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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 12, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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balanced show. we will be back in new york tomorrow night. brian kilmeade is up next. thank you for being with us. ♪ >> we're here today to discuss our vision for america's economic survival. we want less taxes, bigger paychecks and more jobs for american truckers and american workers. >> network news is so partisan, most revolt, not fair to public. >> and anti-trump story, no vetting required. they will just run with it. >> the boy scout are not the boy scouts anymore. political correctness, another reason trump won. we are tired of it.
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nicole: you are watching "fox and friends" first this thursday morning, 4:00 a.m. on the east coast and appreciate you joining us. we want to go to our top story, donald trump is set to take a major step fulfilling another campaign promise after taking his tax plan on the road. griff jenkins joins us with more. >> calling truckers america's heroes, donald trump took the tax plan on the road saying this plan puts more money in the pockets of working families and is fair to the middle class, grow the economy and gains on wall street putting americans back on the right track, we have to transform an outdated and
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burdensome tax code. >> we make the 0 bracket bigger, get rid of the 10% bracket and reducing the 15% rate down to 12%. >> the plan would reduce the existing 7 brackets or eight down to a simple four. it would be 0%, 12%, 25% and 33%. the key is expansion of the represent bracket, including those that would traditionally fall into the bottom 2 bracket under the complicated current system. the plan double standard deduction for individuals and families and cutting corporate rate from 30% to 20%. donald from call for bipartisan support for this plan, and a more than a massive tax-cut for wealthy and corporations, nancy pelosi issued a statement
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saying, quote, we need real bipartisan tax reform that puts the middle-class first, not one penny for the wealthiest 1%. the goal will be getting republicans on board. the house freedom caucus, later this morning we expect to hear from paul ryan talking about this plan with a live audience, stay tuned. heather: thanks, appreciate it. donald trump meantime is talking about democrat support of his tax plan, getting it passed by the end of the year. exclusive interview with sean hannity he explains why this gives americans the tax-cut they have been promised for years. >> when we first introduced it, talking about tax reform, nobody understands what it means
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because that means you could raise taxes. this is the largest tax cut in the history of our country and it is incredible so right now we are the highest taxed nation in the world and we are going to be down in the lower rung in terms of taxes. a family can get and a business can get, doing different things with their businesses, some running individually but you can get a 40% tax reduction, the largest tax reduction. >> taking his pitch to the people may be the key but political analyst britt hume says it will be an uphill battle with those democrats. >> he is doing now on this measure what he never did on obamacare, getting out, talking about specifics, making an earnest effort to sell it to people. it is not easy with tax cuts to
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do that. the problem politically when you are cutting tax rates is it is a mathematical fact the more you pay, the more you gain from a tax cut. we live in a country where 70% of taxes are paid by 10% of the people so you cut the rates, 10% are bound to benefit. this opens the avenue for perennial democratic criticism that it is a tax cut for the rich, he has to fight that the whole way. >> let's talk about one of those rich folks, the harvey weinstein scandal, he boarded a private jet overnight and going to sex rehab and behavior center in arizona. he was originally supposed head out of the country but that plan changed, the latest eval and hours after tmd reported weinstein's are called 911 claiming her dad was suicidal and depressed. the justice department ordering the fbi to investigate the laundry list of sexual assault
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allegations. as for hillary clinton it has been six days and she has finally said she will give the campaign donations back. >> would you give the money back? >> there is no one to give it back to. what other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying, of course i do that, i give 10% of my income to charity, this is part of that. there is no doubt about it. >> weinstein and his family have given $1.4 million in political contributions to the democratic party and in this strange turn of events, new york post page 6 reporting harvey's wife is leaning on friend home so they aberdeen, quote and an aide. her husband anthony weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexing a teenager but they are friends. the wake of the weinstein scandal many saying the party
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the champions women's rights has a double standard when it comes to sexism. columnist mark stein says it is time to call out the left. >> if you notice the left gets annoyed. mitt romney is nobody's idea of a sex fiend and he happens to say encouraging women to apply for jobs, phrases and clumsily answers binders full of women. these late-night talkshow hosts, everyone who is a punchline for two weeks after words are all decent mitt because he stands up when a woman enters the room and holds the door for her as she leaves. meanwhile they are completely heartless about the huge mountain of human debris piled up by this hollywood pig over
