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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 9, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: takes one to no one. set your dvr so you can never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. you are looking live, we can expect to get an update from las vegas officials on the latest in their investigation into the deadly shooting last sunday that took the lives of 58 people. we will take you there live when it begins. first, what do we know about the investigation right now? several federal investigators returned to the search, to search the mesquite home of stephen paddock while other investigators met with his brother. first responders recount for the first time the moment when they encountered paddock in the andy levy hotel room. dan springer joins us from vega vegas.
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legally are hoping to have new information from police. this investigation has really hit a wall. over the weekends, they spent a lot of time retracing steps they had taken earlier. for example yesterday, fbi agents conducted a second search of stephen paddock's home in mesquite nevada. they filed for a second federal search warrant after interviewing paddock's girlfriend, who also lived there. late saturday night, police met the shooter's brother as he rubbed in las vegas to handle some family business. fbi profilers interviewed him for four hours. he was already interviewed once at his home in orlando, florida. we are learning even more about the extensive planning before the massacre. the killer calculated his aim and screwed shut the emergency exit door next to his room to slow first responders. >> a deadly game of hide and seek. when you are the one hiding, you always know where the person looking for you is for they see you. i remember thinking i wish i had
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my dog with me because it would be nice to have him lead the team. >> the s.w.a.t. team members saying their room looked like a gun store. they were tripping over rifles and ammunition. nearly 500 injured. so many have helped in the healing process. jason aldean was back in las vegas yesterday visiting some of the injured. his wife joined him and praised the victims for their strength. vice president mike pence was here lending his prayers to the nation. >> bret: we have watched officials over the past few days struggle with the question again and again about motive. do we think tonight they are indicating any change at least heading into this briefing that we are moments away from on that front? >> absolutely. no indication they have had a major breakthrough. in fact, most of the people i've
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talked to have said this guy was such an enigma, so unusual that we might never know. the fbi profilers are very good at the job of piecing together a person's history and coming up with the trigger that sent them on their way to this tragedy but this trigger could have been 11 months ago when he started to build up his arsenal of weapons. a could have been another trigger a month ago. we don't know. the fbi has given no indication they are very close to solving the mystery. >> bret: hearing from the first responders as they went into the mandalay bay room, you can hear the danger involved. there were some thoughts about whether there was anybody else in the room. there was somebody, there was a charger that didn't fit his phone. let's listen in, dan. authorities just took the podium there in las vegas. >> all right.
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for those of you who may not know, i am sheriff lombardo of the las vegas metropolitan police department. i'm going to give you an update on where we currently are with the investigation. and then i will give you some insight into where we are going with the investigation and i will be happy to answer a small number of questions. okay, so in the day since our last briefing, investigators along with agents from the fbi and atf have continued working around the clock on the october 1 shooting. today i will provide you with information but mostly i hope to clarify or provide more updated information on some of the details that have been reported in the media. a number of you have reported that the brother of suspect is in town. yes, he is. we have -- we are in contact with him, along with other
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family members. i will not discuss what kind of out of the interviews but every piece of information is one more piece of the puzzle in this cas case. last week we talked about the single person whose action helped pinpoint the location of the suspect. that was the mandalay bay security guard jesus campos. he was not only injured when he was fired upon as he did his room check down the hall from the suspect's room he was also extremely shaken up by what happened to him. he was able to confirm exactly what he heard and saw in the moments before he was shot. marilou danley, the suspects living girlfriend, we are still speaking with ms. danley about the suspects movements, and anything else we need to know about him and how he planned his assault.
