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tv   Fox News Tonight  FOX News  October 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tomorrow night. brian kilmeadee is up next. thank you for being with us. ♪ ♪ >> brian: good evening, everyone. i am brian kilmeade. this is "fox news tonight," again. we have a big-time show tonight. a stunning example of the media hypocrisy. the harvey weinstein sexual assault scandal. including reaction from hillary clinton. this came in moments ago. >> what was your reaction when you heard the news about harvey weinstein? >> i was just sick. >> brian: it took her five days. going after trump of all people, the freestyle rap. which is my favorite. we will tell you why that might help the president in the long run. our top story tonight, reaction
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to sean hannity's interview, and exclusive with the president of the united states,ea president trump in pennsylvania. a wide-ranging conversation. the president spoke out about multiple topics. the nfl and the players that refused to stand for the national anthem so far. >> i watchedfl colin kaepernick and i s thought it was terrible. and thenn it got bigger and bigger and frankly, the nfl should have suspended him for one game and he would have never done it again. they could have suspended him for two games or suspended him if he did it a third time for the you would have never had a problem. i will tell you, you cannot disrespect our country, our flag, our anthem. you cannot do that. >> brian: the president, we will talk about that in a second. he also had some choice words for the media. >> the media is bad. they are very dishonest people. in many cases. not all. i know some reporters and journalists that are very
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straight and honest but there is such dishonesty, i mean, it's interesting. i was just watching television. you don't know whether or not -- you're justel watching a report. when you are the one thing written about, you know if it's good or bad.. they always try to make it i call it fake media. it is fake. so much fake news. >> brian: two stories in. particular he was upset about. the nbc story. the nuclear arsenal by 20%, there was yesterday. the rumor was he wants to fire general kelly as the chief of staff. he says both stories are 100% not true. joining us now with reaction to the interview, of "the boston herald," adriana. and in washington. fox news contributor richard fowler. first, adriana. the president is really ticked off about these two go nbc he still harping on the fake media. is that the right way to go? >> i think so. it's about time we had a true leader like president trump
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call the media out for what it is.sisi the entire presidential campaign, throughout his administration, fake news story after fake news story. this just hurts the american people because reporters are supposed to be reporting on the facts. unfortunately nowadays, we have social activists and political activists masquerading as reporters. their strength and misinformation campaigns, propaganda for one sole reason. to hurt our president. media has gotten so partisan.ol the american people no longer trust mainstream media. that hurts us all because the american people deserve the truth. >> brian: richard, the president saying that's nothing new. but saying theay 20% nuclear arsenal, that's totally fake. that's kind of new. and kelly saying directly saying the story was made up and wants to be re-examined. >> take this in context. earlier before he gave the interview to sean hannity, he also said the media outlets
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should have their license revoked. b which is a definite land of front until the first amendment and of the press. and i think if we believe in the dash he should believe in the freedom of the press. number two, i think that there is a larger problem. a lot of the stories of the press are getting are from leaks that are coming from this presidents white house. unnamed leaks. most leaks are unnamed, mr. president. what has to happen is the president should maybe have leadership in the white house so the leakers will stop leaking. instead of being concerned about the fake media, you should be concerned about people in your white house leaking. >> brian: if some of the stories endei up being true, i know what you are saying. i do think you did a good job by getting ain hold of the leaks since he had the transformation and new chief of staff and the rotation and communication. i want to go back tons the original story about the nfl. adriana, it looks like because the nfl has a meeting scheduled this weekend coming up, they
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also invited the players union. looks like the president is putting additional attention on this issue as forcing the nfl to come up with a collective answer. so far, does this look like an interim win for the president? >> absolutely. no question that president trump has won this culture war. he rightfully opposed players disrespecting our flag and national anthem. two weeks ago, over 200 players took a knee when there was so much protest and blowback by the american people and our president. there's only about 11 players who took a knee. now you have roger caddell telling the league that he wants everybody to stand. no question that president trump has won this culture war. i believe in free speech. i don't believe the all-american game of football should be politicized by social justice warriors. if colin kaepernick and people like him want to protest police brutality, that's their right ial l should take a political issue, take it off the field and
