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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 9, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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fans should do the same and ask for money back. this is a conversation that's not going end any time soon. rob: it absolutely is. 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. every day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is exactly what the base wants and also speaks to the issue of law and order. >> vice president mike pence left the indiana colts game after football players took a knee during national anthem. >> walk out as gerture of patriotic principle. >> the las vegas cops try today breach the room of paddock. >> we were tripping over guns. >> could there have been any laws passed that would have stopped him? >> reports of people hiding inside of wineries in northern california.
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>> brutal situation, no way of explaining it, five major fires burning right now. >> antifa planning to protest on columbus day. >> we need to stand up for american culture, american society and american history. ♪ ♪ >> we start with a song i have never heard of before. steve: you know what today is, columbus day. brian: my people are celebrating. steve: not necessarily. i was reading something today that said that some historians that think columbus was actually
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spanish. >> i don't buy that at all. i read four voyages and totally italian. couldn't be more italian. steve: why did he work for the spanish crown and why was he buried in spain. brian: he could not get money to italy and went over and said what royal family will give me in order to go discover a land that i don't really know exists. steve: there you go. what we do know it is a federal holiday and we thank you so much for joining us. ainsley: that's right. a lot of people still in school today, right. steve: depends on locality. brian: one college which i know very well they decide today make indigenous people. ainsley: two more days to get present for my dad. brian: he always wants cash every year. ainsley: we can handle that. steve: let's talk about what's going on in the world and yesterday the white house sent to congress the opening bid on the dreamer act.
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remember, the president made it very clear, all right, i'm going to give congress six months to figure out how to make them legal. will, well, we found out what the white house wants and it is very clear the white house wants the wall. one of the priorities is to build the wall completely, the whole thing. ainsley: hire 10,000 ice officers and 600 prosecutors, mandatory e-verify, they're able to confirm that you're able to work here in the united states, they compare your i9 to dh and state department. brian: let congress debate daca and work it out but before they do anything you have to have border security. i talked to white house official last night. they thoroughly believe they got elected to enforce the border and crack down on illegal immigration in a humane way.
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instead of dealing with politicians, they went to law enforcement. they talk today border control, ice, fbi, all law enforcement that has everything to do to make the situation better. in the end, they believe that they enforced the border and overturned this 2008 rule that says anyone from central america can stay here and you get the appearances and you never come back, along with all of this, they are bolstering the number of judges by 370, they are bolstering the number of lairs about over a thousand in order to get this -- get this handled of the kids coming across the border. remember, when daca was announced as executive order, that's when the kids came streaming across and they want to put a stop to that. not to be -- are you for american kids or world's kids. we can't have everybody. ainsley: american worker and the taxpayer is unfairly burdened. steve: sure. the white house revealed yesterday was a 70-point plan. donald trump is a negotiator.
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he's throwing everything out there. these are my 70 needs, you want the daca kids, the dreamer kids, these are the 70 things i want. are they going to wind up with all 70, obviously not. this is the opening bid in what the president wants. clearly it is dreamers for security. ainsley: it's all about security and making sure that taxpayers are not left with the burden. brian: in 2006 we put money aside, republicans and democrats will build a wall, never got spent or used, it's not done, ronald reagan said, i will give you amnesty, just enforce the border, 300 million illegals and never got done. now they want to make sure it's done before anything else is done. ainsley: yesterday nfl, the colts are playing the 49ers and our vice president goes back -- back to home state and goes to see his colts play and -- steve: honor peyton manning. ainsley: national anthem, a lot
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of 49ers decide to take a knee and didn't stand so the vice president decides to leave. steve: shortly after, there he goes. that's either coming or going. i can't tell by the angle. he tweeted, this i left today's colts game because the president of the united states and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, flag and then the president himself tweeted out. i asked vice president pence to leave the stadium if any players kneeled disrespecting our country, i'm proud of him and second lady karen. >> by the way, eric reed of the san francisco 49ers who the first to kneel with kaepernick, he has been a cotle game, this looks like a pr stunt. the problem with eric reed's philosophy in theory, you're only going to retire peyton manning's uniform once. he means more to indianapolis than any single person, he
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brought them championships, he brought them credibility. ainsley: great family. brian: you don't miss that. steve: adam was talking about this as well. this was a pr stunt. after scandals involving unnecessarily expensive travel, how much taxpayer was wasted on this stunt. what he's referring to was that the vice president flew to las vegas directly to indianapolis. the problem with that argument by democrats, this particular event going to the game in indianapolis was on the vice president's schedule for weeks. they decided to go at the last minute to the unity rally. so it was very clear, when vice president pence met with the president, i'm going to go to the game and look, if there are a number of players who don't stand, get out. there were 20 members of the 49ers who did not stand and so the vice president said, you know what, over and out.
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ainsley: 23 of the 49ers. >> congratulations to jerry jones. if you kneel, you're benched, you're not playing and if you don't stand and number two, steven ross of miami dolphins, i changed my mind, patriotism more than what he thought it was prior, he wants his dolphins to stand, every dolphin stood. ainsley: let us know what you think about it. we want to include comments. brian: and other stuff. steve: they were talking in great detail about the 12 minutes, very tense 12 minutes, when they got to the door, earlier that security guard jesus campos was shot at, the door looked like swiss cheese. when they got inside it was unreal.
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brian: and the guy was dead. >> so many guns, so many magazines, stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere. in suitcases all neatly stacked, against pillars that were in the room all stacked up, rifles placed all through out. >> i could smell the gun powder. we were tripping on long guns, there were so many inside. >> i could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what the bullet was going to be for those -- for the crowd. so he had that written out and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his guys. ainsley: they say he was a math guy, he played slot machines, where people were going to be standing as far as distance is concerned, it's very eerie.
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brian sunday shows were talking about gun control again, everybody wants to solve the problem, there's no clear indication on how to stop this guy because we know so little and even senator diane feinstein found herself contradicting herself, for example. >> could there have been any law passed that would have stopped him? >> no, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions. steve: she's pushing the abolition of the gun -- these bump stocks and she said yesterday that there is republican interest, there's republican interest in having hearings, she has 38 cosponsors that are democrats. nra would like the atf to regulate. brian: definitely bridging there. very little resistance from the nra and republicans about getting rid of this. i think in the long run, that's
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the problem, we are still reacting to it but if people want a bigger conversation and if nancy pelosi skidded into, she hopes it's a slippery-slope, she hopes that this leads to other things that go wrong for additional gun control. ainsley: we will hand it over to julian, congratulations on the morning show. >> "fox & friends first" started 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. ainsley: you took us back to your home on your first job. >> we have serious news to get to, let's begin with breaking news. raging wild fires forcing mass evacuations in wine country. it's so bad the napa county sheriffs issuing warning to crew, quote, we are in survival mode, don't take any chances. windy and dry conditions are fueling the flames up to 50 miles an hour in some areas. one of the most powerful men in
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hollywood weinstein fired from his own company after accusations he sexually harassed women for decades. this morning reports that the company he cofounded with his brothers will change name. board members say name is too tainted now. o'hare airport police arresting a man with a pressure cooker, ar-15 and handgun in his car. police pulled over santos for speeding outside of the airport, that's when they found the cooker and the gun. the family says the whole thing is a misunderstanding. i will see you in a little bit. >> all the buzz words. brian: straight ahead, she went to prison for leaking classified information, this morning chelsea manning has a new excuse, you'll want to hear that. steve: president trump is about to take a hatchet to obamacare. professor is here to break it down. what it means for you, live from new york city on combluís --
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deal, it would be a great thing to do. it's up to them. obamacare is a disaster. the numbers are out, it's exploding like i said it would. steve: while the president is working on a temporary deal with democrats on health care, he's also taking a hatchet to obamacare on his own with new executive order out this week. here the weigh in the chair of the program in business and finance at the king's college in new york city, professor brian brendberg. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. steve: we heard that the president called chuck schumer over the weekend at some point and said, hey, chuck, i would like to do something about repeal and replace, are you kidding, we are done with that. brian: that was the obvious answer. we are going to do something. this is your shot to get in on it. steve: what are we looking at so far? there are a couple of things that we are talking about, we are going to expand options for small businesses employees. >> small businesses under his plan will ban together and buy
3:18 am
insurance together which brings down the rate that is they pay and allow them to avoid some of the essential health benefit that is have driven up costs. the businesses that for years have been saying our costs are too high, requirements are high, they are getting an option to ban here and reduce costs. you will see them join plans because it will help them out. steve: why did he waste all the time with congress? >> congress has the opportunity to create a more comprehensive solution. it takes care of all the pieces of health care plan. the president said i'm going to move forward where i can. small businesses and association plans and temporary are another. the president is saying, look, we still need comprehensive legislative solution, in the meantime since you can't get act together, i'm going to do what i need to do or you can come along or ultimately pay the price. steve: ultimately for the folks
3:19 am
watching right now, how would that mean lower premiums for them? >> you will have the option to buy plans that have fewer kinds of coverages and that have lower prices for those fewer kinds of coverages, that suits you, makes sense for you, you can buy that. right now you don't have the examination, -- option. steve: right now under obamacare and what we have, you have to have the essential services and they are very expensive. >> you might not need maternity care. right now you have to buy that, that's subsidizing other people. the president is saying, if you don't need, don't buy it. it's kind of common sense, buy the thing that you need and that's why obamacare proponents are so concerned because they know people are going do like that option. steve: that's right. the president has a pen just like president obama. he talks about the pen and a phone. this president has pen and twitter account and sounds like he will sign it this week?
3:20 am
>> thursday. probably legal challenges, people will speak up against this. takes time to implement these things. it's not clear if it will come into effect for 2018. at some point down the road it'll create option that is hopefully can bring down prices for some consumers who have been struggling under double-digit price increases for a couple years now. steve: professor, back to class. disgraced army sergeant expect today plea guilty but what happened to the five taliban prisoners we trade today get him back. the video is insane, a man hanging on to the hood of a moving school bus. the kids inside terrified. the story behind the viral video coming up on columbus day. when you say you need
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ainsley: time for quick headlines, isis fighters surrendering in masses, more than one thousand terrorists have given up over the last week voluntarily report to go interrogation center in iraq, considered to be terrorist urban stronghold in iraq. iranian officials sending a warning to washington if the trump administration passes new sanctions, we will need to move our bases out of range of missiles, comments come as president trump prepares to decide whether or not to keep the nuclear deal. okay, down to you, brian. brian: thank you. said to plea guilty and maybe going to jail.
