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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that is our story for tonight. if you have a story we think we need to know about, tweet me at martha maccallum #thestory. wewillbeclose --dashclose -- --dashclose --myr lsoniscomingupnext. wewillseeyou next " you to welcome to tucker carlson site. disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein is reportedly planning to flee the country from france, taking a cue from his longtime friend and director and fugitive child -- his friends in the movie business and in progressive politics tend to be stunned and aghast at all of this. this isn't the harvey weinstein we knew, they claimed an anguished interviews are arranged by their publicist. it's exactly the harvey weinstein they knew, the same with that seth mcfarlane joked about at the academy award
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nominee announcements. >> congratulations. you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> tucker: when they mock your lecturing from one of the highest rated shows on television, it's not a secret, and indeed it wasn't. mcfarlane now says he heard about weinstein's harassment from one of his many victims at the time. mcfarlane knew and so did everyone else. if they are lying about it. here's a partial list. pretty much every a-list actor who once worked for harvey weinstein. most are now saying how shocked they are. please, they all knew. a couple of them called "the new york times" in 2004 on his behalf to stop an expose on his sexual harassment. they didn't know the truth then? of course they did. that's why they killed the story. nbc news had the story months ago but they didn't run it. a former anchor originally did the investigation for nbc news but they refused to air it so
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they took it to the name new yorker magazine who took it to the blockbuster yesterday. he just didn't have it nailed down. that's absurd. pharaoh had videotaped testimony from eight separate women according to the daily beach, plus the new york police department audiotape of harvey weinstein confessing. if that's not a solid new store, nothing is. nbc caved to pressure and killed the piece. they ought to be ashamed. this is a country that certainly gave the billy bush access hollywood taped to "the washington post" during the last campaign, almost a year ago. they are a political shop, not a news organization. they've got to stop pretending otherwise. he clearly had enough evidence of years ago to prosecute harvey weinstein for groping a model, including that including that videotaped confession. instead he let weinstein go. shortly after harvey weinstein's lawyer sent him a $10,000
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donation. coincidence? writes. what about tina brown in the late 1990s, she left the new york magazine to partner with weinstein. there were whispers about weinstein's behavior. she admits that he would get favorable treatment to favorable women he is cultivating. she saw him because of negative articles about himself by leaking information about other stars. nobody really knew for sure. come on. i worked for talk magazine at the time. trust me, tina brown knew. she was weinstein's business partner for two years and a famously perceptive person. until now, she's never mentioned any of it. for the past seven years, tina brown has a round of the world women in the world summit to discuss the challenges women face worldwide. a single word from brown in any of these conferences might have saved a lot of women a lot of pain at the hands of harvey
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weinstein. tina brown didn't say a word, nor did hillary clinton or meryl streep, both longtime friends of harvey weinstein. we could go on and on. hollywood protected and legitimized harvey weinstein with the active help of democratic party women arrows like barack and michelle obama. why is he not the only predator that has found a home in the movie business? 1988 film director molested a 12-year-old boy that was working in a film he was directing. there was a videotape to the crime. he was charged, convicted, and served time in prison. then he went back to work in hollywood. walt disney studios, the same movies i gave you the lion king and frozen, hired him to direct the film powder in 2009. he's made several other movies. he's in standing of the directors guild of america, whose top officers include a left-wing director john favreau.
