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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 9, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a boring monday, was it? this before begins. >> bill: i hope you guys had a great weekend. see you later, goodbye. >> jon: we start with a fox news alert, president trump ready to strike a deal. protecting hundreds of thousands of dreamers, young people brought here illegally by their parents, but not unless democrats go along with the president's wish list on immigration reform, and that includes a wall. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> melissa: another busy day, and melissa francis. president trump looking for that deal, sweeping immigration reform, sending congress a 70-point plan which includes the wall and thousands of additional i.c.e. agents. kellyanne conway detailing some of that earlier today on
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"fox & friends." >> details with daca, but it also deals with the first priority issue to keep us safe and secure. 300 new immigration judges, 1000 i.c.e. agents, because one of the challenges we have is what to do with those who are trying to cross the border illegally. >> melissa: kristin fisher live at the white house with details. what do we know so far? >> well, melissa, the demands are very different from the list of demands that chuck and nancy thought they agreed to when they had dinner at the white house a few weeks ago. as one white house official put it last night, that was a deal to work out a deal, and that deal is now serious jeopardy of the list of nonnegotiable's that the president sent to congress last night. he wants congress to pass the bill that would formed and complete construction of the border wall. to build it with a stop to sanctuary cities with nonfederal
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funding, higher 10,000 i.c.e. agents and 6000 prosecutors. and establish a point based system for a green card. the president had said that these outlines must be included as any legislation addressing the status of daca. so president trump is taking the dreamers build to several hard-line immigration policies and to the top two democrats say that is the exact opposite of what they believe that they had agreed to when they sat down over chinese food with president trump at the white house a few weeks ago. so they put out a joint statement that reads "we told the president at our meeting that we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the dream act, but this list goes far beyond what is reasonable. this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise." this is bad news for the dreamers, bad news for 700,000 young people who are facing a
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possible deportation, but very good news for president trump's bass and supporters who were starting to get a little bit concerned that the president might be backing away from one of his signature campaign promises. now it is very clear, building the wall and completely rebuilding the wall and securing funding for it from congress is now a top priority once again for this administration. >> melissa: with all those points, that's a lot of room for negotiation, but it will definitely be an interesting one to watch. kristin, thank you. >> jon: kelly want to kellyanne conway making it clear that he is ready to protect those dreamers. >> the message to the dreamer is listen to what the president said. he is open to a deal and figuring out a way to have a broader immigration policy that certainly addresses daca, the dreamer program, but along with
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these other critical -- >> jon: let's bring in former campaign manager for howard dean and a fox news contributor, also brad blakeman, former deputy would make deputy assistant to george w. bush. so joe, there is a carrot and stick approach for the congress, what do you think of it? >> i think on a number of those things like the border wall, it is not clear that the president will have republican votes, enough republican votes in the senate to pass some of the things that are his demands. it's much more likely that the compromise will happen in congress between the republicans in the democrats and to send a bill to the president's desk and that is not likely to have all these demands in it. he will have to decide whether to sign, whatever the outcome is or veto it. that is much more likely than this proposal passing. and even having enough republican supports to pass it.
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>> jon: there are some tough methods in here, joe, the president wants to build a wall, obviously. he wants to crack down on illegal people people who overstay their visas illegally, lots of crackdowns in exchange for perhaps some action on the so-called dreamers. will congress go for it? >> i think that the wall is a nonstarter for all of the democrats and possibly some of the republicans. a lot of it on the republican side because of the cost and there are better ways to do it. so you just start their coming into already have the situation where the president needs almost every republican senator that he has, he has picked another fight with another one of them, senator corker, so how to put all of those votes together with these demands come i think it's going to be a real problem. i'm not saying that it won't be
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progress or there won't be some kind of passage in the house and the senate, but i think that it is highly unlikely that there is going to be enough support for something with these kinds of demands to part line. >> jon: this is one of the signature issues that got him elected to the oval office? >> it is, but not only a signature issue with the president, this is a signature issue of everybody that ran in 2016. it's an issue up with congress. it will be a test of the majority. let me say this. democrats have been in favor of the wall before they were against it. there is no doubt that we have the poorest southern border as well as the northern border, and we need protection. we have an interior immigration system that is broken. we do not know the people who come here who are staying here illegally, we do not have a handle on visas like we showed, we do not have a merit-based immigration policy that makes
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sense, letting extended families in. we should be having people come to america that we need and want to. we should know the people that are here and their intentions. we should have secure borders, all of this is the 70-point plan that the president has suggested is negotiation. the start of immigration reform. we need it. if democrats act in good faith, we will be able to get a bill. >> jon: do democrats want secure borders, joe? >> everybody wants secure borders. i agree with brad, there will be, this is the starting of the negotiation. i think that it is typical of the trump administration, of the president himself to put the hard-line, these are the demands out there, knowing that it will move away from that. and it will be able to claim success at the end, and hopefully there will be a plan that comes together in the house and the senate that he can live with.
