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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 10, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and you can take your whole family and it's not dumb and boring like most other movies. that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. >> you are watching "fox and friends" first this tuesday morning, an hour early, 4:00 am. thank you for joining us. this video is intense. look at these flames, so hot they are melting cars. 10 people are dead and 100 people missing. a bombshell development at mandalay bay. what police discovered in their search for stephen paddock's motive. could change the investigation? deal with them -- democrats play hardball on immigration but will they let their anger for donald
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trump and love for dreamers interfere in their decision? stunning fall from grace for harvey weinstein, many speaking out against him. welcome, joining us, we begin with breaking news, student at texas tech accused of shooting a police officer in the face leaving him dead. the suspect, hollis daniels was at the police station after drugs were found in this room, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at the office or gunning him down. daniels then took off and the campus was locked down until he was caught. the officer not yet identified. the suspect behind bars at this hour. police revealing a hotel security guard with shot six minutes before stephen paddock opened fire on the country music concert. jesus campos was checking
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something out when paddock fired 200 shot through the door. police previously said he was shot during the assault and credited him with stopping at. much more on that. the wildfires in california, wine country, forcing thousands to escape their homes, as flames ravage the state ten people are dead, 100 more are missing. >> inflames. completely in flames. >> the out-of-control flames leaving behind a massive trail of devastation was the cause of the wildfires still unknown. now fiscally us military will be ready to fight. that is the message from defense secretary james madison on north korea as the president doubles down on his stance against the rogue regime.
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kelly wright joins us with more on this. >> reporter: the current strategy to deal with north korea is through diplomacy and tough economic sanctions but the military option is on the table, the president taking a hard line against north korea and kim jung un's rogue regime, wanting them to stop developing nuclear weapons taking a tougher stand than previous presidents tweeting our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. the president pushed for tougher sanctions through the united nations, china and russia fully supporting it. defense secretary james madison speaking to the u.s. army's annual meeting in dc explaining the army may be called to action if diplomacy fails. >> one thing the us army can do,
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you have got to be ready to ensure we have military options our president can employ if needed. >> the trump administration wants a peaceful solution with north korea but is willing to carry a big stick to stop the rogue regime from threatening to carry out a nuclear attack on us allies. heather: thank you for joining us this morning. donald trump praising gerri jones for taking a hard-line patriotic stance, commander-in-chief tweeting a big salute to gerri jones over the dallas cowboys who will bench players who disrespect our flag, stand for and some or sit for game. jones crediting donald trump for reminding him about the rules in the nfl manual which states failing to act a certain way on the sidelines could lead to fines, suspension or even a team losing its draft pick.
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gerri jones stands up to protesting players, lastly the players stood for the end. nice to see. here to weigh in is former nfl player 01 burgess, thank you for getting up early, appreciate it. all the players last night standing. what do you think? nice to see. >> it is, proud of the president saying enough trying to steal our heritage and pride in our country and the conversation of proud americans so folks can understand if you don't like a product you stop buying it and they began to make that decision. the other thing is we have a chance, young men to truly put their money where their mouth is. if there's a problem we need to address it. accompanied by those on the
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sideline investing hope and encouragement and jobs and mentorship to those kids who don't have hope. just not let our job down. >> what did you think about vice president, what did you think of his tweets, stand with our colts, everyone is entitled to their own opinions it is not too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem, he got up and walked out because some of those players at the game he was attending decided to kneel. with the right to do that? >> absolutely. what leadership comes down to is we need to try the idea of hope to our next generation, what we have, that is not happening in the black community. black americans come together with this one, not just one
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race, enough of this, protesting our flag, we need to get it done. make sure those concerns that are addressed, but the fact that we are americans we will let this thing out. heather: i was able to go to a little bit of the yankees game last night and all the players were standing, in a pool, everyone was there, we are americans, we are supposed to be proud to live here and suspended for suspending fans to boycott the dallas cowboys but she has been in trouble before. why now is this happening? >> the real threat the black community as, the leaders who do very well to live the american dream telling others they can't do it. a young lady here has no idea
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how it works, the impact on kids, looking at her, she is also to think her voice will bring down the owner of the dallas cowboys, great lesson for americans to understand. if you are an employee you are an employee. a business owner has a different option, different freedoms. when you are an employee you need to work in the parameters of the business you are working for. heather: we appreciate it. we heard you say -- thank you. have a great day. some in hollywood are silent about this story of one of the most powerful men in the movie industry, harvey weinstein accused of sexually harassing women for decades and many wondering where hillary is on this, she's taken campaign cash
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from him. everyone talking this morning. >> reporter: a handful of democrats returning campaign money donated by harvey weinstein, hillary clinton has not so far spoken about the allegations but tweeting about the nra and donald trump. >> marie clinton, barack obama, haven't heard a word and that reinforces the point some people get a pass if they are part of the liberal hollywood movie culture. >> hollywood waves the self-righteous finger telling everyone what they should be doing and what is going on. >> reporter: failed presidential candidate plugging her children's book around the country. >> if you stand for what you say you do, stand for women's rights, give this money back. where is hillary clinton?
