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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 10, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. another great day for the markets. the nasdaq superintendent, the dow is up. neil cavuto is here with all of your business news. >> neil: all right. we're up on the markets developments. but meantime, the time line that has turned everything you know about the las vegas shooting upside-down. even today in las vegas, they're wondering how could we have gotten this so wrong in the order of events so wrong that now calls into question the exact time and place that stephen paddock started shooting. it wasn't long ago that it was thought a security officer that was shot on site at the scene of the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel has precipitated a collision with authorities dealing with the shooter after all of the shooting had gone down. now as it turns out mere minutes
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before. to dan springer in las vegas with more. dan? >> based on this new timeline, it had to be clear to the gunman that he had no chance to escape before he fired the very first shot. because it wasn't in the crowd outside the mandalay bay. it was inside his room through his door out into the hallway. the security guard was jesus campos. it happened to be on the 32nd floor checking on an open door alarm. it was not related to the shooting. camp stephen paddock fired 200 rounds at the door at him. six minutes later, he opened up on the country music fans that lasted 11 minutes. at the time, police didn't know if there were multiple gunman but they knew where he was. as of now they have not found an
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accomplice. >> we have uncovered no evidence there was a second shooter. we have uncovered over 200 instances of the suspect's traveling throughout las vegas and he has never been seen with anyone else. >> video shows the fbi agents in the crime scene, still working the case and taking business ch -- pictures. police say they won't stop until they have a motive or an explanation for why this happened. the victims and their families want to know. public support grows for help. caesars entertainment has pledged to raise $2 million from entertainers and celebrities for the victims. 50 people are still hospitalized
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and 25 are in critical condition. neil? >> neil: dan springer, thanks very much. so the revelation is that the security guard was not even at this or doing anything responding to this until what was before all of this precipitating minutes later the shooting itself. ron hoskow from the fbi. this does change the dynamics from this and whether that precipitated paddock to start sooner rather than later with his shooting. it turned this all upside-down. what are your thoughts? >> i suspect so. i think it's worth saying, my own opinion, that the sheriff is really doing a tremendous job in getting information out to the media. i'm sure they're doing their best to make sure it's accurate. i can't tell you how many times's seen where you're trying
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to match up clocks and watches and time pieces that don't match up. i'm sure he's trying to get it right. it looks like this encounter with the security officer was now potentially the precipitating event, maybe triggering the killer to begin his fire before he was fully ready. we'll perhaps never know if it would have made the event more or less deadly. maybe it was the precipitating event rather than the ending event. >> neil: it's hard for me to second guess what happened here but this leads me to believe that stephen paddock started this earlier than he was wanting to. and how soon jesus notified personnel. we're getting different reports on that let's said they got a heads-up almost immediately. because the guy was shot in the leg after almost 200 bullets are
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fired. he's injured, bleeding. what would the procedure be? notified police? what would happen? >> sure. they would put in a call to 911. it would go to a call taker potentially to a dispatcher. both of whom -- the call taker trying to assess and understand what it is that is on the phone. so there's going to be the passage of some time before that information gets relayed to a beat car, a patrol car to go respond to it or multiple patrol cars. my guess is by that time, the shots are now being fired or at least within moments thereafter and now -- neil, you and i talked about this many times, kind of the chaos of the first minutes and even hours of one of these active shooter incidents. now you have all kinds of calls coming in with tremendous casualties, people trying to get out of the scene while police are trying to get to the scene.
