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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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another great week. do you mind if i come in but you next week? great, i will see that too. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert. we are awaiting an announcement from president trump on the iran nuclear deal. he is going to say he is not recertifying it. we are told he will give a harsh critique of the 2015 agreement and say it is not in our national interest. but he will stop short of trapping the accord entirely. living it up to congress to decide what if anything to do next. this is a friday edition of "outnumbered." i am sandra smith pretty here today is harris faulkner. former deputy spokesperson for the state department, marie harf. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. at today's hashtag one lucky guy, we are lucky to have him, former house speaker newt gingrich is here and also has a "new york times" best-selling author of the new
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novel vengeance, and he is outnumbered. have you back. >> newt: great to be back. >> harris: this is such a huge day. iran, the president was at the summit. >> sandra: is a huge day and huge week. is it a trump is going to make his long-awaited announcement on the iran nuclear deal shortly. we are told he is not going to recertify the agreement. and we are outlining why he feels iran is not complying with the deal. mr. trump mention his plans earlier today. >> we are returning moral clarity to our view of the world and too many great challenges we face. this afternoon, and a little while, i'll be giving a speech on iran. a terrorist nation like few others, i think you're going to find it very interesting. >> sandra: let's go live to white chief house correspondent
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john roberts. >> just reading some of the provisions of a fix to the joint conference of plan of action, senators corker, cotton, and rubio working on it. we'll get you some of the details and not just a second. first of all, let's talk about with the president is expanded to do in about 45 minutes when he gives that speech. he is not going to recertify is called the joint comprehensive plan of action. that's the iran nuclear deal under the provisions of the iran nuclear agreement review act was passed by congress in 2015. it requires president to recertification of the iran nuclear deal every 90 days. the big problem with the president has with this nuclear deal is a coverage the nuclear programs but not the other things that iran is doing to promote instability in the middle east. not recertifying this on the part of the president does not scrap our involvement in the iran nuclear deal. what does as it triggers a 60 day review period by congress. in his speech today, the president will layout and asked
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congress to approve the competence of plan of action to get tough on iran's bad behavior. according to the white house, that plan will address the totality of these threats from anna malign activities by the government of iran and will bring about change in the iranian regime's behavior. according to secretary of state rex tillerson, congress has three options down this 60 day review period. it could follow the president's with new registration legislat. it could pose sanctions unilaterally or could do nothing and just leave the jcp in place the way it is. has a mansion, at least three senators, senator corker, senator cotton and senator rubio are looking for a fix that would address what they believe are some of the flaws and other things that we would do as it would impose the automatic snapback of u.s. sanctions if iran violates the deal to get rid of the sunset provisions because eight years into jcp, the penalties begin to sunset.
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would also bolster the international atomic energy agency's verification process and overseeing iran's nuclear programs and limit their development of advanced centrifuges. that addresses only the jcp. it doesn't address the broader set of parameters at the president is going to talk about at 12:45. congress doesn't know everything that the president is going to propose and can't react to it just yet. we'll see what he has to say as far as how far he wants congress to go to wrap all of this together so that if iran continues to engage in bad behavior, to stabilize and destabilizing activities in the middle east, it would result in the imposition of u.s. sanctions. after how much of an appetite there is in congress for that, but we will see. >> sandra: john roberts live in the white house for us. meanwhile, we await the announcement. what you think we will hear from the president? >> newt: and think the administration understands that iran has been our mortal enemy.
