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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 9, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> that was a fast hour. >> it sure was. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert on emigration. the trump administration laying out a long list of hard-line demands in exchange for what hundreds of immigrants had under the daca deal. democrats are already indicating many of those demands are off the table. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. the editor of katie pavlich and today's hashtag one lucky guy, the chairman of go back and republic and strategist david avella is here and he is outnumbered to kick off this monday. this week. it's already been a busy mornin morning. >> david: happy columbus day bread hopefully were all going to celebrate the little pasta a little red wine. >> harris: you are my hero. >> sandra: sounds lovely. let's get started.
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the white house releasing president trump list of immigration priorities. the president saying those reforms must be part of any legislation to extend the protection from deportation many young immigrants had under president obama's daca program. they include overhauling the country's green card system to make it merit-based while decreasing the number of family members from abroad. cracking down on unaccompanied minors entering the country and building mr. trump's promise to border wall. and denying a federal grant to century city spread the policies could end up being a deal breaker for democrats. senate minority with dick durbin saying in a statement congress has to act now on legislation to protect streamers. lawmakers can debate the white house policies later. and senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi saying this in a statement. "we told the president at our meeting that we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the dream ac
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act. but this goes so far beyond what is reasonable. this proposal failed to represent any attempt to compromise paired" the white house counselor kellyanne conway said it's up to democrats know to make this work. >> they should be calling their friends chuck and nancy and saying are you going to give up this deal because you don't want -- why don't you want a border wall constructed? why don't you want more immigration judges and agents and why is it a reasonable policy to limit chain migration and to stop these visa overstates in the make sure people that are flouting the law once they're here, breaking the law once or here go back? >> sandra: so democrats calling the president suggestion, their wish list if you will, so far beyond reasonable. it leads to the question kellyanne conway post, what is reasonable to them? >> david: all the things the president pointed out he talked about during the campaign. these are new proposals braidwood democrats are going to have to decide is they talk
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about we understand how we lost the election and were going to go into middle america and explain to them that we care about them and policies that they very much favor, mid-america favors, the democrats are all opposed to. friendly, it is their time. are they truthful and are they going to be for policies that middle americans want and support reasonable border security which the president has laid out? they did a study during the last election of women voters in ohi ohio. democrats, republicans, and independents all talked about they wanted border security. >> sandra: can the president struck a deal? he is reaching across the aisle saying he is willing to work with democrats. what happened? >> katie: democrats have been saying they want, hence of immigration reform. this is it. this is president trump saying you want daca in the real question is going to be why are democrats willing to give up daca for the sake of being against something like a border wall or visa overstay enforcement? there's three different components to this. the interior enforcement, they're able many new judges to
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work on the backlog. the border security component which is essential to people who want reform because they've been promised before as long as you give us border security first, then will implement amnesty. we haven't seen any results from that. the third thing is a new system that is merit-based rather than just bringing anyone and everyone in the based on work ethics, with the economy needs based on a system of points. we will see how that goes. in terms of the politics here, the white house is actually on top of this because the majority of the country believes that daca should stay in if democrats want to oppose this bill based on that, they're going to be against the dreamers who are part of their base. >> sandra: based on the fact that there's so much laid out by the resident, certainly there is room for negotiation. >> kennedy: absolutely nothing of the point of the meeting that he had with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they all emerged from the meeting claiming victory, but the only thing that who is victorious with the dreamers. however, they were the ones if
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you remember, they very loudly protested and shouted down nancy pelosi because they didn't appreciate being used as political ponds. i think i was actually very smart on the part of the president because he knew that bringing chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to his evil lair would create such problematic uptick for all of them but particularly them. there something that they all want here. they want the dreamers to be shielded pretty he wants the wall pretty he wants border security. these are things the democrats have already voted for in the past. the question is how badly does chuck schumer and nancy pelosi want to shield dreamers from deportation if they really want to, they're going to have to give all these other elements of security that they have voted for in the past. >> harris: is a good goal to get to the game and he's trying to get democrats to do that for force and that gives republic and some cover too because it allows them to say that they are willing to bend on something too. but i want to get to a point of fact that i think is important