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we also -- and who we came in contact with during the planning phase. we have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter. we have uncovered over 200 instances of the suspects traveling throughout las vegas, and he has never been seen with anyone else. we have no evidence or intelligence that the suspect was linked or had affiliation with any known terrorist groups or ideologies. in coordination with the fbi's behavior analysis unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspects mental state and currently we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspects life for us to key on. we believe he decided to take the lives he did, and he had a very purposeful plan that he carried out. where are we at with property
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retrieval? as of yesterday, the personal effects of concert goers as well as items that were belong to the victims are being returned. they have located items from lots a, b, c, d. if you go to and click on the banner associated with the october 1 shooting, it will define which lots are available. as far as i know from visiting there earlier today, lots a and b are available and c and d area to be determined. first and most important is i want to say the fbi, red cross, and city and county fire are doing an amazing job. this is not an easy task but their process is efficient. even though we have been talking
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about the numbers of people attending the concert the number of victims injured or killed, you really don't understand the magnitude and please see the rows and tables of personal belongings left behind as people fled. moving forward, we anticipate being at the route 91 site for at least another week along with the room at the mandalay bay. as i've said from day one, we want to figure out the y to this and we would like to know the motive. that is our most important goal, to prevent any further action associated with any other individual contemplating this or what went on in the suspects mind to enable him to pull off such a complicated event. moving forward, barring any critical information obtained during the week, the next press
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conference will be conducted at the end of the week, friday. at this point, i would be happy to answer any questions. >> reporter: report from 2013 saying he was taking valium. >> we have found evidence of medications. i'm not at liberty to discuss it. >> reporter: can you tell us about the note? the numbers. >> what note? there was not a note in the suspects room. we recovered a document that had numbers, i and i'm not at liberty to make a guess on what it was for. we are figuring it out. >> reporter: according to accounts, there were drills. according to other accounts, the guard jesus campos heard drilling. what drilling was done and what
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do you think it was to accomplish? >> the question is what drilling was done or what was the intent. there was drilling done. it was to the doorway, adjacent wall to the doorway. the assumption would be to place a camera or a rifle. the drilling was not completed. >> reporter: officer campos heard drilling? >> yes, he dead. -- yes, he did. there has never been anything out in the public about knocking. he was investigating an open door. >> reporter: sustaining the injury, the timeline for mr. campos. >> bear with me while i get tha
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that. it's fairly simple for me to obtain. what was the question? what was the original question? 21:59. that would be 9:59. >> reporter: shooting before this incident? >> i can't confirm that. >> reporter: you are saying mr. campos was injured before 10:00 p.m.? >> i don't know where you are getting your numbers. he was injured prior to the mass volley of shooting. >> reporter: each shot at just
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about 10:00. the shots begin at 10:05 and go on for 10 minutes. can you give us what you think -- >> i don't want to get in. i appreciate what you're saying. ma'am, that's not how we conduct this. if i am presented with a question. >> reporter: the fbi has reported -- >> that is not how i conduct press conferences, ma'am. please stop asking your questio question. there is decorum we have and i will finish mr. ritter's questions. >> reporter: security guard campos was shot just before 10:00. the shots out the window, as you describe them -- >> let me help you. the timeline associated with the original shot with mr. campos has changed through investigation. as i have conveyed to you from the very beginning and your zest
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for information and my zest to ensure the public safety and the combing of their minds, some things are going to change. they are minute changes. not an all-encompassing answer associate with the information we presented before. in other words, it's not completely inaccurate but what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. yes, ma'am. >> reporter: your department looking at the shooter's mental condition. >> i'm sorry, i don't understan understand. >> reporter: what avenues are you going down? >> as you can imagine, any mental health or medical help he has had throughout his life, we are attempting to obtain that
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information. additionally the behavioral analysis unit from the fbi's on the ground locally, and we are attempting to utilize their expertise in discerning those matters. what i will provide is behavior analysis is in l.a. also, los angeles. while interview with ms. danley are being conducted. >> reporter: do you have any idea why mr. campos -- >> we had an alarm associated with an open door. it was not the suspects open door. it was another one. >> reporter: any other writing discovered in the room, numbers or otherwise question my >> i personally am not aware of any. >> any diagnosis he had. anything he was diagnosed with or was taking?
