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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 9, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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take your whole family. it's not dumb and boring. i think you will like it. that's all the time left we have for this evening. brian kilmeade is next. the guy works 24/7. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> brian: hi, everybody. i am brian kilmeade. welcome to "fox news tonight." we have a great show for you tonight. including the national anthem controversy, raging right now. today is columbus day but some folks don't want to celebrate that. for example... >> columbus represents genocide! >> christopher columbus represents genocide! >> brian: we will have the latest on the protests. in the northern california region, sadly, a number of people have died due to the fires.
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we are trying to get updates on that. we will update you throughout this hour. the trump administration releasing a brand-new immigration plan to review key campaign promises. also, trying to solve the dac a problem. the director of public affairs to the justice department. thank you for staying up late with us. i know the administration was focused on tax reform. why was it important to release an immigration plan as well? >> when the attorney general found that the aca was not going to pass constitutional muster, i know this president thinks fixing the immigration system is a priority, he ran on that. the american people clearly support him in that mission. these are important issues. not letting gang members into
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this country. ending sanctuary city policies just to name a few examples. >> brian: that's what he says he's going to do in exchange for -- now that these are young adults in many cases, giving them a pathway to citizenship. that's been outlined in the that's what i find most interesting is that he wants to consult with law enforcement instead of legislative -- how important was it to meet with border patrol in the fbi and talk to others when it comes to getting more judges, more border patrol and more lawyers for these? in some cases, for unaccompanied minors? >> what a lot of people don't recognize us that these policies or lack thereof of a lawful system of immigration really affect our law enforcement community. sanctuary cities for example. to pick up convicted criminals from the jail, you force them into these communities,
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depriving people and leaving law enforcement out of risk. it's very important to see what works for them, what doesn't work for them and where they need the most help, and then maintaining it. >> brian: senator schumer on the record saying we talk to the president at that dinner about a pathway to the daca. he said we are willing to put in or take reasonable security measures. he says this is not reasonable. what do you say? >> they are unable to pinpoint what is reasonable about this. what is unreasonable about the 77% of americans who think we should end sanctuary city policies where a convicted criminal is a left in your community after they served their time when they should be deported. look at the woman in portland, that city harbored a sanctuary policy, illegal aliens. a person who attacked her had been deported 20 times. arrested ten times, just this
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year. before he attacked and raped a 65-year-old woman. i've you have to hear opponents to these legislative priorities actually say why they are against them. >> brian: it's important to point out in order to pass comprehensive immigration, which president bush and president obama can do. resident reagan did but he was let down because there is no border enforcement to go along with the amnesty. as certain as you are that you are right in the president feels he is right, there's going to be some compromise. do you think there is a sense on both sides that there needs to be some compromise? >> absolutely. these are the president's legislative priorities. they should not come as a surprise to anyone. it's what the american people elected him to do. this is about border security. it's also about interior enforcement and reforming our lawful system, for legal immigration so that we are breaking the right people in.
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this is what he's coming to the table with. he sang and represent the american people. but ultimately, this is congresses decision and responsibility. that's what we sow at the aca. the last administration declared themselves a legislative branch. we can't have that anymore. i think he's well aware of the responsibility. >> brian: there was talk -- there'll be in 2006, both sides said we wrote a check to build a fence, some type of barrier and it works. but they never built it. what language is indexed to make sure people can fulfill what they promised? >> i think that's why the president thinks these are so important, going hand-in-hand. you have to have a secure border. you have to fix the asylum system as it is. and sanctuary policies create these incentives and then you can talk about these other fixes
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that congress wants. it has to come together. you are right, the american people have been fooled in this before. they simply won't accept it any longer. >> brian: i'm sure you know this, maybe the audience doesn't -- this year alone, there's been 44,000 plus unaccompanied minors coming across our borders. this is a time in which the border crossing has been decreased. there's a provision passed in 2008, the bush administration -- it allows anyone from central america to stay here and get a ticket to come back for their hearing but once they are crossed, they really cannot be sent back. no one really knew what this was about. man, did we get to know this when we saw all these people going across the border for seemingly no apparent reason. >> when the last administration highlighted that would be their policy particularly if you claimed any asylum or reasonable fear of return, what we saw was from 2009 to 2016, and over
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1,000-point increase in the number of asylum seekers. when the last administration broadcasted it, we would essentially have an open borders policy and that's what largely happened. he said we will not allow that. we will have rule of law. >> when it comes to the daca situation, with the president get the nancy pelosi and chuck back in to discuss this or is it just go through the legislative process? >> i would never get ahead of the president when it comes to his negotiation but it's pretty clear from his legislative priorities that he laid out last night that he cares about border security and having a lawful system of immigration which is why the american people overwhelmingly support those measures. >> brian: we will see what happens. in some cases there will be law in other places it will be a fence. we will see what happens. sarah florez, thank you so much. it will be exciting to see.