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because that's in the end of the right question. i think there are people good faith on both sides in the senate and the house that can come to agreement or with out a number of the issues that brad outlined. the issue is if the wall is not in the, let's take that one. if the funding is not in there for that, does the president to veto the bill because he does not get the one critical thing that he promised through the campaign? or does he sign it and fight for the wall the other way. i don't know the answer, i think that will be the big question. >> jon: as you well know, ronald reagan signed a law that was supposed to end illegal immigration once and for all, but it is not changed in that arena. to the president seems to be taking a different approach, the same way he is with north korea. >> there is no doubt. the democrats and republicans should be united on this. we have a system that is completely broken. we all agree on that. do we fix it? we're not talking about the wall as the only option, we are
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talking about using technology and other methods of math national borders, but the wall o contains action to be taken on the northern border, so let's admit it, and joe will agree with me, the system is completely broken. border security, internal security, and visa security as well as people who want to come here and work and to live. if it is broken, let's fix it. that's why the american people represent -- -- elect representatives. >> jon: we will have to leave it there. we will have you both back again. >> melissa: fbi agents again searching the home of the las vegas shooter, looking for clues to the motive. a week in a day after stephen paddock gunned down 58 innocent people from his high-rise hotel suite. will carr is live in las vegas. what's the latest? >> we are getting a chilling
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account of the moment that played out right after the final gunshot stopped firing, a small group of officers raced up to the 32nd floor of mandalay bay, and one man made it inside stephen paddock's room, they found power tools, and notes with calculations that showed how he could maximize the shooting accuracy and guns everywhere. >> so many guns, so many magazines, stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere, and suitcases all neatly stacked against pillars that were in the room, all stacked up. rifles placed all throughout. all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment that he had in there. it just looked like a gun store. >> stephen paddock who described himself as a quiet gambler set up surveillance cameras outside of his room. to the responding officers now
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say that they thought those were booby-traps, because they had wires hanging out. while the investigation continues, so do the touching normality goals, every hotel spanned its lights for 11 minutes at the time of the shooting last sunday night. to listen to statement that lieutenant governor describe the outpouring of support? >> las vegas is taking care of all the visitors that are coming here and taking care of the world that has come here, this week the world is taking care of us. it has comforted us and blessed us, i say thank you again on behalf of the grateful city, the grateful state, god bless you all. >> an example of that, i saw a man drove up, he got out of his car, he pulled out a bible and started praying for about ten or 15 minutes, one example of the thousands we have seen in the past couple of days, so many people coming to pay their respects. >> melissa: will carr, thank you for that report.
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>> jon: vice president mike pence re-ups the debate of protests on the national anthem at nfl games. he and his wife walked out of a game after several players took a knee. general protest or publicity stunt? the media panel weighs in. and hundreds fleeing their homes in the face of a raging wildfire in the wine country. why the fire chief calls this an unprecedented disaster. >> our priority right now is to get people out of harm's way, get out. started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation
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>> melissa: right now out-of-control wildfires raging in california wine country, destroying homes and sending people running for safety. firefighters are working hard to tame the flames, reaching hundreds of acres in the bay area. mandatory evacuations are in place for most of napa and sonoma county. a look at those claims.
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schools are closed today, evacuation centers are being set up to help those being forced to leave. >> jon: vice president mike pence walked out of an nfl game yesterday as a vice president and his wife stood for the national anthem at yesterday's colts-49ers game. several players took a need, mike pence left right after that and walked out saying "i left today's colts game because potus and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem. a time when so many americans are in inspiring the nation with their resolve and resilience, more than ever we should rally around the flag and everything that unites us." a media reporter for the hill, judy miller is a pulitzer prize-winning investigator and reporter, also a fox news contributor. thank you for being here. judy, to you first.
