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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 10, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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nobody was hurt. rob: black bears raiding a pizza shop. sneaking into the colorado pizzeria breaking into a window and eating it off the bar. jillian: what kind of pizza? i have so many questions u. rob: we will see you later. >> giving congress an ultimatum. >> funding to build his border wall or deal ending dreamers is dead. >> original shot. >> hotel security guard was shot a full six minutes before the locke lock vegas shooter opened fire. >> 10 dead, 100 missing at this hour. >> destruction is unbelievable. >> suspended anchor jim meal hill after she called for boycott of the dallas cowboys. >> to try to see you lens her will not silence many of us. >> blackburn takes credit for stopping for the sale of baby parts, so twitter the app., banned that video.
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>> it is astounding to me that twit we're censor a pro-life message. >> when you met him did, you know he could one day be president of the united states? he could one day being one of the wealthiest men in the country. >> not when i met him. donald was making $70,000 a year. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: here we go with a fox news alert. a freshman at texas tech under arrest at this hour accused of shooting and killing a campus police officer. ainsley: 19-year-old hollis daniels was taken to the campus police station after drugs were reportedly found inside his room. that's where he pulled out a gun, according to police, aimed it right at the officer's head, shooting him dead. steve: oh my goodness.
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danielson took off sending the campus into lockdown for over an hour until police tracked him down. that officer not yet identified. we will keep you posted on what is going on down in texas at texas tech where that officer was killed and the student was arrested. brian: all right. now let's talk about immigration. yesterday we talked to you about the president 70 points he wanted include in immigration reform if the daca situation was going to be resolved. and, of course, you need 60 votes and of course there is going to be a negotiation point if you want immigration to pass. whether you are republican, democrat, majority or minority. however, it looks like nancy pelosi doesn't understand the word compromise. ainsley: she is saying it's my way or the highway if you don't fix daca by christmas, she is threatening to withhold support of the budget which could lead to a government shut down. steve: keep in mind, we know when the president of the united states rescinded daca and said have you until march 5th, then he and nancy and chuck sat down, they came one that big compromise and they said okay he is going to protect the
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dreamers. but, mr. president, there is not going to be anything about the wall in there, right? they were horrified to discover that there was complete construction of the wall and a whole bunch of other stuff that they didn't agree to and now they are trying to make their line in the sand if we don't get what we want is complete protection for the dreamers. then, you know what in the government will run out of money and there is nothing you can do about it. brian: they say they don't have a hard and fast policy yet that's what they are negotiating. nothing to negotiate doesn't have shared values like border enforcement? i don't understand that we are trying to get republicans to vote on what we believe. no kidding. could someone tell her she is in the minority? say this is my point of view, this is my line in the sand. it's so discouraging, i think, to the average american who is doing a thing as day and saying wait a second what do you mean get republicans agree to what i believe? ainsley: some democrats were furious for her having dinner with the president. most americans like the fact
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they were trying to compromise and coming together. this sherri idea of a compromise? she says i don't like anything. i don't like anything about your plan, pump president trump. i don't want the wall but i want the dreamers to stay. he said maybe we can negotiate that we will let the dreamers stay if you let us build the wall. steve: sent to congress 70 points. these are the things i want. ainsley: 70 points. she doesn't like one of them. steve: she does like one it's on the other side. it's lit the dreamers stay with complete protection. you know what? it's her opening bid. yesterday we talked about the president's opening bid with the 70 points. hers is we are not going to change anything. just let them stay. now the negotiations begin. brian: i hope. so people do want to see something worked out. listen, you are a year plus away from the mid terms. if you can't get something done on immigration and tax reform this year. forget about doing anything next year. ainsley: severing stalled. you can't get anything done. nothing on the president's agenda is getting done. i think it's great. i agree with you. i think we should compromise.
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democrats should compromise with republicans and vice versa. brian: i'm starting to think this thing with the national football league is getting sticky. not sure. it's over a year ago collin kaepernick gradually sat down during the national anthem and then spoke out. we know the president this year said i have had it, i want those s.o.b.s to stand. then of course there was mass demonstrations. over 200 players knelt or sat during the national anthem. then it all changed. after a week then it was calm. this week jerry jones says a line in the sand. if you sit, you are not playing. that really caused jemele hill who two weeks ago who avoided suspension by apologizing to go out on twitter and call out the cowboys and jerry jones. steve: right. she tweeted this. this play always worked. change happens when advertisers are impacted. if you feel strongly about j.j., jerry jones statement boycott his advertisers. so, keep in mind, this is the same person who called
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the president of the united states a white supremacist two weeks ago did not get into trouble for that essentially they said. brian: she apologized. steve: don't get political espn said. but yesterday she got suspended because it was a violation of their social media policy. al sharpton is really angry that they have benched her. >> i think it's outrageous. to try and silence her will not silence many of us that feel what jerry jones has done. we are supposed to be a country where the first amendment gives you freedom of speech. so he is saying if you want to play on my team, you suspend your freedom of speech, your right to protest. espn is saying if jemele says well, the advertisers ought to know your feeling, then she is going to be sigh lengthsed or suspended. brian: i can't even follow what he is talking about. bottom line is, here is the deal. espn paid $15 billion to get monday night football, right?
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they are -- their business is the football business. she is hired to be a commentator. it's in their best interest not to have their commentator during their show call out the dallas cowboys. that's not good for business. that has nothing to do with freedom of speech. you chose to work at espn. they selected you. you go by their rules. ainsley: a few weeks ago when she apologized you would think okay, i learned my lesson, i'm not going to be controversial anymore. clearly she is not. that's her right. she can be controversial, espn as her employer has the right to suspend her. steve: absolutely. yesterday whe she was promoting the boycott of sponsors for the dallas cowboys. she was targeting the same who place their ads on espn. tat, bank o at&t, and bank of america. they need the advertisers and need it healthy. somebody who knows more about football than the average bare would be former coach mike ditka. he has this to say about what is going on in football
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right now. >> i think that you have to be colored blind in this country. have you got to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for. and how he produces. all of a sudden it's become a big dealing now about oppression. there has been no oppression in the last 100 years that i know of. i don't care how are. how much money you make. if you don't respect our country, then you shouldn't be in this country playing football. go to another country and play football. if you can't respect the flag and the country, then you don't respect what this is all about. so i would say adios. brian: rosie o'donnell tweeted thought support of jemele yes we are, #, systematic racism. so she is against donald trump for a change. and hillary clinton supports the players taking a knee. so now politics, football. by the way what a nightmare for coaches. they need to focus on the game. their jobs are on the line and everyone is divide. ben roethlisberger walked into the steelers locker room and said we are standing from now on. obviously players on the
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steelers didn't feel strongly about that. they went out and played terribly now they are losing. this thing couldn't be more of a mess. steve: the president of the united states himself came out and congratulated jerry jones for coming out and saying look, if the players are going to play on my team, they are going toened that up for the anthem or they will be beechesd. >> i asked him what if jack prescott says i'm not standing. what if nine players on the cowboys take a seat? then what happens? does he say you are all fired? we're playing a man down? people going to play both ways? are they going forfeit? this is going to set up unbelievable lose-lose situation. ainsley: it's interesting though the people who are fighting because of the division in our country are dividing the country. football will never be the same. i just want to turn on the tv and watch a game and eat popcorn and pizza. steve: no kidding. remember when espn used to have sports on it? that's the good old days. ainsley: like mtv with the
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music videos? brian: they not only stood for the whole game with hands on their hearts they waited for the flag to leave before they all left the sideline. steve: terrific. ainsley: if you have a problem with the country, protest, do whatever you want, do it peacefully. take a knee don't do it during the national anthem. too many people have died for this country. steve: indeed. it is 6:10 in new york city. jillian joins us now. it sounds like the police have changed the time line out in las vegas. jillian: that's right. good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. let's get you caught up on new information. police revealing a new 6 minutes before the las vegas shooter opened fire on concert music. he was checking something out on stephen paddock's floor. police had previously said campos was shot during the assault and credited him with stopping it all eyes are on north korea today. u.s. officials now fear the rogue nation might launch a missile in celebration of their national holiday. party foundation day. the trump administration
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wants to deal with north korea through diplomacy, but defense secretary james mattis says the u.s. military will be ready to fight if that fails. >> army can do, that is you have got to be ready tone sure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. jillian: the president maintains they want the peaceful solution but says he is willing to use military force. the trump administration keeping campaign promise to help cold country by repealing president obama's clean power plan. >> the last administration declare war on coal. and it's right for this administration to say that the war is over. jillian: e.p.a. head scott pruitt will sign the proposed rule today to withdraw the plan which aimed to restrict greenhouse gas emissions from the coal fired plant. the agency will declare the rule law by setting unreasonable standards. a baseball ends with two
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teams close tort world series and two others pushing their opponents to the brink. the chicago cubs beating the nationals 2 to 1 to take a 2 to 1 lead in that series. they play again tonight. and the l.a. dodgers sweeping the arizona diamondbacks overnight with a 3-1 victory. that is way back. and there she goes. in the al, the yankees facing elimination but beating the indians to force a do or die game five. and the houston astros moving onto the alcs after knocking out the red sox in boston in game 4. they celebrated, obviously, with champagne in the locker room. how else do you celebrate? and patriotic outfielder josh reddick donning an american flag speedo. so, you know, good morning, hey. brian: absolutely. that wasn't all champagne, right? jillian: it's champagne. they wear goals. it's a thing.
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ainsley: wait a minute that is not champagne. that is a water hose. jillian: can we air it again? that. ainsley: that is champagne. you are right. oh my word. brian: if he is sticky today, it's sham page. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: that's a waste of champagne. brian: is he probably still in the shower. steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. wildfires turning deadly. flames so hot glass is melting off the cars. our own adam house leg in the middle of it using social media to save his family's home to burn to the ground. ainsley: we have interview of president trump's first wife the mother of his three children ivana. would she want to be in washington and how did the first commander-in-chief steal her heart. >> montreal. donald was calling me every day. you are going to marry me.
