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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 11, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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4o1 kays. >> and job creation. they get out there, they reinvest, they hire more people, this is what the economy needs. in my humble business opinion. >> watch them on fox tonight. thank you for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, at least 17 people killed in an onslaught of quick moving wildfires in northern california's wine country which are still spreading, prompting more evacuations. 17 large fires north of san francisco burning 120,000 acres, scorching at least 2,000 homes and businesse businesses. these fires now among the deadliest in california history. fire officials have not yet determined the cause. president trump who has spoken at california's governor said the federal government will be there for its folks. sonoma county hosting a news conference later this hour. we will bring you the latest as we get it. spirit of fox news alert here as well. just a few hours from now, president trump will make his big push for tax reform pretty
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he will be talking in pennsylvania. the president will aim his message at a group he calls the lifeblood of the economy. american truckers. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. for a national security staff are under president bush and obama, gillian turner a separate republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe and today's hashtag one lucky guy, fox news political editor and the editor of halftime report, chris stirewalt. >> chris: i always need a musical intro. every show i do. but you can have a walkout song like they do in the wwe. >> harris: very good, i like that. any genre of music? >> chris: hillbilly. >> harris: you with your hillbilly, just sit tight. we will do the news. president trump gave a big speech and he will do it again on tax reform later today. it will be flying to harrisburg, pennsylvania, to talk to his audience of truckers about how
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the taxes republicans want will help them specifically. he tweeted this morning the democrats want massive taxes increases. so the republicans want the biggest tax cuts and a wall bear to live in middletown pennsylvania awaiting the president's arrival. >> is going to be a very interesting time for the president because last time we were here, it was sort of a raucous gathering. we'll talk about that in a minute but this time, it is getting down to business as a president is prepared to talk taxes and truckers here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. let me show just a bit of what the president is expected to talk about today. he will talk about the need for tax reform. this is something we thought would be a no-brainer once we knew after the election that the republicans would be in control of the house, the senate, and the presidency but can he get pushed over to the finish line? is a $64,000 question. we also expect the president to share personal stories about how those who would be impacted by
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tax reform could benefit. and he will reference how truckers would benefit from the g.o.p. tax plan. last time we were here, a big crowd out to see the president. you may recall back in 2016, but of a surprise that he won the keystone state but he did so largely on the idea that he could do better for middle-class americans, and that includes tax reform. there are big names that won't be in the audience today as the president makes his remarks. not very far from here in middletown. those are the senators from the keystone state. he had a previous appointment out in the northwestern part of the state, bob casey may notice is actually up for reelection next year. somehow he weighs in on all of this will certainly be relevant to the folks here. the white house will tell you and referred as much on the call before this, the president will be specific. talk about ideas that would help you and me and the folks at home save money, keep more of the money they earn, and he thinks that will make the stock market
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go even higher which is saying an awful lot when you consider the run it's been on since he was elected back in november. >> harris: if you've taken a look at the dow jones today, some was 23,000 on the trading day. it's not over yet but i wonder if the market isn't already anticipating some movement on this. thank you very much. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is accusing democrats of getting in the way of tax reform just for the sake of resisting the president. he wrote this in an op-ed. democrats are under pressure from the left to oppose just about everything president donald trump touches. even ideas they themselves used to promote. democrats scrambling for nearly any kind of excuse to oppose a tax reform effort that cites corporate offshore and, limit its loopholes and the wealthy and cuts middle-class taxes. meanwhile, there is reportedly growing concern in the white house and among republicans that kentucky senator rand paul will come out against the tax plan as he did when he helped to derail the obamacare repeal effort.