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just a few weeks ago, the iranian parliament was adopting the new military bill financed in part by barack obama sending money. and they were chanting death to america in the parliament. as a historian, i was asked my liberal friends what you think the term death to america means? and i have an article coming out saying that trump is doing the right thing. he is following a very good process. secretary tillerson played a significant role in this as secretary mattis and the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster. they really methodically thought this through and you're going to see a real struggle and a real target of the revolutionary guard and the people who have been leading terrorist employment and that is going to engage the iran. they have blocked westerners over and over again starting with jimmy carter in 1979, and
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now just like the north koreans, they are running into somebody who is not lovable. >> sandra: i want to follow up on that because out of curiosity points to what will iran do? they are angry about these recertification about the iranian national revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. there were some of the president was to put into place that they are saying that they are very angry about. what is that anger look like? i wrote it down. what do you think death to america means? >> newt: think they will try to push us. they will try to do something against our ships, maybe something in terms of embassies. they also had to relax on the fact they're dealing with an administration of senior military believes that the iranians have been killing americans. that there are a rainy and reference in a rack, that they've consistently been doing an end of an iranian led effort in 1982. this is a long fight.
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so when you have people like mattis and kelly and mcmaster, they have zero debt. this is a bad regime and i think we will respond as aggressively as we need to do whatever the iranians do. >> sandra: you are sitting next to someone who was involved in the crafting. iran really interested to see how this goes. general mattis also testified publicly that the deal staying in the deal is in the u.s. national security interest. so yes, general mattis understands the threats from the iranian regime but he also is saying pulling out of the deal would not be in our national security interest. it's obvious lee for the president, this is a very emotional issue. he clearly doesn't like the deal. he is hearing from his administration and on the nuclear side, the iranians are complying and he's basically kicking at the congress that the key here is what congress is going to do. as used in this year, congress has been able to do a whole lot of things so we will see what they're able to actually do.
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they could be impose sanctions that violate the deal and the u.s. would not be in compliance. what they could do and probably would be smarter is to target the irg c with sanctions. ballistic missiles with more sanctions, things that don't violate the deal the show that they are tough on the iranian regime. it would be the responsible thing to do and you know who the person is is going to be in charge of this process back bob corker. the chair of the senate foreign relations committee. he has been the one leading the effort on the iran deal on the republican side and i just have to think and wonder how the last few weeks the president's feud with corker is going to play into this if at all. because pulling out of the deal without any sing to replace it. when you're making an argument of some man is not going to happen. >> marie: congress take steps to pull the u.s. out of the deal which they can do. some congress never directly talking about doing that. if they do that without a way to prevent iran from getting a
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that's the height of responsibility. >> newt: i am fascinated with this plan assertion. since the iranians do not allow any military base to be inspected. >> marie: that's not true under the deal technically. >> newt: not technically, but the iaea will not ask them because of told the iea. >> harris: technical versus reality is where we are. >> marie: the iaea is over and over and over again certified that iran is compliant. >> newt: they visited the military bases. >> harris: don't you think they should see the military bases? >> marie: we have to have axonal intelligence under the deal. if we have a cost to get into a site in iran, we can force it. >> newt: said there good at being sneaky to be don't have a reason to ask them. >> lisa: i have not been able to get in here yet. if i wave at everyone of their head in size because american intelligence is really good at
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this. with hundreds of inspectors crawling all over the country. before the problem is i think people like marie and those on the left are going to want to put the chrism on the trump administration, but the criticism on the united states we should be looking at what the iranians are doing. not the united states were saying death to the iranians. it's not the iranians who put sailors on their knees, put guns to their heads and shop for propaganda purposes. the trump administration has been very critical of the obama administration having a myopic view on the iranians only looking at the nuclear aspect of this meanwhile we you pump tens of billions of dollars into their economy, allow them to purchase in advance or military assets their purchases through the russians and also use that money to destabilize the region. i don't think it's bad for congress to have to take a closer look at john roberts pointed out senders tom cotton and ruby are going to introduce
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an amendment to this. >> marie: why does general mattis is not in our national security interest and that they are upholding their end of that? you respect both of them. before i go back to what speaker gingrich that a lot of people have said in the criticism is that the iaea doesn't have access to military sites. to be actually now that they're following through with the deal? >> marie: why does general mattis think it's in our interest? >> lisa: what i'm saying is i think it is not a bad thing. the look to congress for that have further discussion. >> sandra: there has been -- >> newt: your complaining two different things. mattis said don't pull out of the deal. the president is not pulling out of the deal. the question is when to be for example designate. i think what he's doing is acting very clever. this is very well staffed. i think they deserve a lot of credit.
