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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 11, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> sean: it will debut october . i go to pennsylvania, harrisburg. president trump will be my special guest f heather: several wildfires tear through northern california. rob: scandals around harvey weinstein. >> there are life-and-death issues hillary clinton talks about. >> let's be real. rob: roger goodell responded to the national and controversy, about low ratings and revenues, it isn't about principle. ♪
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heather: that is just a little hint. a lot coming up, you are watching "fox and friends" first wednesday morning at 4:00 am on the east coast. let's get to the top story, just a few hours, donald trump will push his new tax reform plan. what can we expect? joining us with brand-new details is griff jenkins. >> reporter: on the road again, the president will make his third trip to harrisburg, pennsylvania delivering remarks this afternoon to an air national guard anger, thousand pennsylvania workers will be truckers the president considers the lifeblood of our economy, told by senior administration official to expect the president to speak of personal stories of those who stand to benefit from this tax reform plan. here is what the president had to say looking ahead to today's
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speech. >> people want to see tax cuts, major reductions in their taxes and tax reform and that is what we are doing. >> reporter: the president is not giving up on healthcare planning to use the power of his pen to take action to sign a measure this week that would allow americans to buy health care across state lines saying it will cost the country nothing to do with as many voters become weary of in action in washington the wake of repeated failures to repeal and replace obamacare. lindsey graham noted the high-stakes for the party of the president can't deliver on the president's agenda. >> if republicans don't deliver on tax reform and replacing obamacare we are going to lose. >> reporter: we have to mention folks in washington are watching closely to see if that twitter feud between the president and bob corker, when they begin to vote on tax reform it will be
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under the rules that need 50 votes. only two votes can be lost, they want to exchange twitter insults and we might hear something about that and tax reform and health care with the president's interview with sean hannity that will occur around that speech today. heather: that will be on hannity. every vote counts. now let's turn to an entirely different story, the harvey weinstein scandal. he boarded a private jet headed to a sex rehab center in europe. after five days of silence hillary clinton breaking her silence saying i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein, behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. weinstein, friend and donor to clinton, counsel to the
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president, kellyanne conway said it took hillary 5 minutes to blame an ra for a madman's rampage but five days to sort of kind of blame harvey weinstein for his sexual assault. weinstein's wife announcing she is leaving him hours after a bombshell report with accusations from three other women who say he raped them and new yorker magazine, at 2015 sting operation involving weinstein and a model. it is disturbing. >> not going to do anything -- i am a famous guy. you come in now, and if you want to leave when the guy comes. just come on in. i won't do it again.
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>> that makes you shark -- shake your head. the attorney's office decided not to press charges in that case. hillary clinton has not said she will give weinstein's money back. newt gingrich had this to say about the double standard from the left and hollywood. >> if hillary won this would still not be a story because they would have smothered it because it brings back up bill and hillary. in that sense this is a story that could only emerge when someone new is in the white house. democratization of the media, too many small people to bribe so somebody comes along and says i am willing to report this and you can't do anything to me. what is interesting is this is part of an ongoing process.