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the last three decades. heather: let's talk about boy scouts of america which will allow girls to join its ranks. >> relevant for little girls as it is little boys and educators and parents said it absolutely is. we provide a pathway for girls to participate fully in that. heather: this has everyone talking. a lot of responses to this. >> this is a tradition that has been on the book for a century and things are starting to change, shaking up the tradition that has been here forever, boy scouts of america and announcing girls can become cub scout starting next year. that will allow the to obtain the coveted eagle scout rank. the program will be available in 2019. also giving them a pass to become an eagle scout, boy scout saying it is an important change
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but that change causing serious backlash with some calling it unnecessary pc. >> is an eagle scout i'm disgusted and disappointed. what the left is trying to accomplish is a deconstruction of traditional values. >> political correctness, another reason trump won, people are tired of this, boys should have a boys club, girls did have a girls club. >> donald trump junior weighing in on twitter writing this, strange, i thought that was what the girl scouts were for. the organization blasting the decision saying it is all about declining members and revenue. on social media a lot of mixed reaction. isaiah posting on twitter as a former hashtag eagles dugout and long-term support of the boy scouts i have had enough. caving to pc, i told me to take their off their list. >> a lot going on on facebook,
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one saying i do get -- why can't boys have a boys club. i girl scouts enough. for these adventurous things we all have our own boy scout girl scout -- >> what becomes of the girl scouts? will they be called the boy scouts? >> leaders are not happy about this. we want to know what everyone has to say about this, people are fired up for sure. of the pc police gone too far? on facebook live, twitter or send us an email and we will share that later in the show and check in with you throughout the morning. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. he's an illegal immigrant accused of beheading his own mother and now he might walk free. we will tell you about that. one college just band christians from the freshman fair.
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wait until you hear why. >> the democrats have become obstructionists. they want to stop, they don't want to do anything productive, they want to raise your taxes substantially. heather: democrats and the democrats task plan, next guest is it is music to his ears, he the small business owner and at that rally last night, we will talk to him and hear what he has to say. ♪
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heather: you're watching "fox and friends" first. the police department extending its investigation to the country music concert massacre. sheriff joseph lombardo think the timeline of eventss could change again. the department responding to criticism after police revealed a mandalay bay security guard
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was shot before stephen paddock concertgoers which is not after. brand-new audio emerging of calls for help from inside the hotel. >> someone has fired a rifle off of the 32nd floor down the hallway. >> an autopsy of his brain showed nothing abnormal but he may have been on an anti-anxiety medication that causes aggressive behavior. a student accused of murdering a campus police officer may have used a stolen gun with a federal grand jury indicting daniels for murder and possession of a stolen firearm. police say daniels pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head at the police station while being pushed about drugs in his dorm room. university officials say daniels did not steal an officer's gun as originally reported. let's go back to our top story, the president says it is time to
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get the wheels in motion talking tax reform alongside hundreds of truckers in the heart of pennsylvania. >> nothing gets done in america without the hard-working men and women of the trucking industry. that is why my administration is taking steps to remove the barriers have slowing you down. america first means putting american truckers first. >> our next guest was there and says this is the message she and other business owners have been waiting to hear. that henry, president and ceo of henry products joins us live. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. jillian: you were at the rally in person. give us your impression. i got a tip that you were smiling when you heard what donald trump had to say. >> he had a lot of wide-ranging
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topics but particularly focused on maintaining the robust inertia at the economy has been enjoying in the stock market, low unemployment, gdp growth in the last quarter, focusing on our favorite subject, the upcoming reform of the tax code and particular emphasis on the benefits not only for the general population in the middle-class but independent and small business community. heather: how will that help you and your company, your small business, your employees? how will it benefit them? >> we are a great case study for wide-ranging impact. is a private company, having lower taxes, increase margins enable us to reinvest in the company and i can tell you many of our colleagues are simmering, waiting to take advantage of this economy and grow their companies.