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marched in front of the police station. why punish the fans by ruining the game when we just want to watch a football game? we don't want the game hijacked by people disrespecting our flag, they are unpatriotic. and affecting the game negatively. that's where it stands. the american people have clearly spoken. >> brian: richard, one thing we did find from roger goddell, he said "should" stand. he's not demanding that they stand. other people are saying if you are demanding i stand, i will just sit. he is not ordering them. he thinks they should stand. >> yeah, i was baffled by the comments, "people like him." i lost my train of thought, there.e. >> brian: what you mean by that? >> it threw me off for a minute. either way, we are moving on. i was debating with others for
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about three and half weeks. let's be real, america.or we've gotten nowhere. the people that believeic they e unpatriotic like adriana, they will continue to believe it. they will continue to believe that. what we've got to do here is find a way to have a real atconversation. to have that conversation, we've got to switch shoes. we've got have the folks who believe that these players are being unpatriotic, walk a day and there shoes and understand why they are saying there's oppression. we've got have some of these players saying why are you saying we are unpatriotic and find a place in the middle. what that requires is leadership and what the president did notes do in this interview with sean hannity, he spent all this time talking about how colin kaepernick was a wrong without ever addressing the fact that colin kaepernick was protesting racialg injustie in america, which most people -- most americans agree is a problem.m. >> brian: i'm going to stop you for onee second.
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if colin kaepernick were anyone else, martellus bennett, on their day off, found their way to a police station and set a pointed local law enforcement -- >> players are concerned -- brian. >> brian: the cameras would follow. >> they are doing that. the players that kneeled in miami went to the miami police department. the players in seattle did the same thing. they are trying to have these conversations. lebron james is trying to have hthese conversations but they e being stonewalled by the police union and individuals like this president and some of his allies. >> brian: i'm telling you -- >> they are being stonewalled and called "unpatriotic." attacking our vets. a lot of these players, their parents are veterans. they are saying this is not about the vets. i'm protesting racial injustice. bigotry and bias and police departments and school systems -- >> brian: the police also have a vote in that and they don't
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believe they are bigoted and >> the video of eric garner says differently. >> brian: do know how many interactions police have on a daily basis? >> and somebody else -- and is choked to death. >> brian: that's not -- if colin kaepernick takes a seat, 200 other players take aot seat. i want to move over to another topic.t, immigration with something else the president brought up with sean hannity. here's what he talked about with daca and where we go from here. >> if we are going to do something, we have to get something in return. what i want is tremendous for the regulation. i want the wall. going to get other things. we will see if we can work something out. whether or not we do, i don't know. it would be wonderful to solve the daca problem. >> brian: adriana, he wants to build on that. do you see something coming out of it? the chuck-nancy meeting? because you have six months.
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>> absolutely. we know he has great negotiating skills and immigration. i suspect he's going to get pelosi and schumer and in exchange, he will allow the dreamers to stay. that's where i think the negotiation is going to head. he campaigned on fixing immigration. he has to do that and build a wall. i don't think he could blanket affect amnesty for 12 million people. he could perhaps allow the children to stay. >> brian: 71 points. he's not going to get the whole wall. he wants more judges. more law enforcement.y. border patrol.l. i think that he talked to law enforcement instead of politicians about what they need, i think it's a good start. >> it is a good start but you are right, brian. he promised the american people a wall and guess what, america? you are not going to get a wall. i think with more problematic
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here is the fact that 800 americans, 800 individuals -- 800,000 individuals who did everything right, they came to this country and no fault of their own. they either are working or serving in our military. all they want to do is be american and contribute to the american dream and the fact that we are denying that right and playing up political parlor games? that's problematic. >> brian: the previous president did it in an executive order --ev he's going to get the wall but not right away. richard, i'm going to move on. we are going to talk about russia. the president also brought up russia and said this is a nonstarter. listen. >> russia was an excusess used y the democrats when they lost the election.nono they lost the election. w they sat in a room and they said wow. we look bad. the morning after. in fact, it's been written about in various books or a book. they said why did you lose the election? oh, it was russia.