3:25 am
whatever happened to taliban 5 he was swapped for. senior intelligence operative for the u.s. army, lieutenant colonel tony, what does it mean for the five that we release without congressional approval? >> this makes a bad deal look way worse if that's possible. look, these guys were the worst of the worst at least three of them should have been turned over not to qatar but essentially the criminal court, the world criminal court for crimes against humanity. the folks slaughtered own afghan and muslim faithful. that on top of the fact that the actual event, the trade was illegal, congressman thornberry's committee determined two years ago that the whole deal was, in fact, breaking the law. so not only do we see president obama breaking law for purposes in my judgment, brian, of trying to clear out guantanamo, these
3:26 am
guys now have been caught at least -- katherine reported on this, attempt to go return to battlefield by essentially contacting the taliban in afghanistan and they are, indeed, doing everything they can to return to the front lines of the war. so everything that happened here was very bad. brien: colonel, former president wanted to empty gitmo, this was convenient. bergahl, aisle look like a hero and dump people out of the prison i vow to close. i was looking back at it, at least one said to go back to battle. these are commanders, they don't necessarily carry the guns, they strike that guise and know how to tear down existing government. >> he wants to go work for isis. he wants to go work for the stronger team. while isis is on the run, the
3:27 am
guys will love to go back in there. these are the commanders. brian, let me point something out to the audience, president obama has other and better options, if you read the arms services reserve, i had a certain role in some of the activities behind the scene. so the president, president obama chose to not take the best option which was to do something to get bergdahl back without having to give up five commanders, generals, it was not only a horrible trade, you're talking about trading essentially five generals for one traitor. brian: i don't know how many late-night comics were crying over this. probably people lost their lives in order to capture them. remember when susan rice not only didn't acknowledge that these were five bad guys, they thought bergdahl was a great guy. let's listen. >> yeah. >> a lot of questions how he was captured and whether or not he had deserted, left his posed,
3:28 am
would he be disciplined or has he paid the price? >> certainly anybody whose been held in those conditions in capttivity for five years has paid an extraordinary price but that is really not the point. the point is that he's back, he's going to be safely reunited with his family, he served the united states with honor and dye stinks. brian: not true, not true. >> he should be put in front of a firing squad. to that point, brian, during the time that they were searching for him right after he departed post, at least seven to ten individuals according to my count to people i talked on the ground, at least seven americans and three british died in the search for bergdahl right after he left. this was not only a terrible deal, people who have put their lives on the line and died
3:29 am
looking for this guy. brian: they had to search for him and his commanding officer got shot, thankfully he survived. colonel, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: remember the promise that president trump made to coal country? >> we will put the miners back to work, it's going to happen fast. you're going to be back to better than ever before. brian: today he's about to deliver big-time and liberals may not like it and the left is blasting vice president pence after walking out of colts game, but our next guest says those critics are hypocrites, it's birthday time for scotty, he's 14, no he's 24, he's not aging and that bothers me. you know, i believe it's his career highlight. american idol second best. ♪ ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert, people are picking up the pieces after hurricane nate landed in the south as a category one hurricane. brian: it's now a tropical depression, and folks down south are not out of the woods yet. ainsley: ellison barber joins us live from biloxi, mississippi. we're looking at the video of that casino. gosh, sea of water. >> reporter: we're not far from that, and it's starting to rain which never makes the clean-up process easy. this morning in alabama about 7,000 people are waking up without power. mississippi power says they restored power for all of their customers around 9:00 last night. hurricane nate is being blamed for 20 depths in central america. in the u.s., nate has mostly caused power outage and minimal damage. i want to show you some the damage right here on the beach. you can see there's a sailboat
3:34 am
over here, it's been stuck on the beach since sunday morning, one of the bigger pieces of debris people are going to need to try and clean up in the coming days. you walk half a mile this way, there are a number of casinos in this direction. we know at least three casinos experienced flooding. for many of them, that flooding took place in the parking deck. cars were damaged or destroyed and then, of course, there's that video, ainsley, that you referred to at the golden nugget. the lobby there was replaced with water and storm surge. hurricane -- the last hurricane, actually, to hit the state of mississippi was hurricane katrina in 2005. officials here talked a lot about that yesterday. take a listen. >> we did not dodge a bullet in mississippi. we got hit head on at night by a category one storm. if the that same storm, if nate would have hit us 15 years ago, the damage would have been much more extensive.
3:35 am
>> reporter: that's the thing officials kept reiterating, they kept saying that the work they did after hurricane katrina destroyed this area is what made the damage this weekend a whole lot less. they kept saying maybe some people are referring to new orleans as a place that dodged a bullet, but they don't feel like they did here. they took a hit, a hard hit, and they survived it and did well because they put in so much work after 2005 and hurricane katrina. steve, brian, ainsley? steve: indeed. ellison barber, live in biloxi, i've been to that casino. that's heartbreaking. brian: they did a hell of a job after katrina. they were so efficient in rebuilding, great governor, haley barbour, led the charge. steve: this particular storm was going so fast it's now, adam klotz, it's now up in the northeast. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be completely out of the country before the day's over. actually, the pennsylvaniaest hurricane moving -- fastest
3:36 am
hurricane moving through the gulf of mexico we have ever seen make landfall. really spreading out, but we're beginning to see showers in washington, d.c., philadelphia, up towards new york before too long as this system continues to move very quickly up the east coast. this is our future radar, pay attention to the time stamp in the corner as i move along. some showers already in washington, d.c., the heaviest rain in philadelphia and new york, by early this afternoon. you're talking about boston, portland, maine by tonight and the overnight hours we are completely clearing off, and you're looking at clear skies on the back side of this. this is such a fast mover, currently moving at 60 miles an hour. it's going to be gone before we know it. ainsley: vice president mike pence walking out of yesterday's colts game in indianapolis after -- [inaudible] san francisco 49ers kneeling during the anthem. in a tweet, the vice president explained i left because potus
3:37 am
and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our a flag or our national anthem. the vice president's former press secretary joins us now to react. good morning to you, mark. >> thanks for having me back. ainsley: do you know exactly why he did this? >> i haven't had a chance to speak to him yet, they're off to california, but this is not surprising. the president stands with the american people, and it's the height of hypocrisy for liberal democrats to celebrate players who disrespect the flag, disrespect the national anthem and those who defend it and then accuse the vice president for engaging in husband same rights of doing a political -- his same rights of doing a political stunt. brian: this is an historic day in indianapolis because they retired peyton manning's number. they brought back a lot of great players and had a whole ceremony before, that's why i believe the vice president would want to be there. after all, he was governor
3:38 am
during his heyday and congressman. >> absolutely. this was on the vice president's calendar for many years even before i left the administration. we knew this was a date we had marked on our calendar that the vice president was going to attend. he actually added going to las vegas to honor those who, brave americans and first responders, who had saved people during the massacre there the day before on saturday, which kind of adjusted the schedule. but this had long been a day on the vice president's calendar he was looking forward to. steve: adam schiff who is a democrat from california said yesterday, you know, how much taxpayer money was wasted on this pr stunt? what's your message for the congressman from california? >> well, i don't take a lot of fiscal responsibility lectures from a democrat from california when you look at the budget of their state and look at what the national debt, you know, nearly doubled under president obama. but this was something that was long planned by the vice president. he had planned to attending this, he was doing everything he probably could, and that's
3:39 am
nothing but trying to change the story from the fact that you still had 20 nfl players who were taking a knee during the national anthem while the nfl watches its popularity plummet. they're underwater with men 35-54. this is just a chance to distract it from the real story. the fact is if they wouldn't have taken a knee, the vice president would have been there watching the first half of that game and the peyton manning tribute at halftime. ainsley: eric reed is a 49's' safety, listen to what he had to say about it. >> with the information i have, the last time he's been to a colts game three years ago, so this looks like a pr stunt. he knew our team has had the most player protests, he knew that we were probably going to do it again. ames ames keep in mind these comments, these naysayers all after we have first responders running into bullets to save other americans, but they don't want to stand for the national anthem.
3:40 am
>> it's not surprising. the vice president was at the service honoring those people. the vice president went to colts games last year, i went with him during the campaign, and while the san francisco 49er players may not know it, he actually was at the super bowl last year taking wounded veterans who had been injured in service of our country, he took them to the super bowl last year. the 49ers wouldn't know about that, but that tells you, i mean, the vice president understands about the patriotism, he's also a lover -- he loves the game of football. it's unfortunate this is where the game is going. brian: right. jerry jones and steven ross, two owners who said my guys have to stand from now on. the president tweeted after: i have had the v -- asked the vp to leave in anybody kneeled, i'm proud of him and second lady karen. we'll see where this goes because there's been a lot of blowback on this. >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you, mark. brian: so far the nba and so far the mlb playoffs, everyone's
3:41 am
standing. ames ames don't say that. we don't need any more of it. please. don't listen to brian, if you play in the nba. brian brian there's rumors they're going to be doing something. ainsley: i know, i know. steve: i wonder if this is the new standard if somebody from the administration is in attendance if players take a knee, okay, you know what? we're going to have to leave. stay tuned. meanwhile, time for some headlines. ainsley: this all started in the nhl. brian brian it did? did not see that. the penguins will be coming to the white house this week. ames ames yep. we'll keep you posted, that's for sure. let's get you caught up on your news of the morning. do you remember this promise president trump made to coal country? >> you're going to see what happens, you're going to see. i get elected, you're going to see what happens. it's going to happen fast, and you're going to be back to better than ever before. [cheers and applause] ainsley: well, he's about to deliver on it today. the administration set to make a
3:42 am
big announcement on climate policy. the epa planning to scrap former president obama's clean power plan, the agency declaring that the rule meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions exceeds federal law by setting standards that power plants could not reason my meet. convicted leaker chelsea manning claims she didn't spill any government desperates, only history -- secrets, only history. manning saying, quote: these aren't intention documents, it's historical data. there's no troop movements, it was a record of everything that had happened in iraq and afghanistan. manning spent seven years in military prison for disclosing classified government information to wikileaks. president obama commuted her sentence. ing yahoo! well, this video is absolutely insane. an irate man cling toss a moving school bus after he says a bottle was thrown at his car, the bus driver refusing to top. >> get off the bus. [inaudible conversations] get off the bus.
