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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ticket item within the trump administration. he will be talking tax reform as it makes news. i'm harris. thanks for going overtime with me. shannon breem is in for dana on "the daily briefing." it starts now. >> shannon: president trump ready to strike a deal on the dreamers, but only if democrats agree to a long wish list on immigration reform, including money to pay for his long promised border wall. hello, everyone. this is "the daily briefing." democrats are having none of it. chuck shumer and nancy pelosi blasting the new proposal as a nonstarter. kristin fisher is live at the white ho withmore. what other demands are on the list? after the president's meeting with chuck and nancy at the white house, they're having
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regrets about this. >> reporter: we're talking about a list of 70 demands that range from improving border, border security to beefing up security at the border. at the very top of the list is securing funding and complete construction of his border wall. president trump also wants congress to stop sanctuary cities by denight federal funding. he wants them to hire 10,000 additional ice agents and 600 prosecutors. he wants to end asylum abuse. he also wants a point based system for green cards. this is all in line with what president trump repeatedly promised on the campaign trail. this is different to what nancy and chuck agreed to. they put out a joint statement that reads in part, quote, this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise. the list includes the wall which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiations. if the president was serious about protecting the dreamers, his staff has not made a good
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faith effort to do so. so there you have chuck and nancy placing some of the blame not just on the president, but his staff as well. shannon. >> shannon: we know the president has been talking to congress about something that was sort of dead, health care. what now? >> reporter: is it ever dead? i don't think so, shannon. president is expected to sign an executive order sometime soon. we don't know exactly when. but democrats aren't going to like it because it really just continues to chip away at obamacare. at the affordable care act. according to "the wall street journal" what this would do is expand insurance options for americans who buy coverage on their own or work for a small employer. it would also direct federal agencies to ebbing explore companies ways to lower premiums. this comes after the trump administration announced a rule that would expand exemptions to the affordable care act, contraceptive mandate. two days after president trump
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said he called senator schumer to try to cut a temporary deal on a health care bill. >> if we can do a oneear deal, i think that is good. >> reporter: so president trump trying to cut a deal on both healthcare, tax reform. you also have this new immigration proposal. but so far, shannon, not a big surprise, democrats aren't having it. >> shannon: lot of breeze built in there on the hill. makes all those things more challenging. kristin fisher at the white house, thank you very much. well, this latest healthcare push putting some republican lawmakers on the spot. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. what is next in terms of addressing healthcare after the senate struggled so much in recent months. >> reporter: several attempts to get 50 votes on healthcare have
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come up short in the senate. so you have president trump reaching out to senate democratic leader chuck shumer to see if they can cut a deal. fox has confirmed they spoke on friday, with schumer saying the president wanted to make another run at repealing and replacing obamacare and schumer insisting that is off the table. the president talked ab his thinking on saturday. >> if we made a temporary deal it would be a great thing for the people. obamacare is a disaster. the numbers are out. it is exploding like i said it would. >> reporter: the president talking ab cutting a deal with democrats tends to make republicans on capitol hill a little uneasy. >> shannon: speaking of uneasy, what is the latest on the back and forth between the president and the man who is the chair of the senate foreign relations committee. it's gotten a little ugly. >> reporter: that's right. there's been quite a back and forth between president trump and senator bob corker. after they went back and forth on social media, senator corker went to "the new york times" and
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complained about the president, including saying what the president says ab other countries could take this notion, quote, on path to world war iii. and corker added, i know for a fact every single day at the white house is a situation of trying to contain him. this morning kelly anne conway from the white house fired back. >> as to the insulting that the main stream media and the president's detractors almost a year after this election, they still can't accept the results. it adds to their ability and their cover to speak about a president of the united states, the president of the united states, in ways that no president should be talked about. >> reporter: also today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about corker saying, quote, senator corker is a valuable member of the senate republican caucus. he's also on the budget committee. and an important player as we move to the floor on the budget next week. he's an important part of our team.
