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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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his foot, 57 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. stay with us. >> neil: all right. ready for a little thursday night football? the carolina panthers facing off against the philadelphia eagles. they're in charlotte tonight. will the player baseball kneeling or not for the national anthem? there's also a kneel-in planned outside the stadium. this comes as owners are being pressed to enforce the stand-only for the national anthem, a number of players are saying over my dead, you know what. we have more from charlotte. what does it look like there, brett? >> well, good afternoon, kneel. still remains to be seen if any of the panther players will kneel tonight. in the past, there was one player that stayed in the locker
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room. we didn't see the whole team, neil, that we have seen other franchises have done across the country. there's a kneel-in that has organized by a local clergy. it will happen here at 7:30 at this intersection. clergy expects 100 to 150 people that will be 7:30. the kickoff will be at 8:30. a lot of fans will enter the stadium when the protest is going on. for the fans and their thoughts, they are split. we talked to some that just want the nfl to get back to playing the game. last week, there's some veterans were burning their jerseys and panthers tickets and saying they won't attend the game until the protest is over. there's a few bars in charlotte that are refusing to air any of the panthers games until they get back to playing football and stop with the protests. we'll be here to monitor the
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protests. there's police there as a precaution but not expecting issues. this will be a silent protest organize bid clear by here in charlotte. back to you. >> neil: thanks, brett. our fox 26 reporter. the president said this whole problem could have been avoided if the nfl took action early on against colin kaepernick. >> i watched colin kaepernick. i thought it was terrible. it got bigger and bigger. the nfl should have suspended him for a game and he wouldn't have done it again. they could have suspended him a second time and a third time for the season and you wouldn't have had a problem. i'll tell you, you cannot disrespect our country, our flag and our anthem. you cannot do that. >> neil: former nfl great and author burgess with us right now. great to have you back. the players will be tempted,
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obviously, to test this, push this. they say that's their right and the flag, our national anthem, provides them that right. if any of them do so, in other words, if they choose to kneel during the anthem, what should happen? >> well, they should do what every other company does to protect their brand. every corporation has a set of rules, parameters, in which they expect their employees to abide by. they're entertainers. they need to abide by it or face the consequences. if i can say this, neil, the most important thing of this, we begin to see what is happening behind the scenes. a lot of good-hearted young men that believe they're right. they have never been trained to do anything else. if i can say what i remember growing up in when martin luther king stood and did the demonstrations, they did so in white shirts and black ties. they were not only fighting racism but the stereotypes of
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the democratic party at that time of being lazy, irresponsible, singing and dance and entertain. look has happened the last 15 years. bet is what they're looking at every day of their lives. its owned by a white corporation, viacom. the last 15 years, they have been flooded with anti-white, anti-american, anti-flag. everything they need to do to make sure that they get out and be energized when it comes to election time. we have a country that need to look at these corporations that propaganda our kids to get their political strategy going, this is a great time to talk about it. it was a true low lives, whites that allow this to happen to a race. for 15 years. so i would hope this opens up a whole conversation about the enemy we. have it's not each other. it's marxes democrats that are
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using to gain power. >> neil: let's talk about what commissioner goodell is trying to get going with owners and the player's union to settle this. they seem to be using and i could be mistaken, the cowboy's approach. kneel in sympathy, protest, whatever you want before the national anthem, all rise for the national anthem. jerry jones' policy is if you kneel out the national anthem, you sit out the game. what do you make of that? >> well, they're doing what they should have done last year. i agree. if it wasn't for the fact that we have a corporation, the nfl, that is actually -- was more interested in politics, this never should have happened. they put parameters and every other demonstration and yet they allow this young man to demonstrate against our flag. the american people have spoken. i love the fact that free enterprise and americans across
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the board told the companies what to do now the dollars are coming out of their pockets. they'll figure out how to make it happen and they will punish the guys that do not toe the line. some guys say that's okay. they'll use their money for this cause. that's fine. we'll see what happens in the off-season. we'll have a flood of money and mentors for help for the kids on the sidelines that have lost hope in our country because of the left. >> neil: this has become as you indicated warped more to a racial issue and a lot of players. seen through people that watch this and the stands and on tv. so i'm wondering, a lot of players that feel pressure now to kneel this out, especially when white owners are coming back and threatening retribution if they do. how do you play that? >> you have to understand, this is an old playbook, neil. i grew up in the days of watching green bay sweep.