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we appreciate it. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. my privilege to bring in the former governor of arkansas, who sat down with the president of the united states in an exclusive interview not only to discuss his brand-new show but to discuss that interview that's going to be airing shortly. governor, welcome back. it's great to see you. here at this hour. >> great to be here. it's a delight to be with you. >> brian: i think it's an odd situation. people think if you know someone in power, it's great to be able to access that with an interview but how did you go about the challenge knowing your daughter works for him, he ran against him but in a friendly way and you pretty much want to make sure he does well? how do you approach an interview that way? >> brian, i don't pretend to be a journalist and i don't even play one on television. i am interviewing him more from the perspective of a commentator. not a journalist.
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what i'm going to tell you is, i'm being honest about it. a lot of the people that pretend to be journalists are not either. they have strong point of use. they work for politicians. in congress. now they pretend they are objective journalists. they clearly are not. there was no pretense on my part. i thought that there was some great questions. from the embassy in jerusalem, he said it may not anytime soon. the tax bill, separated into various pieces. but, you know, there's going to be those that say you just got the interview because your daughter is the press secretary. my response to that is probably so. >> brian: [laughs] absolutely. welcome to america. governor, i have to ask you about what i was just talking with sarah florez about. i've heard you speak before. it's very similar to what you believe in. bring me into the practical
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nature of washington. whenever really good people have objectives, how does something get past right now? >> sarah florez was excellent in presenting the justice department's view on this. here's the reality of politics. right now, the republicans have the house and senate and white house. if the democrats are serious about the aca which they say is very important and it got understand if all you have is a stale biscuit to bring to the potluck, you don't get to decide that you are going to eat the entire meat loaf. you're going to have to give up something. if the d aca -- do it legislat. here's a wake-up call for the democrats. they can ultimately do this without you especially if they decide to upend the filibuster rule which i think they should. the fact is, if you don't get it done by compromising on things like border security and the
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republicans end up passing daca, they will have to answer to their voters, all the years where they had all the pieces. they did not get it done and when the republicans had all the pieces, they did get it done. that's a winning issue for the republicans. it's a huge loser for the democrats. they need to wake up and i will say smell the meat loaf. >> brian: very interesting. i think it would be a huge mistake to go 51 votes because in four years, the way this goes, you could have a situation where the country dramatically changes. as frustrating as it is, you had president hillary clinton, you might not even recognize the country. they might not recognize the country in eight years. >> very likely. i just believe that the american people are going to support the border wall but they are also going to generally support the aca. to get some things that they
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wanted. it's going to be very hard for the democrats to justify. let's try to get democrats on board. and maybe there is at least or eight democrats in tough districts or maybe they just have some common sense and they realize their party is about to drive them over a clip like thelma and louise. maybe they will decide to vote for a comprehensive package that includes border security and the gift they say they want which is daca. >> brian: i will talk about more of this in the next block but i need to get your take on what's going on with senator corker in the president. the latest republican that the president is clashing with. you cannot be happy about this regardless of the side you are on. or are you? >> no, i am not happy at all. i'm glad corker is leaving. you don't take on the president of your own party in "the new york times" and try to make degrading statements. if he said i'm just responding to donald trump, everybody knows that when you attacked donald trump, he's coming at you
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ten times harder. what's the point? i don't know what corker thought he was going to get out of the top there are more people that support donald trump in his role as president didn't support bob corker as a senator. and i'm sure he's finding that out from the reactions today. i will say this one thing, brian. bob corker is being celebrated by all the panels on the left wing talk shows. if you want to be loved by the left then attack donald trump but if you want to do what you were elected to do, don't fight with this president. help him. >> brian: i'm going to help you. i saw some of your show. it's awesome. you must be thrilled. he opened up with a monologue and got great interviews. it's not just politics even though he opened with the president. >> every saturday and sunday night at 8:00 eastern, the show is going to come -- it's a show for the people of the heartland.
