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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 11, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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you ate your wheaties, i'm pretty sure. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. "outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner, she is ready in her chair, starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, let's start with wildfires in california. updates thisour, at least 17 people have died, many more are missing. fires are burning in neighborhoods that were once considered safe areas, they haven't seen this before. let's go "outnumbered overtime"" look at this. they show their sheer magnitude of the destruction to the lives and livelihoods i mentioned. this happened in a matter of minutes. across the state, 20,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. more than 1,000 acres destroyed and over 2,000 homes and businesses burned to the ground. president trump had this message yesterday as the administration proved a federal disaster declaration for california. >> i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know the federal government will stand
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with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. i just want to pay my warmest respects. >> harris: our breaking news coverage from california, claudia? >> we are in the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa where literally hundreds and hundreds of homes were destroyed. take a look. three days later, this home is still smoldering. what you are looking at used to be there washing machine. the home right next door as you can see is untouched we see this time and time again, the owner tells me this is where the firefighters made a stand in the middle of the night sunday night and sure enough, every other home in this cul-de-sac is okay. this owner faces a tough road ahead, he is heartbroken about his neighbors and everyone knows it would take many years for
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this community to rebuild. as many of course are still in shock from the trauma of the evacuation that look like this, flames everywhere, and birds flying and sparking new fires. this dashcam video shot by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. new fires prompted a new round of evacuations. overnight, the death toll rose to 17. among the first known victims, an elderly couple in napa. >> they had their 75th wedding anniversary last may. they met when they were in grade school. they've been together ever sinc since. those of us in the family always wondered what would happen if one of them died and the other was still left. they went together.
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>> so many heartbreaking stories, as many as 500 people are still listed as missing and with cell phone and internet service down, communication has en difficult to say the least. all of this as the fire in napa has doubled in size and more strong winds are expected tonight along with another red flag warning, meaning fire danger will be returning in this area. it is going to be very rough day in northern california. >> harris: it is just stunning to see what happens when fire moves through and all the fuel is gone and it is still in smolders. sometimes we think they can put themselves out but when they run out of it, they move on. thank you very much. a fox news alert, president trump is set to hit the road and pitch his tax plan in pennsylvania. he is set to tell an audience of mostly truckers how this plan will be a boost for manufacturing in their bottom line in particular. ahead of this road trip, the president is taking a shot at
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democrats, many of whom have been blasting his tax proposal. he tweeted "the democrats want massive tax increases, the republicans want the biggest tax cut in history and about wall!" john roberts joins us now. >> good afternoon to you, the president continuing a sales pitch for tax reform, it is moving along right now in congress. he's going to be in pennsylvania later on this afternoon, pennsylvania is where democratic senator bob casey is up for reelection next ar. the ratings show anywhere likely to lead but the president wants to make sure he enacts as much leverage as he possibly can. he is going to be in harrisburg, pennsylvania, which is solidly republican territory, a big group of truckers and trucking companies will be joining the president for his speech because
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he will be talking about how tax reform can benefit them. the president will say "nothing gets done in america without the hardworking men and women of the trucking industry. when your trucks are moving, america is growing. that is why my administration has taken historic steps to remove the barriers that slow you down. america first means putting american truckers first." kellyanne conway talked about how the tax plan would benefit the trucking industry, listen here. >> the trucking industry, many of them are legacy businesses who are harmed by the tax and the top rates which of course for the first time in 80 years, the president's tax plan would have the pass-through rate which a lot of trucking companies and owners pay at 25%. >> the stock market today near the 23,000 mark just on the promise of tax reform. the president tweeting about that this morning.
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the president also for the first time today giving an estimate on what repatriating corporate funds, currently held overseas will mean for taxpayers in his speech tonight, the president will say "we will impose a one-time low tax so it can be brought home to america where it belongs. my council of economic advisors say that this change alone would likely give the typical american household of $4,000 pay raise." the president will greet the canadian prime minister justin trudeau, nafta will be on the agenda for them, as will a duty against new canadian aircraft, to replace the 737 fleet in the
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united states. delta has ordered 125 of those jets but the commerce department wants to lay on those aircraft 220% duty. canadians are up in arms over this, you can bet that will be on the agenda. >> harris: that will be very interesting, that bilateral news conference. >> there is no bilateral news conference. >> harris: i had heard there would be at one point. >> later this afternoon at the canadian embassy, the canadian prime minister will be talking to the press. >> harris: thankou for clearing that up. now we know the facts, we love to get them that way from you. thank you. meanwhile the top republican in the senate is accusing his democratic colleagues of reversing course and being obstructionists on tax reform. senate majority mitch mcconnell said democrats have renounced some of their own principles. "here in the senate the need for tax reform is loudly supported by democrats.