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for americans to know because i think sometimes democrats breeze over this. was where we of the understanding that when we talk about getting rid of daca going forward, there is not a grandfathering and of the people who were already here or how will that work exactly? >> david: when the policy was rolled out, the administration was pretty clear that if you have no criminal record, you're not going to be deported. as part of that. >> harris: on notice is not what an democrats are saying great we are ripping us off like a band-aid and taking every hair off your arm with it. >> david: every democrat needs to be asked how much longer are they going to allow young kids to be sexually abused as we just saw in new jersey from an illegal alien, how long are we going to allow kids to be murdered and what policies are you going to pursued and that? >> kennedy: that's the one you don't have a comprehensive immigration policy that katie was talking about. when you create the ability for it to be taken away. >> harris: democrats have to own the and they have to also make the point is they want to
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have skin in the game in any regard that this is it wholesale wiping away daca. this is an opportunity for republicans to say we are not the heartless ones. we actually want to on their part putting legislation that protects these people were saying in this country and have a plan going forward. i'm just saying that there's a little bit on the phone for each side. >> katie: republicans and take the high road here and that this is what 80 plus percent, they want daca recipients to be able to stay here as long as they haven't committed any violent crime as we all know as harris often points out, coming into the country illegally is a crime but if you don't have a violent crime, they are willing to let you stay. democrats now i think might be willing to negotiate with the president and i'm not talking about nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. nancy pelosi is in a lot of trouble with her caucus in the house. she has been facing opposition for weeks about not being able to actually get things done for democrats. with her base.
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so they are saying we want to protect daca. where are you, nancy? >> kennedy: nancy pelosi was using the dreamers. she takes them for granted. she's going to have their votes and their friends votes, whoever has already attained label citizenship and therefore, she dismisses. >> harris: that's why they bum-rush the electorate when she was out there. let's talk about the inclusion of the border wall in the president's plans here. >> david: is an issue that americans have said they wanted. it's something that we voted on in 2006 and said we were going to do it but this plan is so much more than just the wall. it's getting more i.c.e. agents, getting more lawyers, and this is really a moment of truth not only for democrats, but was stuck about specific democrats. joe mansion, jon tester, claire mccaskill, all of those democrats who are up in 2018 and states that favor these policies were going to have to go to
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voters and talk about what they did to make america more secure and are they going to go with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer or they going to go with their constituents? >> kennedy: one quick thing to what katie said which is so important. is this idea of the merit-based immigration which doesn't necessarily mean you have a phd but the idea of factoring work ethic into it. if there's a way of truly measuring that you have the hardest working people no matter where they came from him in a matter what job they do so employees in this country part of the country where unemployment is so low they have a greater choice of people to choose from and the best possible people that would be a complete win for the economy. >> harris: we are talking about is they're not just bringing them for a citizenship, bringing other things. i want to read revisit what had in new jersey. it hit like an alert wire this weekend is the information was disseminated about the illegal immigrant that's actually assaulted the girl after
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breaking into her home bread that's been a huge conversation as we can that i'm sure is going to gain heat as we go forward. >> sandra: we've got to leave it there. growing showdown between the trump and republican senator bob corker. their war of words and what it means the president's agenda moving forward. plus vice president pence walking out of the cold 49er game yesterday after several 49ers, 20 of them protested during the national anthem. now democrat senator blasting penances move. we debate. my daughter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said... ...dadgo pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm...
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>> sandra: fox news alert. we wanted to give you an update on the president's schedule today. we just got word that he departed the white house at 11:15 a.m. eastern time wearing a ball cap. which senator lindsey graham and golf attire. they headed to trump national golf course in sterling virginia to play a round of golf. we will let you know if there any comments or anything that comes out of that. just wanted to update. >> harris: i love the part of that report that they didn't know where they were going but now we know when their caps. president trump hitting back at one of his increasingly vocal republican critics.
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outgoing tennessee senator bob corker. he shares the foreign relations committee and the war of words is raising questions about what could've been about the president agenda moving forward that they are not getting along. the president tweeted this. "senator bob corker begged me to re-endorse him for reelection in tennessee bread i said no when he dropped out. he said he could not win without my endorsement. he wanted to be secretary of state and i said in all caps no thanks." he is also largely responsible for the hearing the saran deal! i would fully expect corporate to be a negative force. didn't have the guts to run. the senator fired back tweeting this. it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. and his harsh words for the president continued in an interview with "the new york times" where he said president trump was treating his office like a reality show with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the destination on the path to world war iii. there were no waste of characters in any of those tweets.