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we put it in the heartland. that's why it's in nashville. you have a lot of music and fun. >> brian: governor, if you have your way, we'll have everyone playing an instrument. all right. the governor can do it all. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, brian. great to be with you. >> brian: we will find out later -- when we come back, law enforcement releasing new information about the las vegas shooter. we will give you the latest annual be surprised about the timeline. it changed dramatically. plus, espn's suspended this anchor, jemele hill asked her she called a boycott for the dallas cowboys admitted the national anthem. really, you're taking on the cowboys? now take a seat. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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>> brian: 18 minutes after the hour. law enforcement officials in las vegas releasing new information about stephen paddock. a lot of developments today. >> yeah, a couple of very interesting developments, brian. one is that the police have changed the timeline on when the
7:19 pm
security guard at the mandalay bay hotel was shot. now they say it happened before the gunman opened fire on the crowd. that's really significant because it means the very first shot in this massacre was fired in the hallway. the security guard went to the 32nd floor to check on an open door alarm. they heard the sound of drilling which could have been the suspect still pressing for his attack. 6 minutes after firing the 200 rounds or so into the hallway, stephen paddock unleashed thousands of bullets on the festival. it was almost nonstop for 11 minutes. almost certainly prevented any chance for escape and likely saved a coworker's life. >> immediately upon being injured, i notified security of the situation. in close proximity of mr. campos being shot -- there was a worker that presented himself on the
7:20 pm
32nd floor. >> brian: went s.w.a.t. officers got inside, they said it looked like ammunition and rs everywhere, a gun shop. they interviewed paddock's brother for a second time. it was done in las vegas for four hours. neither place nor the brother reviewed the line of questioning but there still building a profile of this vascular. the fbi conducted a second search in stephen paddock's home. another development today, police are desperately searching for what triggered the mass shooting plot and now police say it was not just one thing. >> incarnation with the fbi, behavioral analysis unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and we do not believe there is no one particular font
7:21 pm
and the suspects life to rest a key on. >> sheriff lynn bardo says he's frustrated but he will not stop. until he can answer the question why this happened. >> brian: we still don't know how he died and why he would kill himself at that point with no one threatening. we had a totally different vision. is there a chance that he killed himself by mistake? >> i don't think so. i think you put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. it was totally by design. i don't know if he had designed on killing himself before all this but he knew he wasn't going to get out of there after he fired the rounds at the security guard. he knew that they know where he was. >> brian: they say he had an escape plan. and he was shooting at those tanks so that theory by the local newspaper ended up being corrected and confirmed. dan springer, thank you so much. i'm sure we will learn more tomorrow. another major news story, top of
7:22 pm
the conversation at your dinner table tonight. the nfl nationally and some controversy taking a dramatic turn. listen to this. espn's giving a two-week suspension to anchor and trump critic jemele hill after her called for a boycott of advertisers for the dallas cowboys. jerry jones before the game, he told his team you better stand. listen. >> we cannot in the nfl in any way give the implication that we are tolerating disrespecting the flag. we cannot do that. i know the vice president did leave because in his opinion, if there's anything that is disrespectful to the flag -- we will not play. >> brian: the vice president leaves. jerry jones has been in constant contact with the president. every saturday, the nfl is
7:23 pm
working the teams to find out to what the players want to do and where the team is at. a distraction at the very least and joining us now with his reaction and her reaction, from denver, ted harvey. to defend the president. and from washington, robin biro. when you heard the vice president went to celebrate the retiring of peyton manning's number at halftime and he went to indianapolis, what were you thinking? were you thinking something was going to happen? >> i also want to say i'm a veteran u.s. army ranger. i am deeply patriotic. what i expected to happen did happen. the vice president did go there. and under donald trump's instructions, if one of the players took a knee, he did leave. i will assert to you that that is his right to exercise a
