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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> i agree. >> glad you were here today. thanks for joining us. i loves having laura bush and condy rice. now we have shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. president trump is taking aim at colleagues and critics. suggesting he's smarter than the secretary of state rex tillerson, higher i.q. and renewing his fight with republican senator bob corker. minutes ago, the white house responded. also, the former white house strategist, steve bannon declaring war on nearly every republican senator facing re-election. >> nobody is safe. we're coming after all of them and we're going to win. >> he says only one gop senator gets a pass. also in california, wild fires are obliterating entire communities. more than a dozen are dead. 100 reported still missing. 2,000 structures destroyed. so many have lost so much.
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now the video from a drive through a hellscape. let's get to it. curses and crying as a couple races to escape the flames. it's time for the news. and first from the fox news deck this afternoon, the white house says the president will just kidding when he reportedly challenges his own secretary of state to an i.q. test. this after nbc news reported that rex tillerson called president trump a moron and considered resigning over the summer. president trump told "forbes" magazine and i quote, "i think it's fake news. if he did that, we'll have to compare i.q. tests. and i can tell you who will win." tillerson said he never considered quitting but he didn't deny calling the president a moron. he's spokesman said he denied it though she wasn't there.
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during a meet with henry kissinger today, reporters asked president trump about a comment on an i.q. test. >> i didn't undercut anybody. i don't believe in undercutting people. thank you very much. >> shepard: that was the end of that. here's what sarah huckabee sanders said about it at a briefing here in the last hour. >> the president never implied that the secretary of state was not incredibly intelligent. he made a joke. nothing more than that. he has full confidence in the secretary of state. they had a great visit earlier today and they're working hand and hand to move the president's agenda forward. >> shepard: sanders suggested reporters should get a sense of humor. the president went after the tennessee senator bob corker who repeatedly blasted president trump in a "new york times" interview. the president tweeted, the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up by
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recording his conversation and was made to sound a fool. that's what i'm dealing with. it's common for news outlets to intervie interviews. corkers aides record it it and it was said on the reporting to "the new york times" by the senator, i hope you're recording this. he was. the chief white house correspondent, john roberts is live on the white house lawn. good to be back. >> good to be back. secretary of state was back at the white house with james mattis and the president. how was the lunch? how did it go? sarah sanders said the lunch went fine. the mine get along well and the president continues to have full confidence in his secretary of state. privately, shep, there's people that say the president is frustrated with the secretary of state. that he doesn't quite grasp the
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idea of public diplomacy. he's not one of those people that likes to be out in the public talking about diplomacy. from time to time he runs afoul of what the president thinks should be going on. what the secretary said about talks with north korea a week ago seem to be at odds with the reality of what is going on that the united states is not having back channel talks with north korea over their nuclear program. now is not the time to be having the talks. despite the fact that the two men sort of run into each other every once in a while on the idea of policy and personality, the two of them for the time being do seem to be getting along. though a lot of people are placing bets as to how long rex tillerson will remain as secretary of state. >> shepard: and i'm sure you're following this war of words between the tennessee senator, chairman of the foreign affairs committee and the back and forth. he of course is not running for
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another term. seems to be, at least according to the analysts from who we've heard, seems to be speaking to the president and the war of words has escalated. >> it has. how can you miss it, shep? this war of words started with the president tweeting that bob corker begged him to run again. and he also begged him to be secretary of state. corker said no thanks. and then corker drops out of seeking another seat. the president said he didn't have the guts to run. bob corker tweeted back, he is somewhat dismayed to find out that the white house is something of an adult day care institution and somebody must have missed their shift on sunday morning. and then in an interview with "the new york times" that you alluded to, bob corker said this about the president. listen here. >> you have to realize, that, you know, that we could be heading towards world war iii