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they used to be win by sweeping right and left and eventually it got old. this country is getting old now. the idea of calling all white people racist because they don't agree with you. this is what bully dos. the left cannot come and speak to the truth and deal with answers and solutions. they deal with bullying up people that don't agree with them. so i see this number 1 going to play out because the nfl will do what it takes to get their brand back as much as they can. americans need to do what they can to understand the underlying problem here. it's not with the game. it's what's going on for the people getting our race angry and failing. >> neil: burgess, thanks very much. your a voice of reason at a crazy time. thank you. burgess owens, a former nfl great. thank you, burgess. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: so tonight everybody will be watching, right? do you punish the players that
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don't stand for the national anthem? let's ask judge andrew napolitano. that's what it will come down to. everybody will be watching that. a number of owners have said you do that, this is the repercussion. >> if the owner dos punish players for taking the knee during the star spangled banner, the players union has indicated that they'll get involved. if they do get involved in a court, they'll win. the reason they'll win is because the law in the united states for the most part largely depends where you are, favors the players unless taking the knee materially interferes with the owner's income. if the owners are losing ad sales and media stream revenue or if the players are losing games because some are taking the knee, the owners can discipline those that take the knee. if they're being disciplined for taking a knee because the owners want them to conform to their
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own standard of politics, the law prevents them from being disciplined for that reason. >> neil: so if there is a -- sort of a come-to-jesus moment here where the owners remind the players, i don't know if you have seen the ratings but they're tumbling and the advertising revenue will be falling, that part hasn't happened yet because it takes awhile to register. >> right. >> neil: what happens then? >> well, i'll give you an example. in new jersey, our home state, along with new york, california, the district of columbia, grants workplace protection for expressing politics. the employee can express a political opinion in the workplace unless that expression interferes with the work product. so if there is a clear loss of revenue to the owners because of things happening like the pictures we're seeing now, then
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the owners can with legal protection discipline those that impair the work product by taking the knee. if they cannot show a loss of income or an impairment of the work product, they cannot discipline those that take the knee. the reason is the states that grant the protection, and, neil, almost all of these stadiums are owned by the government. the team management is a tenant. when you're a tenant on real estate owned by the government, you cannot compel political or patriotic confirmty with others on the real estate with you. that's been since the 1960s. >> neil: the next wild card is a economic one on boycotts being planned on both sides. those that support the players that in the case of the dallas cowboys don't want to stand up for the national anthem and fan groups that are also considering boycotts of their own for the opposite reason. >> if the boycotts are
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measurable and the owners can show a measurable decrease in income since the boycotts, the owners can win when they discipline the guys that take the knee. short of that, they won't. >> neil: thanks, judge. we'll be watching closely. >> we will. >> neil: meantime, he's a wild card in the tax cut debate. remember when he said if anybody's taxes are raised as a result of this tax plan the president cooked up, he's out. he's not supporting it. has something changed? he was the president on a revamped order that does a lot under obamacare. did the president take care to satisfy him on taxes? rand after this. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s
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>> we're going to get massive tax cuts, and i believe even senator rand paul and i know virginia -- greg, you're with us -- but the whole country is looking for these massive tax cuts. >> you know, i'm all in for cutting taxes. the one thing i've been vocal on, i want to make sure that we look at the details of the plan, we make sure that the middle class is getting a tax cut, not an increase. >> neil: does that mean -- i heard that as well. was that a threat that you would be a possible no vote if someone who -- >> neil, i would call it a helpful suggestion and i will
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tell you the president is listening. the president told me several times, i won't race taxes on the middle income folks. he pointed at his people and said make sure it doesn't happen. >> neil: that does not mean that rand paul is necessarily a yes vote. rasmussen reports amy holmes on that. it's hard to parse the wording here. as things stand now, rand paul wants to be a yes but he wants to make sure those in the middle class in high tax states, for example, and be exposed to this deduction that wouldn't be allowed for state and local deductions, if they have to pay more, he's a no vote. what do you make of that? >> sounds like that. i think your phrasing was correct. it's a threat. if senator rand paul doesn't see the middle class tax cuts, he cannot be on board with the tax plan. so the senate in order to turn to tax cuts and tax reform, they have to grapple with the budget reconciliation. they have three issues to
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tackle. the budget is the frame work, the tool, that allows tax reform. so they have three issues. they have to address senator rand paul's concerns about cutting taxes for the middle class and address concerns of other republican senators having to deal with the deficit bob corker, one of the leading voices on that and other ancillary issues like senator john mccain wants to see in the budget the defense spending. susan collins wants action on anwar, drilling in alaska. ted cruz wants to see in this tax stuff addressing obamacare. so we're talking about tax cuts, we're talking about the united states senate and senators that have their agenda and their issues that they wanted a dressed. remember, neil, republicans have 52 votes. so they can't afford for more than two senators not to be on board. >> neil: we don't know who they will be, if there will be any, and enormous pressure to be in line and do more to support this.