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3:18 am
family home. adam, this is all too personal for you, isn't it? >> yeah, you know, it's pretty surreal to be standing here, steve. just a couple days ago we were talking about the shooting in vegas and now we are here in napa where napa and santa rosa -- anybody who knows wine county they are basically side by side basically. and four major fires burning in this areas. 15 in northern california. we know 10 people that have perished, unfortunately. and another 100 in soma county. 100 miss reports filed. doesn't mean they are lost. they haven't been able to get ahold of them. there is no cell signal here. this is what is left of where i grew up. my brother watched it basically explode. scenes like this early this morning before night fall last night, you would still see planes in the air. helicopters trying to battle these fires from above. even know the smoke is
3:19 am
unbelievably thick. it's truly hard to breathe at times. all throughout the valley in the north bay area where these fires are burning. i was out also with my own camera before night fall. i came across a couple of fire crews that are nowhere near napa. one is 45 minutes away. the other is two hours. nevada fire and team from santa cruz, california. they came here to fight fires. they are in an area where they really have no knowledge. take a listen. >> got to get into areas we never know and never see on a dale buy basis and have to plan accordingly. we drive along the houses and decide which houses we will be able to save based on the preparation that the owner does and we prep and go from there. >> once again those casualty numbers are 10 dead so far. that number is expected to go up, guys. steve: hey, adam before did you go real quickly. how did you use facebook to get kids from your high school to save folks' houses? >> my parents house is right
3:20 am
at the bottom of the hill. my brother's is right over there down the road. the fire was burning all through here. i was trying to get back up here. i was up here for harvest the day before. i flew back to l.a. and fly back up. as i was trying to get on the plane i called my dad on the phone. they have been fighting these fires for 24 hours. i basically went on to facebook and said hey, can anybody help? i had six friends from high school. a few of them i haven't seen since high school who showed one shovels who started of helping put the fire out. steve: your father's house is okay. >> i keep checking on them. we will do live shots here and run down here. right now smoldering embers. so far so good. ainsley: they were taking shovels and dumping sand on top of the flames to put them out? >> yeah. because the power is out throughout the valley. no cell service here. power is out. you have to use sand and dirt. there is no water. ainsley: give them our best, adam. sorry your family is dealing with this. >> thanks. ainsley: coming up next, our exclusive cable interview with president trump's first wife ivana, would she want
3:21 am
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: all right. we have got some quick tuesday morning headlines for you. first up washington is the first to take aim at president trump's new policy on birth control. the lawsuit from the state comes just three days are a the new rules were issued allowing employers to opt out of providing birth control if it clashes with their religious or moral beliefs. massachusetts, california, and the aclu also suing. and it turns out, making pot legal has deadly consequences. a new bombshell report finding it boosts cases of cannabis poisoning, mostly among tourists having heart
3:25 am
attacks. researchers looked at data from colorado and washington, the first two states that legalized rec cracialg pot to come up with those numbers. brian: all right. she is a fascinating woman. ivana trump. the first wife of the president of the united states. sheet author of the new book called "raising trump" i got a chance to sit down with her at her town house. and how they fell in love and whether or not she would like to be in melania's shoes in washington? listen. ainsley: ivana thank you for sitting down with us. congratulations on your book "raising trump" you leave communist country. you are a marvelous skier. you move to canada. you are a model there. you fall in love. tell us that story. >> i -- very famous. we came in. i turn around and there is
3:26 am
this tall blond, blue eyed guy and he said my name is donald trump. i can see that you are waiting for a table. and the manager of the place it's my friend. i'm going to get you a table. i look at my dear friends and i said i have good news and i have bad news. good news is the gentleman is going to give us a table right away. the bad news he is going to sit with us. and so we had a dinner. and donald is -- waitress said. i said this is very unusual. i never met a man which pay for something and didn't want anything in return. ainsley: so then what happened? how did you go from that point to marrying him? >> well, i went back to montreal and donald was calling me every day and say, evanna, you are going to marry me. you are going to ruin your life. ainsley: if you don't marry him, you're going to ruin your life? >> yes. ainsley: not the other way around? >> no. ainsley: what did you think
3:27 am
about that? >> i thought it was funny, but he was very persistent. ainsley: but it worked. you fell in love. >> yes. ainsley: when you met him did you know he could one day be president of the united states and wealthiest men in the country. >> not when i met him. donald was making $70,000 a year for his father in brooklyn and i had no idea. ainsley: you really went along by the ride it wasn't this rich man. >> no, we became rich together. ainsley: what happened with your marriage? why did you get divorced? >> we got divorced because donald was unfaithful. and, you know, the trust is most important thing to me. if you cannot trust a person, everything is gone. i was able to say i'he would sao play golf. i thought is he really going to play golf? i. ainsley: did he have an affair with marla will will will will. >> i'm not going to talk about show girl.
3:28 am
ainsley: you call her show girl. >> i said polling not accepted. i think she show girl. she doesn't deserve apology. ainsley: how did the kids take that. >> the kids were okay. donald jr. did speak to father for a year because he was oldest. he understood what happened. and then we mended it. and we just. ainsley: you talk about melania in the book. >> i see her here and there. i have no problem. ainsley: what did you say at the lunch about melania? >> i said that she is a very nice girl and it is very tough to be on campaign. ainsley: how did the media report what you said at that lunch. >> i think the media posted she cannot speak. she cannot be -- nothing which i said. because i have accent. she has accent. we are both immigrants. so that really didn't count for me. i sai sent melania the text what
3:29 am
i woullastthing i want to do isy something bad about family. >> do you ever look at his position and melania being the first lady and think that's where i should be? >> not at all. [laughter] ainsley: why? >> washington is tough town. i was asked to be an american ambassador to czech republic. i said if he would have asked me 10, 15 years ago i would do it. now i don't want to be -- could i do well? yes. i will salute my freedom. i'm glad melania is there and i'm here. ainsley: i will say that interview took place last tuesday. since then she has interviewed with some other networks as well. one network came out and said that she was quoted as saying that she is the real first lady. i never got that impression of her. she talked glowingly about
3:30 am
melania. said her children like melania. she has no problem with melania. she has tweeted with melania before when the media tried to spin another story and she told melania that's not at all what i said i support you and support donald. she said she is friends with hillary clinton and she voted for donald trump. it's that tough and your relationship with hillary. she said i felt like donald would be a better president. melania did send a statement, her assistant sent out a statement saying she think she's is just looking for attention. i will tell -- i will tell anyone did i not get that impression of her. she was not talking down about melania at all. she was very supportive of the president and the first lady. steve: i will say one thing about ivana and she and donald trump raised three great kids. you look at those children they were fantastic. brian: they dominated the 1980s. they were it. they were the first couple: 30 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: we have a fox news
3:31 am
alert. is europe on the verge of anarchy? the breaking news on brexit with former u.k. independence leader nigel farage. brian: spain is breaking up. we know what hillary clinton has been up to lately. she is longest book tour of all time. the biggest question is where is her husband? >> i said are you going to be my girl? so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event
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3:35 am
trump head. >> i went too far. i made a mistake and i was wrong. jillian: apparentsly she doesn't feel that way anymore. griffin returning to the stage in los angeles wearing a mask of the president, waiving her middle finger in the air and taking a knee. so there is that. bill clinton is said to be heart sick over his wife's blame game tour author edward klein telling the "new york post" that the former president sun happy with the book titled "what happened" bill thought the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused. those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader. klein says bill suggested changes and hillary refused to read them. clinton called these claims lies. parents are outraged after their 12-year-old gets quizzed on sexual identities at school. the health class assignment middle school in atlanta asking the children to define words like tray, transjerntiond. one so upset she pulled her
3:36 am
kid out of class. marine sent his mom into epic surprising her two years. [screams] [laughter] [cheers] jillian: why is she running away from him? that mom is in total disbelief. he made a grand entrance at family reunionen in los angeles and can you see the two hugging it out there. extreme excitement. brian: the others are in the middle of eating. i'm trying to have my pizza. can you guys just hug. jillian: running away no come back he is over here. brian: score in soccer they run away from the team. i think she was doing that. ainsley: i love this story. so sweet. is he home sach in her arms again. steve: big family reunion in more than one way. janice dean part of the
3:37 am
family is outside. and i think you're going to talk a little bit about those big wildfires out west, right? janice: absolutely. that is the big story today especially weatherwise. because we have had these offshore winds that have helped fan the flames across northern calvary. take a look at the tubsz fire here. temperatures are not too warm. but the winds are offshore. we still have high fire danger not only in northern california but in southern california as well. so high elevated fire danger for northern california in the so hsonoma area. offshore winds that help fan those flames and unfortunately it willing ongoing throughout the day today. fire weather outlook for southern california is elevated. northern california the winds will start to die off today which is good news. that's going to help firefighters. the problem is we're not getting any rain in the forecast. the only rain we are seeing is across the central u.s. a ahead of a cold front. behind the cold front much
3:38 am
cooler than average temperatures and warmer than average over the eastern third of the country where it's going to be 81 here in no. where is fall i ask you? back inside. brian: well, i don't really miss it to tell you the truth. ainsley: you like it hot? brian: i like it hot and steamy. janice: you like it hot and steamy, that's the headline. brian: every window on the first floor was fogged up yesterday. i never saw that before. janice: i think that's just you, brian kilmeade. brian: you think so? janice: just saying. brian: of course i put my initials in the whole building. ainsley: of course you did. did you draw you a smiley face. brian: i had a '69 mustang. it didn't have a defroster. they said here is a manual defroster that came in box it was a sponge. '69 mustang. steve: thank you, mr. good wrench. brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hours. could hate wall on damascusca. could their hatred for the
3:39 am
president or dislike cause trump their love for the daca kids? ainsley: here to react is former trump hispanic advisory council member and fox news contributor steve cortez. good morning to you, steve. >> good morning, ainsley, thanks for having me. ainsley: that is the question. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer we love daca and these dreamers so much. yet we are not willing to cut a deal with the president? >> right. ainsley, i think unfortunately we see this far too often. a lot of the democrats they would rather see america fail than see trump succeed. particularly on this topic of immigration reform and achieving a compromise. you know, crying chuck schumer he should save his crocodile tears. he is not insea sincere in tryig to reach. if is he not willing to talk about will --
3:40 am
brian: they already agreed to border security with president bush and with president obama. this is just how much and how many when you talk about border patrol agents and judges and attorneys. >> right. brian, you know, your point is so right. by the way it was decided 10 years ago. it was also decided last year in the 2016 election. donald trump has not exactly been shy about talking about the wall, has he? it was in many ways the corner stone of his election to the presidency. so forth dems now suddenly throw up their hands and say we can't believe thaw want border barricades is really disingenuous. i think what it shows unfortunately and i hate to be this cynical. i think the democrats would rather have a controversy, they would rather have a wedge issue than have an actual solution. the bottom line is they don't actually care about these daca recipients. what they care about is having an issue with which they can whip up their base and they think it's going to benefit them in 2018. steve: congressman louise gutierrez who will be up for re-election in 2018 he said
3:41 am
this on president trump's priorities. he said it's an extension of the white supremacist agenda what they want to do is criminalized and delegitimize latinos. what's your message to the congressman regarding those comments? >> well, steve, i'm not surprised that's the kind of race huck terrism. he has done nothing to help his people but done quite a bit to help himself luis gutierrez. i'm tired as an hispanic, when people on the left disagree with us on policy, rather than talking policy, what do they do? they call its racist. it's ridiculous. america is not a race. america is an idea. american citizens come in every possible color imaginable. immigrants come in every color imaginable. it's not racist to say a country has a right to both secure its borders and a right to determine who are the best people that we're going to allows a legal immigrants? so when people like luis gutierrez tried to say the president is a racist.