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in other words, important in terms of getting the agenda done. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel very busy man. thank yo very ch. for more on this, let's bring in chris stirewalt. chris, i almost don't know where to start. let's start with that between senator corker and the president. from the senator a tweet, it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. president uses twitter when he wants to. good for the goose, good for the gander? >> you could say the president had it coming, since he launched an attack against corker. basically corker was defending rex tillerson, saying rex tillerson is one of the people who keeps our country from chaos. president heard about that, didn't like it, then goes on the attack. then corker has the choice. do i lump it and just take this
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and hope for the best or do i respond? he responded. now he's embarrassed the president because what he's saying is, the president is not in charge of his own administration. the president, this is sort of a regency where tillerson and mattis are running the show. the president's just tweeting and acting out. >> shannon: the president is going to need him. one of the key issues senator corker has been front and center on is this whole iran deal. if the president decides to not certify the deal, this kicks it back to congress. tax reform, if they make another run at healthcare. can the president afford to be on the outs with him? >> you would hope for every member of congress, republican or democratic, that they would not let animosity toward anybody cause them to vote one way or the other. what happens in conessit not the vote, it's the process of vote. if a member of congress, especially a person like bob
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corker doesn't trust the administration, the little gimmes, will that provision be put in. those kinds of things he has control over, he's not going to be of charitable mind for him. that can have consequences for passage. >> shannon: this list the president put out, working on something with regard to daca. yeah, you give me these 70 things and we'll have a deal. they had a deal with chuck shumer and nancy pelosi. they were not happy about that. some kind of agreeing they would work toward an agreement. they are now freaking out over what he's list. how much of these demands do you think come from backlash from the right, from the gop saying how could you possibly make a deal with them without including us? >> 1-0-0 percent. 100%, counselor. this is steven miller, in the
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inner circle at the white house. i would imagine this is very much his voice speaking out. this is a consequence of steve bannon bucking the president on the alabama senate primary there and bringing out loud voices against the president. this is the white house saying, okay, we hear you, we'll kill the deal. so this is the death of round one of the -- these are young adults who came to the united states as minors. this is the end of that deal. that's what this announcement is. because obviously democrats aren't going to do a deal that affect some relatively small percente ofllegal immigrants and do it for all of the marbles. maybe these elements show back up in a later comprehensive immigration plan if trump wants to do that at a later point. but for right now the dreamer is no good. >> shannon: we think about what we saw with nancy pelosi when she was back home in her district. she had a press conference who was taken over by people who thought she wassen doing enough.
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is there any incentive for dems to say, i'll come to the table because i have got to get something done for those 800,000 people that fall under the dreamers. i can give you maybe a couple thing, not 70 things on the list. >> there's a couple versions floating around. it's going to come down to whether tillis can get republicans behind his plan which is sepb shali a path way to permanent legal status and one assumes an application for citizenship for these people. it's a fairly direct tradeoff about security versus that. more straight forward thing. it will be up to the republican leadership to get this done. doesn't sound like it will get worked out between the republicans and democrats. >> shannon: we have a tweet saying i called chuck shumer yesterday to see if the dems wanted to do a good healthcare bill. obamacare is badly broken.
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who knows? do you think the dems come across the aisle to help the president do anything with respect to obamacare? >> who knows whether the president can successfully inculpate chuck and nancy into what will look like a very bad year for obamacare recipients. people who were forced by penalty of law into the program. i think the president is saying, hey, democrats, why don't you jump in the pool. the water's fine. their temptation will be, you go ahead, you soak your head, we will stay out here and blame you for the disruptions in people's health insurance. >> shannon: soak your head. we'll have to take to twitter, find out more about that. chris, thank you very much. good to see you. >> bye. >> shannon: california declaring a state of emergency. as we take a look at some of the wild fires in napa valley. we will take you to the ground tpp plus the latest on the las vegas massacre.
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first responders describe storming his hotel suite on that tragic night. >> yeah. i have got a piece of shrapnel in my neck. my partner was worried because i was getting light headed. i said, i'm just gonna stay and help as many people as ky. patrick woke up with back pain.
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expedia >> shannon: las vegas shooter's brother as the investigation enters its second week. officers returned to stephen paddock's house for redocking and rechecking. still no word why he would have opened fire on this concert crowd, killing 58 people. hi, dan. >> reporter: hi, shannon.
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police are clearly frustrated. we talked last week about them putting up bill boards, asking for the public's help. now they're doing what everybody does when they can't find something. they are retracing their steps, going back over ground they already covered in case they missed something the first time. yesterday they were at stephen paddock's house. they were already there last week going over that house. they found 19 guns. after talking to paddock's girlfriend theyot a second search warrant. a local oicial said it was just to photograph some items but the fbi would not comment. late saturday night early sunday morning police and fbi profilers did a second four hour long interview with paddock's brother who lived in florida. he flew to las vegas to have the killer's body cremated. he wants to establish a trust for the victims. last night "60 minutes kwrt aired an interview with the first squat team to get inside paddock's room."
