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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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band. you can't make it up. good night from washington, our friend sean hannity in new york next. >> sean: tucker as always, great show. the inexcusable hypocrisy continues to be exposed as news. it deeply disturbing accusations. the now disgraced hollywood executive, major democratic political donor, harvey weinstein. three women are now accusing weinstein of rape. gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie says harvey weinstein sexually harassed them also. they continue to come out. hollywood liberals and democrats are only slowly starting to condemn weinstein, five days later. hillary clinton who accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from weinstein is finally now denouncing him after a deafening silence. late tonight, the obama's are
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finally condemning the hollywood mogul. newt gingrich, monica crowley, who knew harvey weinstein. geraldo rivera, larry elder will all join us. we will do with the mainstream media never will do. we are going to expose how this is much bigger and far more per pervasive day in the medial will tell you. that is tonight's opening monologue. the massive harvey weinstein scandal is getting more disturbing hour by hour. an absolutely stunning report from the new yorker, three women are now accusing weinstein of rape and for others are saying the media mogul sexually harassed them. the new yorker also obtained an audio recording of a 2015 sting operation involving weinstein and a model. you can hear him admitting to groping her. we've got to warn you if you have kids in the room, this is graphic. listen to this.
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>> no. >> please? >> i don't want to. >> i'm not doing anything. i'm not embarrassing you. >> i am sorry. it was kind of aggressive for me. >> i swear i won't. don't embarrass me in the hotel. i am here all the time. one minute. >> i don't want to do something i don't want to do. >> listen to me. >> i want to go downstairs. if you embarrass me in this hotel -- >> i feel comfortable. >> please, i'm not going to do anything. i swear on my children. please on everything. >> i am very uncomfortable right now. >> one minute. i am sorry. i'm used to that. >> you are used to that?
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i'm not used to it. >> come on. for a minute. >> no, i don't want to. >> i'm sorry. i never will do another thing to you. 5 minutes. don't ruin your friendship with me for 5 minutes. >> it's too much for me. >> you are making a big scene here. >> sean: that poor woman, so disturbing. according to "the new york post," the district attorney's office is somehow defending their decision to not prosecute weinstein back in 2015? that's repulsive. unfortunately. it's only one of the many troubling revelations coming out about harvey weinstein. hollywood a listers like gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie, they told "the new york times"
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earlier today that weinstein sexually harassed them. other actresses are telling "the new york times" that weinstein was making unwanted advances. heather graham is also speaking out. she told variety that weinstein said if she had with him, he would get a movie deal in the movie role. and weinstein's wife georgina chapman told "people" magazine she is now finally leaving her husband. according to the daily mail, weinstein is taking a page out of the clinton playbook. he's hiring a top hollywood lawyer in an attempt -- if you read it -- to discredit his victims. only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to allegations against harvey weinstein. with even more disturbing is the fact that people, many of them in hollywood knew what weinstein was doing and they knew it for decades and they did nothing about it. some in hollywood are even being accused of helping to cover this up. according to a former "new york times" reporter, there
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is a 2004 story that she was working on about weinstein. allegedly point paying a woman to keep her silent after he sexually harassed her. that was killed with the help she says from actors matt damon and russell crowe. david is denying he played any role and says the conversation he had with the reporter was not about weinstein. there's also a fashion designer, want to be outraged? donna karan has apologized today after saying on sunday that weinstein's accusers were "asking for it." there's also the fact that as we highlighted last night, weinstein is a huge, massive, major democratic donor. their estimate is that he contributed over $2 million to democrats since the year 2000. very key top democratic names and players. including an estimated $44,000 to hillary clinton. that's in addition to the
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$15,000 that weinstein gave to her super pac. weinstein also donated over -- dollars to the obama victory fund. maybe that's why took clinton and the obama's five days to begin to speak out. that's not all. the hollywood executive dished out over $97,000 to the democratic national committee. he wrote checks for over $76,000 to the democratic senatorial campaign committee. some democrats to their credit giving the money back. others are donating to various liberal groups. really? not every single democrat isn't doing that. even though they should be. remember during the campaign? i made such a big deal about all of the money that hillary clinton, or foundation, was taking in from countries like saudi arabia, qatar, oman, kuwait. the uae. they treat women horror to make horribly. in some of these countries gays
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and lesbians are put to death. christians and jews are persecuted. five days after the scandal broke, we want to remind you what the women who accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct said. i don't remember hollywood stars speaking out against clinton or talking about his issues that he had to deal with. or how hillary defended him. you may remember this. >> it he described a scene when he was biting on your lip and when it was all over, he was leaving. inside you better put some ice on that. >> yeah. and casually put on his sunglasses and walked out the door. it was a terrible ordeal for me. no woman should be subjected to it. >> sean: he assaulted you. he touched, grabbed, fondled and kissed you against your will. an allegation not made by one woman. it's made by many others.