3:43 am
ainsley: an off-duty officer quickly stepped in to help. the man was arrested, the bus was packed with middle school-aged kids. that must have been -- brian: why didn't the bus driver stop immediately? auction ames could you imagine being a kid on the bus? >> reporter: the driver just kept going. there's a guy on the hood of the car. stop. [laughter] ainsley: all right, thanks. i'm glad the guy's okay. several massive wildfires burning right now, homeowners are using buckets of water literally to stop the flames at their doorsteps including the brother of our to op own adam houseley, we're going to speak to him next. steve: and counselor to the president, chonway, is going to be joining uses. also dana loesch. "fox & friends" for columbus day continues in a come of minutes. ♪ ♪ 75 million of us suffer from the gritty and frustrating symptoms
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about cosentyx. ♪ ♪ steve: time for some quick headlines on this columbus day. first up, walmart wants waiting in line to be a thing of the past. walmart launches a new app allowing shoppers to return items in 30 seconds or less. this sounds fantastic. shoppers just scan stuff they don't want before heading to the customer service desk. it will launch next month at wal-mart. that is great. and dunkin' donuts are cutting down its menu, the chain will eliminate about six different flavors. no word on what doughnuts will be cut. let's just hope it's not the ones -- [inaudible] ainsley: chocolate. brian: fox news alert, multiple fires raging out of control forcing mass evacuations in california's wine country right now. ainsley: fox reporter adam
3:48 am
houseley's parents' vineyard is surrounded by flames right now, his brother, eric, has used buckets of water to keep the fire away. steve: eric joins us on the phone. eric, where are you? i know your family's vineyard is in, what, nap a pa county. >> -- napa county? >> yeah. some of our vineyards we have or on our property is in napa valley. steve: and you have been evacuated as we look at some of these images. >> yeah. my wife and kids, we were evacuated out and took them out when cinders were landing in the front of our house. our front, you know, trees caught on fire, but i went back and was helping put out fires at james cole winery that has been on fire already, cignarello, winery is done which is right next to my parents' house. ainsley: eric, you know, we work
3:49 am
so hard for everything that we have, your parents have built this business, and you work for the family company too. what are the emotions? what are you going through right now? >> you know, it was scary, you know, having children in the house and the thought of, okay, let's put some stuff in the car, everything will be fine. and then when i was loading the car, to have the cinders starting to land and things catch on fire in the front driveway, it really kind of sends a different message. so we thought we were far enough away, you know? we're surrounded by vineyards, and, you know, there's enough moisture right now, but the winds picked up to 40 plus miles an hour probably, very windy, and it changed directions, and it headed straight west down the valley floor over the hill. brian: so we're watching video right now, arik. is it yours? did you shoot this? >> you know what? because i'm on audio, i can't see you --
3:50 am
ainsley: our producer says yes. >> i sent it to my brother. yeah, those videos are ones i took on silverado trail, most people come to napa valley and travel down the primary road, the 128. so that was what i was shooting earlier -- well, that was probably about one a.m. so it was about an hour after the wall of flames kind of coming over the hill. steve: i tell you what, thank you very much for the reporting, and we're sorry you had to evacuate, but it sounds like it's for the better. arik houseley, the younger brother of our correspondent, adam, thank you very much. brian: heene while, ten -- meanwhile, this father and his two young children were killed by illegal immigrants smashing into them on a texas highway, but that immigrant only got two years in prison. where's the justice for the family? we're going to ask texas attorney general ken paxton that next hour. plus, an tee that has a new
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: as we celebrate columbus dayed today, antifa plans to deface and destroy statues all across the country today. brian: one long island town is opening up its arms to all unwanted statues of christopher columbus. joining us right now to discuss from oyster bay, new york, supervisor joseph saladino. joe, you're a genius, because you know that the columbus and italians are synonymous, and you've said, hey, i'll take all the i statues off your hands. what's the reaction been?
3:55 am
>> it's been absolutely positive. it's very important. columbus is the pride of italian-americans, but it's an important message for all americans. what these organizations are doing to try to deface columbus statues is un-american, and it's outrageous, and i'm asking people to be on the lookout today. if they see think of this going on, shoot pictures and video of it and call the police. we have to come together and send a very strong message of just how wrong it is. ainsley: have you had any takers? >> i think they're embarrassed, but the up to of oyster bay would be thrilled to make a home for any statue of columbus, specifically in massapequa on the north shore, we go from the long island sound to the ocean, and we're a very proud community who understands our heritage. steve: and we have a lot of italians. >> host: there's a few. [laughter] steve: what do you make of this dethat some statues should come down or be moved?
3:56 am
>> people need to take another look at the history. columbus tried, found guilty and hanged europeans for their crimes against the indigenous people. quite frankly, i believe he was a tremendous progressive. but if you're going to continue taking down a statue of columbus, then you should be at columbia university protesting and demanding they change the name of that university, and that's probably what's next. brian: what a waste of money now. we have security 24 hours at columbus circle to watch the statue on columbus day. it's an embarrassment. >> it really is. people have to embrace real history. we were talking about more than 500 years ago. and, quite frankly, these actions divide a nation and are counterproductive to their goals. ainsley: you're not going to call it indigenous people day, you're going to call it columbus day. >> columbus day was created, actually, to heal the wounds in
3:57 am
america after the massacre at wounded knee and the hanging of italian immigrants in new orleans. steve: let us know if you have any takers. >> we will absolutely be doing that. steve: joe, thank you very much. we're going to step aside, more in a minute. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes.
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but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. steve: the white house sent to congress the opening bid on the dreamer act. it is very clear the white house wants the wall. >> this is exactly what the base wants, and it also speaks to the issue of law and order. ames auction vice president mike pence taking a stand, walking out of yesterday's colts game in end that lis. >> the vice president loves the game of football. it's unfortunate this was where the game is going. >> stephen paddock's brother is now in las vegas talking to the fbi, trying to help them find out the motive. >> we were tripping over guns, tripping over long guns inside. >> could there have been any law passed that would have stopped him? >> no. >> right now there are reports of people hiding inside of their wineries in northern california. >> we're in survival mode.
4:01 am
don't take any chances, that's from the sheriffs across the police scanner. >> president trump takes a hatchet to obamacare regulations. >> small businesses will be able to band together and buy insurance together which brings down the rates that they pay. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: remember when darius rucker was a blowpush? he used to fill in on "fox & friends." ainsley: he did? he's from south carolina, and he still loves the state. he didn't get too big for his britches, sings at some of the games, when they opened up a new journalism school at the university, he was there with a
4:02 am
concert. steve: he keeps coming back. some of them never come back, but at least darius -- ainsley: i learned all their songs before they became famous because they were a big band in my hometown, and i had a recorded cassette of another cassette of another cassette, because they hadn't had an album yet. it was awful. but the music's so good. steve: thank you for joining us, today is monday, and it is columbus day. of it's a federal holiday, and a lot of stuff is closed today. before you head off, check it out. ainsley: don't you hate that when you go to the post office on a holiday, and you forgot? steve: it's closed! brian: normally when you get to the post office, you're in and out so quickly. [laughter] let's talk about president trump because he's not waiting for tax reform to get through and not looking back at what went wrong with health care, he's pushing immigration reforms and saying, listen, before we deal with daca, with these 800,000 kids who came here young and now are in their 20s and maybe 30s,
4:03 am
let's understand that we have to do immigration right. and it has a lot to do with border control and immigration control when it comes to enforcing those who might be heading our direction. steve: right. and so remember the president just famously, just a month or two ago said, okay, we're going to put the daca program on hold. congress has got to figure it out. yesterday the white house sent to congress a 70-point plan, 70 things that the president has talked about during the campaign and various congressional leaders have wanted. is it a take it or leave it? no, this is the opening bid on trying to figure out if you want those dreamer kids to stay here, these are some of the things i want. ainsley: building the border wall, he wants the hire 10,000 i.c.e. officers and 600 prosecutors, mandatory e-verify and a new points-based system for green cards based on merit and not on your family connections.
4:04 am
brian: right. he wants to make sure something that was done in 2006 when they gave money to building a wall or a fence and they didn't, ronald reagan said, listen, i'll give amnesty to the three million here, and then we're going to enforce the border, they never did. he goes, this time we're going to do all this stuff first and then deal with daca on top of that, but he does need 60 votes. they're going to have to compromise, but in the end, they're going to end catch and release, 10,000 i.c.e. officers and 300 federal prosecutors because they want to get people who are overstaying their visas, also stop this thing where if you're in central america, some weird thing in 2008 that was signed into law that if you're here, you yet to stay. you get a ticket to appear again, but basically you get amnesty. that's what caused this whole influx. steve: the number one item though is the wall. unlike what congress has talked about doing and giving to hem in the current budget -- to him in the current budget, he is asking for money to completely build
4:05 am
the whole wall, not just a little part, the whole wall. keep in mind, apparently many of the proposals have been -- many of the items on the 70-point list have been passed by the house, but they have gotten hung up in the senate because they don't have enough votes. brian: so we talked to a white house official who are dead set on doing this, they've already briefed leadership in both branches, in both houses, and they also want to say this: this is going to come forward, it's going to be part of daca, but in many ways it's a distraction from comprehensive immigration reform which people run from. but they believe they would not have won that election unless those 30-plus states wanted this immigration reform put into play. and when people say it's hard-line, they believe that hard-line is the open borders that hillary clinton wants and congressman gutierrez professes. this is just america first. ainsley: yeah. i think people are worried about security, they want to make sure the borders are safe and we're not all paying for people who are here illegally, bottom line.