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you don't have to have a guess on that. he is clearly saying that. he's very open about it. i think he means it. i don't know if it will matter all that much because don't anticipate at least a couple of moderate democrats to come on board? >> there are couple of ways you can do this. you can either do it on a 51 vote budget reconciliation after you try to keep all the rebooking together and chain around the democrats. or you can try to do with 60 votes which of course is the pie-in-the-sky version, get all the republicans, eight democrats, put it together, that is lasting and it doesn't have to happen within a weird financial accounting window that would otherwise have to occur because people make it stupid legislation very often. but in this case, they're going to probably have to do it on a 51 measure. and then those two democrats you talked about that puts them in a cap of urgency because they can say the taxes need to be a little higher. i wanted to get there but give to get the horror corporations little higher and is a little too. >> harris: you think that's a
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kind of tweaking republicans can live with? >> chris: here's the biggest disadvantage there were publicans have right now and selling the tax plan quite frankly that the economy is quite good. the stock market is robust. some of that is betting on the tax cuts. >> sandra: not everybody is betting on that. we're afraid we're going to be left out here. to rand paul's point, he looked at the tax plan, his biggest chrism, the danger for this bill right now is maybe a middle-class tax plan. if that's it, it's going to be a real problem. it's going to be revenue neutral, lower the taxes and lower the taxes and the poor and then say is going to be revenue neutral, you've got to raise taxes on somebody. as were everybody is left wondering where that is. >> chris: or you can just blow the bottom half of the deck. we have a country the 20 trillion in debt. it is very popular bread and spit at the american way. >> 1981 when he got his tax cut through and the 1980s as makeup tax reform through, change the way that america tax
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and looked at revenue and all of that. the way he got there was because the economy was a pile of corncobs on fire rolling down into that. >> harris: anything would be better than what they were living there. i want to ask about this idea of deductions because you're going to go potentially from seven to three, which you wonder are the wealthy getting hit? they won't be able to write off certain income at and states local taxes. that does hit them in the pocketbook. there is a little bit for everybody in here. will it be enough? >> i think it's also important to point out that right now, we are really just dealing with the framework. we did note the actual legislation is going to look like so we are talking about nine pages of a framework here. i do think we are going to see -- we really just don't know how this is going to go down until there's a little bit more concrete details about what this is going to look like. sandor had mentioned the middle class and i ask a thing from a political end, is very smart for president trump to be in pennsylvania taking his message of truck drivers in the middle
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class because that's the argument against it. if the democratic party that this is for the upper class. this is for the 1%. they're giving them a handout bread it's important for president trump to take that message to the middle class and it's interesting because a box of an article pointing at the fact that democrats had written a letter to republican leadership basically saying they're not going to sport anything that gives a cut to the top 1% rated but notably, there were three democrat senators not on that list. we've seen president trump taking this message to some of those states, he's in pennsylvania today, has also been in places like missouri, so the smart of him politically and he should keep doing it. >> harris: i do want to hit this point because a lot of people are saying is just a benefit for the wealthy. they do get hit in certain categories. real estate tax deductions, if you can't deduct that in that category, that's a hit. and i do get a bonus because that would go away, as at that thing that you see people add on like really wealthy people at on and it looks like the math equation from third grade rated
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so you kind of look at a wash there. certain people are not going to be touched in this. >> gillian: my question to everyone is at this point, who do you believe? i'm not a number scale, i'm not down in the weeds on the tax reform issue but i think i can mirror the concerns of a lot of ordinary americans when i say i now feel like i'm living in this crazy house of mirrors where what is said about this bill is just a framework as lisa points out? what is said about this proposed idea for legislation very so widely from party to party that i don't know how to suss out a ground truth? from president trump, we hear my council of economic advisors. estimates this will give the typical american household $4,000 pay raise. that's a typical american household a.k.a. the middle class which is what is at stake here. we have folks like senator bob casey who says president trump is coming to pennsylvania to promote a tax plan that raises
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taxes on the middle class and cuts medicare and medicaid to fund the tax giveaways the wealthiest. there's not a lot of middle ground there. someone is correct and someone is not. >> chris: they could both be wrong. just want to be clear. >> sandra: when you hear the $4,000 tax rate in the mayor average american household. we look at those numbers, even the president's close economic advisors saying you're talking over an eight year time frame, $500 a year. the language, and could be misleading. >> chris: the biggest problem facing about 2 million human beings who drive trucks were living in the united states is when the last drop that you can get in the united states with a high school diploma and some extra training that will put you solidly in the middle class. those jobs are going away over the next 15 to 20 years because of automation and because of robots and that stuff. they need trading, they need
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solutions, need a new approach. >> harris: is gives them the money to be able to do that wit with? >> chris: it might. i think the argument they're going to hear today is by juicing american manufacturing by getting that going, internal prepping and more rounds and the need for more truckers and driving up wages. >> harris: hillary clinton appearing to play the woman card. she never does that. they will face a double standard if they run for president in 2020. another attempt to blame her election loss on sexism? we will talk about it. plus, hillary clinton along with president obama finally broke the silence and announced harvey weinstein. as a major democratic donor faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment. what took the two pillars it in the party, clinton, obama so long? we will talk about it.