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nobody judges him. hollywood is corrupt. the powerful prey upon the week and nobody is accountable. that is the lesson of the harvey weinstein saga. it's a world that's untouchable. it's far past time for the federal government to step in here to protect the vulnerable and there are many of him. weinstein and his enablers intended the -- they are likely to be as infected with the justice department. harvey levin is the founder of tmc and also the host objectified and is on fox. he has of the very latest on the story and from day one peered what is the latest? >> the latest is pretty shocking that harvey weinstein's daughter called 911 at about 11 this morning and reported that her dad was suicidal and depressed. there was a major argument that
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went down outside of her home. weinstein was there. they took it into the streets. he was screaming at his daughter, "you are making it worse! "he tried flagging down a random car to get away. didn't get in the car, went back in the house. harvey came back out and jumped in a black suburban before the police arrived. they came roaring over because of the 911 call. at that point, ramey, the daughter told police, well, it wasn't really a suicide attempt, it was just a family dispute. she backed off what she had called about. obviously, this is a guy who's a world collapsed. his wife left him. he lost his job. he's now the subject of scorn and ridicule all over the world. it seems like it's taking its toll. >> tucker: i thought he left the country. that was the announcement. >> we didn't save france. we broke the story that the plan
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yesterday was for him to take a plane out last night and go to europe. we don't know where in europe but we said europe. could have been france or somewhere else. it changed. he did not go last night. i don't want to say what i know right now, but i will tell you that i wouldn't necessarily bet money that harvey weinstein is leaving the country. that story will develop over the next eight or ten hours. >> tucker: i don't know if you can comment on this. could that be related to what you just said? >> i have heard this, tucker. it seems insane to me. i can't believe that's the case. this is not a federal crime. if there is a crime and he hasn't been charged with anything yet. i know the story. it seems outlandish to me that the federal government would launch an abstract investigation
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where there is no criminal investigation that we even know of, thinking that he's going to flee the country. he's allowed to leave the country because there hasn't been a crime alleged to have. it doesn't make any sense. >> tucker: he's been accused. >> he can go anywhere he wants to go. so what is the justice department investigating? what are they investigating? >> tucker: he's been accused by a number of women of rape. >> they haven't even filed civil suits. that's still not any basis for the justice department to get involved. he can go to europe and stay there forever and what will happen if there is a lawsuit is that they will be in default judgment. this story makes no sense. it just doesn't make any sense to me. >> tucker: the question is to me at this stage, who knew what when? you've been there an awful long time. is it fair to say, can you
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corroborate for what i'm hearing, that this was stuff that people talk about? that this is not a shock really. >> i think that's exactly right. there have been rumblings of this for a long, long time come up many years. i have heard it, i have never heard specifics, i'd never heard of a specific name attached. it was just kind of lore and the city and talked about by people. some of who worked for the company and a left. i know some of them and they talk. i never knew the level of specificity that were hearing now. i do know it or think you've heard it as well, sharon waxman who was working at "the new york times" in 2004, actually wrote a story about him allegedly procuring women outside of the country. according to her, and 2004, weinstein went to "the new york times" and the ultimately gutted the article.
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that's what she says. people talked about it. there were definitely people looking into it but nothing was ever reported. >> tucker: harvey levin, thanks for joining us. this case has exploded. it's big and there are many new developments. for the latest in the story, we go to our own trace gallagher. >> for the moment, harvey weinstein isn't facing any criminal charges. the film producer might be anticipating a change in that status because he has now hired a high profile criminal attorney. embattled he defended the offics decision not to prosecute harvey weinstein, despite having an audio tape weinstein appeared to admit assaulting a young model in 2015. >> i understand that folks are outraged by his behavior. i understand that there are a number of allegations that have
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surfaced. but in our case, i think we did with the lore obligates us to do. >> they are taking fire from accepting a $10,000 donation from david boyd, an attorney for harvey weinstein, than did ocean came in 2015 just months after the office decided not to press charges. despite a flurry of actresses making accusations against him, on tuesday lindsay lohan went on instagram to defend him. watch this. >> i feel very bad for harvey weinstein right now. i think it's sad. georgina needs to be there for him. >> lohan quickly took down the video but her support for him still stands. we are also hearing from harvey weinstein himself tonight, telling "us weekly" that he sat down with his wife and discussed what was best for their family saying "in the end, she made the decision to separate. i understand, i love her, and i love our children, and hopefully when i'm better, i will be and
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are lives again." now the motion picture eric academy has called the accusations important, will meet this weekend to discuss whether to strip his membership. roman polanski would still be in though. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks. you want to know what corruption looks like, you're watching it. hillary clinton, countless people seem to determine to protect harvey weinstein and the consequences of his behavior. why exactly is that? marc stein is here to tell us here next. we are giving you the latest on the las vegas shooting. wings are getting weirder and more confusing in this investigation. we have the very latest. ♪ you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached.
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>> tucker: all right, talking with harvey levin about one of if the fbi is opening an investigation into weinstein's behavior. the "daily mail" is just reporting, right now reporting, that the fbi has opened an investigation into weinstein for allegedly sex crimes. that's the latest according to daily mail right now appear "the new york times" of course knew about his behavior a decade ago. they did nothing to kill the story. they had the story and their hands. actors were silent, even hillary clinton took five days to comment, which she is right. to weinstein. she says she's a champion of women around the world.