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you will see hollywood come apart at the seams as you see silicon valley come apart at the seams. all of a sudden it becomes inappropriate for economic power to coerce and blackmail and bribe people it is exploiting. >> without her and angelina jolie have added their names to a list of weinstein's accusers. as the nfl ratings tank and tax breaks on the line roger goodell is rediscovering his patriotism. speaking of economics involved in the scandal commissioner telling teams and players to stand during the national anthem but is it too little too late? jackie ibanez joins us with economics. >> it is about rediscovering patriotism. this has a lot of people talking, 4:00 on the east coast,
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ratings down 8% and monday night football numbers are in and espn plummeting in week 5, roger goodell moves past the controversy with the uniform approach by all teams as pretty simple. stand. a letter to team execs, like many of our fans who believe everyone should stand for the national anthem, an important moment in our game. we want to honor our flag and country and fans come expect that of us. the statement hours after the president raised the stakes calling for a change, deal the legal financial low, quote, why is the nfl getting tax breaks and at the same time disrespecting a random? flag and country, change the tax law. the central office gave up its tactics two years ago, 13 teams have gotten $1 billion in federal subsidies to build or renovate stadiums. >> if the industry uses money
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from american taxpayers to build the field they play on his it too much to ask they show respect for the american flag at the beginning of the game? >> reporter: the issue was discussed at the fall meeting starting next week. heather: you have the harvey weinstein scandal, more actors and actresses coming out on that talking about the economics of their business, to not say anything and it is similar to what is going on with the nfl. economically it would be advisable for roger caddell to do this. >> money speaks and that is unfortunate. that is the way it is working and all the stories -- we are on facebook live holding the silly phone and doing it throughout 4:00 am so take your comments live on the air. jackie will have her phone doing something so get online and tell us do you think it is too little
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too late? we will share your responses later in the show. this just in, the mandalay bay hotel, the report that stephen paddock shot a hotel security guard before opening fire in las vegas may not be true. the company only saying this, quote, what is currently being expressed may not be accurate as we are learning paddock may have used the freight elevator days -- leaving 58 people that. paddock reportedly used specific bullets to ignite and cause an explosion when he shot a fuel tank. a lot of questions. now a fox news exclusive just days before donald trump is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal it appears the country's weapons program is fully operational. we obtained a report from the
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national council of iran that shows at least four nuclear development sites have secretly been constructed and used to avoid international inspectors. the obama era agreement is called the worst deal ever. a big win for the trump administration and its controversial travel ban, the supreme court throwing out the original challenge after a new executive order was signed last month. the expanded been we told you includes eight countries and is set to go into effect next week, challengers renewed their claims in lower court. for the first time in 30 years the us soccer team will not hit the field for next year's world cup. >> reality sitting it like a sledgehammer on the us bench. heather: the americans losing 1099s ranked trinidad numtwo-1 ending their streak at the
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global sport showcase. fans not happy with that. coming up the violence started with the anti-police protests in ferguson and the fbi naming black extremists as the newest terror threat. our next guest ended and captured terrorists for living and he says the danger is very real. social media sensors at it again, facebook banning a song about protecting the second amendment. ♪ folks like you ♪ guarantees the country free ♪
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>> the worst natural disaster in california history, massive wildfires leaving 17 people dead, 200 people missing. tell us the latest, following you on twitter last night through the afternoon, this is
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impacting your hometown. >> this area, side-by-side, family and homes in all three, sonoma, the country club threatening my family's home at the hill last night, the video we are getting from appear continues to be dramatic as conditions continue to be tough. the most difficult fires near sonoma, 20 miles from where i am standing and in solano county when the wind kicked up, around sundown, the fire and wind picked up. 3 quarters of a mile as we were
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standing here in so soon, california, a little town in solano county. you see the wind picked up. back here live this morning the wind where i am standing has died down. and sonoma to my west the winds of not died down as much which is why they have new evacuations. behind me you see the active flames. what is wrong with this despite it being on fire, you see it spiking into the sky. all it takes is a little wind and you will see these flames stoked 20 or 30 feet into the air. on other hillside fire continues to expand. right now we are told these fires are 0% contained. this is the active fire here, the same type of fire burning in four other locations in the
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north bay area. >> 198 years old, the two of them just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, just horrible story to hear. thank you, appreciate it. the only thing worse is if one had survived the other. and exclusive report, the fbi citing black extremists as a new domestic terror threat. it started with the 2014 shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the fbi assesses it is likely black identity extremists, perceptions of police brutality against african-americans spurred an increase in premeditated retaliatory violence against law enforcement and will likely serve as justification for such violence. the former member of israel's special operations counter terrorist unit and founder of the manufacturer of law-enforcement products for terrorism readiness, you know where of you speak. thank you for joining us.
