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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 10, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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news. it doesn't stop just because you want to go to bed. i'm going to give you permission to get undressed and watch tucker. take a wide shot. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the scandal swirling around hollywood producer harvey weinstein has moved from the tabloids to the political pages tonight and for good reason. there's no debate about his behavior, no gray areas or room for conflictingg interpretation. according to a new account in "the new yorker" magazine at least 13 separate women claimed that weinstein sexually assaulted or harassed them between 1990 and 2015. four say he masturbated in front of three accuse him of rape. weinstein hasn't denied any of it. indeed, "the new yorker" released tape in which he apparently confesses.
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>> tucker: not all accusations of sexual harassment are real. this one is. but the bigger scandal is the reaction to it or the lack of reaction. harvey weinstein isn't just a movie producer, he is age political figure on the left, a major donor to the democratic party, a personal friend to countless liberal activists and politicians. all of which helps explain why
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the reaction from self-describen defenders of women has been so muted. for the days after the story broke, democrats in hollywood in washington seemed to freeze, unsure of what to say, hoping the whole thing would just die down and go away. it hasn't.t. those actors who lecture you from the oscar podium every year about their virtue and your lack of it -- suddenly silent. hillaryab clinton traveling on a book tour whose whole purpose is to call out sexism in american society? she said not a singleto word abt her old friend harvey weinstein for five full the truth is, weinstein could never have gotten away with any of this without enablers like hillary clinton and the rest of the so-called creative community in hollywood. they knew about his behavior. it was common knowledge in that world. "the new york times" came close to running a story about weinstein's harassment more than a decade ago but pulled back at the last minute under political pressure, which tells you a lot. none of this was a well-kept
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secret. it now seems clear that hundreds of people knew or suspected what weinstein was doing but stayed silent about it. that should not surprise us because it is hardly the first time it's happened. director roman polanski raped a child and fled the country, but that didn't stop him from getting work in hollywood, nor did it stop hollywood from giving him an oscar for best director in 2003. a few years later, harvey weinstein himself led a petition asking the authorities to cut polanski a break. that petition was signed by almost 70 prominent figures. woody allen has been dogged by sexualwa abuse allegations for decades but that's done nothing to slow his steady output of films starring hollywood's top actors. one of woody allen's biggest offenders was? take a guess. harvey weinstein. weinstein told "the l.a. times" that allen's scandals were basically irrelevant because he was "a comic genius."
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isolated incidents happen but this is a trend. sexual abuse is epidemic in hollywood. the people in charge have covered it up and made excuses for it. in each case protecting the powerful from the powerless and the abused. it is time for the federal government to t get involved. the department of justice should launch an immediate investigationn into hollywood's culture of systematic sexual abuse. there is ample precedent for this. under the obama administration, the department of education launched more than 300 investigations into schools across the country ranging from harvard all the way down to cisco junior college. all of them sought to expose and punish schools it said violated federal law by enabling cultures of sexual harassment and assault. t the department of defense has spent years trying to root out sexual assault in the armed services. when jerry sandusky's crimes were exposed at penn state, the federal government launched not one but two investigations into the failure of the school to discover and report his abuse. for years, democratic senators have taken the lead in condemning institutional
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sexual abuse. they've held hearings, press conferences, issued statements. now, because one of s their own donors has been accused, they are silent. but there's no reason this ought to be a partisanan issue. democrats in congress say they care about women. now we will see if they mean it. joining us now is the host of "the ingraham angle," a fox news show that premieres on october 30th, at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here in the same building. laura is also the author of a new book called "billionaire at the barricades." she joins us great to see you, laura. the idea of a federal investigation into sexual abuse in hollywood seems a little out of left field and then you see the context for it, which is ample. there have been a lot of investigations along these lines in different sectors of our society and economy, why not hollywood? >> colleges, universities, corporate america and there's a lot of resources put into those investigations. a lot of young lawyers hired to
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work aggressively in those a investigations. when you really hear the comments of obviously "the new yorker piece" and the now descriptions 20 years later from really powerful women, women who today are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. finally come out and tell the story. i think a lot of young women ask the question, how was this tolerated? how is not only this tolerated over decades, but if i had heard about it in 1999, which i did, from friends who know him well -- who am i, but i knew about it. if i knew about it, everyone knew about it. the idea i that "i'm shocked, appalled." come i on. >> tucker: how did this happen there? this didn't take place in some trump-voting zip code in west virginia. this took place at the very center, the beating heart of american liberalism. >> and feminism, american feminism where this is all about women are strong and powerful and diverse. and isn't this great to have
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women in all these positions? first of all, women aren't in a lot of positions in hollywood. they aren't in top executive positions. i think the way age is used to disqualify a woman from roless s disturbing. i frankly do think it is disturbing. and i think the pornification of the culture at the hands of a lot of these executives is something our kids are dealing with. the fall-out of that, we will be dealing with for generations. this has been going on for decades. i can't imagine anyone is really surprised by this. >> tucker: how can you sayn with a straight face that you care about women when you abet a and excuse and hide behavior like this. >> that went out the door with roman polanski. it went out the door when bill o clinton raped juanita broaddrick, according to her, and she was an extremely credible woman. katheen obviously paula jones. they stood by him. he was in the oval office with a 22-year-old girl. >> tucker: why do they still wield moral authority? >> they don't. trump has called them out.
