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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 10, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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? we are back tomorrow at noon eastern, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: deadly wildfires tearing through california's famous wine country, let's go "outnumbered overtime." firefighters in an all-out effort to contain those raging flames and in napa county so fa far. at least 13 people have died in all of this. estimated 1500 homes, businesses destroyed. unexpected high winds from sunday into monday morning have now turned that already bad situation into worse. catching fire officials and people who live there off guard. >> i was trying to spray the backyard as fast as i could, i saw fire coming over the hill and i thought i had to get out of here. i will handle this the best i can for now and deal with the situation a couple of months down the road. as a community we will work through this, that's what you
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do. do. >> i am sure people of california that we will be working very closely with governor brown and california to see you through these challenging times. >> harris: let's get a report on the ground, live in santa rosa, california, . >> it's very hard to underestimate the extent of the damage but you get some idea looking around neighborhoods like this one. you can see, home after home has been completely obliterated by these flames. we are seeing the occasional shower stall still stands, burned out brick walls. a burned out shell of a car. you have to imagine when the flames tore through this area, people took one car and fled as fast as they could, these are the cars that are left that will help people identify where they
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live. beyond the wall to my right you see the power lines are all down as well and that is a big problem. crews are already out and about this morning working in this area to fix downed phone les. to get the power restored, until that happens no one will be allowed back into this area. wildfires are started sunday night, continue to burn across the state. more communities continue to be evacuated today. those wins can push these numbers are a quarter-mile away and start new fires, officials want to take every precaution. some of these wildfires are now blending together and officials have not yet issued any containment numbers at all. they should make some progress today thanks to cooler winds and cooler weather. >> conditions are more favorable at this point, giving firefighters an opportunity to contain these fires.
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we have a sheer volume of so many fires in such a large area that we are really prioritizing our resources for lives and property. >> speaking of property, take a look at this area. it was filled with single-family homes, take a look now, every one of these homes is gone. as you mentioned, the death toll stands at 13, you have to imagine all those victims were trapped by the flames, it is heartbreaking to think about the way those people died. as officials comb through more of the remote areas and do their damage assessments, they expect that number to rise. >> harris: you gave us a great side-by-side with what that neighborhood used to look like. some of that smoke is reaching as far east as the next state over, nevada and beyond. that is a tough situation we will continue to cover, thank you very much. >> harris: new developments in e deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history.
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they are now raising questions of the carnage and the massacre could have been reduced. las vegas police are now making a major change in their timeline of events, we've been trying to really understand it and getting more information in by the hour. they say stephen paddock shot a security guard 6 minutes before he opened fire on concertgoers 32 floors below his hotel suite. not after, which is what we were originally told. live in vegas with the latest on this investigation, this is huge and we are getting more details. >> it changes our idea of how this went down. we thought the shooting happened, the shooter going down and trying to shoot the people at the concert first and the security guard interrupted that and was fired upon, now we know that didn't happen that way, he was checking out what he heard
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was an alarm for a door. when he got up there in the hallway he heard what he thought was drilling sound. it's very possible he actually stopped the killer as he was continuing to prep for the attack and all of a sudden from the doorway bullets started to fly at him in the hallway and he was the first person injured in this massacre. the other big development yesterday after more than a week of examining every aspect of stephen paddock's life, they say there was not one single event that triggered this massacre. >> he immediately notified security of his situation. in close proximity of him being shot, there was a maintenance worker and he proves prevented him from receiving any injuries.
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>> fbi profilers have interviewed all e people clest to paddock a they believe the motive evolved "overtime," there was not a single event that triggered it. speak up in coordination with the fbi's behavioral analysis unit, the comprehensive picture is being drawn and currently we do not believe there is one particular event and the suspects life for us to key on. >> as for the victims, we know 50 are still hospitalized as of late yesterday afternoon, 25 still in critical condition and caesars entertainment has decided to try to help out the victims by raising $2 million from celebrities and celebrity chefs to be distributed to the many victims of this tragedy. >> harris: we have seen a lot of funds out there to help offset the cost of their health care. let me tell you, this timeline shift really makes you take a closer look. more to come on this i am sure.