3:42 am
i dismiss that as shomanship and grandstanding. brian: new buzz is white white sprims supremacists. ainsley: make sure it's fair. brian: president just tweeted. qui look at a tweet he just put out? he says this: the problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration is that the democrats don't want secure borders. they don't care about safety for the u.s. >> no, that's very true. they are not negotiating in good faith. we see that by the way with so-called sanctuary cities. i hate that term. i don't even like to use it because it's not sanctuary for the victims. it's not sanctuary for the cops who have to deal with criminals who hide in plain sight. i prefer calling them renegade cities. so we see with renegade cities about the safety of the citizens or is it about elites posturing and acting as though they somehow have a big heart.
3:43 am
the latter is clearly the reality here. the other thing. brian: real quick, steve. >> policy democrats have hung their hats on in recent years it's not working for them. they are losing at the ballot box because of their fixation on identity politics. steve: well, let's see what happens. steve cortez, fox news contributor, thank you for joining us today from chicago. ainsley: thank you, steve. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, twitter claims to give information without barriers. why did it censure this senate candidate's ad. ainsley: judge andrew napolitano is on that story. come on in. steve: hello, judge. ♪ don't tell me 'cause it hurts
3:44 am
3:45 am
3:46 am
steve: welcome back to "fox & friends." twitter's official policy promises information without barriers. tell that to one republican running for office. >> i'm 100 percent pro-life.
3:47 am
i fought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts, thank god. steve: twitter banned that paid ad from tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn who is running for the u.s. senate calling it an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong, negative reaction. which most of twitter does anyway. here to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. can twitter do that say look, that's too inflammatory. we are going to take it down. you can't but the it up. >> yes, twitter can do that we all know we have a freedom of speech. the first amendment only protects our speech from the government. it doesn't protect it from a private entity. so think of twitter as a bulletin board. an enormous international bulletin board. the likes of which doesn't exist anywhere else. and they can decide what they want to put up there. it's censorship at its worst. the statement that you just read, that they gave
3:48 am
basically translate we don't like the message that she delivered so we are not going to post it when you look at the other things that they post that evoke strong negative reactions. steve: the irony is a lot of social media companies have been unhelpful cracking down on terrorism there they are cracking down on the conservative running for senate. >> the remedy here is the free market. i know it sounds fanciful, who ever heard of uber three or four years ago. we were talking about this during a break. a big giant bulletin board that doesn't censor might just be around the corner. i'm not suggesting i know who it is, but that's the remedy. can you boycott their advertisers. you can bombard them with criticism. but you can't take any legal action against them because they own the bulletin board. steve: given the fact there has been such scrutiny regarding the russia influence and how social media, twitter, facebook, may have been impacted or impacted the election, could there be regulation?
3:49 am
>> i hope not. as much as i condemn what bitter has done. i would rather that they were free to do it than the government telling them what to do. i don't know more than anyone elsewhere russia investigation is going to go apparent it appears twitter, facebook, and the others were used by the russians pretending to be others and they made their way into the campaign. whether they affected the outcome or not we don't know and we may never know. i hope it doesn't produce any government regulation of speech. steve: while the fact that twitter shut down her political ad, when you click on to that i agree to their terms of service, when you are signing up for twitter, they have got all the cards. >> do you think they are going to shut down the political ads of whoever is running against her who might be in favor of abortion? of course not. steve: why? >> because they have a political message under the guise of some sort of keeping the airwaves clean. >> are you telling me there is a double standard that
3:50 am
applies to conservatives? >> absolutely, steve. steve: judge andrew napolitano, thanks for joining us live. >> all the best. steve: james mattis telling our troops to be ready as texas with north korea escalate. what does "be ready" mean? we will talk to air force vet and congressman adam kinzinger about 20 minutes from now. plus, president trump just responded to the espn host who called him a white supremacist. coming up.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
brian: press conference yesterday as we heard again from the sheriff in las vegas about what really went
3:54 am
down in terms of the time line, things are becoming abundantly clear. it wasn't exactly like it was presented last week as the dust is finally settling. steve: what we were told last week is that the guard came to the room during the massacre and the gunman turned around and shot 200 holes in the door turning it into essentially swiss cheese it was described as by some of the officers but injuring the security guard who worked for mandalay bay. we were told that was why the shooter then stopped shooting and killed himself. however, last night, the sheriff made it very clear the guard came upon the shooter six minutes before he started shooting. ainsley: the guard was on that floor. he was already there checking an open door in another's guest room and that's when he discovered the shooter. listen to this. this is the sheriff guy lombardo. >> the time line has changed
3:55 am
in the original investigation. as i have conveyed to you from the very beginning in your zest for information and my zest to ensure the public safety and the calming of their minds is some things are going to change. now they are minute changes. okay. there is not this all encompassing answer associated with the information that we presented before. in other words, it's not completely inaccurate but what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. brian: the thought was okay, he comes there, he realizes the shooter realizes they are going to be coming in great numbers. is he going to kill himself and he kills himself. now, why did he stop shooting? what caused him to stop shooting if the security guard came there first and then he opens up fire. why did he stop at all. ainsley: there are so many questions. brian: kill himself. being that he had equipment, material, in order to escape and it is proven that he was shooting at the tank. so maybe blowing up the tanks, getting som fire
3:56 am
retardant equipment on and leaving was his plan. ainsley: police say they assumed he stopped because the gunman knew the security guard was outside in the hallway, calling for help. he was about to be caught. so he was trying to figure outen escape plan. steve: that doesn't make sense now given the new time line. mandalay bay needs to explain why the officer didn't report to the police for 20 minutes because had the police actually been there, a couple of minutes earlier, you know, on location, perhaps they could have stopped a lot of what happened. ainsley: makes me wonder, too was he having second thoughts? jason aldean was the last person that was singing at this weekend concert. the guy had checked into the hotel room on the 25th we're being told. so he was there for a long time. i wonder if he shot the security guard and then realized they are coming for me, i better do what i was here to do and take myself out. i don't know. brian: how he died, i guess he definitely took himself out.
3:57 am
according to dan springer last night. all right. straight ahead. president trump just revealed he is going to go it alone on healthcare. how will that work? ainsley: remember when a laid off coal worker confronted hillary? he is talking to us next. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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4:00 am
♪ >> president unveiling a long list of demands for immigration reform in exchange for a deal on daca. brian: however, it looks like nancy pelosi doesn't understand the word compromise. ainsley: she is saying my way or the highway. >> democrats would rather see america fail than see trump succeed. >> the time line associated with the original shot of mr. campos has changed. >> hotel security guard was shot a full six minutes before the las vegas shooter opened fire. >> espn jemele hill was suspended for two weeks after calling for fans to boycott advertisers of the dallas cowboys. >> you can't respect the flag and the country, then you don't respect what it this is all about, so i would say adios. >> i will be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called clean power plan of the past
4:01 am
administration [applause] >> proves to us that donald trump is going to do the things that he promised he would do. >> twitter just censored that add from republican congresswoman marcia black burn. >> it's censorship at its worst. translate we don't like the message she delivered so we are not going to post it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: a frermt at texas tech under arrest at this hour accused of shooting and killing a police officer on campus. brian: 19-year-old hollis daniels was taken to the campus police station after drugs were reportedly found in his room. that's where he then pulled out a gun, aimed it right at the officer's head, shooting him dead.
4:02 am
ainsley: damages then took off sending the campus into lock down for over an hour until police could track him down. that officer not yet identified. >> what a story. oh my goodness. we will keep you posted from texas. in the meantime let's talk a little bit about, this one of the top things about the president's agenda is he wants to build that wall. and that, some feel, is one of the reasons why about a month ago he rescinded daca and said, hey, congress, have you six months to figure out what to do with it. he and nancy and chuck sat down and came up with compromise idea essential where the daca children and young adults would be protected. and there would be some increase in border security. but then on sunday, the white house sent sent a 70 point plan to congress that had all sorts of stuff, including the wall. complete construction of the wall and that is driving the democrats crazy. ainsley: so nancy says all right, here's our idea of compromising, our way or the highway. she says there is nothing in
4:03 am
it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as americans. :now we are trying to get republicans to vote on what we believe. she says she is going to possibly shut down the government. brian: something unrelated the budget. i'm going to stop the budget unless can you attach daca to the budget and got to be done by the first week in march, daca, because the president combined with a delay on the daca for six months so no one is going to be deported of until they can work out. ainsley: she is saying she wants it by december. brian: that's not going to happen. have you got to wonder what benefit it is to let everything break down because nancy pelosi wants to keep her job i would think and have the best shot at increasing the numbers in the house and senate. i would think to show a degree of law-making effectiveness would be key for her. but shutting down the government looks eminent if she holds to this line. ainsley: this is happening on both sides of the aisle. republicans are guilty of this in congress. democrats are guilty of
4:04 am
this. they are not compromising. they are not giving the american people what they want. steve: she thinks this is her leverage because the president has the 70-point plan. we're going to just stop the government unless we get everything we want. and no border wall. the president of the united states has already weighed in within the last hour. he tweeted this: the problem with the agreeing to a policy on immigration is that democrats don't want secure borders. they don't care about safety for u.s.a. and, of course, that's been a corner stone of the president's campaign ever since he was running as a private citizen. secure the border. build the wall. brian: by the way the president says he is ready to act alone when it comes to healthcare, repeal and replace might be dead. the president is going to do some things on executive orders when it comes to healthcare. one of which is going to be and i think rand paul has let the president know this would be an effective idea. allow insurance companies to starts working across stated lines. that is something the president has always talked about. he can do it through an executive order.