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they work the process. it says one of the four criteria is is it in the general national interest? not just nuclear, is in the general national interest. the president is saying no, it's not. he doesn't pull out of the deal but he takes steps which may be the iranians go crazy. pendley congress simply said we are eliminating the eight year time, and we are requiring you to allow us to inspect military facilities without going through some dance about whether or not we found something. also i believe this and administration is going to designate the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization which it clearly is. at that point, the iranians have basically dominated the guard are going to go crazy. >> harris: i think that will be a bench .2. i also wonder whether or not others around the world will say are they doing a slippery slope. including others in our crosshairs with that designation
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and making our decisions based on the safety of our nation and then being on that list. >> lisa: the point that i am making back to marie's question is that i don't think it is a bad thing to force a review of the provocations we have seen from the iranians basically since the deal alone. that is what i'm saying. if we can beef this up, there are things that congress can do, why not have these discussions? is very important for national security. >> sandra: getting back to the speaker's point, this broad strategy is a light has lays out this plan focuses on nuclear right back neutralizing influence and stabilizing its aggression particularly at support for terrorism and militants. going back to this dispute here, they did seem to be mixed messaging coming from the white house which you just brought up secretary mattis and general dunford said it is in the best interest of our national security to stay in this deal. what i don't see it is mixed messaging. they are not saying that they don't want to pull out of this deal or decertify based on the
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fact that they don't want us to have any part in this. what we're saying is there's a way to make it workable. some of our allies are hinged to this deal. they're already doing billions of dollars in business with him. so let's are going to start to underrate. >> sandra: hacking as it is not two different messages? speak of the president clearly doesn't like the deal and his advisors, they know it's a national security interest. >> newt: want to be praising them. he has listened to his advisors. he is making modifications in our strategy, he is getting that but is not pulling out of the deal. that seems to me to be exactly a blend of them. >> marie: hate putting my hopes on the united states congress in may. because that's not what he is doing. >> sandra: did we just tea up the president's speech, do we mention that he is about to speak back? pretty much any minute now and of course, as soon as he begins, will have his remarks live right here on the iran deal. we will bring that to you when
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>> harris: president trump's expected moments from now to announce the decision that he has made on decertification out of that iran deal. but that will look like and its details we been talking about this hour. gotten a bit heated but we do have some idea what the president is going to do. the audience of course is all of america and the rest of the world particularly around. because if we make a move to put the iranian revolutionary guard on a terrorist watch list, you can imagine a better response. these implications for all this are huge. the speech today is very important on this friday from the dippel medic reception room at the white house as the president steps up to the lectern there. we will bring it to you live here on fox news. >> it may be as big as move yet for paving the way for obamacar obamacare. buying cheaper health plans through executive order. president trump inviting democrats to stick the obama
9:20 am
health law paired after announcing a plan to halt subsidies to insurance companies. trump tweeting this morning "the democrats, obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy pavements to their pet insurance companies has stopped. dems should call me the fix." value of owner, washington just a short time ago he is prepared to do more on his own after congress failed to act. >> one by one, it's going to come down and we are going to have great health care in our country. we are going to have great health care in our country. we are taking a little different route than we had hoped because getting congress, they forgot what their pledges were. so we are going a little different route, but in the end, it's going to be just as effective and maybe it'll even be better. >> sandra: democrats quick to pounce on the president's latest move. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi: the president's decision on
9:21 am