1:18 pm
let's say they can't all be in line. which democrats, particularly in the senate, doesn't seem to be much of an issue in the house, but in the senate. which democrats could tip their way? the administration is doing everything they can to accommodate it. maybe a higher rate for upper income folks like you. >> me? >> neil: and find a way to make this work. what do you think? >> we've seen the president go out to those red states with blue state senators. red states that went for president trump and he's trying to put pressure on those senators up for re-election in 2018. a name that comes up a lot is mr. manchin of west virginia that went hugely for. trump. >> he's saying he's not a fan of what he's seen thus far. i don't know if it's a guaranteed no vote unless there's changes. sounds like it would be a no vote. where do you see this going? if you had to place your bets right now, amy. pass or fail? >> i would say republicans know
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that this is a real test of their leadership. if they don't pass tax reform, they'll be in a heap of trouble in 2018. there will be a lot of republican voters that say why did we send you up there if you can't do this? >> neil: that was the same pressure when they had to rework the healthcare repeal not once but twice. something happened. >> that puts all the more pressure on republicans to get tax reform done. they already have two eggs on their faces with obamacare. let's remember, we still haven't done infrastructure and all of these other things that we've talked about before which should have been front-loaded in the legislative agenda to build momentum, get political buy-in from democrats and republicans before they tackle obamacare. here we are tax cuts, tax reform. as you know, neil, the devil is in the detail. the devil is in the deductions, which is what senator paul is talking about. if you close the loop holes,
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which raises taxes for middle class, he can't be on board for that. >> neil: we here speaker ryan talk. what do you think? >> i think they'll do it. the senate went to recess on august. a lot of people blamed them for going on vacation when they should be doing work. i'll give senate more credit than that. there's staffers that go to work in august even if the senators are back home campaigning. >> neil: true. >> because of that failure, the pressure on republicans both in the house and the senate to get tax reform done, even if it means working till christmas or new year's day, the pressure will be on. >> neil: thank you, amy. wild fires are continuing to rage now in california in some cases out of control in california. the view from space shows you how big and how out of control this is. the question is for how long. usaa to me means
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peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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>> neil: all right. you're looking at live images from sonoma county, california. this is wine country and also fire country right now. a couple hundred missing. that doesn't mean anything bad has happened. they've not come in contact with family or loves ones as a result of leaving or abandoning these areas. evacuating more precisely. adam housley with the latest. >> yeah, neil, some of those missing persons has to do with communication. cell service has been sketchy.
1:25 pm
you saw the fire pictures in sonoma. we're in napa. you can see the hotspots behind me, this is the front end of the atlas fire. right now they're saying 200,000 acres have burned, more than 3,500 structures have been destroyed. the cost of all of these fires now 21 fires in northern california is in the billions. that's where we're at right now. take a live look at sonoma. this is the moon can yon on the northern part of sonoma. a ton of homes being threatened in boys hot springs. gives you an idea of the threat that continues in a couple areas here and the southern part of napa and sonoma counties. this is a live look. this is the evacuation center in american canyon, california, a
1:26 pm
number of these centers, hundreds of people in each one. they're getting water, getting what they need. many of the people in the american canyon location came from calistoga, which is about 40 miles to the north. the entire town of calistoga was under evacuation last night and into the day. if there's a positive, coming back live in southern napa county, if there's one positive, this is the front end of the fire. they had a good chance of knocking this down. still a few hot spots. it's because the wind, that was supposed to come last night, neil, didn't come. that's the first time in the last three days they haven't had winds in the evening, which have stoked the fires and allows firefighters to get in and get out the hot spots which were being stoked by the winds. fingers crossed everywhere. i just talked with a sheriff. they expect the containment numbers to come up and get the fired knocked down as quickly as possible before the winds come come back this weekend. some of these firefighters, more than 6,000 personnel all told
1:27 pm
are tired. some of them worked as long as 48 to 50 hours straight, neil. >> neil: incredible. be safe yourself, adam. just to keep track of that, almost 200,000 acres have been consumed by the fires since sunday. this is fast moving, this is paradise ridge winery. on the phone is renee beck, co-owner of the winery. joins me by the phone. the family winery burned down monday. i'm very sad to hear that. but more importantly, how are you doing? >> i'm doing as well as can be expected. my house has been saved. my parents house and my sister's house, we had an employee that lost her house. all of our employees are safe and didn't suffer that much losses.