4:05 am
but the downside would be the next president come in and reverse that. ainsley: rand paul is telling him to do this. brian: we can't get repeal and replace but we can do this. steve: what's extraordinary is a lot of people didn't realize the president has in his power some of the things can reshape and make obamacare more affordable to certain people. well, why didn't he do that on the first day, instead he turned to congress because mitch had said, mr. president, i got it he didn't have it. brian: now let's switch to the nfl. y talk about football. let's just talk about what's happening behind the scenes and what's happening with networks. jemele hill is two weeks ago was in the eye of the storm when she came out and tweeted something essentially calling the president a white whim white supremacist. espn executive said you are not going on the show today. they told mike hill that her co-host and says if she doesn't go on, i'm not going on. they walked into the news room to try to get another
4:06 am
african-american to. no one would go on. so they let the host go on. you thought the firestorm was over. not so fast. jemele hill was tweeting yesterday. ainsley: this play always worked. change happens when advertisers are impacted. if you feel strongly about j.j., the owner of the team his statement boycott his advertisers. steve: what jerry jones had said was if you are going to play for the dallas cowboys, you are going to stand for the national anthem. if you don't, you are going to sit on the bench. she did not like that. and so now she, after her tweet, which was according to espn a violation of the social media policy, she has been suspended for two weeks. i was just talking about judge napolitano. he said apparently al sharpton is going to have a rally down at espn today at noon. the president has just tweeted this regarding jemele hill. he writes with jemele hill at the mike it is no wonder espn ratings have tanked. in fact tank sod badly it is
4:07 am
the talk of the industry. brian: it's true they are losing subscribers rapidly. trying to get them back. that's why they fired hundreds of people or gave them buyouts a few months ago. espn came out and said she has been suspended for two weeks for a second violation. she previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with impulsive tweet. as far as back as 2008 she has said some controversial things when it comes to twitter. one of which about the boston celtics which can you look up and not worth repeating. mike ditka weighed in yesterday. listen. >> i think that you have to be colored blind in this country. have you got to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for and how he produces. all of a sudden it's become a big deal now about oppression. there has been no oppression in the last 100 years that i know of. i don't care how are, how much money you make. if you don't respect our country, then you shouldn't be in this country playing football. go to another country and play football. if you can't respect the flag and the country, then you don't respect what this
4:08 am
is all about. so i would say adios. brian: this whole conversation has evolved in over a year. and now stephen a. smith, one of the most respected commentators in sports, to me is always much listened to. and here is what he said about this entire situation. >> in the end what it really comes down to is president has hijacked this issue. he has turned it into an issue about patriotism and beyond. he is catering to his base in the process and the biggest thing that he is doing is pulling it all off. it is the one that's winning because has turned this into something that the players didn't intend to. so they are going to have to find a different mechanism to make their voices heard because trump has won this round. steve: trump has won this round. ultimately that's what the president was interested in. if you read his tweets and his public comments. >> he wanted the people to focus on the flag. and what the flag stood for and the first responders and the people who died for that
4:09 am
flag. you can take a knee at any time during a game. just not during the national anthem was the president's stance. that's why mick pence walked out of the game a couple of days ago. ainsley: we have a few emails. patty says there is a time and place for protest. as a daughter of a veteran that flag symbolizes a lot for pee as it should for everyone privileged enough to be living here with all the freedoms we enjoy. amen, i love that. steve: mac emailed us not one of success bigger than the national anthem or the flag. brian: this from john. john says my employees who protest while on the payroll would be fired. doing doo it on your own nickel. most of these players do a ton of great stuff. the nfl is very organized when it comes to charity. yesterday in a little notice addendum in a lot of sports pages michael jordan wrote a 7-million-dollar check to have two hospitals in charlotte, north carolina. that's the kind of thing very successful athletes do on a regular basis. ainsley: these athletes are
4:10 am
amazing going back into communities and giving money to their families. they are amazing people. if he they are taking a knee and they're concerned and so many of them are then let's talk to them and figure out what the problem is let's fix it so our country can come back together. don't do it during the national anthem. steve: result patsly for jemele hill she was promoting a boycott of the sponsors of the dallas cowboys, essentially the same advertisers who advertise on espn and suddenly it became very bad for business where she works. ainsley: a lot of people who support jerry jones would like to know who those advertisers are so they can buy more of their products. a lot of people support what he says. brian: some will be backlash maybe in own counsel locker room who want to support jemele hill or espn newsroom who want to support her, too. unbelievable. hey, jillian. jillian: good morning. unbelievable, hey. look they are role models. these athletes are role models. they are the ones to decide do you want to be someone as j.j. watt someone giving millions of dollars to hurricane victims.
4:11 am
we have a fox news alert. at least 11 people are dead. 100 are missing as wildfires ripped through northern california. >> this is my neighborhood in flames. completely in flames. [crying] jillian: fast moving flames forcing tens of thousands from their homes. leaving entire neighborhoods in ruins. hospitals in a race against time to get their patients to safety. there are now 17 wildfires burning across the state. adam housley will have a live report from napa in just a few minutes. more breaking news, police just revealing a hotel security guard was shot a full six minutes before the las vegas shooter opened fire on country music concert. jesus campos was checking on a door ajar. they had previously said he was shot during the assault and credited him with stopping it marine who stole
4:12 am
a truck saved dozen bees of lives in the las vegas massacre getting a truck of his own. taylor winston found unlocked pickup truck and made several trips bringing victims to the hospital following the worst shooting in history. when arizona car dealer heard his story, they offered to give him a new ford f-150. winston will sell his current car and donate the proceeds to the victims. but i have to wonder what about the owner of the truck? right? like he stole that pickup truck. brian: he did get it back though. he got the pickup out of it. steve: good enough. thanks, jillian. brian: follow up on that story in the break. jillian: i will. steve: meanwhile many in hollywood and beyond staying silent on the harvey weinstein scandal and who is hillary clinton who took a lot of campaign money from him. why the silence from her? we will talk about that. brian: listen to, this defense secretary james mattis telling our troops yesterday to, quote, be ready as tensions with north korea escalate. what does he mean? we're going to ask air force
4:13 am
veteran and reservist congressman adam kinzinger from illinois. ainsley: hey, adam. hey. ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ ♪ psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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4:17 am
>> it is right now a diplomatically led economic sanctioned buttress effort to try to turn north korea off this path. the international community has spoken, but that means the u.s. army must stand ready. steve: must stand ready defense secretary james mattis telling the army to be ledy to fight as tensions with north korea escalate. so what would la that look like and is he serious? republican congressman and house foreign affairs committee member adam kinzinger is a member of the international guard and joins us this morning. >> thank you for your service. >> you bet. steve: what does he mean be ready? >> one of the things people have to understanding for diplomacy to work especially against adversary you have to have a military option available. otherwise, what forces diplomacy if you don't have a stick option, the carrot and the stick. i think the president is doing all the right things
4:18 am
here in being actually ready to use the military option if necessary. i think he is being unpredictable which is essential and you see that in the actions of kim jong un reaching out to republicans to say what's this guy about? so, yeah, be ready. and from a congressional perspective, we have to give the military all the resources they need there is a readiness crisis right now that has got to be alleviated. steve: it's the boycott slogan be prepared. essentially that's what he is saying. >> that's right. steve: the president of the united states did tweet yesterday and we'll put the big tweet up on the big screen over there the president has tweeted our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing, policy didn't work. so it looks like he says the policy didn't work and we have heard that a number of times, congressman. it's like okay, what's left? next thing that's left is a shooting war. >> potentially. here's the point though. in the past, nobody has been serious about saying the military option is on the stable. all you do is see folks say well, military option is on the table. i say the military option is not good. but the unthinkablthinkable this
4:19 am
north korea with a nuclear arsenal exceed our ability to defend ourselves and our allies. that's what we are on track for. yeah, to put that on the table and say for 25 years the president is right. all we have done is say we will building is for you. we will do something nice for you. north korea said cool we will take it and we will also build nukes. steve: they cheated the whole time however, this time and we have heard, you know have you read things in the press how the president's strategy is to make kim jong un think well this is a crazy guy in the white house. he could do anything. obviously, the chinese are paying attention because they have been able to get banks and other companies to stop doing business with north korea, which has never happened before. >> so china has always calculated that having a north korea on their border is a better -- to have a buffer zone against the united states than having unified korean peninsula. now they are sighing the president. united states is finally serious and the president is finally serious. they also knows if this turns into a shooting war the united states and our allies win undoubtedly and
4:20 am
also means we have way more influence in that area. their calculation has changed. steve: as you secretary of defense a minute ago you think the president is doing everything right. >> at this point. he has a great team around him. doing the right things. he is being unpredictable. that's what you need in this scenario. steve: thanks. what do you think about this email us at the media calling vice president pence's anthem article stunt. >> a political stunt. >> more fuel to the fire. >> how much did this cost the taxpayers? steve: what did they say when he was booed on broadway? kind of a double standard. we will talk about that next. then, today's bears no longer interested in picnic baskets. they would rather, just like you, have pizza. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild
4:21 am
♪ ♪ get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first, 12. 1200 pounds, that is how much pot roast is being -- how many pot roasts are being recalled because inside the package is meat loaf. publix grocery stores offering full refunds now. now 599 a month. julio's new rate for entry level streaming plan down from 799. the deal comes after netflix announced its raising its prices. finally zero dollars, delta airlines is now offering free -- to all adult customers on long hall international lives. they already offer free international beer and
4:25 am
spirits. frin brian you all know by now vice president mike pence left the game during game when the players took national anthem. the media went absolutely wild. >> one the most talked about plays during sunday football was sent in by president trump and executed by his vice president. >> vice president pence sparking a firestorm. it was a political stunt? >> vice president mike pence added more fuel to the fire. >> how much did this cost the taxpayers? >> this is the latest chapter in a divisive national debate it certainly escalates things. brian: wow. no one called it a stunt when the vice president was heckled at the theater when he just wanted to see a play called hamilton and lectured by the cast last november. where was the media backlash then? in fact there was nothing but praise. here to weigh in author are and entrepreneur team works chris vletta. how do you feel about the vice president showing up and leaving? >> >> well, look, we can all make assumptions about what happened and what didn't happen. the reality is he was there.
4:26 am
he stood proudly for the national anthem. players protested and he left. the media drove a narrative in that regard that, to me, is just simply absurd. the reality is the media is focused on views and clicks. focused on being first more so than being right. what we're not talking about are the real issues in this country right now. that's an emotion of nationalism. we have players taking a knee during the national anthem for issues that are real. decisive issues that are real. they are valid. i actually agree with a lot of them. but to protest during the national anthem is to protest during the one thing that gives you the right to protest. brian: can you protest for the issues that you want and then people can listen and decide can i help? is there something substantial there? but now they are saying we are taking a knee during the national anthem but don't take it as anti-american. well, that's not up to you. because the american people will decide themselves whether it looks like they are dissing the country and many are. the ratings are down. although the numbers are locked in now in terms of
4:27 am
sponsorships and rights fees. they are going to make $15 billion as a league this year. the players get a large percentage of that revenue. down the line, where is this he had hadding? here is what the president just tweeted out. in fact 1 hour and 10 minutes ago. why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our country. change the tax law. what is it like at the nfl headquarters when the president says that? >> it's wildfire for sure at the nfl headquarters. there is no doubt. but what we should be talking about right now is the fact that 1.1 million american soldiers have sacrificed their lives in defense of the freedom that we enjoy every single day. that freedom is celebrated by singing the national anthem, by standing proudly with your hand on your heart and proclaiming that we live in a free society. not one like north korea that is focused on a dictatorship where they teach their children don't even think of disdain towards the dictator because they can read your thoughts.