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>> sandra: hillary clinton and president obama finally breaking their assignment and announcing harvey weinstein as the movie mobile and major democratic donor face multiple allegations of sexual harassment. now critics question why it took winton and mr. obama so long to condemn weinstein. she corresponded jonathan hunt live in a west coast newsroom.
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>> at a lot to get to hear they've been under pressure to condemn harvey weinstein. it was hillary clinton who acted first, releasing a statement saying "i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. there were courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior. "within hours, president and mrs. obama followed saying they were disgusted at the reports of abuse and harassment at adding "any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable regardless of wealth and status." weinstein is rapidly running out of friends. the who's who in hollywood, the ones revered or feared him is now condemning him. as superstars gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie both say they
9:17 am
were victims of weinstein's predatory ways. and an audio tape has surfaced. apparently revealing some of weinstein's methods. he is heard pressuring a young actress to enter his hotel room in 2015 while she complains of being groped. part of a police sting the manhattan d.a.'s office ultimately decided not to prosecute. listen here. >> i feel very uncomfortable right now. >> come now and one minute and if you want to leave. i'm sorry. just come on in bread i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> weinstein's wife of ten years announces she plans to divorce him. georgina chapman saying "my heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous plane because of these unforgivable actions. i have chosen to leave my husband. caring for my young children is my first priority and i asked the media for privacy at this
9:18 am
time." now the reporter who invested allegations of sexual harassment by a weinstein and published in the new yorker is publicly questioning why the network for whom he works spec to potential tv expose of weinstein. >> nbc says that the story wasn't publishable, that it wasn't ready to go by the time that you brought it to them. obviously it is ready to go by the time he got the new yorker. >> i walked into the door at the new yorker with an explicit reported piece that should've been public earlier. and immediately, new yorker recognize that and it's not accurate to say that it was not reportable. there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at nbc. >> we've got no official on the record comment from nbc. we have reached out to them. but their position presumably represented by rachel maddow
9:19 am
saying it wasn't ready in effect for tv prime time. as to weinstein himself, conflicting reports as to whether these in sexual addiction rehab here in the u.s. or indeed in europe. all the reports agree using rehab woman just don't know his location yet. and the woman who's been reported to speak for him sally hofmeister at communications is doing very little speaking for him right now. it has not replied to any of our request to comment. >> sandra: thank you for that report. so we had a chance to chat with kellyanne conway this morning, who brought up this point. hillary clinton in a matter of l attack on las vegas came out to blame the mr. she took five days to respond to these allegations. of her friend, harvey weinstein. >> chris: we also not for hillary clinton, this is freighted beyond just having it be her friend and donor and benefactor. it's also draws attention to the scandal that has filled her
9:20 am
family throughout their public life. from the moment that we met bill clinton, he has been surrounded by allegations of impropriety is behavior with women, including allegations that are not to similar to those made against mr. weinstein. so as she considers how do i say this, it's easy for her if it's a republican effort to conservative whether it's a democrat is not only a president because the question arises you've known this guy for 20 years, did you know nothing? were there no signs? did you have no indication? speeches of the rnc and they are ncc delivering videos calling out the hypocrisy from democrats on this issue. watch that. >> his money has been behind some of the country's top democratic politicians. now those on the left are scrambling to distance themselves from mega producer harvey weinstein. >> this was a whole high-profile individual who did some truly awful things and people that took money from him should give it back.
