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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 13, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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jobs in our country to the benefit of other countries. we need negotiators who will much more strongly represent america's interests. the nuclear deal through iran's dictatorship, a political and economic lifeline providing urgently needed relief from the intense domestic pressure the sanctions had created. it also gave the regime and immediate financial boost. over $100 billion its government could use to fund terrorism. the regime also received massive cash settlement of $1.7 billion from the united states, a large portion which was physically loaded onto an airplane and fln into oran. just imagine the sight of those huge piles of money being hauled
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off by the iranians, waiting at the airport for the cash. i wonder where all that money went. worst of all, the deal allows iran to continue developing certain elements of its nuclear program and in just a few years as key restrictions disappear, iran can sprint towards a rapid nuclear weapons breakout. in other words, in exchange for no more than a purely short-term and temporary delay in iran's past. what is the purpose of a deal that have passed delays iran's nuclear capability for a short period of time? this as president of the united states is unacceptable.
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in other countries, they think in terms of 100 year intervals, not just a few years at a time. the saddest part of the deal for the united states is that all of the money was paid upfront, which is unheard of rather than at the end of the deal when they've shown they played by the rules. what's done is done and that's why we are where we are. the iranian regime has committed multiple violations of the agreement. for example, on two separate occasions they have exceeded the limit of 130 metric tons of heavy water. until recently, the iranian regime has also failed to meet our expectations in its operation of advanced centrifuges.
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the iranian regime has also intimidated international inspectors into not using the full inspection authorities that the agreement calls for. iranian officials and military leaders have repeatedly claimed they will not allow inspectors onto military sites, even though the international community suspect some of those sites were part of iran's largest nuclear weapon programs. there are also people that believe that iran is dealing with north korea. i am going to instruct our intelligence agencies to do a thorough analysis and report back their findings beyond what they have already reviewed. by its own terms, the iran deal was supposed to contribute to regional and international peace and security. while the united states adheres
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to our commitment under the deal, the iranian regime continues to feel conflict, terror, and turmoil throughout the middle east and beyond. importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. today, in recognition of the increasing menace posed by iran and after extensive consultations with our allies, i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions. first, we will work with our allies to counter the regimes for destabilizing activity and support terrorist proxies in the region. we will place sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror. regime's proliferation ofe missiles and weapons that
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threaten its neighbors global trade and freedom. and finally, we will deny the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon. today i'm also announcing several major steps my administration has taken in pursuit of this strategy. execution of our strategy begins with a long overdue step of imposing tough sanctions on iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps. the revolutionary guard is the iranian supreme leaders, corrupt personal terror force and militia. it has hijacked large portions of iran's economy and seized massive religious endowments to fund war and terror abroad. this includes arming the syrian dictator, supplying proxies and
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partners with missiles and weapons, to attack civilians in the region and even plotting to bomb a popular restaurant right here in washington, d.c. i am authorizing the treasury department to further sanction the entire islamic revolutionary guard corps, to apply sanctions to its officials, agents, and affiliates. i urge our allies to join us in taking strong actions to curb iran's continued dangerous and destabilizing behavior, including thorough sanctions outside the iran deal that target the regimes ballistic missile program in support for terrorism and all of its destructive activities. of which there are many. finally, on the matter of iran's nuclear program, since the signing of the nuclear
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agreement, the regimes dangerous aggression has only escalated. at the same time, it has received massive sanctions relief while continuing to develop its missiles program. iran has also entered into a lucrative business contract with other parties to the agreement. when the agreement was finalized in 2015, congress passed the iran nuclear agreement review action to ensure congresses voice would be heard on the dea deal. among other conditions, this law requires the president to certify that the sanctions under the deal is appropriate and proportionate to measure and other measures taken by iran to terminate its illicit nuclear program. based on the factual record i
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have put forward, i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakthrough. that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws of the regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons. these include the deals at sunset clauses that in just a few years will eliminate key restrictions on the iran nuclear program. the flaws in the deal also include insufficient enforcement and near total silence on iran's missile programs.