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so you have kind of chaos. you would expect that would slow the police to the right location. >> neil: do you think this surprise or the encounter with the secured guard changed paddock's plans in terms of surviving this? he had a get-away plan that had the security guard not interfered, he would have gone through with a shooting that would have allowed him time in his mind to get away? his car was loaded with fertilizer, ammunition and more. seems like the actions of a guy that was intent on getting out. >> i've heard the reports. the tanerite, the ammonium nitrate. more at the house. seems like he had something else afoot if not something bigger. he brought this many weapons and
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this much ammunition to that room, a room that was associated with him. whether he checked in under the name, his own name. he was known to the mandalay bay. so his get away plan seemed to be foiled or failed from the start. i don't see a bigger get-away. maybe a get-away for a few blocks or few miles or few minutes. i don't know how he's going to with this much firepower -- he's not going to shoot his way out of that hotel unless please really act poorly with their getting in and encountering where they should be hunkered down behind walls themselves. these are powerful weapons certainlily capable of shooting and killing police with body armor helmets on because of so much exposed area. the police did the right thing but mustering additional forces. eight officers in one stairwell, eight coming up another
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stairwell. you need the right forces to try to take on something like this that is bunkered in. >> neil: thanks, ron. the obvious question is does this provide ample fodders for lawyers that can see lawsuit potential. judge andrew napolitano. judge, you and i talk about these situations that change on a dime or the circumstances behind them. then lawyers can leap on that and say ah-hah, there was an opportunity to potentially prevent this. so whether that is true or not, how does this change that dynamic? >> well, this should put mandalay bay and its parent corporation and insurers on notice, they're now a principle target for failing to stop this or detect it report it in time. the news is not that he was
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shot. the news is that an agent of the hotel that should have been carrying with him a recording device, a device that would have allowed the head of security or somebody in security to listen in was shot at 200 times by an automatic weapon. so mandalay bay knew of the existence and presence and workability of the automatic weapon six minutes before he started willing people. that should have triggered an enormous response or this is the argument that lawyers will make to a jury if it gets to a jury long before or six minutes before he started the killing. what was the security guard's train something. who did he report to? the weapons that paddock had would have had more than 200 rounds in less than a minute. that would tell an educated listener immediately that there's an automatic weapon and a guy on the 32nd floor has it what are we going to do about
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it. >> neil: so if you're the mandalay bay hotel, heavy security for most casinos, but now they're going to look into the timeline behind not only whether campos was shot but how quickly he notified security personnel there and how they would, according to ron hosko, the fbi director that was just on, would have notified police that sequence will be crucial. >> i like ron hosko tip my hat to the police, particularly sheriff lombardo who has been transparent, sensitive to constitutional issues and rationale in what he's explaining. i don't tip my hat to the hotel. now we need to know, what did they learn, when did they learn it and who did they do. could they have done anything? i don't know the answer to that because we need to know more facts. >> neil: there's a lot about the sequence we don't know to your earlier point about the earlier
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model presented when he was done shooting, authorities already descended on the room, waiting it out to see what he was doing, what he was going to do. when they did storm in a little more than an hour, he was dead. when he killed himself, we don't know. but that time that he was able to kill as many people and sitting it out, waiting it out, whatever was going on, that is something that lawyers will want to know as well. >> of course, add to this the fact that there's security cameras and that building and showed every time he came into that room, did it pique anybody's curiosity that the days he was there, he managed to bring 20 heavy automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition into that room. did he do anything that ought to have tipped them off as to what he was accumulating in there why didn't any maids or any hotel personnel see anything in there
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that piqued curiosity of security? >> thank you very much. andrew napolitano. now a quick look at the markets. none of this is even factored to the market's thinking here because terror and frightens incidents have become so common or this was not deemed an immediate threat as i said. wall street continues its winning ways here. the dow in record territory. we're following the controversies back and forth at espn and the sports world. now the white house weighing in on jamele hill's two-week's suspension from espn. not the issue is not only her push to have the belief that the nfl players are being untreated when they're ordered to stand for the national anthem, she suggested boycott advertisers. that's the same tact that many fans are saying with the nfl on
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what they deem to be politically offensive view when it comes to kneeling during the national anthem. so what are they doing? boycotting advertisers. so does the commissioner of the nfl. more after this. i accept i take easier trails than i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin,
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>> neil: president trump ripping espn anchor jamele hill. the president tweeting with hill at the mic, it's no wonder espn
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ratings have tanked. tanked so badly, it's the talk of the industry. to the hill's joe concha on this. joe, she might have stepped on the third rail going after advertisers here. a sensitive issue for her employer. but what do you think is going on here? >> she stepped on it twice, neil. >> neil: you're right about that. >> let's explain. jamele hill essentially was calling on fans to boycott advertisers of a team that exists in a league that espn pays $15 billion in broadcast rights fees for monday night football. so now she's gone from being a host of sports center to an activist. that's not the job description as a host. then it goes ludicrous speed because she doesn't realize those same advertisers that she is saying should be boycotted also at very ties on her 6:00 p.m. show.
