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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hockey team, the golden knights with a tribute to first responders and victims of the las vegas massacre. thanks for joining us. i'm dana parino, here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 in washington where the president of the united states is asking whether it's time to challenge some tv networks licenses over what he calls fake news. the president tweeting after nbc reported that he asked to drastically increase our -- asked about drastically increasing our nuclear stockpile. minutes ago he told reporter what's he says really happened. he's getting some backup. but this afternoon, the president turns to taxes. for republicans in power, the stakes could hardly be higher. after healthcare failed, they need a win. but can they get this one done? and in california, stronger winds this afternoon fanning the flames as firefighters try to control wild fires that have
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killed so many people. a police dash cam here giving a glimpse of the firefighting scene on the ground. white house drone cameras reveal the devastation from above. house after house obliterated. plus, for the first time, our cameras go inside a navy lab where teams are trying to solve a dangerous problem for pilots. it's a big news day. let's get to it. >> first from the fox news deck this afternoon, president trump says it's frankly disgusting that the press can write whatever it wants. the president was responding to a report from nbc news that he called for a nearly ten fold increase in the u.s. nuclear arsenal. he reportedly made the comment during a meeting with top national security leaders last summer. nbc news cites not one but three officials that were in the room
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telling the story to nbc news. during a meeting with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau last hour, the president denied the claims and accused the media. >> no, i never discussed increasing it. that was fake news by nbc, which gives a lot of fake news lately. no, i never discussed that. i think somebody said i wanted ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now. right now we have so many nuclear weapons. i want them in perfect condition, perfect shape. >> defense secretary james mattis is responding to the report calling it absolutely false. president trump today suggested on the heels of this reporting that nbc and other networks should lose their licenses. critics call that a threat to the freedom of the press. the president should be advised that broadcast networks are not licensed. local television stations are licensed. this presidential tactic is not
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new in the trump era. it dates to the nixon administration. it's called affectionately working the refs. the year was 1969. president nixon wrote a memo to the staff he had saying if we treat the press with a little more contempt, we'll probably get better treatment. as "the washington post" wrote last june, nixon invited top broadcast executives to the white house and told them your reporters just can't stand the fact that i'm in this office. sound familiar? the press secretary at the time declared that all of the tv networks were anti-nixon and that they would pay for that sooner or later one way or another. that's a quote. another top nixon adviser said that nixon's administration would bring you to your knees and break your network. he targeted the "washington post," its television stations and more. his prosecutors drafted legislation to impede
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journalism. in the end, good journalism ended his political career. the first amendment stood firm and almost 50 years later, it does today. our chief white house correspondent john roberts live at the white house. is this an off the cuff thing? because it's a serious thing to begin discussing. >> it's the president being the president and venting. the tweet you're referring to is when the president said with all the fake news out of nbc and the networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license? bad for the country. really nothing that the president can do though on that particular front except for stamp his feet and jump up and down and say he doesn't like the way he's being treated and trying through cajoling and taking out a stick and trying to beat them over the head with it that he can make any kind of change. the president pushing back hard against that report that he asked for a ten fold increase in the nuclear arsenal here in the united states. listen to what the president
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said when he meet with the canadian prime minister a short time ago. >> it's disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. people should look into it. no, i want to have absolutely perfectly maintained, which we are in the process of doing, nuclear force. but when they said i want ten times what we have right now, it's totally unnecessary. believe me. i know what we have right now. >> you want no increase whatsoever? >> we won't need an increase. i want modernization and total rehabilitation. it's got to be in tip top shape. >> the president gave backup for james mattis that put out a statement a short time ago saying "recent reports that the president called for an increase in the nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. this kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible." shep, the president earlier pushing back on suggestions that john kelly was not on his
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favorite individual's list and might soon be fired. the president saying that it's absolutely not true that kelly is safe. shep? >> shepard: the president discussed north korea at the white house today, john. >> yeah, he discussed it yesterday with his national security council where he was hearing from james mattis and rex tillerson about potential options if north korea were to threaten one of the u.s. -- the u.s. mainland or one of its territories or allies or what the united states might have to do to prevent a nuclear attack by north korea. the president said today again in the oval us a, his posture might be tougher than some other people but his is the posture that counts. listen here. >> i think i have a little bit different altitude on north korea than other people might have. and i listen to everybody. but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters, isn't it? that's the way it works. i feel stronger and tougher on that subject than other people. i listen to everybody.
