of them to incentivize their performance. howie: he used twitter to attack an attorney general as weak. some speculated he was trying to get sessions to quit. it's not just gossip and palace intrigue that there are to be at a minimum tensions between the president of the united states and his key cabinet members. james: in fairness to carol lee, this has been an unusual white
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house with a high degree of palace intrigue. that's a lonely place to be when you are all by yourself and you are sure of your source. i feel for carol lee in that sense to have the president say you're story is fake news. howie: he's entitled to say that and she is entitled to defend her story. harvey weinstein takes a leave of absence after allegations come out against him spanning three decades.
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howie: harvey weinstein is on an indefinite leave of absence at his hollywood studio after allegations of sexual harassment
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that lasted three decades. ashley judd says once in his hotel room he asked her if she wanted to watch him shower. weinstein said he is working with therapists. he says i know the way i behaved in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for it. the movie mogul said the reporting of the "new york times" was reckless and he planned to sue them. >> the story relies on a lot of dowsm takes on the record, names of women, dates incidents. one of our sources was internal company records.
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howie: joining us, liz claman, host of "after the bell." the "new york times" did have 8 interviews with women on the record about sexual allegations. is this a solidly reported story and any chance harvey weinstein is coming back to this country. >> it's about as solid as you can get. you have multiple people on the record. you have documentation. you have something of a financial trail. as i look at it today, i don't see any way harvey weinstein survives this scandal. and i think the company he found is in jeopardy. i don't any there is a weinstein company without harvey weinstein. howie: he is apologizing saying he's going to work with
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therapists and take leave. liz: i'm not a lawyer so i spent last 48 hours calling attorneys from coast to coast. every single one of them said it would be zero chance harvey weinstein would be able to launch a successful offensive suit against the "new york times." if it is you didn't give me enough time to respond. 48 hours, this is what the "new york times" says it gave the swine stein company and harvey to respond. within that 48 hours he issued a statement saying i need to work on my anger issues, i'm going to take a leave and work with a therapist. in this drainage with the internet there is an extremely competitive nature with journalists. the times knew they were hot on the trail. to give somebody 48 hours to respond is a huge swath of time.
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howie: the "new york times" said we included all relevant comments from in weinstein and published his entire response. mr. weinstein and his lawyer have confirmed the essential elements of the story. i'm reading from other journalists and insiders that this was an open secret at the swine stein company and miramax and his behavior around women. do you think many journalists were intimidated, thought it would be too hard to report because harvey weinstein was, is a powerful guy in the media and television business. brent: it's a difficult story to get, you can't go forward with allegations this serious unless you have women on the record alleging this. that's what the "times" was able
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to do thatter publications tracking this story for years were not able to do. harvey weinstein was a powerhouse. he was a tyrannical figure. he's a very scary guy, verbally abusive. and i think he scared many people off this story before. howie: one spoke to the "huffington post" and told about an explicit situation. you know this culture, did you ever experience harassment and unwanted advancement? liz: being in television news, i started in the late 80s. i love this dinosaur defense. maybe i'm a dinosaur or people around him said this is what the older generation do. i cannot count how many times over anchors or reports either
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said something inappropriate to me as an up and coming journalist or production assistant. or grabbed me, kissed me, and tried to specific their tongues down my throat. the game entirely changes with it is a power play. there is somebody in position to either hire you or completely derail your career. you saw from many of these people in hollywood, ashley judd on the record saying when she was put in an awkward position when she was trying to have a meeting. when he was slaying you give me a massage or watch me take a shower. she says she was thinking how can i get out of this situation without alienating harvey weinstein. there is conjecture and i'm sure brent would agree that to be within the weinstein
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organization gave them this. that leads to the board. were they complicit. brent: somebody wants harvey out of the company. i don't know if his brother helped with this story. howie: the cable segments on each of the cable news channels. the question is, since when conservatives had gotten in this kind of trouble, we have this big story, harvey weinstein gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to democrats and president obama's daughter worked there as an intern. do you think there would be more outrage if harvey weinstein was a trump donor. >> this behavior is unacceptable and the era of the casting couch needs to be put to an end.
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there is a tribal mentality where people do view him as one of their own. he's made contributions to the art of the cinema and there is some fear that if you speak out too publicly your career could be derailed. liz: my final thought is he has no case, according to people in the know. the truth is coming out. "huffington post" has a piece with a fox reporter from local l.a. who described the most of disgusting situation she endured with harvey weinstein. why didn't she speak out? she was in television news. she didn't what have to worry about him. but there are legions in the industry that depend on him. it's not a defense to say i have given money to women's causes. howie: thanks very much for joining us.
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one firing and one retraction. a rough week for cbs. stephen colbert and seth myers are pushing gun control.