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he has called them to the carpet on the stuff. >> tucker: they intimidate the hell out of corporate america. >> they do. they throw it back on trump because of the billy bush tape and all that. t i think women now today, especially today, they've gotten stronger, smarter. i hope after all of this when we say let's have a conversation, let's have a real honest conversation about how all of this goes down and how when you have power and you have money and you have an oscar dangling in the background, you can get away with a lot. >> tucker: when you're giving money to the politicians. c >> frankly there were men and women who knew this was going on for a long time. >> tucker: what i find confusing is here you have michelle obama on tape g describing harvey weinstein as a wonderful person. even if you didn't know -- i worked for harvey weinstein briefly. not a wonderful person, that was really obvious. she sends her daughter to intern for him and then for five days, the obamas say nothing, how can that be? >> can you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot? they would be dragging republicans through the mud
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every day. jimmy kimmel has the self-anointed moral conscience of america. trashing trump after themm charlottesville -- obamacare, whatever it was. on every issue now he's the pundit of the day.e it took him a little time to commenting on this as well. if you are going to be holding yourself out as moral arbiter, okay, then i think everyone is flawed. there's a lot of hands that are unclean. to use a bad analogy. >> tucker: i agree. you have written a book called "billionaire at the barricades" which i>> think is really smart. it puts the last election into a context, a continuum. how do you describe it? >> it's a conservative populism. that ronald reagan really tapped into in 1976, even richard nixon when he talked about the silent a returnld to law and order. he was very concerned about big media, big business. the bigness of corporations, political structures, bureaucracies.
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when those grow, individual freedom retreats and we all become less free, less independent. donald trump tapped into that long strain of populism, which in the modern day was really invigorated by reagan. we really have not had a national victory since 2004 before trump came along. george bush went off the rails in 2006 on harriet myers and immigration amnesty and ted kennedy, working with ted kekennedy on medicare part d. he went way beyond where i think people thought he was going to go, kind of a more pragmatic, slightly populist conservatism. trump saw that opening and he took it. p it really smart. >> tucker: if c this is part of a long-standing tradition, youha make a compelling case, why was everyone in washington so confused? >> they were stunned. this guy won because of the russians or 877-225-8587 or hillary is a bad candidate >> they were stunned.