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with the comments that he's making. a lot of people think there's some good cop bad cop underway. that's not true. he's putting on an act. >> senator corker said the president was engaging in reality tv at the highest levels. the president was asked about the world war iii comment just before noon today with henry kissinger at his side. here's what the president said in response. >> we were on the wrong path before. all you have to do is take a look. look at the last 25 years through numerous administrations, we were on a path to a very big problem, a problem like this world has never seen. we're on the right path right now, believe me. >> the president not directly answering the comments from senator corker, deflecting to say well, we're on the wrong path before and now we're on the right path. sarah huckabee sanders was asked about it at the briefing a little while ago and answered it
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directly. listen here. >> senator corker is entitled to his own opinions. he's not entitled to his own facts. the fact is this president has been an incredibly strong leader on foreign policy, national security. >> does the president think senator corker should resign? >> that's a design for senator corker and the people of tennessee, not the president. >> a lot of people wonder if is a problem with tax reform. will he try to stiff the president. the president said he doesn't believe that will happen. not many republican senators are expected to vote against tax reform. >> and the president defended the immigration changes that he is talking about for protecting the dreamers. the hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose parents brought them to the united states without documents. the problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration is that the democrats don't want secure borders. they don't care about safety for the u.s.a. the president's list includes funding for the wall along the
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u.s. mexico border that he said democrats -- then he said that mexicans would pay for. democrats said they're open to reasonable border security measures, but they say the president agreed not to include a border wall in a deal on the dreamers. back to john roberts at the white house. john, where are we on this? >> that was the big surprise, when enthe president played out his principles for getting some sort of legislative fix on daca including border wall. i asked that question of sarah huckabee sanders if the president was asking for more than he agreed to. listen here. >> did he change the goal posts? >> no. the president simply is stating his priorities for what responsible immigration reform should look like. that includes those three big priorities. that's what he has promised congress he would lay out. that's what he did. i don't think we've been inconsistent on that front. >> is he insistent that the wall be part of any daca legislation?
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>> i'm not going to stand up and negotiate from the podium with you guys. that's for the president and congress to work out. we're laying out priorities. >> the president didn't say initially that the border wall was part of the daca legislation. but he did said the wall and merit-based immigration won't fly with democrats. he may find that if he wants a deal on daca, his end will have to be paired down substantially. shep? >> shepard: john roberts, the welcome home parade today. good to see you. thank you. let's turn to alex isenstadt. i don't know where to start. i was thinking maybe with bob corker, senator corker having his own facts. this really is more than a dust-up of words here. to hear it from the inside, bob corker is trying to send a message. >> yeah. the reason why this is dangerous for the white house, bob corker
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is not just some rank and file capitol hill lawmaker. he is widely respected by his colleagues on capitol hill. when he says something, it means something. people listen. he did not minutes words in terms of his day care remarks and other things. he told "the new york times." so you -- what you saw today is the white house hit back hard. the question, as you guys have discussed what does this mean for tax reform and moving legislation forward? given that corker is an important vote and given that senate republicans have such a slim majority right now. >> shepard: what are we hearing from corker and his people regarding what he plans to do next? his the chairman of a powerful committee. he has the power, if he chooses to, have hearings that could expose what he says are these issues with the president, that he is leading on a path towards world war iii. is he going to do anything?