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or at least it was until the last election. now democrats are under pressure from the left to oppose just about everything president donald trump touches, even ideas they themselves used to promote." let's bring in republican congressman jim jordan of ohio. thank you for being here. i want to circle back a little bit later in our conversation to talk about the politics of the democrats and where they are because some might argue no matter what you do, you got to go to the senate and who knows. i want to talk to you about the freedom caucus and where you stand on this tax proposal and what you like and what you think needs fixing. >> we support the outline in the framework that's been put forward. will it actually cut taxes? will it simple by the code and will it be conducive to producing economic growth? we think with the numbers that have been given it will do those things.
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we think it is an environment that is conducive to job creation and economic growth. we are supportive. >> harris: wall street may be agreeing with you. 23,000 on the dow. moving on, you talk about that first area you watch for, does it actually cut taxes? the way i'm reading this, trying to cut taxes for a typical american family. a typical american hsehold, who are those people and what does thislan do for them? >> we don't know the income levels yet, this is something we been pushing our leadership. the left believes in big government. if you believe in big government you are not for letting regular people keep their money and have the freedom to spend it where they want. that's the fundamental divide between the parties. we need to know those income
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levels when the rates kick in. >> harris: it's important because if you are going to try to take this on the road and talk to truckers, the president has to be rather specific, doesn't he in terms of how he can help them? we have to get some idea of those levels. >> we need those levels as soon as possible. the numbers are coming down, i like all of that but we need the income level and frankly what we need, we need the app. plug-in your numbers, families across this country and do the work and when you find out you are getting a tax cut can have some influence on democrat members of congress. when their constituents say i am going to get a tax rank on the republican plan, i am going to get more money. you need to switch your position on this and start doing what's going to hell let me keep more my resources.
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>> harris: vice president mike pence said we want a situation where you can do your taxes on one page. how would you make that happen? that brings us to the second category you talked about simplifying the code. we need that desperately, what are some of the areas outside of filling out your taxes, some areas you want to shore up. >> we want to get rid of the alternative minimum tax and a lot of those things that make the tax code cumbersome and frankly make it difficult to grow our economy at the rates we need to grow it. we got a $20 trillion debt. to be able to deal with that you've got to get to three and a half, 4% growth rate to address a debt of that magnitude. let people keep more of that money, we think we are on the road to doing that.
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we need to file a bill so we can get it passed in the house and who knows what happens in the senate. >> harris: let's get back to that now, senator mitch mcconnell calling out democrats saying you just want to stop this president on everything, you used to like tax reform and tax cuts and now you don't. i want to talk about the politics of that because it will be important for them to pull over some democrats potentially, what does the president need to say in pennsylvania to help out mitch mcconnell? i think you guys got it in the house from what you are telling me. >> i think it will pass the house, i think it will be a good piece of legislation. i think the president need to do what he's been doing, tell the regular folks they will be able to keep more of their money. it's already growing out of the trump administration, i think he needs to reinforce that and say look, call it bob casey and tell him to do the right thing and vote for a tax bracket that will help you and your family. >> harris: congressman jordan, you are so astute with that.
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you probably caught that bob casey is not going to be there today. not to throw you too much for a loop here, if you can do tax reform you might come back to health care, any truth to that? >> we've got to do what we told the american people we were going to do. at some point we are going to have to get that done as well in addition to building the wall. i say this all the time but i say it because it's true, what you tell the voters you are going to true, get that done. do what you said you were going to do and keep that promise and that certainly includes repealing obamacare. >> harris: you know well the american people won't forget that. they are looking forward to when you deliver it. thank you very much for your time. we will have more on the growing follow-up for hollywood mogul harvey weinstein, a big-time democratic donor he has been,
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reportedly headed to rehab in europe in the wake of those shocking allegations against hi him. hillary clinton, barack obama finally condemning him after several days which has raised some eyebrows. we will get reaction from our media analyst, he will sit with me as kellyanne conway it weighs in on hillary clinton's respons response. >> i felt like a woman who ran to be commander in chief and president of the united states who talked about women's empowerment took an awfully long time to give support to those women who were coming forward.