1:28 pm
>> neil: you have the winery that a lot of people love that was a destination in itself. looks like it was banged up. what is your assessment? >> we had two main buildings on the property. the wine-making facility was destroyed. the other building was where we did the events. we were named the best wedding venue for a few years in a row. that's all destroyed. so that's going to be need to rebuilt. the silver lining, the vineyards are intact and the fires didn't harm them. that next year we anticipate a full harvest from our estate vineyards. >> neil: good to hear. i've heard a lot of vineyard owners and companies in that area, some of their personnel had to be helicoptered out. what was the case with yours? >> yeah, we have tenants that
1:29 pm
lived on the property that had to run out of there and get out of there. the devastation is so great it's hard for people to get around. seems like the fire is never going to end. i went to my dad's house. i thought i was safe there. started to get evacuated there. and seems like every morning we wake up trying to figure out are we threatened or not. when you think you're safe, the wind changes direction and then you're in trouble. the biggest concern is it seems like it's not contained that well. >> neil: that's what it seems like to me. came up and on you so fast, right? >> yeah, it came -- from my understanding, when it started in calistoga and came -- by the time it got to the winery, someone was saying it was traveling at a football field
1:30 pm
every three seconds. the winds are 60 miles an hour. so it came by so fast that luckily it seems like our sculptures are still intact. the trees on the property, a lot of them have survived. so you know, the things that we lost were material things. we can replace them and rebuild. the real loss is the people that lost their houses and the personal belongings. basically everything that they had known to be theirs and their homes. i feel like they're more devastated than the winery. >> neil: you got your priorities on that. rene, thank you. be well. i'm sure you will come back. that spirit of that area is beautiful. we'll keep on top of that. meantime, keeping on top of john kelly. so much for the rumors that he
1:31 pm
was about to quit or worse be fired. in a tour deforce, he told them that they have to get better sources. i'll tell you how that went down after this.
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>> neil: a star is bar. only if john kelly wanted to be a star. the star general taking the heat from the press and the press loving it. he could return the favor back and forth. what we learned after this.
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1:35 pm
>> one of his frustrations is you. all of you. not all of you but many of you. when i first started talking, again, i'm a reasonable guy but when i read in the morning, i watch tv. it's just -- it's astounding to me how much it is misreported. i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you're operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call them. but i would just offer to you the advice i'd say, you know, maybe develop some better sources. >> neil: oh, no, he didn't? yes, he did. the white house chief of staff saying all of this hoopla about whether he is distraught and anguished about the president of the united states, he says that is just what he looks like when he's thinking.
1:36 pm
john roberts has like the same thinking demeanor. he joins us outside the white house. that was a tour deforce today. what did you think? >> it was interesting. i've known john kelly since 2003 during the iraq war. i known him to be a no nonsense straight shooter. he was really frank off the record. what we saw today is interesting. put in the context of rex tillerson coming out a week ago to say he wasn't considering leaving this administration. didn't think he was going to be fired. we had james mattis saying that there wasn't a ten fold in the nuclear forces. today john kelly came out. this was more push back against news rooms that said you got it wrong. listen here. >> i'm not quitting today.