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>> it's a great question. it important to point out that corker is not running for re-election so he's a man with nothing to lose. he can do whatever he wants. he doesn't have to fear political blow-back from the white house. one thing that is going to be interesting to watch, corker's role on tax reform. he's not necessarily an automatic vote for this. he's has expressed real concern about how a tax bill could raise the deficit. he's a deficit hawks. that will be interesting to play out. >> shepard: we don't know where the tax brackets fall. we don't know how many will fall in the 12% category. we don't have enough details, anybody coming up with specific analyses and saying this particular person will pay more or less. we can't know those things yet. we can know what it is that bob corker wants as an individual senator that has an individual vote. has he said? >> what he said is that he's concerned that the current talks of what tax reform could look like, could raise the national
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deficit substantially. >> a trillion dollars over ten years. i've seen that. i'm not sure how they know that. >> but look, he's an important vote on this. what he says could really make a difference in terms of whether this legislation passes or not. it's important to remember that republicans don't have a legislative accomplishment. we're heading into the heart of primary season next year. a mid-term election year. republicans really need to find a way -- >> shepard: rand paul is shaky on the budget because of his libertarian principles and he believes the government has a few roles. he's a difficult to get. aside from that and bob corker, is it the same group? >> absolutely. you have to look at john mccain. you have to look at someone like lisa murkowski. there's potentially other trouble spots that could develop as well. susan collins from maine. there's a group of republicans
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that are not automatic votes for republicans when it comes to legislation right now. >> shepard: alex isenstadt, thanks very much. ahead, the stunning recording in the harvey weinstein scandal. the former studio boss caught in a police sting. you'll hear it for yourself. and now some of the biggest names in hollywood are sharing their stories. some important politicians are speaking out. and some very important ones have not yet. that's coming up from the fox news deck on a tuesday afternoon. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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>> shepard: a live look now -- in room is this? east room. of course. you can recognize it anywhere. the reason that we come together today, it's not about anything horrifying. it's about pittsburgh. the pittsburgh penguins. they will be meeting with the president as they are champions and as only as mike lang could have said it on a thursday night late, you can spit shine your shoes, baby, because the pittsburgh penguins are going dancing again. we'll have live coverage coming on fox news. and explosive record is out about harvey weinstein. according to the new yorker mark seen, weinstein is facing
12:17 pm
accusations of rape. three separate accusations. the magazine releasing an audio recording in which harvey weinstein confesses to groping a model. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt with the news and politco is weighing in on this and some not. jonathan, to you. >> the allegations just keep coming with "the new york times" now reporting that actresses gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie came harvey weinstein sexually harassed them. the new yorker magazine reporting separate allegations of rape and for the first time we're hearing this audio of what the new yorker claims is harvey weinstein pressuring a young actress to join him in his hotel room as she complains about being groped. >> i'm a famous guy. >> i'm feeling uncomfortable. >> please come in now. if you want to leave when the guy comes, you can go.
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>> why have you touched my briefs? >> just come on. i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> we should point out, that tape was part of a 2015 police sting operation in new york in 2015. the manhattan d.a.'s office ultimately declined to pursue charges in the case. the chorus of condemnation of weinstein is getting louder. nicole kidman and george clooney among the latest to speak out and hillary clinton issued a statement saying -- >> like the clintons, shep, the obamas were also close to harvey weinstein. we have not yet heard from president or mrs. obama who once
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described harvey weinstein as a "wonderful human being." shep? >> shepard: raised a lot of money for them. maybe even more so bigger than that, did a lot of be underling. many hundreds of thousands into more than a million dollars for the obamas. they're notably absent today. >> yeah, you would expect it would be an easy thing for president or mrs. obama to issue a tweeted statement. we have not seen it yet. we're waiting for it, shep. >> shepard: wow. my understanding from reading different publications on this, and there are many, that the belief is and it's widely held that there's more to come. at the same time, harvey weinstein is blaming his brother saying his brother set him up, this is a hit job. >> yeah, they're talking now about the possibility that this was part of some sort of family feud and that bob weinstein wanted to oust harvey weinstein from the company that the two
12:20 pm
built so prominently together. but nobody of that, whether this was a family feud or anything else, shep, changes what appeared to be a growing body of facts that harvey weinstein was abusing, sexually harassing and if the allegations are true, raping young women over the course of several decades, shep. >> shepard: what about charges? no charges of any kind or what do you know? >> no charges of any kind at this point. you heard that audio recording from what was a police sting operation in manhattan in 2015. the d.a. then declined to pursue any charges. there are none that we know of at this point. as gloria alred who put forward a new so far -- a woman who hasn't publicly spoken yet today says that the statute of limitations has run out in a lot of these cases. it's still a possibility.
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we have to wait and seen. >> shepard: thanks, jonathan. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. let's go pens! they're stanley cup owners. the president is speaking. let's listen. >> thank you very much for being here. before we get started, i want to say a few words to the people of california. great state. especially with those in napa. napa has been hit so hard. they deal with the tragic loss of life and property to devastating wild fires. i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know that the federal government will stand with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. i just want to pay my warmest respects. they're going through a lot.