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they were right bull's-eye. wise is happening? >> david: had a feeling you'd come to me first on this. >> harris: you clearly know the president. >> david: senator corker is going to find out that as many politicians do, once you announce your retirement, your effectiveness goes down by the day until you actually retire. and while he may have this battle with the president right now on tweets, he is not going to be able to get a senate colleagues to say let's vote against tax cuts because i don't agree with the president on certain matters going to tweet against him. >> harris: some of the mainstream media are having a delicious delight with this. from npr, one of the reporters said corker could be a bigger threat to the rebooking tax bill the party realizes. the opposite of what you just said. is she right? >> katie: of these senators are going to hurt the american people and not vote for something like tax reform or immigration reform or if the iran deal gets decertified by
9:17 am
the white house somehow recertifying it through congress on the iran deal because i have a personal beef with the president, that is their problem and they will face the voters as a result of that, you can count on it because if they're going to act like their personal matters but the president of the united states and name calling on twitter, i don't care who it comes from first is going to be their priority instead of the business of the people, they're going to pay for it. >> harris: so i mention that corker is currently the chairman of the senate committee on foreign relations and he's thinks the secretary of defense -- the secretary of state, defense, and chief of staff john kelly are people who help separate our country from chaos with the president each day. that's a big to get president trump at his at appropriate? >> katie: i think a lot of this is unnecessary. i do think that when you engage and stuff like that, if you're running for reelection is going to be very problematic. obviously he is not. he is free from some of those party shackles. >> harris: but is not
9:18 am
appropriate? >> kennedy: i think it's okay to punch back of the president takes a few shots that you. that's one thing. and when dig is fine but if the democrats are the opposition party. and they are your enemy, they are feasting on all of the tidbits that corker is serving. he's talking about how it's so chaotic in the white house and this is bob corker come his republican senator from tennessee talking about how it's so chaotic in the white house is essentially a game of containment and everybody there is just trying to contain the president and protect the country from him and protect the president from himself. marilou danley don't think the average american likes to sit at home and see this happening will, the sort of rhetoric, exchange of words among whether it's the same party, different party. i was chatting with governor this morning he said republicans better do one thing and better focus on tax reform. there is aggressive agenda laid out for now to the end of the year, possibly into the new year, a lot of work to do.
9:19 am
so with that having been said, republicans from probably get tax reform out because they're going to pull across a couple of democrats which is amazing in the scheme of things because we haven't seen that happen necessarily anywhere else effectively. but most importantly, it speaks to this issue that if there are some republicans who don't want to get on board, it won't stop as president potentially. >> david: we need tax cuts. democrats want to come along, great. it's also why the 2018 election has become all the more important talking about tennessee alone. you're going to have bob corker leave and you're going to have a solid antiestablishment conservative and marsha blackburn who was the only one running, a big trump ally we will be having for the 2018 election. >> harris: the part that santa was just mentioning, shooting inside the tent. i'm going to guess no one really likes to watch that happen. >> kennedy: especially ronald ragan. >> harris: one week now after the las vegas massacre. the ceo says the killer was
9:20 am
known to staffers at the casino. but he gave no clues. >> this is a man who behaved rationally, privately, little introverted, like to play video poker but he was a rational man. >> harris: meanwhile, new details on the note found inside the killer's room as they expand their investigation into what happened there. what we are learning now, we will share with you. and democrats are ramping up their push for gun control after that. lawmakers in both political parties admit that no law could've prevented this attack. is the gun-control conversation exactly the one to have right now? a lot of people say it should be about mental health, we will talk about it. stay close. okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet.