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was he diagnosed with any conditions or taking any -- >> we don't have a complete, comprehensive look at his medical conditions. >> reporter: was there a delay in reporting? >> immediately upon being injured, he notified security of his situation. in close proximity of mr. campos being shot, there was also a maintenance worker that presented himself on the 32nd floor, and mr. campos prevented him from receiving any injuries. >> reporter: do you think the suspects engagement with mr. campos sped up the timeline of the shooting? >> i wouldn't make that assumption. i'm not privy to that. >> reporter: what was mr. paddock doing before the
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shooting? >> we have a pretty cooperative timeline prior to the shooting, but more importantly, he was gambling the night before. i do not want to disclose his actions up to the shooting because that's part of the investigation. >> reporter: what caused him to stop shooting out the window? >> we do not know at this point. >> reporter: you said earlier he you believed he had an escape plan. >> it has been a matter of discussion whether what i said is accurate or not, and what i am comfortable saying is what i believe. esther campos, not mr. campos. the suspect. i do not want to say his name. i will call him the suspect. we know he attempted to shoot at fuel tanks. we know had some personal protection equipment in the room. the car found in the parking
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garage contained explosives. i would be comfortable in saying, which i believe, depending on... dependent on the splash he made during the shooting, enabling first responders to be directing their attention in other locations which would enable mr. paddock to leave the hotel. we do not know whether he had planned to cause additional harm outside of what occurred at mandalay bay. >> reporter: was there ever a trigger mechanism found? you talked about finding electronics in the room. >> you mean something that would -- know, the explosives were not set up to detonate with a trigger.
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>> reporter: when did the police know the security guard was shot? only after the shooting? >> they weren't aware of him being shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator. >> reporter: why did he check into the hotel question! we have information on the 25th. i told you previously the 28th. we are trying to confirm his actions between the 25th and 28th. i'm under the belief he was not occupying the room between those days. i already said that. i can't answer that question. i don't want to sensationalize his actions. i believe if he doesn't have a name, nobody can relate to him.
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>> reporter: how many telephones were found? any indication he was communicating with anybody? >> we don't have that number. i don't know the number personally. >> reporter: can you talk about where you are going. >> i wish i could give you a conference of timeline with his movements. it would assist us in developing possible witnesses but we are still running it down. it is still a comprehensive evaluation of the electronic equipment associated with this individual, and it's going to take quite some time. what i am proud of is how far we've gotten to this point. yes, i'm frustrated. if you look at the public media, the perception that i am frustrated at the speed of this
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investigation, yes i am. it isn't because anyone is not doing their job. it's because this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event, and it's difficult for us to find the answers to those actions. that's why it's important for you to give me some deference, the fbi some deference and the police departments in deference and our ability to run down these leads. i've noticed in the public forum several assumptions unconfirmed statements and actions of this individual put out there, and makes it very difficult for us to follow the leads we currently have when we are trying to chase in other directions. i've said this to you before. i appreciate all your help. you are a force multiplier for us because there's a lot of hidden pieces to this puzzle, but there's also a happy medium associated with it. i will answer mr. ritter's question and that is the last
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question. >> reporter: we learned yesterday the fbi went again to the mesquite house. did they also go back to reno, that house there? and the vehicles? perhaps you can tell us if we are re-combing evidence. >> we are. the question was, the fbi along with the pd revisiting the personal property of the suspect, that's accurate. along with the behavioral analysis detectives. they are also presented maybe we can discern additional evidence as a result of the revisit. thank you very much. like i said, previously, we anticipate the next press conference to be friday barring any key evidence we become aware of, we will plan on friday. thank you very much.
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>> bret: las vegas metropolitan sheriff joe lombardo wrapping up where they are in the investigation and frankly admitting there is not a lot of progress on the motive behind stephen paddock, the shooter who killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more saying there is no evidence of a second shooter at all, no evidence of any time with terrorist groups or terrorist ideologies as of yet. evidence he was taking medication, wouldn't go into specifics. said a security guard at mandalay bay, campos, was shot before the attack, before the shooting on the concertgoers. that timeline, we didn't know before. would not say why paddock stopped shooting or what caused the shooter to stop shooting that night. said there was a possible escape but wouldn't go into specifics, said he had shot at fuel tanks across the street and that in the parking garage was in fact a
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car, as we had heard, filled with explosives and that it was the sheriff's believe he had plans possibly to do other things after the shooting that night. we will continue to update this investigation as we get more. as he said, the next news conference likely not until friday unless they break through with something. two other news we are following. the trump administration wants action on immigration they are giving congress an ultimatum. protect 800,000 so-called dreamers if lawmakers also adhere to a list of principles to crack down on illegal immigration. the president's plan includes constructing a board what with mexico, adding 10,000 immigration officers, and penalizing sanctuary cities. the guidelines came out the same day republican senator bob corker took president trump to task in a highly personal and public viewed, what began with a stat on twitter turned into the retiring g.o.p. senator suggesting that president treats the office like a reality show and his actions could start world war iii.