9:21 am
stick on going to start by thinking harvey weinstein. he is a wonderful human being. a good friend, just a powerhous powerhouse. speak to a video lives forever. we will remind everybody of tha that. the d.c. cc, the democratic confessional campaign committee did donate to women's charities. important to point that out. your thoughts on that? >> chris: when the balkans find out that they're not going to get to run against hillary clinton again, they're going to be super bummed out. you might be the one to tell them. i don't want to tell them that hillary clinton is not going to be on the ballot next year. i can't say she won't be on the ballot in 2020. once upon a time, i could've said that for sure but i can't rule anything out. should point out donate the money back from harvey weinstein who's got it appear. senator kristin gillibrand,
9:22 am
senator chuck schumer, franken has also as you can see of these an amount of money. there are several places that have not returned campaign donations from harvey weinstein. you're going to get a look at those in just a second. $111,000 to governor cuomo, that the sec, and the dnc. >> lisa: typically you see this from a party, when a mega donor is tied to some sort of scandal, you typically have the opposing party paul lee back call on members of the opposite party. to give that back the money. this is standard operating procedure in washington, d.c. i was a part of the reason why hillary clinton took so long to say anything about this and mind you, also set it to a spokesperson instead of coming out herself indirectly saying it is because he is a mega donor and he has donated tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign. to chris's earlier point, i think the hypocrisy angle with her husband is part of the reason why she had such a difficult time enacting with
9:23 am
women voters and why so many women across the country rejected her because she had said previously that victims of things like this, they deserve to be hurt, they deserve to be, then her husband was out there is a top surrogate for her campaign. she takes five days after this to say something and says it instead of saying the route directly >> harris: there is so much tea leaf reading that we can go here so i don't want to go down that conjecture road. just logistically why you would let your publicist speak for you is because you don't want to take questions. i get that. she read about it and what happened, her book. at that it was interesting that we learn more about that infidelity with her husband because she decided to double down and talk about that again. so now you've got to reorder your narrative and your messaging to speak about this but a woman who puts out a card to raise money that looks like the metrocard, they were raising some cash. some of the women in her own party. there will been that were really there for her, but she was
9:24 am
trying to attract them and how you speak out early? >> gillian: here's what i think about this. i agree with you. i'm critical of the fact that it took hillary so long to come out and condemn him. however, sometimes we, i don't mean to be on the scout but the collective we, the american people do a disservice to really, really important issues when we insist on making it about politics. the victims of sexual assault, it does not matter the politics of the perpetrator. i think that is getting lost here. there are real victims who will suffer for the rest of their lives as a result of this bad behavior. it is not a matter at the end of the day what hillary clinton says or doesn't say or what former president says, it is about the fact that this is a major problem in the united states today and something needs to be done to help rectify it. that's my piece.
9:25 am
>> harris: across the board catch wise and equally to this individual. big voices in this country. >> gillian: clarification because that graphically were showing of those that did not return campaign donations, the d.c. cc was on that graphic but since the time i made that graphic, they give it back. they are giving it to women's charities. important to point that out. >> lisa: baby that's a way to move forward and do something positive. i don't want us to lose the grasp of the issue at hand. >> harris: when you hear that audiotape of harvey weinstein asking a young woman to watch him take a shower, please don't leave, i know i touched you inappropriately, waiting here that, that eminence, and then you don't hear big voices who have stood next to him, hugged him and pictures, taken a lot of
9:26 am
cash from him, i think that's where the politics come in. i think that comment in a very fair way because they do represent so many people in this country. she did reach some women who followed her. >> gillian: i didn't want our whole segment only be about that not to talk about the victims also. >> lisa: for people that supported trump, you saw so much criticism towards his comments yet silence from a lot of people with something like this. >> sandra: coming up, the iran and nuke deal front and center. expected to announce his decision tomorrow on whether he will recertify the deal. the heated debate on capitol hill over what the president needs to do. >> walking away from the nuclear deal would be a disaster for the united states. the president has a solid case to decertify. the president would send his powerful signal that the nuclear deal is a fundamental you lot architecture. poor mouth breather.
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allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. >> harris: new development now in a las vegas massacre. a new report says the gunmen fired incendiary bullets in an unsuccessful attempt to explode a tank of jet fuel during it
9:31 am
attack on concertgoers. mgm international says the police updated timeline "may not be accurate." all of the hotel did not elaborate on that. as a the shooter stopped firing onto that crowd after shooting through his door and wanted a hotel security guard. on monday, they said that guard actually was wounded before the gunmen opened fire on the crowd below. we will bring you more as the story continues to develop. >> gillian: was a sunday deadline looming, sources tell fox news that president trump is now expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal, kicking the issue over to congress on whether to stay in the deal or whether to get out. and also to discuss important regimes. condoleezza rice told dana perino just yesterday that dropping out of the steel may not be the best strategy.