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>> next thing you know, she pulled down his pants, everything. he was exposed. and i said i am not that kind of girl. and i need to be getting back to my bed. >> sean: remember what hillary said? she said their accusations were part of the vast right-wing rig conspiracy theory. the ever so eloquent statement she put out about weinstein today... i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior described a women coming forward cannot be tolerated. their courage in the support of others is critical in helping to top this kind of behavior. really, hillary, really? three genetic sentences and your silence over the years? here's the truth about the clintons and weinstein. they've known weinstein for years. they've been more than happy to take all of his money and run
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campaigns. is reporting that weinstein donated $200,000 to that clinton foundation. maybe that's why she waited to condemn weinstein. she never criticized those countries that treat women, gays and lesbians, christians and jews horribly. finally at this late hour, the obama's finally put out a statement about weinstein that reads this... michelle and i have been disgusted about the recent reports of harvey weinstein. any man who demeans or degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable regardless of wealth or status. we should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories and we all need to build a culture including by empowering our girls in teaching our boys decency and respect so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future. okay, a obama loves to opine
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about cultural controversies. what took him so long to denounce weinstein? did it have to do with the fact that he's taken all that money from weinstein and invited weinstein weinstein to the white house? back in 2013, the former first lady michelle obama praised harvey weinstein during a white house event. watch this. >> this is possible because of harvey. he's a a wonderful human being. good friend. just a powerhouse. >> sean: here's a question, are the clintons and obamas, are you going to give the money that weinstein donated, are you going to give it back? beyond despicable and shameful. these rumors have been out there for years. it's not surprising when it comes to the left. i have explained over and over on this show, liberals love to be so sanctimonious. holier-than-thou. they are really hypocrites. they claim moral authority over republicans and conservatives over issues like women's rights, gay rights, religious freedom. we conservatives on this program
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have spoken out about the treatment of women, gays and lesbians, kristen's aunt jews under sharia. hollywood is a perfect example. we've been hearing about this type of behavior, that weinstein is being accused of. he's definitely not alone. it's bigger than anyone is going to tell you. we will be investigating. people have been talking for years. ever hear the phrase the casting couch in hollywood? we've all heard that phrase. guess what? hollywood has turned a blind eye to the systemic abuse. they just accepted it. all while attacking conservatives as being anti-women, feeding moral outrage, selective moral outrage any time a conservative is caught up in a scandal or an alleged scandal. hollywood does not care about the issue that they talked about because if they did, someone would have spoken out about weinstein sooner. people have known for years and they did not do it. hollywood, what do they do in the movies? they romanticize violence and
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sex. and of course, cartoon characters. they slant left. this is why it's bigger than anyone will tell you. i have a video from 2003. remember? a guy accused of rape and even admitted to part of it? roman polanski. he went back and oscar for best director. the left its audience, how did they respond? he was in the 40s when the accusation took place. the girl was 13. the same polanski accused of raping a 13-year-old girl after giving her champagne and quaaludes. he fled to europe before he got the full sentence he deserved. which is why he was absent from this award ceremony. now that you know this, close attention. how did the hollywood oscars
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crowd, how did they cheer for this accused child rapist? watch this. >> roman polanski for "the pianist." [cheers and applause] >> sean: seeing that after knowing what roman polanski did to a 13-year-old girl? should we really be surprised that hollywood leftist liberals did not expose weinstein sooner? we also have to point out that some in hollywood, they still support polanski. back in 2009, he was arrested in switzerland. people wanted him extradited to california on the 1977 case. but over 100 leftist hollywood celebrities, we will show you some of the notable ones right there. they all signed a petition. demanding the guy that did this