3:24 pm
kristin fisher is on the north lawn with two of those big stories. >> good evening, bret. the list of demands represents a complete overhaul of u.s. immigration policy. it ranges from improving border security to beefing up enforcement, and at the very top of the list is his signature campaign promise. president trump is telling lawmakers to fund and build his border wall or else any deal protecting dreamers is dead. in a letter to congress yesterday, he said "these findings outline reforms that must be included as part of any legislation, addressing the status of deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca recipients." other reforms include stopping sanctuary sittings, hiring additional i.c.e. agents and prosecutors. establishing a point-based system for green cards and ending chain migration. that's when the extended family
3:25 pm
of legal immigrants are given a smooth pass into the country. the list is being praised by his base as proof of a president keeping his campaign promise but it's being slammed by democrats like the texas congressman who says it lacks basic humanity. >> this proposal is a breitbart christmas list of anti-immigrant policies. as many of us have said, it's a nonstarter in congress. it is dead on arrival. >> is also different from that deal that democrats on capitol hill thought they had struck over dinner at the white house. chuck and nancy, as the president likes to call them, say "this proposal fails to represent any attempt to compromise. the list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiation." >> the message to the dreamers is listen to the president. he's open to a deal. they should be calling their friends chuck and nancy to say, are you going to give up the deal? >> president trump spent
3:26 pm
columbus day playing golf with republican senator lindsey graham, just one day after picking a fight on twitter with another republican senator . "senator bob corker "begged" me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. i said "no" and he dropped out, said he could not win without my endorsement. he also wanted to be secretary of state, i said "no thanks." he is also largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal! corker responded by saying "it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning." it marks a seismic shift in the relationship between the president and the man who was once a contender to be his vice president. he told "the new york times" he believes the president's threat to other countries could put the nation "on the path to world war iii." he also said "he concerns me. he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation and that the vast majority of our caucus understands what we are
3:27 pm
dealing with here." senator corker didn't explain what exactly he meant by that, nor has president trump responded but the vice president just defended him by saying he is "achieving the results on the international stage while critics engage in empty rhetoric and baseless attacks." >> bret: kristin fisher, thank you. espn is sidelining one of its anchors after a second controversial tweet. the company putting out a statement saying it's suspending jemele hill for two weeks for violating its social media guidelines. hill called for a boycott of dallas cowboys advertisers in the wake of reports jerry jones will bench any player who does not stand for the national anthem. last month, hill created uproar after she called president trump a "white supremacist" on twitter. vice president pence is in california. it's his visit to indiana sunday people are talking about. the vice president walked out of
3:28 pm
a football game between the indianapolis colts and the sample cisco 49ers after some players knelt during the national anthem. he said it was because he did not want to dignify the demonstration. the vice president actions were praised by president trump on twitter, drawing many to conclude it was a stunt orchestrate by the administration. many in the nfl, especially on the 49ers, have been kneeling in protest for weeks. >> last time he was at a colts game was three weeks ago. this was like a p.r. stunt to me. he knew our team has had the most players protest. he knew we were probably going to do it again. >> bret: senior political analyst brit hume joins me with his take. good evening. there is all this talk about a stunt. obviously the kneeling is its own kind of stunt in a way, making whatever point they want to make. what's your take? >> i think you can take the view that says the players are
3:29 pm
putting, performing these stunts, some of them went in and week out. the administration, vice president pence, responded by a counter stunt. i think you could say they are both stunts or neither. i don't see how anybody could seriously argue that with the players have been doing is not a stunt and what the vice president did is a stunt. i think any kind of sensible and balanced look would say they are both doing the same thing. these are political actions, bret, both of them. the administration tonight, or the trump team is trying to fund raise office. this is what you expect with political acts. they think they have a winner for the overwhelming majority of fans and overwhelming majority of voters will side with the president and his vice president on this idea of respecting the national anthem and they can fund-raiser off it. >> bret: politically in your mind, this is a winner for the administration. despite the hackles about the trip to indianapolis costing x amount of dollars and stepping