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what they didn't understand was that he won actually because of the issues. he was a little brash and sometimes kind of a wrecking ball but the people were so sick of being kicked to the curb on issues of trade as deindustrialization in the midwest, open borders. constant military intervention at the hands of republican presidents. he's our bully, we need someone to bully the bullies. trump came along ande . says look, it's going to be america first in trade and foreign policy and deregulation. ii will put your interest first. that was startling for people to hear. >> tucker: but why? i thinkk it's a brilliant book and a really smart point but also if you think about it for 10 minutes might come to the conclusion. >> there's a lot of money involved, back to money. money talks. big donors with big interests like to keep wages low in the united states because they make more money. from margaret thatcher to president reagan to donald trump, they knew that if you crushed small business inin the united states, if you crushed that middle class, the working class spirit, that i came from, you crushed
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that for long enough, something is going to blow. something is going to erupt in politics, and donald trump erupted onto the scene and we will see if he can take this over the finish line. there are a lot of barricadesne in front of him. >> tucker: i can't believe you're coming in at 10:00. going to be great. >> that will be fun. we are not going to the football. we will have to pass something from box to box.t >> tucker: laura ingraham. >> goodd to see you. >> tucker: hillary clinton acts like a crusader against sexism, she's onlk book tour talking abt it right now. why did it take almost a week for her to respond to the allegations against her old friend harvey weinstein? up next, we will ask if she has become america's enabler in chief. plus, it's been more than a week and we still know virtually nothing about the massacre in las vegas, we can't even keep the basic timeline of events straight. it just changed again. what is going on? something is going on. we will talk it over with a security specialist coming up. you know who likes to be
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> tucker: fox news alert. wildfires are consuming california wine country tonight. fires in napa, sonoma and mendocino counties have killed 15 people, destroyed 2,000 homes and forced tens of thousands of residents to flee. more than 200 people are still missing unfortunately. the worst of the fires could be still ahead. thousands of firefighters on the scene struggling to contain it. it is huge and dangerous. the cause of those fires still under investigation. arson has not been ruled out. we will continue to update this sad story. hillary clinton, as you know, if you have a television set, has routinely presented herself as america's great crusader against
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sexual harassment and abuse. >> the whole world heard him talking about the terrible way he treats it is not enough to condemn campus sexual assault. we need to end campus sexual assault. we don't want a president who demeans women. i take on the issues of sexism and misogyny and talk about it because we need to pull it out and put it in the bright light. >> tucker: it's odd then that clinton was so very slow, so slow that some of her aides commented on it in public inha responding to the reactions against weinstein. after five days, clinton finally released a statement saying she was "shocked and appalled by the allegations."te aaron burnett from cnn pointed out that "hrc spoke for 90 minutes last night, didn'trn mention harvey weinstein." she didn't give women a pass for not voting for her, but she gave him one.
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maybe we shouldn't be surprised though. two of the biggest sexual harassment scandals of the past three decades, bill clinton and anthony weiner, hillary clinton was right in the middle. a third scandal where she failed to step up, she may be the enabler, turns out. richard goodstein joins us now. it's a little weird, i'm not sigmund freud or anything, but someone who has made her issue the treatment of women, married to bill clinton, her chief aide is married to anthony weiner and one of her closest personal friends is harvey weinstein. what is that? >> first of all, many of the points you just made in the build up frankly were inaccurate. >> tucker: what was inaccurate? >> anthony weiner went to jail for virtual intrusions on women. donald trump bragged about
8:19 pm
walking in on naked underaged women. he bragged about it, he bragged about grabbing women. >> tucker: i'm am not here to defend trump but i'm not a nationally famous feminist who is scolding people. that's a fair description, and you know it. why the hell does she have the authority to speak like that when she is married to bill clinton, who has been credibly accused of crimes for real, close to anthony weiner by both of their descriptions, and her friend harvey weinstein has been accused of rape by three people. what is going on? >> the outrage would seem more genuine if the same outrage had been voiced when donald trump again bragged about sexual assault. >> tucker: you can call me inconsistent. it's not c about me. i'm asking a question about her and the standards that she has set forth for the rest of us. what is a going on? >> last week when she spoke out against guns in las vegas, she was accused on this network -- i was on a segment about it,
8:20 pm
coming out too soon. now she's being accused of being too late. theremi are life-and-death issus which hillary clinton talks about, which includesf puerto rico, it includes climate change, gun safety, little things like nuclear war. the fact that she didn't come out exactly when you would have wanted her to is hardly a crimes >> tucker: richard,er that's a dodge. let's be real. this is her signature issue. the treatment of women. she ran as the first credible female candidate to break the glass ceiling. she blames sexism for her loss. she's repeatedly lectured the country on its mistreatment of women and men like harvey weinstein in particular for sexually harassing women. it's notot totally out of left field. if this is exactly where she lives every day. >> when she did come out against it, what he did, incidentally, every single democrat has distanced themselves from harvey weinstein, unlike every single republican who stood by
8:21 pm