7:24 pm
peaceful protest just like these nfl players did. he very peaceably got up and left because he was protesting how these players chose to exercise their right to peacefully protest racism in america. that fact is getting lost on people. i think people really do somehow conflate the idea that these players are actually protesting the flag, the anthem, the united states. >> brian: they are. they are protesting what's going on in america and the flag represents america. in my not right? let's let ted an answer am i right? >> without a doubt. i love denver. i love the broncos. i love my country more. the fact that we have paid entertainers all across the country, whether in hollywood were in new york or whether it's in the nfl that are continually trying to disrespect this country, disrespect our
7:25 pm
president and disrespect our constitution, is totally inappropriate. the american people sent a pretty strong message to the nfl. if you continue to disrespect the flag and the president, we are going to stop watching the nfl. there's consequences for your actions. you can do this and continue to disrespect america. but you're going to have consequences for that behavior. >> brian: on espn, we have jemele hill -- she's on a show that's just getting their feet underneath them. she is essentially saying in a tweet if you are against the dallas cowboy owner jerry jones forcing his players to stand for the national anthem, hit them where it hurts. go after the advertisers. a network that spent $15 billion to air monday night football, they said you have a two-week suspension. do you agree with their decision? >> she's their employee and she actually attacked her employer. that's the difference.
7:26 pm
i want to point out, we've gotten so far away from this discussion. this happened because colin kaepernick was sitting on the bench. a special forces veteran was offended by that. his name was nate boyer. he and colin kaepernick worked out a deal. they said the best way to peacefully protest in a respectful manner was to take a knee. >> brian: robin, i appreciate your service and your sincerity. when you take a seat at the national anthem, i don't care what deal you cut with a special forces operator. i can make my own decision. the american people aren't looking for a pie chart. they know how they feel when someone takes a knee and disrespect the flag. >> that's exactly right. the espn commentator, she was far worse in what she said to the supporters of president trump. she called all 60,000 supporters who voted for the president white supremacists. which is outrageous. she should have been fired two
7:27 pm
weeks ago. the fact that she only gets a slap on the wrist because she offended the employer because she went after the dallas cowboys, that's ridiculous. she should have been fired a long time ago. >> brian: you talk about getting out of control? it's going to get worse. al sharpton, a real unifier just tweeted out -- he said jemele's suspension is an outrage and should not go unanswered. expect there to be protest about colin kaepernick whimsically taking a knee a year and a half ago and him saying i don't like the way law enforcement treats minorities in this country. and now we have this mess. a multibillion dollar company, making fans make a choice. every sunday, you don't care -- how many of your players sit on the side? final thoughts? >> i took an oak to defend this flag.
7:28 pm
you have the freedom to choose how you exercise their first amendment rights. i absolutely decry forced nationalism. that's a very slippery slope. this is forced nationalism. >> brian: these people are making the decision. i'm not telling ted what to think. your final thought? >> he's exactly right. the constitution gives you the freedom to do that. there are consequences for doing that. one of the consequences are you could be put on the bench just like jerry jones told his players today. or you could be fired because he don't have enough revenue coming in. that's what this is all about. the american people are patriotic americans who love their country more than they love the nfl and they better get on their feet and start playing ball and entertaining the public rather than trying to make political statements. >> brian: if dak prescott says he wants to take a knee, does terry johnson say he can go to the locker room? everyone's on the clock.