4:06 am
last night, sunday, yesterday was sunday, of course, you probably were watching games, and the vice president decided to go to indianapolis because they were retiring peyton manning's number. so he goes to see the game. you know, he's from that a state, and he wants to support the team. and the 49ers, they had 23 of their players that took a knee, the most of any of the nfl teams, and the vice president didn't like it. he decided to leave. steve: he did. vice president pence tweeted out: i left today's colts' game with because the president and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or the national anthem. and the president tweeted: i asked vice president pence to leave the stadium if any players kneel, 20 some did, disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second karen lady -- [laughter] you know what? somebody just said the president has just tweeted again regarding this, and if we have the brand new tweet, we can go ahead and put it up on the screen right
4:07 am
now. it says our country has been unsuccessfully -- oh, look at that. that's something else on north korea. we put the wrong one up. ainsley: do you want me to look at twitter and see what he wrote? steve: anyway, keep in mind there are some on the political left who have said, look, this is a big pr state. he left las vegas, flew there and apparently the white house poolers were told be ready, he may leave. he may leave early. ainsley: here's his tweet. steve: i'll have you read that in just a second. keep in mind, this particular event was on the schedule for weeks, it wasn't until last week that they decided to go to las vegas. ainsley: some people were saying it was a political move, that he just planned this, he knew they were going to kneel, and this was just a pr move of so they could make him look like a hero for leaving. the president just tweeted and said the trip by vice president pence was long planned. he is receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for
4:08 am
country. you can see it's just retweeted, retreat tweeted. brian: so jerry jones of the cowboys has been on the phone with the president two weeks ago, and they were the ones that came up with this idea that before the game they would kneel, when the national anthem started, they would stand. many people thought that was the way forward. jerry jones just made it clear, when it comes to standing for the national anthem, you'll do it or you won't play. listen. >> we cannot, in the nfl, in any way give the implication that we tolerate disrespect to the flag. we cannot do that. and i know the vice president did leave because, in his opinion, we -- the teams were. we know that there is a serious debate in this country about those issues, but there is no question in my mind that the
4:09 am
national football league and the dallas cowboys are going to stand up for the flag. there is no equivocation, we'll stand for the flag. if there's anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play. brian: he did have a player put his fist in the air though, and he said i didn't see that after the game. cowboys did lose in a crushing defeat to the packers. steve: well, the miami dolphins' other than, steve ross, wants the players to stand, and those who didn't want to had to stay in the locker room or the tunnel, and yesterday three players stood in the tunnel until they were finished with the anthem, and then they ran out. ainsley: so it's not a visual, they're just not out there. brian brian meanwhile, we asked you for what you think. we got this from mike, just imagine the fallout if all the fans walked out with the vp. they are talking about an organized walkout on veterans day weekend, november 11th. steve: lou e-mailed: let them
4:10 am
kneel in empty stadiums. ainsley: right. remember why you get those paychecks. this is an e-mail, nfl equals nonpatriotic football league. i'm not watching. brian: tony says what part of national football league do they not understand? maybe they should create the me first league. colin kaepernick, there's a story that says if somebody signs me, i'll stand. his girlfriend says, no, he never said he was going to stand. he's still working out in new jersey hoping for a call. steve: and is it looks as if it could be having an impact. the win stop group did -- winston group did a poll that showed football is now our least favorite of the major sports. number one? baseball. brian: i'm sure that that's not true. i would love to see another look at that. football is by far the most poppe -- popular --
4:11 am
ainsley: i mean, i'm a football person. i always have been. this year, this is just a different aspect. i think a lot of people are trying to figure out how they feel. do i watch? i don't believe -- steve: the football polls went down 31 points just in the last month or to so. >> and just to update you, brown did raise his fist in the area, so he's the first in the nhl. we do want to begin with a fox fuse alert. california, raging fires forcing evacuations in california's wine country. it's so bad the napa county sheriff issuing the warning to his crew, he says we are in survival mode. don't take any chances. windy and dry conditions are fueling the flames with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour in some areas. harvey weinstein's film company may not bear his name anymore, the company he co-founded with his brother, will change its name.
4:12 am
known as one of the most powerful men in hollywood, he was fired over accusations he sexually harassed female coworkers for decades. president trump and senator bob corker in a war of words on twitter. the attacks after the tennessee republican criticized the president's cabinet. senator corker tweeting, quote: it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. and the president responding by saying, quote: bob corker gave us the iran deal, and that's about it. we need health care, we need tax cuts and reform, we need people that can get the job done. we'll get counselor kellyanne conway's take on this when she joins us live in the next hour. back to you guys. steve: some people were wondering yesterday why would the president say the initial tweet about bob corker, it looks like there's an item in "the washington post" yesterday talking about fiscal responsibility and how the republicans have let it go, and the president didn't like it and, boom, next thing you know, a tweet war.
4:13 am
brian ryan whatever bob corker thought, he could have done it personally and privately. they golf together. so to go public with these critiques, i think it's self-serving. iowans eaps disrespectful. brian: president trump tweeting about north korea, saying decades of policy and billions of dollars are not working. general jack keane is next. steve: plus, this wanted man issued a challenge to police on facebook. how did that work out for that guy? stick around. ♪ ♪ fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. ♪ hungry eyes
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♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ brian: president trump tweeting moments ago, our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 5 years -- 25 years. policy did not work. here to to weigh in, fox news military analyst, former vice chief of staff for the u.s. army, retired four-star general jack keane who was offered the defense secretary position but, unfortunately, the timing wasn't right. all right, general, what's the president up to? >> first of all, our end state dealing with north korea is very
4:18 am
clear. the administration has set this end state out right from the beginning, and they haven't moved from it, and that is to denuclearize north korea. it's not stuff to stop miniaturizing -- sufficient to stop miniaturizing nuclear weapons to put on icbms, you must get red of all nuclear weapons. this takes us back pre-2005 as an end state. their strategy is to isolate north korea and apply maximum pressure, and they began that strategy, brian, the first week of the administration when secretary mattis was sent to the far east, and he told our allies in the far east that the military option was back on the table. and then the rest of the national security team to include the vice president and the president began to convince our allies and also north korea and china that we were serious about the military action because obama never was. and then the president had some good fortune, and it was assad
4:19 am
conducting a horrific attack on his own people with chemical weapons on the very weekend president xi was visiting mar-a-lago. and at that point the chinese president knew he had a different president in the white house, and things changed. brian: 20 nations have curbed diplomatic or business operations, and they're starting to end the whole let north koreans work here and mail money back, so they're starting to curb it in the middle east. the president says only one thing will work, what does he mean? >> well, there's a couple things here. i don't know what he means because i'm not inside his head. and, obviously, he has information that none of the rest of us have. but the reality is this: the economic noose is tightening around north korea, and you just gave some evidence of it.
4:20 am
countries are shutting down north korea's embassies in their country, china is cutting off doing business with north korea with the chinese banks. that is the most significant progress. if the chinese carry this through and we're in the beginning stages of it, it's that most significant progress any president has ever had in dealing with this issue on north korea. so this economic noose is tightening. what kim jong un is doing is racing to get this capability before his country pays an economic price. he believes that the united states will acquiesce if he has that capability. he's dead wrong because he's not dealing with obama, he's dealing with trump. brian: japan says they fully back the president's hard line, and we know there's going to be a visit to china in november by the president, they know they have to get this out of the way. i look nor them to -- for them to follow through on that, otherwise that's all the president will talk about. general keane, thank you so much. this volunteer firefighter and his two children were killed
4:21 am
on a texas highway, so why did the driver only get two years in jail? texas attorney general ken paxton is this. and have you seen this? dove now in clean-up mode over this video, the critics call it racist. what are they trying to do? dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing. copdso to breathe better,athe. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: it is time for your news by the numbers. first, $1 million, that's how much the obamaer into car department spent onion commercial flights over a six-year period, one person spent half a million dollars. next, seven cents, that's how much gas prices fell over the last two weeks as crude oil prices decline and refineries begin to reopen after being damaged by hurricane harvey. and finally, two, that is how many of the nfl's biggest stars were injured on sunday,
4:25 am
j.j. watt fracturing his left leg and new york giants' wide receiver odell beckham jr. break his ankle. our thoughts are with those guys. steve, down to you. steve: thank you very much, ainsley. the story is horrific and hard to hear, a texas father and his two young children killed at the hands of someone who was in this country illegally who we just learned will basically get a slap on the wrist for those three precious lives lost. he was sentenced to only to two years in jail. their heartbroken mother joined "fox & friends" on saturday fighting for justice so that other families don't have to go through what she's going through. >> for some reason it seems to me that they feel that he should have some sort of special circumstances and he should be treated differently because he is an illegal immigrant. i want to see those laws enforced, and i want to see stricter punishment. steve: let's bring in the texas attorney general, ken paxton
4:26 am
joins us from austin. mr. attorney general, why did this guy only get two years? >> you know, it's one of those things i think our laws in texas need to be stricter for this, and i think, you know, we've been dealing with this for years, sanctuary cities trying to prevent people come coming into our state illegally. i don't think the penalties are strong enough. steve: i read in one of the local news sources down there in dallas that a criminal defense attorney said a longer sentence would have required proving an intent to kill. this was the situation where this guy, who was in the country illegally, fell asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle, drifted over and killed the family, right? >> that's correct. you know, people say this doesn't have consequences, illegal immigration. we've been tracking statistics in texas for six years through our state police, we've had over 600,000 crimes including 1200 homicides, 6,000 sexual assaults, and here we go again. how many of these stories do we have to have before we address
4:27 am
this issue? i am thankful that the president is making a senate impact here. steve: your problem is the fact that this person who was in this country illegally was driving without a license, right? >> that's correct. and my problem is also that this is only a two-year sentence. when you look at what happened to this woman, she lost both of her children, she lost her husband, and the remedy is really a two-year sentence? steve: i understand you told one of our producers over the weekend during the pre-interview that to you it feels like the court has more empathy for an illegal alien than they have for that family that lost those three people right there. >> you know, it often seems that way. the real issue here is the penalty and what kinds of penalties we're going to have for people who are here illegally. the consequences for our state are dramatic, and i think the legislature needs to address in the next time they meet. steve: well, that's the texas legislature behind you, but you also told our producer that you are thankful we have a president
4:28 am
who is trying to do more to enforce immigration to this cup than any other -- to this country than any other president in american history. >> that's correct. for 2 years, i was in -- 12 years i was in the legislature, my state spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to stop illegal immigration. we had our hands tied by the federal government, and finally we have a president that's allowing border security to do their job. i've talked to these guys on the border, and they are grateful, and you can see the results. illegal immigration is coming down dramatically, and i think it's a result of what this administration and what the president trump administration has sought to do. steve: our lead story this morning is that yesterday the administration sent over to congress a 70-point plan saying, okay, you want the dreamer program to continue and/or at least for the dreamers in this country to wind up with some sort of a path to citizenship, then you're going to have to meet our 70 needs. and one of them, the first one is building the wall. and it's not just part of the wall, it is the whole wall.