donald trump. stephen bannon said had kellyanne conway not been there that would've been lost.e >> tucker: i'm a little bit confused because i sincerely thought this was the one issue she really seem to care about. i don't think she's a genius or a profound abstract thinker as i said but i think on this issue the treatment of women it seems heartfelt. she talks about it in every speech, and that's why it's a little weird when the guy she rented a house next to inn the hamptons in the summer, was raised more than a million dollars for her does this. you would think she would at least pipe up and say this is wrong. >> he makes movies. donald trump is the president. i'mm sorry, there's some irony that on some tv networks there is behavior -- >> tucker: is that really the answer, that trump is back? >> two wrongs don't make a i right. >> tucker: you seem to be arguing that they do. >> i'm suggesting that this outrage is faux outrage. we didn't hear a word of it. >> tucker: in my case it's not so much outrage, it's confusion. how can you have a party that claims tou protect women when here you have a rich and powerful person abusing the week
8:22 pm
and then defended by a larger group of powerful people including hillary clinton? how does that happen? >> it's the defendant part. every single democrat that has been heard on this and said here's your money back, we're giving it to the charity or whatnot.t. in contrast to every republican who stood by donald trump accused of virtually -- >> tucker: but by your own standards, you shouldn't be surprised because the republican party is the party that is waging a war on women but the republican party -- the democratic partyat as its naturl home, the party that protects them. let me ask you a really simple question. do you sincerely believe that in the 25 years she's known harvey weinstein, hillary clinton never heard one rumor about his treatmentve of women? >> merylof streep, an incredible person, she didn't. she's actually in the movie industry. hillary clinton wasn't. julianne moore, in the industry, said she never heard a word of it. you have to assume the obama's knew and in the face of knowing put their daughter in there. i understand people don't think sort of things through very well
8:23 pm
but to suggest that as a level addled thinking that i don't even think -- >> tucker: i'm suggesting that if you fancy yourself a moral leader and the obamas and hillary clinton certainly do, you want to call it as you see it. >> they did. when evidence came out. >> tucker: would you support a federal investigation into the culture of sexual abuse in hollywood? >> i would support lookingti at any number -- are we going to look at tv networks as well? >> tucker: we've already had federal a investigations. all kinds -- >> of tv news networks? >> tucker: you are saying there needs to be a federal investigation in order to investigate hollywood? >> here's what i think. i think donald trump is going after the courts, he's going after the press and i think is going after black athletes are now hollywood. hallelujah, he's got his enemy list. >> tucker: trump has not said word one about this. stop, and asking a very simple
8:24 pm
question. we saw investigations into a range of higher institutions of colleges on thia basis. why wouldn't you support one into hollywood? you know that they are donors? >> i don't think we've seen investigations to higher learning because some professor abused a student.ig >> tucker:au there was sexual abuse, that was the allegation, the military the same thing. it's okay to investigate the marine corps but not miramax? >> i don't think we've had a single person's misdeed -- >> tucker: guys will defend your donors at all costs. you can do anything when you are a democratic donor. thank you. after more than a week, facts remain elusive in las vegas. in fact they are changing. there's no motive, police don't have a stable timeline of events. what is going on here? something is going on. we will talk to a security specialist about it next. talk c i was a good soldier. i had purpose and i loved it. you never told me you were a hero.
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>> tucker: the mystery of the mandalay bay massacre grows deeper and more confusing. deeper and more confusing. a week ago, the fbi avoided rushing to suggest a motive. they said emphatically that they need to wait for hard facts to come out. >> we like to deal in facts so theories are great and everyone can have a theory, but i need to deal with facts. the sheriff needs to deal with facts. we are reliant on that to do our jobs. that's what we are going to focus on. >> tucker: more like a scolding than a statement. after a week, even some of the
8:29 pm
established facts turn out to be completely false. weirdly so. last night, police dramatically revised their timeline of the shooting. they said that stephen paddock actually shot a security guard 6 minutes before he s began firg upon the country music concert. huh, that's the opposite ofnt wt they first told us for a week. police still have no motive, they don't know why paddock meticulously planned this attack, when he mysteriously stopped firing. or they say they don't. dan bongino, a former secret service agent has been following this carefully. i don't think i've ever seen anything like this. if that's not just an ancillary fact or random fact of no significance, that's a central fact because the original description, the timeline was this. he firesncct, elel on the crowde security guard approaches the door, he stops firing because he sees the guard, shoots the guard and then additional law enforcement, but that's not what happened at all. how could have gotten that wrong? >> a little inside baseball and how these investigations work
8:30 pm
and how they likely messed up the timeline here.en i remember a credit card case -- a credit card fraud case with a video camera in the store where we see one of the big fraudulent activities occur didn't match up with the time of the credit card receipt. it's not really that uncommon. the problem here is that this distrust in government is notoriously heavy. i think you have to be really careful and this -- i'm nott monday morning quarterbacking anything, we can all agree they are doing the best they can but you have to be very careful with social media and a 24-hour news cycle putting those things out there because with its mistrust in government, people take it as are they are hiding something? and i don't think they are, i just think it was just an error. that's what happens when cell phone tapes and the casinoo cam don't probably line up.