7:29 pm
thanks guys. great debate. i appreciate it. president trump intensifying his words with senator bob corker. will there be fallout for his agenda in congress? we will talk to marsha blackbur blackburn. and a twitter controversy you are not going to believe. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:34 pm
message that steve bannon had for senator corker. >> if he has any honor or any decency, you should design. >> brian: it's getting ugly but what kind of impact will this have? you need senator corker's votes whether he likes it or not. marsha blackburn is running for a corker's seat because he is quitting. she joins us now. i know you are not in a great spot. you are a big supporter of president trump. in this case, can you really support senator corker going to "the new york times" and ripping the president? >> when we hear things like this, my first reaction is i'm not going to get in the middle. of anybody else's argument. i will tell you i think most of my colleagues in the house and i are working diligently. and want to work with our colleagues in the senate. and stand with president trump
7:35 pm
to get this agenda across the finish line. he ran on it. he promised action. it's up to us to deliver. when are you going to get obamacare repealed, taxis were formed build a wall and when are you going to start on infrastructure? >> brian: do you think senator corker, who knows the presidents plate has a north korean crisis we have not seen before? in the worst iranian deal we have a mountain? and senator corker's maneuvers allowed it to go forward. he told "the new york times" the president act like he's doing "the apprentice" or something. i would expect senator schumer to say that. >> comments like that are not going to be helpful when they come from anyone. but again, i'm not going to get in the middle of a fight. we have a lot of things we have to get done by the end of the year. it's important that we in
7:36 pm
congress focus on the issues that the american people want us to focus on. and nothing else. >> brian: as a lawmaker, very few people outwork you. whether it's the extension you are putting together or at the agenda you're looking to push forward in minority or majority. and then the next senator from tennessee, trying to take the seat of senator corker. let's watch this. >> i am marsha blackburn. a hard-core tennessee conservative. politically incorrect and proud of it. i'm 100% pro-life. i thought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. thank god. >> brian: twitter said that's too inflammatory. we will not run the ad. what is your reaction? >> it's astounding to me the twitter, an important out fillet would choose not only to censor political ads but censor a
7:37 pm
pro-life message. this is a pro women, probate become a pro-life message. yes, as chairman of the selective investigative panel that we deliver it to stop this practice of selling baby body parts. it's something that people wanted to see shut down. what's amazing is twitter can allow all of this showing, take a knee during the national anthem but they will not allow pro-life, pro-woman, probating message. >> brian: what was their explanation? >> it was too inflammatory. and it would invoke a negative response. but if i were to take that out, -- omit the pro-life part, they would allow us to push forward that video. >> brian: we found this, this is advertised -- the g.o.p.'s 20
7:38 pm
week abortion deal will harm women for providing routine care. that seems like there might be a sensitive topic. the people might deem as hate content. may be. but they took that money, double standard. >> it is a double standard. how they double down and issued the second statement today, they disallowed my video. i sent i am just doubling down on the fact that yes, i am pro-life and i stand by my message. >> brian: thank you so much for joining us today. twitter rejected you but we said yes. ends on a happy note. coming up straight ahead, one of the issues that will be facing the congresswoman if she's a senator, james mattis delivering a new ominous warning to our army over the north korean crisis. do not go away. watch me. ♪
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7:43 pm
strong winds with only 5% of the fire contained. the trump administration ratcheting up thinly veiled words of war. james mattis delivering a new warning today. >> it's a diplomatically led economic sanction buttress effort to try to turn north korea off this path. what does the future hold, neither you nor i could say. there's one thing the u.s. army can do. you've got to be ready to ensure we have military options that are president can employ, if needed. >> brian: in addition to the very direct comment, president trump took to twitter and said this... billions of dollars getting nothing, policy getting where? on the same page. if you are the deputy editor of "the wall street journal"'s editorial page.
7:44 pm
you knew there's something big going on. >> the united states finally has a military component to it. with north korea. president trump has been criticized for talking about north korea publicly but to get attention of china, the united nations, the only deal with north korea diplomatically, i might add -- the person who is famous for saying diplomacy counts for nothing unless you have the threat of military action behind it, former secretary of state george schultz. no one ever accused him of being a cowboy but he was right. you have to have the military possibility standing behind you. >> brian: you have general matters. general mattis making the statements, knowing the on the other side, 20 nations have
7:45 pm
diplomatic operations with all across the globe, the president's have a bad relations with the rest of the world? he is responding to them. >> it's as far back in february. we talked to them then. it was their intention to go around the world, trying to get to the rest of the countries you mentioned. you squeezed north korea financially, economically, and diplomatically. not letting the ships come into port anymore. not allowing them to transfer any money. the banking system. that's beginning to work. that's not the solution but it's part of the plan to try to isolate north korea more than it has been in the past. >> brian: it's going to get their attention. also, japan fully backs president trump's hard-line stance on north korea. that's coming from the japanese newspapers. the american media is not taking the president serious as the rest of the world.