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it's a theme on the left. they haven't stood up for women on this case. why is that? marc stein is an author and a columnist. let's note the obvious paradox. this is the home of women, a party that wages war on their behalf when the republican party wages war on them. actual women were being abused by this guy. they enabled it and protected him. what's going on? >> there is one and a joke about in a ronan farrow's new yorker that sums up not just hollywood but the democratic party, the clinton democrats attitude toward all this. harvey weinstein is at the film festival and he runs into a french actress. period i was on telly with her dad about 5,000 years ago. he asked emma to come to lunch. at lunch he tells her to offer the two option this book and it's got a strong, independent woman role in it that she be
5:18 pm
perfect for her. she said what's the name of the book and he says i can't remember the name, but it's up in my room, why don't you come up and i will give it to you. they go up to his hotel room. he stepped into the bathroom. he emerges from the bathroom entirely naked and what i will discreetly call a prey attic state. that's progressive values in hollywood in a nutshell. i'm totally committed to morals for fierce, strong, independent women. i will consider giving one to you if you come up to my room and serviced me. that is actually the harvey weinstein story and to some extent, that is also the clinton democrats story too. >> tucker: that the literally the bill clinton story. is this psychological transference? are the people who committing the crime accusing their opponents of being guilty of the
5:19 pm
offense because it's somehow getting away with their guilt? why do people always accused -- the left always accuses its opponents of doing the exact same thing they are guilty of. have you noticed this? >> i think it's actually worse than that. if you notice the things -- the left gets annoyed. if mitt romney, who is in nobody's idea of a sex scene, and encouraging women to apply for the job, and he has binders full of women. all these late-night talk show host, he is a punchline for two weeks afterwards. dear old decent mitt romney because he is a stiff who stands up when a woman enters the room and holds a door for her as she. meanwhile, completely heartless about the huge mountain of human debris piled up by this
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hollywood pig over the last three decades. i think it goes to the fact that they are actually willing. it's at the old line about communism. you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. in this case, harvey weinstein's a guy who made shakespeare in love. if you are talking to shakespeare, he'd say you can't make a hamlet without breaking a few chicks. this is the necessary collateral damage. this is the necessary collateral damage, as they see it. >> tucker: they love humanity, but mistreat people. it's always the abstract. you are seeing, even now, we could not get anybody from los angeles. i know a lot of people out there, to come on and talk about this. you've got to kind of wonder, at one point does hollywood come clean and admit that harvey weinstein's not an aberration?
5:21 pm
he had hit been the biggest guy you've been heard of, but he's not and allow many out there. do you ever get to reform that culture? >> i think that's very interesting. harvey levin was sitting a couple of minutes ago that there is no actual crime here yet for the fbi to investigate. >> tucker: just b-17 b-17 allegations. no big deal. >> there are other oddities here. the miramax had guy in italy it was a guy who knew nothing about movies and was paid 400 grand a year to procure broad's for harvey weinstein. i don't know whether that business expense went to the revenue agency in italy or here in the united states under the parent company, disney, but that's certainly something to investigate. if you look at the way the weinstein company ran, he had a modus operandi. it would be a female starter who
5:22 pm
would call up the young actress and invite them to a meeting and the actress would think it's okay because i don't want to be alone with harvey weinstein. after 10 minutes, the female employee would leave the room and leave the actress they are to be attacked, physically attacked by weinstein. that's systemic corruption in the weinstein company. that's why it isn't just one man. there is something to investigate. that's what's corrupting about it. that's what ties it to the democrats. just as hillary was an enabler who ran fraudulently as a feminist, so are these enablers in the weinstein company present themselves of a feminist organization. >> tucker: i'm coming to the conclusion -- great to see you tonight. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: ten days of investigation has only made the
5:23 pm
las vegas shooting more confusing. new revelations raise questions about why they took so long to find a shooter and if they know what they are doing in the investigations? stay tuned for latest details on that.
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what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? expedia >> tucker: las vegas shooting was an unusual story for the media, bizarre and some ways, but ten days into the investigation, things are getting stranger if anything more baffling. initial accounts of the timeline
5:27 pm
have been replaced. a new timeline on the day show have said that they could have identified his position earlier than they actually did. >> this is the sound of the actual first shot stephen paddock fired from his las vegas hotel room. >> called the police, someone's firing a gun up here. >> according to a revised police timeline, that was 9:59 p.m. paddock again firing again outside at 10:05 p.m. and then stop at 10:15 p.m. a police s.w.a.t. team got to the floor at 10:17 p.m. a minute later he learned the guard was shot and where the guards came from. that means it took las vegas police 19 minutes to find out what the guard and the engineer already knew, where a man was firing a gun on the 32nd floor. >> tucker: today, hotel engineer stephen chuck spoke again about the attack and why the police were so slow to react to it apparently.