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compare this for us, the level of concern on this based on other terrorist things that are going on. >> when the fbi which is a top-tier investigating agency puts out an assessment the threat needs to be taken seriously. the fbi has no reason to sugarcoat an assessment. to warn law enforcement, let the public know they identity, growing or butting black identity extremists groups are verifiable terrorist threats. this report which was leaked was filed as a counterterror report. i find that interesting. the fbi is classifying these black identity extreme groups in
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the counterterror box. that sends a clear message to me they are looking at this as a potential domestic terror threat and that has to be investigated as a terror threat. the phones need to be listened to and emails need to be looked at and law enforcement needs tools to protect themselves. heather: we were showing video we can bring up again of the different attack that happened since 2014. six targeted attacks specifically that are seem to be in retaliation for perceived police brutality incidents including one in dallas, texas in 2016. a gunman ambushed and shot 11 officers. in 2014 we had that hatchet yielding man who attacked four nypd officers and another incident that happened in indianapolis, two police
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stations involved in that and another in baton rouge, louisiana. you said the highest level of threat. >> i think it is the highest level of threat. we are coming through security with this terrorism thing. the us dealing with this for six years, in the united states, of 14-year-old child going through security, terror to us is relatively new as it pertains to isis and recent international threats. what is difficult to manage about this threat is it is internal. we have a report that was leaked, i don't believe the fbi would come close for political reasons. the president, now the trump is in the white house and surrounds himself with strong security people and a strong tone in
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terms of national security. heather: we have to go, good way to end, appreciate you joining us and we will be right back, stay with us.
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>> the american people rose up, they are sick and tired of the liberal elites and liberal media telling him what they are going to listen to and what is going to be pushed forward and broadcast and what is not and in this example it was twitter and they decided to talk about pro-life, with inflammatory and would evoke a negative response and they said if i chose to leave that wording out they would allow it to serve so they
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double down on censoring me so i doubled down on standing for life. heather: congresswoman marsha blackburn discussing twitter's decision to pool ads from her campaign video. after intense backlash from twitter they reversed their decision. here is carly shimkus. we told everybody about this yesterday, they said nevermind, we are not going to do it. >> reporter: on monday twitter decided to ban her senate campaign ads, she worked to stop the sale of, quote, baby body parts referring to her time working to investigate planned parenthood. this went viral. twitter decided to reverse their decision. after reconsidering the ad in
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the context of the entire message we believe there is room to refine our policies around these issues. this is a major victory for her, a lot of fans happy about this or supporters, called it a victory for free speech, scott says make america great again, beat back censorship and jc said thank you for standing for your beliefs, twitter has no right to censor. she will be on "fox and friends" later this morning to talk about it. heather: they pulled the ads because they thought they would get the response but it was the reverse. >> a similar story on facebook according to a country singer named dustin collins who said he tried to promote his son about being a proud gun owner on facebook by taking a facebook ads. that were banned. facebook did not want him to
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have these ads promoting his song. ♪ there is an amendment to a paper up in washington dc ♪ >> that is called cold dead hands. you will have to take my guns away from my cold dead hands, that is his message. he posted a screen grab why facebook decided to block his at according to him. he says your ad can't use language prohibited by add policies like profamily, graphic references to the present attributes, not sure what it means. a lot of people, free-speech advocates and his fans are upset about this including darlene who says we love this song, don't see why people have problems with it, it says free speech is only free when you agree with the agenda.
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he says he created a song about the second amendment, now he will have to create a song about the first amendment. >> something to do with profanity. a lot of songs, a single curse word in the song. let us know what you think. 28 minutes after the top of the hour, we stand for the national anthem, looking at this guy, 77-year-old farmer sending a strong message to kneeling football players. roger caddell agreed players should stand but is it too little too late? chat with jackie ibanez. ♪
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>> you are watching "fox and friends" first, a fox news alert, donald trump could head to south korea. media is reporting white house official scouting possible sites for visits including the demilitarized zone at the border. the visit would send a strong message. >> sens a message to the 30,000 troops in south korea whose lives are on the line, their commander-in-chief is leading, leading from the front and no longer going to accept the same old same old we have heard the last 30 years. heather: the president meeting with his top generals just hours before the us military took air force bombers for the first time at night over the korean peninsula in a drill alongside south korean and japanese planes. canadian prime minister justin trudeau meeting donald trump hours from now.