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>> sandra: fox news alert onto the investigation of the las vegas massacre. federal investigators shooting gunmen stephen paddock's home again as we are learning about the note found in the hotel room where he opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers more than a week ago. that no contained calculations on the distance and trajectory from his 32nd floor room at the people below. mean time, despite getting more than 1,000 tips and leads, investigators still don't have a motive. dan springer is live in las vegas. >> the fbi is doing what everyone does when they can't find something. they are retracing their steps going back over ground already covered just in case they missed something the first go around, and that's why they were back out it stephen paddocks house in mesquite, nevada on the first search a week ago, they found 19 guns and several pounds of explosives. and after interviewing his girlfriend marilou danley, they
9:26 am
got a second federal search warrant which was executed sunday. the local police official said it was just a photographed item. the fbi won't comment. late saturday night and into sunday morning, police and fbi profiles did a second for our interview with paddock's brother eric who lives in florida prayed he flew to las vegas to have the killer's body cremated and handled his finances. he wants to establish a trust for all the victims. last night, 60 minutes aired an interview with the first las vegas s.w.a.t. team to get inside paddock room. where they found his body, thousands of spent shell casings, ammunition, and 23 high-powered rifles. they said he had screwed shut the hallway of the emergency exit door and were worried about an ambush. >> is a deadly game of hide and seek because when you're the one hiding, he was nowhere the person is looking for you as before they see you. our member thinking i wish i had my dog with me because is nice to have him lead the team.
9:27 am
>> jason aldean, the country singer who was on stage with the shooting began was back in las vegas. posted a picture on instagram. the couple met with victims of the shooting who were still hospitalized. they called them some the strongest people they've ever met. and last night, parts of las vegas went dark exactly one week after the mass killing. marquis is returned from 10:05 to 10:16 p.m. in honor of the 58 people killed and the nearly 500 people injured and as we come back, the police tape is still up is a still a crime scene. cops still milling around where this concert took place a week ago. back to your credit >> sandra: hard to believe it been over a week. thank you. >> harris: meanwhile, the politics of it all. no law would've helped stop las vegas attack but she along with other democrat lawmakers are calling for new gun-control legislation. >> regulations aren't going to
9:28 am
do it. we need a law. it can't be changed by another president, and i hope that americans will step up and say enough is enough, congress, do something. >> i am willing to move forward with republicans on banning these bump stocks. this is an important moment. the nra from the time of been in congress has never been willing to change u.s. gun laws. >> is the job of congress to step in and say that was not our intent. we did not want to provide this loophole in the law. we should fix it. i don't know how many innocent americans need to die in mass shootings like this before we are willing to simply have these discussions. >> harris: nra executive director chris cox criticized the democrats for pushing policy at a time like this. >> there used to be a common decency in this country where people paused from talking about policy. unfortunately with dianne feinstein and michael bloomberg, they want to exploit a tragedy from day one. it is shameful but apparently that is the new normal. >> harris: are public
9:29 am
congressman scott taylor of virginia says legislation is simply not the answer. >> let's look at this instance because is a lot of rhetoric out there. have you do background checks and all these things. this guy went through background checks and his brother didn't know anything wrong with him. i am still struggling with that profile as well. i don't understand that i think you're some other information is going to come out but the reality is, when you look at some of the things that have been proposed on the other side are people who want gun-control, none none of them would say anything about this issue. >> harris: that's the thing. it's that one-on-one match that you're looking for. where is the answer in all of this and can we legislate it? the nra is saying we can review it which is a huge step by them, but if you want to say this is not political, let's consider the fact that dianne feinstein like an hour or two ago announced that she is going to run for reelection. >> david: good point. victims in times like these psychologist tell you you need stability. so now to start having gun-control conversations doesn't give them either one of
9:30 am
those two things. that said, the republicans in congress can say let's look at these bump stocks. many gun owners weren't even aware of bump stocks until this massacre occurred. so you will have some discussion on that and perhaps we can get some movement on it. >> harris: whenever we have a mass shooting in a course being the worst in modern u.s. history, but with each one of these, there's an opportunity weeks later for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to go and talk about this. that never happened. democrats don't lead that charge at that point. they don't want to say radical islam when certain things have happened in this country. they want to move on beyond the conversation. why is that? >> kennedy: it's interesting because from president obama would get a gun-control lecture even related to terrorism. in orlando, but it's really sad because it's super tough for the victims families in las vegas because this is really convenient conversation to be having today.