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to a 13 euro girl be released. there are also reports that harrison ford and harvey weinstein himself signed that petition. this hypocrisy is stunning. it's shameful. beyond disgusting. here's my prediction tonight. this harvey weinstein scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. for example, after terry crews, he announced he was sexually assaulted by "high-ranking hollywood executive," we will have a lot more on the days and weeks ahead. here with reaction, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. radio talk show host larry elder and monica crowley. i want to start with you. you knew him. >> in 2001, he worked as an editor and writer for talk magazine. it was half owned by harvey weinstein. and his first movie studio, miramax. he controlled half of the magazine. while i never experienced or witnessed sexual harassment
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myself, i did witness extremely abusive behavior on the part of harvey weinstein directed to the editor in chief and others who worked at the magazine. he would come in that office once a week, a couple times a week. screaming. the vitriol that he spewed was so abusive. rather than being productive, it actually had the contrary effect. we all heard whispers about the other part of it. it's the abusive behavior in one area certainly tells us about abusive behavior in other areas. >> sean: how is it possible, geraldo? i have friends. they told me the same thing that live in los angeles. everybody knew. everybody knew and is far more pervasive than anybody knows. the guy in new zealand whose hiring attorneys to expose all of these people. i think this is going to get bigger. >> it's huge.
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nobody can pretend to be surprised. you mentioned the expression "casting couch." i've done at least a dozen exposes on the casting couch over the years. in 2013 when seth mcfarlane, the very gifted comic was presenting the nominations for the academy award for best supporting actress, he said of the five nominees, now they didn't have to pretend to like harvey weinstein anymore. this was a generalized -- this was general knowledge. furthermore, to your political point, i don't think the progressive side of the political agenda, the liberals can in any way denied that they dropped the ball regarding these specific allegations. there's no doubt but if this was one of us, if it was bill o'reilly again or if it was bill cosby, the left would have had it. it would have been the lead in the "saturday night live" monologue or the weekend update. it wasn't even mentioned.
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the late-night comic didn't even mention it at all. it's a lamentable that a person who is a predator like this -- a pig but if you are a right-wing pig, they would have been all over this on friday. not waiting until tuesday. >> sean: so true. larry, you lived in l.a. it's different in this sense. everybody i know that lives out there, there are so many people, young people that go out there with dreams and aspirations and they want to be actors and actresses. and models and all of this. i am told by my friends there, this is so pervasive. it's worse than anybody knows. what do you hear from other people in the industry? >> that's why this is so appalling, sean. it's one thing for a young starlet, naive, the casting couch in the behavior of harvey weinstein. it's another thing for an
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accomplished, established actors like glenn close to say yeah, i knew about this for a long time and never said anything. knowing about it all this time and not saying anything, knowing full well he's doing this to younger actresses? my goodness, where have you been? we are not to be surprised by this kind of hypocrisy. paula jones, she works at the national organization for women. she was told i'm sorry, you are in bed with the wrong people. she told me she called gloria aldrich's office twice and they didn't even return the phone call. >> sean: the clintons got a pass. because they are liberal. all the things i've been thinking about the money they take from countries that have sharia, the clintons got a pass on all bill clinton's garbage and they all knew that was true. >> sean, one more thing, there's a book called no one left alive too. it was written by douglas brinkley, a very respected
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historian. by christopher hitchens. he said that bill clinton has been accused of >> greg: >> ser twice but three times. >> sean: it didn't stop them -- not a peep out of hillary. go ahead. >> hillary clinton said over the last year that these kind of women make these accusations should be believed. harvey weinstein in the first day of this scandal was telling people this was going to blow over because he believed as a good liberal throwing his money around that he would be protected. for a long time, he was, sean. it shows a very deep, corrosive moral degradation. not just in hollywood but in the culture. >> sean: i'm not going to cast dispersions on one group of people. i'm not going to cast dispersions on women that were afraid to talk. but so many waited and then thinking if you are waiting, you've got to know in the back
6:20 pm