3:30 pm
on peyton manning's big night or whatever they are saying in indianapolis. >> i am somewhat amused by liberal critics of the vice president, suddenly develop a deep concern about the budget. after years in which the deficit was exploding and now they are concerned about this. my sense is what happened, the vice president was going out there to his home state and is home team to celebrate the career of peyton manning, who won a super bowl while playing with the indianapolis colts. they had an event before the game to honor him and he was principally there for that. i have no doubt he and the president decided ahead of time that if the players were to stage, to kneel, he would walk out. i think it probably was planned. politics on both sides, seems to me. >> bret: all right, as always, thank you. the trump administration takes a swipe at president obama's landmark climate agenda by keeping a campaign promise to
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♪ >> kimberly: jim mattis is reiterating the u.s. military will be ready for action against north korea. if it comes to that. >> there is one thing the u.s. army can do. that is, you've got to be ready to ensure we have military options that our president can employ if needed. >> bret: mattis was speaking at an army conference. he recommended a book on the korean war to remind people what war on the peninsula could look like. the dow closed out monday down nearly 13. s&p 500 off almost 5. nasdaq closed 10.5. trump administration taking a swipe at president obama's climate agenda, keeping a
3:35 pm
campaign promise made to coal country. the administration will begin repealing the clean power plan. environmental protection agency chief scott pruitt made the announcement in kentucky today alongside senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the move is already infuriating critics. our report from kentucky tonight. >> tomorrow in washington, d.c., i will be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called clean power plan of the past administration. >> it was welcomed news in eastern kentucky. epa administrator scott pruitt announcing the administration's proposal to repeal president obama's signature climate regulation. >> there's lots of uncertainty about the legality of the clean power plan, questions about whether the authorities there in the clean air act. we are going to withdraw it and move forward. >> created in 2015, the clean power plan was obama's policy
3:36 pm
answer to reducing carbon emissions at power plants nationwide. >> by 2030, carbon pollution from our power plants will be 32% lower than it was a decade ago. >> the supreme court stated since limitation in 2016 after legal challenges from 27 states led by then attorney general of oklahoma scott pruitt. stick with because they believe there was a likelihood that wast lawful. >> not everyone agrees. the sierra club supported it and says any repeal will cost lives. "the damage caused by a trump's willful ignorance will have myriads of human faces because he's proposing to throw out a plan that will prevent thousands of premature deaths and tens of thousands of childhood asthma attacks every year." in coal country, mitch mcconnell says the announcement is a step in the right direction. >> this is a sign of hope. clear as the administrator said, the war on coal is over.
3:37 pm
it doesn't necessarily mean overnights a return to some of the years we had a while back. >> for mining machine company owners like john, it's a chance to rebuild business. >> our company grew to 64 employees and now we are down to 23, 24 people. the future looks bright and we are certainly implementing the necessary steps. >> the effort to repeal cpp will be met by new legal challenges while here in kentucky there are more than 15,000 coal mining jobs one president obama took office. today there is less than 4,000. >> bret: thank you. christopher columbus becomes part of the national debate over the historical monuments. i look at the explorers past that's now under fire. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. in miami, miami dolphins or offensive line coach resigned
3:38 pm
today after a video surfaced on social media appearing to show him snorting cocaine. the team said they have "no tolerance for this behavior." he says he accepts full responsibility for his actions and is seeking treatment. fox 25, hurricane nate made landfall as a category 1. the storm surge from mississippi sound littered the main beachfront highway and flooded a casino lobby and parking structure. there were no storm related deaths reported and no signs of widespread damage. live look at oakland, california, from fox 2. big story there, more than a dozen wildfires that have destroyed more than 1500 homes and buildings in one country. california's governor today issued a state of emergency for napa, sonoma and yuba counties. dusty winds have fanned the flames and smoke forcing the evacuation of some 20,000 people, including a new
3:39 pm
evacuation of the silverado resort. that just finished the pga tournament last week. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today.