4:29 am
what do you make of what you have read from the administration regarding how they want to deal with this situation? >> look, i'm really encouraged by this. as i've said for decades, we've been dealing with this issue of crime, you know, illegal crossings, the impact on our economy, the cost to the state that we can't account for. so the fact that the president's pushing hard on this, he promised it, and he's doing it unlike i said, like any president we've ever had in the history of our country. so i think most texans are grateful. steve: he is the attorney general for the great state of texas, ken paxton, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. have a great day. steve: meanwhile, we just learned from the fbi they are now apparently interviewing the brother of the las vegas shooter. we'll have details on that coming up next. plus, this wanted man issued a challenge to police on social media. how'd that work out for him? stick around, you're watching "fox & friends." it's columbus day here in new york city.
4:30 am
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steve: he has appeared on nearly everyv channel over the course of the last week, the brother of the las vegas shooter s and this morning we're learning he's being interviewed by the fbi. will carr is live in las vegas with the very latest. will? >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. a lot of new information over the weekend including that stephen paddock's brother who lives in florida is now in las vegas, and he's trying to help the fbi find that elusive motive, the reason why stephen paddock killed 58 people and injured almost 500 others. also we're learning that federal authorities believe paddock may have had an undiagnosed mental illness, and we're finding out more about his preparation leading up to the attack and exactly what he had on the note
4:34 am
on his hotel nightstand. >> i did notice a note on the nightstand near his shooting platform. i could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what his bullet was going to be for those, for the crowd. so he had, had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there. >> reporter: after continuing to talk to paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley, authorities searched his home here in nevada for the second time this weekend. it comes as steve wynn told chris wallace on "fox news sunday" that a paddock and danley frequented his hotels over the years. >> if there's anything interesting that stood out over the six years, nobody that's ever worked here has ever seen the gentleman or the lady take a drink of wine, beer or alcohol of any kind.
4:35 am
now, a lot of people don't drink. but considering the frequency of all the restaurants and their behavior as normal tourists taking advantage of everything that's available in our resort, they never, ever imbibed in any liquor. >> reporter: all of the hotels timed their lights for exactly -- dimmed their lights for exactly 11 minutes, the exact time of the shooting seven days ago. it's one of many touching tributes we've seen over the past week. back to you. steve: will carr live outside mandalay bay, thank you very much. we heard from the police officers on "60 minutes" last night, they saw that room service cart with the cameras on it, they saw the wires, they didn't think camera, they thought it's booby trapped. >> right. and that's why they waited for s.w.a.t. to get there. but the security guard didn't, and he got there, took a bullet and then ended up alerting the shooter who ended up killing himself thinking the end was
4:36 am
coming, so he wanted to take his own life. if that security gird didn't do what he did -- ainsley: they didn't know what they were going to the find when they walked into that room. because the fire alarms had gone off, all of the sirens and flashing red lights were going off, and they walked into a darkroom, they said it was very eerie. steve they figured there must be 50 other guys in here, it can't just be that 60-year-old guy right there. there's also an article that given the head shot that he took, it looked like to some commenters that he may have actually shot himself accidentally. in which case would suggest we heard from the sheriff last week that he had an exit plan. still trying to put it all together. ainsley: all right, let's hand it over to gillian who has headlines for us. >> reporter: let's begin with this, antifa is calling for chaos on this columbus day. the radical, far-left group urging supporters to deface any statue in the country honoring
4:37 am
explorer christopher columbus. the supervisor of one long island town joined us earlier asking his community to take a stand. >> what these organizations are doing to try to deface columbus statues is un-american, and it's outrageous, and i'm asking people to be on the lookout today. if they see any of this going on, shoot pictures and video and call the police. we have to come together and send a very strong message of just how wrong it is. >> reporter: the supervisor says his town will welcome all unwanted columbus statues. the founder of blackwater may run for senate. sources telling the associate press it's part of an insurgency against the republican establishment led by former white house strategist steve bannon. he's a senior member of the republican leadership team who is challenged would likely have the backing of majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> dove apologizing for a
4:38 am
controversial advertisement many people are calling racist. finish the soap company coming under fire for a facebook video showing black woman turning into a white woman after taking her shirt off. now, the company says the intention was to show dove soap is for everyone, but the critics say it's a throwback to soap ads like this from the 1800s depicting a black man turning white while he's being scrubbed. a wanted man challenges police on facebook, promising to turn himself in they get a thousand shares and the public delivers. the man messaged redford police west of detroit that he'd throw in some doughnuts and promised to pick up trash around schools if he got the numbers. the post has more than 3,000 shares, but mr. champagne -- that's, i guess, what he's calling himself -- hasn't turned himself in just yet. police say he's wanted on several warrants, so there you have it. steve: is that his real name, mr. champagne? >> reporter: i'm sure that's what he's calling himself, i'm
4:39 am
not sure. [laughter] brian: amesly, you have some exciting news. ainsley: on tuesday my new book comes out, and it's called through your eyes: my child's gift to me k and i'm really excited. it's available on presale right now. and you can officially find it in the bookstores next tuesday -- brian: do you know where you're going to be going? ainsley: we have a list, and i've put it on my social media, but i'm going to be in new jersey on monday, new york, long island on tuesday, wednesday brooklyn, thursday connecticut and friday, saturday, sunday i'm touring in south carolina, my home state. i'll be in myrtle beach on friday, my hometown of columbia and fiction addiction in greenville, south carolina. brian: fiction addiction? ainsley: they're addicted to fiction. brian brian where do we get that if we missed that or we're driving around in our tractor-trailer? ainsley: ainsley earhart and also on my social
4:40 am
media. brian: show the back side. steve: it's beautiful. ainsley: pasha is a photographer down in south carolina, and if you live in the charleston area, he can come to you. he is amazing, so talented. thank you, beautiful little girl. the first book was ming me to teach her lessons, but i've learned so much -- steve: wait until they're 20. ainsley: i'm sure. you learn about life, you have all these things planned, and then you throw that out the window. brian: can i ask you a question? on this, have you thrown her and caught her, or are you lifting her -- [laughter] ainsley: i'm just lifting her. i don't think i've thrown her and caught her. i've thrown her into the pillows on my bed. she loves that. oh, there's hayden. that was us going to a class. steve: that's great. congratulations. ainsley: thank you so much. thanks for y'all's support, y'all are awesome.
4:41 am
brian: one week from tomorrow. ainsley: yeah. and your book comes out the next tuesday. you need a book to come out so the three of us can tour together. steve: there you go. good chance to go out and meet the folks. ainsley: that's right. brian: the left slamming vice president mike pence for walking out of the colts' game after players protested the anthem, but david webb says he did exactly the right thing. ainsley: and she didn't stand for the pledge, so she was expel from her school, and now she is suing. did she get what she deserved, or does she have a case? we're going to debate it coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> that's not possible. if this gets out --
4:45 am
steve: some quick headlines for you. first up, blade runner an update, blade runner 2049 falling flat at the box office this weekend, the big budget sequel only pulling in $31.5 million. the film cost $150 million to make. meanwhile, "star wars" fans will want to tune into monday night football. ♪ ♪ >> now, reach out. steve: the trailer for the last jedi will debut during halftime on espn tonight. advance tickets will go on sale right after it airs. it's going to heat theaters on the sawth day of -- the 15th day of december. ainsley: that's going to do well. vice president taking a stand, walking out of the colts' game in indianapolis after nearly two dozen san francisco 49ers took a
4:46 am
knee during the anthem. brian brian he tweeted: potus and i will not dig dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our federal or or -- flag or or anthem. steve: democrats are already saying, hey, how much did this publicity stunt cost us. >> well, let's see, it cost the american people nothing because the vice president and the president elected to serve our nation, lead our nation, stand for the constitution, the flag and defend the nation, did what they should do which is not stand for disrespecting the flag when players take a knee. you know, let's pause for a moment and take a breath here, guys, because this started with colin kaepernick in a protest against police officers and the shootings of blacks. well, in that case let me say this to the nfl players who want to do this, turn around, take a
4:47 am
knee to the police who stand there on the sidelines at every game and protect you. take a knee when you walk out of the stadium and they stand there to make sure that some nut job doesn't run out of the crowd against you. instead they're disrespecting the flag. and i don't care what party you're from, what side you're from. american people, whether you look at the history of burning the flag, your first amendment rights, your right toss protest in any way, americans, by and large, see that as disrespectful to the flag. mr. vice president, thank you for standing up. brian: well, we have two owners in particular, the giants' owner asked the players to stand two, didn't. jerry jones says if you don't stand, you're not playing. and steven raz -- ross is going the same way, and the dolphins stood. some say the vice president made it worse because this thing was petering out. what do you say to them? >> they'd like to say it made it worse. i'd say it made it more in line with americans. after all, jerry jones, the
4:48 am
dallas cowboys, i'm a giants fan, so kudos to jerry on this one. they call themselves america's team. well, if you're america's team, how do you not stand for america's flag in and on top of that when you look at the fact that he's making the rules, he's making it clear you play for this team, you have your rights, but on this team i set a set of rules just like you and i have rules at work. anyone watching, we all have rules at work, these are the rules. ainsley: dade, what does the flag mean to you? brian reminded us that you served our country. >> i say this for anyone whether you raise your right hand or not, how many of you remember that moment -- i was a young kid, i was barely 18 when i took that oath, and i claim no great battles, no great function, but i remember that moment because i didn't know what was going to happen to me. but i knew that i wanted to serve this country. and for anyone out there whether it's putting your happened over
4:49 am
your heart when you go to class or all the things -- i remember that pride that we felt. nobody argued when i was in grammar school, in high school about putting our hands over our heart. nobody argued about standing for the flag. we did it because it was a sense of respect that started with the pledge. wroip broin but they take a knee because there's racial injustice in this country. don't you feel that way? >> that they take a three because there's racial finish take a knee because there's racial injustice? brian: that's why colin kaepernick says he took a knee, because of racial injustice in the country. >> so go back to my earlier point. if you really want to protest that and your target is the police in this country, turn around and take a knee in front of that police officer. you don't -- i get it. you're right to dispute, to protest, to take a knee, that's not in question. your responsibility is what are you really doing. and by the way, colin kaepernick
4:50 am
now apparently says i'll stand -- brian: no, he's not going to. that was an erroneous report. ainsley: i read that too, but brian said they talked to his girlfriend -- >> okay, i stand corrected. steve: david webb, thank you very much for your point of view, joining us from miami. cains iowans thanks for serving our country. brian: we're going to get kellyanne conway's reaction to the vice president's move at the top of the hour as well as the bob corker kerfuffle over the weekend. ainsley: i like that word. plus, a teenager refused to stand for the pledge, so she was expelled from the school, and now she's suing the school district. do you think she has a case? we're going to debate it coming up. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
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4:54 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: a texas high schooler now suing after getting expelled for sit ising during the pledge of a-- sitting during the pledge of allegiance. >> i don't think that the flag is what it says it's for, for liberty and for justice ask and and all that. it's not, obviously, what's going on in america today. ainsley: does she have a case? here to debate is lawrence jones along with democratic strategist michael hopkins. thanks for being with us. lawrence, i'll start with you. are you siding with the school or the little girl? >> well, i'm not sure from a legal standpoint especially when schools decided that they took prayer out of cool and there was some case law, i'm not sure from the legalities. but i think we're missing the point in our culture. i think there's a lot of virtual signaling on both -- ainsley: what is virtue signaling? what do you mean? >> well, you know, taking a knee or, you know, all these virtues when we should really be teaching our kids what the flag actually represents, and that
4:55 am
really means the ideals of america. and when america, when you feel like there's injustice, you can also speak out against that, but you don't necessarily have to disrespect those that serve. ainsley: michael, she says she doesn't -- she goes, the pledge goes against everything that she believes in, so do you think it's okay for her to sitsome. >> i think legally she absolutely has a constitutional right to sit. the court in tinker v. des moines stated that students don't leave their first amendment rights at the door when they walk into schools and that they absolutely have a right to voice their first amendment rights as long as it doesn't substantially or materially interfere with the school's ability to function. and here, you know, americans may not agree with what she did, but she absolutely has the right to do so. and i think that, you know, it's not popular, but our laws aren't popularity contests. ames airports lawrence -- >> but shouldn't we be -- ainsley: go ahead. >> i remember frederick douglass in 1852, and during that time
4:56 am
black folks were actually slaves, shouldn't we be talking about the ideals of america? because the ideals of america isn't injustice, it's the constitution, it's the flag, it's what we represent as a nation to fight against injustice. so when we have our kids kneeling before the flag and saying, hey, we're upset with the country, that's one thing. but to actually disrespect it, i think, is a different thing. ainsley: michael? >> i'm not sure what slavery or frederick douglass has to do with this -- >> because black folks were slaves back then. >> and they couldn't use their first amendment rights back then. respecting the flag and also teaching them to stand up against things they disagree with and voicing their opinions and respecting the constitution is something all americans can do. i think this is something we can all learn from. ainsley: she was expelled on a friday, she came back -- or maybe it was a monday, and then came back on a friday because the teacher said, you know what? i've heard both sides, i am going to allow you to sit down.