of your head this guy is not changing his behavior. some were very rich and powerful. >> when it's happening to you, you think you are alone and it's only happening to you. that this kind of thing was only directed to you. >> sean: good point. >> when you walk out of a situation like this, you are terrified to tell anybody because you think you're the only one and you are not going to be believed. >> sean: geraldo. >> the partial solution to this as this emerges -- one harvey weinstein paid off these people, i have no doubt that he and his privately held company of which he and his brother own 42%, they deducted those payoffs, the silence money from their income tax. as a legitimate business aspect. that's a violation of tax law. the frustration that the new york county d.a. voiced about the inability to prosecute
6:21 pm
him for the groping of the actress, because she may have been unreliable or whatever it was -- now the tax man can unpeeled a lot of this nonsense and hold people accountable for clear violation of the irs tax code. a felony, by the way. that's the way to go. many of the complainants coming forward, in the bill cosby case, many of the alley vacations were 20-30-even 40 years old. i suspect in the weinstein case, there are fresher allegations in which the statute of limitations is not so old. >> sean: i promise we'll get to the bottom of it. young people deserve better. the casting couch crap has got
6:22 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." nfl commissioner roger goodell finally responded to the national anthem controversy playing the league. hello, roger. in a letter he wrote... the current dispute over the national anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game and is now dividing us and our players and many fans across the country. he continued... like many of our fans, we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. we need to move past this controversy and we want to do that together with our players. meanwhile, dallas cowboys owner jerry jones repeated his position that he will bench players who disrespect the flag. good for him. watch this. >> the policy is if you do not honor and stand for the flag, a lot of the fans feel that you should.
6:27 pm
if that's not the case, then you will not play. >> sean: remember, people fought bled and died under that flag. unfortunately, those on the left in this country were quick to accuse jerry jones of being racist. this is pathetic. watch this. >> jerry jones displayed leadership but i need to be with my players, he got down and linked arms. i understand that. it seems like that's where he was going. now it seems like it was as phony as a three dollar bill. the word that comes to mind, i don't care if he doesn't like me using it, plantation. the players are here to serve me and they will do what i want, no matter how much i pay them. they are not equal to me. >> jerry jones -- his decision in many ways, smacks of the plantation mentality. >> sean: what about nfl players?
6:28 pm
are we restricting their free speech rights? and when they put on their cleats 9/11 oh oh two meg zero? they were forbidden from doing that. you can't twerk or taunt or do a fake bow and arrow in the end zone. author of how to turn good men into whiners, weenies, and wimps. burgess owens is back with us. there are plenty restrictions on free speech in the nfl. can't remember 9/11. you cannot honor dead police officers assassinated in the line of duty. one player wanted to honor his mother with pink but it wasn't the month of october. he was denied this request. why can't they make rules here without being called racist? >> here's the problem, i think
6:29 pm
the nfl commissioner had it right. we have to remove the barrier and move forth and find a way for america to come together. i think the players should stand for the plaque. >> sean: this is about low ratings and revenues walking out the door. this is not about principle. people aren't watching it. the disrespect of the brave men and women who fought, bled, and died for that flag. to play its part and they get paid a lot of money. >> we need americans who stand with us for the flag to stand and erase the racial divide in our country. we have issues monday through sunday. >> sean: burgess, i mentioned this. robert kraft said to all his players, i will match you dollar for dollar. let's do something in our communities and help people. >> i am so excited about this conversation we are having. what we are seeing in the black community, as we pull back the
6:30 pm
underbelly of socialism and marxism, you see people that don't have any hope. at the end of the day, we have a chance to have the conversation. where are the black leaders? all these guys who are now complaining, talking about racist owners. where have they been as we fed the misery for black people for all these years? it's been total silence. i'm glad we are having conversation. americans do what we do best. we are going to give these kids hope. give money to the right organizations. not naacp. those are front doors for marxism. april giving these kids hope. doing the right thing for them. >> sean: i am all for -- i make my living with freedom of speech, daryl. it's a shame that no one paid attention in obama's adopted hometown during his presidency and 39 people killed.