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congress has already begun the work to address these problems. key house and senate leaders are drafting legislation that would amend the iran nuclear agreement review act to strengthen enforcements, prevent iran from developing -- this is so totally important. an intercontinental ballistic missile and make all restrictions on iran's nuclear activity permanent under u.s. law. so important. i support these initiatives. however, in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, the agreement will be terminate terminated. it is under continuous review and our participation can be canceled by me as president at
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any time. as we have seen in north korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worst that threat becomes. it is why we are determined that the world's leading sponsor of terrorismill never obtain nuclear weapons. in this effort, we stand in total solidarity with the iranian regime's longest suffering victims. it's owner people. the citizens of iran have paid a heavy price with the violence and extremism of their leaders. the iranian people long to and they just are longing to reclaim their country's proud history. its culture, it's civilization, it's cooperation with its neighbors. we hope these new measures directed at the iranian
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dictatorship will compel the government to reevaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people. we hope our actions today will help bring about a future of peace, stability, and prosperity in the middle east, a future where sovereign nations respect each other and their own citizens. we pray for a future where young children, american and iranian, muslim, christian, jewish, can grow up in a world free from violence, hatred, and terror. and until that blessed day comes, we will do what we must to keep america safe. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america.
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>> harris: you hear some of the reporters in the room wanting to shut up question at the president and he was finished, here is what he did. he announced he would not recertify the deal with iran. let's go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. we've been watching that speech for the better part of about 20 minutes or so as a president told our nation and the world, including specifically around what we will and will not agree to, and this is a game changer. john roberts is live on the white house lawn. >> let's talk about what this does not do, it does not remove the united states of america from the so-called joint comprehensive plan of action. at the nuclear deal remains in place. what the president did today was he did not recertify iran's performance. which is the nuclear agreement
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review act. this was a separate act passed by congress that requires the president to recertify that iran is in compliance with the deal. it now creates a process where congress has to take a look at it and see what it wants to do about it. senators are coming up with plans to address what they call the flaws in the jcpoa, this revolves around the fact that around year eight these issues start to go away. they are proposing an automatic snapback that u.s. sanctions if iran gets within one year breakout period of acquiring a nuclear weapon.
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the restrictions would remain in force indefinitely which means they would drop the sunset provision. these provisions would also bolster the international islamic energy agencies verification powers. he heard the president talking about the fact that iran is not letting the inspectors into some sites, particularly military sites. this would strengthen the verification process. it would also limit iran's advanced centrifuge program because under the jcpoa, while they were limited to using certain centrifuges, they can continue research on advanced center of users. this is before congress now, we will see where it goes. the president there with the threat that if congress does not come up with something that he can agree to in terms of further enforcement on iran's bad behavior.
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destabilization across the middle east, around the world and do something about its ballistic missile program in terms of threatening more u.s. sanctions, then the president will unilaterally cancel america's involvement in the nuclear deal. he is giving congress some time with the caveat that he will come in and act if they can't get something he can approve. >> harris: john roberts outside the white house, thank you very much for something that all up and putting it forth so we can discuss it with my guests. when president trump design not to recertify the iran deal, it's going to be up to congress to decide what to do next and they will have a 60 day window to determine that path forward, let's bring in adam kinzinger now, a republican from illinois, a member of the house foreign affairs committee, always good to have you. my first question for you, you
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just her john roberts reporting. if congress actually doesn't effectively do anything, the president can step in and what would that look like. >> watching the president's speech, i think he had all the right tones. i think it was powerful, he put out the broad issue of iran, not just the issue of the jcpoa. if we don't act and do what we can to make a better deal, he is out. and i think having that hammered not just on congress but frankly anna on iran and europe, if we don't fix the problem where iran is mailing in their own soil inspections, if we don't fix the problem where we can get access to some military sites, if we don't fix the issue of them openly developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, it's going to be way worse. i think the president's strategy