9:32 am
take a look. >> i am one would not have signed that deal. i said that before. i don't think it's a good deal. but sometimes you live with what you've got and even if you decertify the deal, i hope that they'll find some way to keep it in place while they try to improve it. i think there are ways to say that this deal is in the long run not acceptable. we got to focus more and what the iranians are doing in the middle east, the trouble that they are making in yemen or in syria, but not just to pull out of the deal which would have deleterious effects on our live lives. >> gillian: meanwhile, house foreign affairs committee chairman and a meeting early this morning so the focus should be on holding iran accountable. >> a clear majority on this committee and in the house opposed the nuclear deal. ultimately, the obama administration ran it through anyway. as flawed as the deal is, i believe we must now enforce the
9:33 am
hill out of it. >> gillian: royce himself told fox news early that whatever the president decides to do, he hopes he will lay out expectations to congress on how to address the overall issue of containing iran. i agree with him, and i agree with dr. rice on this too. my take is that as bad of a deal as it was originally on the ink is dry and the united states has to live up to the commitments it made not to iran, but to our european allies who we rallied with us. >> harris: so after hearing one of the things i was watching were to see if anybody brought up the fact that there are so many other countries now that are making that kind of money by doing business with iran. even if ideologically, you are together with those other countries, you've got to fortify their bottom line now, and that gets really complicated. can we agree on something that don't affect that money? i don't know. but to wipe it away, he will be addressing that issue. >> sandra: you are intimately involved in crafting this,
9:34 am
correct? >> gillian: no. i've been out of government since 2010. i had nothing to do with this. >> sandra: i just channeled marie harf. >> gillian: this is not even a faraway dream. >> sandra: let me take this back because marie harf has weighed in on the scout many times in recent days. not that you look anything like. >> chris: i love how you're sticking her out. she would sit here and say the same thing. i know exactly where she would go with this. but i'm going to ask you to take out your crystal ball. what does he do? what is his next move? >> gillian: i think is going to decertify the deal on octobes up for renewal. if you want to know why, there's two reasons. one is that he really hates, hates and is itching to get away from having to recertify the steel every 90 days. it is a thorn in his vibrated >> sandra: both fingers, you've got it. >> chris: everyday he's going
9:35 am
to come back and say good job obama, like the deal, okay. i think the other thing is the president and says he's going to get a better deal for it i don't think it's possible at this moment based on the circumstances today but he believes he can get a better deal and he wants to start from scratch. >> harris: that better deal i would assume he is talking about for america. imagine there are other countries here who already have their deals in place with iran and already doing business and may not be different from what we would ideally want with iran not getting a nuclear weapon and going forth. at another going to give up that cash. it would be a better deal for us red before i don't know. i've mentioned this before when we had the president of france who supports his deal has, and express the same concerns that secretary tillerson had on this provision and when those expire. i actually asked julian about this before the show since she's an expert. i also think there is real concern about the fact if we even know if iran is actually
9:36 am
complying with the deal because we know that they are not letting the iaea and military sites. we don't even really know if they are following along the deal examined these people are saying. i feel it is just a really tough decision for the president because of the fact that there are other countries involved. >> sandra: and because is being advised contrary to what he can campaigned on. yet, those closest to him, national security advisors, they are all saying stay in the spread >> chris: the bad parts of the deal already done. he will not put that toothpaste back in the tube. bipartisan spirit objected to with this deal, cash to iran, the opening of sanctions, that all happened. that is all done. that won't be undone. if you get out of the deal now, you lose the crack in the door that you had to get in. >> harris: the fact that you liken this to use toothpaste. we have to move on.
9:37 am
>> sandra: by the way, hello to marie harf. >> harris: hillary clinton issuing a warning to women who might consider running for president in 2020. one the 11 hand, she didn't talk about women for harvey weinstein but has a word from them politically. why she claims is a double standard on the road to the white house and where the voters are tired of hearing about this, we will talk about it.