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we also continue to pray for those grieving and wounded after the mass shooting attack in las vegas. we stand in solidarity with those suffering in the aftermath of hurricanes harvey, irma and maria. thank you very much. we have to never forget. to the many members of congress who join us here today, we have many, many fans out here. you know that, right? a lot of fans. [applause] not all from pennsylvania, too, if you can believe it. a lot of fans. members of my administration and distinguished guests, please join me in welcoming to the white house, the two-time defending stanley cup champions, the pittsburgh penguins. [cheers & applause]
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not only are the penguins the first time in the national hockey league in nearly 20 years to be repeat champions, you captured the cup in three out of the last nine seasons. pretty amazing. i know the competition. the competition is tough. is it tough in pretty tough, right? not for you guys it's not so tough. over the last couple months, the new england patriots, the chicago cubs and the clemson tigers have all visited the white house to celebrate their great victories. it's been an honor. now i want to proudly welcome the pittsburgh penguins, owners.
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he's a friend of mine for a long time. a great negotiator. ron, how about negotiating some of our horrible trade deals that they've made? here's what i want. i want him. i would will to have ron with us. it's great to have you. i mean that. if you want to get involved in me renegotiating nafta -- but maybe he doesn't like that. he's on the other side. you're not on the other side of nafta, are you, ron? >> i am not. [applause] >> one of the all-time greats -- by the way, a really great golfer, to, mario lemieux. super mario. [applause] he hits that ball a long way to
12:25 pm
general manager, jim rutherford and coach, mike sullivan, i know you have a really big and early season matchup tomorrow night against the rival washington capitals. are they tough? what do you think? huh? so i want to thank you for coming today. but for us, this is really a truly great group of world champions. that's what they are. they're world champions. we have to start with somebody that i've been watching for a long time. i saw him when he was just about as young as you can get going into the nhl. sydney crosby. where is sydney? [applause] this guy -- man, can you play. do you know how to win or what?
12:26 pm
he's shy. do you know how to win or what? great. great job. what a job you've done. 44 goals last season. 89 points in all. and once again, the recipient of the con smyth trophy. you built an incredible legacy in pittsburgh. congratulations. keep it going. fantastic. before it's all said and done, you might -- they're telling me this -- has he outdone you, mario? he's getting close, isn't he? you know, they have -- you might even outdo them. have to be awfully close, right? mario is mario. sydney, congratulations. sydney is not the only star that shined for the pens last year. where is he?
12:27 pm
served as the other half as the two-headed monster. scored 77 goals. way to go, fellows. phil kessel. where is phil? [applause] these guys don't want to be politicians. don't be. [applause] phil led the team in assists. i hear assists -- you may be the best hockey player in the family? i doubt it. i hear your daughter is pretty
12:28 pm
good. matt murray had 32 wins as goal tender and the first goalie to win the stanley cup championship game in each of his first two years. where is matt? [applause] i assume you have very good reflexes, right? have you had good reflexes from day one? you better have, right? way to go, matt. and we expect big things again this year out of matt as he will be taking on an even greater role this season between the pipes. conor sheary. jake guentzel.
12:29 pm
what a group. and justin schultz. also had really big years as some of the up and coming stars of this team. a team with tremendous future. that's what i'm hearing. and despite being sidelined to injury, chris -- kris letang used his experience to help younger players -- they get younger than you? very handsome group of people. i don't like -- i don't like standing in front of them. first thing you know. we always lining unattractive teams, right? [laughter] divide strategies that spurred the pens on to a really incredible victory. i'm pleased to report that the
12:30 pm
tanger, right? the tanger is healthy and back on the ice this season where he belongs. going to be a great season for you. [applause] yet many of the players really might agree that the biggest mvps was your incredible, loyal fans. [applause] the pen's faithful packed the arenas for every single game, cheering pittsburgh's boys of winter all the way. great, great fans. great state. great place. in fact, every one of the penguins' home games for the past ten straight years has been very much to ron's happiness, sold out, right? so while you're on the ice, the heart of the organization and its commitment to pittsburgh shines just as brightly off the
12:31 pm
ice. the pittsburgh penguins foundation supports a number of great causes serving young people. over a million dollars in grants were awarded to local charities last season. the annual food drive distributes thousands and thousands of pounds of food and tens of thousands of dollars to local community food banks. since 2010, the pittsburgh penguins foundation has also worked with the university of pittsburgh medical center sports medicine to combat concussions in young athletes. last week, the pens pledged two donations of $25,000 each towards relief effort in puerto rico in a support of the victims and the first responders of the terrible attack in las vegas. they have worked so hard. the police, the first responders, for everything. whether it was in texas or in
12:32 pm
florida or louisiana or puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands or the horrible, horrible situation caused by a very demented, sick person in las vegas. the police, everyone of them, first responders have been incredible. we should give them a hand, okay? [applause] just as much as your five stanley cup wins, your generosity has shown the true character of this incredible organization. you're true, true champions, and incredible patriots. now with the hockey season again underway, i know you're ready yet to make another run at the cup. the nhl has not seen a three-peat in a generation, but i know you are ready for the challenge.