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we are capital-intensive so it takes a lot of money to buy the machinery and equipment to include productivity, hire more people, create more goods and services. we are a packaging company and we serve our friends in the public and global company communities. heather: as a result of this plan, 30 million americans who have small businesses like you will have a 40% cut in their marginal tax rates. obviously that trickles down and benefits people in your company? >> that was the president's announcement and in line with some of the numbers we heard in the past but we are still holding fast to the fact that we want to have tax parity with our large, public, global corporation friends we serve, not only as offenders but we are the innovators, the job creators and our employment base represents half of the total
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employment in the country. >> what is your impression of donald trump? you were there listening along with hundreds of other people. how many people were present for the to listen to him and do you believe what he is saying? >> he was speaking to an audience of supporters last evening and yesterday afternoon but i we share with the general population the opportunities and optimism that can come out of these initiatives, he seems to be focused on them because he brought our colleagues and the leadership, secretary mnuchin, gary cohen, chairman of the economic council of advisors, means he brought all the horsepower with that will be focused on this tax reform, maintaining our economic inertia. heather: got to make you feel good when all the people that
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can make the changes i fair talking to you and saying what they are going to do. thank you so much for joining us, we wish you continued success and appreciate you coming on. >> thanks, enjoy being with you. heather: have a great day. it is 90 minutes after the top of the hour. the vacation is over. former president obama is heading back to the campaign trail and when it comes to the national and these are the images we are used to seeing but look at this. at this football game they stood, they sang, the story will make your day. ♪ or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider
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witness katy perry. witness katy perry become a legal witness. witness katy perry and left shark. or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. heather: have you heard about
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this? a christian group at oxford excluded from a campus event and you won't believe why. carly shimkus here to explain. a couple things we are talking about. >> this is causing international outrage. a christian group is banned from attending this event for college freshmen at oxford university. the event organizer says the christian union is banned because they would possibly make students feel unwelcome and marginalized. and emails statement from the students and we recognize the wonderful advantages of having christian union representatives at the freshman fair but our concern of potential for home -- harm to those already struggling to feel welcome at oxford. this happened at oxford, founded by bishop. times have changed, not sitting
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well with a lot of people affiliated with the college and people across the country. let's look at some reaction. peggy says the answer is to alienate the christian group, typical liberal establishment. martins is a disgrace, while the elites key to this is a christian police which are the backbone of the country's culture for years and marie says pathetic, embarrassed as alumni that oxford students be protected from ideas they might not agree with. those students spoke out and overturned the ban and what happened is they had a stall at this fair. >> any other group stand? >> it was specifically a target on the christian faith. this college -- he didn't want any religion represented and they had a bunch of religions.
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>> let's talk about the las vegas shooting, october 1st a lot of first responders working overtime trying to investigate what happened and they will get a system from the federal government. >> the president made an announcement on twitter, happy to announce we are awarding $1 million to las vegas to help local law enforcement working overtime to respond to last sunday's tragedy, the announcement going over very well with the president's supporters. rick says you are such a great president and i'm proud of you, make america great again and another tweet from jacob says america is unbelievably grateful to have a president who is pro-law-enforcement. like you said police have been working overtime so this money is going to go a long way. >> the victims that met the president and first lady when he went to meet were very impressed with the president, finally college football players, talked
1:27 am
about what is happening, you will like this story. >> this was a patriotic display in hartford, connecticut. the pa system fails, no national and could be played over the loudspeaker so the teams and crowd rose up and sang the national anthem together. take a listen. so back on twitter, hopefully these boys will be the new men of the nfl sunday. >> hashtag stand for that. >> stand for the and some. heather: some good voices too. it is 27 minutes after the top of the hour. nbc news buried the harvey weinstein story but when it comes to donald trump. >> i have seen in the past year or two, around here in washington if it is an anti-trump story there is no
1:28 am
vetting required. they will run with it. >> donald trump weighing in on that in a fox news exclusive. the big debate this morning, should girls be allowed to join the boy scouts. jackie will tell us what everyone is saying. >> a lot of responses. it is for:30, people saying boy scouts should be boy scouts, girl scouts should be girl scouts, don't go anywhere, we are following this issue all morning long. be right back.