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i don't know if you heard this about television, but the advertisers provide revenue. revenue helps pay her paycheck. so she stepped on it twice, as you said. >> neil: what is interesting, there does seem to be a twin effort from different angles on going after advertisers or boycotts from the average fan whose might be furious at the nfl for how this has become a big problem, a big issue, a big distraction. so they have been tempted to pick up on boycotts causes that popping up everywhere. now she for different reasons. but it is a powerful weapon, isn't it? >> it can be if used right. i think she should have been suspended two weeks ago when she called the sitting president a white supremacist. >> neil: she wasn't suspended for that. >> no. even the tweets she put up calling the president a white supremacist, they're still up. she never apologized. you can play this game and's
1:19 pm
done it before, called p.u. or parallel universe. can you imagine if a conservative said that about president obama? the thing here, it's not even a hypothetical. hank williams jr. stupidly compared president obama to hitler. he was fired. not suspended by fired. curt schilling fired as well, a conservative that said inappropriate things on the eyes of espn. here in this case, jamele hill gets suspended and people are making this about something, like an al sharpton. they're ignoring it all. >> i'm wondering where it goes. because you have this planned meeting next week with nfl owners. you know, the commissioner goodell is saying we have to solve this. i read his letter about five times. i still didn't understand it. he wants everybody to still stand for the national anthem.
1:20 pm
there he is with jerry jones. but he wants the players rights to air their grievances respected as well. sounds to me like they haven't sorted this out still. >> i don't know how you do that, right? it still is a first amendment right to express yourself. granted these are the owners, this is their stage. they own the stadiums, they're playing the players. they should dictate how they go on their stage. when you tell people when they can express themselves, you're hitting another third rail in this situation. so i'm not sure if roger goodell knows what to do here. back to jamele hill. invite your viewers out there to just engage in this little exercise. why not go on social media right now and put up a post where you go after the clients and customers of the company that you work for and you should boycott them and show that post to your boss. see what he or she does in that situation. you won't be suspended. you'd probably be walked out the building. for people saying she shouldn't be suspended, play out that
1:21 pm
scenario and see how that works out. >> neil: does it make a difference to you that she tweeted this? she said none of this on air or no difference? >> i think you represent your network and you know this, neil. you're not a big person that uses twitter. i'm trying to use it less. it's a swamp. you represent the network. it's 24/7. you represent that network. there are no personal and private anymore. you're a jamele hill of espn always. >> neil: i'm very up on the social media. >> i've heard. >> neil: facebook, all of that. >> didn't you listen to an eight track on the way to work? >> neil: that's fine. joe -- cut his mic. now the president is shooting with the united states senator. that's not. the fact that he's outgoing, that's not too new. the tax cuts could hang on the line? that is new. we'll explain. lders to it.
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>> neil: all right. there's been an aggressive back and forth on the twitter universe and on between the president and bob corker. let's just say it's escalating and a lot of republicans are worrying how this could disrupt tax reform and all of the things they hold near and dear. blake burman at the white house. what do you think? >> yes, this verbal sparring between president trump and his republican colleague, senator bob corker of tennessee continuing on this day. it's been going back and forth a couple days now. the latest coming this morning the president's twitter feed in which he said "the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up by recording his conversation and made to sound like fool.
1:26 pm
that's what i'm dealing with." earlier today the president asked about this and he said he doesn't think it will have an impact on the issue of tax reform. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. the people of this country want tax cuts. they want lower taxes. >> at the press briefer, sara sanders asked what good this does for the president to openly feud with a member of his party and trying to get several items of his agenda passed. sanders say it's corker that needs to live up to his past promises. >> hopefully senator corker who has been somebody who has consistently talked about being a fiscal hawk, was presented why responsible cuts and he would support those. >> bottom line here, you heard it from the president. he doesn't think this will have an impact on tax reform. many think long-term this will settle and things will play out.