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where is she standing on this issue? her silence is deafening. this is a partisan issue. all of us should speak against a sexual predator like harvey weinstein using his power to put women in terrible situations. heather: the family has given $1.4 million in political contributions since the 1994 election cycle to democratic lawmakers according to the nonpartisan center for responsive politics. we are wanting to know what people think of this. heather: a lot easier to take that money and give it back. >> there are democrat giving it back to charity which makes sense. heather: book deals, decided not to do that kind of thing. what you think about this, there is the question, hollywood slow to react, what do you think we should do. 10 minutes after the top of the
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hour. what changed? we are digging into that, comedian seth rogen can get racy. >> was he african? he was american and he was like you. heather: his latest jokes falling flat, what half of america will tell you why. feel like you are flying first class without the price tag? the airline that is now offering an awesome perk. ♪ i am getting drunk on a plane ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first. wine country on fire, 10 people dead the 100 missing.
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look at these out-of-control flames. the path of destruction, apocalyptic like scenes. here is more, what is the latest? flames still behind you. >> reporter: still 15 fires in northern california, four major ones in wine country. the one last night into yesterday morning is heading toward solano county over the mountains into a different county. this is what is left of one of the wineries. i grew up in the bottom of this hill, all around my family's home are other homes that burned down, wineries ended up like this. the fire came through and no one could stop it. there was no structure protection for several hours last night and there's a worry winds can come back. out and about earlier before
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nightfall, firefighters 30 minutes from here and santa cruz, they are working to save a home. you can see the video in the mountains of east napa, spraying it down and beating back the flames. talk to firefighters, they will tell you how difficult this is. >> difficult for us in areas we never see and plan accordingly. we take a look before the fire gets there and decide which houses to save based on preparations and we prep and go. >> reporter: he was talking about mutual a response, firefighters from all over the state fighting fires in areas they don't know and going out still saving homes. the destruction is unbelievable. to give you an idea, the pga had the safeway open. with two or three hours after the event ended fire blue
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through and it is unbelievable. growing up here i have driven to that area many times and there are hundreds of homes that have been burned down. a lot of problems not only in napa but sonoma county, santa rosa a very large city several hundred thousand people live there, on the 101 freeway in that area. comes down to this, fires burning all over the state, ten people confirmed dead, several hundred evacuated. in sonoma county 100 missing persons have been filed, everybody is injured or dead, just means they haven't been able to get a hold of anybody, self-service is down, power is down, this is the busiest time of the year. thousands of people in wine country came here for the tourist season, it is a very serious situation and firefighters have come from all
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over to help. heather: i cannot forget the story in arizona, 19 firefighters, the entire team that was lost trying to battle this blaze. your dad is okay, you are out there putting water on his house, the rest of your family has evacuated. >> my brother on fox watching the neighbors house burn down, my dad stayed, there is no cell service, people have hard lines in their homes, we put out a call on facebook and twitter and instagram and a bunch of our friends i haven't seen since high school showed up with shovels, for 24 hours fighting the fire. then sit down for a few minutes in the backyard is on fire again but they saved this house, two of our neighbors couldn't save their homes, they burned all the way to the ground. heather: we are glad your dad's house and the family is okay.
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check this out. a fireball on the tarmac. how did this happen? have you seen this? >> i am 100% pro-life. i thought planned parenthood stop the sale of baby parts. >> what is so wrong with that? everything. twitter just censored that add from marsha blackburn. her response, we have that up next.