8:31 pm
>> tucker: i don't see how they could have made that error. and i'mul not convinced they are doing all they can. i'm unsure of that. i want to believe -- i obviously support and love law enforcement, how could they have gotten that wrong? what they are telling us now, before, i think, before a shot was fired that paddock shot i think campos was the name of the security h guard. the security guard would know that, he c either came to the rm because he heard gunfire or he didn't. how could you get that wrong unless i'm missing something, which i might be. >> i think what happened -- what's wrong with that portion of the story is that it extends the timeline. in the post-columbine era of active shooter mitigation, the active shooter response p plan with most major police departments is now to respond directly to the threat. now with his timeline extended it opens up the natural question, why was he allowed to shoot for so long? i think i understand the reason why. this was a suicide mission. for the cops.
8:32 pm
this guy had a ton of ammo. if there is no ballistic shield or vest that's going to stop that. it would be like a hot knife through butter. not only that, they were in what we would call in law enforcement a fatal funnel. a hallway where the bullets ricochet off the walls and hit you. these cops going in that were never going to make it to that doorway without a plan. i know it doesn't make sense -- >> tucker: i believe that completely and i'm not faulting them. apparently he fired an enormous number of rounds through the door, so many that you could see through the door by the time he was finished. i still don't understand how you could transpose that timeline. it actually doesn't make sensers as a logic question and it makes me wonder about why they got that wrong, if they did get it wrong. was it intentionally and by thee way, how could you have an investigation of this magnitude go on for this long without any indication of motive? i guess it's possible, but it does raise some questions. .>> yeah, the motive part to me and i think one of the mistakes here were the early press
8:33 pm
conferences when the information was incomplete. when it's incomplete, a 24-hour news cycle and social media, people just run with it right away, but the motive question is the biggest enigma in this entire thing. this blows away every single model of targeted violence i've ever seen in my experience as a federal agent and police officer. the case just doesn't make sense.y you can throw all theus books ot after this. that's why there's no motive, he may have just been a sociopath.f >> tucker: this stuff isis fueling distrust in government. i have the utmost respect for law enforcement, but the way this is being handled is causine people to come up with alternative theories. and i hope they fix it really soon. dan, thank you. president trump has unveiled a detailed 70-point plan for reforming the immigration procedure. what does it mean for the border for illegal immigrants and for you? we will take a look at that. plus british politicians are trying to derail a school tour
8:34 pm
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more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®. >> tucker: the administration has unveiled a 70-point plan that if passed would dramatically overhaul our immigration policy in this country. the plan calls for building a border barrier, a wall, making deportations easier, particularly of criminal aliens and creating a new system of legal immigration that prioritizes people with skills rather than just letting in family members on the basis of blood the trump administration says it'ss open to granting legal status to daca beneficiaries. democrats say the plan is extreme. katie hopkins joins us. it is great to see you. what could possibly be the complaints about the items i just listed?ju i thinkag we were fair in describing them. why would someone be against those? >> it's a crazy thing. trump is doing precisely the right thing here.