6:31 pm
18,000 shot. the final six years of his presidency. where was everybody? where was everybody when kids are dying? god's sons and daughters are dying. i've scrawled their names. >> you need to hear from the nfl players. they are saying to america and our president we have a racial issue we need to talk about. we need to have that conversation. until we have that conversation, i don't think we've properly responded to these players. the president owes it to the country into players in the league. all americans are going to stand for the flag, make sure we have this conversation to address the issues that so many of these players have brought to our attention. >> sean: burgess, last word. >> ever in the history of mankind, the black community, these people are telling these kids for 20-30 years that they can't make it. the conversation needs to be had but we need to tell them what the real deal is in our country
6:32 pm
and not let the socialists run this. >> sean: we've got to leave it there. i appreciate it. roger goodell statement about players standing for the anthem, a big win for president trump. we will asked newt gingrich about harvey weinstein, whether or not republicans can get anything done and the battle between senator corker and president trump. we have a lot of ground to cover on this busy breaking news night. stay with us. cause it's liquid. woohoo! you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." it roger goodell said that letter to the nfl owners saying that the league believes everyone should stand for the national anthem. wow. finally getting on board. here's what president trump has been calling for. here with reaction, author of -- i don't think it will outdo your last one. it was 30 weeks on "the new york times" list. newt gingrich, his brand-new book is "being vengeance," and
6:37 pm
your wife has a new book out. she's going to beat you in ambassador to the vatican. "remember the ladies." >> she now works for the american people. >> sean: congratulations. i think it was right to bring this debate on the nfl in the anthem. >> one of the things driving the elite media crazy is that trump has this instinct for taking the side of the american people in taking the side of american history. and being willing to stand up to every politically correct left-winger there is. he's gradually beginning to break through, i think. it's not measurable in traditional terms. if you go back and collect all the columns about how wrong it was for trump to do this, the
6:38 pm
american people said no, that's exactly right. and winston did their poll and found out that the nfl had collapsed -- >> sean: dramatically. >> i'm sure roger goodell in the moment of deep patriotism desired not to to go broke. >> sean: now you mean when the revenue is sinking and the ratings go down? >> they decided that they too wanted to stand for the flag. >> sean: they too. very clever. i want to go back to this harvey weinstein issue. it's a huge political component here. you've known me all these years. i met you in 1990. the first time, a holiday in in decatur alabama. the thing that frustrates me,
6:39 pm
that republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. every election cycle. poor met romney had resumes of women and was accused of misogyny. could not meet the nicer guy in your life. right? now, all the hypocrisy, hilary takes money from countries that practice sharia. they take money from weinstein. everybody i know in hollywood says this was an open secret. how abusive and horrible this man was. the "the casting couch" is not w concept. it did not matter that bill clinton treated women horribly. they still voted for bill and hillary. why the double standard? >> there's a great daily blog, pointed out two things. if hillary had won, this was still not be a story. they would have smothered it. it was so directly brings back
6:40 pm
bill and hillary. this is a story that could only emerge when you had somebody new in the white house. in the old days, people like weinstein. this would make an amazing movie or novel, it's not just him. there were people who had the power -- they could go to the various publications, the women's publications and say i can get a start to be the cover of your next magazine. you really want to pick a fight with me? >> sean: they owned them. >> the democratization of media, there are too many small people out there to bribe. someone comes along and says -- >> sean: twitter, facebook. >> i am willing to report this and you can't do anything to me. what's interesting is, this is part of an ongoing process. you're going to see hollywood come apart at the seams.