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apply to republicans especially those running for office. we played that ad before the break. carly shimkus here with more on the outrage boiling over from this woman's campaign. >> reporter: twitter accused of not only censoring speech but taking a political stance after they blocked marsha blackburn absented campaign and including a line about planned parenthood. here's the line twitter didn't like. >> i'm 100% pro-life. i thought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts thank god. >> the twitter spokesperson told blackburn's campaign that line was deemed inflammatory and will invoke a strong negative reaction. she was blocked -- paid to promote that ad but does appear on her personal twitter account. she responded saying this is the
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video twitter didn't want you to see. watch it and retweet it to your followers, don't let silicon valley sensor republicans. heather: she has been on our show before. >> if you are marsha blackburn, twitter handed you a gift. this is something that could boost her campaign. heather: seth rogen can be dicey. a 2-month-old tweet, he sent out a tweet slamming conservative commentator arthur -- dinesh d s d'sousa he said costco, why do you sell books that compare left-wing people like me to not these? people on twitter got a hold of this and it backfired.
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obviously you did not read the book, not one untruth about the history of the democratic party. stacy responded saying i thank god for facts, i read the big lie, highly recommend you read it, thank you, i didn't know they had them at costco so he will buy one. mister rogan didn't think through. >> seth hasn't read the book he can watch the movie. the mother concept. lindsey graham is out with the president. >> they spent columbus day over a round of golf and senator lindsey graham said i enjoy a round of golf with donald trump, he shot 73. is it good? i guess a lot of people asked the senator how he did. he said he beat him really bad and did better in the
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presidential race and today in the golf course. >> a scratch golfer, would be really good. heather: you on the golf courses you got to know how to play. many in hollywood are so quiet on the harvey weinstein scandal. jackie is going through your comments on facebook and twitter and we will read those coming up. remember this moment from the campaign trail. a laid-off coworker calling out hillary clinton. >> we put a lot of coal miners out of jobs. these are the kind of people you are affecting. heather: what does he think now? we will talk to him next.
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>> we are back, 10 people are dead, 100 missing as wildfires ripped through northern california, fast-moving claims causing tens of thousands from their homes leaving entire neighborhoods in ashes. >> when we left you can see the flames licking the top of the mountain and we got the word we were on fire. been here 25 years, a great neighborhood, going to be a good lot of work getting back. heather: hospitals in a race against time together patients to safety, 17 wildfires burning across the state. washington is the latest state to take aim at donald trump's new policy on birth control. the lawsuit comes three days after the new rules were issued allowing employers to opt out of providing birth control if it
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clashes with their religion or morals. in california and the aclu suing, the president's policy roles are back parts of obamacare that require most companies to cover birth control. a mother thrown behind bars for refusing to vaccinate her son is free. according to the website, rebecca was released after serving five days sparking nationwide debate after the judge sentenced her for ignoring a court order. she says she was practicing her religious freedom. her ex-husband was given temporary custody to take the boy for his shot. making pot legal has had deadly consequences according to a new bombshell report which found it boosts cases of cannabis poisoning mostly among tourists having heart attacks. researchers looked at data from
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colorado, washington, the first two states that legalized it for recreational use. arizona, the marine who stole a truck to save dozens of lives in the los angeles massacre getting a new truck of his own. taylor winston found an unlocked pickup, made several trips bringing victims to the hospital in that truck following the worst shooting in american history. and arizona car dealer heard about the story and offered to give him a new ford 150. winston will sell his current car and donate proceeds to the victims. the president laying down the law unveiling a long list of demands for immigration reform in exchange for a daca deal, democrats say the list goes too far. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: this represents a complete overhaul of immigration policy including border security
1:33 am
to beefing up enforcement. the top of the list his signature campaign promise, donald trump telling lawmakers to fund his border wall or any deal protecting dreamers is dead. of the reforms include stopping centauri cities by denying federal funding, hiring tent and ice agents and 300 prosecutors establishing a point system for green cards and ending asylum abuse, the list praised by his base keeping his campaign promise but no surprise being slammed by democrats who say this is different from the deal chuck and nancy thought they struck over a dinner a few weeks ago. >> always nice to have you this morning. here to weigh in with more, former ohio senate minority leader, are you there?