12:33 pm
i'll be watching closely. you think you'll be back here next year. i think so, right? [applause] i have a feeling. i've been watching them. i go to the ranger games and -- you do a lot of bad damage to our ranger team. boy, oh, boy. you do damage. but that's the way you want to do it. it's called winning, right, sydney? it's called winning. i know the capitals will be looking for payback tomorrow night. so we will let you get back to practice. i just again, want to congratulate this incredible franchise on their so many victories. you embody the values of dedication, discipline and hard work to every young american watching today, we encourage you the always strive to be your best, to do your best and to give your all.
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we wish all the best of luck this season. you'll have a great season. coach is telling me your team will be better than ever. so let's go, pens. thank you all. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. fantastic. thank you very much. congratulations. [applause] >> shepard: the penguins win! the king lives! and elvis has just left the building. if you're a pens fan, you get it. lord stanley cup owners two years in a row visiting the president. a nice tradition at the white house. the president beginning with the serious news of the day and sending good wishes and lots of love to folks in california that are living a nightmare of fire. it's unthinkable what is happening there. this president signing kind
12:35 pm
wishes and at the end thanking our first responders as he so often does. giving a shot out not to direct rivals but probably one of the biggest, the caps. but the president is a ranger's fan. there's no love lost there. that's for sure. steve bannon is threatening to unseat every republican senator running for re-election except for one, ted cruz. >> we are declaring war on the republican establishment that does not back the agenda that donald trump ran on. nobody is safe. we're coming after all of them and we're going to win. >> shepard: in an interview with sean hannity, bannon said there's a coalition of challengers good evening up for gop primaries. he mentioned some republicans targets by name including mitch mcconnell and orrin hatch. quit a thing happening. how are they respond something. >> mat whitlock, a spokesman for
12:36 pm
orrin hatch, saying if orrin hatch decides to run again next year, he will win. whitlock telling fox news "last week senator hatch was named the most effective member of the u.s. senate. senator hatch is one of the few people continuing to deliver results for his constituents. another incumbent republican up for re-election is predicting it will be a fight every step of the way. >> the last time i ran for the senate, somebody spent eight or nine million against me in the primary. when i was in the house i had primaries as well. i've taken a different stance on immigration. i always expect to have primaries. this time i'll have a tough primary and a tough general. >> many are saying the republican establishment in washington needs a challenge. shep? >> reporters have been asking republicans about the in-fighting what are they getting back? >> chuck grassley was asked about it. the back and forth between the
12:37 pm
president and bob corker, two members of his own party. senator grassley tried to dismiss it by saying, both sides should cool it. >> i got more important things to do doing my job than to go tell corker to keep his mouth shut or to tell the president something. i work on legislation. i don't very often get involved in great disputes of telling other people how to run the government. >> during the press briefing at the white house this afternoon, the press secretary took this swipe at lawmakers. >> i don't think he's alp -- alienated anyone. time and time congress has failed to deliver. if anybody is being alienated, it's promising things and not delivering on them. >> republicans expect a fight
12:38 pm
with democrats not their own. >> shepard: north korean hackers may have stolen highly classified military documents, including a u.s. and south korean plan for the possible assassination of the dictator kim jong-un. that's what a south korean lawmaker is telling local media in seoul. the cyber attack on the south korean military network happened last year. officials say they're still trying to figure out what the hackers stole. the documents reportedly include a strategy to take out kim jong-un should war break out or continue on the korean peninsula. it was never declared over, as you know. the north koreans denied being behind the breach. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. how are you? >> the pentagon spokesman colonel rob manning would not confirm the hack took place but the pentagon is aware of the report.