11:17 am
they said the gun man had screwed shut the hallway emergency exit door. they were worried about an ambush. >> like a deadly game of hide and seek. when you're the one hiding, you always know where the person looking for you is. i keep thinking, man, i wish i had my dog with me. nice to have him lead the team. >> reporter: jason aldean who was on stage when the shooting happened was back in las vegas yesterday. his wife posted a picture on instagram. the couple met with victims of the shooting who are still hospitalized. the aldeans called them some of the strongest people they ever met. last night parts of las vegas went dark for 11 minutes as the city dimmed a lot of the marquises around here in honor of all those victims. >> shannon: thank you very much. let's bring in ted williams. ted, good to see you today. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: seems like such a stretch. the more information we're
11:18 am
getting, the more confusing this seems to be. i know psychologically we want to know why this happened so we can find some reasoning in this and maybe prevent it from happening again. but right now motive seems elusive. >> they are very elusive. law enforcement out there in las vegas, they are frustrated. because what they're trying to do is get into the mind of a madman. so what they are having to do is go back and establish a profile of what this guy was like as a child all the way up to at 64 years of being on this earth. that's very difficult. they're talking to people who knew his family. we do know his father was a bank robber, considered a sociopath. so they're looking at that from a hereditary stand.. they're all talking to also prostitutes i understand out there that he's been with. they're talking to his brother. they kept his brother for many hours talking, trying to find
11:19 am
out what? what was the motive? >> shannon: regarding a little more about him, too, because of this lawsuit he filed years ago against a different casino where he had a slip and fall. 97 page deposition is very interesting to look into how he lived his life. it's very unusual for you and i. not professional but very in depth gamblers. he lived at these hotels. owned a bunch of homes he didn't go to. but he lived a life where he would gamble all day, sleep all night. he would walk around in pajamas, sweats, flip flops. this isn't normal behavior, but everybody says i never saw anything that would have indicated this kind of violence. >> it was very weird. when i heard this guy losing, gambling, playing for $1 million a night, that's just weird. but he was alleged to have been doing this, as you said,
11:20 am
sleeping during the day, gambling all night. he was just a person that seemed to be on the edge. they believe that he descended into some kind of mental impair ment starting last year. so looking from september to october when he purchased 30 of the firearms that he had. it is a very eerie thing. what is also interesting so-called lawsuit. this is a millionaire. he slips and falls and he's suing for a slip and fall where he had minor injuries? just doesn't make any sense. >> shannon: all right. now we understand there could be some movement by families' victims here. what is the legal liability potentially like for his estate or the hotel, anyone else involved here? >> well, shannon, you being a lawyer know this. when it comes to the victims they have an excellent cause of action against the estate.
11:21 am
it is mynderstanding that they also want to sue mandalay bay hotel. i think they'll have an uphill battle there. shannon, you know as a lawyer. it's about what the hotel knew or should have known. you can't come clearly close to saying the mandalay bay hotel knew this guy was going to do the things he did. nor would any reasonable person under the circumstances. >> shannon: question about how he managed to bring all of the things in. chuck williams, always good to have you. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: fast moving fires tearing through wine country, torching 1,000 homes and businesses, forcing evacuations. we will take you there live on the ground. >> evacuations are kind of number one at the moment. people feel like they have to leave, we ask they leave. if they get ordered to leave, we tell them it's not a time to think about it. it's time to go.
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>> shannon: california governor declaring a state of emergency as wild fires rage across wine country, destroying 1,000 homes and businesses, sparking evacuation all across the area. that includes hospitals. claudia cowan is there to tell us more. >> reporter: well, this was an iconic dairy folks would see on their drive into sonoma. it is still smoldering as we just learned. a dozen sheep did not make it out. here in wine country and beyond, the size and scope of this fire is astounding. stretches from napa and santa rosa. more than 50,000 acres have burned. 1500 structures damaged or destroyed in an area home to
11:26 am
hundreds of thousands of people wondering if they'll have a home to come back to. several separate fires just exploded overnight starting with one 200 acre wild fire to multiple fires that jumped mountain ridges and highways and prompted massive evacuations in napa and sonoma. we are hearing harrowing accounts of people grabbing their kids and pets, racing out in the middle of the night. in some cases finding the road blocked by blames and doubling back to find another way out. the numbers are still coming in, but it's going to be bad. >> we're looking at a fire that's impacted hundreds of thousands of struck khurs. we do know structures have been damaged or destroyed. we also know there are civilians who have been injured. right now firefighters are at an all hands on deck one team force right now trying to get some containment. also getting out in front of this fire and evacuating people. >> reporter: the damage especially severe in santa rosa. 54 miles north of san francisco
11:27 am
engulfed at least people. mobile home parks as well as a wal-mart and gun shop setting off loud explosions there. the flames pushed along by hot dry conditions and punishing winds. gusts reaching up to 70 miles an hour. evacuation centers are filling up fast. some 20,000 people have been forced out of their homes. there are injuries, as well as reports of residents who are missing. this is a continuing story very fluid. this fire burning out of control, zero containment. going to be an air attack. we'll have more details as the day progresses. >> shannon: they've been having a tough time with this for months. thanks for the update. now to a natural disaster be in puerto rico. drinking supplies just reached ab 60% of the island. the number drops to 20% in northern puerto rico.