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nafta's future on the line amid concerns it may collapse. trudeau will use the trip to washington reinforces stance on how americans benefit from the deal. the visit comes at the beginning of the fourth round of nafta renegotiation. the supreme court debating a case will decide how it if police officers should be shielded from liability. this happened after 16 partygoers were cleared of trespassing charges in 2008. later they sued several dc officers, the dc circuit ruling officers did not have probable cause for entry and were not entitled to immunity from liability. critics worry that ruling will create a ferguson effect leaving officers hesitant to enforce the law. utah, this video of the utah cops copping a nurse in a hospital, pretty dramatic, the officer wanted her to draw blood from an unconscious patient who was behind the wheel when he crashed into an off-duty
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officer, she refused. >> on the way. >> the salt lake city police department has fired that detective. his commander was demoted two ranks. donald trump welcoming back to back stanley cup champions, the pittsburgh the penguins, to the white house. >> you are true true champions and incredible patriots. looks like a basketball player. big guy, strong, tough. >> donald trump is pretty tall too. mike sullivan defending the decision to visit the white house saying it was about respect, not politics. >> the acceptance of the invitation was not political and simply a celebration of this group of players winning a
1:35 am
championship to honor the office of the president. heather: the penguins of the fourth championship team to visit donald trump in the white house this year, really something when you have to defend the decision to go to the white house. catalonia signing a declaration of independence from spain declaring itself a sovereign state. kitty logan joins us from from london to explain. >> they will sign the declaration but the leadership fought back from the brink saying it would suspend implementing that for several weeks for talks with the spanish government. we saw last night that speech in the parliament and there is relief in spain that catalonia trying to implement independence against the wishes of madrid, anticipating catalonia -- the independence protests following the referendum held on the
1:36 am
third, the decision to hold off for economic and political pressure from the spanish government and around europe. leaders did sign a document claiming full sovereignty even though it is not clear this is legally binding or if and when it will become reality. supporters of independence were less disappointed, they were hoping for an official announcement that would go ahead forming an overwhelming vote in favor of separation from spain at the referendum. the spanish government is not recognized the voter declared it illegally. it is not clear when those negotiations will start and if they will have any success, the spanish government holding an emergency cabinet meeting today to discuss the ongoing political crisis. heather: i know you will keep us updated, thank you for joining us. back home now, one farmer is
1:37 am
making sure everyone knows his opinion on the nfl protest. jean hansen from north dakota used his tractor to put a message in one of his fields, we stand for the national anthem in big bold letters and it has gone viral. the president taking his notice, jean joins us via skype from north dakota to tell us more about the reaction he is getting. you are a hero to a lot of people because of what you did. >> to some, maybe not, a lot of fun. heather: you have done this before with other messages. how do you do it? >> i have done several over the years. gop get your act together, thank you veterans, a lot of things like that. heather: you take your tractor, is that how you take your tractor through the field, don't
1:38 am
use gps or anything? >> no, just a 135 massey open seat with no, no gps, a disk on the back, in the beanfield, count the number of roles for the length and width of the letter, just estimate. >> you count the number of rows manually. >> each letter is approximately 50 x 125' so it gets pretty big. heather: you go up in your plane and take a picture. >> i have a home built plane, i take a picture. if it works out i put it on facebook and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. heather: the people love it. are you a fan of the nfl? >> not a great football fan but i watch it once in a while. heather: you don't agree with the kneeling? >> i certainly don't.
1:39 am
agreeing with the nfl kneeling for the end them. >> why do you think they should stand? >> it is not because of black, white, brown or republican or democrat. it is about honoring the flag and the men and women that died for our country. they should be honored for that. heather: the a lot of people agree with you. i was excited to talk to you, thank you for joining us this morning. >> nice to be with you. heather: coming up donald trump came under fire when he said this. >> real unemployment is anywhere from 18% to 20%, don't believe the 5.6% am a don't believe it. heather: the economist who inspired that comment is right here and up next, he will explain how the president's new tax plan will put more money in your pocket. doesn't seem familiar?
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heather: donald trump taking his plan to pennsylvanian his push to kickstart the economy. an issue he has been working on since day one. >> are real unemployment is anywhere from 18% to 20%, don't believe 5.6%, don't believe it. a lot of people can't get jobs, they can't get jobs because there are no jobs. heather: that was then, this is now. the economist who inspired that comment joins us this morning to break down the president's tax
1:44 am
plan and explain how it will put americans back to work. good morning and thank you for joining us. when we say that was then, that was 2014 you wrote an op-ed with a number. now it is 2017. what do you think the real unemployment situation looks like? >> 8% or 9%. one of 20 american adults on social security disability, basically a place the obama administration -- couldn't create jobs for them. heather: the president will be in pennsylvania selling his plan. we got some of the points he was going to talk about, why pennsylvania and how will it benefit? >> these section of pennsylvania he's going to is a manufacturing area or was, it has been hard hit by globalization. this plan will lower corporate taxes by 20%. there are corporate taxes that are terribly high, higher in
1:45 am
sweden. this will make companies more competitive but more importantly will make harrisburg, pennsylvania a more competitive place to locate jobs and this should boost wages and create more jobs in places there aren't any. heather: good news for those folks they need to hear it and it needs to work. talking the corporate tax rate, lower tax rate for the middle class will make taxes simpler. >> there is nothing more frightening to ordinary people than sitting at their computer with quick tax or something or other and try to do their own income taxes because it is so complex. for most americans this proposed legislation take that off the table by doubling the standard deduction taxes are going to be simple for most people including people like me and that is great. we don't need to have a code so complex that it puts fear into the hearts of americans. the government is not supposed to do that. heather: you could probably file if it was really complicated.