8:39 pm
he's trying finally to correct the massive presidential overreach by obama in creating this dreamer program. it reminds me very much of one my children to paintings. they make the mess but they are not there to tidy up afterwards. i am. trump is like that. he's trying to tidy this up, put it through congress and make it actually legal and constitutional.. i think secondly he's been saying once we've dealt with the dreamers that we have and we look after them and with giving congress a time limit to make this happen, which is good. he saying let's not let loads more people in. he saying let's look after the ones we have, let's look aftert' also americans. i think that's a positive thing. if you just keep letting migrants in, you become like germany and nobody wants to become likee germany. i look at it a bit like a house. i look after the children that i've got. i shut my front door and in lock it so that no bad people can get in and hurt my
8:40 pm
family and then i also check my house out to check that none of my doors have secreted any naughty boys in my kitchen. that's what trump is delivering and the democrats cannotug possibly be arguing for it because otherwise they're going to lose the opportunity to protect the dreamers that they so want to protect. >> tucker: unless you didn't care about your kids, in which case you would leave the door open and attack anyone who tried to lock it. i'm trying to understand the mind-set here. you deal with it of course in the u.k., all through western europe, your leaders want open borders, they resist any attempt to tighten up immigration. why? what's the motive? it doesn't help the economy, what's the motive exactly? >> it seems to be the idea that the globalist policy, this way of thinking that we are all onee planet and we should move freely about it, that seems to be the accepted way of thinking right across europe. no matter how much our crime rates go up, no matter how many attacks we have, we keep letting
8:41 pm
them in so merkel is now saying she will reduce immigration into germany but is still goinged to accept another 200,000. we have just had a court case here where a lady has had all herca children here, she doesn't have a right to be here, her children are in school and therefore she qualifies for all our benefits. and we have to find her a new house to put her seven childrene r in. we do seem to prioritize those that come to us and it is seen as sort of a humanitarian approach and we don't put europeans first or people from the united kingdom first and i think what trump is trying to do with his immigration plan is really put americans first and that's a real -- that's a magnificent thing foral america and something the democrats should be embracing because they have a very limited period of time in congress to get this past. it would be much better if they stop talking about it and actually did some work instead. >> tucker: the one thing both
8:42 pm
our continents have in common is our leaders really don't care about the people who live there at all. you've announced h plans to go n a tours of british schools and deliver a series of lectures on terrorism. a lot of leaders in the u.k. are calling on schools not to allow you on campus, are you going anyway? >> yeah, i get loads of emails from parents and from young people, 17 to 24-year-olds. they write to me because they don't get to say what they think in school anymore. in british schools, they teach that trump equals hate so they worked that out that trump has a muslim ban, that's intolerant and therefore trump equals hate. they teach that to children age six and seven. i want to go around british schools, i am going around in november 2017, the stand strong school tour and if not about
8:43 pm
terrorism, it's about asking children and students before they get to university to say to stand up against beinghe brainwashed by liberal teachers and to really ask them to be not what to, think. unfortunately of course the government has come out against it, the welsh education secretary has come out and said i shouldn't be allowed on campus. i've been banned by the city council altogether. parents are coming up because they want me to come into the schools. i think my main message is that just because i'm a conservative woman and i think also being white doesn't really help. i think if i was a transracial pescatarian with a diploma in islamic studies i would beri incredibly welcome across our left-wing schools all over the u.k. >> tucker: i wouldn't be surprised. katie hopkins, thank you for joining us and good luck on tour. tell us how it goes. president trump calling for the nfl to lose its privileged status in american law. we will talk about that with an author of a new book on the president's life philosophy.
8:44 pm
we will show you the latest haiku from cnn poet laureate chris cuomo. if you missed that, you will be diminished. be right back. . (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns.
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>> tucker: two weeks ago cnn's poet laureate chris cuomo posted a video on facebook that made us question the basic nature of reality. taking this country into new frontiers of weirdness with a series of remarkable thumbs-up gestures but america's most prolific facebook philosopher isn't finished yet. today chris cuomo posted this. >> let's start with what matters most.
8:49 pm
the hashtag is #standfirm. this is what we do in our everyday lives, this is what is required of us as citizens and it is certainly what the mandate should be for the government. it's not partisan. it's just practical. you should try to fix things that are inherently wrong like what's happening in puerto rico. it's not about a congratulations event for the president of the united states because it's still in crisis. it doesn't mean the first responders aren't killingd themselves, we know they are, we've been there and seen the hard work in progress and so much more needs to be done. the corker kerfuffle. this matters why? not because of political intrigue or name-calling, that's the way the president deals with it as sport. can you get things done?hi this alienates everybody. i know this bothers some people, i know the pundits will yap and come after me about it. i worry about what people think of me -- everything else is just noise. >> tucker: you can't get enough. e at does it mean?