11:28 am
only about 15% of the electricity being restored. the governor all warning if there is any funny business of mishandling of the supplies there will be, quote, hell to play. president trump blasting what he called failed u.s. policy. ahead the administration's latest reaction. plus, the president said to make a big decision on the iran nuclear deal this week. and i'm in for dana today because she is heading to dallas. tomorrow condoleezza rice will be live from the george w. bush presidential library. she's going to sit down with laura bush. you don't want to miss it right here tomorrow on "the daily briefing." usaa to me mns pee of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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>> shannon: president tweeting our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for years. policies didn't work. we have more from the white use. hello, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, shannon. this is only couple days after president trump said, while flanked by mail tear officers and officials, that this was the calm before the storm. both the white house and the president saying they refuse to say what he was talking about. president only said, we'll see. james mattis said that the united states is pursuing and prefers to pursue diplomacy in
11:33 am
the case of north korea but if north korea were to attack, the u.s. military, he stresses, is prepared. >> it is right now a diplomatically led economic sanctioned effort to try to turn north korea off this path. now, what is the future hold? either you nor i can say. so there's one thing the u.s. army can do. and that is you have got to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson has been leading what the administration calls a pressure campaign, pushing other countries to isolate north korea diplomatically and economically. getting them to reduce or eliminate the number of guest workers in their countries. the security council also passed sanctions against north korea. china voted to support those measures though it remains north korea's largest trading partner.
11:34 am
even still, president trump publicly applauded the chinese government for the measures it has taken against north korea. though president trump did criticize his secretary of state rex tillerson for wasting his time negotiating with north korea. state department officials clarified that the state department is not negotiating with north korea and has diplomatic chan tphels open to talk ab the three american citizens imprisoned there. >> shannon: important distinction. rich edson live at the white house. thank you. with more, let's bring in managing editor for the weekly standard editor. great to have you today. we know all these rounds of sanctions, they are paying off in many respects. growing list of countries who say they're not going to do business with north korea. the state department has been asking for a list. what can we go after? and then going to countries making specific asks about how they can get with the program against north korea. it sounds like there's been success on that front.
11:35 am
>> there has. it's about time. reactually know that north korea's economy grew last year by about 4%. so clearly this is a long needed effort. it's very interesting. it's not just people in the state department. i understand rex tillerson, whenever he meets with his counter parts, he makes personal asks. even mike pence, when he went to chile, he asked that they classify wine as a luxury export. also asked they get rid of some of their diplomats there. sadly, that one didn't work. but it is a real sustained effort. they have to keep doing this. all the generals say no military option looks good. so i think this is sort of the best way. north korea cannot expand its nuclear program if it doesn't have money to buy technology, fuel, and if it doesn't have money to get the parts and work
11:36 am
on expanding. so we need to cut off their money. china, course, is the big one. there are plenty of countries around the world doing business with north korea. back recently berlin found out a hostel was sending money to the regime. germany shut it down. >> shannon: there's been talk about the diplomacy and how that's the way we got to go. the president tweeted there's only one thing that's going to work. even senator corker, who he's in a bit of a feud right now, he talks about the fact that u.s. intel agencies agree diplomatly may not stop north korea. he said on the path to world war iii, he said he confirmed that he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. what do you make of that? it's somebody who is very knowledgeable about these thing
11:37 am
things. >> there's two types of diplomacy. diplomacy with north korea. and there's tkpsy about north korea. bob corker agreed with president trump that diplomacy with north korea is unlikely to work because intelligence agencies have said kim jong-un is an insane man. he realizes the only way to keep his regime going, doesn't have the support of the north korean people, who are starving. to have a nuclear threat. anyone who tries to get rid of him will be bombed to kingdom come. i tend to agree with the president on that one. but i worry that he's under minding the other kind of diplacy others are trying to do. that's diplomacy with other tries, to them to stop working and helping north korea get money for its bombs. >> shannon: kim jong-un does not want to stop his nuclear program. if we can take away his ability to expand. if we can cut off his cash, there's not much he can do about that. >> shannon: let's talk about iran as well. there's an up coming date