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♪ >> harris: more and more allegations against the disgraced will be mogul harvey weinstein. he is reportedly checking himself into rehab in europe. all of this as his wife of a decade says she is out. she is leaving the marriage. jonathan hunt is live for us in los angeles with the latest on this. >> conflicting reports of whether he may be in rehab in the u.s. or headed to europe right now. while we are not sure where he is, we are sure his former
10:19 am
friends continue to desert him amid a cascading collection of abuse allegations. oh who is who of hollywood once revered or feared him is now condemning him. angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow say they were both victims of his predatory ways, gwyneth paltrow saying when she was just 22 years old and he was offering her a major role, he put his hands on her and suggested they had to his bedroom. his wife of ten years has announced she plans to separate from him. georgina chapman saying "my heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions." i have chosen to leave my husband, caring for my young children is my first priority and i ask the media for privacy at this time." the reporter who investigated allegations of rape and publish
10:20 am
em in the new yorker is questioning why the nbc network apparently spiked a potential tv expose, listen here. >> nbc says the story wasn't publishable and ready to go by the time you brought it to them. obviously it was ready to go by the time you got to the new yorker. >> i walked into the door at the new yorker with an explosively reportable piece and immediately obviously the new yorker recognized that and it is not accurate to say it was not reportable. there were multiple determinations that it was reportable. >> nbc has not responded to our request for comment but the network appears to be represented by anchor rachel maddow's application that the story was not ready for tv primes to my prime time. we have reached out repeatedly to harvey weinstein's p.r. firm
10:21 am
and they seem very reluctant to do any p.r. on his behalf right now. not a word from them whatsoever. >> harris: we have plenty of words to speak about this coming up with our guest, thank you very much. after nearly a week of intense pressure, hillary clinton and barack obama finally condemned major democratic donor harvey weinstein. an important part of his resume and all of this. amid rape and sexual harassment allegations, white house counselor kellyanne conway slammed hillary clinton's response on twitter with this. "it took hillary about 5 minutes to blame the nra for mad mad ms rampage but five days to blame harvey weinstein for sexual assault." howard kurtz is my friend and this is your wheelhouse. nbc, how did they defend not accepting that report from ronan
10:22 am
farrow? >> just a few weeks before nbc turned down what turned out to be the most explosive entertainment scandal in some time and it was published in the pages of the new yorker. by the way, clearly ronan farrow had an audiotape of an incident where the new york police wired an italian model who said she was groped by harvey weinstein. >> harris: looking down at my notes, i want to ask how this goes forth with nbc. he was doing some freelance work for them, he did have a show with msnbc, there is some relationship there. what this came across as they
10:23 am
were kind of impugning his journalism. they've got to be careful with that, right? >> absolutely. i give ronan farrow credit for answering the question bluntly. he is a special correspondent for nbc news. we have to keep in mind that there were business relationships between harvey weinstein's company and nbc universal pictures. harvey big liberal, a big democratic donor. maybe a little bit less of an attractive target. it really is inexplicable. >> harris: i want to talk about the coziness -- not to bend too far in the direction of hillary clinton. we have an example between the coziness of some of these networks politicians and their donors. clinton getting a debate question or two from a former employee at cnn who was also running the dnc at the time, that coziness gets a little
10:24 am
smoky, doesn't it? you mix in a donor who gives the kind of money that harvey weinstein was giving politicians? >> it makes you wonder whether there is a double standard. at least at some networks and other news organizations. hillary clinton and barack obama both received fund-raising help from harvey weinstein. if they are shocked and appalled and disgusted to use their words by what happened, why did it take nearly six days to be shocked and appalled and disgusted? i think this is a classic case of selective outrage. they said nothing after the original "new york times" story laying out these allegations, even after harvey weinstein apologize, after the company he founded fired him, the former president and the last presidential candidate remain silent until yesterday. >> harris: the democratic committee is looking at giving funding back and giving it to
