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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 13, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to hear what the questions were about, the president was asked about puerto rico and he said we are studying national emergency methods going forward and that he is focused on that. thank you for being here, i'm harris faulkner, thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." the president today promised to disavow the controversial agreement preferred by the obama administration. even though, the deal is not dead. the fate is squarely in the hands of congress, and as lawmakers where the next step from the president putting iran on notice that it will never build an atomic bomb on his watch. >> we cannot and will not make this certification.
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we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakdown. >> dana: let's go live to chief correspondent john robert john roberts. >> good afternoon to you, dana. let's talk about what this will not do, it does not take the united states out of a joint plan of action otherwise known as the iranian deal. congress has 60 days to review what will happen and the terms of that deal, what will happen with u.s. sanctions. the president spent the bulk of his speech earlier today running over the case against iran saying that time and time again, iran has engaged in this table are leasing behavior around the world probably hooked up in concert with north korea in terms of its nuclear program in developing ballistic missiles and that has to stop. listen to what the president said.
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>> while the united states adheres to our commitment under the deal, the iranian regime continues to feel the field conflict, terror throughout the middle east and beyond. iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> that is the reason why the president did not recertify the iran deal. already, there is some action in congress to remedy the situation. senators corker, cotton, and rubio to some degree are coming up with a fix for a joint conference of line of action. they are -- one-year breakup. -- they make sure that these restrictions remain enforced permanently, drop the jcp oa sunset provision, which began -- slowly tapering off the enforcement of the deal and was required over a period of seven
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years. it will also bolster iaea, that is the international top agency associations powers. you heard the president saying iran withholding certain facilities that they believe that they are engaging in the nuclear program and the advance interviews program that iran is engaging in. the president did say though that while he's going to give congress some time to come up with a fix for not only the jcpoa but for iran's other destabilizing behavior and is a program, his patient for a fix from congress is finite and if congress doesn't act, he will. here's what he said. >> in the event we are not reaching an agreement within congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminate terminated. >> i asked the president on the way, dana, of what he thought
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about the corker-cotton-review proposal, he said let's see what they come up with the over all. the president wants to see the president -- if iran doesn't curb other behaviors the president is so concerned about. >> just five days ago, there was a big corker-trump feud and may be bygones or bygones. >> i don't know if bygones or bygones >> dana: for more on this, let's bring in ian bremer. we had breaking news that this is what the president was going to do. there was some disagreement on the national security council leading up to it. what do you think about today's announcement? >> this is exactly what we expected a week ago. that trump did not pull the americans out of the deal, even though he certainly had it within his authority to do so. he kicked it to congress, but he can say -- and things and legitimately that he's actually being much tougher on the iranians than the obama
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administration was prepared to do. there may be consequent since. you saw the treasury department has now leveled these sanctions directly against the revolutionary guard, a part of the iranian government, the armed forces. and the iranians are likely to respond to that. this deal is a little bit brittle, so it can fall apart through accidents, through exclamation in the region. and also hardliners in iran are not necessarily happy with it. everybody wants the other side to be blamed for it. iranians want trump to pull out unilaterally. trump once the iranians to do something that forces other allies to get with trump harder line positions. right now, both sides are stepping up to the precipice, but neither side is blinking. >> dana: james rosen, the national deputy security council for barack obama, he tweeted this. "it's hard to overstate how irresponsible it is for trump to risk blowing up the iran deal by demanding the rest of the world
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justify his campaign rhetoric." what do you make of that? >> again, he hasn't blown up the deal. if you listen to what he's been saying and you watch his tweets, it might sound like he's going to blow up the deal. but time and time again, he says things like "nato is obsolete," and "the north koreans will see a fire and fury." now "the worst ever deal." obama said "assad must go." presidents say things. trump many more than most perhaps, but in never never nevertheless reflect policy. one thing that needs to be said that needs diving into, he continues to say and he said today and he sent a few months ago when tillerson recertify the deal, "the iranians are not living up to the spirit of the deal." it's not clear what trump believes the spirit of that deal is because, of course, the deal didn't make america and iran
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friends. it was a very narrow agreement around iranian nuclear capabilities and everyone in the world, the inspectors, the e.u., the allies, the russians, the chinese, they all say that tillerson is living up to that deal. if you ask the iranians, they have a very different perspective. the trump administration says saudi arabia is their best friend as the one they wanted under obama more balanced relationship to open up toward the iranians. they say the americans are not living up to the spirit of the deal. but there wasn't much spirit. this was a really hard deal between two countries that don't really like each other very much. >> dana: let's talk about some of those other countries because you're an expert in geopolitics. if you are listening in the middle east at least and you're not in iran, you may be israel, saudi arabia, the emirates. what do they take away from this message? >> i think they are happy with it. i think they have been warning the trump administration from day one, don't you pull out. if you want to talk tough, that's fine.