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had all the right notes, his speech had all the right notes. >> harris: i want to take a deeper, you are partf it as members of congress. there is criticism that you might not be able to go forward ofhis and it's fair from the american people to expect members to do your jobs. this is a lot on your shoulders, i'm curious to know, yes or no, do you think you can get it don done? >> yes, but to expand on that a little bit it is a question of the other side of isle. this is beyond -- i know all of us, republicans and democrats say on this one issue, let's try to put partisanship aside and try to do what's right for our country and give the president and the backing he needs to go out and protect the american people from an iranian regime that is murdering people and has murdered americans including a quarter of what we lost interac interact. >> harris: these are deadly steaks and you just described
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why. let's take in here. we heard the president say he's going to do a couple of things and i'm wondering how quickly this could happen with or without congress. one, he says he has authorized the treasury department to apply financial sanctions outside of the deal. >> the treasury can do that immediately. the treasury has a lot of leverage to be able to target that. what i think is really important, sanctions are not just at the iranian regime. the main destabilizing force that iran projects out into places like syria, iraq, they have american blood on their hands. these targeted but probably pretty severe sanctions -- -- >> harris: i will be talking with the general moments from now, i will bring up your exact words. the president said he's going to to instruct our intelligence agencies to do a thorough review
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of iran, more than they have already done. would that be information you think you can gather ahead of your 60 days? without the new intel for you to work with or doesn't not work that way? >> we have a limited amount of intelligence assets. and being able to prioritize iran this way and some of their sites, is there activity going on, is there an activity area we are curious about, this is the kind of information that is good for congress and for the administration, to know how to target their proverbial attacks, economic or otherwise against these evil actors. >> harris: some americans look at this and remember the president when he was a candidate saying make america greaagain, how does this put america first? >> part of the thing we have to understand as americans, making america great is not bringing
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everybody home and pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist but understanding that for eight years there was a leadership vacuum and that's got to be cleaned up and that puts us at risk. a quarter of the troops that were killed in iraq were done by iran. the destabilizing force going on in syria right now as they are popping up bashar al-assad and murdering hundreds of thousands of syrians and you look at the threat of israel and the intent by iran to create a crescent all the way to the border of israel. these are serious issues that put americans overseas at risk and emboldens terrorist that put americans at home at risk. >> harris: let's talk about what those 60 days look like with you and members of congress. where do you start, when does it start? >> i don't know, it's going to be interesting to see. it's going to be something we need to get on right away. we need to begin the preparations for bringing back sanctions in the hope that in the process, europe, iran and everybody else agreed to come on
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board and create a deal that makes sense but we can't wait to see if those negotiations work. we have to move on the issue of sanctions as well as, as my senate colleagues have shown, they have something that could potentially make this deal better. everybody says we need to talk, words like that. we need to move on this. we have plenty on our calendar between now and christmas. >> harris: you have a president who says he is going to expect you to hit that 60 day mark or he is ready to do something else. we appreciate your expertise, particularly from that point of view. i also know you are a veteran. thank you for being with us. in his decision on the iran nuclear deal, the president makes the argument that iran is violating the spirit of the accord which was aimed at promoting regional stability. the president points to iran being a leading state sponsor of terror, continual missile tests
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and proof support for serious r dictator. general, before we get going with this deal, i want to set the stage a year. this is the first time since the president has spoken that you are able to tell us some embargoed information, you talk to the president, i am curious to know what he was seeking in terms of guidance about this a deal just before he made the announcement? >> i didn't speak to him but i spoke to others who did. first of all, the media misrepresentation these last few days about mattis, mcmaster, tillerson -- the fact is there is usually not complete consensus at any one of these national security issues because they are tough and complicated things to be sure but there is a consensus here. with the consensus is, we can't lose the strategic nature of what's taken place here.