10:25 am
charity, that's what they have decided to do. former presidential candidate and former president, do they need to take a closer look at doing that immediately as well? >> i think they need to say more especially hillary clinton, such a champion for women's issues and women's empowerment, had plenty to say about donald trump. i don't think a brief statement is going to cut it at this point. >> harris: howard kurtz talking about the media as he always does. a fox news alert, a controversial news by an american institution. the boy scouts have announced they will now accept girls into every level of that organizatio organization. is that a good idea? or is it political correctness gone too far? we are going to talk about it. plus president trump reportedly expected not to recertify the iran nuclear deal. that will come tomorrow. critics are saying if the deal is bad if there are reasons to stick with it anyway. i will talk with a congressman
10:26 am
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experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> harris: president trump reportedly is expected not to recertify the iran nuclear deal tomorrow and that would kick the matter to congress which would have 60 days to determine a path forward. ahead of that announcement, the house foreign affairs committee held a hearing today on the threats we are still facing from around, here's a touch of that. >> we don't know to what extent iran is still engaged. that is why clear majorities on this committee and in the house opposed to the nuclear deal, ultimately the obama
10:31 am
administration put it through anyway. as flawed as though deal is, i believe we must now enforce it. >> hris: former secretary of state condoleezza rice echoing that sentiment, saying the unitedtates should stay in the deal. >> you to certify that a deal, i hope they will find some way to keep it in place while they try to improve it and i think that's the strategy they are trying to carry out here. we have to focus more on what the iranians are doing in the middle east, the trouble they are making in yemen or in syria but not just to pull out of the deal which i think would have effects on our alliances. >> harris: let's bring in congressman peter king of new york, good to have you, thank you for being with us. those are actually different things, stay in it while you fix it, condoleezza rice is saying enforce it.
10:32 am
maybe not mutually exclusive but they are different. >> on this when i am much closer to condoleezza rice. i understand why the president was going to decertify it. right now we have no assurances that the iranians are complying, the military has said they cannot fully find out what iran is doing and not doing. we also know the extent to which they are subsidizing and supporting terrorist groups throughout the middle east. i think this could be an opportunity. i understand why the president is doing it. i believe this could go back into congress and we could begin new negotiations and talk about different sanctions and clean this up. there is no doubt in my mind, they are assembling parts that
10:33 am
could lead to nuclear weapons. i think again, this is an opportunity to have that 60 days in the house and the senate and really go forward from there. >> harris: last hour on "outnumbered" ," what this doess allow the president not to have to keep certifying this every 90 days. you don't want to get into a position where you are having to do that but you are going to have to watch a iran closely anyway. >> it also sends a signal to the rest of the world. the accepted belief is that other nations signed on to this agreement, they already have business there. they've been reluctant to go along with us as far as new sanctions. we are the leader of the free world and that's why this has to be coordinated. between the white house and congress, we are going to be speaking with one voice. that i think and put pressure and influence on our allies
10:34 am
which is why it's important that we speak with one voice. we can't have congress going in one direction and the president going in another, it has to be a unified effort by the house and senate. >> harris: i want to talk to you about leverage, there are countries whose companies are already doing business with iran and the less you are going to write a check to those countries they're probably not going to come on board. who do we really need to pull a cross that finish line in terms of tt and what should that look like? >> i don't want to start an international moment here but any of those main countries who are allies of us, we have economic pressure, too. as far as -- we can put our own -- we can say companies doing business in a iran cannoe doing business in american companies. this is all part of the back room type of leverage negotiations we should be doing.
