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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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wine. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier coming to you from the white house. several big stories coming out of washington tonight. we begin out west where more than a dozen intense wildfires are burning through california's wine country. at least 17 fires have been ripped through tens of thousands of acres, destroying hundreds of home and businesses and killing at least 15 people. the president offered up of federal and moral support as images of the devastation are really being described as apocalyptic. >> the federal government will stand with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. and i just want to pay my
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warmest respects. they are going through a lot. >> bret: claudia cowan joins us. >> good evening. you see block after block in neighborhoods like this one where we are tonight in santa rosa. there is nothing left, and it's just heartbreaking. as these wildfires rage on, it's clear the damage and loss of life will be extensive. >> looks like a bomb went off. there is nothing left of these homes. >> california under siege. more than a dozen lives lost. people unaccounted for, homes, businesses and cars reduced to piles of ash. residents are slowly making their way back to see what if anything is left. >> to come in here and see it now and see everything and how far it goes. it's unimaginable. it was right there, and we were like, we've got to go down.
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this is all i've got. >> it's been an emotional 36 hours in which 17 large wildfires started across the golden state, burning 180 square miles. the smoke visible from space. >> the size and scope is massive. 20,000-acre fire with another 25,000-acre fire and a 5,000-acre firebird >> vice president mike pence visiting the command center in sacramento, promising the federl support. >> we will be with you every day until he put the fires out and stand with these communities. >> some of the worst hit areas, sonoma and napa counties, the heart of california's winemaking and tourism industry. at least 2,000 structures are gone. >> to see property and lives be affected. >> officials are warning those
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under evacuation orders to stay away until they deem it okay to return. >> it is not safe until we can secure utilities. gas lines, in short trees aren't going to fall down. the area is a process. >> it is not just the northern part of the state. in southern california east of anaheim, a 7500-acre blaze. the smoke cast an eerie orange glow over disneyland. fire crews say they were no match for the fire. >> you couldn't see her hand in front of your face. the fire was coming up over homes. 100-foot flames. >> at least 15 people have died, and there's growing concern the death toll will rise because at least 100 people have suffered very serious injuries. tonight, more than 150 people are reported missing. >> bret: claudia cowan live in sonoma county. thank you.
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here at the white house, president trump is not backing down on health care. his height with a republican senator and sources say his plan not to recertify the iran nuclear deal. the president sat down with secretary of state rex tillerson for lunch after telling a reporter he would win an i.q. test against his secretary of state. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us to break it down. >> good evening. the president does appear to have won one battle. the nfl commissioner roger goodell sent a memorandum saying the league believes all players should stand for the national anthem. the president is still fighting a number of wars on a number of different fronts. in the oval office with nixon secretary of state henry kissinger, president trump indicated he is still on the warpath against obamacare. >> henry kissinger does not want to pay 116% increase in his premiums but that's what's
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happening. we are going to have to do something with obamacare. >> stymied by his own senate, president trump taking matters into his own hands, tweeting: "since congress can't get its act together on healthcare, i will be using the power of the pen to give great healthcare to many people fast." the president is expected on thursday to sign an executive order allowing some individuals to join health care associations to purchase insurance as a grou group. >> great competitive health care and it will cost the united states nothing. >> president trump continuing his war of words with tennessee republican senator bob corker. in an audio recording, corker warned president trump's rhetoric could lead the nation down a dangerous road. the president tweeted:
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"the failing @nytimes set liddle' bob corker up by recording his conversation. was made to sound a fool, and that's what i am dealing with!" corker says his aides were recording the conversation and that he wanted "the new york times" to record it as well. asked about corker saying he could be headed down the path to world war iii, president trump deflected. >> we were on the wrong path before. we are on the right path. >> sarah sanders with a little more direct. >> senator corker is entitled to his own opinion. but he's not entitled to its own facts. the fact is this president has been an incredibly strong leader on foreign policy and national security. >> the president appeared to take a shot at his secretary of state. asked about allegations rex tillerson referred to the president as a "moron," president trump said "i think it's fake news. if he did that i guess we will have to compare i.q. tests i can tell you who's going to win."