subsidies "a spiteful act of pointless sabotage." california and new york threatening to sue. and this from former labor secretary robert wright. >> they tried three times to repeal and replace. they did not do it and now donald trump is taking it upon himself to undermine and subvert the act so it is billions of people are going to have to pay more which means any millions of low income people are not going to have access to health care. it is basically it. >> sandra: huge mill by the president and in the dark of the night. i was already in bed when it happened. i got the news alert this morning. it happened late last night. [all talking at once] administration has been saying all along what they said about the dreamers which is there are certain things which require congressional action. obama by executive decision was giving away $7 billion with no appropriation. and the administration has said
9:22 am
trump didn't go out and do an executive order and find the wall because it was illegal. so he's had to hang around trying to get congress to fund the wall. it's applying the same rule here. this means that the work of lamar alexander and patty murray to try to develop a bipartisan approach suddenly becomes crucial but i don't think it's unfair to say that congress under the constitution, it's your job to appropriate money, figure it out. before the house of representatives through the obama administration and a federal court out of washington, d.c., said exactly what the speaker just said, that you can't take money out of the treasury unless it's appropriated by congress and essentially the obama administration appealed the house of representatives ask for a hold on that appeal because they want to allow the trump administration and congress to work out changes in obamacare. obviously, that didn't happen and that's with a truck is now. >> harris: your member the day, she was still an interim status. sarah sanders at the lectern and
9:23 am
called upon congress to do their job. and you are the president say in congress, they forget that their pledges were. constipation congress realizes the noon hour. is not something new, but having a president say get over it get things moving, it has to happen now. so we potentially could see the iran deal put in the hands of congress with 60 days to go but i hope they do their job and get done what they need to do. >> lisa: and the potential to see lawsuits in the wake of this. i spoke with senator ted cruz is morning. here's what he had to say but the states suing. there may be lawsuits but they're not going to win. in fact, there has been a lawsuit against the obama administration where the court ruled the payments to the insurance companies were contrary to law. the lawsuit, the democrats are blowing smoke. >> marie: i think you will see lawsuits and the lawsuits that they mentioned are continuing to
9:24 am
go through the process read the supreme court certainly hasn't taken a look at it yet. but interesting as a number of policy experts are looking at this morning to leave that this move could drive up costs for average americans and also in general for taxpayers, which i think all of us probably agree is not a good thing. and so i know why he is trying to push congress to do somethin something. an action forcing mechanism, but i don't think this is the way to do this. a lot of republicans in congress had been pushing for him to fund these because they knew and the speaker might disagree with this but these republicans were saying we don't want our constituents to have their costs going up because we can't get our jobs done. >> newt: i think that's a very simple and it's almost funny when he think with the rhetoric of the left. the trump administration believes this is illegal. the congress has to appropriate the money. so the democrats are going to jump up and down and scream. they ought to appropriate the money. is not hard. it cost goes up, i think congress is going to own it.
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>> sandra: we are just minutes away now from president trump's announcement on the iran nuclear deal as he lays out a high-stakes strategy on dealing with the regime. plus, new details on the disaster in california. after the deadliest week and wildfires. facing down the media when denying reports that he's quitting. we are getting fired. so an interesting move. we debate. sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve.
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>> harris: we are awaiting the moment of truth from president trump pretty set on the campaign trail year ago or more that he would have a situation where he would deal with that iran deal and now today, he is. he is going to decertify, that is what we are being told. and what that means is we don't
9:30 am
completely pull out of it, but we change a lot of and we put some things on the table that iran will not be happy about, no doubt. will they react? how those allies, that q5 became together with us in july of 2015, how those other countries react today the president moved ahead with this agenda? with his vision on how to deal with iran. stepping up to the lectern with his speech in moments. fox news alert now, at least 39 people are dead. that number is rising. wildfires raging northern california. so far, we have seen entire neighborhoods wiped out. it's left first responders with the grim task of searching through the rubble of so many homes. >> there have been ids in this case and a pile of ash and bones where there is a piece of metal left from somebody's surgery like a hip replacement with an i.d. number on and that helped his i.d. the person. so am sorry to have to tell you that, but that is what we are faced with in this fire as far as identifying people and recovering people.