11:38 am
october 15th. president can decide whether he'll certify the iran nuclear deal or not. sounds like this time he may not. that would take us over to congress. they've got a 60 day window to decide whether or not to impose regulation. we're hearing from a number of folks within iran saying if they don't hold up their end of the deal, the u.s. doesn't, that they're not bound by it either. lot of people are concerned about what that would mean. those in favor say it would give us guide rails with them. others would argue we don't really. >> i would argue we don't either. very interesting to have cautious optimism on this. secretary of defense james mattis and chairman of the joint chiefs testified last week in the senate. they claimed that iran was in compliance with the deal and that the deal was in the u.s. national security interest. i'm quite surprised that president trump didn't go after them on twitter because he has disagreed with them. he has very good reason to disagree with them. we have no idea whether iran is
11:39 am
in compliance or not. the deal does not allow us and the iaea, international atommic energy association, to look at military sites. there's a way to do it. what happens is there has to be intelligence that says something's going on at a military site, and then the iaea has to request permission from the iranians to look at that. iranians have so many days to respond. that's ridiculous. we really have no idea whether they're complying or not. just because we don't have evidence right now doesn't mean they are. i think given the history of this regime and what they have done, it seems pretty unlikely to me that they would give up on their quest for nuclear weapons. they're not like north korea. they don't like to brag about it. they realize they'll have more luck getting a nuclear weapon if they keep it quiet. >> shannon: interesting, too, that the foreign minister -- spokesman said the president is considering designating iran's revolutionary guard as a
11:40 am
terrorist. he said if he does the reaction from iran will be decisive and crushing. so another thing to watch as the president makes these important decisions about iran. kelly, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: remnants of nate head up the east coast. an update on the weather, just ahead. plus, my vice president pence walked out of the stadium before the 49ders and colts game. was it a stunt or not?
11:41 am
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> shepard smith on the fox news deck. much more on north korea. president trump tweeted only one thing will work, but didn't specifically say that what that one thing is. we'll hear from a journalist who said kim jong-un is feeling pressure from the united states but that the world should also focus on the people around that dictator. the details in a live interview on shepard smith reporting.
11:44 am
we'll see you then. >> shannon: meantime, we are tracking the remnants of nate as it heads north. in the carolinas tornado strength winds damaged many homes leaving tens of thousands without power. early yesterday nate made its second landfall in biloxi, mississippi, triggering storm surges along the highways as well. president trump putting dreamers in the middle of his battle for immigration reform. president telling lawmakers that any deal to protect dreamers will have to include his immigration priorities including funding the wall along the southern border. former communications adviser to president obama and editorial director of host of mornings on the mall. good to see you both. >> hi. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: corey, listen. we thoughtpresident had a deal with chuck and nancy.
11:45 am
this can be something they are really going to get on board with. is it any deal at all or is the president, as chris stirewalt suggested simply spiking whatever the agreement was? >> clearly the white house was really busy over the weekend. not only did he disappoint chuck and nancy, as we're calling them now, we also disappointed probably his republican leadership, setting him up to fail again. it is shameful that we are doing this deal on the backs of the dreamers who know nothing but this country as their own and deserve to be here. many believe deserve to seek a path to scitizenship. here's what's happening. the pht, just this weekend, has put this on the desk of the leadership and the house and the senate. they all say they're going to take a look at it. but it is shameful that we are here at this point. they deserve to stay here. they deserve to be here. this is not time to talk about comprehensive immigration reform
11:46 am
which is what senator, the senator from texas said just today. this is not the time. >> shannon: but is this the time? there were lot of folks worried on the right saying the president had given away the candy store to these two with a deal. do you come with a big overask like you do when you're bidding on a house or contract? >> let's not forget who has all of the leverage here. this is a huge deal. this will come with stipulations. clearly president trump wants things. chuck and nancy knew that when they left the meeting with him. now he's given a list of 70 items that are on his wish list. does that mean he's going to get every one of them? certainly not. this puts it much more in the trajectory of something that conservatives will like. mandatory e-verifying nationwide, ending chain migration, of course wall funding built into this.