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ultimately i will do what is right for the united states and really what is right for the world. >> it was that sort of rhetoric that let bob corker to say that he believes the president could be headed down the path to world war iii. we know how that worked out, shep. >> shepard: john, thank you. president trump set to leave the white house for harrisburg, pennsylvania where he's set to talk about his new tax plan. the president said it will give a boost to the stock market and add jobs. he said the democrats want soft borders. the republicans want the biggest tax cut in history and the wall. the president and republican leaders have released a frame work for their tax plan. it's still missing the details. as we reported, the proposal called for slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. he would reduce the number of tax brackets from seven brackets to three brackets. 12%, 25% and 35%.
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but there is no word on what income levels fall in each brackets. the plan would also get rid of estate tax, which critics call the death tax, which largely benefits the rich. democrats say the proposal will mostly benefit the wealthy overall and will not do enough for the middle class. republicans are still looking for their first big legislative win after failing to pass a healthcare bill. analysts say gop lawmakers will have a tough time making the case for their re-election if they can't come together on taxes. back to john at the white house. can they come together? >> we'll see, shep. we know the ways and means committee and other tax-writing committees are actively working on a plan. you can hear the president's helicopter landed behind me here to take him to harrisburg. he will make the case -- this is all about messaging -- before a group of truckers and truck operators as to how tax reform will benefit them. talking about these llcs,
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pass-through corporations, whatever that the president wants to lower the income tax rate on. the president suggesting that what we're seeing in the stock market is a drip of what will come if he gets tax reform passed. the president tweeting stock market has increased by $5.2 trillion since election november 8, the lowest unemployment in 16 years. if congress gives me the tax cuts i'm asking for, the numbers will grow by leaps and bounds. the president targeting the middle class here, what he calls the forgotten americans. it's the message that he takes across the country as well, shep. likely to talk to the conservative thinktank next week to get bigger on policy. he will head to california to make sure he has his republican members of congress on board the idea of tax reform. he will go to montana where john tester is and have a -- and is having a tough race in 2018 for re-election. a lot of farmers there that
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could benefit from the elimination of the estate tax. he is likely to go to other high tax states like new york and connecticut as well. the president getting the messaging on board here in terms of making sure he puts as much pressure on congress to pass tax reform. should mention, shep, that kirsten nielson the deputy chief of staff at the department of homeland security will be president trump's nominee to replace john kelly as the homeland security secretary. there you can see the two of them together. kelly liked her so much at dhs that he brought her here to the white house. now she's headed back to dhs. >> shepard: sounds good. thanks, john. >> thank you. >> shepard: christina peterson covers congress for the "wall street journal." great to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> shepard: this attack on those that report on the halls of power, as i mentioned, is not new. >> right. >> shepard: it's older than i am. that's old.
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it has worked very effectively. it's working brilliantly with his base. but in practice, it has never proved to work very well, has it? >> right. we definitely don't see reporters backing down from aggressive reporting. i will say lawmakers say this is something that their voters identify with. so it does seem to be effective messaging if not actually making for softer reporting. >> shepard: well, the push is certainly just as nixon said, if we're more aggressive with them, this reporting will be softer. there's enormous social media campaigns against those that attempt every single day to report the facts and those that have really good sources in washington nail down stories report them. they're often denied by the white house and later the reporters are proved true. it's happened again and again and again. these attacks, are they dangerous to the democracy or are the systems in place to make them just talk? >> i do think it's damaging if voters lose or just citizens in
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general lose trust in the press. it's important to have reporters writing news that the public believes in. so i think that that can be tricky. >> shepard: well, if it's the white house that is making those that consume the news believe that the reporters are wrong or are the reporters in general with fact-checking as our guide, are they unjustly reporting on this white house? >> well, definitely at the "wall street journal," we're doing a good job of being fair in our reporting. i'd say that that's widely true. i think it's a polarized political environment in the press. >> shepard: there are times when the facts are upsetting to the base. that does happen. on this matter of taxes, there's a number of senators that don't appear to be on board. rand paul does not appear to be on board because of his sort of strict idealogical background. and then there's others that are not there.