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president trump -- out of 55 national leaders no one has ever spoken to a group of people like that and he told them he will stand with them against the number one strategic threat in the region, which is iran. which they all also believe strongly. the strategic aspect of this is really significant because what has formalized today, we are over with the appeasement policy of the obama administration what they have done and it's really sad commentary and what that nuclear deal data. plus all the other things that took place in the middle east because they didn't want anything to interfere with a nuclear deal. that is absolutely over based on the view the president has made. we are calling out iran's behavior, we are going to hold them accountable in the use of their proxies to travel into lebanon, syria, iraq and yemen. we are not going to continue to
10:24 am
put up with this, we are not going to continue to let them do ballistic missile testing which could lead to a nucearized icbm. he's calling out the revolutionary guard, sanctioning that revolutionary guard for the behavior they have. this is what is truly significant. i know we all want to focus on the deal -- >> harris: i want to focus on the military, i want to jump right in here. what i know is true is that iran is going to have some sort of reaction if we put them on a terror watch list. we know there will be some sort of retaliation. you have an idea of what that would look like, what is it? >> they will do what they have done in the past, they will likely start right in iraq with the militia who they have trained for a number of years and who four months, they at some point when they finish with
10:25 am
isis they are going to begin to attack the united states. on the first of october we had a soldier killed and wounded using one of the advanced ied's that the iranian scientists and engineers developed and gave to them. they are likely going to attack u.s. troops when they are moving or at their bases. they will use their proxies to do it, to maintain deniability, but i think that's the most likely course of action. we should not be intimidated by that at all, we are the only country that has defeated an iranian proxy, which we did in iraq. the president is on the right path here. he is willing to confront the iranians, no longer appease them. this is the right strategy. asking congress, we all know we
10:26 am
have a bad deal here, giving you an opportunity to fix it. also the opportunity to deal with our allies to get some cooperation to it and they may be able to make some tangible amendments to this deal. but i am also convinced, take him at his word, if there is no real progress being made here, at some point he is just going to terminate it. >> harris: thank you very much, i particularly appreciate that military component coming from you with all of your leadership and a background in all of this because it gives us an idea of the kind of enemy we are facing with or without this deal and that is intense and important context to understand. joining us now, back from the "outnumbered" couch, newt gingrich. your wife also has a book, "remember the ladies." you are writing together. i appreciate you doing double duty and coming in at this point, now we can talk about what the president just did. how did he change the game?
10:27 am
>> he called out the iranians for the things they are cheating on and brought to the conversation the nuclear agreement all of their behavior and focus the attention on the military guard. he sent a message of american toughness and american strategy that is also serving up to the iranians. if taking these steps does not convince iran to change, he has the right at any moment to suspend the agreement. and that he would be prepared to do that if he had to. it will be interesting to watch -- given how tough trump is becoming, do they really react? or do they say a few words and basically hunker down because the united states could be prepared to get much tougher? >> harris: we know already that there will be some sort of reaction.
10:28 am
what our big question is does it look retaliatory, does it involve the military and by proxy, does he hit our embassy? we've seen has been a hit our u.s. embassy over a number of years twice. the enemies are already on the ground could use the advantage. >> part of this will be whether or not we are prepared to say they are not allowed to go forward, pretty consistently the israelis have intervened to destroy assets the iranians transferred to hezbollah. there may be literally 75,000, 100,000 missiles capable of reaching israeli targets. >> harris: we are not in the day where you are house speaker and it seems like things got a little chippy about capitol hill, you will go out and have a cup of coffee. that's not where we are right now.