4:28 am
where people are publicly executed for watching hollywood movies. we don't live in that kind of country. we live in a free society, bought and paid for by 1.1 million americans. and we need to celebrated that proudly. brian: what is it like in the dallas cowboys locker room when the owner comes out and says you will stand or you won't play. now they are being looked at around the league who is in charge? number two, what's it like at the espn newsroom when they success somebody for two weeks for speaking out. many people allied more with the worker than the owner. >> you know, i would say from an nfl locker room standpoint, this is the worst kind of issue that can. brian: total distraction. >> total distraction. and i would encourage to you listen to one of my idols, lowe holtz who was an amazing head coach of notre dame who talked about this very thing. this is to remove in kind of distraction from the locker room. if you are going to protest do not do it on team time do it outside of locker room and away from everybody else
4:29 am
because it does nothing but distract you away from the purpose of what we are there toe do, which is to win a football game. brian: right. we saw both teams stand last night. we know every saturday it looks like according to one nfc official that saturday morning conference calls between the league and player reps and player leaders like the leadership council and as well as the different team owners. what's the way forward? they let it get out of control. it was a mistake. what would you do tomorrow to end this now? >> i would, as the commissioner of the nfl, i would actually put a mandate in place for all the owners to mandate that every single player stand, shoulder to shoulder with their hands on their heart during the national anthem. protest whatever you want outside. the whole problem right now is that the rules are gray. they need to be black and white. if you have gray rules, have you issues like this. and no one has stepped up from a leadership standpoint to set a policy or rule. this is a business. the nfl is a business. the owners are running a company that drives revenue.
4:30 am
they are not -- that's the bottom line. someone needs to step up and take a leadership position. that's what's happening right now. brian: keep in mind november 11th begins a series of weekends saluting the military, first responders and law enforcement. what's going to happen there? how do they feel about the vision and the symbolism about them? will they show up? will they protest nfl players? will the nfl players still take a seat with the military bein saluted at their game? it's mind boggling what's straight ahead. >> boy, i hope not. i just hope that we can sit back and remember that we live in an amazing country, an amazing free country. and that we are truly living in a time where we are eroding our nationalism. and we have to stand proudly not only for our internal purposes but to showcase to the global community that we live in a free and amazing country. brian: you did point out.
4:31 am
>> let's just hope that continues. brian: there are problems looked at and addressed you don't like the way they are doing it chris have a let tax author of team works. thanks for your perspective. >> thanks, guys. brian: explosive details just ahead. and wine country on fire at this hour. the pictures insane. adam housley is in the middle of it all. how is he using social media to save his family's winery and more. ♪ ♪ send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. (alert beep) are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah! tears of joy. (groan) pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today.
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>> this is my neighborhood in flames. ainsley: that is so sad. she gets really emotional and starts to cry. you can hear her there. we are back with a fox news alert. california's wine country is on fire. at least 11 people are dead and 100 are missing. steve: the out-of-control flames ensign rating entire neighborhoods returning entire homes and businesses
4:35 am
into you can see right there. piles of ashes and burn bottles. brian: adam housley joins us from his home in napa, california. >> 10 100 missing person reports just in sonoma county. hopefully nobody perished at all just a matter of not having cell phone service. that's not even counting napa county. that number is significantly higher. i had a chance to get out before night fall and get you some photos to show you what the area is dealing with there is still active flames around here in a number of different locations around is a know that and nap 35 pa heading towards fairfield, an area actually where there are homes now being evacuated and of course over in santa rosa. that's not counting the other fires in northern, california. 15 all tolled, one burning in los angeles as well. we know that the damage here is significant. also, some unbelievable video came in, too. i want to show you guys.
4:36 am
this when the fire was jumping the 101 freeway and burning in northern santa rosa about 24 hours ago, there was an evacuation that took place, i know of at least one hospital that called for structural protection. but, also, the kaiser hospital in santa rosa evacuated some patients. and you see this video of a man, it looks like being evacuated by nurses and doctors and you can see the flames and smoke around him as they wheel him down the street. i mean, it was unbelievable. guys. and these fires continue to burn hot and they continue to threaten thousands of homes. back to you guys. steve: so, adam, where did they take that guy on the gurney? >> to other hospitals to the south in more ren county about 30 minute drive. when i drove in yesterday morning i sign a ambulances 8 of them heading south northern part of napa valley heading out of the valley conceivably going to some other city to our south. ainsley: what about some of the people watching that have trips planned is it a
4:37 am
ghost town. >> right now it's closed down. they have no power. the southern part of the county got power late last night. there are thousands of people that live here. you add in the wine industry. this is the busiest time year, restaurants, wineries packed because it's harvest time. and then on top of that you have wineries themselves who are harvesting right now. the grapes are sitting out there on the vine, we are talking about 16 to $20,000 per acre just sitting there. steve: this is personal to you, adam, because folks may or may not know your family has been in the wine business for a very long time. your father's house was in peril yesterday wasn't it or is right now? >> still kind of is. in fact, all the homes -- can you see the winery behind me building. this is vineyards i grew up literally down at the bottom of the hill. used to have parties in the summertime. that's what's left of the winery. couple other wineries burned as well. my dad's home just as the crow flies 100 yards down
4:38 am
the hill. neighbor's homes there burned there are still embers. while they are out of the serious threat. i'm going down between live shots and actually throwing dirt on embers to make sure it stays down, guys. brian: do you know what caused this? >> they don't know. but whether you have 15 major fires a lot of speculation. but at this hour still no cause and still no containment numbers. we hope to have some of that after sun up. steve: it would help if the rain was on the way but it is not. ainsley: thank you, adam. i wonder how this will effect the wine that we all drink? i mean are some of these vineyards not going to be able to make wine anymore? at least for the next year? steve: it's a good question about if the grapes are burned off do they come back the next year or are they dormant? that's a question for a horticulturalist, somebody in that business. time now 22 minutes before the top of the hour for news. jillian: it's sad people will lose homes and businesses and some people will lose both. that's everything. we will definitely keep you posted on this story.
4:39 am
for now here is another story that we want to let you know about. black identity extremists now considered a domestic terror threat by the fbi viewer releasing a explosive new report claiming police officers are being targeted by people who perceive variable injustices. the fbi says the 2014 shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, sponsored the athletic against cops. brown's death sparking via length riots acros aacross the country. hillary clinton alleged shament against women from hollywood. big time producer is not only clinton's friend but also a wealthy campaign donor. now the pressure is mounting for her to speak out. >> if you really stand for what you say you do, if you stand for women's rights, if you are champions of women, give his money back. where is hillary clinton? where is she standing on this issue? she has been silent. her silence is deafening. jillian: weinstein donated more than $41,000 to clinton's failed presidential run. brand new video shows a
4:40 am
reckless driver ignoring a school bus signal nearly killing a young girl. watch. [car horn] jillian: pickup truck just missing the 11-year-old when the bus driver blasts his horn likely saving the girl's life. it happened last december. but minnesota police are now releasing it as a reminder to drivers. the truck driver was arrested. okay. you have to see this. the family of black bears raiding a pizza shop. why wouldn't you? the momma bear and her two cubs caught on surveillance sneaking into the colorado pizzeria after breaking through a window. the bear is eating several trays of do dough and salami before heading out. it is now open for business. i wonder what type of pizza, what toppings? what were they going for? ainsley: something with honey.
4:41 am
steve: i was at boy scout camp with my son many, many years ago. they said whatever do you don't have any food in your tent because they will come and eat any food. and one of the dads and kids in the next door tent a dozen dunkin' donuts. the bear came. they got a wooden spoon. jillian: we went camping as a kid and some people would ty it up and raise it up a tree branch so that way use a rope. ainsley: i hate to tell them bears can climb trees. brian: reluctantly. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. we know he has mastered the art of the deal. >> i am a dealmaker. and that's what the country needs is a dealmaker. >> i do a lot of business with the chinese. i have made great deals. >> i just want great deals. brian: what can we learn from the man who went from trump tower to the white house? an inside look on how the president did it next. steve: remember the coal minor who confronted hillary clinton on the campaign trail? what does he think now that the president has declared
4:42 am
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4:45 am
to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. no early morning tweet can make that right. the trump tax plan is just bad for america. ♪ ainsley: we know the president has mastered the art of the deal. >> i am a dealmaker. and that's what the country needs is a dealmaker. >> i do a lot of business with the chinese. i have made some great deals. >> i just want great deals. ainsley: all right. so what can we learn from the man who went from business, a business mogul to commander-in-chief. a new book is out today. it's called the art of the donald. and it aims to answer just that the author and the editor in chief of the daily caller news foundation christopher bedford joins us now. hey, christopher. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, congratulations on the book. >> thank you. ainsley: what inspired you. >> people around you. journalists from d.c. los angeles really predictable anything coming from donald trump. they weren't the first.
4:46 am
business leaders and politicians in new york and republican leaders and the national leaders do as he will with. they don't ever give him the due credit for the wins he has. he has always under estimated. off dismissed and he typically kicks their butts. now he has risk to be president of the united states. a very wealthy guy with a great family. he is probably the most famous person in the world because a long-time goal of his. i think if these journalists took him a little bit more seriously, then maybe the american people will take them more seriously and they wouldn't all be going to bankrupt. ainsley: i know the campaign trail you met him several times. >> he had dinner at the table next to us. he come in. in was the first time met him. walked into the steak house tucker carlson and couple daily caller. are there going to be. >> no way would someone be caught in here when trying to campaign in new hampshire. they have to go to the diners. secret service started coming. in i wonder we got hillary clinton on this one. then when donald trump walks in. no one was surprised. of course, is he a steak
4:47 am
house populist. is he comfortable in his own skin, one. it wasn't a story of him being comfortable in his own skin. and he waked right up to us. he grabbed one of our reporters by the shoulders. talking about how he knew him and how great he was. he was shaking everyone's hands. unlike most of the politicians meeting in new hampshire and iowa rush right by unless there is a camera nearby. he was incredibly warm. took pictures with the guys. sitting around there the next morning we were at the diner early "fox & friends" peter doocy and tucker carlson. steve doocy, excuse me. they were all hanging out and trump was winning. trump came through answered lit up the crowd. henning hung out for hour and a half. other two politicians snuck in the back door and left through the back door with their own protection. trump was hanging out eating pancakes for the next hour and a half. ainsley: what can relearn from him as americans what are the lessons. >> a lot of battles he fights are on higher levels than most of will fight.