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♪ >> bret: michigan's chief medical executive faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter over the flint water crisis. eden wells was in court for hearing today on other charges when the announcement was made by the state attorney general 's office. five other people have been charged with involuntary manslaughter tied to an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the flint area. starting in 2014. it was the moment many critics cringed overcoming the video of president trump throwing paper towels to hurricane survivors during a visit to puerto rico last week. many were wondering just what the president was thinking at that moment. now we know. in the interview with former arkansas governor mike huckabee, the presidents and people loved
3:43 pm
those actions. >> they have these beautiful soft towels, very good towels. and i came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people and they were screaming and they were loving everything. and i was having fun, and they were having fun. they said throw them to me, throw them to me mr. president. >> bret: the president also told huckabee this was another example of the media not treating them fairly. it is columbus day, a national holiday here in the u.s. but one that doesn't come without controversy. recently statues honoring christopher columbus have become part of the national debate over historical monuments, as protests have defaced some of those markers around the country. doug mckelway shows us the past of a celebrated and now targeted explorer. >> the truth about columbus is he didn't really bring anything other than genocide and slavery and violence. two indigenous people and he's not somebody who should be celebrated. >> it's an increasingly common
3:44 pm
sentiment. four states answered five cities are celebrating october 9 as indigenous peoples day. new york's columbus circle statue remains under 24-hour guard. this follows among swords of columbus monuments to be vandal. traditionalists either movement as an anti-intellectual revisionist history enabled by a mob mentality. >> trying to deface columbus statues is un-american. >> the pendulum has swung far to one side. an essay entitled "the case for colonialism" has been withdrawn due to threats of violence to the journal's editor. a scholar who sees both good and bad in columbus. he acknowledges he enslave the
3:45 pm
people of hispaniola. their population was decimated by measles and smallpox. >> scholars estimate between 50% and 90% of the population in the americas died because of this. >> indigenous people return the favor, infecting the europeans with syphilis and that indigenous people, far from being peaceful, were often at war with each other. >> i am an historian. i like to preserve evidence. i am generally opposed to erasing our history. i would rather have us learn about it. >> that appears to be the consensus of more than 1,000 new yorkers inside a petition urging mayor bill de blasio to preserve columbus statues in the city. last month de blasio gave a special commission until december 7 to submit recommendations of what to do with new york's columbus statue statues. no commission can undo columbus' lasting influence. nearly 40% of the worlds catholics live in latin america. practicing the religion and
3:46 pm
speaking the language that columbus introduced. >> bret: the oldest sitting senator in the u.s. senate says she is ready to recommit and will run for reelection. california senator dianne feinstein, was 8r intentions today on twitter, saying she is "all in." ending months of speculation over her political future. up next, debating the president's guidelines for immigration reform and his battle with senator bob corker. at ally, we offer low-cost trades and high-yield savings. but if that's not enough, we offer innovative investing tools to prepare you for the future. looks like you hooked it. and if that's not enough, we'll help your kid prepare for the future. don't hook it kid. and if that's still not enough, we'll help your kid's kid prepare for the future. looks like he hooked it. we'll do anything... takes after his grandad.