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the president denied the comment was meant to undercut tillerson. >> i didn't undercut anybody. i don't believe in undercutting anybody. >> he wasn't questioning the secretary of state's intelligence. he made a joke. maybe you should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. he simply made a joke. >> one of the issues during the lunch, the iran nuclear deal. sources tell fox news the president is expected to not recertify the deal at the end of the week. instead, the president will present congress with a broad series of measures he believes are necessary to reign in iran's bad behavior. >> bret: re-recorded on the epa's plans yesterday. today epa administrator scott pruitt follow-through, signing off on a rule to begin withdrawing from the clean power plan, an obama-arrow policy this administration does more harm than good.
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scott pruitt joins me. good evening. why is this important? >> the president made a promise to the american people that the epa would not be an agency that picks winners and losers as we generate electricity. in the past administration, a commitment just declare war on coal. and that war is over. this is the beginning of a process to carry out promises to make sure we do our job at the agency and don't declare war on certain sectors of the economy. >> bret: a statement "the epa's mission is simple: protect our health and environment. playing games with the science just by rolling back the clean power plan and the economic benefits it would provide ignores the basic moral and ethical imperative.
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she finishes "repealing the clean power plan is a total giveaway to polluters at the expense of our health, environment, economy." your reaction. >> the u.s. supreme court took an unprecedented step, interviewing and issuing a stay against the clean power plan a year or so ago. when you look at the way the previous agency conducted itself, the leadership, it acted inconsistent with the authority in the statute. they created uncertainty. we have taken the step to begin the process to rectify that, provide clarity, and make sure whatever we do with the agency we are not picking winners and losers. the agency of the federal government declaring war against a sector of the economy? how does that sound? that's what the passive administration did. the president made a promise to rectify that and that's what this is about. >> bret: are you saying to coal country those jobs are
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coming back? >> what's important is we generate electricity. the resiliency, stability of the grade and we have diversity. for anyone to advance the notion we should do away with all fossil fuels is simply not correct. the president has made it clear that we are going to make sure we protect air but do so with respect to how utility companies make decisions. what was most offensive was it co-opted and coerced states to take over the power grid. it was a power grab over the power grid. the president has been strong and courageous to make sure we get it right. we have executed on it from a regulatory perspective and it is sending a message those jobs matter but the environment matters. >> bret: president obama defending this august 2015, sai said. >> they will claim this plan will cost you money even though
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this plan, analysis shows it will save the average american nearly $85 a year on their energy bills. they will claim we need to slash our investments in clean energy. it's a waste of money. even though they are happy to spend billions of dollars a year subsidizing oil companies. they will claim this plan will kill jobs, even though our transition to a cleaner energy economy, has the solar industry creating ten jobs ten times fa. >> asked those folks in kentucky. i was standing inside a manufacturing facility in a large percentage of their employee's were no longer employed. pennsylvania and other parts of the country. ohio, the mining jobs. largely because of the action because of the previous administration. they told us they were going to act on a war on coal and they achieved it. that is the message, this is not
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the role of a federal agency. we are going to respect the law and jobs. >> bret: there were other things the last administration did that you are changing, namely working with different groups to write the regulations. >> the agency would be sued by a third party and they would walk in the courthouse had agreed to engage in a settlement. then use that practice to force their will upon states. sue and settle. we are in the process of changing it. it's emblematic of this abuse of the agency acting in a way that's inconsistent with their authority. when we generate electricity, we need diversity of fuels, not less. we should be focused on renewables but we should use fossil fuels because the cost
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effectiveness and reliability. >> bret: you have come under criticism. critics are upset that this is getting unwound, that you are meeting too much with big companies who get the regulations overturned or rules rolled back. >> some folks criticized but the farmers and ranchers i meet with in iowa, they are as much of conservationists and environmentalists. we can't achieve good outcomes without working with stakeholders, states, farmers and ranchers. the voices of those folks were not heard in the last administration. >> bret: the other criticism as about your plane travel and whether it's justified to go back ten times to oklahoma by private air travel. you saw what happened with secretary price. there is a report looking into your travel. how do you respond? >> it was in private air travel