6:41 pm
just as you've seen silicon valley. it becomes inappropriate for economic power to coerce and blackmail and bribe people it's been exploiting. >> sean: there is an ugly, hypocritical underbelly here, though. the left will tolerate the sins of the left. hollywood celebrities tolerated the sins of the clintons because of what their politics were. any conservative, even if it's not true, they will go forward with the fierce feigned outrage. >> what gets to people like you and me and the most of our audience is the left is determined to say they are morally superior. they have to come in and say whatever the topic is, you are a bad person.
6:42 pm
you are a bad person. as you said, they come up with these nasty, big terms. i just saw a study that says the next generation of college professors, it's 12-1 democrat. 12-1. it says to me that campuses are gone. people that walk around smugly saying i am morally superior and you must be inferior because after all, you don't believe what i believe. >> sean: do think deep down in their hearts they know how hypocritical they are? >> no, that's what's frightening. they are totalitarians. this is what george orwell in 1984 wrote about. >> sean: they will tolerate the sins of their own. it's like leonardo dicaprio. a big green guy. not enough to celebrate new year's eve once with a private jet to australia. and that a private jet to fly back to vegas, you get to celebrate it twice.
6:43 pm
of course, you can buy carbon offsets. the equivalent of buying a diamond watch, ring, and necklace if you are unfaithful to your wife and say it's just an offset, honey. no problem. that'll work. a carbon offset -- i can send all i want. put out all the admissions but you've got to get rid of your caravan and drive a bicycle. >> you are not going to jump from there in a mean-spirited way and talk about al gore's swimming pool. >> sean: [laughs] i have a video of him getting off on goma street. it's only him and his wife. [laughs] i am the only person in life they can throw you off. i am sorry. >> i have no idea what i was about to say. >> sean: there's double standard hypocrisy. >> what drives him crazy is, and candidly, one of the things that saved bill clinton was that he knew he was a hypocrite. he's kind of cheerful about it.
6:44 pm
it was the people around him who worked. it's a guy who went down and talk to a group of people and said i think i did too. he had this arkansas country boy all shocks, here i am doing the best i can. there is is not what these people are. these people would destroy you. not just you, sean hannity but but -- >> sean: any conservative. >> anyone on a college campus that speaks superficially. >> sean: i want to talk about the battle between corker and the president and the agenda and whether it can get done. and your new book. i don't know if it will do as well as "understanding tromp." you can't do better than 30 weeks in a row. >> it's about north korea and terrorism. it leaps off the pages. i think it's going to do very well. >> sean: i will pull it up in
6:45 pm
a second. i will start reading it tonight. and i have an announcement, straight ahead. prevagen. the name to remember. ♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ of dry eye.of us suffer from the gritty and frustrating symptoms we need theratears®.