10:35 am
we are in a position of strength. europe needs us to some extent, we may need them but they need us more. we have to get unified. we have to all be saying the same thing. we can have the president saying one thing in the house and senate saying something else or them disagreeing. whatever we agree on has to stay consistent and be with one voice. >> harris: the american people may be wondering, you couldn't get certain things done in congress, are you confident you will be in unison with this? >> we have 60 days to get it done. >> harris: that is a very political answer. >> i don't know exactly what the president is going to be looking for. we have to find out what the president is willing to accept, what we feel we can get through. i am being realistic, there are so many different competing elements. i want to support the president on this, i think iran definitely got the best end of the agreement. if we can firm it up for us, put more observation towers into a
10:36 am
ran and find out what is happening there, see exactly what iran is doing. getting supplies which may be technically okay under the agreement, again we have to work together on that. >> harris: before i let you go, you touched on it a bit here but i think it is so valuable. to visit that history, i keep hearing, given the fact that he is willing to enforce it, we never should have been in this deal. i have heard you say it before. s ga>> thi everything to iran. they got an incredible amount of cash up front, their economy was going down and that boosted their economy gave them strength and allowed other countries to invest. let me just say, he is a phenomenal chairman of foreign affairs. i certainly respect him
10:37 am
completely and i wish he had been negotiating this agreement. >> harris: representative peter king of new york, i appreciate you being on board with your expertise, come back anytime. thank you. >> congratulations on the new show. >> thank you sir. >> harris: they have not said they are running for 2020 but hillary clinton has some advice anyway for two women, stars of the democratic party. she says they should be prepared for a double standard for female candidates? is she suggesting she lost because she is a woman? it got heated on the "outnumbered" panel with this. we are going to bring back our powere panel. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts.
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♪ >> harris: hillary clinton is offering some advice to democratic senators kemal harris and elizabeth warren. she says if they make a run for
10:42 am
the presidency of 2020 they better be mindful of the double standard for women in politics. >> the deborah double standard is alive and well. this is a continuing problem and for any woman in politics, in the public eye, you have to call it out. you have to do it in a way that doesn't create a backlash against you for calling it out. it's a constant balancing act. >> harris: "outnuered" was hot on this one. christopher bedford, editor in chief of "the daily caller" and author of the art of the donald. i understand the president tweeted that people should run out and get that book. it's great to have you both. >> i was thinking about this some more in the last half an hour, there are some issues at
10:43 am
stake when we talk about this. there is the question of is there gender discrimination in the workplace in the united states of america, do women face extra challenges and hurdles that their male counterparts don't? i am firmly in the yes camp on this. there is a separate question of is this book cost hillary clinton the election? i don't have the answer, probably not. and i think when we conflate the things, we lose a little bit of the texture, the important texture here. which i think maybe we shouldn't be having the gender discrimination conversation around politics. maybe that makes it too treacherous. >> harris: that's tough if it makes it part of your identity. >> the problem with hillary clinton was that she was hillary clinton. some professors over and why you did a test on this because they assumed she wouldn't have gotten
10:44 am
away with being donald trump because women weren't allowed to act like that. they acted out a debate and wrote this paper, it is nyu, a hotbed of liberalism. they came out saying they liked female donald trump more than male hillary clinton. >> that's an interesting take. >> harris: let's talk about this one part of it. the idea that the only way women can kind of go forth is if we all buy into the fact that we are all victims somehow. while i understand that you say there is discrimination out there based on gender, i get that but that cannot become the box women check for why things don't work out. sooner or later it's got to be merit-based or we don't go forward. >> i agree with you on that 100%. i don't think there is a place in presidential politics for crying victim and getting sympathy on that measure. i don't agree with hillary
10:45 am
clinton's approach there. but i will say, my personal approach to all of this is that i am a little bit in the sheryl sandberg camp on this which is that calling attention t the fact that these challenges exist doesn't victimi wom, it empowers women. i feel that you can use it as a way to actually make the system better. >> harris: is that what she's doing? she also had that opportunity with the sexual assault allegations against the movie mogul harvey weinstein which gave her campaign and many others on the democratic side of the ticket a whole lot of cash. she had an opportunity to empower and use the words gillian was using. >> in the harvey weinstein scandal, it illustrated a lot of the problems with identity politics. a lot of these politicians consider themselves moral
10:46 am
leaders. people who have spoken out increasingly and dramatically on women's rights were silenced for days when one of their friends was busted, when one of the hollywood elite was busted doing this. you have to wonder if this wasn't about women's rights as about politics. it hurts them and makes them look bad right now they don't want to talk about it. >> harris: you segue it back to hillary clinton trying to give the girl friend's up. >> chris mentioned a key sort of touchstone word which is identity politics. i caution folks, conservative and liberals who like to throw this around. i think at the end of the day all politics originally in this country is identity politics. it's important to keep that in mind when we start throwing that against minority populations today. >> harris: gillian, thank you very much. i'm going to ask you guys to stay around because the breaking news has been a big change in the boy scouts ofmeri a, ey are now going to have in some of
10:47 am
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>> harris: a fox news alert, president trump and the first lady welcoming the canadian prime minister justin trudeau and his wife to the white house moments ago as we were in the commercial break. we are now showing you what happened a couple of seconds ago, this is a ceremonial greeting they give up when a prime minister or a leader of another country comes and meets with the president. normally at this time there may or may not be audio, let's listen and see. sometimes this president likes to talk. we just hear the flashing and the shutters of the cameras there. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau expected to talk about trade with the president as you might imagine, nafta talks beginning today. this breaking news, an american institution has announced a huge change today. the boy scouts of america will welcome girls intohe organization, girls will be allowed throughout the ranks from the youngest cub scouts to the top award of eagle scouts to participate.