12:39 pm
>> i can assure you that we're confident in the security of our operations plans and the threat from north korea. >> today general mark said defense secretary jim mattis' remarks to a large army conference said that they need to be ready was not subtle guidance from the defense secretary to the troops. yesterday mattis issued a warning suggesting soldiers and americans alike read the classic history of the last korean war, which cost two million lives. on the defense reading list, "this kind of war." in it, the fighting is told from the perspective of the small units. it said that an enemy like north korea can only be defeated on the ground, which will be very costly in terms of lost lives. that's why mattis is mentioning it now, shep. >> shepard: what more do we know about the documents that the
12:40 pm
hackers reportedly stole? >> the south korean official news agency says the plans include 235 gigabytes of data and were stolen last september. they include joint war plans, the cyber hack south korean military computers. that's how they got in. if north korea did or taken war plans, one contingency includes the removal of kim jong-un from power. the plans, however, have been rewritten since the trump administration took over. it's important to remember that under a mutual defense treaty that was signed by the u.s. and south korea, if war breaks out, the u.s. military takes control of south korean troops. >> shepard: welcome back, jennifer. some of president trump's and friends and supporters are pushing him now to start openly attacking the counsel in the
12:41 pm
meddling of u.s. election. we'll talk to the reporter that co wrote the story next.
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>> shepard: there's word that some of president trump's friends are urging him to do on the attack against robert mueller who is leading the investigation into possible trump campaign ties to russia. the associated press said some of the president's supporters said wide house lawyers are being naive by cooperating with the investigation. one staffer said this isn't just a legal fight. it's a political brawl. let's bring in tom from the associated press that co-wrote this article. from all i know, there's not consensus on how they will treat this special counsel. it's one thing from the white house counsel and another thing from the private counsel. but there's more to this. >> absolutely. i mean, this is an ongoing struggle right now. you know, we've seen this
12:45 pm
evolve. we sawy the early strategy that had the white house fighting. we've seen the new ty cobb strategy where they're cooperating. all right? there's a big push and pull. there's a lot of players involved in this. a lot of voices involved. what we're hearing behind the scenes, this is an active fight. it's not settled at all. >> shepard: can a lack of cooperation keep anything from the special counsel that they might desire and if so, what? >> a great question. remember, this whole fight between don mcgann and ty cobb if things should be withheld. there's two things here. the document production, how much to cooperate in the legal sense and the other thing we're hearing from associates, former advisers and former campaign aides is that a lot of them want him to fight back in public.
12:46 pm
they want this -- they see it's not just a legal fight, it's a political fight. they're yearning for the fight that they were looking for in june, bay in may when trump was fighting this thing. >> shepard: behind the scenes you write about what the president's demeanor is on this matter and it relates to the other investigations underway. >> absolutely. he seems to be at peace with it for now. there's an interesting conversation i had with somebody that is dialled in on this that told me that that could change on a dime. if the president gets the sense that mueller and his team are coming after his family, if they're looking at his businesses, coming after him directly, then he could go back to the old trump. the one -- the street brawler. but if mueller and his team state focused on paul manafort and michael flynn, trump is okay
12:47 pm
with that and keep this steady low and go approach. >> shepard: of course if bob mueller want his tax returns, his business, chances are he already has it, would the president know such a thing? >> might not. >> shepard: for instance, would the president know if those two gentlemen you just mentioned had turned states evidence against them? >> that's a big question right now. a lot of people are asking around washington. i do hear chatter about that. concerns. obviously. that could change everything. so you know, that is a huge question. where flynn and where are manafort. we don't know the answer to that. >> shepard: on the matter whether to lay low, the president going against his own grain in that matter and for now at least, being chill about it.