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thank you very much. president trump is ready to take matters into his own hands when it comes to health care reform. he tweeted a -- the president did not specify exactly what he plans to do but on thursday he is expected to sign an executive order that will reportedly allow small businesses or other groups of people to band together to buy their insurance. let's bring in a fox news politics editor. always good to see you. during our first hour of "outnumbered" the president after he had met with henry kissinger, he alluded to the executive action he plans to take. let's watch thatnd i want to get your response. >> i will also be signing something this week which is going to go a long way to take care of many of the people who have been so badly hurt on health care. they will be able to buy, cross
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state lines, and they will get great, competitive health care and it will cost the united states nothing. take care of a big percentage of the people we are talking about. with congress the way it is i've decided to take it upon myself. >> harris: your thoughts? >> what we believe the president is going to do based on reports is that he is going to eliminate some of obamacare regulations that relate to what insurance policies must cover. the kind of care that must be covered under these policies and in so doing he will create and incentive in the insurance market he believes that will allow companies to offer bare-bones plans so people can band together and by these cheaper plans. that's good for those individuals. the concern among administrators are the sickest people and oldest people, who are most vulnerable who are left behind
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will be stuck with even higher premiums if they can get insurance at all. >> harris: it speaks to the complicated nature of health care, a second present is going to use his executive pen to try to change it. i want to remind everybody how many times president obama did that. it was where he pushed deadlines and made tweets, what does it say about congress when each of these presidents had a majority of their own party. >> this is atrociously, astonishingly complicated. doing it this way, one of the reasons the advocates for single payer have on their side is they can say look, it will be simple. instead of this concept when we going to squeeze -- at least it has the virtue of simplicity. the market based folks, getting
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from here to there is the hard part in the real challenges we are only a few weeks away from when the new rates come out for next year and we start to see how insurance companies are responding to all of this uncertainty and chaos that's going around her with this. who knows. >> harris: i will tell you what, what does this say about those congressional members who after seven years couldn't get it together and now their party's leader and our nation's president is going to go it alone and say i'm going to have to do some things on my own without the majority republicans in congress. >> republicans have to make a decision. are they going to see what happens on the other side of this and if obamacare is so broken it can function, their hands are for us. with the president is doing might help these people in the individual market but it brings
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us closer to the point where people on all sides say this doesn't work now. at are republicans and democrats going t do? there will be no evading blame for republicans with voters when you get to the end and people say my premiums went up, things got worse. people don't care about the promises is much as they care about the practical implications for their lives. >> harris: one part of the story is what happens if the president does nothing and he has said, very early on, we can let it implode, he's not going to do that. he is a person who can bring about the deal even if that deal has to be with himself and his pen, apparently. >> this will hurt obamacare, this will help those individuals that can go into those markets. >> harris: you can't just let it sit. >> we read in iowa they tried to fix their market in iowa and he reportedly told them not to allow them to fix it.
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we may be seeing efforts by the administration to actively, aggressively work to blow it up. >> harris: take the horse by the reins and steer it in a different direction. thank you very much. we are awaiting a white house press briefing right now. health care, tax reform, the nfl anthem controversy all some of the targets that me be asked about. we are expecting that to come about 30 minutes from now, we are watching from that. we are also going to be hearing about the meeting president trump had with dr. kissinger. did he talk about the current situation with tillerson and mattis? this comes as big decisions are pending on north korea and iran. >> the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or
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its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, balancing diplomacy with military might, president trump meeting at the white house with james mattis and tillerson amid the rising tensions with north korea. this the day after mattis warned that u.s. army "must stand ready in case diplomacy fails." president trump reportedly considering a visit to the demilitarized zone. back from "outnumbered" ," congressman ron desantis. while we were together last hou hour, the president met with dr. henry kissinger. you have been in this position to know what some of those
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confrontations conversations might be right. >> they have an awful lot to talk about. at the end of the day with north korea, how can you change the facts on the ground so we don't continue going in the direction we've gone for 25 years when the kim regime pursues nuclear capabilities that can be delivered to the united states and i think just as importantly can be transferred to a rogue state like iran and sold to them. that's what they've got to figure out, there are military and economic possibilities, cyber possibilities but the status quo is not going to work. >> harris: the one thing ambassador bolton told me on this very program is he was signed up for your 26 of the bad idea regime since it hasn't worked. you talk about facts on the ground, can you give me a couple we need to immediately change? >> whatever you can do to choke off money going to the regime,
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particularly through china, the more and more you do that the more difficult it is for kim jong un to operate. i think the more problems he ha has, it would make things that much easier. >> harris: talking about regime change, this country and its military have done in the past. are we ready for that? >> it's not necessarily going through our military. you can weaken him if he is hurting for cash and that can be exploited. if the government collapsed, it isn't like he's got a lot of popular consent behind him. >> harris: he is the younger of the two who have had the mantle, if you will. that share the name.