8:50 pm
who knows. someday advanced supercomputers will be able to decipher what he was saying and use those revelations to bring humanity to higher planes of existence.. for the time being, we mortals t could only gaze and all, dumbstruck awe like moses before the burning bush or golden retriever before a washing machine, just can't get enough. president trump's rift with the nfl is only deepening with time, less than ten hours after congressman matt gates came on our show and called forrs limitg tax breaks, the president tweeted this: why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem? change tax law! you just wrote a brand-new book, hilarious and smart, "the art of the donald, lessons from america's philosopher in chief." chris bedford joins us tonight. chris bedford, great to see you. >> great to see you, tucker. >> tucker: you really systematically thought through
8:51 pm
the president's philosophy. you've broken it down into a lot of categories. given the knowledge that you have, what do you make of that tweet this morning? > attacking the nfl? he's managed to hold this issue and make it a phenomenal thing. he's a great communicator. i've got a chapter in the book called "how to get your message out" and it breaks it down into how basically donald trump does. one, he keeps it really simple. it's about the flag. not about the police, not about ferguson, it's about respecting the flag and standing for the military. you have to redefine things on your terms, don't let them do that. you have to attack, attack, attack and never relent. i think that's what we saw this morning with trump attacking the tax status of the nfl. finally just bring ithe across the finish line exactly like he's done. donald trump is controlling this debate. he's basically wonks this debate and the nfl now looks like a bunch of extremely
8:52 pm
wealthy -- they are extremely wealthy -- a $10 billion. a year league and they will lose this one i think based on the merits and how donald trump has changed the entire conversation. >> tucker: you are taking the president's public statements and behavior and basically extracted from them a life philosophy and for every category of life, including food. what's the culinary philosophy of the president? >> he's like a normal person, eat what you want to eat. the entire time when we were following the candidates around iowa, new hampshire, new york, john kasich trying to eat this nasty food. you see john kerry trying to eat with a forkk and knife or get the wrong cheese in his cheesesteak, we see donald trump walk walking to a steak house in new hampshire and we saw him the next morning walk into a diner in a fancy italian suit with a red trucker hat on and all these working-class folks and new hampshire voters were there to see him. they fell in love and afterg- te cameras were over and after you and fox and friends had moved ol he still sat there eating pancakes because he's comfortable in his own skin.
8:53 pm
he will eat fast food. he will wear ath nice suit that's who he is, he is a legitimate person. >> tucker: if you apply the lessons from his life, would you be like if you put the trump philosophy into practice? >> the reason why i think is so successful, he hasn't started out with a lot of the same great strength that he did against some of his opponents had. for example, jeb bush had millions of dollars, all the consultants you can need, the ground game, the act came, donald trump didn't have that stuff. he decided to go a different route. he decided to change the game, threw out the rule book. pundits and politicians couldn't figure out a single step of it and he beat them. everyone says, it's true, hee started out with some money, he didn't start out with skyscraper
8:54 pm
manhattan money, he started with outer boroughs real estate money and political connections. everyone doubted him. he broke the rules. he built glass higher than was expected and because of that by going around and capitalizing on his strengths, he has managed to rise to the most famous person in the world, a big goal of his, president of the u.s., head of the g.o.p., a billionairee with a good family. there are some lessons to learn. >> tucker: he liked your book. he tweeted about it this morning. his first of a wave. of early-morning tweets but it was about you. chris bedford, author of the new book on trump's life philosophy. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> tucker: coming up, the fbi has declared a new type of extremism in america, a whole new category, we will tell you what it is next. onstipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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with steak and shrimp? more shrimp. and you know what goes great with that shrimp? you guessed it. more shrimp. steak and unlimited shrimp, starting at $15.99. only at outback. i don't know how we'll do it. ♪ never stop ♪ ♪ 'til we get there ♪ >> tucker: the fbi says there is a new terror threat in america. it will not surprise you if you've been paying attention to
8:59 pm
assassinated in the last few years, a new report by the fbi's anti-terror agency -- a new domestic terror threat from black identity extremists who become violently radicalized against police since the death of michael brown. it was politicized by the obama administration. they proactively target police and openly identify and justify their actions with social political agendas and commence with their perceiveded injustic. the political rhetoric from black lives matter now flows from the barrel of a gun. that's a bad thing. it also makeste you wonder why o many democratic politicians endorsed that group. words matter. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr it if you haven't already. tomorrow night, a great show. mark steyn will be here. and a man taking on maxine waters in the congressional race. he campaigned with a mariachi band.ri you can't make it up.
9:00 pm
good night from washington, our friend sean hannity in new york next. >> sean: tucker, as always, thank you, great show. this is a fox news alert. the left's inexcusable hypocrisy continues to be exposed as news. deeply disturbing accusations. the now disgraced hollywood executive, major democraticti political donor, harvey weinstein. in an article in "the new yorker," three women are now accusing weinstein of rape. gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie says harvey weinstein sexually harassed them also. the shocking details continue to come out. hollywood liberals and democrats are only slowly starting to condemn weinstein, five days later. hillary clinton, who accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from weinstein, is finally now denouncing him after a deafening silence. late tonight, the obamas are finally condemning the hollywood mo


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