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the republicans can only lose two, right? >> right. we've seen that play out time and time again. that there's been two defections and gop leaders have scrambled to prevent any further opposition from building. but they haven't been able to stave it off. there's a very narrow republican majority in the senate. if you have three gop defections, that's enough to sink the budget, enough to sink -- if they get the budget passed next week, that could prevent them from getting further. >> shepard: the dominoes are lined up. whether they fall is another matter. great to talk to you, christina. thanks. >> thanks. >> shepard: this time next week -- or this last last week, harvey weinstein was running a movie studio with his name on it. now after allegations of rape and sexual harassment, he's lost his job, his wife and now could face more punishment if
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12:17 pm
there wasn't a case. they're defending their decision not to file charges after a police sting operation in which the movie mogul appears to admit that he groped an italian model. she wore a wire. listen to this. >> shepard: prosecutors say they didn't feel charges because -- here's a quote -- "while the recording is horrifying to listen to, it's sufficient to prove a crime under new york law which requires prosecutor to establish criminal intent." police responded "this follow up recorded conversation was one aspect of the case against the suspect. this evidence along with other statements and timeline information was presented to the office of the manhattan district attorney."
12:18 pm
the model, part of a growing list of women accusing harvey weinstein of sexual harassment, including gwyneth paltrow. three women are accusing him of sexual assault including rape. while weinstein has kept quiet since last week, his spokesperson told the new yorker that he can't speak to anonymous allegations. with respect to women that have made allegations on the record, he believes all of these relationships were consensual. the spokesperson said that harvey weinstein has started counselling. took a private jet to europe last night we're told and will begin the counselling there. could he face criminal charges here? the judge is on the deck. our senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano is here. could he? >> yes, he could. but the government needs corroborating evidence in the case of a rape allegation or
12:19 pm
sexual harassment. so if it's he said she said, they're reluctant to prosecute because they're difficult cases to win. any kind of corroborating evidence, any admission he may have made, any pattern, any contemporaneous complaint by the victim, or any physical evidence is what they're looking for. i don't know what they had in the new york case. >> in addition to the audio recordings. >> we don't either. >> the new york police department said they had more and they had enough and the battle with the district attorney. he's the boss, he decides what to prosecute. >> shepard: and for context, a battle between police departments, not to take any one's side here by way of information, a battle between police departments and prosecutors is a daily thing. >> yes. they often argue over the meaning of evidence. the job of the police is to gather the evidence. the job of the prosecutor is to analyze it, evaluate it and present it to a grand jury and
12:20 pm
then to a trial jury. they were convinced that they wouldn't prevail. new york has abolished its statute of limitations on rape. sexual assault, five years. rape no, statute. california where some of these complaints have emanated, no statute of limitations on rape, sexual assault five years. so how long he stays in europe, what he does there, nobody can bring him back here against his will until he's indicted for a crime here. >> shepard: so should a law enforcement agency come up with a mountain of evidence that a prosecutor's office would decide that it wanted to indict this man and go through the legal process, they would be able to extradite him but not until then. >> but the extradition from europe is long and different. in europe, there will be a mini trial under european standards of the evidence gathered in the
12:21 pm
u.s. and they'll decide whether or not he would be convicted under their standard. so if he wants to stay in europe, as horrific as this sounds, he could probably drag this out for many years. look at roman polaniski. that's gone on for 40 years. >> shepard: and this is hypothetical. there's no charges. there's a long list of accusers and it's ugly. >> yes. >> shepard: he's made some admissions. admissions on other levels. >> all of that stuff will be combined and reanalyzed, shep and they'll decide anew what to do with it. >> thank you. >> shepard: a historic change coming to the boy scouts of america. girls. the shift in scouting next. impossible to ignore.