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doctoral coma. the accusation -- air travel back to oklahoma. when we meet with farmers and ranchers, we are doing the job of regulator. we are hearing from folks and make sure we do it. it's not best to sit in washington, d.c. we should be meeting with stakeholders all over the country. we talked about issues, advanced the issues and dealt with the overreach of the agency in the past administration. >> bret: the omb has set guidelines as far as travel. mr. administrator, thanks for the time. the onslaught of bombshells against harvey weinstein is if anything intensifying. for the first time, there are allegations of rape in a police audio recording the place they could lead to criminal charges. the last democratic presidential
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nominee once chummy with the movie mogul has responded. james rosen joins us with details. >> an article in the new yorker includes 13 new allegations of sexual harassment by harvey weinstein or worse. the incidence span two decades and according to farrow, three alleged the movie mogul raped them. and four of allegations of weinstein exposing himself. recording was made surreptitiously. weinstein appears to admit having touched her and other women inappropriately.
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>> between the new yorker article and another out today from "the new york times," three oscar winners today assert weinstein harassed them. a spokesperson for weinstein said "any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied. there were never any acts of retaliation. weinstein has long been a top donor to leading democrats including president obama whose daughter interned at weinstein's company and whose wife, mrs. obama, offered praise to weinstein. >> wonderful human being, good friend and a powerhouse. >> hillary clinton who has long championed the empowerment of
3:17 pm
women and girls hadn't had received confirmations from weinstein. had remained silent on the case until a statement today saying "i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated." mrs. clinton added, there support is critical. >> three days. i don't believe the notion that she didn't know. there's been rumors about this for years. people in hollywood, a lot of democrats knew this was going on but said nothing. i don't take her word for it. >> the weinstein company has fired its founder and is reportedly going to change its name. >> bret: once the most feared terror group, members of isis are giving up their fight. a look at where they surrendered recently in droves. prudential asked these couples:
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>> bret: welcome back to the white house. republican lawmakers describing an alarming terms the criminal case involving pakistani american imran awan. he worked for debbie wasserman schultz and other democratic lawmakers. >> these facts standing alone indicate as substantial scaredy threat. the events don't end there. >> bret: awan was arrested and has pleaded not guilty. an informal hearing today alleged that without their knowledge or consent, up to 40
3:22 pm
more house members had all of their data moved out of there in the office server. javier becerra is california's attorney general. his office did not respond. osama bin laden's former personal assistant exhaust his final appeal. the u.s. supreme court is refusing to curb the power of the military commissions set up after the 9/11 attacks leaving in place the conspiracy conviction. a an appellate panel ruled the tribunal lacked the to convict the defendants. he has been at guantanamo bay since 2002. members of one of the most ferocious and most feared terror groups are surrendering and
3:23 pm
mass. hundreds of isis fighters have turned themselves in. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> in the past week, 1,000 isis fighters have turned themselves into kurdish authorities, choosing to surrender rather than fight to the death as they vowed to do three years ago. >> they are demoralized. there are a lot of things we have seen to show a fighting force that is wilting as we speak. >> and isis leader called for them to keep fighting. the new martyrdom appears to be surrender, not suicide. this video, a "new york times" reporter documented the interrogation of isis fighters after hawija fell last thursday. fighters expressed relief. >> translator: we are happy. another few days and we were
3:24 pm
able to return home. >> most fighters claim they were new recruits and had never witnessed any torture or beheadings. it took the iraqi military 15 days to retake hawija, one of its last strongholds in iraq in part because of these surrender surrenders. in mosul, fighters held out for eight months. "the actions of the pentagon and the coalition demanded an explanation. is it an artful move to drive islamic state terrorists out of iraq by forcing them into syria? "russian submarines have been firing on targets. colonel rob manning called the allegations false. the u.s. military says it's fighters have retaken 80% of
3:25 pm
raqqa. the question becomes once isis is defeated, what comes next. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. up next, at a fellow commissioner ways all in on the national anthem controversy. here is what some of our affiliates are covering. fox 4 in dallas. 19-year-old texas tech freshman has been charged with capital murder in the shooting death of a campus police officer. he shot the officer at the department's office after he was brought in for questioning about evidence of drugs found in his room. he ran from the scene but was later captured. classes are back in session. fox 11 in charleston. the conviction of a former ceo of a west virginia mining company where 29 miners died seven years ago is being left in place. u.s. supreme court refusing to hear don blankenship 'request.