4:48 am
we are not used to going up against billionaires or political parties or north korea. he has recognized whe it seems like the playing field is not level. you cannot follow the old rules. have you omake up your new rules. if it came down to the way traditional went most money, most ground work and tv commercials was going to win. that would mean we would have jeb bush or hillary clinton. he threw out the rule book and fired consultants and ran campaign own style the way he had been doing it when he moved from the outer burrows to manhattan. with that he beat out the competition and president. ainsley: a lot of it was free social media. >> yeah. ainsley: i wish you the best of with your new book the art of the donald. we like that title. thank you. congratulations on this day. >> thank you. ainsley: remember when a laid off coal worker confronted hillary clinton on the campaign trail? watch this. >> i want to know how you can say you are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend.
4:49 am
ainsley: well now that the e.p.a. has ended the war on coal, what does he think now? we are going to ask him live next. and twitter claims to give information without barriers. so why did it conservative senate candidates add laura ingraham. first on this day good vibrations by marky mark and the bunky bunch number one on the charon the top of the ch. that will take you back. you always pay
4:50 am
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ steve: remember when that laid off coal worker confronted hillary clinton during the campaign? >> when you make comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of
4:53 am
jobs, these are the kind of people that you are affecting. this is my family. that's my future. i just want to know how you can say you are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend. brian: okay. well yesterday the trump administration kept another campaign promise because hillary clinton didn't win, even though no one told her yet, to end the war on coal and help american families like bo copley how just saw in that video. ainsley: how does bo feel now he? joins us live via skype. is he also running for senate? west virginia. we are seeing video right there. we just saw video of scott pruitt saying that the war on coal is over. they are reviewing the power planrule on thursday. >> it goes to prove that donald trump is doing what he said he was going to do on the campaign trail. is he trying his best to make sure that the people of west virginia aren't
4:54 am
forgotten and he is trying to help revitalize our industry that was devastated in the previous administration. steve: sure. i have seen the president go out to west virginia and talk to y'all. have you seen any evidence on the ground yet, bo, that there saturn around in the coal industry? >> absolutely. we have seen several different coal companies advertise for more workers to come on board. people trying to rehire. the little nuisances that we once thought were nuisances, being behind 18 wheelers hauling our product or being caught behind coal trains, we got kind of used to them not being on the road and not being on the tracks anymore. and now that we are getting hung up behind them again, people don't seem to mind as much as we did before. brian: exactly. this is from the sierra club. scott pruitt and go down in
4:55 am
infannie. what do you feel about the sierra club's statement? >> i think they are overlooking the communities in west virginia. we felt like the previous administration had that same effect on our entire state and we feel like the communities here are finally having our voice heard and say you guys do matter and what you do matters and we're extremely grateful for the president and for mr. pruitt. ainsley: bo, we're never forget when you passed that picture to hillary clinton and you said this is the family, we are americans, we are real people and when you say you are going to take us out of work, hundreds of people are affected and here is my family. we talked about it all the time during the campaign because it was really effective. how did you go from that table right there to running for senate? >> well a few days after we met her, we were able to attend the trump rally in charleston, west virginia. and one of the things that
4:56 am
really resonated for us was everyone that we ran into that day stopped to shake our hands or to -- several people wanted to take a picture with me and said, you know, you didn't just represent coal, you represented us. you represented our entire state. and everyone said, you know, thank you for the way you handled yourself, that you stood up to her but you did it respectfully. and it just kind of gave us a thought that this was something we could do. brian: right. >> long-term. steve: bo, 10-second answer. you are running for joe manchin's seat. why does he have to go? >> well, he was sitting at that table, two people away from hillary clinton telling us how great a president she was going to be for our say and it just shows the disconnect that he has from the people in this state. brian: yeah. bo, best of luck. thanks so much for joining us today, which was a big day for west virginia yesterday. thanks so much. ainsley: bo copley. >> thanks for having me.
4:57 am
ainsley: still ahead more of our exclusive interview with ivana trump cliewpgd what the president is like as a dad and a message to his critics. steve: plus laura ingraham has big news. she is live in about two minutes.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
brian: democrats could hit a wall on daca. they claim they want to protect dreamers. but could their hatred for the president trump their love for the daca kids? >> i think the democrats would rather have a controversy than have a actual solution. >> the timeline associated with the original shot has changed. >> the guard came upon the shooter six minutes before he started shooting. >> 100 are missing as wildfires rip through california. >> that's my neighborhood. in flames. >> espn has suspended jamel hill for two weeks after she slammed cowboys owner jerry jones on twitter. >> i thought planned parenthood. >> twitter just censored that
5:01 am
ad from republican congresswoman blackburne. >> translate a message she would like to deliver, so we're not going to post it. >> did you imagine one day he could be president of the united states. he could one day be one of the wealthiest men in the country. >> never could i imagine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: i love that song. steve: live from the mezzanine level. hi, everybody. welcome. >> a homeless person out there and a couple of protesters. brian: he put them all in expensive hotels. it worked really good.
5:02 am
steve: we don't have any protest. what are you talking about. >> i'm joking. i'm joking. steve: actually, there's going to be a rally over at espn i heard today at noon. laura ingram, remember her. she's also going to have the new 10:00 p.m. show called the ingram angle. >> launch day. i thought it was important to explain to people why donald trump got elected because he's a celebrity, had money, or hillary is a bad conservative. the reason he won is because conservative populism wins. and going back to the days when i forked president reagan all the way up to the mitt romney attempt through 2012 and everywhere in between, the populist resting is real. it's working. the working class is tired of being kicked to the curb. so it's tired to telling that story and a lot of the
5:03 am
personal antidotes along the way. how i blame a believer and growing up as a working class kid. and depending on how you look at it, it doesn't matter how much success you have. it's whether you know where you came from, and i do. brian: i've totally forgotten. i need to -- >> don't you work so many hours? i was going back to my hotel. and i was, like, who's that guy? and raymond rose is, like, that's kilmeade. i'll see you in a few hours. brian: yeah, you had dinner with. >> bannon. brian: yeah, bannon and hannity. >> i was, like, don't try to across the street. brian: went back to the house. >> exactly. brian: real quarterbacking i, just about you in particular, when did you realize that president trump would be a good president? because it was a good peeled. you know almost every candidate, personally. when did you think that this guy was it? >> when he refused to
5:04 am
apologize. they say, well, i understand your concerns. i didn't really mean that. trump said, you know, something? i'm not perfect. i'm not a politician. he is brash. but the believes maybe it's time we need kind of a wrecking ball to go in and kind of remake politics. and from the buchanan brigades in 1992. remember pitchfork for work hats? to the nicksons all the way up to george bush saying he's going to have a humble foreign policy. there was a populist strange through many candidates, and trump really embodied that. >> the one thing earlier loves was the wall. who's going to pay for it? mexico, mexico. so now he has come out with this immigration plan. 70 points, he says he wants at the top of the list is the wall. known as pelosi has said absolutely not. it's my way or the highway, basically. here's her quote. there's nothing in it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as americans.
5:05 am
right now, we're going to get republicans to me vote on what we believe. >> the reason i put the word barricade in the title of this book is trump has to clear a lot in order to be successful. he smokes a lot of people out. why is he doing this? why is he taking bob corker? we know where corker stands now. he wasn't for the trump agenda. probably never was. when nancy pelosi says i believe in border enforcement. of course i believe in certain immigration controls and don't believe in a quarter. what he did with that 90-point plan, was he held up a mirror to a lot of establishment republicans and said, look, i'm really to work with you on the dreamers. but we have to put the american citizen first. that's what that does. so you can't just say we're going to legalize everybody, keep bringing everybody in. he says whoa, whoa, on whoa. this has to work for the american middle class that has been hammered because of globalization. so that's why he he wants a lot of people because he
5:06 am
doesn't play the parlor games of washington. he just doesn't do it. steve: tell us one thing about washington right now. >> he thinks it's the time that the gop establishment either get onboard with the trump agenda or move on. a lot of these senators are good people, personally. cock rin, lamar alexander, john mccain, they're pushing 80 years old. that's okay. that's fine. but it's time for a new generation of conservative and thinkers to come forward who connect with the upset and the concern of the regular working person in the united states. when you're in washington for decades, and your whole life is shuttling between think tank and fundraiser and lobbyist, you lose touch with the people. sometimes you laz touch from where you came. and i think it's time for a lot of these people just to move on. they clearly don't understand that you can't campaign on repealing obamacare and then ten months later say, oh, that
5:07 am
was just too hard. you can't do that civility steve bannon concerned about running for candidates blowing it up for democrats? >> well, i think donald trump tried to work a lot of these republicans. and in good faith. gave them a wide birth to get obamacare repeal. you can't just say he has to take on the old dinosaur. they also have to have some experience that's relative to politics. >> let's talk a little bit about something that has been gotten political, and that is espn. a couple of weeks ago, a host there by the name ofia meal hill, she got suspended yesterday because he was promoting a boycott of the sponsors of the dallas cowboys. the president has already been tweeting out about this. what do you make of what's going on over there? >> well, she doesn't
5:08 am
understand that private enterprise controls speech. >> i can't understand. >> that's a good one. ainsley: you would think after 20 years on the show, he would turn his computer off. >> it was a late night for kilmeade. brian: that's the voice in my head. >> no. no. think about this. you can't as a flight attendant wear political buttons on your uniform. you can't say anything. if you're annoyed by someone, you can't respond. steve: well, you can. you do have the freedom of speech. but if you're forking somebody -- >> so in the public forum, all of these people can do everything they want. and i celebrate their rights. but she just echoes what the investigate all about right now. it's about left speech for them and more -- less speech for their critics and less speech for them. so she wants to keep the rates thing going, jerry jones cares about the football game being
5:09 am
athletic. it's not politics. it's athletic. all they have is race and the grievance culture, and told me going to keep going back to that. brian: as soon as he realizes where bristol is, he's going to turn around. >> yeah. that's a nightmare going up the 84 and the 91. brian: which he loses steam getting there. mike who never loses steam weighed in. >> i think you have to be colorblind in this country. you have to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for and how he produces. all of a sudden it has become a big newally deal now. there are has been no impression in the last 100 years that i know of. i don't care who you are, how much money you make. if you don't respect our country, then you shouldn't be in this country playing football. go to another country and play football. if you can't respect the flag and the country, then whether to respect what this is all about. so i would say bye. >> that certaintiment has gone
5:10 am
unrepresented in washington. everyone is so afraid to say what he just said. this is the greatest country on the face of the earth. we're not perfect. we've had our dark periods. every country has done more. we've done more to liberate the oppressed and help people in country than any country in the history of the planet. and we're going to take a knee? i have a question for al sharpton and all of these other critics. are we going to have aaffirmative action for all of the nfl players? i think we've given opportunity to really talented players. and, to me, that's something to celebrate. >> the players are part of this. they get 55% of the revenue from the league. so they're in this business together. they're calling each other, meeting with players and leaders in the locker room, they're saying, well, what are you doing sunday? you know? are you standing, sitting, or kneeling? meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about your book in the big picture. so when steve bannon left the white house, he said basically
5:11 am
the trump administration is over, the original charter. does he feel differently now. >> i think he -- you know, i'm not going to speak for him. bohenek ends that to have a winning agenda, you have to touch the heart of the working class person in this country. reagan understood it in 1980. that's why he got all of those reagan democrats in the south and the midwest to turn out and switch conspirators. that sentiment is still there. i'm not saying it's as many people as there was in 1988. but that sentiment is there, and it's strong. we tried the establishment republican things. it hasn't tried since 2004 nationally. the bush gop is over. they might not it yet, but it's over. it doesn't mean you don't work with them on certain issues. but that era is gone. and i think trump is a lot closer to reagan on his trade, working class than the bush. and everybody would be to bush. and all of these americans on capitol hill thwarting him.