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russia. it wasn't russia. it was a bad candidate. it was a candidate who did not go to wisconsin and michigan like they should have. >> brian: russia took facebook ads and did other things on twitter and through social media. in the big picture, they'vee ben very cooperative with mueller. they are hoping make a statement shortly. saying that the investigation is going to continue, but we are not looking at the president. do you think that is where it's headed? i >> it's a total sham and robert mueller should disband the investigation immediately. it was predicated off this phony fake russian dossier which has become completely debunked. it started from the worst place. it's an investigation in search of a crime. that's not how we do justice in thece united states. president trump wants fair and -- won fair and square. russia did not get over 60 million americans to wait in
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line at the polls on election day. thisol is just democrats being a sore loser. >> brian: the book he is referring to is "shattered." at the end of the book they said we lost, let's focus on the russia story. it's in the book, richard. where do you think this is going to be going? the writers of the dossier have been subpoenaed.ok where is this going?av >> i didn't read that book but i know what our intelligence office is in both republican and democratic chairmen said russiaa has engaged in our election. what the president won't say and is shocking to both democrats and republicans is that russia has engaged in our democracy, taking advantage of our hodemocracy. and we are doing nothing about it. he tweets about everything else. he tweets about espn, everything. the nfl. but he refuses to tweet about russia and how they tried to engage and hack voting machines and buy facebook ads and engage in our election.
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to me that's problematic. he should be putting america first. >> brian: richard, good point. i wish he would be tougher on russia. but he bulked up all the eastere european states that are now members of nato. he spoke out against russia, i think he's waiting his time for this to subside. i wish she would speak about russia directly. as mitt romneyou said, they are our number one geopolitical flow. >> he called it fake news in that interview. >> brian: adriana and richard, thank you very much. abc news under fire for passing on the harvey weinstein sexual assault story. the question is, why? weng will talk about the revelations in just a moment. ordon't go anywhere. a liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company
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10:19 pm
broke the story, gave it to nbc first.y why did the peacock network right across the street turn down publishing such a story?or let's head to trace gallagher to talk about the mammoth event that's rocking hollywood. >> there is a nonexclusive agreement with nbc but he certainly offered the network first dibs on his ten-month investigation into harvey weinstein's behavior towards in the end, the network took a pass the final story that ran in the new yorker was "radically different" than the earlier draft presented.he nbc claims the early version did not have the women going on the record claiming weinstein sexually assaulted them. and that other important details had not yet been buttoned up saying "understandably, ronan wanted to keep forging ahead so we did not want to stand in his way. he took it to the new yorker and did a ton more extraordinary work." i ronan farrow was able to print
10:20 pm
with other outlets with the understanding that he would come back to nbc and talk about it on air. on msnbc speaking with rachel maddow, ronan farrow very clearly contradicted the executives at nbc. >> nbc says the story wasn't publishable. it wasn't ready to go by the time you brought it to them. obviously it was ready to go by the time you got it to the new yorker.he >> i walked into the door at the new yorker with an explosive reportable piece that should have been public earlier. the new yorker recognized that. it's not accurate to say it was not reportable. there are multiple come from confirmations. >> brian: some critics are wondering whether harvey weinstein put pressure on nbc to suppress the story? weinstein hasst made numerous movies for its cousin company, universal pictures.
10:21 pm
an project runway tv show runs on universal tv show bravo. ronan farrow has refused toco comment on the motives for not running the story saying he wants to keep the focus on the women who came forward. harvey weinstein has acknowledged someon inappropriae behavior and said he is planning on getting help but the film producer has denied any rape claims saying all of the relationships were consensual. brian. >> brian: he is in rehab now? >> he is in rehab. we hear he's in arizona at a rehab center. a it's unclear if he is going to this specific rehab center. >> brian: trouble. trace gallagher, thanks so much. harvey weinstein was also a big-time donorrv to the democrac party, especially hillary clinton in the clinton foundation. ms. clinton was asked about harvey weinstein just moments ago. watch. >> what wasut your reaction when you heard the news about harvey weinstein? >> i was sick. >> do think it was tolerated because he was --
10:22 pm
people say people knew. >> i don't know. i certainly didn't. i don't know who did but i can only speak for myself. c and many others who knew him primarily through politics. >> people should give back the money that he donated to them. he donated money to you. directly and indirectly. would you give the money back? >> there's no one to give it back to.ul what other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying is they will donate it to charity. i give 10% of my income to charity every year. this will certainly be part of that. no doubt about it. >> brian: a lot of people to give the money to, i think. the money that was given to you, you give to other people. joe concha a lot to discuss. first off on harvey weinstein, i would nbc not published this story with eight accusers on camera?hi >> it could be quiet because "the new york times" walked away from the story in 2004, allegedly, to another writer. 13 years ago.