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now what? well, after your first reaction, consider your choices. go it alone, against the irs and its massive resources. hire a law firm, where you're not a priority. call your cpa, who can be required to testify against you. or, call the tax law firm of moskowitz, llp. i went from being a cpa to a tax attorney because our clients needed more. call us, and let us put our 30 years of tax experience to work for you. >> sean: as we continue, i actually got my copy right here. "vengeance," he is upset because i said it's not going to do as
6:49 pm
well as "understanding tromp." >> this is a very important book and it's it's very important things about national security. >> sean: this is your passion. you aren't really a commentator. although you are one of the best speakers integrate political visionaries, you actually can give a course to these idiots in washington today. had to have urgency and get things done. this is your passion. it models right from today's headlines. >> i worry about our national security. i think it's the most dangerous period since the 1962 cuban missile crisis. i think it's partly a problem because we think okay, we are going to deal with north korea but it's not north korea. it's the terrorists and iran and russia. you have to think networks of behavior. in the point we make is what if terrorists got to -- swapped it
6:50 pm
to make dirty bombs? >> sean: that's a possibility. >> or the old-fashioned way, building official. building a missile. and the marine major, or third volume. she works with a mossad agent. the three of them are assigned before this stuff can get to the u.s. or to israel. >> sean: can i get the movie rights? i have my first movie coming up. we have this battle going on. i know most people -- when you became speaker, you also would take out of your pocket a piece of paper, first 100 days we are going to do these ten items. you did them and kept your word. repeal and replace, seven and a half years. do you know how aggravated i am? now it appears they may not be ready for this moment in terms of the tax bill, the forgotten
6:51 pm
men and women need. and bob corker, in a war with donald trump. this isn't going to help the country. by the way, they hate him. let's be honest. i talked to people in that senate room. what was exactly said by lindsey graham, senator mccain, mitch mcconnell and bob corker, they don't like this president. >> by the summer of 1940, the only american president to be elected four times was so disliked by the congress that he turned to general george marshall and said if we are going to get an extension to the draft, you have to go get it because none of them trust me. this was the president who arguably was the most effective politician in american history. >> sean: at least he had three terms by that point. we haven't gotten through the
6:52 pm
first year. >> founding fathers designed a system for independently elected people in three places and it's really, really hard. i want to say something about patterns. he was a good example of what we were talking about. the paul ryan postcard that you could fill out. 85 or 95% of americans will be able to do all of the taxes on a postcard. it saves about 5 billion hours of paperwork and probably $100 billion a year. >> sean: the house has sent over 280 pills. it's only gotten a third of the presidents appointments. it's a year. what are they doing? >> part of what the problem -- >> sean: the brother talk. calm "hannity" down. >> i'm not trying to calm you down. defending democracy, which is people -- i may do a course on how to legislate.
6:53 pm
>> sean: for them or for us? >> for the country. including them. >> sean: especially them. >> that includes the white house. the first and you have to understand, this is a system designed to be hard and if you screw it up, it becomes impossible. >> sean: why am i having a hard time yet i think i speak for a lot of people, you ask for the house in 2010 and you get it. in 2014, you get it. 2016, you get it. you've got it all and then you have all this lead up time. >> you are right. people have every right to be frustrated with the republican party, which institutionally has been unable for ten months to get its act together. >> sean: how is that even possible? >> you have a brand-new president who has never served in public office. a whole bunch of senators that are skeptical. >> sean: did you hear how
6:54 pm
pompous and arrogant and how much of a jackass bob corker sounded in the interview? those are my words. >> those are your words. all i can say is... people when they get unleashed, there are moments that night -- i set a whole bunch of stuff about the fact that hillary and bill were mcgovern knights. that becomes page one on the new york times. why would you say that? i would say -- my advice to senator corker who was a very bright guy and president trump is -- >> sean: keep your promises. >> not just that. call each other. have lunch. decide that serving the country is more important. >> sean: thank you for being with us. we will see you soon.
6:55 pm if you want to get it. we will be right back.
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>> sean: a couple of reminders before we go, you know what? i'm so sick of hollywood. about two years ago, i had a meeting -- i got involved as an executive producer. my first movie, i think i'm out of my mind. the project is down and is, in out. it's not formulaic. it actually has values that you and your whole entire family can go see. it's got a great story. it's going to be in theaters october 27th. take a look a look. >> the basic tenets of christianity. >> timeout. don't you dare tell me about the love and compassion of your so-called god. if you felt like sacrificing his only begotten son. that's his business. he should have plenty well keep his hands off off of mine!
7:00 pm
>> sean: it will debut october . i go to pennsylvania, harrisburg. president trump will be my special guest for the hour. that full interview will air tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. brian. ♪ >> brian: hi, it's me again. this is "fox news tonight." let's get started. what a packed show we have and we have stories developing throughout the show including more shocking revelations about the alleged harassment sued by the hollywood mogul and big-time democratic owner, harvey weinstein. you're not going to believe where the story is going. if you say hillary clinton's name three times, she will pop up and promised to never go away. watch. hillary, hillary, hillary. >> i'm not going anywhere other than right into the middle of the debate about the future. >> brian: i only had to say at


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