9:31 am
and also can be incredibly insensitive depending on the timing but we are not talking about the individual victims of gun violence in places like chicago or able who are so despondent and depressed they take their own lives with a gun or domestic violence by guns or any of those deaths less tragic because they were singular? i would argue that they're not. go ahead and talk to their families. however, sometimes government can't keep you safe and that's the unfortunate reality. >> harris: 's of "the boston globe" did this whole report on gun facts i thought this was interesting and it points to what kennedy is saying. millions of semiautomatic weapons aren't the hands of friends and countrymen. the vast majority will never harm a human life. most gun deaths are suicides. >> harris: that's exactly correct in the probe go gun-control likes to slump them all into the same category but i want to say to scott congressman tiller's point, i don't get this. i'm not going to understand this.
9:32 am
and i totally agree with him. how could we understand even when we get the motive for why this guy did this, we won't understand because we are not like him. there are things that certain people do that we will never understand because they are evil, they are heinous, there is no explanation for it. and i find it offensive that people like nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein are constantly running to law-abiding american citizens and asking for a logical explanation for something that cannot be understood or explained. >> sandra: something that's equally complex as the iran deal. iran now threatening u.s. regional military bases. a few sanctions imposed on the regime. this comes as president trump prepares to announce a strategy on iran this week read and the president in an interview that aired on saturday again suggested he may be certified the iran nuclear deal. watch this. >> we have problems. the iran deal is terrible and should've never been made. at least two nuclear weapons. i'm very unhappy with the deal. i'm very unhappy with her attitude. the spirit of the deal certainly
9:33 am
is not there because they're all over the place causing trouble. >> kennedy: the iran mourning the u.s. against additional sanctions including designating its revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. iranian foreign minister saying "i hope they apply the necessary prudence but if they do move towards such a decision, iran's response will definitely be decisive, crushing, and fears." that sounds moderate. meanwhile, lawmakers back here at home split over whether to keep the nuclear deal in play. >> when you have united kingdoms, grants, germany, russia, china, and the united states all agreeing to support something, and then the united states go through an election, the new president pulls us out, what does that say? >> harris: of the fundamental flaws of the nuclear deal was just focused very narrowly on their nuclear program, not on the broader range of iran's
9:34 am
malicious activity. so i think that's the goal of the white house here. let's have a broader strategy that looks at everything that iran does >> kennedy: so if the president if it certifies the deal, lawmakers in congress will have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions. so is the best idea to take an already confusing and chaotic situation and handed over to congress were both parties are in the midst of mutual civil wars? >> katie: that is one thing that people are concerned about. the president decides to decertify the deal when they're going to put it over to congress and if they don't do anything, it'll be to certified unless you start over again. i want to give everyone a little bit more context about what this means. the president talked about the spirit of the deal and remember when this was going through, president obama at the podium and the press briefing room so that they weren't concerned about iran's behavior in terms of terrorism or anything else. that is not something that the trump administration is willing to accept. when i talk about the spirit of the deal, they are talking about
9:35 am
lumping in a whole bunch of other behavioral issues including iran's ties to north korea, how they're working with them on their nuclear program, iran's funding of has blood to take over government in places like lebanon and other places in the middle east and placing u.s. interests back into the deal as being the priority and letting go of iran's destabilization of the region. this is a bigger issue for the administration that addresses things at the obama administration refused to do. >> harris: is an excellent point. they don't have the original scoping of the original deal that did need some side deals that we don't know about because when you narrow path like that, in order to scoop up some those other issues, you have to have some side deals. don't forget, they had our men in uniform on their knees on that ship. that was a visual that they made a statue of right after that deal was struck. >> david: senator feinstein's comments were outrageous. to her, that was unbelievable in
9:36 am
her comments. that said and the president has a much bigger issue when you all have talked about this is that you have in iran who year after year has broken agreements that they've gotten into. we have much evidence that they and north korea are working together on both of their nuclear programs and how and when are many democratic leaders going to accept that one day, l.a. or denver or seattle can be hit by a nuclear weapon by north korea? >> harris: what about the conflict within this white house about how to proceed at this point? >> david: white houses had conflict in the past. the ultimate decider is the president of the united states and once he gets the informatio information. >> kennedy: i'd stay in it, i'd leave it alone. >> david: the president makes the ultimate decision pretty will take advice from his advisors as we saw when he laid out his afghanistan policy. yet a different direction that he wanted to go. quite frankly, he's not been given enough credit that he
9:37 am
actually sat down and listen to his advisors and then made a decision to go in the direction that they ultimately dead. the ultimate decision is with the president of the united states and what he decides. >> sandra: speaking of which, president trump continuing to chip away at obamacare. another executive order on health care this week, but will he be able to make good on his campaign promise to repeal and replace and is reaching out to democrats on this issue a good idea? we will debate and discuss.