10:29 am
my point is, we have such division on capitol hill. when the american people see something like this and they know iran is a bad actor and potentially cruel, as it turns its ire towards our direction or towards israel for instance, there is this question of can they get a deal done and that 60 days? and what has to happen on the hill, who do you look to to make the charge that can get it done? >> there are three different issues the president has set up. one is daca and the question of dreamers. one is bipartisan interest in getting this -- and the question, how do we get tougher with iran. they are going to find ways to bring the senate and the house together and have a very strong
10:30 am
will that doesn't break down the agreement and if it does dramatically increase the pressure of a ran across the board. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, senators are said to be working on this bill. an automatic snapback of sanctions should iran get very close to a nuclear weapon. we have an idea of how close they are now? >> we were surprised when the chinese got a nuclear weapon, we are surprised when north korea has a nuclear weapon. we almost always underestimate how fast they can move once they want to. >> harris: great to have you, give my best to your wife as well. president trump mentioned israel on the threat they face, and what these developments could be in for our greatest ally in the
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>> i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakthrough. that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deals many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons. >> harris: the last hour or so has been very interesting, with the president announcing a short
10:36 am
time ago that he will not recertify the iran nuclear deal. israel has long opposed the agreement from the get bello and prime minister prime minister benjamin netanyahu fought hard against it. what are the things that stick for america's greatest friend and ally in the middle east? thanks for being with us. it is late where you are now, this is a deal that greatly impacts israel and you said from the very beginning, israel would be the main victim if iran is allowed to handle itself the way it wants unbridled. talk to me. >> israel is already the victim iranian terrorism through iran's proxies in the region. i can tell you with great pride,
10:37 am
israel right now is stronger and safer than it was an hour ago. because i think this speech by the president, which was both courageous and historic, made a huge difference. the first time the world's leader is actually naming and shaming iran for what it is. a monstrous evil regime with bloodied tentacles, with terror all over the world including in our region. i think those words are changing the game and creating a safer neighborhood for us and our neighbors. >> harris: you said iran cannot all be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and there are certain things the united states should be prepared to do to make sure that doesn't happen. i know you've said you feel like your country in a military
10:38 am
fashion with this deal in place has to do some things militarily you might not want to do. how does this change that? >> i think it changed because of the president has called iran for what it is ends especially the revolutionary guard. the thing that most disturbed me about this horrible deal was not just the contents but the body language, the smiles and the hugs that were exchanged by the foreign ministers and secretaries of state. there were hugs, there were celebrations as if they gave birth to a monster. this was not mother teresa, this was a monstrous, evil regime and israel was prepared and still is prepared to do everything to prevent this regime from becoming nuclear. you can see what's happening in
10:39 am
the world today with north kore north korea. north korea is just a preview. north korea -- israel has always been prepared and is even more prepared today with the assistance of the u.s. to do what is necessary, including military action to prevent that regime from going nuclear. >> harris: before i let you go go, iran's leadership has already said they will take great exception, and i take that to mean some retaliation. if we move forward and put that revolutionary guard on the terror organization list, what are your concerns that israel will be in peril if that retaliation is to hit by proxy at the united states?
10:40 am
>> unfortunately, iran -- they don't need any excuse to terrorize the world or to hurt israel. every day, every single day of our great security forces prevent horrible attacks and horrible bombings, from time to time they succeed. then they were carried out by iran's proxies. i don't think this speech or putting the revolutionary guard on notice or designating it as a terror organization would make a difference. iran is a terror regime, the main financer and harbor and exporter of terror around the world. it does not need any excuse. i hope after this speech there will be more careful and more cautious. otherwise they pay a very heavy price. both by the united states and the international community.
10:41 am
>> harris: i hear you saying this change of the for the entire world because of the type of actor that iran can be. thank you very much, we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much, good to be with you. >> harris: president trump announced a major shift in u.s. policy toward iran and he has announced he was not going to recertify the nuclear deal and follow through with that. the impact, fallout, reactions from a former obama official who took part in those negotiations and now she is coming back to be a part of our power panel. stay close. >> in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, the agreement will be terminated. it is under continuous review and our participation can be canceled by me as president at any time. with advanced safety.
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>> the iranian people are longing to reclaim their country's proud history. it's culture, it's civilization, it's cooperation with its neighbors. we hope these new measures directed at the iranian dictatorship will compel the government to reevaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people. >> harris: consider the impact of that. the president of the united states speaking directly to the people of iran the day he announces he is to certifying the iran deal. let's bring in the power panel. marie harf is a state department spokesperson under president obama, part of negotiating that iran deal. david webb, radio host on a sirius xm patriot channel.