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you are a little suspicious of the vice president's motives here. >> yes, i am. and i am because the press pool, those who have accompanied the vice president out in indianapolis for this game was never even taken into the stadium. so they knew that the press knew, everyone knew that the president, vice president's appearance was going to be very brief there. he did not have time to buy a hotdog. just wanted to make a political point at the taxpayers expense, because this trip according to all the reporting of what these flights cost was $250,000 round-trip airfare on the air force two, that does not even count all of the people on the ground, the ambulance, the extra security, everything that goes into something like this, just to make a point. the president himself undermines
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his vice president's stance as a matter of principle by saying, i ordered him to do it. so is vice president donald trump go for, it is going to not help either the president or the vice president. >> jon: vice presidents and presidents make a lot of trips for symbolic purposes, if he was trying to show that rallying around the flag is important, what's wrong with that? >> first of all, i own a terrier, judy, so i don't appreciate that. >> i'm sorry, i will pick another breed. >> it did cost about $250,000 as you said. here's the thing, during a previous tenure of 80 years, he did hundreds of fund-raisers all across the country at tax payers expense. and we did not talk about that's all that much, so if pence did
8:19 am
this for political purposes, okay. we should not be upset about this. when nfl players neil, that is exercising their first amendment rights, but when the vice president protest the protests and walks out, and this is what 49ers safety said, it is called systemic oppression. oh, i did not realize that it worked that way. >> jon: judy, the team, they could've ended the whole thing by simply not taking any, haven't they made their point by now? >> well, they have made their point, they are also adjusting the way that they choose to demonstrate their cause which is to protest racial inequality in the country. they are changing their tactic, they understand some americans are offended by it. but this is the administration. you know this, the promise to drain the swamp, but what is the swamp other than taking flights like this at that taxpayers expense? it does have this useful
8:20 am
function for them is to distract the american people from all the things that president trump promised he was going to do and has not done for the american people. it is a very useful distraction. but other than that, i don't think it serves the public's interest. >> jon: he is obviously the former governor of indiana. it was a colts game, peyton manning's colts jersey was going to be retired. there is a legitimate reason for him to go to the game. according to his tweets and the presidents as well, it was a legitimate reason for him to walk out if he did not like the kneeling. >> this was not just any colts-49ers game. it was a statue outside as well, and peyton manning is the most popular figure ever to emerge from indiana at least in modern times. >> jon: larry bird might argue with that. >> let's say most popular football player. i will play that one safe.
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these protests are hurting this league like we have never seen before, winston group comes out with a pole today, and 42% from the ages of -- you know where that number was in august? 73%. it has dropped 31% in a matter of months. the only thing you can look at is that these protests are hurting the image of the league. it looks like they are disrespecting the flag and veterans, even if that is not the purpose, that's how people are seeing it. >> jon: they should look up the major league baseball strike and see what kind of effect that had on the league back in the day. good discussion. joe concho, judy miller, thank you both. >> melissa: it is on-again, off-again, now on again, we are talking about health care again. vice president trump uses -- what to lead this man to gunned down 58 people at a concert, people he presumably did not even know.
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>> melissa: right now investigators are still working to figure out a motive for a week after the las vegas massacre, what drove stephen paddock to open fire on a country music concert, killing 58 people? we are learning more about the man who was a high-stakes gambler and a frequent guest at vegas casinos. >> he has been staying in las vegas since '06. we are talking about 11 years with his girlfriend or at least in recent years, frequent visitor, once or twice a month to this hotel and others. of the most vanilla profile that one could imagine. a modest gambler at least by our
8:26 am