9:31 am
>> harris: live in california with the latest. >> more fierce winds set to sweep across his area this weekend and bad news for firefighters. here in santa rosa, starting to see signs of resiliency, summitt came up and put an american flag on this dodge ram pickup truck that burned to the ground and that's as we are talking, authorities are bringing cadaver dogs to neighborhoods just like the string is any more bodies and is not an easy task. when you take a wild look, you can see just how big of an undertaking this is. they're having to go home by home, at least 31 people dead but more than 400 still missing. while the search continues, their concerns over looters. five people arrested yesterday, officers tell us they actually caught one man try to break into a gun safe that remarkably made it through this blaze. we are hearing more stories of survival including a married
9:32 am
couple that jumped into their neighbors pool, they held onto each other for dear life and everything around them burned down and then there's a mom who said that she was driving to the grace of hell with her kids trying to get out of here and just thankful everybody survived and is all right today. >> harris: those pictures just big too -- looks like a wasteland out there. we pray for the people in california as they get through this fire season. thank you. >> sandra: number one white house chief of staff john kelly briefed into the press briefing yesterday. yet strong word to the media and approving saying president trump is frustrated with the way many reporters are covering his administration. and so is he. >> my only frustration with all due respect to everyone in the room is when i come to work in the morning and read about things i allegedly said or things that mr. trump allegedly said people who were going to be fired or whatever think. it's just not true. that's my frustration. i mean no disrespect to all that is astounding to me how much is
9:33 am
misreported. i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call them, but i would just offer to you the advice that may be developed some better source sources. >> harris: general kelly also set shutdown the notion notion that his job is somehow in control of the president. >> i read in the paper you will know you write it, that i've been a failure at controlling the president. or a failure at controlling his tweeting and all of that. again, i was not sent in or brought to this job to control anything but the flow of information to our president to that he can make the best decisions. it's not brought in to control him and you should not measure my effectiveness as a chief of staff by what you think i should be doing. >> first of all, the chief of staff walking into the press
9:34 am
briefing room doesn't normally happen prayer that was a big moment. the three it's interesting because you also had general mattis, secretary mattis sanna laughed when he four hours the reports about president trump and nuclear weapons are totally false. you had to go for star generals saying to the national news media what you are doing is fun bread that is not steve bannon. these are guys who have served their country for 40 years and who are telling the country that they are being badly served by the elite media. i think in kelly's case, he did with a good sense of humor. he also told the truth. he is chief of staff. is not chief president. >> harris: i would ask him, i'm wondering where the mainstream media are kind of going with this, that a narrative that is formed around secondary estate rex tillerson in him having to get up to the lectern last week and say i am not leaving. in a roundabout way also putting down some of the messaging in a stories that have been in the media.
9:35 am
he did not deny calling the president and name, but he said this is just petty, let's move on. within a week's time, you have more staff members they just mention to generals getting up and saying we are going forward. nobody is leaving. what you make of that and does the white house now need to or need to stop responding to this? these people are going to say what they're going to say. >> newt: as you said, you see this in terms of pulling the media. i think the country increasingly believes there is fake news. i tell audiences all the time that a hostile trump, how would you know? the information you are getting from people who hate him. that's exactly what he said. i think the fact that secretary tillerson who ran exxonmobil, you have two four-star marine generals all sing the same thing. so the news media, nick trump who has to think about what he's doing. it is you guys who are fact disturbing the country by your pettiness, by your exaggeration
9:36 am
exaggerations. >> harris: a thirst for narrative, it would appear. kelly spoke a lot about the media in that moment yesterday, but he also talked about how the president has a right to defend himself against critics within his own party. listen. >> members of congress say things that are unfair or critical, the president has a right to defend himself. when i read about things that i would perceive to be unfair or critical, unnecessarily critical, i would call members of congress and just ask is there anything i can do to help you with that misconception you have or explain to you why this or that? >> lisa: i don't like inviting within the party personally and i do think sometimes picking fights with their own party is a disservice when you're trying to get things done tax reform. which of the speaker's point, i think chief of staff john kelly going out there, someone who has so greatly served our country and somebody different capacities, that message is not just to the media.