10:23 pm
think of all the other victims that may have avoided harvey weinstein, if theyy had covered the story then. there's so much to impact. we have the president of nbc news, who says that ronan farrow walked into his office and obviously other important people there, and didn't have the nypd audiotape of weinstein basically confessing that he had broke a woman before, an italian model. he didn't have eight interviews on video. we are supposed to believe that? there have been three stories about the trump administration, based solely on unnamed sources that have all been denied by the trump administration, there be the television story, the last check with the secretary of state, general kelly and him resigning. >> brian: being fired. >> as chief of staff. >> brian: and the nuclear arsenal by 20%. >> and general mattis is probably one of the most credible people in washington.
10:24 pm
he calls it absolutely false. going ahead with stories like that. with ronan farrow, we have to fall this concrete proof. it's hard to believe that ronan farrow didn't have it at that time. >> brian: there's also a screenwriter, noah oppenheim, he told people in the past he wants to go back to los angeles and eventually go back to his writing. he does have a movie out. he did have a movie out called "jackie," the story of jackie o. people say, well, wait a second, if you go after the most famous person in hollywood, how will you be a screenwriter back in hollywood? do think it's a worthy avenue to pursue? >> that's not for me to answer. that's for noah oppenheim to answer. i don't want to read internal memos. he should go to place it doesn't compete with nbc. and answer some questions about this. because there are many questions around us. it onlyue took hillary clinton a couple of hours after the las vegas shooting to weigh in with an opinion on the nra. it took her over 2100 hours.
10:25 pm
it took her over 120 hours to denounce harvey weinstein. i think we're kind of seeing what hillary clinton is made of now. >> brian: either she's the most naive person around. admittedly in the '90s she didn't know some of the antics that president clinton was up to. we watch the hours of testimony on benghazi. we had no idea the private server was a big deal. the same body language. at the same don't blame me attitude. you get that again. she was asked directly if you're going to get that money away. it's not mine to give away. eyeah, it is. $1.4 million or whatever the total is. i'm going to give it back because i'm horrified by it. embarrassed by it. >> last week, the nbc nightly news did not cover this story when it broke at 11:00 a.m. in "the new york times." jimmy fallon, seth meyers, "saturday night live" killed jokes on harvey weinstein as well.
10:26 pm
so now you have to think about this. either those different entities, news and entertainment all decided this wasn't a story or an order came down through somewhere despite this story. >> brian: you said there's a lot of impact here.ll do you know something else about this story? reporters were basically on weinstein's's payroll, he would plant stories -- i'm wondering who these so-called journalists are that were on his payroll and how did they go to work tomorrow?? how could that be? we think we ared reading something that has journalistic integrity and we find out someone in hollywood is calling the shots on the new stories you read. >> do see how the dominoes are falling? how more accusers are coming forward. how ben affleck had to apologize today for groping somebody a few years ago? part of that domino effect, you're going to start to findrs people digging into who these reporters may be and whou' protected harvey weinstein and they are going to have a lot to
10:27 pm
answer for. by the way. in terms of speaking about late night, by theor way. jimmy fallon, the deity, the rabbi, america's conscious, the reluctant warrior had a matt damon on who probably knows harvey weinstein pretty well because of "good will hunting" and green lighting his career. he was on for a very, very long time and did not comment on it once. there's so many people that arem hypocritical in this crime and it's amazing. >> brian: they go serious when it's trump. t sorry, we are not always a comedy show. when you have an opportunity to make additional news on an avenue you to want to go down, i passed. i'm a comedy show. >> havard found that 93% of nbc newsws coverage of the trump administration is negative towards the president. 93 out of 100 stories. >> brian: that's a little low compared to what i've seen. joe, thank you so much. 27 minutes after the hour. president trump -- talking about revoking nbc's federal broadcasting license over reports that he's calling "fake news."