1:37 pm
i don't believe and i just talked to the president, i don't think i'm being fired today. and i'm not so frustrated in this job that i'm thinking of leaving. i'll tell you this is the hardest job i've ever had. this is in my view the most important job i've ever had. >> so you notice, neil, i'm not so us from straighted that i'm thinking of leaving. so that prompted me to ask the following question. >> are you frustrated? >> no, i'm not frustrated. this is really, really hard work. running the united states of america. i don't run it. i work for someone that is dedicated to serving the country in the way that he's talked about for a number of years. there are incredible challenges. i don't mean any criticism to mr. trump's predecessors, but there was an awful lot of things
1:38 pm
that were in my view kicked down the road that came -- have come home to roost right now that have to be dealt with. >> so john kelly saying he's not frustrated with the job itself but he does find some things frustrated, among them as he pointed out, the fact that he comes in, watches whatever television news there is and sees that a lot of it is not exactly on the mark. that's the one thing he finds frustrating. i can tell you, he's as tough as nails commander. really the only thing that would take him out of the job is when he decides himself that he can no longer be of service to the president. or if the president decides that. >> neil: he did seem frustrated by your line of questioning, young man. we'll see. thanks, john roberts. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: all right. did the white house just tell puerto rico things are going to go slow now on all of this aid? what the president tweeted that has a lot of folks wondering.
1:39 pm
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1:42 pm
>> neil: all right. the aid couples in tranches. the viaid for the hurricanes an wild fires. blake burman has more on the president's tweet today. what did he say? >> yeah, there was a series of tweets that ended this way. here was the president this morning. he said "we cannot keep fema, the military and the first responders that have been amazing under the most difficult circumstances in puerto rico forever." that surprise appearance by john kelly earlier today, kelly said the president believes the people of puerto rico deserve the same access to aid just like the people of texas and the people of florida. he defended the president's tweet this way right here.
1:43 pm
>> our country will stand with those american citizens in puerto rico until the job is done. the tweet about fema and dod is accurate. they won't be there forever. the whole point is to start to work yourself out of a job and transition to the rebuilding process. >> the fbi confirms that its investigating in puerto rico the mishandling of some fema supplies there and the focus is on some officials that are mishandling those critical aids. neil? >> neil: thanks, blake. mark walker joins us now, the north carolina congressman. congressman, i know there's a limit obviously to how much we can do and the president wasn't extracting or taking away funds. but given the sheer number of storms and disasters and the fires, we have to have a better way to deal with this.
1:44 pm
what do you think? >> we do. we have to make sure we're offsetting this. we can't be complaining for eight years for funding, whether it's relief bills or what have you. we're compassionate people. but just on the lines that you were talking about with the president, we have 17,000 troops in puerto rico. we're there to protect the american citizens. we have to transition backwards where the responsibility component kicks in. >> neil: so when you here the san juan mayor complaining as she has even though the puerto rico governor was here and saying the aid, the soldiers, the support has been more than forthcoming, he's more than satisfied, says it will be a long and tough slide through all of this, how do you feel about the mixed messages you're getting? >> i know this. i've been a poll situation for a little less than three years. some people are about attention,
1:45 pm
some people are about the cause. a lot of times people are trying to promote themselves than the cause and the relief needed. >> neil: i guess what i'm asking, we don't have any tab for the california fires. but we know it's probably going to be expensive. we know from puerto rico and texas and florida and the other storms in and around, that it's already been expensive. so how do we offset, let's say, conservatively, the $100 billion that many peg as a minimum figure? how is that offset? democrats say you shouldn't be giving big old tax cuts. you say what? >> i say this. we have places where we can reprioritize that spending. we have things like obamacare marketing and advertising. billions there. we still have fraud places that we're already adding up this past year in the house of congress. there's places -- it takes intentionality and the will of congress to reprioritize this
1:46 pm
money. but we can't say on one hand there's been a problem with the deficit and debt that continues to spiral even under the watch of the 115th congress. we can't fuss about it for the eight previous years and not be doing diligence about it now. >> neil: thanks, congressman. we'll watch closely. crazy times. mother nature. all right. meantime, we're hours away from kickoff for thursday night football. all right. kneel or stand? what happens to the players that choose to kneel after this. an on who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be.
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>> neil: young and annoyed. glad to have this group back with me. hours away from thursday night
1:50 pm
football in charlotte, north carolina. you'll have the carolina panthers against the eagles. we've got attorney christy kensington joining us. for this segment michael star hopkins back and carlie i don't sleep simpkins. just your thoughts. you can mix in, interrupt, whatever. this game tonight will be very closely scrutinized because the pressure is on from owners trying to find a way to settle this national anthem things once and for all. so the players we're told, that if they kneel to the national anthem, they might use the cowboys strategy of being benched. >> that's right. team owners will be meeting in new york i believe next week. they might be discussing a possible rule.