10:47 am
first of all, the president almost doing the state department's job there and elevating the idea of diplomacy along with strength. >> it's something you heard from president obama, talking directly to the people, that has been a constant theme of american policy. while we have disagreements with the governments, the regime and their activities in the region, we have said our disagreement is not with the iranian people, many of whom are very young, under the age of 30 and want to be part of the world community. >> harris: it is an interesting point on this day that he chose to do that. remember the green revolution, we didn't get involved in that and even people like hillary clinton said we should have. now the president is saying i am doing something that will also be for the iranian people. >> there is something different and what president obama did. there are basically five points of follow through on this end it is the follow-through that matters. how you deal with how they do
10:48 am
things in other countries, funding terrorism and what we do with the monetary system, the european allies, working with those allies depending on what happens with the decertification to go forward and we have other tools so the follow-through matters. speech is not action but the follow-through is. >> harris: you are talking about the sanctions the president has now said evil authorized the treasury department to put forth which are outside this deal, that look at things like the ballistic missile program and other areas. let's talk at 37,000 feet for the americans, make america great again, i want to come right back to you. i've talked with our guest today, congressional members, and ambassador. how does this -- from talking with americans as you do, particularly veterans, how does
10:49 am
this make america different and better today? >> it makes america different because we feel much like -- especially in the veteran and military community, like we are where we were with reagan, american strength and the righteousness of that strength. are the better actor on the world stage, we do what is best when we see it for others as well as ourselves and our own sovereign interest, that's what's important. president trump carry that message. people could argue with the method of delivery, but the fact is the message is clear. >> harris: points of agreement? for democrats and republicans, this is huge. we cannot go back into the chambers on the hill with everybody out and their quarters, you have 60 days to do something. >> i want the republicans to look back at the reagan legacy, absolutely. ronald reagan made arms-control deals that were just limited to those arms control systems, didn't deal with everything we disagreed with them on but he knew american strength meant you
10:50 am
negotiate with people who you disagree. i want democrats and republicans to come together and talk about how to pressure iran on ballistic missiles, terrorism, all of that activity in the region and find a way for the united states to stay in the nuclear deal which prevents iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> michael reagan, why have known for many years, tweeted about this and we talked about this recently. the difference is that when you made a deal with the soviet union you were dealing with a body politic, not one that deals in and extremists mind-set that funds those that are nonstate actors, acting if you will in darker corners than the soviet union. >> of the soviet union funded a lot of dark actors working against our interests. >> you are dealing mostly with a body politic in the soviet union. for them, self-destruction was not -- for members of the force, those funds, those dealing with
10:51 am
the radical elements, they have a different approach and you cannot negotiate unless you have a winning position and a stronger position with that kind of entity. >> harris: the president is getting on marine one before traveling, let's watch. [inaudible question] >> it's going to be time to negotiate health care that's going to be good for everybody. that money is a subsidy for insurance companies, take a look at their stocks. look where they are. they go through the roof. the insurance companies have made a fortune, that money was a subsidy to insurance companies. and what we have to do is create health care that's going to
10:52 am
cover a big segment. whether it's going to be block grants or something else, we just about had the votes. if the democrats were smart, what they would do is negotiate something where people could really get the kind of health care that they deserve being citizens of our great country. [inaudible question] >> the deal will happen over the next short period of time and i can do that instantaneously. i think what we will do, renegotiate so that everybody gets -- we just took care of a big chunk and we will take care of the other junk. if the democratic leaders could come over to the white house, negotiate some deal that's good for everybody. that's what i would like. but they are always in block mode against everything, they
10:53 am
are always obstructionist. if they came over, maybe we could make a deal. though subsidy is really a subsidy for the insurance company. [inaudible question] >> i may do that, the deal is terrible. what we have done with the decertification process, we will have congress take a look at it and i marry very well do that. i like the two-step process much better. >> is in a way for you to put pressure on democrats -- >> they've already lost a big chunk. it's very popular. you will have millions and millions of people sign up under that. i am not doing that consciously,