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finally, listening to my wife, i went to a doctor and then i became diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. that diagnosis was tough. i'm a concrete mason. i own my own company. i went from being a guy that could pick up anything i wanted, to having to ask for help. i'm a person that likes to take control. at that point in my life, i said there's nothing i can do. i have to rely on physician's information, physician's recommendations. i had to put my trust in somebody. and i found cancer treatment centers of america through the recommendation of a good friend of mine. i wanted a second opinion. it's actually uplifting coming here, seeing everything positive. when i first met steve, we recommended chemotherapy and then we did high dose therapy and then autologous stem cell transplant. unfortunately, he went on to have progressive disease. i thought that he would be a good candidate for immune therapy when his disease progressed because i had been reading about some of the
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heather: top story for you, donald trump taking a major step fulfilling another campaign promise after making his tax plan pitch to the american people. griff jenkins joins us from washington dc, the president says the plan puts more money in the pockets of working families than is fair to the
1:32 am
middle-class. how does it work? >> it simplifies the tax code. this plan reduces the existing eight brackets if you include the 0 bracket as he does down to a simple four. here's what he said last night. >> under our framework we make the 0 bracket figure and get rid of the 10% bracket and reducing the 15% rate to 12%. >> you get 40 brackets, 0, 12%, 25%, and 35%. you will hear more about that, the expansion of this, that would traditionally fall into higher brackets and the plan doubles the standard deduction for individuals and families and cuts the corporate rate from 35%
1:33 am
to 20%. >> different reaction from democrats and republicans. >> democrats pandered, not a surprise calling it is tax-cut for the wealthy, nancy pelosi hammered away calling for bipartisanship, just wanted to say it -- to the wealthy 1%. republicans on board, later this morning paul ryan will make a speech at the heritage foundation saying this is our moment to take control of things, we have to choose to do this. >> typical american households, $4000, but yet to prove that so that remains to be seen. appreciate it, thank you. donald trump is hoping for the democratic support with the goal of getting it passed by the end of the year. in an exclusive interview with sean hannity he says one of the biggest selling points will be in people's wallets. >> we have a 0 bracket so a lot pay 0, we have four and they
1:34 am
have eight so it is eight down to four, and a lot are text below the $12,000 mark, $24,000 mark, taxed at 0. after that it comes to 12% from 15%. the democrats told a terrible fib, they said they read the brackets so the brackets were inverted. if you read it that way. that is not the way it goes. we have been praised for the money the middle-class -- this is what i'm looking for, i call it the working people, they will get a massive tax break, corporations and companies are going to get large-scale tax relief and compete with anybody in the world which is what we need. >> total of $4000 for a family adds up, donald trump's corporate tax cut from 35% to 20% would make american firms more competitive as well, big
1:35 am
difference. north korea ramping up tensions with the us claiming war is on the way. live in london, the latest, these threats continue from the rogue nation. what is the latest? >> reporter: that heated rhetoric between the us and north korea is continuing. the foreign minister speaking out. according to russian news agencies, accusing donald trump of, quote, lighting the fuse for war. also talked of settling scores in a hail of fire. he says these comments are in response to the president's speech last month where he threatened to destroy north korea. tensions have been increasing following a series of missile tests including that nuclear test and there are fears that
1:36 am
pyongyang made be developing a missile capable of reaching the us, donald trump says this situation cannot continue. >> say what you want, 25 years ago, should have been handled 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, should have been handled, not just obama but obama should have taken care of it. >> reporter: the us and the un have imposed sanctions but have not deterred pyongyang from continuing weapons test and north korea's foreign minister saying the uk program is not up for discussion. >> thank you, appreciate it. and illegal immigrants accused of beheading his mother might not serve time behind bars. a federal judge is expected to drop the first-degree murder
1:37 am
charges calling him, quote, not mentally competent to stand trial. instead he would be sent to a mental hospital. in march 18th-year-old originally from honduras allegedly told police he killed his mother at their north carolina home because he, quote, felt like it. one day after the supreme court drops one travel ban challenge another one on the way. washington state attorney, general bob ferguson asked a federal judge to allow his case to move forward against the third version of the trump administration's travel ban. the newest executive order restricting travel from eight countries is set to begin october 18th. former president obama is back, sort of, coming of retirement to hit the campaign trail for the first time since leaving the white house. obama hoping to help lieutenant colonel ralph northam pick up steam in the virginia governor race, appearing at a rally next thursday, more economic opportunity.