4:57 am
she's still suing the school district, so we'll keep you posted. lawrence, michael, thanks so much for joining us. we'll be right back. kellyanne conway congresswoman coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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find great coverage that's a perfect match too. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. brian: president trump is pushing immigration reform. steve: a 70-point plan. ainsley: just the highlights. building the border wall, mandatory nigh e-verify. and a new point-based. >> he's doing it unlike any president we've done it in our history. >> mike pence just left the indianapolis colts game after football players took a knee. >> this is not surprising. the president stands for the national anthem. he stands for the american people. >> steven paddock talking to the fbi. >> could there be any law passed that would have helped them? >> no. >> right now there are people hiding in wineries in california. >> don't get hurt.
5:01 am
that's coming across the police scanner right now. >> economic news is tightening around north korea. that's the most significant progress any president has ever had in dealing with this issue. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i choose all the music around here. macklemore. steve: live from new york city, take a look. it's a federal holiday but kellyanne conway and the president of the united states working. ainsley: last time you were here, your phone was ringing. remember? >> very special guest. my boss.
5:02 am
brian: so much going on. people are focused on tax reform. people saying that's up next. a big let down. now all of a sudden immigration is a big center. but last night, i think over the weekend it has become clear. the administration wants to take the lead on this. >> yes. and last night, we had an open press call. many people invited to that. we'll see if the press is covering it today because it's a huge immigration proposal. yes, it deals with daca, which of course is on the minds of many democrats and some republicans. but it also deals with the president's first priorities, which is to keep us all safe and secure. it would have 300 new immigration judges. 1 you ice agents because one of the major challenges we still have is what to do with folks who are trying to cross the border illegally. we also want the safe return of children who are coming over unaccompanied. unaccompanied minors. we want them to come home safely and securely. we also. the to build the border wall.
5:03 am
full construction of the border wall. funding for it. we're going to limit chain spouses to children because it's not fair for the american worker. for years, this country, including capitol hill and the swamp, they always ask what more can we do for the illegal immigrant? this president is asking what's fair to the american worker? what's fair to the american community? steve: so yesterday, the white house sent a 70-point plan and said these things are on our list, including complete construction of the wall. not just a hunk of it. you're not going to get all 70. so this is really the opening bid. democrats, you want the daca dreamer program, this is what we want with national security. >> well, how long it has been a multilayered challenge for this nation, how long it has been ignored. talking about looking the other way at something so critically important. also, this particular legislative package was done in concert with department of homeland security, department of justice, health and human
5:04 am
services, department of labor. there are many different agencies and departments. brian: border patrol. >> of course. and we had representatives of many of those departments and agencies on the phone call last night along with our legislative team so that anybody who wanted to ask questions could. what i think is remarkable about a major legislative initiative being put forth by the president of the united states and his administration to congress. instead, they want to continue to cover intrigue. brian: and this is what chuck schumer said. we are open to reasonable border security. but this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. >> well, i would like to know what chuck schumer think so is reasonable because you almost every day, every week, certainly, have somebody on who has lost loved ones because an illegal immigrant has murdered them or killed them or i've stood shoulder to shoulder. i've met these families. the president, more importantly, has acknowledged them. and if we would just enforce the laws that exist. if we would stop providing
5:05 am
sanctuary to folks who have been deported multiple times, broken the law multiple times. if we would lift up the american worker, raise their pay. if we would make sure that simple things. what's reasonable is to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and also of the drugs coming over the border. the president has been very clear about that too. all the drugs coming over the border has to stop as well. and i would like to know what senator schumer think so is reasonable when we just see the statistics alone in terms of people ignoring the law. brian: it's bigger than that. >> our border patrol agents, they don't have enough resources. brian: there's 33,000 unaccompanied minors this year alone. >> it's dangerous for them. ainsley: what about the dreamers? many people watching this morning worried that they're going to be sent home. he met with them a few weeks ago, and they were trying to work out a compromise. he said i'll let the dreamers stay possibly if you give me
5:06 am
funding for the entire wall. we want to build the whole wall. what's the message for the dreamers watching who are fearful that they're going to be deported? >> listen to what the president said. he said he's open to a deal. open to figuring out a way to have a broader immigration policy that certainly addresses daca, the so-called dreamer program. but along with all of these other critical programs. so they should actually be calling their friends chuck and nancy and say, you know, are you going to give up this deal? why don't you want a border wall constructed? why don't you want more immigration judges and agents? and why is it a reasonable policy to limit chain migration? and also to stop these visa overstays and to make sure people that are flaunting the law. steve: he was the governor of the great state of indiana. mike pence returned home for
5:07 am
the indianapolis colts and the 49ers game. as it turns out, a couple dozen members of the san francisco 49ers took a knee during the anthem, and the president tweeted out i asked vice president pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespected our country. i'm proud of him and second lady karen. and then adam schiff of the great state of california said out of all the scandals involving travel, how much taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt? that seems to be a political talking point. this was a political stunt. he had been in las vegas, went to indianapolis to make this statement. >> well, peyton manning was being honored before the game. let me tell you something. i've known the vice president and mrs. pence for a decade. i worked them for a decade. it takes a lot to get that man's blood boiling. and to refer to someone who's standing up for the flag and all it represents to hundreds
5:08 am
of millions of americans and all it signals to the world, our veterans, our unity, the sounding of our great nation to call that a political stunt is truly outrageous, egregious, and offensive. brian: it was on the books already; right? >> it was on the books. but let me just say this. when mike pence was the governor of indiana, there were many times that he had to receive, go in and comfort the family of a fallen soldier. he was helping receive the remains of the brave men and women. and those coffins are always draped in a flag. and this is a man who says he doesn't think it's too much to stand. i want to give a little lighthearted note here. legendary sportscaster said on twitter last night that somehow since these 49ers have started this, they've won two games. so maybe they should take a knee in the other game's end zone. and did you see in the prompter, steve, the giants are 0-5? brian: why would you say that? and you know i went to a game
5:09 am
yesterday. >> because i'm an eagles fan. brian: and the interim executive producer, he's a giant fan. >> i want to say something. we keep on focusing on the very few, the handful of folks who can be the knee, who raise their first. let's talk about -- especially to our children watching. let's talk about the next generation, what the flag means. we're talking about why protesters, they're coming together to be. ainsley: what does the flag mean? >> the flag, i still think it's the most cohesive, unifying symbol in our nation at a time we feel divided ideologically and geographically. and i was with my daughter and her friend, and you go somewhere like that, and the flag is everywhere. i don't know everybody's politics, about his them walking down the street holding the flag. steve: when did the vice president and the president talk about doing this? >> well, they talk about this every day.