1:46 am
you know your stuff which is why we have you on this morning. overall what is the best-selling point to americans and the best part of this plan will get them back working? >> lowering the cost of capital making it easier for ordinary entrepreneurs to start a business, simplifying the tax code since april 15th is not such a horror and have more money in their pockets. if you are against the tax code your against individual initiative, free enterprise, the american way and that is why the clinton administration, the tax policy institute is making up so much nonsense about the tax cut. big benefit for ordinary working americans and any congressman who votes against about to be exiled. heather: we appreciate it, thank you for joining us, thank you. coming up a school district under fire this morning.
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kids got a quiz and one of the multiple-choice answers was shoot at donald trump. an american flag representing a mother's memory of her veteran son stolen from her front porch. her heartbreaking message to those criminals next. ♪ witness katy perry.
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heather: we are back with the business day, amazon dominating online consumerism come one giant stepping up the contribution, here with those details, some new online pickup spots. >> already number one when it
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baltimore to detroit, albany to dc. you have to travel from october 31st to december 19th and january 3rd to february 13th, not included. >> have to do it right now. is it really true? >> we will see. how many people can relate to that? >> in so much pain right now. >> that is from the movie hangover. the grocery store chain will sell what they call hangover free press echo to stop you from feeling awful the next day. and fewer sulfides, the bad news this is only available in the
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uk, said over the united states. >> how does it taste? >> it doesn't really work. six weeks into the season, roger goodell finally telling players to stand up for the national anthem. jackie sharing your comments and as usual coming up we will share some of them. ♪
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heather: wyoming school district apologizing for a quiz that included shooting at trump. that was one of the multiple-choice answers. a teacher admitting to giving out that quiz on animal farm but she denies creating that answer, she claims she would not have given that quiz if she had noticed it before. a mother left heartbroken after someone stole an american flag honoring her son, a veteran. and flew that flag in memory of her son who served for eight years. >> bring it back and easy and by
1:58 am
another flag. >> he was killed in a motorcycle crash at 39 years old. as nfl ratings tank, roger goodell seems to somehow rediscover his patriotism telling teams and players to stand during the national anthem. is it too little too late? joins us with some of your responses. >> we have been having a lot of people respond to us on facebook and we are hearing and overwhelming yes, too little too late but i want to get to comments we are getting on facebook and twitter. one that we don't have but i just got in, mark sanchez on facebook, this is a publicity stunt going back to when mike pence walked out of the game.
1:59 am
a mixed bag but most people saying too little too late. let's get to these tweets. what do we have next? can we pull those up? pauline, my grandfather said it is too late to close the gate after the horse has gone and there has been a stampede. next one, francine, trying to see it on screen, too late, most are still linking arms, disrespectful or they will stay in, forget about it. the only reason this is happening is due to the drop in nfl ratings, there has been a drop, they neglected to realize americans need them and americans can break as well don't bite the hand that feeds you. darlene says the nfl has an irreparable damage to its image,
2:00 am
when seen as a patriotic organization they lost those fans forever. keep giving us your opinions. heather: that wraps it up for this our, see you back here at 4:00 tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues now, goodbye. rob: it is wednesday, october 11th, donald trump talking taxes in pennsylvania. what does this mean for your bottom line? rob: hillary clinton announcing -- denouncing harvey weinstein. what took so long? rob: tanking ratings and tax breaks on the line and roger goodell has newfound patriotism, do the little the little too late, "fox and friends" first continues right now.


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