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his father had it, are we confident that even if we were to help this regime be knocked down that the next thing that pops up like a mushroom out of the ground is something that's going to be better? >> in this case i don't know if you could do any worse, there is always that fear but i think this is a brutal regime, the people are basically enslaved and have been for a decade after decade. i think anything that would happen would be an improvement. if you had a reunified peninsula under democratic rule, all of a sudden this major issue would go away. >> harris: decertification of around in the talks he is having right now with his secretaries of state and defense, where do you think this president is? what are we going to hear on thursday? >> i think he will decertify. he has to certify two things. one that iran is in compliance. they've exceeded number of advanced energies.
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but you also have to certify it's in the vital national security interest of the united states. he said it's one of the worst deals ever, i don't think it is in the vital security interest. i think it is not undermining our interest. but do we do next? >> harris: i love having you here so i can love asking you questions that i know others have to be talking about. that is with regard to the deal, do you feel like you got the whole story? >> it required of the obama administration to produce all deals. we never received of the deals with iran about the previous military dimensions and other aspects of the nuclear capabilities. some of the most important pieces of information you need to evaluate the deal. this thing has been a disaster
10:22 am
from the start. >> harris: the talk about the president pulling out of this deal is not accurate, correct? what is he going to do in terms of how it would look different, how it will feel different to those of uin america. >> the decertification is about u.s. domestic law. decertify hang puts us on the road to get out of the deal but remember, it was never ratified as a treaty. it is not binding u.s. law, the president could simply stop abiding by it tomorrow. once you decertify which i think you have to do, what sanctions, what other countries can we bring to bear, what other pressure can we bring to bear? we are going to have to do something. you remember the warm reception he got from the gulf states, they see donald trump a somebody who understands the threat by
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iran, it's not just people in congress that want to see more action, a lot of people around the world are worried about the iranian nuclear threat. >> harris: you consider the president's tweets right now, and the only thing he gave us according to one of the president's tweets was the iran deal and then you talk about putting this in the hands of congress, where should the american people feel their confidence should lie if this goes back to the body that spit this out. >> part of the reason the deal was so disastrous, you had president obama pushing for it. i think if president trump pushed for tougher sanctions i think the republicans would rally around that. i think you'd see some democrats who voted for the iran deal who have buyers remorse. >> harris: you don't have to name anybody but have you talked to anybody? >> the iran deal, obama lobbied that as hard as anything he did as president including obamacare. you don't have him there, i
10:24 am
think you may see some say look, we've got to try something new. >> harris: real quickly, could we see this president and any sort of executive action address this issue without congress? >> there are things he can do without congress for sure. but i think ultimately if you wanto haeal significant sanction, that would have to be approved by congress and we should do that. >> harris: representative desantis, thank you very much. we appreciate your time, thank you. we are awaiting the daily white house press briefing set to start in a matter of moments and one topic they could touch on is tax reform, something that affects everybody. wouldn't it be nice to do your taxes on a postcard? president trump's sit trip to pennsylvania is set for tomorro tomorrow. a former economic advisor to president reagan joins us next
10:25 am