9:37 am
as to the americans that are watching the press briefing because i really think that is going to make them sit back and think greater what information am i being fed? you can go through and point to so many examples of fake news whether the cnn story about anthony scaramucci, cnn reporting that james comey was never going to tell president trump that he wasn't under investigation. that turned out to not be true. when he submitted his written statement of the day after they were singing on tuesday night, there is a "washington post" article about some alleged confrontation between john kelly when he was dhs secretary and steve bannon and john kelly that i was never even there. it is peer fantasy. i do think that trump has a leg to stand on when he says fake news. you have the challenges the president uses that term every time there's a story he doesn't like bread uses it all the time. he talks about the press and a way that honestly i'm uncomfortable with the way he talks about the first amendment the press.
9:38 am
i look for any administration that i encouraged to come on fox news and it. and if barack obama has said half of what donald trump has said about nbc about our network that we love, i think people here would've been very upset. i want president trump to dial the rhetoric down red and there are stories that are wrong, there are ways to get at that. but you cannot use as blanket breaking news going after the first amendment. i am deeply deeply uncomfortable with that. >> harris: would you concede the fact that there has been so much negativity against this president, far more so than what we saw with barack obama back i haven't seen any democrats who want to agree with that i've talked to. just curious if you see that side of it. >> sandra: we are awaiting that big announcement from president trump that he will not recertify the iran nuclear deal and a major foreign policy shift. congress will then get 60 days to decide what to do, what their options are, and what it means for our national security. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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when we are awaiting that announcement from president trump on the iran nuclear deal. we are told the president is not going to recertify it and will outline why the 2015 accord is not in our national interest. the president also is not scrapping that deal entirely as we been telling you this hour, but it will be up to congress to decide what is next. they will have about 60 days to do that and i have three option options. they can finally decide to do nothing and live up to the commitment under the deal. there are some things might want to take a look at. they can choose to re-impose sanctions, putting the agreement in question, or they can amend the nuclear deal to put in place some very firm points if moran crosses those points, the sanctions were on medically be reimpose. as the trigger points would be specific to nuclear program itself but also deal with things like iran ballistic mitchell
9:44 am
program bret baier back with her program bread was to be with the president, let's bring in chris stirewalt, fox news political editor who is often along for the ride on these breaking news points. always good to have you. let's just talk a little bit about the president stepping up now and the anticipated audience. i mentioned iran, they are already saying to their foreign minister they're angry, they don't like the revolutionary guard being seen as a terrorist group. a whole of points that they see as a reason for them not us stick to the deal. because this is a little bit of brinksmanship here. as you pointed out, the president plotting a middleweight through the options that were in front of him. there were many, including those who listen to him while he was on the campaign trail that thought that the right choice for the was to just blow it up. tear up the deal and walk away. then there are others who said that he should stay the course and not do anything different than the obama administration had done.
9:45 am
this is him choosing the middle path. the middle path as you said, kick it to congress and basically says particular to tom cotton and handful of other senators who have taken a hard line on this let's see what you can get. let's see what you can get out of this, can you get a better deal, can you bring greater scrutiny to bear on iran? >> harris: the most constipated political people on the planet. i think i put it like that. but you know who could get a deal as a former house speaker who who is sitting to my left here. chris, i am wondering if the two of you might have a conversation on moving forward in making those 60 days count. i want to come to you on that. >> newt: my advice would be to make the initial hearings about the total iranian relationship and look at things congress might want to do to deal with the totality of the iranian offensive which runs all the way to lebanon now. i think it's a very serious crisis for the future of the middle east. i think that is actually better
9:46 am
than narrowing down to just look at the nuclear agreement. >> harris: in some places to come you talk about dealing with the ballistic missiles and americans who have been taken hostage. there were a whole host of issues that are outside the steel, and as i mentioned, the site deals, the parts that we don't know that are there. before i think there's a lot of questions which i think taking a congress, having some for the review. you go through and you look at whether hezbollah attacking the israelis, look at yemen, look at the pro-assad, those are all iranian proxies. the different between the trump administration and the obama administration is if you want to have more competence and strategy in dealing with iran and putting all this on the table. >> harris: recovered days like this. what is the kind of ramp up to this kind of a speech today? we have heard reports of the president has been talking with a host of advisors on this. we know members of congress have weighed in on this, generals have weighed in on this. what does it look like to get
9:47 am