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>> shepard: the boy scouts of america will now allow girls to
12:25 pm
become cub scouts and reach eagle scout. that's a word from the chief executive of the organization who says the group's board unanimously voted for the change. the organization has consisted of mostly boys since it's founding 100 years ago. right now girls are allowed into certain programs. boy scout leaders say they made this move after lots of research and request from families across the country. there's more to this. trace gallagher has it. >> shep, the debate has been going on for decades. the organization timely began to do extensive research that talked to former scouts and scout leaders and girls that have never been involved with the boy scouts. the scouts decided being trustworthy and helpful and loyal is good for boys and girls. the chief scout left a statement. "we believe it's critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and life-long
12:26 pm
experiences for their children, so beginning next year, families can sign up their sons and daughters for cub scouts and going forward cub scouts dens, the smaller units will stay single gender. but cub caught packs can be single gender or a mix of boys and girls. starting in 2019, girls can earn the rank of eagle scout, shep. >> shepard: girl scouts are thrilled. am i right? >> yeah, they're likely not going to be very happy or not very happy. we called them a bunch of time. in recent months, they have called the move a covert campaign to recruit girls and they believe it will undercut the girl scouts and strain the bond between the two organizations. before this decision was announced, the president of the girl scouts wrote a letter to the boy scouts saying everything has worked out all right for a century. it's unsettling that bsa would
12:27 pm
upend the paradigm that has served boys and girls so well through the years. according to the boy scout numbers, membership has fallen 10% and we should know that some believe this is an effort to boost their bottom line. by the way, in regards to boy scouts recruiting girls, donald trump jr. tweeted strange. i thought that's what the girl scouts was for, shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. deadly wild fires are racing across wine country again today in northern california. the out of control flames now destroying thousands of homes and businesses killing more people that couldn't get out of the way. forecasters now warn the fires could get worse as this day goes on. the wind forecast is horrible. it's coming up.
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12:30 pm
fraternity members for hazing a new recruit. the student's autopsy showed the blood alcohol level was .5. that's many times higher than the driving limit. salt lake city's police chief firing the detective that arrested a nurse at a hospital. the nurse refused to drew blood from an unconscious patient. the lack of judgment of the officer was unacceptable, the police chief said. a small asteroid set to fly by earth tomorrow. nasa scientists say there's no risk to our planet. the news with shepard smith continues after this.
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12:33 pm
homes and deadly wild fires scorch enormous sections of wine country. the sheriff in sonoma county says he ordered new mandatory evacuations as strong winds and low humidities are fanning the flames. in this drone, you can see house after house burned to the foundations. officials calling it one of the worst in california history. they say so far 21 people are confirmed dead and more than 600 are unaccounted for. the flames have destroyed an area larger than the city of chicago. 3,500 homes and businesses are gone. you can see firefighters trying to water down the hot spots in this still image in napa valley. some people ran from their homes. >> sunday night, we awoke to a
12:34 pm
red glow coming out of the north. we had minutes to get out of the house. wake our kids up. called our neighbor. woke her up. it was a mad dash. it was chaos. >> officials are reporting four wineries have suffered total or significant damage. the number on that matter is expected to go higher. our claudia cowan has been on the fire lines throughout and is live with us this afternoon. claudia, this is so sad. >> it is so heard breaking, shepard. we're in the coffee park neighborhood in santa rosa, one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. we're reminds how capricious these fires can be. taking out some homes and leaving those next door untouched. this is where firefighters made a stand when the flames came through sunday night. the owner of this home, happy his house is safe but admits he's struggling emotionally.
12:35 pm
>> i kind of have a guilt that i'm coming back to a home and for the main part, other than smoke damage in the house, the integrity of the house is somewhat sound and i got a home still, which is a little guilty. >> his next door neighbors dough want them to feel any guilt. their cat was under his house. they're grateful he's alive. a lot of mixed emotions in the wake of this horrible tragedy here. >> claudia, what are we to make of this number of 600 people unaccounted for? is the thinking they didn't check in or fears of something much worse? >> well, there's a lot of confusion about the number with the sheriff saying it's possible many of those people have been found but have not updated the registry of missing people. they are imploring missing people to mark themselves as safe or to let authorities know they are occasion.