5:10 am
steve: last week? >> well, hold on. they've talked about -- they talk every day, and they certainly have talked about this issue. and as you -- brian said, the vice president and the second lady go into the colts game that has been on the books for a very long time. steve: since las vegas has happened. >> what they do is discuss up coming travel. the vice president and the second lady were in puerto rico, for example. ainsley: so instead of canceling, he knew he was going to have to leave. the vice president knew he was going to have to leave. steve: well, the polls are on their side. most americans say they stand for the flag and all it represents. i'm just not going to disparage the brave men and women in the uniform. brian: and obviously peyton manning's number only because itgets retired once. now let's talk about what's going on with the president of the united states. these two were once good
5:11 am
friends. this is what corker says. it's a shame that the white house has become an adult day care center. this after a twitter exchange. what a demeaning tweet at the president. >> well, it is and world leaders see that. we've all worked with senator corker over the years. we thanked him for his service. but i find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. and as to the insulting that the mainstream media and the president almost a year after this election, they still can't accept the election results. it adds to their ability and their cover to speak about the president of the united states in ways that no president should be talked about. and also, i prefer to expect myself privately. brian: and here's a relationship with the president. >> he was in the white house two weeks ago for a private meeting. so that door has been opened. relying upon senator corker, but so are the people of tennessee for him to get big
5:12 am
things done in the remaining time of his tenure. i think comments like this are less helpful than saying i don't like x, y, z, but i support the president on tax reform. we're going to look at the iran deal. you know, conservatives have not really forgiven bob corker i am not he actually passed a referendum that allowed it to pass without votes in the senate. >> that's right. and the iran deal by many accounts, including this president who ran against the former secretary state in part on the iran deal, and it's looking very seriously at it. right now, as the certification process comes through again. but this president has said since the beginning, it's a bad deal. they paid blood money for these hostages. and the fact is that this president has to work with senator corker. but conservatives are very
5:13 am
upset with senator corker for allowing that to go to a vote. and, look, i just am -- i know i'm very public. i go on tv, et cetera. i speak on behalf of th the president, but i still come from a background where you express yourself. and this president has the most open door policy to our senators and members of congress that i think anybody has ever seen. but what this does too is look at what the mainstream media are covering. this is the hot story instead of the 70-point immigration plan. what's next. ainsley: bob corker needs to look at the approval generating. >> well, it's in the tank. because, look, they've got -- they finally had their chance. to have a president who is willing to sign into law all of these things you've been voting on for years. and they just ought to pass a couple of things already. steve: thank you for joining us on this federal holiday. >> thank you. steve: do you get overtime? >> no. steve: okay. coming up on this monday, all bets are off
5:14 am
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5:18 am
fox news alert 17 minutes after the hour. nate slammed the gulf coast at the r as a category one hurricane leaving behind destruction. ainsley: it is now a tropical storm. steve: meanwhile, joins us live from mississippi where they have had so much water. >> they really have. a lot of the casinos seem to have gotten the bulk of that. there are thousands of people still without power this morning. most of them in alabama. officials there say about 7,000 people in the mobile area where r without power. mississippi power says everyone who lost power during the hurricane has it back. one of the most noticeable things left behind by hurricane nate is this boat right here on the beach behind me. it has been stuck here since sunday morning. for the most part, this hurricane caused very minimal damage here in biloxi and
5:19 am
alabama and indiana. but that boat belongs to a woman hadder and her fiancé. she is living overseas. she noticed a local reporter tweeting, showing that boat on facebook and said, hey, i think that's my boat. the local news outlet is reporting that she's making plans to try to travel up here and assess some of the damage. but apparently, she and her fiancé normally live on this boat right here. about half a mile from where we're standing are a number of casinos. one casino that took a lot of water, particularly in their lobby is the golden nugget casino and hotel. storm surge came into that lobby there, cleared out, and we're told there's actually relatively little lasting damage inside that casino. but that is one of at least three casinos that have some sort of flooding for a lot of other places. the flooding took place in the parking deck.
5:20 am
this is the first hurricane to hit mississippi since hurricane katrina back in 2005. >> we did not dodge a bullet in this city. we got hit head on at night by category 1 storm. if that same storm would have hit us 15 years ago, the damage would have been much more extensive. >> steve, ainsley, and brian, that's what officials here in mississippi keep referring to. they said we did a whole lot of work after that hit us, and that's why things aren't nearly as bad as they could have been. back to you guys. ainsley: so they learned from history. from the past. steve: they did, indeed. ainsley: thanks. steve: straight ahead, saturday night live turning into a lecture on guns. >> can't hit what you're shooting with six bullets, then you don't need to be shooting at it. learn karate or use your words. steve: karate or use your words. nra national spokesperson dana loesch here to talk about
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> good morning. starting with a fox news alert. raging wildfires forcing massive evacuations in california's wine country. it's so bad, the napa county sheriff issuing this report to his crew. saying quote we are in survival mode. don't take any chances. firefighters battling with hundreds of acres. windy and dry conditions fueling the flames with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour in some areas. may not bear his name anymore. the company he cofounded with his brother will change its name.
5:25 am
known as one of the most powerful men in hollywood, weinstein was fired from the company over accusations he sexually harassed female coworkers for decades. and cities across the country are planning to protest on this columbus day. activists in new york city promising to shut down the parade saying explorer christopher columbus doesn't deserve the honor. >> dozens of cities will instead be celebrating indigenous people's day. steve: all right. thank you. punch lines get political on saturday night live turned into a late night lecture on guns. >> no. you're not allowed to have 40 guns anymore. from now on, you can have one gun. max. and six bullets. if you can't hit what you're shooting with six bullets, then you don't need to be shooting at it. learn karate or use your words. steve: here with reaction to
5:26 am
saturday night live on this monday morning, we've got national nra spokesperson dana loesch joining us from dallas today. good morning to you. >> steve, good morning to you. steve: so you don't need guns. just learn karate or use your words. >> yeah. karate or words. i'm certainly not going to take any kind of firearm lecture from people who clearly don't either own them or have never fired them and don't even understand the concept of self-defense either. this idea that you're going to have a six-round limit. and then they compare them to stats, steve. because, you know, people all over the united states every day successfully defend hire life using cats. steve: well, one of the things he brought up, and i've heard a number of people from the political left talk about is the number of guns. i've heard them say i can't believe the guy had 30 guns or 40 guns, or whatever the number is. you know, something i would ask them is what is the correct number of guns any american can have? because i haven't heard anybody say an american should
5:27 am
only have blank number of guns or one gun or no guns. i've actually heard a lot of people say no guns. >> right. well, yeah. i'm curious to see how they proposed that to work because you would need firearms to go door-to-door to houses all over the united states. millions of americans and confiscate said firearms. and through that part, steve, there are millions of americans all throughout the country that own multiple firearms. and some of them, yes, even own 40 firearms. and you know what? they've been owning these 40 firearms for decades and millions of law-abiding americans who have not done anything. firearm owners, concealed carriers, they're the most law-abiding group. and that's the thing. evil lives among us. and i've said this before. it's real. you have to deal with evil. and i certainly want to be prepared to deal with evil on or a monster with the ability to defend myself as opposed to not having that ability to defend myself. and people like michael who do their show over at snl in a building where they have armed
5:28 am
security, they have the luxury of being able to tell everybody else to disarm. these individuals can afford private security. they work in a building that's armed guards, and you know they wouldn't go one single day without this armed guards. why don't you give up the firearms that your private security is holding. you're not being more virtuous because you're paying somebody else to carry it. you're outsourcing it. steve: did you see dianne feinstein was on one of the chat shows yesterday. and she asked. are there any laws that would have prevented what happened in las vegas? and she said "no." >> yeah. she said "no" because -- and i can't even believe me words -- my mouth is making these words. she was right on that. there's nothing that could have been done, unfortunately, to prevent this tragedy. you know, and i know that this investigation is on going, and i don't want to get ahead of the law enforcement that's involved in this right now. but usually with individuals like these, there are some sort of red flags, and i'm just curious as to what sort of red flags that this individual was putting out. i mean, he look at james
5:29 am
hodgekinson immediately after that tragedy, no one really knew his mo, and it took a while for that information to come out that he was targeting on political ideology. but then people started talking about the red flags that were popping up about this guy. and sooner or later, the truth will out. steve: right. exactly. all of those people who knew this guy can't figure out what those red flags were. we're going to play one more sound byte for you here, dana. here was steve schmidt chief strategist on hbo friday neither. >> the founding fathers, though. they can no more conceive of an ak-47 or ar15 firing full automatic no more than a spaceship. it is harder to buy cough medicine than it is a ak50 of them. steve: is that true? it is harder to buy cough medicine than it is an ak-47
5:30 am
or 50 of them? >> no. and you would have to buy cough medicine that is really old. pre1986 is how old that would be. and then you would have to get law enforcement approval and spend $50,000, and that's just completely inaccurate. and he's not speaking on a position of experience, so i'm not sure why he's chiming in on the law here. but, no, you have to be able to go through many, many steps to be able to do that. but really quickly on the historicalness, in fact, our founding fathers were aware of it, the continental congress was getting ready to purchase a fully automatic firearm but they were prohibited only because of cost. not because of desire. so people picked up a book and understand the history of firearms, maybe they wouldn't make such silly arguments on live television. steve: i haven't heard those stories before. dana loesch from the nra, thank you so much for joining us from dallas. >> thank you so much. steve: meanwhile, it's not just saturday night live pushing liberal talking points.
5:31 am
>> if trump is upset rex tillerson called him a moron, wait until what he finds out the rest of the country calls him? steve: why a turn from the left? a hollywood insider from the outside coming up next. and a man hanging onto -- yep, he's on the front of a moving school bus. the kids insideter fade. the story behind the video coming up the best simple salad ever?