1:27 pm
as one republican that i spoke with said earlier, this doesn't help at all. neil? >> neil: thank you very much, blake. a lot of people wondering, no matter who is right or wrong on, this it appears the president does this a lot and is that torpedoing his chances to get anything big done like the taxes. spree peyton with us. what do you think? >> this is a me -- negotiation tactic. it's very clear that the voters didn't want to reelect him because he's not getting on board with donald trump and his agenda. >> neil: so he would have face add conservative challenge, right? >> yeah, exactly. so donald trump is saying good on board or you'll have to face angry voters at home. donations have dropped off since republicans haven't been able to pass the obama care repeal and
1:28 pm
replace plan. the most recent failures have sent fund-raising figures into a tail spin. it's clear republicans are sick and tired of being lied to by the lawmakers that they repeatedly send back. donald trump is making an example out of bob corker. >> neil: do you think the president might be preplanning defeat here and then already positioning it as these guys, this system, this swamp that gets in my way every time and at least giving people a heads-up if this goes down, it won't be on me? >> yeah, that's certainly possible. if that's what he's doing, he's not wrong. we've seen it time and time again where donald trump is saying this is what i want to do. the republican congressmen trip over themselves and don't get it done. it doesn't happen. the president is forced to spin it. >> neil: i've seen that bre, but
1:29 pm
i don't know how senator corker will go. he's got another 15 months. he's always been a deficit hawk. not a dime added to the debt and all that. it's not a sure vote of support what do you through? >> yeah, i mean, yeah, certainly but i don't really understand what corker gains from doing this and talking to the president at this point. if you had 15 months in office, i wouldn't spend my time doing that. i would mound substantive -- >> neil: how did this go wrong? there was a time that corker was instrumental -- not to the same point that jeff sessions was, but providing international support and say this guy could do okay as president. he counselled ivanka trump and jared kushner on the ins and outs of foreign policy.
1:30 pm
tutored them. something happened. the wheels went off. do you know what? >> yeah, i think maybe trailing behind another republican in double digits and failing to do what he promised to his constituents sent him in a tail spend unable to win back his state. >> neil: would he not be that way if that was the case? >> i think he's like all right, look, i'm not going to win back my home state. it's because i didn't get on board and help to support the president's agenda enough or it didn't get done when i was on watch. i may as well position myself as the anti-trump person. >> neil: let's say you're right on all of that. do you think it's demeaning of the president to punch down? >> no. >> neil: okay. >> i see he's in a position of power at this point. he understands that. it makes sense to make an example out of someone who is going rogue on you, if that
1:31 pm
makes sense. if you don't -- >> neil: stupid you would say that, bre. i just wanted to try that. see your reaction. all right. i see where you're coming from. thanks very much. good seeing you. >> good to see you too. >> neil: i just wanted to jar you at home. puerto rico apparently needs money, more money. janice fien is here on the story you're not hearing and the good that janice and some people she believes in are doing after this. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> neil: some are wondering what is ever going to become of that sweet at the mandalay bay where the bullets went down and the assassin parked? they have some ideas. some are outrageous. back in 60. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ eight hundred dollars whenlmost we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy... right? yes. ellen.
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that's my robe. you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> neil: puerto rico still in a world of hurt calling for more aid in the wake of hurricane maria. janice, i cannot fathom what is going on there. it just keeps going on. >> i mean, 80% still without power there. it's devastating. and they're saying it's going to take years to rebuild. they're just now getting aid in there to bring in devastation. glad flood advisories in the area because they're getting more rain. this season has been incredible. we haven't seen a season like this since 100 years in some cases in terms of how many storms we've seen.
1:36 pm
15 named storms. >> so much flooding. so much devastation. you can have 15 named storms in the atlantic and we never talk about it. but these storms come on shore. three category fives, five major storms that affected the u.s. >> neil: and kids get scared of this. they think, wait, i used to not be concerned about rain. now i see floods and the problems. you have the broadcaster that just addresses this. to what degree? >> if i was a meteorologist, i don't know if i could explain why weather happens, what you can do to escape a flood. you can survive a flood. i was in texas. i have friends that live in houston. one of my friends that won't get into her home for a year. and their kids a dramatized by rain. so if we talk to our kids and
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not scared to talk to them about why things happen, it does take the scare out of a potential devastating situation. that's what i was trying to do with these books. the latest is a flash flood book. >> neil: what did you write that? it was before this. >> right. >> neil: weird timing. >> it was a little -- listen, i want to talk about severe weather and why it happens. this happened to be the flash flood book. flash flooding can happen anywhere where we have rain. so i wanted us to talk about these things. we see the definite stating images on television. we can't we not talk about this and how we prepare for a flood -- >> neil: you know, you go -- it never a plays to people here at fox. but you go to a scene. there's a lot of groups that you can pick and choose to go with and support. what do you do? >> in the middle of the flash
1:38 pm
flood book, i was on with you talking about it. i thought, listen, i'm going to put my money where my mouth is. i'm going to donate the proceeds that i make from this book to a great organization that goes to disaster areas. the group is team rubicon. the reason i love them, they help veterans. >> neil: you're not just doing some proceeds. it's all. >> every bit to team rubicon. >> we have that. you were on fox and friends. i don't know how you cash a check that size. >> it was heavy. >> neil: that was awesome to do. >> it's important. as americans, there's nothing more american than helping your fellow neighbor. if we have the means to help them monetarily, i want to do