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>> i am. >> you are a democrat. what do you think? deal or no deal? >> the way the president's plan stand it will be very difficult to bring democrats to the table not just because of the wall but things for example like deporting dreamers parents, cracking down on unaccompanied minors coming over the border and things of that nature. i do think there are areas democrats and republicans could potentially agree and that is where people need to come to the table, nobody will get everything they want. investing in border patrol and law enforcement, requiring -- heather: speaking of that, let's talk about things they did agree on back in 2013, full democratic
1:35 am
support on these issues along the border, boost in border patrol agents, ending diversity visa lobbies and requiring all businesses to use e-verify. why can't they agree to some of this now? is it attached to the dreamer issues? >> two things may be happening. one, there are democrats particularly in washington the just one to be the party of no and obstruct donald trump and don't want to be aligned due to the progressive base of the democratic party to anything donald trump may support. there is that, there is another aspect, potentially. both democrats and republicans are being forceful to the public right now because they are trying to feed the base. at the same time they may be
1:36 am
negotiated behind closed doors. heather: it is always about the election, getting reelected. where are the areas of compromise they can come together on? >> we covered a few of them, investing in law enforcement, e-verify, two things democrats should talk about as far as republican proposals are concerned and republicans need to think twice about things they are presenting in their plan to the democrats and compromise in regards to unaccompanied minors, deporting dreamers parents because these are human beings and i call people can agree you don't want to break up families. how can we best do that? can we get that done? attached to the dreamers or not
1:37 am
is a bigger question for more robust bipartisan immigration reform discussion but the dreamer issue -- heather: a lot of people don't agree, one of the big issues donald trump ran on was the promise he made, a lot of people saying keep that promise. we will see what happens. >> happy to be on early in the morning. heather: remember this moment from the campaign trail? a laid-off call worker calling out hillary clinton. >> when you make comments, putting coal miners out of jobs, these are the people you are affecting. this is my family. heather: what does he now? her olympic figure skating career ending in chamber and disgrace. tonya harding planning a come
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because the time to think about tomorrow is today. heather: we may learn the real reason chip and joanna gaines are leaving hdtv. >> be careful, watch out. next time use the horn when it is falling down. heather: they claim they are leaving after 5 seasons because they needed a break but page 6 is reporting it is over the horrible contract and they hope to land a bigger deal somewhere else. a spokesperson has denied this report. i love their show. tonya harding, remember that name? she could be planning a come back, the new york post reported the former lipid figures to
1:42 am
cater is secretly training for surprise performance for release of the movie i tonya. the film follows her rise to stardom and her downfall after the attack on her rival nancy kerrigan. actress margo robbie will play the olympic skater. it comes out december 8th. remember when a laid-off coworker had this to say to hillary clinton? >> you make comments like putting a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people you are affecting. this is my family. my hope is in my future. how can you say you are going to throw a lot of coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us you're going to be our friend? heather: putting it to her. yesterday donald trump kept another campaign promise an end the war on coal and coal miners
1:43 am
that help american families like that. he joins us live. thank you for joining us early this morning. >> thank you for having me. heather: i love watching that piece where you are confronting hillary clinton. i have to ask what that was like, her reaction to you, her face when you said that to her? >> it was a surreal moment, never thought i would be in that situation and have that opportunity. she felt genuine in her response and i was grateful for that. heather: three days after that you went to a trump rally. >> he was in charleston, west virginia three days later and we got an opportunity to be there and didn't want to be on camera, asked to recognize us for what happened earlier with her and we got a standing ovation, very humbling and moving, something i
1:44 am
will never forget. heather: what is "happening now"? keeping that campaign promise. you can speak to us personally. how does this impact your family? how will this impact the coal industry? why does it matter? >> for us it proves to us donald trump is going to do the things he promised he would do. a lot of people said he used our state in particular like a patty, made promises he wasn't going to keep but obviously he is trying to hold up on the promises he made for the people of west virginia. if you haven't lived here and haven't been in the industry or seen the wave coal industry affect our everyday lives the way we have, you are not going to understand it but we had an administration that came in before, our main source of income for just about the majority of our state and turned around and put things like cpp
1:45 am
and raised our utilities so not only do you take our jobs away but raised the cost of living for us as well. heather: what difference will this make? how soon will you feel the difference with coal miners that you know? >> hopefully we will see a drastic decrease in the way our utilities have gone up. i think it will help everyday living for the people in the state. slowly but surely we are starting to see our product back on the highways, following 18 wheelers carrying it and stuck behind trains, little nuisances we used to get aggravated about but become a welcome sight again to be stopped on daily travels knowing we are seeing our livelihood moving again.