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♪ >> we all agreed on a framework. to pass daca protections and additional border security measures excluding the wall. both sides agreed the wall would
3:50 pm
not be part of this agreement, the president made clear he intends to pursue it at a later time. and we made clear we would continue to oppose it. >> we are talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, people that have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition. importantly, what we want, we have to have a wall. we will only do it if we get extreme security. if we don't have the wall, we are doing nothing. >> bret: that was september 14 and 15. now it is october 9 and the trump administration releasing its immigration principles, among them funding and complete construction of the u.s.-mexico border wall. block sanctuary cities from receiving certain federal grants, and asylum and extend family chain migration, establishing a point based system for green cards and the pushback from democrats was reacted this way by the administration. >> they should be calling their friends chuck and nancy and say are you going to give up the
3:51 pm
deal because you don't want -- why don't you want a border wall constructed? why don't you want more immigration agents? why is it -- and stop these visa overstates make sure people breaking the law once they are here, go back. >> bret: where are we on this being 18 deal? olivier knox, mollie hemingway, guy benson. >> it's interesting how things work. on this issue of immigration you have a true disagreement. people with different ideas about how to protect the economic interests of the country and security. seems like this is a great place to negotiate. you of people who want to work out something for children who came here illegally who are here as adults and you have people who want to deal with border security, enforcement of our immigration laws and perhaps a
3:52 pm
change to our immigration policies that it matches like more what canada and australia have. for most people, this seems like a perfect thing to go forward. work on this. everybody gives a little bit here and there and you could come to a plan. yet i don't think people think that's what's going to happen. >> bret: is it a negotiation? is it something senator schumer and minority leader pelosi misunderstood from their time in the oval office? >> i would say they had an interest coming out of that meeting declaring they had struck a deal and laying out the particulars. i think mollie is right. are things going to fall away from the list of priorities? it's not clear. the president said he won't do anything unless he gets the border wall and democrats have said we are not going to do the border wall. >> bret: what the definition of the wall is at some point will come into play.
3:53 pm
>> i think so. i am remembering michael short, top advisor at the white house committed seemingly confirmed about a month ago that the president had taken the wall off the table as a redlined demand in this negotiation. now it appears the demand is back on the table. some people looked at this laundry list today as may be the art of the deal. ask big and gravitate toward the middle after having moved the window. the only problem with that theory in this situation is that the white house had already given big concessions which they are backtracking on. i think leverage goes to the democrats. they are very happy to stand up to trump vis-a-vis the base and say you set this clock. you said you wanted to help these kids. we are happy to keep this as an active issue. your move. i think chuck and nancy, as he calls them, are probably pretty pleased with this development. >> bret: we are coming up on a
3:54 pm
busy legislative time where there are deadlines. on a number of different fronts. one of them is the budget and this daca deal will factor in. >> yeah, and there are important things like tax reform. i don't know if i agree on the deadline issue. it's just as much of a problem for democrats who really want to get something worked out on the deferred action. there is a deadline and there will be people who, by their own statements, really need to be taken care of. if they don't do something. it's incumbent upon people who say it's so important to act like it's important. americans in general are pretty moderate on this. they want increased border security. and they also want something that can help out people who were brought here illegally as children. for a lot of people outside this town, it seems like why can't you work on it. there are actual lives not just for the people who are the children, the adults brought here illegally as children but also every else.
3:55 pm
this is something people in this town don't think about, how immigration policies affect people. >> i think that's fair. it's a bigger problem for the daca folks. it seemed like a heavy outlines, the contours of a deal that people could live with. at least at the white house and among democrats and some republicans. what strikes me is that this looks like a sharp shift away from that notional deal. >> bret: maybe we are seeing negotiating real time. thank you, panel. fantastic tribute to one of america's legendary musicians. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a couple of sports stories to leave you with, check out the
3:59 pm
shop from australian gopher, over his head and then into the wall. can we see again? sanchez told us the walls were a little bit bigger than regulation size but he still calls it one of his greatest shots ever hit. nice job. americans continue to pay tribute to singer-songwriter tom petty who died last week. florida gators fans honored the gainesville native saturday in their game against lsu. it sounds like the entire crowd joins them together to sing his hit "won't back down" in tribut tribute. ♪ >> bret: that's pretty great. thanks for inviting us into her home tonight, that's it for the special report. more balanced and unafraid.
4:00 pm
"the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. ♪ >> martha: tonight jemelle hill, espn anchor suspended for another controversial tweet. just one month ago that she went after president trump saved us on twitter. "donald trump, a white supremacist was largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. despite widespread outrage over those comments, espn at that point took no action. they gave her basically a slap on the wrist for that. fast forward one month later. she now took to twitter going against cowboys owner jerry jones and his mandate that all of his players would stand for the national anthem. she tweeted this. "change happens when advertisers are impacted. if you feel strongly about jerry jones' statement, boycott


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