10:54 am
i will say this. the democrats should come to me, i would even go to them. our aim is to get great health care for this country. as far as the subsidy is concerned, i don't want to make the insurance companies -- if you look at their stock prices over the last number of years, take a look at what's happened with those insurance companies. they are making a fortune by getting that kind of money. >> how long will you give rex tillerson to get this new deal and our strikes on iran still a possibility? >> we are very unhappy with iran and they have not treated us with the kind of respect they should be treating. they should thank barack obama for making that deal. they were gone, they were economically gone. he put $150 billion into their
10:55 am
economy, and they should be thanking president obama, they didn't -- [inaudible question] >> we are studying national emergency right now. we will be doing that, my wife who happens to be right here finds that subject to be of vital importance and she's very much involved. >> harris: that was the president boarding marine one, he and the first lady are headed to the secret service training facility out in maryland today. as he was on the way there, use our reporters had full access to ask a bunch of questions about the speech today and other matters. let's bring it back to our power panel today, marie, i saw you nodding. you saw some potential as he started with health care. i want to hit that right off the top. he was calling on democrats,
10:56 am
almost like an invitation. they can all come over to the white house. why is that significant? >> it's so interesting, when he tweeted about this and in this comments, he put the onus on democrats and as we know it was the republican caucus that was unable to pass health care. i think president trump is saying that if his caucus can't do it, he is going to try to get the democrats here. if the president is willing to sit down with them in good fait faith, build off of the lamar alexander process that's been going through regular order on the senate, i think democrats should cut the waters here and see if there's a possibility for compromise. >> harris: i've never heard marie harf say that. look at you. david webb, let's get right to the iran deal. iran may very well -- if the president says i'm going to take the matter up, i may very well rip it up.
10:57 am
if iran can't keep from retaliating, if we put their revolutionary guard on terror organization list and they hit something of hours proxy, that could blow it all up anyway. >> that's what happens when you designate an organization, in this case a governmental body, a foreign terrorist organization. this will happen under treasury, not under the state department, from the senior official who talked about this, this is what's going to happen. that allows us to bring the patriot act into play, work with our european partners and allies to take a step. that's a very important part of dealing with iran. >> harris: as you look forward, we have said earlier, he just can't. he didn't do that today. we are going to shell health care for a second but it's the same conversation we
10:58 am
keep having between republicans and democrats on the hill. this president is forcing them to come together. he will use his executive pen but on this issue, is there agreement do you have faith and what will it look like? >> i don't have a lot of faith with congress in general. speaker newt gingrich said something interesting on the couch today, he said he wants leading democrats and republicans to come together and have open hearings where they talk in depth about the deal and all of iran's other activity and see if there's a way to punish that other activity while holding iran's feet to the fire on compliance. i would be supportive of that as long as we do not undermine the deal. i was in agreement with him, this is too important to go back to our corners and play politics with and i hope the republicans don't. >> harris: he felt optimistic only because of the very thing
10:59 am
you are talking about, if you could kind of narrow it down and get everybody to come on board, you might find okay, we are getting someplace here. the question that comes is -- >> the question that comes, the tenants of the deal are bad so complying with the deal doesn't make it any better. an important part of this discussion, regardless of all the things we are discussing here, the president is putting congress, which has a responsibility back in place to do its job. the legislative branch has a job to do, they have not been doing it. the executive orders creating law of under obama rather than enforcing law under trump are very different in their scope. >> harris: a lot has happened in the last 90 minutes. the world is looking at us and saying they have decertified the iran deal and this president means business. at the very end of his remarks this boarding marine one, it was hard
11:00 am
to hear what the questions were about, the president was asked about puerto rico and he said we are studying national emergency methods going forward and that he is focused on that. thank you for being here, i'm harris faulkner, thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." the president today promised to disavow the controversial agreement preferred by the obama administration. even though, the deal is not dead. the fate is squarely in the hands of congress, and as lawmakers where the next step from the president putting iran on notice that it will never build an atomic bomb on his watch. >> we cannot and will not make this


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