3:26 pm
live look at chicago from fox 32. possible repeal to the soda tax. cook county officials believe they enough votes to repeal the penny per ounce tax. final vote on that is expected wednesday. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bret: the doors to the west wing. the controversy over players kneeling on the sidelines during the national anthem at nfl games has gone from the field here to the white house and back again. today the nfl commissioner said it's time to get back to the game. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howard kurt howard kurtz.
3:30 pm
>> the national football league has taken a hit since president trump launched his campaign against protesting players. ratings are down 8% from last season to an average of 16.5 million viewers. roger goodell has given ground, telling owners the controversy is dividing us on hurting the league. "like many fans, we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. it's an important moment in our game." jerry jones backed victor trump, drawing presidential praise on twitter when he said he would bench any player who didn't stand for the anthem. >> anything that is disrespectful to the flag, we will not play. >> vice president pence walked out of an indiana -- indianapolis colts game. on six other teams this week between one and four players
3:31 pm
stats, took a knee, or stayed in the locker room. 49ers owners has called mr. trump callison says his players have a right to protest social injustice. >> i wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed of what was taking place. i don't think you can disrespect our country, our flag, our national anthem. >> the president calling for change that could deal a financial blow. why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while disrespecting our anthem, flag, and country? change tax law. the central office gave up its tax-exempt status. 13 teams have gotten more than $1 billion in federal subsidies to build or renovate stadiums. >> if they are going to use money from american taxpayers to build the fields they plan, is it too much to ask that they show respect for the flag? >> the nfl remains a cash machine. one poll showing its popularity dropping in just one month, it's
3:32 pm
clear their president has thrown the league for a loss. >> bret: thanks. congressional republican takes on twitter after it takes down her campaign ad for what it deemed an inflammatory statement. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us. >> tennessee republican marsha blackburn is on offense, attacking twitter, saying "i'm appalled by twitter's attempt to censor my pro-life record and i believe the entire pro-life community deserves an apology and explanation for their actions." blackburn is a house member running for the senate, seeking to replace bob corker. blackburn addressed the controversy last night on fox. >> this is a pro women, probated, pro-life message, and yes as chairman of the select investigative panel, the work our committee delivered stopped this practice of selling baby
3:33 pm
body parts. it's something people wanted to see shot down. >> twitter sent this feedback "it appears the line in this video specific to stop the sale of baby body parts has been deemed inflammatory statement that's likely to evoke a strong negative reaction. if this is omitted from the video, it will be permitted to serve." a twitter spokesperson explained why a tweet advertising the subject to stricter rules. here is the line from the ad. >> i know the left calls me a wing nut or a knuckle dragging conservative and i say that's all right. bring it on. i am 100% pro-life.
3:34 pm
i've fought planned parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. thank god. speak of the controversy has given the blackburn campaign a great deal of free attention. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. thanks. markets ended on the upswing. dow up to 70. s&p 500 rose 6. nasdaq up nearly eight points. coming up, the next steps in spain after catalonia back soffits plan for immediate independence. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has...