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put more pressure on iran, that's fine. don't pull out. they see what trump has done is the technical climbdown that also continues to keep pressure on iran. the iranians have been sanctioned under the united nations where ballistic missile testing that they continue to do. the iranians and sallies want to push on that. >> dana: i'm going to have to let you go from there. breaking news from las vegas. the las vegas police department updating the shooting investigation. let's listen. >> the investigation is far-reaching, it is wide. and you can't expect answers in the early throws. it was to provide the calmness in the community to ensure we didn't have a second player or third player out hiding in the community intending to cause us harm. so. there was no integrity question
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associated with that as i have experienced through cyberspace, questioning my integrity. i provide you the information as i knew it. and everybody in here knew it was going to change. we will get through that. i'm not giving you 100% satisfaction associated with what i'm going to give you today, because i think some of that is going to change. and we will not know that until we are completed with this investigation. so back to where we were. i think it's important for the community of clark county to realize we use 17 separate medical facilities to accommodate the injuries associated with this event. that speaks volumes for the medical community here in las vegas in clark county. it seems to be lost in the narrative associated with this, that it was strictly a public
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safety fire and police event. no. it was including the medical community and it's important for me to give them their due respect. 17 separate medical facilities, today's numbers, 546 reported injuries. 501 of those have been discharged. in other words, they were treated for their wounds and subsequently left to seek a healing process where they chose to do so. 58 is still the number of individuals that have died. now this is an important piece. 45 individuals are still hospitalized. some of those are in critical conditions. so 58 may raise. by the grace of god, it doesn't,
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and we shall continue to move forward. the medical profession will provide all the medical care necessary, but sometimes it's... people meet their demise outside of our control. i'm hoping that number does not raise. today's number is 58. the fuel tanks. i'm going to read this narrative, so my words do not get changed. but i want to provide you some information in reference to the fuel tanks. it is believed the fuel tanks were fired upon with intent. the leaders have safety protocols in place which they re-examine following any safety related incidents. the leaders have already contacted experts in fuel storage out of the abundance of caution. i am more than confident that they will immediately implement any changes or security augmentations if they are so
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advised. i have been advised there is a very low probability that aviation fuel could be ignited by gunfire. and that tanks are outfitted for continual release of vapors. so that is the situation of the fuel tanks. any future information that needs to be provided, reference, what they will be provided by the public information office of mccarran airport. the dates of the 25th versus the 28th. this was not breaking news. no matter who believed it to be so in this form. we were dope will make aware of the discrepancy between the 28th and the 25th in this early part of the investigation. what we weren't aware of is why the date of the 28th was utilized in the early portion of
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this, as i was provided this information as part of the person registered in the suspect's room. we have come to learn the suspect did occupy the room on the 25th and the situation on how the room was compensated or paid for had changed. the name as part of the registration had changed on the 28th to include mary lou danley. that was a confusion associated with that, no matter what the perception is, whether we are being nontransparent or attempting to be subversive is false. i was acting on the information i was provided. the autopsy. there has been about them seem performed on mr. paddock, or the suspect. in the early evaluation, there
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was no abnormalities observed visually. as a matter of practice in forensic science, his brain has been shipped to an appropriate evaluation facility to take a microscopic evaluation of the brain. so the initial report that there was no abnormalities was a visual inspection of his brain. it's yet to be known if there is any abnormalities to be presented at a later date. now that timeline. unfortunately, a great deal of my investigators' time have been preoccupied on this timeline. in the public space, the word "incompetence" has been brought forward. and i am absolutely offended
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with that characterization. this is a very dynamic event. very big event. thousands of people involved. humans involved and documentation. and every document of information involved in this investigation. so the information was obtained via security logs. officer campos himself. body worn cameras. hotel cameras. locked interrogation. my deep dispatch, lv pd dispatch. private and hotel cameras, and interviews. imagine bringing altogether to ensure we are drawing an accurate picture. so i provide you a little more
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information on that. i still stand by the time of 21:59, 9:59. it's important that you continue to listen to me. 9:59 is important. it wasn't inaccurate when i provided it to you. the circumstances associated with it isn't inaccurate. okay? i am very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement. not in conflict with their statement. but here is what i will tell you. we were provided that time of 21:59 as a human entry in a security log. through investigation, we have determined that mr. campos had encountered the barricaded door adjacent to the suspect's door at approximately 21:59.