to give us a take on his proposal. he likes it, he is going to tell us why. >> by lowering everyone's tax rates, each of us will have a greater incentive to climb higher, to excel, to help america grow. stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> harris: we are now within 15 minute window or so of the white house press briefing set to start at any moment. you see the media pulling into place, the last most activity e seen in the last couple of minutes. they are set to go at the top of the hour. as press secretary sarah standards and steps to the left turn we will take you there live. a couple things you ow from our conversation moments ago with congressman desantis of florida, iran, north korea, these bigger issues coming up and coming to a head of this
10:30 am
week with the deadline for the president on decertification of the iran deal that was such a legacy point for the last president, that many people said we don't know all of what's in it, we don't know how committed we are and whether we need to go forward with it. his tweets early today on health care, you've got people getting ready for their new enrollment. back in november for obamacare, parts of it simply falling away and prices skyrocketing in this president getting ready to take executive action with his pen and talking about that earlier. all of this in the last 90 minutes or so as we gear up to a live press briefing from the white house, we will take you there live when it happens. president trump is heading to pennsylvania for tomorrow to make his case for the tax reform plan which calls for lower rates for businesses, fewer income tax rates for individuals in a much larger standard in child tax credit. the president giving us a preview 45 minutes ago, watch
10:31 am
this. >> we are the highest tax nation in the world, people want to see massive tax cuts, i'm giving the largest tax cuts in the history of this country. in addition to that there will be reform. i think it's very positive, the people of the country want it, we are also bringing back $3 trillion from offshore, it's money that's been there from years that wants to come back into the country but the tax situation didn't allow it to happen and the bureaucracy. >> harris: an opportunity to go deep on this issue, the founder and chairman of laffer associates. you know a bit about getting tax legislation passed and seeing how it wears on the american people and getting that response back, great to have you, thank you for being here. >> congratulations on the show, by the way. >> harris: thank you very much, i am super excited and thrilled to be talking about these big issues with someone like yourself.
10:32 am
let's talk about what could happen it here. one of the hinge points in history for tax legislation, this is such a huge deal. why is that? >> the corporate tax rate today is the highest, in 2,000 it was the seventh highest. everyone else got their corporate taxes dramatically and we haven't. this takes it down from 35% two 20%. i wish they had gone to 15. it is a huge stimulus to the economy. and that is a key element i think is really important. >> harris: can you give me a couple of areas where the american people will feel this in a positive way immediately? >> real wages for employees, that's where the effects will be. what they've also done is increase the return on capital so a lot of capital spending which has been very short for many years.
10:33 am
what they've also done is they've also gotten rid of the estate tax which is one of the most immoral taxes in the code into they've gone from seven brackets i believe down to three brackets which is a significant simplification of the tax code. all of these coming together, very positive and should lead to a continued if not an accelerated recovery for the u.s. >> harris: would you compare this or say it's bolder than what you try to do with president reagan all those years ago? getting legislation going forward was considered a huge then, how would you compare this journey? >> i think the '81 bill was great for president ronald reagan and i think this one is as good if not better than that. the '86 tax act was amazing. we cut the corporate rate from 46 to 34%.
10:34 am
it was an amazing expansion for the u.s. economy. this bill isn't quite that large but it's in the right direction and it will have a similar type of effect on the u.s. economy. and that will have political consequences as well as economic consequences. >> harris: house so politically do you think? do democrats want to consider jumping on board? >> they oppose this at their own risk to be very honest with you. in 1981 president reagan phased in the tax cuts. in the '82 election, the republicans lost the house and the senate and it was a very bad election for republicans. by the time that tax code hit, the econo of the u.s. grew by a full 12% in real terms. an 8% annual rate.