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>> lisa: hillary clinton out on her book to her offering advice to democratic senators and potential presidential candidates warning that if they decide to run for the white house in 2020, there will
9:42 am
be a high pain threshold and will have to be mindful of the double standard of women candidates. listen. speak it you have to have a high pain threshold because the double standard is alive and well. it's not going to disappear into years or four years. >> lisa: i'm going to go to you since you are our politics grew. it hillary clinton lose because americans are a bunch of sexist sexists? >> chris: >> sandra: that's notd question at all. stiffer that's why i gave it to you. i thought you'd be perfect for the spread because that's a straight up the middle question. i don't know why you can't answer it. >> chris: she did lose some votes because she was a woman. she got some votes because she was a woman. he can't say that gender wasn't a factor in the election for the first major party female nominee but it had advantages and had disadvantages. reading the issue for hillary clinton is she was bad at using her gender because she over used it. if we contrast as to what barack obama successfully did with the race in 2008 and 2012, he didn't overdo it. he didn't squawk about all the
9:43 am
time. it was there prayed everybody knew it was there. he let other people talk about history making nature of it. he allowed it to be present without overdoing it. she treated it like she had air horns running down the street like did you know on a woman. i'm with her. it was like yes, we are aware. >> harris: some that might have been driven by the idea of inevitability. she was about to win four years prior but then barack obama came out of nowhere. you could say that compared to her. so she had to make sure that after making those 18 million cracks in the ceiling that it was inevitable that she would win because she was woman. remember how many women she would say she brought along. do you are member the first one that she had here in new york and they had to invite men? was that one of the islands. okay. so this 18 million cracks, you so had to have a message and it wasn't on with her. it was something about the economy, something some kind of message, could you have that?
9:44 am
>> gillian: let's be honest for a moment. is that really the argument she was making in this interview? i didn't hear her saying i lost because there is a gender imbalance prayed before she is implying she was met with a double standard. >> gillian: she was pretty women all across this nation are met with double standards every day. she also lost the election. i don't think it's fair for us to approach this like this. >> harris: is she a victim of something? >> lisa: talking about this interview, that is not what she said in his interview. she's implying that double standard and place to do you think that mary fallin, jeanne shaheen, kemal harris, or hillary clinton herself, all these women have won statewide office either running for senate or for a gubernatorial race glad you think they would agree that somehow they were met with some sort of double standard? >> gillian: probably.
9:45 am
i think women all across this country in the workforce face a double standard. >> sandra: you but you don't have women walking into boardrooms or conference rooms or matings and reminding everybody in the room that there woman. she had to constantly remind everybody that she was a woman. >> gillian: i agree. >> harris: convince people that she was a woman like that. >> lisa: the problem is you couldn't convince voters that she cared about them. it the same problem that mitt romney had when he ran for president. there's a disconnect from the average american and she was incapable of convincing them that she cares about their needs. this is someone who said things. >> harris: there is no equivalent to that. >> gillian: don't knock the gender inequality balance in this country. >> sandra: she could focus on economic message. because that is what women care about. they care about their families and feeding their children. >> gillian: i agree with you.
9:46 am
but don't knock the fact that there is a gender imbalance in this country. >> sandra: good advice, visit wisconsin. key battleground state that you need to when in elections. it's an economic message. the nfl and some controversy seems to be tipping in the president's favor. roger caddell says a rule on standing during the anthem will be in a discussion with team owners. pretty how the president got the upper hand in this cultural battle and if there will be a lasting impact. you don't want to miss it. >> it only took roger two or three weeks of public humiliation to finally get the message. trump has this unique ability to understand what the end american people are and what the american people value.