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>> katie: president trump reportedly gearing up to sign an executive order on health care this week that will allow individuals to band together to buy certain insurance policies across state lines. this after the president said he would be open to make a temporary deal with democrats in order to kickstart health care reform. >> obamacare is a disaster. it is exploding like i said it would. we can do a one-year deal or or a two-year deal, a temporary measure. leave it ultimately to the states. that really is a repeal and replace. >> katie: senate minority leader chuck schumer releasing the statement. "the president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and i told the president that is off the table. if you want to work together to improve the existing health care system, we democrats are open to his suggestions." it says the president trying to make the free market work? >> sandra: that's what we can all hope for. but when you told chuck schumer, you get this indication that
9:43 am
somehow he and the president are trying to work together, they are trying to get something done. then they walk out of their meetings and they issue these tweeter statements and say so things went nowhere. but time is of the essence here. the clock is ticking, and here we are already mid-october. >> katie: to your point, so critical about the free market. on tax reform and even on immigration, i think the republicans and democrats have a lot of common ground and they can find ways to work together. i don't think that's the case with health care because i think democrats deepen their cold little hearts, they want single care socialist government run health care and republicans are leaning toward more free market solutions. they have to confidently figure out what that means. across state lines migrate. help people out, figure it out, but i don't think this is the room for the time for a bipartisan decision. >> sandra: the question is what is will repeal mean? republicans are totally willing to leave and some goodies with
9:44 am
obamacare whether it's insurance until you're 26, pre preexistig conditions. should they be giving that up in order to get something passed? >> david: there are areas where liberals and think take experts have come together and find common ground. they can come together and get it done. what is quite frustrating is one lasting change has to come through congress and we as republicans haven't gotten that done and that is very frustrating. all of that said, the direction that needs to go and you pointed out was we've got to get it back to the states. let's allow states that are innovative are going to do good things and states are going to follow them. that is the key. let me also add this discussion is all about how much government is going to pay people for their insurance. when there are so many other problems wrong with our health care system. the lack of doctors that we have, the need for more medical innovation, the need for more drug research. none of that has been talked about with obamacare. obamacare may the doctor proble
9:45 am
problem. >> kennedy: the more government oppression you put into health care and insurance, that's where you snuff out the beautiful flames of technology, innovation, and cancer research. those who have family members who suffered through chemotherapy or have really specific types of cancer, want the fda out of the way, we want the good doctors and researchers have these wonderfully funded campaigns so they can find the best drugs in the world. >> sandra: that's not going to happen with obamacare. >> harris: i want to add to your point because you brought up an excellent point. there was ever hope for republicans to try to get this done without democrats who passed that, we need 60 votes now. had we pulled democrats over back even within your own party, you got to scoop up as many as you can's that you don't need more than eight and the problem is can you wipe away some of the goodies that are retained by not pulling repealing obamacare in order to get the 52 out of your party a chance to come together and i don't think that they are stuck on those two things. i think it's broader than that. i think it's an ideological
9:46 am
shift or a difference between the republicans within their own party. so you're going to need north of those eight votes to bring you into passage with the democrats, and that sounds as kennedy just put in a different way like a pipe dream. the cold heart part, i didn't conjure that up. >> katie: the president is golfing with senator lindsey graham today. he is been trying to work on another push to repeal obamacare. he made those comments before leaving. >> sandra: do you think they'll be talking about that? >> david: hopefully one of them will get a hole-in-one and they'll all be in a good mood and come to an agreement. >> katie: will see what happens. vice president mike pence leaving an nfl game after some players took a knee during the national anthem. democrats slamming the gesture while the president says it was the right move. it was right? we will debate. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's touch base with harris on what's coming up on the "outnumbered" over time in just a few moments. >> harris: as we go from one to the other, a busy hour coming up. democrats say the hard-line immigration demands will kill any deals to protect so-called dreamers. so should the president stand by his campaign promises?