10:35 am
we only won 49 out of 50 states, a real tweak her but we made it by -- we won huge elections. >> harris: i am going to ask my team played the beginning of vice president pence last night in california. i want you to have the top, let's roll. >> we are going to simplify the tax code, we are going to go from seven marginal rates down to three, lower taxes on working families, small businesses, renters and family farms. after this tax reform legislation is signed into law, 90% of the american people will be able to fill out your taxes on one sheet of paper. >> harris: is that possible? >> it surely is possible. we haven't seen the legislation and how it works through the committees but there is no reason why we couldn't have a tax code just the way the
10:36 am
vice president described it. no reason we need complicated, archaic tax codes. 90 is better than 80. >> harris: when you look at how long it takes to figure just the instructions out, anything north of 30% might be better than nothing. he is hitting on an issue that doesn't have politics. who doesn't want to do their taxes on a postcard, not so man many. that saves americans a lot of money. when you have it so complicated you keep people in government employed. >> the other thing he said that was really important, three tax brackets. the president said there was a possibility of a fourth and in that speech he said explicitly only three brackets.
10:37 am
you can't love jobs and hate job creators, you just can't do it. >> harris: thank you for joining us today. a big talk i had with the president of the united states taking on tax form this week. new details in the escalating scandal surrounding harvey weinstein. the chilling police audio of that disgraced hollywood mogul. and top democrats like nancy pelosi not ruling out a government shutdown if they can't reach a deal with president trump on protections for dreamers. which party takes the political fallout if it comes to that? our panel will weigh in, stay close. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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>> harris: let's take a shot of the white house press briefing room. we anticipate it will happen on time but we don't know. it's just a couple minutes away here, when it happens we will take you here live. reporters are pulling and as they often do a couple of minutes before, always an indication that it is coming. new tidbits of information, jonathan hunt is following this for us in los angeles. a big thing right now has to do with a piece of audio that has come out. what is it? >> the allegations keep coming minute by minute. "the new york times" now reporting actresses gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie claim harvey weinstein sexually
10:43 am
harassed to them. in the recording, 22-year-old italian actress is heard refusing his police to enter his hotel room and accusing him of groping her. >> i'm very uncomfortable right now. >> come in and if you want to leave. please, i'm sorry. come on in. come in. >> although that was part of a police operation, the das office ultimately did not press charges and i case. he apparently sent an email before the company fired him asking those with whom he worked over three decades to write to the company's board objecting to his firing. in the letter he says "do not let me be fired if the industry
10:44 am
supports me, that is all i need." more and more celebrities are now expressing horror at the allegations. nicole kidman just issued a statement saying "as i stated before publicly, i support and applaud all women and these women who speak out against any abuse and misuse of power, be it domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workforce. we need to eradicate this behavior." in the last couple of minutes, we have received a statement from former secretary of state hillary clinton who has over the years been close to mr weinstein. in that statement she says "i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior." harvey weinstein rapidly running
10:45 am
out of friends. >> harris: his own brother, members of the vote that voted him out of his company that bears his name, all of that coming to light. thank you very much. democrats are signaling they are ready to play hardball on immigration. party leaders such as nancy pelosi are keeping the door open to a government shutdown after the trump administration came out with a wish list that would accompany any deal on dreamers, including calls for a border wall and cracking down on sanctuary cities. she called the proposed members of a "nonstarter." "i fully intend to use every possibility but we are not at that place yet. right now we are trying to get republicans to vote on what we believe in." let's bring in our power panel. a republican pollster and columnist for the "washington examiner," welcome. and back from the "outnumbered" couch today, jessica tarlov. welcome to you both. i want to talk with you first about this, jessica.