1:46 am
heather: do you think there's a big disconnect, you were talking about people not thinking about how it is impacting jobs and people's lives and families because you have the other side of it and this moment ago, the sierra club director talked about how this will ruin the environment, ruin public health, the climate and the safety of every community in the united states. what do you say when someone has that argument? >> we know there are ramifications to everything we do. we also know for us to have a future we have to have a present. we do things differently now. our clean coal technology is better than it was. the epa administrator said yesterday we cut our carbon emissions 65% from what they were in 1994 without government involvement. that is a huge reduction in our
1:47 am
co2 emissions. we have better technology than we had in previous years and if given the right opportunity we can move forward in a clean way. heather: the i think you can too. a beautiful country out there. where are you in west virginia? i was just in huntington. >> roughly an hour 45 minutes from huntington. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. a lot of people looking up to him. the video is hard to watch. a little girl gets off a school bus and nearly gets hit by a car. the one simple thing that saved her life. why some in hollywood are quite about the harvey weinstein scandal? jackie a bunions sharing comments coming up.
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heather: spain on the verge of anarchy. catalonia could declare independence. joining us live with breaking details from london is kitty logan. what is the latest? >> reporter: that announcement expected later today but we don't know whether catalonia will declare independence or not. this is a divisive issue in spain, people protesting, hundreds of thousands demonstrating for a united spain. this is very serious because many people want an independent catalonia but despite the
1:52 am
referendum an overwhelming majority would rather separate from spain. the catalonian government under pressure not to put those ideas into practice with passions running high, police protecting the parliament building ahead of the announcement and any declaration of independence would not be welcomed by the spanish authority and they would ask real questions how that independence, economic consequences it might have but you have to wait until later today. what the implications might be. heather: thank you. back at home, one to show you crazy video making rounds online. this dramatic video of a man who stole an ambulance leading police on this wild chase. the suspect swerving back and forth avoiding cops in michigan and at one point the ambulance slides into a field, turns around and keeps driving, the
1:53 am
suspect is behind bars. a reckless driver nearly killing a young girl after ignoring a school bus warning signal. here is what is happening. a pickup truck just missing the 11-year-old when the bus driver blasts his horn saving the girl's life, the incident happened last december but minnesota police i just releasing it as a reminder to drivers. terrifying video showing the moment a cargo loader burst into flames just feet from an american airlines flight. a machine operator at hong kong international airport with loading cargo onto the plane when flames ignited. he was that seriously injured. american airlines blames it on faulty loading equipment. coming up your comments pouring in to the harvey weinstein
1:54 am
scandal. many still staying silent including hillary clinton who took a lot of campaign money, jackie will share your comments next. ♪ i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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heather: the sun will eventually come up over new york city, this shot down the avenue of america to our studios at fox news, you are watching "fox and friends" first at this hour, time to brew on this, hollywood mostly silent on allegations of one of the most powerful men in the movie industry, harvey weinstein accused of sexually harassing women for decades. many wondering where is the outrage from hillary clinton? she has taken a lot of campaign cash. we asked why, some in hollywood are so slow to react. jackie ibanez has more on what you are saying on facebook. >> reporter: on facebook live on twitter, instagram. we want to know what you have to say. we had a number of comments. i want to get to twitter, facebook comment, tim says there
1:59 am
is a double standard when it comes to the dems. peggy on facebook so they have known about this for decades, this behavior only brings outrage when committed by anyone they don't like. imagine what harvey knows about hillary and vice versa. to be a fly on the wall when it started hitting the fan. on twitter, no one who is a democrat have a conscience, just about getting elected. george on facebook, only outrage when it advances their agenda. a number of people on facebook saying who is harvey weinstein? what movies did he do? we are getting a mixed bag. something we are doing throughout the 4:00 am. go to my facebook page, facebook live, twitter as well. we want to hear from viewers. a lot of people awake at 4:00 am with a lot of responses.
2:00 am
heather: thank you so much. people continue to give their comments as we continue to monitor it. the next hour of "fox and friends" first, that wraps it up for the 4:00 am hour, see you back here tomorrow so get up early, "fox and friends" first continues right now. it is tuesday, october 10th, fox news alert, breaking overnight, a college student shot a police officer, but it will make you sick. rob: flames melting glass off of cars, adam housley keeping his home from burning to the ground. heather: pulled off the air. espn host suspended for attacking american team and the president. donald trump weighed in. "fox and friends" first continues right now.


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