9:51 am
we will talk about it. and more tough warnings. to north korea from president trump. he said the only thing that will work as a military option. is that true? is that what he meant when he said the only thing that will work? is at the right way to handle it? that is ahead on ot. back to you. >> sandra: looking forward to it. meanwhile, vice president mike pence walking out of his home state indianapolis colts stadium yesterday after several members of the opposing san francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem. he tweeted a photo of himself standing with the caption "we are proud to stand with all of our colts for our soldiers. our flag in our national anthem." president trump praising the move tweeting "i asked vice president pence to leave the stadium if any players kneeled. disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. "but not everyone was supportive of the vice president's actions. democratic senator chris murphy tweeting "don't let these guys
9:52 am
tell you they are fiscal conservatives. this was a multimillion dollar political stunt paid for by taxpayers. consent for cisco 49ers safety eric reed who joined: capping early on in his protests last year this. watch. >> with information that i have, last time he's been to a colts game was three years ago. so this looks like a p.r. stunt to me. he knew our team has had the most players protesting. he knew that we were going to do it again. this is what systemic oppression looks like. a man of power comes to the game, tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game as an attempt to thwart our efforts. >> sandra: david, this is a tough one. the vice president said he and his wife were not going to stay anywhere and dignify disrespect for our military and for our flag. >> david: is not a tough one. the president and vice president are giving voice to the millions of americans, majority of
9:53 am
americans who believe standing during the american anthem is a way to honor a country that is the envy of the world. >> sandra: it's tough because the vice president is being criticized for protesting the protesters and the protesters say we have the right to protes protest. am i making sense here? that is tough. they do have the right to protest and is publicly funded stadiums. but katie and i can stand up on the couch and throw the old pigskin back and forth but it might be a little bit distracting and we both know that. >> katie: may be on a friday show. >> kennedy: where have we gone with the protests? that's the question paid where we now because it's all about your on my team or you're not on my team. if you support people's protests, you hate this country. if you walk out, that means were more of a patriot, a greater american. i think that there is so much disconnection in this country.
9:54 am
they delighted that. >> sandra: cowboys owner jerry jones met with his players and then stood for the national anthem, making a big statement. here is where he stands now print listen. >> we cannot in the nfl in any way give the implication that we are tolerant of disrespecting the flag. we cannot do that. i am the vice president did leave because in his opinion, the teams were. there is no -- if there's anything that is disrespectful to the flag, we will not play. >> sandra: it's about time. it's taken this long? roger goodale is the one who should be saying that because he is in charge of the franchise and i should've implemented a rule very long time ago about standing for the anthem. they have policies that are in their own handbooks or policy books saying iris was a stand for the anthem and if you don't want to, that's fine but you're
9:55 am
going to pay a fine just like they do in the nba. here's the thing, what mike pence did is not that controversial. he he is doing what millions of americans are doing in their living rooms on sunday and monday. turning the tv off, watching something else or not watching football at all. and burning their season tickets. >> kennedy: there are a lot of people in dallas who are calling the front office saying i'm burning my jersey, i'm not buying season tickets next year if this nonsense continues. for san francisco, it's a bastion of progressivism and: cabernet. >> sandra: over 20 players did not stand for the national anthem. >> david: people could nfl games to be entertained. >> sandra: the players union has responded with a statement a short time ago saying we should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights to become subservient to the very opinions our constitution protects. so a stark contrast to jerry jones saying stand or don't play. that's where he stands. "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back and then you wait for your results. it's that simple.
9:59 am
>> many thanks to david avella. kennedy and katie. >> monday has officially kicked off. >> possibly red wine in the green room. >> all right. thank you for joining us today. we're back tomorrow at noon.
10:00 am
"outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner next. >> harris: one of president trump's major campaigns about keeping america safe. let's go "outnumbered overtime." president is laying out his proposals on immigration in exchange for deal to protect dreamers from deportation. the white house wish list includes building a wall along our border with mexico. he also wants increased border security. kelly anne conway said the president is putting the interests of americans first. >> we also are -- want to build that border wall. fully construct the border wall. funding for it. we are going to limit migration to spouses and children. it's not fair to the american worker. for years this country including capitol hill and the swamp have always asked, what more can we do for the illegal immigrant? this president is asking what's fairo


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