5:28 pm
>> as soon as i started to go to a door to my left, the rounds it started coming down the hallway. i could feel them pass right behind my head. something hit me in the back and i took cover. i tried to think how i could get to him because i could see that he was shot in the late, so i called over the radio what was going on as soon as the shooting stopped. we made our way down the hallway and took cover again. i told myself, remain calm. if i freak out right now, it's only going to get me killed or injured. >> tucker: and then, despite one of the biggest police and investigations in the history of las vegas, somehow, paddock's home was broken into. his house in reno was broken into. we don't know why, we don't know what they took. he writes for the las vegas sun. they both join us. ted, to you first, this timeline doesn't seem to make any sense at all.
5:29 pm
>> it doesn't make any sense, tucker. it's weird and bizarre, and you got to wonder what is a law for us saying to the people out here? they said he was shot during the course of shooting. he is the security of. >> tucker: why would he be at his door in the first place. >> what has happened, and alarm had went off. he was a security guard for the hotel so he went up to check the alarm. paddock had all of these cameras in place, saw him coming, shot 200 times through a door and hit him in the leg with some shrapnel. >> tucker: waited six minix an open fire and it was more than e into the room. the timeline is now being contested by the hotel which says that's wrong. am i getting the correct? >> correct. mgm has said that they don't
5:30 pm
necessarily agree completely with the timeline that police had provided. i think this is a first time throughout the ten day investigation that mgm and police have not seen eye to eye on this time i. >> tucker: why do the change so radically? the sequence of events? what if they do that? >> that's a great question. metropolitan police here and las vegas have really made an effort over the last five years to really become as transparent as possible for the media and for the public. that includes updating daily as we see throughout this investigation, for the most part. showing body cam video. they really try to show the public everything they know as soon as they know it. a lot of time to see authorities as well can get things mixed up and now in the face of the public, a lot of people are scratching their heads. >> tucker: this is not a small thing. these are the core facts of the
5:31 pm
case. it's a very confusing to me. here's what we know. paddock's home in reno was broken into. this is part of an active homicide investigation. how could you leave the home of the suspect unsecured? >> this is evident, as you know, they have two search warrants on paddock's homes. you think that all of his homes would continue to be secure. the sad commentary and we need to admit it, when i say keystone cop, that involves play should have been secured. it was not. >> tucker: chris, i think part of the problem -- the shooter apparently is dead or assuming it was just one shooter. this shakes the public's faith in anything, the investigators say. had they given any indication to what new information they found that cause them to totally rearrange their understanding of what happened? >> really they haven't, in terms
5:32 pm
of speaking to the media. they haven't really offered any new information to why the timeline shifted. sheriff joe lombardo stated tight-lipped, if you will come up with regards to what happened, why the timeline shifted. other than the fact that the timeline has shifted and the security guard was found 6 minutes or a shot 6 minutes before stephen paddock open fire on the crowd, that's all we know at this point compared to what we were told earlier in the investigation. he had come in towards the end of the firing and was credited for stopping paddock firing at the crowd. >> tucker: that at least made sense. they're still the gap in the shootings. this does not make sense. given this fact is that without speculating too much, what's the likely explanation? >> tucker, you and i are going to be here next year and i can unequivocally tell you, i don't think we are going to find the
5:33 pm
motive behind this killer. he's dead. we thought we would find it through his girlfriend. we haven't found it there. his brother either. we are stuck with a man-to-man e and doing horrible things. this is part of the frustration of law enforcement. they are always looking for a motive and they can't. >> tucker: i would settle for the facts at this point. thank you both very much. las vegas has that headline. chicago though has the body count as always. they have surpassed 500 murders just this year. we will talk to someone in the sick city of chicago, of course gun control is the answer.