12:36 pm
but that's not all easy, shepard. cell phone and internet service, many lines of communication are still down throughout parts of the fire zone here. >> shepard: thanks, claudia in santa rosa. thanks. here's a closer look at where these fires are burning in northern california. want to take you to the wall. the largest and deadliest fire is around the santa rosa area. we'll zoom in on that. you can see san francisco. santa rosa to the north. napa valley in the middle. that's where claudia is reporting from. the flames have swallowed strip malls, business parks and entire neighborhoods. there's major fires all over the region and then again well north of sacramento and down towards modesto. the winds are still going half passed noon. >> yeah. it's a big concern. this is the area we're talking
12:37 pm
about and the map encompasses all of this. this is an elevated fire risk, a red flag warning. winds are strong and the humidity is low. when you get that combination, that's bad news if you're trying to contain a fire. we're looking at relative humidities and everything in the orange is getting down below 25%. so this air is bone dry. dries out all the vegetation and that fire can really get going. on top of that, we're talking about the winds that are ordinarily strong as of right now. they're only going to pick up as we head into the evening hours. pay attention to the time forecast. this afternoon and this evening, the winds picking up to 50 to 70 miles an hour. that is enough to move a fire very quickly. all of these winds, shep, are out of the north. even though most of the fires are in this area, i wouldn't be surprised if overnight we're getting thick smoke in sacramento, san francisco, oakland, san jose. the wind will be intense and
12:38 pm
spreading the fire danger as we head to the overnight hours. >> shepard: man, tropical storm force winds. how about rain? >> we need rain. we have a cold front moving through. but the last six hours, all of that activity is so bone dry across northern california a little rain in the pacific northwest. as we continue on,this is your forecasted rainfall. there's your time stamp. i'm taking you a full week out, all the way to next wednesday. rain and snow in the pacific northwest. in california, it's bone dry for an entire week. so unfortunately, the winds back off this weekend. that rain, the moisture, isn't coming any time soon, shep. >> shepard: a lot of horror ahead. thank you, adam. a quick live look here at jva. this is joint base andrews. president trump is on his way to harrisburg, pennsylvania for a speech on taxes. taxes. a top of the legislative agenda now for republicans up on
12:39 pm
capitol hill. he will be transferring from marine to air force one. when he does, there will be some microphones there. we'll go back live in case the president decides to say something. we'll bring it to you. the lots of questions know about the massacre in las vegas. a worker at mandalay basis he called in a report that someone was shooting in the moments before the murderer opened fire on the crowd outside. listen to this conversation between the worker and the dispatches. we shortened some of the pauses between the speakers. >> shepard: don't go there.
12:40 pm
firing down the hall. the caller has now told nbc news that he was responding to a report about a jammed door on the 32nd floor near the shooter's room. when the door is open, they get an alert in security. the door is ajar. the security guy heard a gunshot. police now say the killer shot that guard six minutes before he opened fire on the crowd and the concert. so he shot at the security guy. the security guy called and said there's this guy shooting and six minutes later the massacre began. you'll remember before they said that this guy shot the guard later during the rampage. the company which owns the hotel has questioned whether the latest timeline from police is accurate. a powerful scene last night in las vegas on the ice. the nhl's new expansion team, the golden knights of las vegas
12:41 pm
playing their first home game, first ever. the entire pregame a tribute to the men and women that died in the shooting and those that put their lives on the line to help them. >> by number 29, mark andre flurry. >> first responders joining players. there was a 58-second period of silence for the 58 people that dyed. one of the las vegas knights, a resident, spoke before the puck dropped. >> to the families and friends of the victims, know that we'll do everything that we can to help you and our city heal. we are vegas strong. >> shepard: naturally the players came flying out of the
12:42 pm
gate and got the game. the team now 3-0 to start the new season. ahead more on north korea accusing president trump of lighting the fuse of war and we're learning more about north korean cyber attacks on our nation's power grid. have you heard about this? we'll speak with a former cia analyst on korean issues next. and the president is now making his way from marine one over to air force one. he headed to a rally of sorts. a speech really, in harrisburg, pennsylvania to push his new tax plan. we've heard the outline of this tax plan. we've heard some details, three tax brackets. the specifics of what is in what bracket and a lot of unknowns still out there as the president gives a wave. he will head off to harrisburg. it's possible we could get more details tonight. obviously this is a work in progress that requires a lot of compromise even among republicans. more on that and his trip as we get it.
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: 15 minutes before the hour. north korea's foreign minister is accusing president trump of lighting the fuse of war with his belligerent and insane statement at the united nations. that's from an interview with russian state media. meantime, a cyber security group reports hackers likely affiliated with the north korean government tried breaking into u.s. electric companies using spearfishing e-mails. the cyber security group reports it blocked the attempted hack. let's get to sumi terry. hacking to our power grid is scary. >> yes. but i'm not surprised at all. north korea has been focused on improving their cyber capability in tandem with advancing nuclear and missile programs. they train these kids from a
12:47 pm
young age, find the mathematical geniuses, child prodigy and they have cyber units. they have 6,000 cyber warriors. you have seen in the last several years, they have committed brazen cyber attacks against banks, institutions. stole over 100 million from a bangladesh back. recently, south korea said they hacked into the south korean ministry of defense and got war plans, including decapitating kim jong-un. >> shepard: war plans. we reported that here yesterday. they attempted to get in maybe is not surprising. do we know of times when they have actually gotten in? >> not the electrical grid. but because of capability has shown that they're really increasing their capability and they focus on improving cyber. this is one of the main -- another tool in their tool box.