10:52 am
the scouts say this expands programs that already include girls. the group's chief executive says "the values of scouting are important to both men and women. we believe it is important to involve our program." we are back with our power panel right now. okay, political correctness, you are already seeing a blowback on social media, it happened almost immediately. is this an answer back to that? >> these are both all institutions, they are a century old. the boy scouts are two years older. you have seen membership declining. the problem is that hispanics and asians are really interested in joining the boy scouts. i think the girl scouts are right to be worried about this, they are saying we have an organization, we have our traditions. the boy scouts look at this as families wanting to drop off their sons and daughters at the same time.
10:53 am
>> harris: the girl scouts of the u.s. criticize the initiative, saying it strains a centuries old bond between the organizations, girl scouts officials that the move was driven partly by financial problems and i need to boost revenue. in august, the president of the girl scoutsccuse the boy scouts of seeking to cortly recruit girls into the program while disparaging the girl scouts operation. you've been reading about this, your thoughts. >> if what chris tells us is indeed the scenario and the move is -- i don't want to mischaracterize what you said but a little bit of overreach, the boy scouts seeing declining membership and trying to pull some of those folks to their own team, maybe this is a good thing for the girl scouts. maybe it's a good thing for girls. if they can find programs they are happy with and they feel they can participate in, who cares what the banner is. who cares about what the name of
10:54 am
the organization is, it's about bringing young kids together and giving them important life skills. >> harris: critics will say, can there be a space for the genders to be in a single gender organization? can there be a space for boys, can there be? >> the days are certainly numbered, we've seen it at harvard university, you are going to see it in the boy scouts. they are delaying it. for now they are saying -- even though you can be a girl scout of america with the organizatio organization, you are going to be in a separate pack. a girls only true benda a boy's only true. he won't go camping together because that will be too much to chaperone. >> harris: let's talk about political correctness. some of the confidence will be single gender but there will be side by side boys and girls. as they get older, from what i am reading and you the same
10:55 am
thing, there will be some mixing of the genders, that's how i read it. where are we in this with political correctness? >> i think political correctness might run up against reality, when it turns out girls aren't in as interested in learning how to whittle sticks as the boys are. the eagle scout program has been tailored specifically to young men. the girl scouts of america has programs that are largely outdoorsy but if this move is an attempt to push that pc idea and make everyone go to the same programs, people don't have the same fun when they are kids, they are interested in different things. >> one notable thing i read in the release from the boy scouts is that they are going to improve programs for older girls which is nice. it's nice to see the boy scouts embracing older women in a way that hollywood does not. that's good. >> harris: that's really funny, your take on this is that
10:56 am
there may be some appreciation as women age among the boy scouts? i'm going to give you the last word on that, i didn't see that coming. >> if this is a social engineering project, i think it's more of a business project. if it is it is going to run headlong into a log cabin and it's not going to work. >> harris: president trump departs the white house later today pennsylvania. we will talk tax reform, back in a moment. fred would do anything for his daughter.
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>> harris: before we scoot out of here, a couple programming notes. you know the president's getting ready to go to pennsylvania. right now he's meeting with the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. then he'll go outside harrisburg in middle town to talk tax reform. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. president trump welcomes canadian prime minister justin trudeau to the white house moments ago before taking a trip to pennsylvania to sell tax reform later today. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump and prime minister trudeau are meeting an we expect nafta negotiations to be a big part of their agenda. fox news learned white house chief deputy staff will be nominated to be theew homeland security secretary. john kelly became the white house chief of staff. let's go to john


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