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♪ >> bret: under intense pressure, catalonia's leader has backed off to declare independence from spain following a dispute or referendum. catalonia's president made the announcement today, proposing the separatists wait a few weeks in order to hold talks with
3:38 pm
madrid. john huddy reports from barcelona. >> it wasn't quite the birth of a nation. >> translator: the government and myself propose the parliament suspend the declaration of independence so that in the next few weeks, we start a dialogue without which it's not possible to get a concerted solution. >> catalonian president's address was the culmination of more than a week of protests, marches, demonstrations for and against independence. it has dominated the headlines in spain and garnered worldwide attention and what has been the biggest clinical crisis in the country since an attempted military coup in 1981. >> translator: we firmly believe in this moment the de-escalation tension is necessary. >> by taking what some speculate it would be the so-called soft approach, making a symbolic statement of independence rather than a unilateral one, many
3:39 pm
believe he avoided a head-on collision with madrid and throwing the autonomous region of northeastern spain into political and economic chaos. spanish prime minister threatened to take control of the catalonian region, possibly even arresting separatist leaders if unilateral independence was declared. still it wasn't exactly the speech some were hoping for. >> i bittersweet feeling because i was expecting -- i understand it's better to do things in a proper way. >> are you disappointed? >> absolutely not because we are society really open and we have to dialogue with europe and we want something. but dialogue first of all. never violence. >> spain's deputy prime minister says a meeting has been scheduled in madrid. spanish government officials including the prime minister
3:40 pm
still refused to accept the regions independence. it continues. >> bret: john huddy live in barcelona. thanks. growing diplomatic feud you may not have heard about between turkey and the united states. tensions rose sunday after state department official suspended considering turkeys visas application saying the u.s. wants to reassess turkey's commitment to the safety of u.s. personnel. as rich edson reports, there's a lot of history behind this diplomatic spat. >> the state department stopped considering these applications for turkish citizens trying to visit the united states. turkey retaliated and announced the same for americans. the arrest last week of a u.s. consulate of employee prompted an argument. the deterioration of the relationship goes back further. >> the actions were deeply disturbing to us. we were made concerned. >> state department says this is the second time turkish authorities this year arrested a
3:41 pm
u.s. diplomatic employee. both are turkish citizens. think of this arrest has raised questions about whether the goal of some officials is to disrupt the long-standing cooperation between turkey and the united states. if true, this would put the people who work with and work at and visit our diplomatic facilities at risk. >> there are americans imprisoned in turkey. the state department says turkey arrested 200,000 in connection with a failed coup attempt last year. >> translator: how do the spies infiltrate the consulate? if they didn't infiltrate the consulate, who put them there? >> turkey's government wants the u.s. to surrender a pennsylvania-based cleric it holds responsible for the coup attempt last year. the governments differences go even further. a brawl between turkish security forces and protesters in may. turkish objections to the partnership with kurdish forces.
3:42 pm
and president erdogan's consolidation of power and increased authoritarianism. >> "the wall street journal" says turkey has sentenced one of its reporters to more than two years in prison for a story she wrote more than two years ago. the reporter is in new york, maintains turkish and finnish citizenship and says she will appeal the decision. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thanks. our all-star panels up next to weigh in on the president's ongoing swipes with the g.o.p. senators and jokes about the secretary of state. first, beyond our borders. north korean leaders could have their hands on a treasure trove of south korean documents that reportedly include a plan to assassinate kim jong un and military preparations for a potential nuclear showdown with its neighbors to the north. south korea's defense ministry would not comment that a south korean lawmaker confirms the breach to the bbc.
3:43 pm
north korea has denied stealing the documents. kenya's authorization letter is withdrawing from the presidential election he fought to have redone. he withdrew his candidacy. the court nullified election results. the first time a court had ever done that in africa. pope francis expected to address the crackdown on rohinga muslims. the vatican released the itinerary today. the pope has denounced what he calls the persecution on several occasions. some of those stories beyond our borders. we will be right back choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection.