12:48 pm
missile, nuclear and now cyber. it's not surprising at all. >> shepard: does north korea's grander objective remain the same? >> it's the same to complete their nuclear program, have the ability to attack the united states with nuclear-tipped icbms. but they are preparing for war. if they can attack the electrical grid via cyber versus a missile, it's better. >> thank you for coming. >> sure. >> shepard: sue mi terry. and vladimir putin has a soft side. check out the gift he got for turning 65. the turk minister gave putin a puppy. he kissed the pup right there. the pooch's name is verne which is faithful in russian. we think a human named the
12:49 pm
puppy, not its parent. putin is known to be a dog lover, which is the only good thing i can think of. he clearly enjoys lots of animals. remember this. a trip down memory lane. 2008, this photo of putin hanging with a tranquilized tiger. and who can forget shirtless putin riding through siberia on horseback. oh, wow. and problems with some navy jets putting pilots at risk. our lea gabrielle got a look at how officials are trying to fix these issues that a research lab that no reporters had ever seen. she's here to talk about it. that's next. liberty mutual stood with me
12:50 pm
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>> shepard: the navy has fired the u.s.s. john mccain's top two officers almost two months after the deadly collision with an oil tanker. the navy lost confidence with the commander there. officer alfredo sanchez and executive officer jesse sanchez. no relation. they have a new low-level pair of jobs in japan. the collision killed ten sailors and injured five others, this happened in august near singapore. the navy reports it's still investigating the crash but officials say it was preventible. that's a conclusion on their part. they say the two officers showed poor judgment and poor leadership. fox news getting an unprecedented look inside a navy research lab. investigators are looking into problems with the life support systems in some jets. the planes under investigation include the t-45 training jet. in april, some pilots were so concerned for their own safety and those of their fellows on the jets that they refused to
12:54 pm
fly them. lea gabrielle is here. she's a former navy fighter pilot herself. what is happening in this training facility? >> shep, we've been keeping a careful eye on these problems. i visited naval air stations in maryland where they do test and evaluation for their after craft. it's the heart of where the navy is trying to solve the problems. take a look. >> this is a breathing regulator, which would control the flow of oxygen up through the house to the mask. every time you take a breath, this regulator would allow the oxygen to flow to the mask. >> at this altitude systems laboratory, experts like dennis gorge are working with the navy to address physiological episodes, which are when pilots become impaired while flies because sometimes they're breathing bad air. the issue has jeopardized flight theres the trainer and the hornet at an increasing rate. when a jet has an oxygen
12:55 pm
problem, the navy pulls the equipment out and brings it here. >> each component of this system is evaluated for its own performance. the lab will put all of them together to see how it did as a system. >> they can replicate the exact flight profile where a problem was reported to determine what went wrong with the system. >> so this chamber is the simulated cockpit. so this chamber would be the pressurized portion of the aircraft. this chamber, as you'd can see, has two breathing simulators, mechanical breathing simulators. >> we have selected a lot of data. now we're getting into the analysis. that is starting to inform some of the things we think we need to address. >> sarah joiner was hand picked by the team. she's been on the job since late
12:56 pm
august and says they have made modifications like adding a new carbon monoxide removal teal and t-45s have a new warning system for pilots. >> how was your feeling when you were asked to take over this, being somebody out there flying jets and be in the midst of combat operations? >> when i looked at it, it's a trust and confidence given to me to do this mission. probably the most important thing going on in naval aviation. i feel a heavy responsibility combined with just really wanting to lean into the problem and get to work. >> admiral select joiner says the navy is leaning into this problem. t-45s have flying a again although several incidents have been recorded. as for hornets, they never stopped flying. they say unconstrained resources are going into this. >> shepard: that's good news. leah, thank you. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
wronging on wall street. another record day. a record day for the dow. we're on pace for a record day for the nasdaq and a record day for the s&p. never this high in the history of the marble. cavuto has business and he starts now. >> neil: why should the wall street guys worry about these guys? we heard celebrity after celebrity rips the united states of the united states. >> how dare he say the things he does. of course i want to punch him in the face. >> right. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i want to thank trump for making black people number 1 on the most oppressed list. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist egotistical


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