standards, nothing serious. paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in las vegas. he did not fit the profile of a problem or a compulsive gambler. >> melissa: joining me now is a retired fbi special agent, what jumps out at you from that description that we just heard? >> i can tell you right now, we have an individual that was very much into planning, very methodical, very intelligent, but he had certain issues, and when we are looking at today as a prevention consultant, i have been following this matter and trying to conduct my own side investigation based on the information that is publicly available, obviously. and it definitely looks like we have a situation here that although it is, or appears to be a domestic terror acts, we definitely have an active shooter situation which is
8:27 am
basically anticipated in the indicators in his life to carry out something like this. >> melissa: you are saying people around him should have known? >> absolutely, or at least identify that he was getting worse from a mental state, may be physical capacity, healthwise, getting older and when i started reviewing a lot of the comments and information that people who had known him, family members or friends, the indicators were there. so, he got to a certain point where he thought it was time to do something like this, and a lot of different situations. >> melissa: we heard from last night on "60 minutes," the officers that were there, a lot of the details were very bizarre and almost unique to some of the situations that we have seemly, based on how methodical was, listen to what they had to say. >> i took my boots off and threw them in the casino, and it was slowing me down, i was faster
8:28 am
barefoot and more effective barefoot. >> we are told that security is taking fire from the suspect on the 29th floor, we have other officers that were identifying the suspect was on the 30 second-floor. so we were taking multiple shooters at this point. >> he screw shot the door, he knew that we will be coming out to the door to gain entry into his door, he tried to barricade it as best he could. >> thankfully we had a prybar, able to easily pop that door. >> he screw the door shut, they also said that he had so much ammunition and weapons snacked phlegmatic stacked against the room that it looked like a gunshot, -- gun shop, what do you make of that? >> he was doing what he has done in the past. he was actually organizing to make sure that he won. he was hedging the risk factor, he has a gambler, he has indicated that type of behavior
8:29 am
throughout his life, he always sick little medic excelled in what he was doing, various of precise in his planning. >> melissa: we only have a couple of seconds left, what do you deduce was the motive? what inspired him? >> right now without having access to the specific information that the fbi has, based on what is publicly available, it's me, what i suspect would be the actions are going to be based on psychosis, and then what we are going to look at is what actually triggered at the event for him to actually carry this out, and i think that's what the law enforcement experts will be looking at in the very near future. >> melissa: wow, thank you for your insight today. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> jon: president trump getting ready to take executive action on obamacare, what he plans to do and the potential political impact. our panel weighs in.
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♪ >> melissa: president trump is expected to sign an executive order to use some insurance rules for obamacare. "the wall street journal" reports that it would benefit people who buy their own insurance or work for a small business. resident trump has said in the past that allowing people to buy coverage across straight lines would drive down insurance
8:34 am
premiums. republicans failed to repeal and replace obamacare several times, which may not leave him any other options. >> if we take a method word, the president as two passed forward. one is reforming obamacare, that will be incredible painful for everybody involved. he can also try to cut a deal with democrats. he is showing this past week that he is trying to pursue both of those options at once. maybe he will forge a certain degree of success with congressional democrats on this. but he will not get a deal that will repeal and replace obamacare, whatever way we look at this going forward, because of the republican failure to get this done, it's going to be painful. >> melissa: radio talk show host richard fowler is here. also is ref mutant report analyst amy holmes, thank you for both of us joining us. what do you think of the
8:35 am
assessment? that may be he is doing both? >> yes, i think it sounds about right, republicans did have the opportunity with holding the house and the senate and the white house to repeal and replace, and they did not. and there is the cynical side of me that i think republicans are perfectly happy to shift the responsibility to the president, if they wanted some bipartisan cover, they were not going to get aid, they were not going to pass repeal and replace, because any picks to obamacare, there is going to be pain. there are going to be trade-offs. i don't think that republicans wanted to be stuck with that. >> melissa: it sounds pretty accurate. sounds like the republicans have let them down, well, we will do a combination of executive orders and i will pick up the phone and dialed the democrats and see where they are in trying to get something going. >> i think that that is right. he will call his good friends of chuck and nancy. >> melissa: i'm glad that you picked up on that.