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in his attempt to gain entry into the 32nd floor, it required him to descend to another level and eventually make access to the 32nd floor. he went to the doorway that he was dispatched to originally to address the open doorway. he mitigated that situation and subsequently received fire from the suspect. when you culminate that timeline associated from the initial 21:59 to the 22:05 timeline that we still stand by as the initial volley of fire, mr. campos received his wounds in close proximity to the 22:05. he attempted to relay that information via his radio. and it was confirmed, because he also relayed that information via his cell phone. so that timeline associated to both of those sources have been
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verified. 22:05. the number that was provided earlier referenced the majority of fire upon our community. we still stand by that time. and that was done by the combination of different sources that i listed for you earlier. 22:17. 12 minutes. that is when our officers first arrived on the 30 second-floor. 12 minutes. you are very well aware that the suspect fired for approximately 10 minutes. upon our arrival on the 32nd floor, the firing had ceased. we did not believe we had continually an active shooter. at that point, we conducted evacuations of the room adjacent to the suspect's room.
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and you know the rest. there is no conspiracy between the fbi, the lv pd, and the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide anything in reference to this investigation. the dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture. my attempts, like i stated earlier, is to give you information as i know it unverified to calm the public. not to establish a legal case. everybody understand that? no questions, sir. now we are going to get into the future of the investigation. i don't want to put a percentage
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of responsibility associated with this investigation because it would not make sense. but i am prepared to tell you we are standing hand-in-hand with the fbi in the continuance of this investigation. in the beginning throes of it and in the continuance of it. our portion at lv mpd has become contracted. my concern is the initial safety of the community, whether we had any other bad actors out there that we had to address. and i feel confident there are no other individuals intending to cause harm to our community associated with the 1 october event. it's been protracted. that's where the fbi has their expertise. we are establishing the timeline of the suspect's life, his motivation, and everybody else associated with him throughout the time.
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it requires us to rely on the fbi's resources for that success. nobody's acquiescing to this in the department. nor am i acquiescing to this. nor is the fbi coming in with a hammer and attempting to take over. this will continue to be a joint operation. with that being said, i want to give the opportunity for aaron rao -- to provide some statements. >> thank you, sheriff. i am a special agent in charge for the fbi in las vegas. in support of our partner, from the beginning, we established a 24-hour, seven day a week, command post with agents, analysts, task force officers, and many support personnel. we have deployed over 200 employees from across the fbi to las vegas, including many in
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specialized positions. globally, we have hundreds of agents covering every facet of this investigation. nothing will be overlooked. we have made significant progress. to date, we have found no signs of ideology or affiliation to any groups. hundreds of interviews have been conducted so far. close to 2,000 leads have been covered so so far. executive extensive review of digital media over many devices continues. evidence have been collected and are reviewed by the fbi laboratory. hours and hours of video footage from hotels continues to be reviewed. fbi victim specialist from across the country are here assisting victims and families of the victims. more than 1800 victim questionnaires have been
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completed and the return of personal property continues. we continue to ask you if you have factual information in furtherance of this investigation, please call us. if you know something, say something. the number is 1-800-call-fbi. the fbi, nor our partner, we don't rush to conclusions. we ask for your patience and will not comment on specifics of this investigation while it's in process. this is in keeping with a long-standing fbi tradition. as i said from the beginning, this is our city. it is your city. las vegas is a resilient city. a microcosm of the resilient nation. while we grieve as a community, we will use that energy to learn as much as we can about this horrible crime.