ready for this moment? >> he has been intensely lobbied on this subject, perhaps more than any other certainly since the paris climate accord with his setback with that. he's been getting it from all sides. people wanting him to do it all. and people always want bold, broad, immediate solutions. we live in an immediate gratification society. they want immediate results from the president. the president today has to make the case and they've been ramping up to make the case that says look, this is the better way forward and also, it's a safe way forward. americans are concerned, rightly concerned about what happens the middle east if its powers out of control. after the arab spring after the new rebalancing between them. things have been unsteady and unstable in that region for a long time. the president needs to reassure them this is a reasonable choice that we are taking a step forward not just to punish iran
9:48 am
or have a fight with iran but that's will make us more secure in the region more stable. >> sandra: you know the steel inside and out. you have to be having some very strong thoughts as we wait the president. >> marie: i do. it took so long to get this deal, and it took so much negotiation that if congress does the right thing here by keeping the deal in place, passengers on ballistic missile missiles. past sections on terrorism. what i'm looking for congress to do is keep the nuclear deal in place, make sure it's simple money to the under 50 50% thate know every t's crossed and every eyes darted, but if we do something in the united states congress to pull the united states out a video that is today preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon, that will have such severe consequences that yes i was involved with a and that bothers me but as an american, i am very concerned about this. >> sandra: the consequences are what many are concerned
9:49 am
about as we wait this announcement. how do you expect iran to respond to this? >> harris: i think it depends on what congress does. it was a lot of things today because they have their own domestic politics. we need to focus on what they actually do. it depends on what congress does and if congress, the united states congress puts our country out of its compliance with our requirements, we are going to get blamed not just by iran but by our allies. before sometimes when you work on something so much, do you think that you are too tied to this to be able to objectively look into the deal? steve are there things i worked on in the obama administration that i would criticize but i have criticized them on the couch. that's when i truly believe that we got the deal, the best deal we could get and prevents them from getting a nuclear weapon and we can talk about the 15 years in 20 years, that is a fair question to have that discussion about when certain provisions. >> harris: i want to remind our audience will quickly where we are right now. we have been given a timetable when the president would be speaking. we are now within that window.
9:50 am
if we could at two-minute warning, we will jump to the president. to bring chris stirewalt and is bigger back into the conversation. earlier this week, house democrats asked me with former obama administration officials. the three pillars if you will of the people who put together the deal. secretary of state john kerry, energy secretary ernest monies, and former treasury secretary. so they wanted to meet and talk about legacy point. what is the significance of doing that and had as that maybe inform us of what this with the click of congress going forward or does it? >> i think is legitimate for the democratic leadership to say about democratic presidency have experts, and brief us and let us know how you see this thing involving await your advices going forward. i think that is totally appropriate now help that and i think senator corker would have this inclination that if they do move forward first, the hearings, you're going to want
9:51 am
to have a secretary kerry there was going to want to have various people there. because you want their opinion. this is an important enough and dangerous enough thing they like both sides, both republicans and democrats bringing their a game to the table. but i would also point out this is -- and i hope they have these very broad hearings. as the law now has somewhere between five and 1,125,000 missiles in southern lebanon. the iranians want to build a missile factory so they can accelerate the production of better missiles. they want to build a port that they would control on lebanon. there are things the iranians are doing that go way beyond just the nuclear issue and i hope that they will say to the former obama administration officials what would you do about these things? >> harris: those are all excellent points. i went to bring in chris stirewalt. we are in a two-minute warning for the president stepping up to
9:52 am
the center part of the picture that you see on your far left from home. talking about the certifying the iran deal with our participation is united states. >> i want to go a little bit off of what the speaker said. there's a lot of truth in it. in the end, the deal, there is much criticism and it was from democrats, especially frontloaded with the goodies. in the end through the help of republicans and democrats, i think they would say they made the deal better and the and administration yielded on a couple of points and they made some changes to it because people negotiated in good faith. now it falls to democrats and republicans to deal with this next round in good faith, each of their own. the republicans not being engaged in spiteful activity to punish democrats regulate they didn't like in the first place. number one, but never to the democrats bring their full abilities to bear on the
9:53 am
discussion this is how they improve this. >> harris: as we move again, will come within seconds and we will see the president pulling that picture. i went to lean hard on somebody who has been there when you talk about, and there he is. the president of the united states and his words about b7. let's watch. >> president trump: my fellow americans, as president of the united states my highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of the american people. for this reason, i i have orded a complete strategic review of our policy toward the rogue regime in iran.