7:46 pm
>> god knows, the japanese have these missiles flying over them constantly. anyone accusing president trump of talking about nuking north korea and doing the unthinkable, do you know what the unthinkable is? the japanese giving up on the united states and getting nuclear capability on their own. nobody doubts that they could do it. or south korea. other nations. then you really are in a situation where you've got them thinkable. it would become routine. >> brian: and we are getting closer and closer to the president going to china. you got to show progress. it's going to be the number one topic. they want to talk about trade in the south china sea. and taiwan. dan, thank you so much. staying up late. up next on this show, will the left sink columbus day for good?
7:47 pm
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>> brian: did you have the day off from school?
7:51 pm
congratulations, you got to celebrate columbus day. but it will be named indigenous peoples day? ever wants to take down christopher columbus and go after his statues but he's becoming a favorite target. indigenous peoples they might be new columbus day. listen to some of the angst across the country. >> the truth needs to come out. columbus had committed many, many atrocities and was the author of the trans-atlantic slave trade. he led and participated in the annihilation of over 3 million indigenous people. >> brian: a brand-new world -- and did something nobody else did, he change the world forever. a historian and author of the brand-new book, it's a great series, these new ones are called "i am sacajawea" and "i am gandhi," this is the best way to do it. he tells a story like nobody
7:52 pm
else. a bad story. columbus not credible for a holiday? what did he do? >> it's amazing we are talking about this today. i was tired of my kids looking at reality tv show stars and people famous for being famous. one of the things we realize right now is has this columbus day is closing, i've never seen so much in venom spewed back and forth by both sides. we fight as americans all the time. but not like this. what i'm seeing historically as we are playing this game over and over again. us versus them. we hone our skills on social media and let's be honest, on cable television. it's time to get back to we. we got to listen to each other. this issue about columbus is an amazing story. it's great to celebrate christopher columbus and the idea of exploration. absolutely. is it also true that because of
7:53 pm
him when he came here that it led to the genocide of an entire people? yes. those two things can be true at the exact same time. this is a nuanced argument. the world doesn't want nuance. we've got to listen to each other and that's how we will figure it out. listen to this, my daughter was dealing with this issue in class. i said what did they say? one side once indigenous peoples day and one side once columbus day. and i said what do you think? and she said it's hard, dad. it's a complex argument. if she can figure out its complex, america doesn't want to say. it's good versus bad. >> brian: nobody is perfect. we will have a lot of empty pedestals. these are people that broke through a time and they last forever for a reason. not because they are perfect but because they did things in many ways that nobody else did. that's why they stood out. he's not perfect. >> that's right. i always say in the book, why do dude george washington if he was
7:54 pm
a slave owner? if you want perfect, only god is perfect. i want to show my kids the amazing things they are capable of. that's what we have to look at. you've got to tell the full story. that's what people are trying to do. the thing is, i'm so convinced that if we listen to each other, i said on my facebook page, i gave an ice cream challenge. if you go someone on the opposite political view, asked about for ice cream. not someone violent or a, the first hundred people who take ad you a gift card for ten dollars. i'm so convinced that if we actually talk to each other, we will realize we want the same thing. a better america. peace and generosity. and amazing explorations we know is so vital for this country. >> brian: i'm getting worried that juan williams and sean hannity want to take you up on the challenge. you better have it.
7:55 pm
>> [laughs] >> brian: 98 more and then you are off the hook. it takes a great man like gandhi and sacajawea and knock it down to a children's book. you do it regularly. thanks, so much. >> you know what gandhi said -- peace. >> brian: i wish i had come up with that. we will be back in a moment. irm, so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress. and free home delivery on select beds only during our fall sale. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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8:00 pm
and also don't forget to listen to the brian kilmeade show on radio. thanks for watching. let's take a wide shot and focus on something else. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the left has finally found the only immigrant in history who had no right to come to america. the only one who didn't improve the place by his presence. his name? christopher columbus. his crime? violating the sovereignty of the people who lived here already. plus he was the wrong ethnicity. try making that argument about any other immigrant to america and see how long you keep your job. but whatever, happy columbus day anyway.k enjoy it while you can. your grandchildren won't even know it existed. progressives have declared war on christopher columbus as they have on most things older than last week.


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