10:28 pm
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>> brian: welcome back. nbc news today was out with an explosive report same president trump over the summer told top national >> brian: welcome back. nbc news today was out with an explosive report same president trump over the summer told top national security officials -- president trump says i never said that. >> no, i never discussed increasing it. that was fake news by nbc. which gives a lot of fake news lately. i think somebody said i want ten times the nuclear weapons that i want right now. right now we have somebody nuclear weapons. perfect condition in perfect shape. the only thing i've ever discussed. general mattis is putting out a statement saying that what's fake news. it was just mentioned that way and it's frankly disgusting the way -- people should look into
10:33 pm
it. >> brian: president trump also tweeted tonight saying... network news has become so partisan, disgusting and fake that licenses must be challenged and if appropriate, revoked. not fair to public. joining us, general mattis. not true. just like the president said he would. joining usus right now with reaction as charlie hurt. what is the president doing? suppressing the media? hado you see it differently, charlie? >> i think he's "trolling" and messing with them. jingling a stick in their cage. to get them freaked out. of course they are completely freaking out. something we have seen from him a lot. i think he also has a very good point. what we've seen from places like nbc. these stories that are
10:34 pm
completely refuted by all kinds of people. people that have impeccable reputations completely refuted and they just go with it because it's an anti-trumpmp thing. i feel like i've seen it in the past few years, around here in washington. if it's an anti-trump story, there's no vetting required. they will just run with it. another example of that. >> brian: they are two major stories on the world stage. they iran the certification in the nuclear deal. what do we do? i kind of like what president trump is doing. understand where he's coming from. and then we look at the iran decertification. so many prominent democrats that voted against this. if you can't land a blow on two major issues, maybe if he's right, they made two stories up and ran without, they weren't expected to get punched back. >> that's exactly why the president does this.
10:35 pm
i think he does this because he knows they are not paying attention to what is a gravely serious whether it's north korea or iran. they are passing on all of those stories. we are desperately trying to figure out a way to move forward with both of these situations. the media is focused on whether somebody inside the administration called him a moron or not behind closed doors. -- it's imbecilic. the president realizes that. he takes these opportunities to shed light on the media for focusing on the stupid stories that nobody cares about. they want the problems solved. the world needs them to be solved because we are talking about in some cases millions and millions of people whose lives are at risk. and the media is worried about somebody called somebody a moron? it's like junior high school. >> brian: they tried to get information that the secretary
10:36 pm
of state and the president got along. because they got along, they decide to focus on his one statement where if he did call me a moron, i would like to challenge him to an iq test which i thought was hysterical. i flip the channels, and there they are taking him literally. the president really thinks he has a higher iq than rex tillerson. it's unbelievable what's going on right now. >> [laughs] a key to one of the earliest symptoms of donald trump derangement syndrome is that you lose your sense of humor. these people in washington of all of their sense of humor. donald trump can save the -- say the funniest thing. america is knee slapping, bent over laughing. he said something about an iq test, it's so astonishing. i think it really helps. inside politics, people view
10:37 pm
that as a distraction. it is a distraction from his message. maybe so, i think he uses that to his advantage in brilliant ways. >> brian: i've enjoyed our time together. have you? >> always. >> brian: charlie heard from washington. >> thanks, buddy. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, north korea delivering an all-new threat of war with united states. oh, it'sn been 2 minutes. i didn't think we would get another threat within 2 minutes. we will have a report when we return. w ♪
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>> brian: tensions have been escalating between the united states and north korea all year long. north korea is saying president trump has "lit the wick of war." aimed at the herman kingdom. they do not like to refer to themselves like that. ity does not sound good. it sounds somewhat confrontational. president trump sounded off about the comment with sean hannity. >> it should have been handled 25 years ago t in 20 years ago d ten years ago in five years ago. not just obama but certainly president obama should have taken care of it. now it's at a point where it's very, very far advanced. we cannot allow this to happen. >> brian: we just sent supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula in a show of force. joining us now for a reaction, rebeccah heinrichs.