5:12 am
and he's smoking them all out. this is all transparent now. we know where everybody stands. where all the cards are on the table. republicans complained on repealing obamacare. trump worked with them. said you guys do it. you guys handle it. you're the experts. and the so-called experts could not get it done. ainsley: i want to ask you about marsha blackburne, she's running for senate, and she put together a campaign video talking about number one video is selling baby ports. >> yeah. they were exposed for doing that. >> she talked about it and then twitter decided it would be too -- we have a clip of the ad. let's listen: >> i'm 100% pro-life. i fought planned parenthood, and we stopped the sell of baby body parts. thank god. >> too inflammatory, twitter says, and they took it down. >> well, the left really never wanted to talk about what abortion is.
5:13 am
it's very uncomfortable. sure is. and the procedure of partial birth abortion, what it is, what happens to innocent life. so it's nice to hear about all of these democrats talk about we need to be nicer to each other and more compassionate, and this is all about respecting life. but when you really talk about what it is, they want to just say, oh, no, it's women's reproductive health. no, there's a human life involved. and good for marsha blackburne. >> she wants a replacement. >> for bob corker. yeah. well, there will be a lot of people running and marsha will get someone with a strong reign. congresswoman, she wants to take corker's seat. again, in virginia, they have to smell the coffee. where is the coffee here? >> all right. check out her brand-new book. it comes out today. billionaire from the populist revolution from reagan to trump who she's covering right now. >> thanks, guys. see you. get some sleep. brian: yeah. coming up straight ahead 13 minutes after the hour.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
steve: well, as it turns out what we were told last week
5:18 am
what happened in las vegas was not accurate. now the sheriff has come out, and he made it very clear. about 10 or 15 minutes before the gunman started shooting, there was a report up on the 32nd floor that a door was open. so they sent a security guard up there, and a security guard went seen on those surveillance cameras on the room service cart by the shooter, the shooter figures the guy's coming after me, pumps 200 rounds into the door, shoots the guy in the leg. but here's the thing. this happened six minutes before the guy started shooting the people at the concert. and he did not tell the police for 20 minutes where the guy was. >> yeah, so the question is why didn't police respond to that? and then you're wondering. and then maybe it could have prevented all of this from happening. but i think they were doing the best they could. this is what the sheriff joe, who we've heard rave reviews about. this is what he said yesterday. >> the timeline on which
5:19 am
mr. campos was shot changed through the message that i have conveyed to you from the very beginning in your quest for information and ensuring safety and calming of mind, some things are going to change. now, they are minute changes. there is not this all encampussing answer associated with the information that we presented before. in other words, it's not completely inaccurate. but what we have learned is that mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. brian: he also said, you know, we know about the note with calculations. they also said he was actually shooting at the tanks and that might play a role into why he had some equipment to leave. there might be a blast or fire retardant. he had an escape plan. maybe when he realized some of us somebody in the hall, he opened up the fire and eventually killed himself. we'll see what exactly
5:20 am
happened. we first thought that he was firing until the security guard came in. now we find out he didn't start firing until after the security guard discovered him. and, by the way, that thing that brought the security guard to the 32nd floor, just happenstance. he wasn't up there because he heard anything about the shooter. steve: exactly. just think about it. had police been able to respond earlier, they might have been able to intervene earlier. also, they went to the 31st floor because they thought that was where he was from the reports on the ground, had they spoken to the security guys, they would have known it was the 32nd floor. ainsley: also told us that he was operating without a partner. started drilling a hole next to his sweet. evidence of medications were found, and they did return a lot of the personal items. 99 people had came to pick up items at the concert, and they fled, and they weren't able to get them until yesterday. steve: and we still don't know why. ainsley: coming up next, more with our exclusive cable
5:21 am
interview with ivanka trump, including what the president is like as a dad and her message to critics. give up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> we are back with a fox news alert. new video of a texas tech student in handcuffs accused of cagle i campus employer. 19-year-old taken to the police station after doctoring were reportedly found in his room. after cops say he pulled out a gun and shot an unidentified officer in the head. daniels then took off sending the campus into lock down for more than an hour. also breaking right now. more than 100 people are missing as wildfires rip through california. the flames forcing tens of thousands from their homes,
5:25 am
leaving neighborhoods in ruins. adam will be live in just a few minutes. and a live look in outer space where astronauts are working on the international space station. today, they'll install new high definition cameras. brian. brian: all right. earlier, you saw part of ainsley's interview, jill an, with ivanka trump, the first wife of the president where they learned more about their relationship. she's still walking. steve: that's right. she is opening up in a new book called raising trump. ainsley: and i did get to talk with her about what the president is like, their children together, and their businesses. take a look. >> when i read the title at first, i thought you meant you had raised president trump, help get him into the white house. do you feel a responsibility for him becoming the president of the united states? >> in a way, yes. because we work together for 16 years, and we -- but most of it, we did business. and now he's in the white house, and he has decisions to
5:26 am
make and all of that stuff. and he's going to do well for the country. ainsley: it's nice to see a strong woman be so successful. i know you made tens of millions of dollars with your clothing and your perfect assume and your jewelry. i know you had three best-sellers. you ran the trump hotel, the casino, what gave you your business mind? >> i think i learned it from donald. me and donald were a great team. >> what do you say to the critics and the media outlets who attack him constantly? they say he was racist, so many things about him that are negative. >> i think donald is a good man, and he is trying to do the best he can. and he's going to run the country as his business. he will negotiate. once america has good jobs, once america has infrastructure, once that is done, then we can go and help all the rest of the world. ainsley: there's a chapter in the book called lion mom. you talk about your personality and talk about being the lion mom and how washington is so tough and how
5:27 am
washington hasn't been so nice to your family. how do you respond to that? >> well, you know, if somebody's not nice to my family, i'm not nice to them. you know, i would not go give interview to cnn if my life would depend on it because they are so bad to donald. i would not give interview to new york times because they sue me last august. they wanted to reopen my divorce documents. and i said i'm sorry. i'm not running for president of the united states. ainsley: tell me about your children and what it was like to raise them. >> donald was always behind a telephone. he was not a classic father that you take on a walk in central park or play soccer with you or something like that, you know? he was always working. >> did you resent him for that? >> no. not at all. because i was also working, and i got divorced, the kids were 6, 8, and 12, and i had total custody, which was the best thing that ever happened because there can only be one chef in the kitchen. so i made a decision on the education, i make a decision on their activities.
5:28 am
my friends, their children, they're out of their mine. they're on cocaine, they're on drugs, they spend their money. my kids, they had a discipline. okay? and i would give them schedule. they would go, and they would get up at 7:00, they would go to school at 8:00. after school, they went -- donald's on the telephone, negotiates. so the kids are listening to him. and then they would have thousands of after school activities. i would take the kids to europe for two months. june and july. and they would fly economy, and i would fly first class, you know? and ivanka said can i be upgraded? i said when you can afford it, you get upgraded. and they were working from 9:00 to 5:00 cutting the grass in our golf courses, and they were making 4- $5 an hour,
5:29 am
9:00 to 5:00 for a month. and came to us and said why can you not raise us from $5 to $6? and i said you know why? and i said why? i said because you did not ask. and they know value of money. steve: a billionaire money still have to cut grass for 5 bucks an hour. ainsley: yeah, she taught them to have a strong work ethic, she said she did have full custody of the kids, but she really respected president trump or then donald trump. but she would take the kids to go see them in the morning in the office, after school, she would drop by the office again, she could say, hey, to dad. dad took all their phone calls. the mainstream media saying she was saying joking around on set saying that she was the first, first lady. she does write in the book that she was the first mrs. donald trump, but they never said that she wished she -- she said i don't want to be in melania's louies.
5:30 am
i have a lot of them in my closet, but i don't want to be in hers. every time the mainstream media tried to spin a story, she texted melania and said, look, i never said any of that. i'm really sorry. i hope we can remain civil all the time and remain friends. steve: i guess he's not going on cnn. ainsley: i guess not. she doesn't like them. she was lovely. strong woman and said positive things. the only person she spoke negatively of was marla maples. she called her a showgirl. i have some was she a showgirl? >> she was on dancing with the stars, and she was asked to do it and offered a lot of money, and she refuses to do it. brian: meanwhile, we all know what hillary clinton has been up to lately. she's on the longest book tour of all time. but the real question is where is bill?
5:31 am
steve: yeah, where is bill? and what does hall of fame quarterback jo joe nameeth think about the protest? ladies and gentlemen, joe my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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5:34 am
>> i think the nfl totally misjudges who its audience is. i think the nfl are like many corporations in this country who have fallen prey to the media that they see every day. and if they believe that the heart of america is on the left and that traditional
5:35 am
american virtues are now in the minority and that we are an advanced hipper culture, i think they largely believe this. and they're mistaken about it. like, the democratic party believes it's own poll. brian: that was rush limbaugh commentator. to our media left is hall of famer joe namath. welcome back to the curvy couch. >> thank you, brian. great to see you all again. brian: you have a ct situation, which we'll talk about, and you also have the situation of national patriotism, which started out as a representative of racial injustice in this country. do you think this is a crisis time for the nfl? >> i'm not sure it's a crisis time. i don't think the sport's ever going to go away. i think there's been somewhat of disappointment with a lot of folks and how our country's been looked at. how our flag has been treated
5:36 am
with respect. but going back to what colin kaepernick initially did, it was to point out some injustice that has been done to the black race or to people that obviously when you look and i say obviously. some of these dash cams and shootings that were done to unarmed people. he was reaching out to try to get it more investigated. so that's where the suppression thing comes in. but i don't understand the nfl owners. i mean, here we're working. if somebody walks across here with a sign right now protesting. excuse me? you're going to let him do that? brian: nope. >> no. well, initially when that took place, that's the nfl ownership. they own the theater at the time. they own the stage. are you going to allow protests out there? they don't allow players to wear different signs on their shoes. you know what? that's because they've been told to but no one told colin
5:37 am
kaepernick prior to that that they had to. we just assumed it was the right thing to do. it's always been the right thing to do to live in this great country. thank the good lord. steve: and that is something that president trump was channeling a couple of weeks ago when he was out at that rally and was talking about, you know, these guys don't stand. jerry jones said over the weekend that if you're going to play for the dallas cowboys, you've got to stand, or you're not going to play. >> you know, even taking a knee, eric reed, player with the 49ers said a sign of respect. take a knee. when you meet the pope or the queen or somebody, show a sign of submission to an extent for respect. it was done out of some respect for the flag. but you know what? we need more respect for the flag. brian: so you think the nfl should step up, the commissioner should step up and say this is it? tell the union. how do you get out of this, joe? >> we have a right. this is america.