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♪ >> secretary tillerson and the iq, what were you trying to get out? >> i didn't undercut anybody. >> he made a joke, nothing more than that. he has full confidence in the secretary of state. maybe you should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. >> you have a duty to try to present them the best facts in the box thinking to help them see it in a different light. maybe you can't but if he doesn't and says i want to do it my way than your job is to execute. if you feel strongly enough that you have to resign. we do a lot of questions about a certain quote in "forbes" magazine, president trump talk about secretary of state and what was alleged that he said about president trump anyway. if the president said to forbes i think it's fake news but if
3:48 pm
you did that i guess we will have to prepare iq tests that i can tell you it was going to win. asked about secretary tillerson preopening dialogue with north korea the president said "he was wasting his time. i'm not undermining. i think i'm actually strengthening authority." former secretary of state with dana perino. >> it's really important for the president and president and secretary of state to be on the same page and have a good relationship. i have the impression that rex tillerson is going about his business. he's working hard on ukraine, he's got a very good envoy who is trying to find a way way to settle ukraine. he's working very hard on the north korea issue. countries are saying they are going to isolate north korea, countries are pulling back their ambassadors. sometimes in washington, you know as well as i do, underneath things are going on and i certainly know rex tillerson, he's a strong person. >> bret: condoleezza rice on the daily briefing with
3:49 pm
dana perino. let's bring in our panel. back in the studio we have bevan, publisher, and steve hayes, editor in chief for the weekly standard. rift between the secretary of state, they said they had lunch today and everybody was on -- >> >> this is extraordinary. the secretary of state has not denied that he called the president a more impaired his spokesperson did but he had several opportunities to do so himself and he didn't do that. he still on the job, the president tweeted at him that he shouldn't have talked to north korea. was rex tillerson being a subordinate? lighting the president communicate that to him of the normal channels? you don't have to tell your secretary of state what you want them to do via twitter. this is really extraordinary. why is this guy storm a job if he, as the president says, he might have done that, called him a moron. if the iq thing was supposed to
3:50 pm
be a joke. i think the underlying questions are pretty amazing. >> bret: they say it's a joke, he say he has full confidence. are we just expected to believe that one day he's going to wake up and secretary tellers and not going to be here? >> i don't know about that. rex tillerson is on the key, sort of the big three of the trim cabinet between tillerson, general mattis and john kelly, these are his key players and i don't think he wants to have any sort of breach with them and have to go through the process. i think that would cause a lot of issues for publicly, on the hill, and other places. i do think it was a joke that he made but she's right, this is something that we have never seen before play out in public and it is sort of part of trump trump's standard operating procedure that would learn through the campaign in the first three months of his administration. >> bret: he had lunch today with secretary matus and secretary tillerson. they are getting ready to go to asia where secretary tillerson
3:51 pm
will accompany the president. what's happening? >> that's a good question. we weren't in the lunch so we don't know what's happening but certainly i think it's fair to say that there's a high level of dysfunction between the trump white house and the president and his top cabinet secretaries. there's no question. the framing of the issue has been interesting. in the media we've seen it reported again and again and again that trump is undermining his secretary of state. that mistakes was the president here. he's the president. if the president wants the north korea policy to be one of nonengagement that's his right and tom cotton's right, if rex tillerson doesn't agree with that either needs to execute the president's policy or he needs to step aside. if there is this under the radar disagreement between them, normal. what's not normal is it burst out into the open in this way again and again and again. it's not just north korea, it's iran in the certification and a number of other dude issues as
3:52 pm