1:39 pm
that. >> neil: has it encouraged others to say janice is doing this. i should do it. >> i would love someone to match the $15,000 donation. i still stand by my word that if you buy freddy the frog, all the proceeds go to team rubicon. they're out there right now in puerto rico, texas and florida and disaster areas across the world. help our veterans. they want to go out and help us. we need to help them. >> neil: you practice what you preach. i can't help -- a lot of people don't know the hardships you deal with including m.s. does that make you more sensitive? >> i could ask you the same thing. >> neil: i'm asking you. tim host. i didn't get the big check here. >> when you're diagnosed with something, whatever it is -- everybody has something, right? it puts you in touch with your mortality, living for today and doing what we can to help others. of course. i think when something like that is handed to you, you realize
1:40 pm
every day is precious. i have the means to give back. that's why. >> neil: good for you. >> and listen, if it wasn't for you, i don't know if bid selling the books. >> neil: you have a patent on freddy. nobody can name their kid freddy. you're such a good person. people ask me, is janice as nice as she is on air? no, not at all. diva! no. right, guys? am i right? >> where is my hair and makeup! >> neil: not in a million years. >> love you, my friend. >> neil: back at you. more after this. give up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you...
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>> neil: we have very special guest today. one of my favorite guests. i said, what can i peg his visit to besides this great book?
1:44 pm
a new surveys that just been released that people are more likely to show up to work late. as for excuses, let's say they come up with some doozies. my hair got caught up in a fan. i super glued my eye thinking it was contact solution. and this one, geeks chased me on my way to the car. t.d. jakes the author of "build your vision from the ground up", this is the thing that you'll have trouble getting your career up. bishop, very good to have you. >> great to be here. >> neil: we find the goofiest things. but that is a problem. we all become the head in which we live. that's the prism with which we see life. how do you tell people stop that nonsense, just move on? >> i think life teaches you that. if you don't have anybody else the tell you time, we'll tell you. when you find out the world doesn't work the way you
1:45 pm
thought, you have to rebound. the problem is you lost so much time. i wrote the book because people have to reinvent themselves in all age categories. we're not seeing the end our parents saw through the means we expected to see it. you don't get to go watch. you may not stay with a company 40 years. >> neil: they feel loyalty doesn't work both ways. >> marriage isn't always happily ever after. women are getting into the job market. and it's about entrepreneurship largely and also about refiguring your life and reevaluating ways to move forward when somebody doesn't say yes the way you thought they would. they don't have the last say on your future. >> neil: but everyone feels they're not paid enough. everyone feels they're not appreciated enough.
1:46 pm
a lot of that is true. you are shoved into a corner or you don't get that opportunity. >> what i'm saying, it's up to you. the boss can determine what he can pay you but he's not going to determine what you're worth. sometimes we have to have multiple streams of income. maybe because we have so many kids. >> right. >> or maybe we have a mother we're taking care of like i did with alzheimer's. a lot of needs that rise up in somebody's life that you can't get a raise because you have a mother that is sick. >> neil: and it's hard work alone doesn't do it. like your dad worked very hard. >> right. >> neil: your mother, i don't want to put words in your mouth but she seemed like the strategist. >> she was a school teacher that dabbed in real estate. she wasn't a physical labor person. >> neil: she was the entrepreneur. >> she was the entrepreneur as it related to real estate. my father was -- he was a hustler that did everything he had to do -- >> neil: and you stressed lu
1:47 pm
hustler in a good way. >> in a good way. he opened a business and fairly successful. started with a mop and a bucket and ended 152 employees. he could have been more employees if he stopped working long enough to start thinking through his business. that's one of the messages i'm conveying. i see a lot of people in my community and elsewhere that are working hard to make ends meet with little to work with. they're working day and night, trying to make it work. sometimes when you make a living with your own two hands, you can't back away long enough to rethink a smarter or better approach to what you're doing. >> neil: what do you tell the people that are in jobs where i don't like in job but i have to do it. i have kids going to school. i have these responsibilities. i mean, it sounds great. you're juggle ago tv, media empire, a congregation of 30,000 plus. you meet tens of millions around the world. >> it's like coming in at the
1:48 pm
end of the movie and evaluating the movie. i've done everything imaginable feeding my kids, taking care of my kids from digging ditches to putting in gas lines to being one of the head cooks at the airport. i have done everything imaginable. i was a buyer for men's fashion. i have done everything imaginable to make sure that my kids -- >> neil: that must have been interesting. who wouldn't buy a suit you? >> yeah. >> neil: this is the suit you want! >> but in the process of life, you do what you have to do. my work ethic comes from my dad. i talk about that in the book and talk about reimagining yourself. >> neil: when you say "reimagine" that's an important point in your book. that means picture yourself doing something different or better. >> yes, different or better. depending what you need. you can soar again. a quick point before we run out of time. i built the become around the wright brothers. he's brothers saturday on the
1:49 pm
ground, they didn't have an education or money. nobody thought about building a plane and they imagined themselves up there with nothing but a bicycle shop. they built an airplane from a bicycle shop. >> neil: and did it. >> yes. you might not have everything you need, but you can start with little and build something massive. you be surprised what you can do. you can soar. >> neil: soar. build your vision from the ground up. got my jazzed. i found out the other anchors here are paid. did you know that? ticked me off. he does make you think about just what is possible inside no matter where you come from. it's good advice. more after this. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online,
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>> neil: all right. who needs tax cuts?