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5:38 pm
way appeared chicago recording its 500th gun homicide for the year. by the end of this year, they will have the most -- ten times over. he's upset about this, understandably. he said tough gun laws could help the situation. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for the invite. >> tucker: i've done this story. i know you're sincerely concerned about this and i appreciate that. i've done this story a million times and it's always the same answer, which is, we need better gun control in the city of chicago because we have indiana right next door. i always think, i live in d.c. that has a much lower murder rate than chicago. there is like 800 yards from virginia which has a lax laws. why is chicago different? >> it's different for a lot of different reasons. guns are part of the problem, but it isn't the only problem. you have a community that is
5:39 pm
upset by unemployment, by lack of opportunities. by the way, most of the homicides and violence are affected in african-american communities, some hispanics, but blacks are really impacted by the gun violence when you have to have this investment and you cut schools and school funding. for decades, the areas of the south side and west sides have had neglect. jobs have left. all the manual or dac manufacturing jobs have left. nothing has replaced that. you add that to the mix of everything happening to the city of chicago and along with cases of police brutality, allegations of it. >> tucker: i mean, look, i'm not discounting any of that. most of what you said is real except the school funding thing which is silly. there is a job crisis they are but there is a job crisis in a lot of parts of the country. the industrial parts of the country who don't have the same
5:40 pm
murder rate. maine, appalachia, who have similar problems with don't have the murder rate you guys have. why does no one ever mention the fact that the majority of kids in chicago don't have a father at home? do you think that's a part of that? >> that's part of it. if you have a lack of job opportunities, you have a lack of infrastructure -- >> tucker: the family unit. i know the jobs part. >> it is. >> tucker: why does no one ever mention that? why are politicians afraid? you never do. there >> there is a lot of programs in place here in the city -- >> tucker: you know the truth and i am not patronizing you. if you don't have a dad at home, you can grow to be a great person and most do. but it's a lot harder and are much more likely to have violence in your neighborhood if nobody has a dad. why does no one -- >> let's talk about the numbers.
5:41 pm
in illinois, you have approximately 49,000 prison inmates. 60% happened to be african-american. in illinois, they are only 14% of that population. what is going on? why are some african-americans incarcerated. not just african-americans, hispanics as well, though statistics tell you that if they are in prison, they can't be at home providing for their families. euro sango statistics, yes, you'll see a big gap in that. it's a social problem we have. >> tucker: social problems are complex as you know and i don't want to reduce it to just one factor because that's not fair. that's a huge factor. the family you grew up in shapes a lot of who you are. it did for you, it did for me. if you have a community where no one in the neighborhood has a dad at home, that's a massive part of it. politicians, particularly the
5:42 pm
left, are so afraid to say that out loud because it sounds mean or they are courting single women as a voting bloc, as you are now. why don't they get over their political fear and tell the truth? >> you want to solve the problem. forget about republican and democrat. you'd like to solve a problem, don't you? it's a big city and it affects the united states. there's a lot of republicans here in illinois. i'm just saying, if you take that data off african-americans being incarcerated and everybody else, if they are in prison, they can't be at home providing for their family. >> tucker: i think that's part of it. wouldn't it be helpful to just name the problem and stop patronizing nonsense about indiana being responsible because they have different gun laws? that's just dumb and everybody knows it. everybody says that. >> what i'm saying here, the guns are also part of the problem but guns are cheaper
5:43 pm
than buying an iphone, that's crazy. $100 to buy a gun. when you have an area in chicago beset by violence and beset by unemployment and be set by a lot of social problems, that just fuels into the fire. that's what i'm saying. >> tucker: that's not the cause, those are tools. george, thank you for joining us tonight. you thought boy scouts were four boys. it's in the name. no longer. boy scouts just announced it will be admitting girls. we'll talk to a boy scout about the change and what it means for america, because it does mean something. something important has ended. stay tuned. from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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>> tucker: for more than 100 years, the boy scouts of america have been teaching boys to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, and other parts of the scout law. now the boy scouts are ditching the first half of the name for the name of's gender equality. they announced today the girls be allowed to join cub scouts and creating a parallel organization for older girls who want to obtain the rank of an eagle scout. charlie kerr, the founder of turning point who was an eagle scout and joins us tonight. the reason i want to talk to you it was this felt like the end of something and at the beginning of something new. maybe i'm reading too much into this, but it struck me as a big deal. what does it mean? >> i think you're spot on. i think it's a continuation of the a less persistent attack on successful institutions in the country. the boy scouts of america have been one of the most proven institutions to turn boys into
5:49 pm