well. >> bret: one of the people standing up for secretary tillerson and speaking out about president trump is republican senator bob corker. president tweeting about corker today saying the failing "new york times" said little bob corker up, was made to sound a full, that's what i'm dealing with. corker internal net audio that he knows he's being recorded. what about this and does it affect the agenda at all? >> it could. he's the chairman of the, excitt the foreign relations committee. he would be in charge of anybody who replaces rex tillerson if he goes away. he would also have a lot to do with any kind of iran deal addendum if that's what we are heading for. he's also on the budget committee, a lot to do with tax reform. all of those things are really important to the president. it why he would pick a fight with somebody we know that when he's insulted or feel he's insulted he likes to hit back ten times harder. i don't think that because of
3:53 pm
this back on twitter bob corker would in a fit of pique not support the president's agenda. but it makes you wonder what the president thinks he's trying to accomplish. >> bret: here is rush limbaugh on this battle today. >> bob corker here has revealed exactly why none of the trump agenda is ever going to get through the senate. to me this confirms every instrument that had that it's not the democrats stopping trume republicans. they simply cannot abide an outsider coming in and taking over their turf and in the process have to portray the outsider as a total thunderhead and a fool and immediate. >> bret: tom? >> look, this is something that also goes back to the campaign. trumpet sort of made name by bashing the republican establishment. he certainly done that here while he's been in washington. the split within the party is growing wider and wider. we have this news that steve
3:54 pm
balin is going to fund primary challenges against all these incumbent republicans for 2018. this is a sport that has been growing within the party, it seems to be widening. trump has no compunction about attacking establishment republicans like mitch mcconnell or bob corker on twitter, in public. this is only going to grow wider as we head toward the 2018 elections and i think it could cause republican subproblems. i don't think it will damage trump's agenda in the short ter term. but i don't think corker will shoot on tax reform over this but it's a growing problem within the republican party but there's no easy resolution to this moving forward. >> bret: sanders today on this issue. >> senator corker worked with nancy pelosi and the obama administration to pave the way for that legislation and basically rolled out the red carpet for the iran deal. >> do you stand by your statement that rock bob corkerd out the red carpet? >> i made it about 10 minutes ago. he may have voted against the deal ultimately but he not only
3:55 pm
allow the deal to happen, he gave it credibility. >> bret: steve, just to be clear, the obama administration at the time was going to declare the iran deal not a treaty. didn't even have to go to congress. bob corker was against the iran deal but you had to get 60 votes to turn it down. the republicans came to cope shy. in essence he was against the deal but did set up the structure where congress could weigh in. they are? >> yes. he was for and against that at the same time in some respects. bob corker was one of the early normalizer's of donald trump. supported him early, said good things about him what other people were concerned and just a few weeks ago he was saying there was no daylight between hand trump. take what he saying now with a grain of salt. >> bret: we will follow all of these battles because there are a lot of them. we are keeping track of it all. when we come back, things just don't add up for some of our white house correspondents, including our chief white house correspondent today. ♪ when i look
3:56 pm
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speech and finally tonight white house briefings can get pretty competitive with reporters from different networks and news outlets trying to get their questions and, as many questions as they can. >> i'm going to stick around so i can get some work done. >> the other question i had. [indistinct] >> i will go to amos. >> bret: they just want to get one more. when it was fox's john roberts turn to ask the question he tried hard for that one more. >> john? >> did he change the goalposts? is he insistent but the wall be part of any daca legislation? question two, speaking of goalposts. >> that was like three questions already. good thing he's a reporter and not a math teacher. >> i was horrible at math. >> bret: we were all bad at math, weren't we? they told me there would be no math. thanks for inviting us into our home. that's it for the special
4:00 pm
report. from the white house, we invite many officials to come by. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, hypocrisy and hollywood were many may have been complicit in the massive cover-up that damaged scores of young women. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum and tonight "the story" begins at the 2013 glatt awards honoring bill clinton. >> i want to congratulate harvey. if he's anything like his dad he will be relentless, passionate and the best mentor and aspiring actor could ever hope for. >> you can stop for forgetting to thank me at the oscars. >> martha: that was then and now the dirty secret is on some a listers that kept a