9:54 am
that review is now complete. today i am announcing our strategy, along with several major steps we are taking, to confront the iranian regime's hostile actions and to ensure that iran never -- and i mean never -- acquires a nuclear weapon. our policy is based on a clear eyed assessment of the iranian dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression in the middle east and all around the world. iran is under the control of the fanatical regime that seized power in 1979 enforced people to submit to its extremist rule. this radical regime has rated the wealth of one of the world's
9:55 am
oldest and most vibrant nations and spread death, destruction, and chaos all around the globe. beginning in 1979, agents of the iranian regime illegally seized the u.s. embassy into and helde than 60 americans hostage in the 444 days of the crisis. the iranian backed terrorist group hezbollah twice bombed our embassy. once in 1983 and again in 1984. another iranian supported bombing killed 241 americans, service members they were in their barracks in beirut in 1983. in 1996 the regime directed
9:56 am
another bombing of american military housing in saudi arabia, murdering 19 americans in cold blood. they provided training to operatives who were later involved in al qaeda's bombings of the american embassies in kenya, tanzania, and killing 224 and wounding more than 4,000 others. the regime harbors high-level terrorists in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, including osama bin laden's son. in iraq and afghanistan, groups supportive iran have killed hundreds of american military personnel. the iranian dictatorships aggression continues to this da day. the regime remains the world's
9:57 am
leading state sponsor of terrorism. and provides assistance to al qaeda, the taliban, hezbolla hezbollah, and other terrorist networks. it develops, deploys, and proliferates missiles that threaten american troops and our allies. it harasses american ships and threatens freedom, navigation, in the arabian gulf and the red sea. it imprisons americans on false charges. and it launches cyber attacks against critical infrastructure, financial systems and military. the united states is far from the only target of the iranian dictatorships long campaign of bloodshed. the regime violently suppresses its own citizens, it shot unarmed student protesters in
9:58 am
the street during the green revolution. this regime has fueled violence in iraq and vicious civil wars in yemen and syria. in syria the iranian regime supported the atrocities of assad's regime. given the regime's murderous past and present, we should not take lightly its sinister vision for the future. the regimes two favorite chance our "death to america" and "death to israel." realizing the gravity of the situation, the united states and the united nations security council sought for many years to
9:59 am
stop iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons with a wide array of strong economic sanctions. but the previous administration lifted the sanctions just before what would have been the total collapse of the iranian regime. through the deeply controversial 2015 nuclear deal with iran. this deal is known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or jcpoa. as i have said many times some of the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. the same mind-set that produced this is responsible for years of terrible trade deals that have sacrificed so many millions of jobs in our country to the
10:00 am
benefit of other countries. we need negotiators who will much more strongly represent america's interests. the nuclear deal through iran's dictatorship, a political and economic lifeline providing urgently needed relief from the intense domestic pressure the sanctions had created. it also gave the regime and immediate financial boost. over $100 billion its government could use to fund terrorism. the regime also received massive cash settlement of $1.7 billion from the united states, a large portion of which was physically loaded onto an airplane and flown into oran. just imagine the sight of those huge piles of


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