8:36 am
thank you. >> of course. i think this is the problem for the president, trying to dismantle the affordable care act by a million executive orders by executive order. and it was right in the opening stock, going to hurt the american people, we saw last week they rolled back some of the protections that were put in place for contraception, and what we found, since we have had the affordable care act in place, we have seen abortions go down, the rate of teenage pregnancy go down, because individuals are getting access to contraception, when you take the piecemeal, it is not going to work. >> melissa: i think a lot of people would disagree with the data, but amy, the bottom line is, it's going to be painful no matter what. and people at home, even if they see the exact way it is, it is failing, i don't think the people at home or going to separate who is to blame and who is not when their health insurance does not work and they are not getting health care and paying a fortune, they are going
8:37 am
to blame everyone in office. no one is safe. what you think about that? >> i think that is exactly right, melissa, and to the status quo is volatile. and that's why, you had so many executive orders during the obama administration because the affordable care act was not affordable. and some of the executive orders are making that were spread we need to redefine some of our terms, what democrats call essential benefits, a lot of americans say, no, it is making my plan more expensive. if i am a 60-year-old woman, i don't need contraception coverage, why should that be held and raise my premium rate? health insurance that are dropping out of market leaving americans with either one provider, one option or none. so something needs to change, there will be trade-offs, that is just a part of how, and it is in our economy. >> melissa: the reason why somebody 60 is paying for birth
8:38 am
control as she is paying for somebody else's birth control. >> that's what insurance has always been. you pay at the risk -- >> melissa: not for -- >> it's insuring against risk, that's what insurance market was created, car insurance, house insurance, health insurance. with that being said, the essential benefits also allow the 60-year-old woman to get a mammogram, she needs one of those like every woman should have. we talk about the essential benefits, it benefits the entire marketplace an end and shires and shires don't make ensures them against risk. that way we see these crus in health care over time. not individual premiums. >> it is not decreasing though. >> let me be very clear. >> melissa: amy, go ahead. >> we are not seeing a decrease in health cost, we are also seeing an increase in premium and plans being dropped and
8:39 am
people not having access, that is one of the complications about health care insurance, what is fair, what is not fair, and i think that all of this should be on the table. >> melissa: all of that, we have to go, thank you for a lively debate. we appreciate it. >> jon: against that backdrop, this fox news alert. you might remember the graham-cassidy bill that was supposed to repeal and replace parts of obamacare, well, now president trump and lindsey graham, the coauthor of the legislation that did not ultimately happen are headed together to an unknown destination, what is this all about? it might have something to do with what melissa and the panel were just talking about. so at a time when the president is battling other republican senators, bob corker among them, lindsey graham is flying off to an unknown destination. we will find out more. crews are cleaning up after nape swept through the south, why
8:40 am
there breathing a sigh of relief as a look at the damage. to end the standoff with north korea, raising concerns in congress, a former national security advisor weighs in. coming up next. >> there is no viable military option. i think it would be horrific. we have to -- they have to be fully engaged. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. i'm in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> melissa: new information coming in as crews clean up after hurricane nate, hit the gulf coast as a category 1 hurricane saturday night. he slammed the region was severe flooding and storm surge. cleanup crews now say that the damage is not nearly as catastrophic is other recent hurricanes, but thousands are still without power as nate heads in north in the tropical depression. >> jon: breaking now in the showdown with kim jong un,
8:44 am
battling to build up the nuclear arsenal new hints that the u.s. might be leaning towards military action. president trump tweeting "our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing, policy did not work." joining us now, meghan o'sullivan, a harvard professor, also the author of "windfall" of the new energy -- strengthens america's power. i was astounded to read "the wall street journal," the list of sanctions that are being put into place on north korea by the u.s. mexico, peru, spain, kuwait, all expelled their ambassadors from the countries. >> exactly, this is a story that deserves more attention then it is getting, obviously the rhetoric between north korean
8:45 am
leader kim jong un and president trump kind of engulfs the headlines, but what is really happening, which is of great interest is this intensifying campaign to have countries, not just the u.s. cuts off economic and diplomatic ties to north korea. so this is putting in place a sanctions regime, isolation regime against north korean that is unlike anything we have seen in decades. >> jon: but because it is unlike anything we've seen in decades, does it stand a chance of working? does it perhaps pose the possibility that kim jong un will be starved of the foreign policy that he needs to keep the regime operating? >> well, i think it for sure will constrain the resources available to him. so that is one goal that we know it can meet. the real question is, will it affect the calculations about the nuclear program? the president in another tweet
8:46 am
was right to be skeptical that a diplomatic solution is going to offer deliverance from this particular problem immediately. but i think that it is really important to keep the diplomatic option on the table, in part because it is really essential and thus other campaign to get countries to cut their ties, they need to know that the united states has some strategy and preferably one that is not all about military force. so keeping a diplomatic option on the table, not dismissing it as the president did the past weekend with rex tillerson's effort. i think that it is very important to culminate the economic strangulation of the north korean regime. >> jon: but kim jong un has looked at people who gave up nuclear weapons and said, it did not work for him, did not help him. i'm going to maintain nuclear arsenal no matter what. if that is his attitude, what
8:47 am
chance does economic strangulation really have? >> well, one thing that is important to keep in mind is that economic sanctions never look like they are working until they actually produce a result. so there are many people who are very skeptical that iran was going to negotiate with any amount of seriousness. and it was the economic pressure that's really changed their politics and move them to the negotiating table. now i think that it would be overly optimistic to assume that any amount of economic pressure could get kim jong un to simply say, i'm giving up the whole pursuit, for the reasons that you suggest. this is existential to him in a lot of ways. but there are other compromises that he might make in combination with a strong military deterrent and a lot of other compliments could be a superior outcome to a military option which could almost certainly run the risk of
8:48 am
potentially hundreds of thousands of deaths in the region if not for the field. >> jon: the president is certainly keeping the u.s. president guessing when he tweets or mentions things like he did at the dinner for the top military leaders, saying that this is the calm before the storm, everybody pressing for answers, he said, you will find out. does that kind of guesswork, does that have to apply to the north koreans as well? are they left wondering how serious he is about military action? is that a good thing? >> two points here, i think that it is important that the north koreans think the united states is willing to use military force in some circumstances. that is a deterrent in itself. so completely taking a military option off the take table, i do not think it is constructive. but this rhetoric is counterproductive. because it frightens, potentially may be at princeton north koreans, but if anything it isolates the united states.