10:42 pm
we are at a point where we've never been before, rebeccah. >> i think we are. the north korean regime is issuing another threat against united states same -- saying that president trump is threatening war against north koreans, they also called that seth rogen film an act of war. you've got to take some things into context here. things are heating up. going back and forth betweenac e two countries. over the past several decades, we've seen the north koreans continue to improve their ballistic missile n capabilitie, nuclear capabilities, every time they have a little failure they learned from that failure and adapt to technology. watch this like a train coming. and no administration has been able to stop it. now you have the trump administration really trying to exhaust all diplomatic actions. family and ultimately get kim jong un to understand we are serious. we are not bluffing. we won't let them maintain a capability that can threaten the united states with a nuclear
10:43 pm >> brian: and know what it takes toss execute and be successful, i think people feel relatively a secure, among them, president trump critic, lindsey graham. he says we are tired of being duped into the talks and thinking this is going to be the moment because they dissipate as soon as they end and next thing you know, we come back to talk to them, only they are stronger thankn ever. amongst the people in president trump's corners? japan? do you believe south korea also believes the president is on the right path?ie >> i thinkgh so. the south koreans -- they tend to want to take a softer approach because they are so close to the north koreans. they've been held hostage by the lessiles i can already reach -- that can already reach them. it makes them understandably and obviously uncomfortable. they understand the american president isn't going to allow the south koreansly to be endangered without overwhelming response. retaliatory response.
10:44 pm
the best thing the american president can do, make sure the south koreans are confident and that's one of the best things that we can do to make sure that kim jong un knows we are serious. what president trump has to do, he has too convince kim jong un that he is not bluffing. unlike the previous presidents were. it's a tall order but that's why you'reli seeing the rhetoric and seeing the very forceful, show ofs force. the bombers flying above the dmv. all of this is to convince kim jong un. >> brian: real quick, how important and symbolic would it be for the president to go from japan -- china from south korea and take that trip to the demilitarized zone? haveed those shots with him in s binoculars looking over and understanding first hand. and also sending a message to north korea, i am serious. what would that mean to the entire crisis?
10:45 pm
>> if the president were to visit, just having him there in south korea would be incredibly reassuring. you want to keep the president safe. but the stronger that he can look and demonstrate that this isn't bluffing, if the choices are that we are going to take war to north korea, we are going to allow americans -- we are not just talk about californiaow but missiles that can reach ohio and new york, missiles that can span the entire united states, we are not going to allow americans to be held hostage with a nuclear ballistic missile. the choices are that or the world with north koreans. we are going to choose the latter. >> brian: just how lethal the hermit kingdom is, they packed and stole the south korean war plans. that happened a couple of days ago. it was reported and i believe "the new york times." we will see where that goes. we will see how serious we are. we have a plan to unseat him.
10:46 pm
i hope we do. at least now he has it. we will see, rebeccah. he is more vulnerable most people thought. rebeccah heinrich's, thank you so much. 15 minutes before we are done. rapper eminem, he's still a thing apparently. he unloads on president trump. in a new video. it may not be having the impact that he hopes. bebe back in a moment. did he lose his car, is that why he's in a garage? for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today.
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>> brian: two words i've never really said before to open up a segment -- rapper eminem, who many thought was in hiding. this aired at the bet hip-hop awards last night. eminem wasn't exactly pro-trump. thshocker. here's a little bit of his free styling. >> this iss for colin, oliver, keep that [bleep] like donald the [bleep]. america, stand up. we love our military. we love our country. but we [bleep] hate trump. b>> brian: i don't even know what he said because there are so many beliefs in there. how many people will be persuaded in swing states by
10:51 pm
eminem's rants. eminem not being on the president's side, not much of a surprise. what about the effect on the president in particular? it seems like another artist against president trump. join the club. >> yeah, brian. that's exactly right. it animates the base because it strikes at the heart of hollywoodd hypocrisy. hollywood likes to lecture us about sexual assault while protecting harveyho weinstein. and to lecture us about guns while being surrounded by armed guards. and now you a have eminem acting as a moral paragon after he built a career on misogyny and violence. you have colin kaepernick tweeting that he appreciates m eminem who is caught in 2003 rapping racist lyrics. t colin kaepernick, do you want to kneel for the national anthem but stand with eminem? it's absolutely despicable. it animates the trump base. >> brian: he also brings up taxes, which we appreciate it. when he gets into the issues.