1:38 am
some people say he hasn't gone away. donald trump taking aim at, quote, fake news after nbc ran a story claiming he surprises national security adviser's calling for major expansion of the us nuclear arsenal. on twitter he, quote, pure fiction and tweeted network news has become so partisan, distorted and fake licenses must be challenged and if appropriate revoked, not fair to the public. >> the media is bad, really dishonest, in many cases. i was watching television, you don't know whether or not, you're watching a report but you know if it is good or bad, fake or negative. >> reporter: charles hurt said the media has no standards when it comes to stories about donald trump. >> what we see from places like
1:39 am
nbc, stories that are refuted by all kinds of people inside the administration, people with nicole reputations completely refuted and go with because it is an anti-trump sing and seems i feel i have seen in the past year or two around here in washington and anti-trump story there is no vetting required. they will just run with. heather: you know it is not true but can't do anything about it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. one of the mostly terror groups on the planet. now hezbollah has its sights set on us shores. our next guest is a national security expert and he says -- she says the iran nuclear deal made that threat so much worse.
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>> one of the most lethal terror groups on the planet responsible for the death hundreds of us soldiers overseas but now us officials say hezbollah has its sights on the us homeland. joining me is national security expert rebecca heinrich. we always enjoy having you with us to give some insight. let's talk about before we get to the iran deal which is important in this and how they influence hezbollah, why they believe they are sitting their sites on the us homeland. the state department talked about two arrests were made with hezbollah connections in new york and michigan and also offered a $12 million reward for two others they are looking for. what do we know about these cases? >> hezbollah is a lebanese terrorist organization. when with hezbollah with lebanon. now we have a trump administration official saying
1:44 am
they have this arm of hezbollah looking at terrorism abroad, because anti-israel terrorist organizations, very active, gets it support from iran. two individuals that were agents of lebanon in the united states and so it is very concerning because this is a well-equipped terrorist group. again it used to be just contained to the lebanon region, americans at home are in danger as well. >> two individuals taken into custody, and explosive expert and sleeper. talk about the iran deal. people don't know or make the connection why they benefit hezbollah. >> many individuals who complained about the iran deal myself included, it was focus narrowly on constraining just the nuclear part of the irani and problem but iran is still a
1:45 am
state sponsor of terrorism with all the terrorist groups that cause this problem across the middle east and abroad so when you give iran access to billions of dollars you are funding their terrorism operations so when donald trump looks at the iran deal, has to announce whether to certify compliance, he is going to look at it support for terrorism. billions of dollars, allies get billions of dollars to support groups like hezbollah which endanger americans. >> even the obama administration admit that this happens. way it was, do you think donald trump does need to decertify it? >> the idea from many obama officials if you legitimize the regime, treat them like a
1:46 am
responsible power, they will moderate. the iranians will become a responsible power, not the way it works, they were never sorry for their support for terrorism. that was the idea, naïve idea, i do believe donald trump should be certified to deal and two ways donald trump can come out winning for the united states, actually negotiate a better deal with the iranians, close these loopholes, hammer down on their support for terrorism, the other way he can win for the united states is to walk away from a bad deal, something obama was not willing to do, negotiate the power willing to walk away come of the power that has more leverage and can get a better deal. >> it was a campaign promise he said he would keep so we will see, thank you for joining us early this morning. >> an urgent race to escape
1:47 am