8:49 am
it makes the rest of the world feel like the united states is unpredictable. so the focus is to shift and focus on talking down the americans, making sure that something erratic or impulsive does not happen that is initiated by the americans, so i would say, i give the trump administration high marks were really intensifying economic pressure on the north koreans, i would say that the rhetoric is actually counterproductive. >> jon: the north koreans have threatened to launch a nuke and sent it off over the pacific, that is pretty destabilizing. >> there is no question. >> jon: it is a war of words, let's hope that that is all it is. at least for now. >> melissa: mass protests with spain trying to declare its independence, the effect that could have on europe and around the world.
8:50 am
we are alive with the story.
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♪ >> melissa: honoring the 58 people murdered in las vegas one week after the massacre with the length on the las vegas strip going dark at exactly 10:08 to last night. that's when the gunfire began last sunday night. painted dark for 11 minutes, how long the deadly rampage lasted. some 60 businesses in the area taking part in the tribute. >> jon: just in on the political crisis gripping spain with the prime minister warning that he will take action as spain declares independence, making it clear that spain will
8:54 am
not be divided. after the votes with mass protests, john huddy live in barcelona. >> yes, jon, there is concern that if they declare independence, that spain could mobilize forces, that senator would make that happen and could take control of the region in northeastern spain. that could bring protests, and violent clashes with police. but that is the worst-case scenario. what we have seen since last sunday's referendum our protest, peaceful by and large. and here in barcelona yesterday, several hundreds of thousand people hit the street marching against apollonian independence, concerned about the economic, possibly replications on the region. that was among other concerns. so the question at this point is
8:55 am
whether the president will declare independence during the special session of the regional politics tomorrow. i can tell you that talking to the people, the attitude seems to be shifting from the kind of hard-line political rhetoric of we will declare independence, more so too we are open to more discussion, open towards more negotiations. as far as the economic impact, several large banks have already basically hold their heads forward from the region, and what we can see is political pressure from the spanish government. at this point, here on las ramblas, the talk with the media, the papers are focused on what will happen tomorrow. there was supposed to be that special session today. but they pushed it back, because of the spanish government and high court, the constitutional court said it would be illegal.
8:56 am
as i mentioned, the prime minister as you were talking about, if necessary he will mobilize forces and take control of the region, possibly even in poking article 155 of the spanish investigation. but that really is the worst-case scenario. a lot of people, a lot of tourists, but all eyes are on what is going to happen tomorrow and how the biggest political crisis in several decades here in spain continues to unfold. >> jon: back in action after the van terrorist attack earlier this summer. john huddy, let us know what happens. thank you. speak to the president's plan for the dreamers with the white house releasing its immigration reform priorities, how congressional leaders and the democrats are reacting.
8:57 am
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>> that was a fast hour. >> it sure was. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert on emigration. the trump administration laying out a long list of hard-line demands in exchange for what hundreds of immigrants had under the daca deal. democrats are already indicating many of those demands are off the table. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. the editor of katie pavlich and today's hashtag one lucky guy, the chairman of go back and republic and strategist david avella is here and he is outnumbered to kick off this monday. this week. it's already been a busy mornin morning. >> david: happy columbus day bread hopefully were all going to celebrate the little pasta a little red wine. >> harris: you are my hero. >> sandra: sounds lovely. t'


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