10:52 pm
he brings up the skin color of the president. he has a negative thing to say about that. he talks about race. he has fun with the word swamp, he calls it quicksand. he liked jay-z and others have something negative to say. he rapped against george bush. for some reason, experts who look to this say eminem is an artist that president trump might be able to benefit from, working class, someone who's self-made. adverse situations, coming up in that area. keep in mind, this is the same region that gave us kid rock who is the biggest trump supporter. >> that's right but eminem is catering to the left narrative. left-wing democratic liberal talking points, packaged into a rap video. it rings very hollow. it's not going to help the democrats atid all. at the rnc, we welcome this. if you want to make this your new spokesperson.
10:53 pm
all eminem is doing is he's filling the coffers of the trump campaign. the rnc, because we raise money off the hollywood elites, isolating themselves from president trump. it actually helps us in the long run. >> brian: very interesting. there aren't very many democratic heavyweights. just other celebrities weighing in. you know else who has to watch himself? lebron i know he does not have to work another day in his life. he called the president a bum. he continues to double down and retweets repeats of what eminem said last night. he's becoming very polarizing as a figure. when you see other savvy like michael jordan, you might have some feelings but he knows republicans buy sneakers j too. >> lebron james should be very careful. he tweeted at eminem today. as did colin kaepernick. they need to be careful. these are diversionary tactics. we've seen the media try to paint the president as a racist and misogynist. now you have rappers feeding into the same narrative voters rejected in 2016.
10:54 pm
it falls flat. but be careful, you will lose a lot of fans if you keep doing i it. >> brian: the president does want to focus on african-americans and minorities, we know he's not the person as he's been labeled as a racist, where do you start with that? if athletes isn't the way in, where do you go? >> you start by helping the people. in flint, michigan, these broken communities. i would add that the president has already done that. an underreported story wass released friday, covered up by our friends and the mainstream media. that african-american unemployment is at a 17 year lo low. you don't hear it anyway. you should hear it. it's a big story. this is how you help these communities. i >> brian: i can't get the combination down here that's my problem. thank you so much. tomorrow, more rap videos in our analysis. more fox & friends in a moment. and you will be seeing a pillow commercial.
10:55 pm
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>> brian: before we go, it wouldn't be 10:58 if we weren't talking about my upcoming book. it drops on the 24th. preorder ony amazon and i think you're really going to like it. tomorrow on "fox & friends," if my rundown is correct, we are going to be featuring elizabeth mcmahon.frfr small business administration. why is that important? we have a new tax program and it's going to affect small business, as according to the president. i want you to go to my radio show which starts at 9:00 and goes until noon unless something changes. i will be speaking with a bunch of chairman of the presidents council of economic advisors. you know, our economy is growing in about 3%. do we need a tax cut? theee administration says yes bt we are going to find out what kevin says. thank you for watching. i will be back tomorrow.
11:00 pm
i want to know what you want to see on the show. tweet me and we will go through it. just getting ready for laura ingraham. soon i will be out of time and i will be cut off. there is theth camera. i should have looked there. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein is reportedly planning to flee the country for france, taking a cue from his longtime friend and director and fugitive child rapist roman polanski. weinstein's friends in the movie business and in progressive politics pretend to be stunned and aghast at all of this. "this isn't the harvey weinstein we knew," they claimed in anguished interviews arranged by their publicists. we're appalled. right. it's exactly the harvey weinstein they knew, the same one that seth macfarlane joked about at the academy award nominee announcements. >> congratulations. you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein


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