12:48 pm
>> as some advisers have said, it's un-trump. >> shepard: well, it's a really good article. i appreciate it. tom, thanks. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: the wild fires raging out west have killed more than a dozen people confirmed, including a 100-year-old man and his 98-year-old wife. the couple unable to escape the flames that filled their homes. these fires among the deadliest in california history. though the winds are calmer today, the forecast on what tomorrow may bring is frankly terrifying. all that has been lost, more than 2,000 structures and more to come. ♪
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: wild fire alert. a man in sonoma county, california said a fire heading toward his home was lick a glowing red snake. at least 17 large wild fires are burning in the northern part of the state. together they have scorched nearly 80 square miles. an area larger than new orleans. they have also destroyed more than 2,000 homes and businesses. some of the fires burning through california's famous wine country. home to dozens of vineyards that attract tourists from tract dozens from around the world. a couple in nap that just celebrated 75 years of marriage. they were 98 and 100 years old. according to their granddaughter, the only thing worse is if one survived without the other. a man in napa county that lost a
12:53 pm
lot of his belongings says it's all surreal. >> i have to review the pictures every once in a while and put it in my head that it happened. it happened so quick. i'm not going to be upset anymore. i tried all day. just have to move along. >> shepard: when taken as a group, these fires are among the deadliest in the history of the state of california. some images of the destruction in our slide show for you this afternoon. this man watching part of his neighborhood burn. what a photograph that is. this is near santa rosa, california in sonoma county. this picture emotional. a woman searches through the remains of her family's home. as i mentioned, the fires are burning through wine country. here's a vineyard in napa. all the vines scorched there. a burned out pool here. names still burning in the distance. look at this photo.
12:54 pm
this is an entire neighborhood. each of these plots is a different home. three, four, five, dozens burned in rows. the flames have left nothing but piles of rubble behind. claudia cowan is near there. claudia? >> shepard, you saw block after block. neighborhoods like this one, nothing left. you can imagine the panic when the flames roared through. people grabbing their kids and pets and hopping in one car and leaving everything behind. you can see there's nothing left. we have seen utility crews starting to make repairs in this neighborhood. until the power is restored, people will not be allowed to return. more than 500 homes were destroyed here in sonoma county. this fire has chewed up 27,000 acres taking out a k-mart,
12:55 pm
several hotels and a high school. it's still out of control. crews say they hope to make progress before the offshore winds return tomorrow. the priority is still saving lives. >> we have a sheer volumes of fire in a large area that we're prioritizing our resources for lives and property. >> speaking of property, this was a quiet residential culde c culdesac. all wiped out in a matter of hours. back to you. >> shepard: claudia cowan live amid the rubble. the weather forecast, less wind today. tomorrow, the winds are expected to pick up. we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: surveillance caught trespassers chopping down on pizza doughs. antonios real new york pizza
12:59 pm
posted this to facebook. it's in estes park, colorado. the pizzeria said the bears aid some salami and the cubs eating the dough. the bears tore a window out of the drive-thru. after some cleaning the shop reopened yesterday. on this day in 1845, the school that became the united states naval academy opened in annapolis, maryland. the navy secretary picked that location because it was away from the temptations and distractions of the big city. there were 50 midshipmen and seven professors. now all of them have to train aboard ships each summer. the naval academy graduates 1,000 officers a year. should news break out, we'll break in.
1:00 pm
breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. another great day for the markets. the nasdaq superintendent, the dow is up. neil cavuto is here with all of your business news. >> neil: all right. we're up on the markets developments. but meantime, the time line that has turned everything you know about the las vegas shooting upside-down. even today in las vegas, they're wondering how could we have gotten this so wrong in the order of events so wrong that now calls into question the exact time and place that stephen paddock started shooting. it wasn't long ago that it was thought a security officer that was shot on site at the scene of the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel has precipitated a collision with authorities dealing with the shooter after all of the shooting had gone down. now as it turns out


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