10:46 am
when you talk about nancy pelosi saying she hasn't gotten to the point of the end yet, how do you defend a sanctuary city? >> i think you defend a sanctuary city by going back to what the original intention was, toreate an envirment i which legal aliens could come out of the shadows and work with law enforcement to get the bad guys. sanctuary cities have turned into another thing altogether, there was huge publicity for the issue and a number of people who were supportive of them have now turned on them. i think it's getting harder and harder to make that centerpiece of democrat immigration policy but at the same time, when you hear the police chiefs all across the nation speaking out in favor of these cities because of the work they do -- >> harris: when you hear jessica say it's harder and harder to defend them, i am looking at some of the crimes that have played out. >> border security is something
10:47 am
that is overwhelmingly popular. what is so surprising to me is nancy pelosi is in perhaps the weakest position of anyone in washington to be saying "this one policy we all want which is fairly popular and even president trump is very open to it. if you are going to get that one popular thing you can't also get this other popular thing which is border security. democrats in the senate may have a little more negotiating room. for nancy pelosi to control the small minority, and threatened government shutdown over what our very popular policies just seems like a political -- >> the wall is also in there which is also different than the sanctuary city policy. he basically gave his original wish list. >> harris: let's talk about some of the things where people are in agreement. if you talk about out wall, that's a structure in some places, the president has talked about shoring up border securit
10:48 am
security. that's a place of bipartisanship i think you can reach. another area is talking about people coming into the country with children in tow. i don't necessarily see these as points you talk about. >> the reason this has great bipartisan support, we are not talking about folks that came to the united states yesterday or folks that made a conscious choice to come and break the law. we are talking about kids who were brought here by their parents. even those who are pretty strong on border security tend to be favorable on daca. to say you are going to hold the policy hostage because you don't like other things like border security measures -- >> harris: may signal that you don't want to get a deal done, period. we will be right back, stay close.
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>> on a special addition from the daily briefing, former secretary of state condoleezza rice will sit down with me to talk north korea, iran, and challenges for democracies everywhere. laura bush joins us at the top of the hour where i will ask her about her continued public service and more.
10:53 am
we will also bring you the white house briefing, set to start at any moment. join me live from the bush presidential library, next. ♪ >> harris: all right, let's talk about this. it dianne feinstein facing some pushback from people inside her party about her decision to run for a sixth term. "she is out of touch with the grassroots." that echoes other liberal critics that say she is too moderate in the age of president trump and should make room for new leadership. let's bring in our power panel. i'm going to start with you, very quickly. just to kind of take the temperature of republicans on the infighting. having to deal gingth a women inside their party,hat's got to be sticky.
10:54 am
>> i feel like for republicans there is an element of having popcorn and watching as the democrats have these fights. and they are both generational and ideological. it dianne feinstein has been one of the more cordial democrats towards president trump and that has rubbed a lot of members of her party the wrong way. she's also been around for a long time. i remember getting as a book of the nine women in the u.s. sen. she has a chapter in this book. i was fairly young when this book came out. >> harris: go ahead and say it, you were in kindergarten. >> she's been around for a while. i think it's good to have these leaders. in washington the tone is just -- for folks who have done things the old way and had this nice, cordial, conservative demeanor is not what washington is about anymore. >> harris: she is 85 years
10:55 am
old, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi is going to run for a fifth term, it is hard to talk about this without bringing up age but it's more than that. 37,000 seat issue of ideas and ideology. >> bernie sanders won i believe 67% of young liberal women 29 years old and left and hillary clinton got the majority of those women, this is the division we have seen across the board. yes, new congressmen in his first term, very bold that he can stand up there with senator dianne feinstein, telling her that she should step down. i think it's an important discussion to have but the idea that if americans overall want things to get done in washington, they want their health care fixed, tax reform.
10:56 am
they want that done but nevertheless, the idea that someone week would become a pah because they had a conversation with the other side is so deeply depressing to me. >> harris: linda sanchez is also calling for nancy pelosi to step aside. we've been talking about that. she has a list of people who can step up and take the job. >> it's helpful that it's in california, we know we would get another democrat. >> harris: great to have you. >> cgratulations. >> harri awaiting a white house press briefing to start at any moment. we are all over it, stay with u us.
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>> harris: former first lady laura bush joins dana perino live from texas. here's dana. >> dana: we are live at the george w. bush presidential library and museum in dallas, texas, for a special edition of "the daily briefing." hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. the white house press briefing is about to get under way. we will bring you all the headlines that come out of that. later this hour i will sit down with former secretary of state condoleezza rice. i will be moderating a discussion with her later this evening here at the bush center, which is why we are here today. first i'm honored to be joined by former first lady laura bush. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much,


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