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howie: comedians don't do much comedy these times. they spoke out after the
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las vegas shooting and criticized republicans and called for gun control. >> why do we continue to let them alove it to happen. they should be praying for god to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country. >> instead of saying this is not time to talk about it, at least be honest about it. howie: come i comics aren't goio make jokes about it. but are you surprised by the rehe members? >> yes and no. the more the late night hosts get political the better they do. they have gotten critical about healthcare and they criticized this president more than any other president.
12:45 am
so getting critical is good for them. jimmy kimmel is from las vegas. he blasted senators for not acting on gun control. he talked about universal background checks, preventing mentally ill from getting guns. many of these guys called for action without having all the facts of the shooting. their critics would say, we need to learn what the motive was. and they faced a lot of criticism for it as well. howie: what happened to the concept that people want to be entertained at 11:30 at night. stephen colbert is the fiercest critic. there is also a part of the audience that supports president trump that might be all night. >> even ellen is a comedian and she and jimmy fallon came out,
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and their message was to remind people there is more good in the world than evil. we did see jimmy fallon have miley cyrus on to sing a song. howie: don't you think jimmy fallon when he interviewed hillary clinton. she and every female writer on "the tonight show" offered gushing praise of the former first lady. >> thank you, hillary clinton for being someone i continue to admire and look up to, and for standing up to critics saying a woman couldn't be a president because they would be too
12:47 am
impulsive and predictable. it's a good thing we didn't get someone like that. can i give you a hug? >> yes. howie: this went on for 6 minutes. can you see a republican candidate getting that kind of lovefest? >> no. but these late night comedians said it's hard to entertain when you have mass shootings. the biggest mass shooting in history. i think they are trying different ways to deal with it. that was an interesting angle. it's hard to manage this happening any other year. howie: president trump said late night hosts are dealing with democrats. always anti-trump, should we get equal time?
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the president of the united states comes on tv all the time. >> donald trump is basically saying he's not on television enough. there is an fcc rule that says when candidates are running for office they deserve equal time. when you are the president that doesn't apply. he wants to be treated fairly by the media. howie: shelby holliday, thank you for joining us from new york. howie: some posts on facebook identify the wrong las vegas shooting. why can't they crack down on bogus
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howie: if you did a google search on facebook you would have seen this, that the shooter was anti-trump and liked rachel maddow. they fingered the wrong person. i think this sort of conduct is unacceptable. but the tech giants say these are computer algorithms, we'll do better next time. mollie: fake news is a problem, and people like to blame machines. the massive media companies don't like to be called media companies. a quarter of all humans are on facebook. the second word in social media is media. howie: they are so influential. google picked up chatter from an online message board that carries conspiracy theories.
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and one was from sputnik which is owned by the russian government. they need to hire editors, do screening, try to keep out garbage because they maintain this fiction we are just a neutral platform. mollie: also a big problem is there hasn't been that much verifiable news about this situation and people have this extreme hunger. people can launch disinformation campaigns. but particularly on a story with this level of news significance, the hunger for anything is strong. so these media companies need to figure out ways to figure out particularly in important times like this . . . facebook and you see a list of stories from the "new york times" or cnn or fox alongside these totally fake
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stories. sometimes people can figure it out, or they click on it and share it. mollie: a lot of mainstream media companies have lost trust with their viewers or readers. so people hear a story out of a major media company that they know to be false. since you cannot control everything and you shouldn't try to control everything externally. this is about good made yeah companies having good internal monitoring. howie: it makes people search out alternative sources of news. do you think these tech giants need to change their approach? >> they absolutely need to. if they are not going to do it voluntarily they will open themselves to strong regulation. they are controlling so much of
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the media to not be held to standard voluntarily or otherwise won't work out well for them. howie: the network that dumped a top executive for despicable comments about the las vegas tragedy.
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howie: with the passing of tom petty, cbs made the situation worse. they reported he was dead, by was still alive. he didn't die until after midnight. they attributed the story to the lapd.
12:59 am
it prompted an angry instagram post from petty's daughter. how dare you report my father has died just to get press. this is the personal pain caused by bad reporting. she treefers party members as repugs. cbs called her post repugnant. how does a network executive even think of saying such toxic garbage. cbs did the right thing in firing her. you can write to it,
1:00 am we are back next sunday. see you then with the latest heather: good morning to you, you are watching the brand-new edition of "fox & friends" first, a lot of news to get to. president trump unveiled what's being called the toughest immigration crack-down of american history. we have the breaking details. vice president pence walks out of the colts game when he sees players take a knee. coming up the team owners who are now saying if you don't stand, don't bother suiting up and developing in the nevada


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