1:51 pm
>> neil: and meeting with the union that handles the players. >> who knows if that will happen. if they create a rule, it will be difficult to enforce initially when emotions are so raw. some players will break the rules and get punished and become the new face of this movement. at the same time, football is their job. you're only getting a paycheck if you are active and pushing your weight on the field. so will this national anthem protest last when the second string guy is out there doing a better job and you're on the ben bench? probably not. >> i agree -- >> neil: that the first half was ridiculous. >> i agree with the second half. you're on point. this is their job. when you tell them, you know what? you can sit out or we'll get rid of you. a lot of them they don't know exactly what they're protesting. commissioner goodell said he's going to try to make a platform so if they have specific issues, they can say here's what i'm doing -- >> neil: but everybody is backed
1:52 pm
into a corner here. >> it's too late now. they should have dealt with this initially. now they're coming at it. it will be now turns like us against them kind of a thing. you'll set up -- >> neil: but -- >> jerry jones has created an awkward situation for his players. he boxed them in and said if you kneel, we'll suspend you for the game. on the other hand, these players are accountable to their wives, their children, family members. >> neil: but didn't jerry jones provide them a middle ground by kneeling before the game if you must for the national anthem? >> now he says that's not the process. you can't kneel before the national anthem -- >> neil: he said before? >> they can still do it with their community outreach. you can't protest during the national anthem. but we'll give you a platform. not only to protest but make a difference and benefit from
1:53 pm
that. >> the person in power is dictating how and when -- >> that's their boss. this is a job. >> why don't they give them new avenues to protest where they want to? like you're saying it's harder because that argument is set up for it. >> neil: carlie raised a good point. if you see the third string guy doing better than you, it will come down to economic issues. the owners are saying the ratings are down. the money could have an impact. >> roger goodell gets attacked oftentimes for good reason. he said something interesting. made a good point in his long overdue letter to the nfl. when he said that this national anthem narrative has clouded the issue. it doesn't really solve any problem. so if they create avenues for these players to do some more charity work under the umbrella of the nfl, then maybe the national anthem protest will look a little bit less like something that they wouldn't need to do. >> it's transcended to something different than what seemed in
1:54 pm
the offset. it's really interesting that you're alienating your customer, which is the last thing you want to do in business. >> neil: both sides agree. >> and you think he's going to bench dak prescott? >> he has to now. >> neil: it's too heated here. i want to go to something else. these are the craziest excuses by people your age, by the way, about showing up late for work or not going in to work. my hair got caught in a fan. i super glued my eye. thousand it was contact solution. heat chased me to the car. >> heat? >> they have excuses like this. >> i find this is troubling for a couple excuses. this must have been used more than once for this to become a trend to log it into a magazine. >> neil: don't do the geese one. >> there's people thinking these up and that's the ignorance that they think their both is like yeah, that they'll believe this. i don't know what that says -- >> maybe they're so crazy that
1:55 pm
they're real. >> really? >> people in different states with the same thing. >> office public defender in manhattan. i had people that didn't show up for court for a dui because they got another dui. >> and if you're super gluing your eyeball shot, don't share it with your employer. >> neil: you have issues. >> yeah. >> neil: that's not the least of your problems. it's young people doing it. people my age we don't do that. >> you do your homework. >> neil: we know how to super glue our eyes. speaking of surveys, a new survey by that says 33% of people are open to living in a haunted house. would you live in a haunted house? >> the real question -- >> neil: you work with imus. sam thing. >> no comment. >> neil: just kidding. >> on the set as well.
1:56 pm
>> neil: i think the real question here is how haunted is the house. if you're living like with casper, the friendly ghost, i might live there. >> neil: what if it's a house that someone got >> no. no. >> neil: how cheap are they selling it for? >> as a millennial, i want to buy a house one day. >> neil: it wouldn't matter if it was haunted. >> that's a new sitcom. go back to college or something. >> neil: the idea that it has bad karma -- >> you couldn't pay me for this house. >> neil: people buy these things. they're distressed properties. >> you have to disclose that someone was murdered -- >>'s seen the movies where you realize one, that not only do you move in the house, the house is haunted and now the presence will move with you. you leave the house and the thing will go with you. >> neil: what if the person died
1:57 pm
gluing their eyes? >> it has to be told to you -- disclosed -- >> neil: we solved those problems. in a friendly way. that will do it here. see you tomorrow. we'll be in seattle. >> we will. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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i know when i hand them the it's gonna be but i also know that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life.
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