5:38 am
liberty. a lot of freedoms. ownership has ownership. but, again, if somebody starts walking through here carrying a sign, what is fox going to say to you? excuse me. go do that somewhere else. not in the workplace. ainsley: what if the whole team took a knee before the national anthem. would you participate? >> i'm not there. but i've never walked in a black man's shoes either. and i don't know. over the years when you look around it, hey, some of the things you see that have been done, are they fair? life's not fair. children are born with handicaps. life'snot fair. but if we can get some things straightened out, we need to work on it. steve: well, it certainly has started a national dialogue. i mean, all the way from the president on to broadway joe talking about it. and you're talking from your heart because you would like to see something done. >> it's a national dialogue more on the flag on our national -- and patriotism.
5:39 am
but the oppression or the unjust treatment of others has fallen in the background here. we haven't heard that part. ainsley: so you disagree with mike ditka. because he says there hasn't been oppression in the last 100 years. >> well, look up the meaning of oppression. look up the definition of oppression, and you understand that it's obviously taken place. steve: uh-huh. right. brian: joe, there's another thing. if you're looking at the nfl, kids are playing less football and parents of football players because of the head injury saying are saying i don't want my kid doing that. even former quarterbacks are saying that. so what do you say -- are you concerned about the game? because i know one of the reasons you're here, not only to meet ainsley and also about football. >> yes. i've -- i'm part of a neurological research, namath neurological research. we're trying to help people
5:40 am
with brain injuries down in florida get treatment. i experienced the treatment between 2012 and 2013 where i had the left side of my brain, many of the cells weren't getting the blood flow. they were dark. they weren't functioning. i went through 120 oxygen treatments, hyper baric dives. they gradually came back. and as of march, i had a brain scan and the brain is beautiful. it's functioning. i've seen people go through our study at the jupiter medical center that couldn't lift arm, couldn't communicate with their parents, they're out in the workforce now. to see these people actually get better is such a joy. ainsley: were you hit a lot on the left side? >> the backside, the right side, the front side. if you're talking about that sport. the sport's not going to go away. it's a great sport. we're always going to want to watch it. i would love to watch it. it's tough, man. it's good. it's violent.
5:41 am
and that has that sex appeal that those tight pants that those guys wear out there. so that's not going away. brian: and that's the tight pants. one of the things that is really a no-brainer. but in the big picture, do you feel as though that is the pathway to people in their '50s and '60s who plays this sport who might be failing? >> brian, it's not just about football players as sports. kids fall off bicycles every day. people fall down and trip. the military guys coming back for more. it happens to everyday people. more than 2 million are walking around out there who can't get treatment by traumatic injuries because they're not recognized by the insurance industry or anyone. that's why we're doing the study for the fda. brian: all right. so tell us how to support what you're doing. you're here for a fund-raiser. >> just go to and, yes, we're here for the fundraiser tonight.
5:42 am
we've been here in new york and the folks have stood up and helped us big time. we need to raise money to put these people through the study. 100 studies we need to get done. steve: well, that sounds like great work. very promising. joe, thank you very much. brian: how's the arm? >> it's not as good as it used to be. [laughter] brian: all right. joe namath, great to see you you. steve: meanwhile, we have a fox news alert. california wine country is on fire. entire neighborhoods and vineyards in flame. our own adam how'sly used social media to help save his father's house. he joins us live with his dad. next. brian: plus, democrats are calling house minority leader nancy pelosi to step down. should she? he joins us to react. just ahead. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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5:46 am
fire. at least 11 people dead. 100 are missing. ainsley: the flames are out of control incinerating entire neighborhoods, turning houses and businesses into literally piles of ashes. adam how'sly joins us now from his hometown napa, california with his father. adam. steve: can you hear us, adam? i'm thinking he's having a little problem with the audio, as you can well understand, adam was talking earlier. there's a problem with the power out there. the grid is down and cell phone is spotty. ainsley: well, 11 people have died. he grew up in that area. his brother lives across the street. they both said they tried to put the flames out, and they got help from social media. steve: right. exactly. and, in fact, the location where adam and his father are standing is just about 100 yards from the house that adam's father lives in.
5:47 am
and thanks to social media, they were able to put the word out and people from high school came with shovels and helped save the family house. ainsley: all right. i think we have adam now. adam, are you there with your dad? >> yeah. i got you guys loud and clear now. we obviously technical up here with all the fires and stuff. technical stuff can be a little bit difficult. how are you guys doing? steve: go ahead. tell us about -- tell us your dad's story? >> so basically what happens is we were up here harvesting on friday. i flew up to los angeles and then what? 10:00 on sunday nature, i got a phone call 10:30 you guys were evacuating. you didn't evacuate, obviously. my mom got out, my sister-in-law got out from their house across the street, and they were talking about the flames blowing across the roadway. what did you see? >> flames everywhere. >> you mentioned the backyard, you had flames basically blowing through the backyard? >> yeah. cut into the landscaping, and it was just going sideways, and, i mean,
5:48 am
trees that were 20, 30 feet tall were all being torched and what have you. >> so you had hoses. how did you fight this thing until we got here? >> we have a really good well in our place, so we had me and three of my buddies showed up, and we all hosed it down. >> and then when the power went out, that was interesting, guys. the power went out, when i was on my way up here yesterday morning, and you sat down for the first couple of minutes and the first rest in about 36 hours, and you got up and the backyard was on fire again, and you put it out with dirt. >> buckets. a fountain in the front yard. we put a pump in the fountain and pumped the water back there and put it in the buckets and then through it in buckets. >> crazy, guys. to see how some of these homes were saved and what people could do, they did whatever they could to get the flames out. ainsley: yeah, you work your whole life to build that for your family, and you would do anything you can to try to save that. thank you so much, adam. tell your dad we wish him all the best.
5:49 am
steve: terrible. ainsley: hard to see. well, democrats take the president's deal on dreamers? or will their hatred of president trump their love for immigrants? we're going to ask democratic congressman tim ryan next. steve: but first, let's check in with bill, he's going to have the program in 11 minutes. >> a lot coming up from california. we know more about the massacre surrounding las vegas, and they are telling. plus, the head of immigration enforcement will make his case. is this administration making american streets safer? plus, newt gingrich and president trump's next move. communicating that message. and who is keeping harvey weinstein's political donations? we'll find out. sandra and i will see you ten minutes away, guys. top of the hour america's newsroom. it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
5:50 am
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5:53 am
brian: top democrats gearing up to play hardball with immigration. now nancy pelosi saying quote there's nothing in it to negotiate because it does not have shared values of who we are as americans. right now, we're going to get preps to vote on what we believe. okay. that's compromise. will they let their anger for the president actually overcome their passion for the dreamers? democratic aggression man tim ryan joins us right now to weigh in. congressman, first off. do you agree with nancy pelosi there's nothing to negotiate when it comes to the president's proposal on immigration? >> well, it's clearly the first coming from the president. it doesn't connect with -- sounds like anything he was saying a couple of weeks ago when he talked about negotiations. i think we've always got to keep the lines of communication open. this is a really important issue that i don't think we want to just let hang out there. but clearly, that was a pretty aggressive first volley by the
5:54 am
president that has a lot of nonstarters in it for a lot of us. so i hope that he recognizes that the democrats want to help solve this issue, we want to be firm on border security, but we also want to make sure we take care of these kids who did nothing wrong and are here in the united states. brian: well, exactly. there's about 800,000 they say of them and i know democrats are on the record of supporting border fence before president trump even ran for president. and more border security before that. so they edit in 300 something judges. they also want 10,000 more border patrol. do the numbers bother you? because you are for border enforcement. >> no. i think today, we have to have a secure border. i mean, democrats are for a secure border. i think that the decision, really, is whether or not we use the latest and greatest technology. we use sensors, we use the kind of information technology that we have today to do it. or do we build a big wall that's going to be a big boondoggle.
5:55 am
i think there's different ways of doing it. and if you look at drugs coming into the country, 90% of them come in through ports of entry on those long lines of cars we see. 90% of the drugs come in through there. a wall's not going to do anything for that. so if we focus on border security, and then figure out how to accommodate these young can kids that did nothing wrong, i think that's entirely doable if we sit down and talk to each other. brian: exactly. do you know what you just said? sit down and talk with each other. but nancy pelosi said there's nothing to talk about it. >> our leadership does a tremendous job, but i do think we have this real breath and depth of talent within our caucus, and i do think it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and i want to be a part of that transition. i want to see that happen. brian: do you agree with her? a new generation of leaders. you took on nancy pelosi in the last cycle. do you feel even more that way
5:56 am
now? >> well, let me first say what leader pelosi said and what president trump said on the issue of daca, these are a posturing, these are things we say in negotiations. first volley, second volley, how do we sit down and work this out? this is your side, this is our side. then you have to sit down and figure it out. and then we stick to our principles too on our side. i've been very, very clear with where i stood over a year ago in my own race for house leadership. but i do think we need to continue to get young voices out there. we're doing it more and more now, and i think it's appropriate for us to encourage young people to run for leadership positions and run for the senate and the governor positions. we need new, young leaders in the democratic party if we're going to be able to make back some of the losses we've had over the last eight or ten years. brian: and i imagine you consider yourself one of those young leaders. congressman, i always love having you go on. great to get your perspective. have a great day.
5:57 am
>> thank you. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment. that's our logo. with advanced safety. standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> tomorrow newt gingrich will be on. he has a new book and his wife has a new book. >> valerie bertinelli with us tomorrow. >> bill: breaking news happening now. stretching from northern to southern california where the fires have been deadly. in the north the state's wine country is up in flames with fires spreading rapidly overnight. at this time 10 people are dead, 100 are missing. good morning, everybody. serious situation. the sun has yet to come up out there as we say good morning and welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. 14 different fires have reportedly consumed 1500 homes and businesses. a news conference about to get underway on the canyon fire near orange county near los angeles. state of emergency declared in


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