men, and that means in essence to develop and proven curriculum with having involvement in the community, leadership development and so forth. they've had presidents and ceos on the board. this is consistent with what the academics are teaching the next generation that genders are nothing more than a social construct. they don't mean anything. that gender is not related at all. you and i both know that there is a good argument to be made if not at boys are better at something's and girls are better at some things than boys. the worst part about this, what does it do to the girl scouts? the girl scouts are also 100 plus years organization. they were founded two or three years after the boy scouts of america. what does this do to the girl scouts of america? they released a statement condemning it. as an eagle scout, i'm disgusted and disappointed to see this. >> tucker: even before the current gender battles, the left
5:50 pm
a dislike of the boy scouts. i always thought because the boy scouts were the two things they hate, wholesome and nonironic. the same reason the left always hates the mormons. what is that drive liberal so crazy? >> goes to show why they are supporting these national anthem pro trust. they hate patriotism. there's no group more than the boy scouts who have had patriotism amongst their use. one of the key things is being understanding the code and understanding what it means to actually serve your country. what the left is trying to accomplish is a deconstruction of traditional values. this goes back to the 1920s and 30s and this is what the marxist has still been effective in doing and overtaking our universities. this is another attack that has been proven successful from turning boys into men and men do matter, but the left does nothing.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: i absolutely agree with that. i know we will be marked for this but it's not a small thing. it's something bigger. charlie kirk, thank you for this. up next, the nuclear deal with iran could be gone. it could be decertified in just a matter of hours. tomorrow or friday. is that good or bad? we will talk to a long time cia officer has worked in that region for decades. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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whenstuff happens. d... shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. only have a sore throat? get long-lasting relief for up to 6 hours with new alka seltzer plus sore throat relief. >> tucker: president trump spoke with sean hannity today. during the interview, the president blasted the iranian nuclear deal. utter incompetence by the previous administration. >> it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals i'd ever seen. $150 billion given. we got nothing. they got a pass to nuclear weapons very quickly. think of this one, $1.7 billion
5:56 pm
in cash. this is cash out of your pocket. do you know how many airplane loads that must be? did you ever see a million dollars, where they have a $100 bill? this is $1.7 billion. who would be authorized to do it and who are the people to deliver it? you may never see them again. right? this is the worst deal. we got nothing. >> tucker: .full interview airs in just a few minutes on "hannity" right after the show. given what the president just said about the nuclear deal, it's no surprise it could be gone soon. maybe in just a few hours, the president could decertify it in that time. with that be the right move? what would be the result of that? a long time operations officer, he joins us. thank you for coming on. i think the overwhelming majority of our viewers believe
5:57 pm
that the deal was badly negotiated. what does it mean to decertify and pull out from it? >> now congress will have the option to re-impose sanctions. u.s. sanctions. that's basically what it means. >> tucker: there's a concern among some people pushing the u.s. towards conflict with iran. do you share the concern? >> i agree 100% the deal should be scrapped and we should walk away. it's a disaster. now will be the really difficult part, what we do. how we navigate this territory. we do not want to be careless. this is a time for really sober judgment. >> tucker: what would it mean to be careless? how could this go wrong? >> we have allowed the iranians out of the box across the entire middle east. we are going to have to push back. we are going to have to get them contained again. they're going to be a million opportunities for that to go wrong.
5:58 pm
for us to end up exchanging fire with them. it's not a time for hotheads and people that are all eager to start exchanging fire. >> tucker: what would a war with iran look like? >> it would be a mess. it's not a guy you can drop a couple of bombs on in a cave. it's a major military power with navy and air force. ballistic missiles. allies. and by the way, allies all over the world. they can strike anywhere on the planet. >> tucker: and a major ally with russia. >> absolutely. other people are being dragged into this. i'm unclear as to where the turks are right now. it used to be firmly in nato's camp. now sliding towards the iranians. >> tucker: there's this idea you could delay the advancement of the iran nuclear program by air and lobbying ordinance. >> the first thing i always think is you better know where everything is, right?
5:59 pm
really superb intelligence. as a guy who worked for a long time, i'm not confident that you could do that. >> tucker: are you confident we have intelligence? >> i am not confident that we have superb intelligence. i think it's mediocre, at best. to be honest. >> tucker: coming from someone who's gathered intelligence for a long time, not reassuring. the hour has passed more quickly than we imagined, like life itself. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we have about 40 seconds until sean hannity sits down with president trump. you can watch it in its entirety coming up on "hannity" right after this. tomorrow night we will be gathering up some of the money threats from the ongoing harvey weinstein story. still a lot of outstanding questions. who knew?
6:00 pm
will harvey weinstein remain in europe or flee to europe with his old friend, roman polanski? see you then. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. we are broadcasting tonight from the special operations wing at the air national guard base in middletown pennsylvania. earlier today president trump took its message directly to you, the iraqi people, by giving a major speech on his reaganesque tax cuts. right before that speech, the president joined us for an exclusive interview. we discussed his tax proposal, the fake news media. the national anthem controversy. and so much more. let's take a look. [applause]


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