1:53 pm
who if the market continues to soar based on good news, good earnings, expectations of more of the same and stores like walmart indicating that they're going to buy back in their case $20 billion of stock? that had shares up better than 4.5%. pfizer kicking around the idea of spinning off a division. then retailers in general talking about optimistic holiday sales forecasts. add that up, stocks are up. it's not necessarily about tax cuts. then again, they want to see them. more after this.
1:54 pm
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>> what do you say to critics who say that the president is alienating himself from republicans that he will need to move his legislation forward? >> i don't think he is alienating anyone. i think congress has alienated themselves by not actually getting the job done that the people of the country elected
1:57 pm
them to do. >> neil: you can chase those tax cuts could buy pure wall street doesn't see it. most republicans on capitol hill deny it. the president is still banking on it. what if i told you it's the president himself who risks torpedoing it? mr. "art of the deal" is killing the deal. i am talking about your deal, mr. president. i'm actually talking to you, mr. president. you've got this and yet you are losing theirs. stop me if you've heard this before. actually from me before. it's not that some of your ideas aren't found. they are. it's that increasingly this erratic behavior is making me wonder whether you are. i know you say senator corker started all of this bad mouthing you, but last time i checked, you are the president of the united states are tweeting out these tacky insults seems beneath you. i think it's going to cost you. you're running out of friends faster than you are running out of time. you might not like bob corker but a lot of senators do. and you need those senators,
1:58 pm
sir. even assuming some of them have got used to this, how long do you think they put up with this? loyalty works both ways, mr. president. whether you think you are justified or not punching down ain't helping you punch through. i'm sure ripping the establishment rates with your base but that doesn't make your tone and conduct and the last days. not only does it demean the united states senator, i think it demeans you. i know some admirer of the president to speak his mind but some of your tweets are making the people you need run for cover. maybe you are frustrated by the process. maybe the bureaucracy has got you swamped. all i know is that you can't drain that swamp if all you're doing is throwing mud. you clearly don't like it when it's done to you. what makes you think people you target hated any less when it's done to them? by all means, ripped them in private but do they deserve -- does anyone deserve being treated like this in public?
1:59 pm
military leaders whose wisdom you question as they serve their commander in chief without reservation. cabinet members who sing your praises on qs you bash them with abandon. how can you engender loyalty when each and all become social media pinata's? frankly i wonder what keeps them standing. for you, it can't be just the thunderous applause of a base that really isn't growing. it's time to reach beyond the base. you are not president of just those motors. you are president of all voters, those who love you and those who don't love you. i know what you're thinking and what your supporters will no doubt be bashing that i'm clueless, that i'm a globalist and a loser. i've heard everything from fat doofus to knucklehead never- never-trumper. you keep this up, you are losing this. i am not just talking about tax cuts. i'm talking about just being a
2:00 pm
human being. good night. ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters of kimberly guilfoyle, richard fowler, gillian turner, and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." stunning new developments in the case of harvey weinstein, as more victims come forward. today hollywood a listers gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie said they had been sexually assaulted by the disgraced hollywood mogul. all of this comes as disturbing new audio is released of the studio boss caught in a sting operation by police in an


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