5:32 am
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steve: all right. it is now 26 -- brian is doing some research. you know what? brian: this makes sense. jillian, you just sent me something via text. so why shouldn't i it back to you? steve: tell us what you sent him. >> it's this hilarious nfl on fox video that they posted about the giants. brian: about the giants. because the giants are 0-5,
5:35 am
and she finds it endlessly humorous. >> anyway, let's get to the news, though, because that's more important. do you remember the promise president trump made to coal country? >> you're going to see what happens. you're going to see. i get elected, you're going to see what happens. it's going to happen fast. and you're going to be back to better than ever before. >> well, he's about to deliver on it today. the administration set to make a big announcement on climate policy scrapping former president obama's clean power plan. the epa declaring that the rule meant to occu curb greenhouse gas emissions. chelsea manning claiming she didn't spill any government secrets, only history. claiming quote these aren't intelligence documents. it's historical data. there's nothing sensitive in there. there's no troop movements. it was a historical record of everything that happened in iraq and afghanistan. manning spent seven years in
5:36 am
military prison for disclosing classified information to wikileaks. president obama commuted her sentence. this video is absolutely insane. look at your screen. an irate man clings onto a moving school bus after he says a bottle was thrown at his car. the bus driver reducin refusing to stop. >> get off the bus. >> an off-duty baltimore cop quickly stepped in to help. the man was arrested. bus packed with middle schooling-aged kids. and superstar angelina jolie may have been plotting a real life secret mission. . >> so according to a french website, jolie once helped
5:37 am
capture the uganda warlord. the plan was to invite him to dinner so that they could catch him. but jolie wasn't the only star in the spy plot. george clooney declining an invitation to gather information on the regime. there you have it. look at your headlines. steve: nobody would believe it. thank you very much, jillian. by the way, brian, i just sent you a cat video. [laughter] all right. let's bring in actress and comedian heather macdonald joins us today from our l.a. bureau. hey, heather. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: let's talk a little bit about how -- do you remember in the olden days? i don't know if you're old enough. but i remember johnny carson when he would go on at 11:30 at night, whoever was the president of the united states, there was always some good-natured poking at them. but it seems like the late night hosts have taken such a turn against the president. can you figure out why? >> well, because they don't
5:38 am
like him. and they didn't vote for him, but they're probably secretly happy that they won because they have material every single night. and that is every show, and it does get a little tiring. there are people that would love to have a choice of watching something that could take their mind off all the turmoil that's going on in ourly world. and, unfortunately, you can't because every single one has the same point of view. and that's the majority of the comedic material up top. they have their show. it's understand hart news. so if you don't want to watch it, you don't have to. but it's obviously very evident. ainsley: we have a montage of what a lot of the late night hosts are saying about this administration. take a look at this and we'll get your reaction. >> the white house is scaling back a rule that requires employers to cover birth control. and ask what people should do for birth control now? the white house says think of trump. >> wait until he finds out what the rest of the country
5:39 am
has been calling him. >> president trump finally arrives in puerto rico this week. and let's just say problem solved. nothing says i understand the gravity of the situation like a billionaire tossing six rolls of paper towels to hurricane victims. ainsley: so, heather, do you think it's funny that they do this to president obama? >> you mean that they didn't do it to obama? is that what you're saying? ainsley: i'm just asking. did they do it? you know, is it fair? >> i mean, i don't remember -- i don't recall them doing it, no. i mean, it is -- it's an easier target to do. and announcement on a roll, and that is what is getting them ratings, so they're going to do what they're going to do. i mean, you know, i did notice as you guys did that there was no mention of harvey weinstein, there was not even a one-,you know, update saturday night live update joke, which could have been an easy one to stick in there. i understand the story maybe came out thursday. you couldn't write a whole sketch. however, i would like to have seen one of the actors in the peninsula right robe
5:40 am
hitting on ashley judd. i mean, that was a pretty juicy, amazing story. brian: they always change-up in the actual show and evidently, they had a skit, and they deleted it out. and the explanation was it's just so new york. really? harvey weinstein, the most powerful man in hollywood is too new york? are you kidding? >> yeah. i mean, what it is is sometimes it's not the host or even the writers. they might have wanted to do it. it could have been the network higher up that have a personal relationship with the weinstein company or maybe they've got a movie there or maybe they felt, you know, it's not worth it. i mean, look, i've never tweeted about the president. i don't know. one day my son might be in a foreign country, and i might need him. i don't want to know that there's a record efof me that said something nasty about him. it's not worth it. so for them if being in hollywood, it might just not be worth it to make fun of harvey weinstein and the weinstein company. brian: the ratings are up slightly. but overall where late night
5:41 am
used to be, they're down dramatically. and i will say this on top of that. it's good business for them. okay. hit the president. but if you can somewhat balance it out, you would have a shot at getting the other 50% of the country that doesn't hate the president. so it doesn't even make financial sense. >> i agree, and i feel like at one time fallon was a little bit more middle of the road. but there's something every night to discuss. i personally with my comedy and my stand up and my podcast with heather macdonald, i decided about a year ago i was not going to discuss politics, and this was a place for escapism, my social media is escapism, and that way people aren't getting fights on my facebook page. that's what i like. so there's 20 other shows that you can watch if you want to watch trump bashing shows. i feel it's a little much. i wish there was something else to watch before you went
5:42 am
to bed. just kind of take your mind off things. steve: well, you know what? they can watch your podcast. >> well, they can listen to my podcast. heather macdonald free everywhere. thank you. ainsley: heather, you are hilarious. you are so talented. thank you. brian: thank you. >> thank you. brian: jokes again about you, ainsley. i don't think they're very funny. ainsley: i would like to hear them. i'm sure i would laugh. brian: straight ahead, did you hear what dianne feinstein said about the las vegas shooter? >> could there have been any law passed that would have stopped him? >> no. ainsley: so what is the answer? we are live in las vegas as police are describing the heroing moments as they were trying to stop that shooter. steve: and then the group antifa targets on this columbus day but the outrage is all wrong. hear that coming up next operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied.
5:43 am
and always working to be better.
5:44 am
5:45 am
brian: on this columbus day, new york city's columbus
5:46 am
circle is around the clock security. is this an embarrassment? cops concerned about vandism to the christopher columbus statute on reports that antif antifa. this who denigrate columbus day only feed the bigoted narrative. former attorney jennifer harris joins us right now. jennifer, are you surprised about the push back on columbus now that it's even gaining speed these days? >> i'm not surprised because it has been going on for several decades. i am surprised that it has gained currency in our schools and that well-intentioned people have latched onto this because they believe that they're promoting diversity and tolerance towards native americans. what they don't realize is that in honoring -- denigrating columbus, they're actually -- it's an insult to both italian americans and hispanic-americans who wouldn't exist in this country without christopher columbus. brian: what exactly -- put in
5:47 am
perspective what he did. he basically went where nowhere had gone before. they equated to going to the moon in the '60s, only more dangerous. that's what columbus did. he was an explorer. that's why we have statues. >> he changed the course of human events. he brought two cultures together and created a new one. the latino culture. and that is why there are more statutes for christopher columbus in puerto rico than any other place in earth. brian: was he perfect? >> of course not. but you can't judge historic figures by the standards today. and, of course, there's a new poll out that says 60% of americans want to continue to honor christopher columbus and more than 75% agree that we need to judge him by the standards of his own time. not ours. and, by the way, by those standards, christopher columbus was a pretty good guy. i mean, he was a check on bad behavior, did bad things happen under spanish
5:48 am
colonization? of course. but he specifically advocating for humane treatment, and that's what gets lost in this whole debate. brian: and the journey to get the money to get the ships, to get the crew, in order to go toward what he thought was india, and his hope was china. ended up being the caribbean. and if you go out and read voyages, ousted exactly what happened. he wrote down a lot of himself and his son picked up the mantle from there. >> that's right. brian: jennifer, thank you so much. >> thank you. happy columbus day. brian: it's insane we have to debate columbus day and worry about his statue. unbelievable. it's great to live in new york city. thank you. >> thank you. brian: 12 minutes now before the top of the hour. coming up, what does the vegas shooter's brother know. the fbi trying to figure that out this hour. he is in las vegas. so where in las vegas? live prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9?
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>> president trump ready to cut a deal with dems so called dreamers. but it's what he's asking for in return that has some top democrats slamming the president as beyond reasonable. the weekly standard mon mccormick join us and congressman sean duffy join bill and i top of the hour on america's newsroom. brian: he appeared on nearly every tv show in the country over the course of last week. the brother of the shooterrer. i'm talking eric paddock. ainsley: he's being questioned by the fbi. steve: will is joining us from las vegas. >> officials are wondering exactly what that room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay look like in the aftermath of the shooting. they describe it as a armory. they said they were tripping over guns there were so many
5:53 am
all over the place. he also had toolboxes, pure tools, a surveillance system, and a note on his nightstand. >> i did notice a note on the nightstand near his shooting platform. i could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what his bullet was going to be for this -- for the crowd. so he had that written down and figured out, so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there. >> paddock's brother is now in las vegas. he lives in florida, and he's trying to answer questions so that authorities can try to zero in on that motive. at the same time this weekend, authorities search paddock's home here in nevada for the second time. also, steve wynn spoke with where chris wallis about red flags leading up to the shooting. >> if there's anything that stood out over the six years,
5:54 am
nobody. that has ever worked here had ever seen the gentleman or lady take a drink of wine, beer, or alcohol of any kind. now, a lot of people don't drink. but considering their frequency of all the restaurants and their behavior as normal tourists taking advantage of everything that's available in our resort, they never, ever imbibed in any liquor. >> and last night, all of the hotels on the strip dimmed their lights for 11 minutes. the exact time of the shooting seven days ago. one of the many tributes we've seen over the past week. guys, back to you. steve: live near the mandalay bay. we thank you very much. well, if you were watching the sunday morning chat shows yesterday and even saturday night live, everybody is asking about guns. how did this guy get so many guns? but as we heard from dianne feinstein who was on the cbs show yesterday, she couldn't answer one important question. >> could there have been any
5:55 am
law passed that would have stopped him? >> no. he passed basketed checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions. brian: mental health is one thing we have to get ahead of. there's already been a movement in the house with mental health. that wouldn't have stopped him because there was no red flag on that. there was a social behavior problem, but that prevent. ainsley: he was just crazy. he has lots of problems psychologically, i assume. anybody who can do this has to be crazy and out of their mind. he can do it anyway. it doesn't matter if there were a million gun laws out there. steve: well, nonetheless, washington is talking about doing something about these bump stocks, these devices that you can add to a semi automatic to make it easier to pull the trigger to shoot more bullets. dianne feinstein was talking about how she has had republican interest in bump stocks. but the interest is simply in having more hearings up on
5:56 am
capitol hill. she does have 36 democrats, believe i who are signing on as cosponsors. brian: republicans are smart enough to sign on to get rid of them because you don't need them, and i think it's just something they could get behind. in fact, the nra was -- when the nra comes out and is open to it, i think it really brought some common sense -- ainsley: they said they're open to regulations. they're not open to outlawing anything. brian: we really need a machine gun in this country? steve: there aren't any regulations at this point. regulate it firmly. ainsley: i think they're just saying less government. steve: right. brian: it's hard to imagine getting a license for a machine gun. that's what you're talking about. when you put it on, it makes it a machine gun. steve: it makes it a lot easier to shoot a lot of bullets. but anyway, the debate just goes on in washington. thought we would update you. brian: more fox and friends in a moment
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
booking a flight at the last minute doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. >> i can hardly wait for that interview tomorrow. >> tomorrow, yeah, we're
6:00 am
interviewing the former wife of the president. >> paul ryan, -- >> bill: breaking news from overnight. fox news alert president trump saying he is ready to cut a deal with democrats. he says he will give protection to thousands of so-called dreamers if democrats give him something in return. the list includes the wall. president trying to tie that deal to sweeping immigration reform that has been elusive for decades. good morning, brand-new week. i'll bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good monday morning. i'm sandra smith. president trump drawing up a 70-point -- mandatory e-verifying that confirms a immigrant


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