11:47 am
it's hard how anybody could oppose that. now you've basically got the president saying, i'm gonna give you this dream act and in return i want a couple things. i think democrats are scared to death that they won't be able to get daca recipients the protections they have been promising. >> shannon: we talked aout the backlash nancy pelosi faced when a number of them confronted her, feeling like she's not doing enough for them. we'll see if the pressure works. another hot topic we want to ask you about. vice president pence walking out of yesterday's colts/49ers game after some players took a knee during the national anthem. the vice president tweeting i left the game because president trump and i will not dignify any event -- president sodded i asked vp pens if any players kneeled. i am proud of him and second lady karen. corey, lot of folks think it's fine if the players do it.
11:48 am
they can get out there and speak. why the main stream media backlash for the vice president making his own statement? >> what we know about this president and white house is they are the master of distraction. this is one more thing that is distracting us from things we need to be talking about. we already know based on the conversation on yesterday during the game and then what we heard on this air this morning that it was premeditated. for what reason? what purpose? here's the thing vice president pence and those football players have in common. they both exercised their constitutional god given right to free speech through first amendment. that's what happened. so the fact that we continue to come back to this over and over again is very disappoints. it's one more way that the president and this white house continue to deprive the nation of his time. >> shannon: if that's true why reopen this wound? if it wascaulated, as some say, by the president? >> well, this is about
11:49 am
emphasizing what's important to the united states. remember what the president and vice president are supposed to do. not just to set policy for the country. it's also to honor our institution. in this case honor the flag. week after week you had nfl players who disrespected the flag. you have a vice president who is going to honor peyton man. he knows to expect players may take a knee. he has to make a decision, what do i do? his decision is, i'm not going to honor the players who dishonored the flag. so he walked away. you can call this a pr stunt. the reality is, it sent an important message that the leaders of the country respect the flag and believe it should be respected in all forums. this is a serious statement by the white house, one that should not be cast aside as frivolous. >> shannon: we respect both of your opinions. thank you for joining us today. please come back soon. all right.
11:50 am
harvey winestein fired by the company he founded. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> shannon: the lights appear to be dimming on harvey weinstein's career. many women are accusing him of sexual harassment. now he's been fired from the company he founded. >> reporter: he spent three decades at the top of hollywood. it took three days for that career to be destroyed as more accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced his fall from grace was completed last night when he was fired by directors on his company's board. among them his brother bob. the company issuing a statement saying, quote, in light of new
11:54 am
information about misconduct by harvey weinstein that has emerged in the past few days the directors of the weinstein company have informed harvey weinstein that his employment with the company is terminated effective immediately. so the man behind huge hits such as shakespeare in love and pulp fiction is now out of a job and out of favor among the hollywood elite. while some of those elite still seem nervous about speaking out about weinstein, others are weighing in. actress saying in a tweet, kwoerbt easy to think weinstein company took swift action but this has been the slowest action because they always knew. and amid some very strong language guard i can't understand of the galaxy director james gunn said if even one tenth of the stories about harvey weinstein are true, and i believe they are, then good riddens. he also adding the enabling needs to end. even president trump weighed in briefly on the unfolding
11:55 am
scandal. >> i have known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised. >> reporter: two of weinstein's high profile lawyers have stepped aside but the disgraced mogul is still threatening to take legal action against "the new york times" which, of course, was first to public details of all of these alleged abuses. shannon? >> shannon: jonathan hunt, thank you for the update. the cubs and major league baseball now facing a lawsuit by a fan. a fan said he was blinded after a foul ball hit him. >> a foul ball came off the bat and struck me in the face. it crashed into my left eye. i felt a rush of pain. then i lost sight in that eye immediately. i was watching the game. but i had no chance to avoid it. >> shannon: this follows a series of incidents across the
11:56 am
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>> the good news is, several women with disabilities are breaking down barriers. they organized the first miss wheelchair contest. in new jersey, a young cancer survivor is leading his team to glory. cole fitzgerald at washington township junior high has been helping out. that's not him though. he got to take to the field. here you go. >> being part of the time, an important part of the team. we're short players today, you're going to dress. >> he did. he carried the ball into the o
12:00 pm
two-point conversion. helped his team win. dana pary here's shep. >> it's nn on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. where president trump is laying down the law on immigration telling lawmakers if they want to protect dreamers, he wants to build the wall and hire thousands more border agents. that's just to get started. for democrats, the wall itself is a nonstarter. now the fight. the presidents will claiming the republican senator bob corker of tennessee begged for an endorsement. senator corker said that's not how it went down. the senator is blasting back calling the white house an adult day care center and warning that president trump could be putting on a path toor


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