relentless wildfires, authorities going door-to-door telling people to get out before it is too late. for many it is already too late. in santa rosa, everything has burned to the ground. >> this is a wasteland. when you look around, property after property has been destroyed out here, you see the car behind me looks like it has gone through armageddon and that is what we are seeing going street by street. this morning 23 people have died. this could be the deadliest wildfire in california 3. the previous -- there are hundreds of people missing across this area. one woman says she was talking to her elderly mother on the phone as the flames were racing towards her mom's house, take a listen. >> i could hear smoke alarms
1:48 am
going off, coughing, i told her i love her, she told me she is going to die, she can't get out of her house, can't get her back on the phone. >> certainly terrifying situation for so many, thousands still evacuated, another red flag warning day, more fires could be on the way. >> they could not get out in time. thank you for joining us. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump has a personal message for colin kaepernick. >> you cannot disrespect our country, flag, hour and some. >> the new advice for the nfl is up next. ♪ i want to scream and shout
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and fall out and let it out ♪
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heather: it is for:52 on the east coast. donald trump doubling down on his fight against the national anthem protests, commander-in-chief saying if colin kaepernick wasn't the first time he took any it wouldn't have done this far. >> i thought it was terrible. then it got bigger and bigger and the nfl should have suspended him for one game. i will tell you you cannot disrespect our country, flag, and some. >> requiring players to stand during the star-spangled banner.
1:53 am
foxbusiness alert, general mills sounding the alarm over mislabeled serial that could contain nuts. the story is very scary for people with nut allergies. >> reporter: general mills recalling cascading farm cinnamon raisin granola cereal. it could contain allman's which if you do have any nut allergies that could be very serious so recalled boxes on july 15th so if you have one of those check it out and send it to general mills for a refund. need to recall that and amazon giving teens their own account, for teens 13-17, they can have their own login under their parents account, get all the
1:54 am
benefits of that and this is pretty interesting because kids will be able to go online and shop, parents have to approve the purchases. there won't be shopping sprees, there will be spending limits and they can send their parents a note, i need this for a project. give them a little freedom. heather: parents have to approve it. thank you so much. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. it is the big debate this morning. should girls he allowed to join the boy scouts? jackie is tracking your responses. good morning. ♪ then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go?
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♪ expedia.
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heather: the boy scouts of america will now allow girls to join their ranks. >> it is relevant for little girls and little boys? educators and our parents that it absolutely is was we provide a pathway for girls to participate fully in cub scouts. >> have the pc police gun too far? here is what you are saying. people have a lot to say this morning. >> reporter: as they do most
1:59 am
mornings. joanna says the boy scouts -- the boy scouts are for boys, the girl scouts are for girls come always was and always should be. gary on facebook, i am ashamed a once fine prout organization, tom on facebook, both organizations get together and share curriculums for merit badges. there is an idea. mitch on facebook says the pc police go too far every time. what type of message is this sending girls in the girl scouts? boy scouts are better? that is defeating the purpose for equality or uplifting tomorrow's women. ricky on twitter, good idea to allow girls this level if they have progressed through gsa, call the level scouts. what i really hearing, what about those girl scout cookies?
2:00 am
heather: just keep the thin bits. i hope everyone has a great day. i will see you back here same time tomorrow. in the meantime "fox and friends" first continues right now. by. >> taxes, bigger paychecks and more jobs for american truckers and american workers. we will bring back our jobs, bring back our wealth and for every citizen across this land we will bring back our great american dreams. rob: it is wednesday, october 12th, donald trump rallying the crowd in pennsylvania taking his tax plan to the american people. how he plans to put money


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