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but let's check up with harris when what's happening in "outnumbered" overtime in just a few minutes. >> i ran over to the mezzanine, getting ready for 1:00 as president trump gets at the head to pennsylvania to push the g.o.p.'s tax plan. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell going after democrats saying the only reason they were against it was to antagonize the president. a big voice and tax reform, congressman jim jordan will join me. and after nearly a week of intense pressure, talking about
9:51 am
it on "outnumbered," former president barack obama and hillary clinton finally denouncing harvey weinstein. and now more new information coming out of those of sexual assault and we will look into that with our reporter. >> sandra: thank you. meanwhile, nfl commissioner roger caddell writing a letter to all teams think you would like to see players stand during the national anthem. he said this. "the current dispute is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game. like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. we want to honor our flag and our country and our fans expect that of us." president trump praising the move on twitter, posting "it is about time that roger goodale of the nfl is finally demanding that all players stand for our great national anthem. respect our country." the nfl releasing a statement this morning saying "this is still an ongoing discussion that will be addressed during regular scheduled fall meetings next
9:52 am
week. "some players say getting everyone to stand may be easier said than done. >> you can threaten to do whatever you want to do, that's not going to deter players from doing what is right and doing what they believe is right. he might be able to change the manner in which that looks, but i don't see players stopping their pursuit for justice or equality. >> sandra: roger caddell in that statement yesterday saying i want everyone to stand. that only go so far. first of all, is that too little too late and will the players actually respond? >> chris: what do you do when you have somebody who is doing what you don't want? you have what you view as misbehavior taking place. you call more attention to it or recognizing with that football player just said, what are you going to do? you can find them, you can bench them, you can punish them. if they are really convicted, if
9:53 am
this is a conviction of their conscience and we are getting ready to find out which of them are bandwagon kneelers and which one of them are serious about it, is it about to get expensive and it may be harmful to their careers. if they are committed to doing it, you are not going to stop them and the harder you go against them, the more attention they get. speeches of the president is credited for bringing even more attention to this then there originally was and many more players saying he made a big deal of this then decided to kneel. so does this change by the nfl a win for the president? >> gillian: roger caddell only cares about this because it's hurting his bottom line. the nfl viewership, recent polling indicating that it's dropped significantly. that's where roger caddell cares about. it's hard to figure out what the league stands for and doesn't stand for when you see things like players running on the field pushing a false narrative of hands up don't shoot, seeing players like colin with socks
9:54 am
the pigging officers as pigs. the dallas cowboys not being able to memorialize and honor police officers in dallas that were assassinated or a player from tennessee not being able to remember 9/11 and honor the fallen of 9/11 with his cleats. it's hard to know where the nfl is on a variety of issues particularly with the first amendment. one more to keep going on, they don't have a right to protest because they are on the clock. >> chris: they have a right to protest. >> sandra: is it a or not for the president? >> gillian: i don't think it's a win or loss for anyone in the sense that technically yes, it is a win for the president because he gets his way. they're probably not going to kneel anymore. >> sandra: many and most americans did feel you should stand. >> gillian: you just asked me if he want and i said yes, he got his way. i'm not saying he is alone in this. but i did summer flexing during
9:55 am
the commercial break. we did that was a really short reflection. if i back paused for some self affection and i realize have been a donor that shows i wanted to leave you a something good think about. so the colts yesterday but the date traveling across the city of indianapolis meeting with local law enforcement officials to discuss community issues, racial injustice, how we can move forward, and i wanted to highlight that because that is such a great saying to come out of this. if all these protests lead us to a place where the players are actually going to do something productive and get out the dialogue and get people talking about this issue in a constructive way, that i think it's a good thing. everybody wins. >> chris: i want to leave you with an even happier note. the mountaineers play excellent football this year, watch a college game and you're going to feel good about your country because they not only have the national anthem but they have the marching band and marching bands bring americans together. before we have to be careful
9:56 am
about that narrative that is being pushed about the ferguson effect. spitted the golden band from tiger lane. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) >> it is always good to have you, sir. something different today. you ate your wheaties, i'm
10:00 am
pretty sure. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. "outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner, she is ready in her chair, starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, let's start with wildfires in california. updates this hour, at least 17 people have died, many more are missing. fires are burning in neighborhoods that were once considered safe areas, they haven't seen this before. let's go "outnumbered overtime"" look at this. they show their sheer magnitude of the destruction to the lives and livelihoods i mentioned. this happened in a matter of minutes. across the state, 20,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. more than 1,000 acres destroyed and over 2,000 homes and businesses burned to the ground. president trump had this message yesterday as the administration proved a federal disaster declaration for california. >> i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know the federal government will stand with the


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