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so that we may prevent another one from happening. i thank you. >> thank you, aaron. so before we close out today, i want to provide you another written narrative i want to read verbatim in support -- in other words, bring a better light to what's occurred in the carnage that has enveloped in our community. there are bright spots. i didn't want anybody to take offense when i completed my comments today. there are a thousand heroes today, but i'm going to bring it home to my department and i think it's important for you to hear. so the first narrative, in the immediate after aftermath of the shooting, he saw the need for medical triage area. four hours, sergeant ebert was
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along with the off-duty nurses, paramedics, and firefighters triaged at least 50 gunshot victims. they ran out of turn tickets and began using anything they could find to stop the bleeding, finding normal hubble devices that use of the normal course of their duties. these officers calmly took care of the wounded and the dying as they waited for medical transport. at times, placing the critical victims on the backs of trucks so they can get them to the hospital quickly. not all of the victims made it out as the night wore on. those same officers were assigned to guard deceased victims, not allowing any of them to be left alone. so the undersheriff and myself can make may help took it upon ourselves to go visit some of my officers yesterday to discuss their mental state, to thank them, and to check on their
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overall condition. these particular officers sustained some substantial wounds and some of them you have heard in the public forum already and some you haven't. there are a couple of key individuals i want you to write about. one of them is brady cook. brady stated sustained four see gunshot wounds. when i say separate, that's entries and exits. it's not four separate bullets. the important piece on brady is the suspect was firing upon the crowd as our officers started to arrive via vehicles which brady was occupying one, it was readily apparent to me that he adjusted his fire and directed it towards the police vehicles. so the response of those individuals, i believe, save
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lives. no matter what his personal vendetta is against the police are not, maybe he was preventing the wolf getting to his door sooner than later, but he chose to fire upon police vehicles. brady sustained a substantial wound through his shoulder, through his biceps, into his chest, and out of his back. and the reason i bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today. samuel wittwer. excuse me for my emotions. samuel was laying on his couch with a very intensive wound to
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his leg. during the melee in his attempt to evacuate victims, he sustained a broken leg. but he remained unseen and provided security for the medical personnel. so at this point, i want to think that community. i want to thank you for letting me be your sheriff, and vegas strong. the one that's the >> dana: that's the sheriff, joe lombardo. he was emotional at the end, talking about some of the members of the police force that works for him. she correspondent jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. you've been covering this story from the beginning.
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what is your biggest take away? >> the take away we were all looking for was the timeline. there has been some confusion over the reporting of the sheriff and other officials on exactly what happened and when it happen. remember, there was this discrepancy often told today that the security card jesus campos was shot at 9:59:00 p.m., and stephen paddock fired on the crowd 10:05. that left the six minute gap with everyone wondering what on earth hotels security officials doing during that time, why were they not calling 911, et cetera. now, the sheriff has changed that timeline a little bit and come back on the side of mgm resorts. the mandalay bay hotel which is where the shooting took place. he said the 9:of the nine
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moment was still important, but instead of saying that's when the security guard was shot, he's now saying that's when the security guard first encountered the barricaded hallway door on the 32nd floor. and then from 9:59 59 to 10:010o five, he has to go back to the 30 second-floor and approach the room in which stephen paddock was hiding at that point. and the sheriff is now agreeing with mgm that it was around 10:05 precisely that the security guard was shot. the mgm has said with and 40 seconds that shooting is when stephen paddock then opened fire on the crowd. the sheriff now backing that timeline. put it in perspective again. the sheriff now saying 9:59:00 p.m., the security guard finds the barricaded door, works his way through stephen paddock's room, then shoots through that door at 10:05.
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within a minute, the sheriff now saying that stephen paddock returned to those windows and opened fire on the crowd. they sheriff, by the way, very offended at the suggestion that he says has been out there in the media that there is any conspiracy here. he says there is no conspiracy between the sheriff's department, the fbi, and mgm resorts. "nobody is attempting to hide anything." that was a big part of it. emotional about that as well. got into the story of some the law enforcement -- very emotional sheriff clearly going through a lot of success. some notes that stephen paddock fired at fuel tanks with aviation fuel in the airport, the sheriff saying that happened but having consulted with a whole bunch of experts there is "a very low probability that
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gunfire could ignite fuel tanks." he said all information on that particular instance would come from airport officials. the check-in date of stephen paddock at the hotel, another thing that was clarified today. obviously, the reporting has been that he checked in on september 28th. the sheriff now confirming he did in fact-check in on september 25th. giving him three days longer, even, to plan this appalling assault on those concertgoers. he says the confusion there was a reservation of the 28th because paddock's girlfriend, which is interesting, marylou danley, was then added to the reservation. one other point, dana, i want to get to. he confirmed that an autopsy has been performed. he said there were no visual banalities in the brain, but the sheriff confirming the brain has now been sent to the facilities,
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stephen paddock's brain obviously, for further microscopic evaluation, as he called it. a lot of information in this. bottom line, that timeline where we were all confused, they sheriff now agreeing with the mgm resorts that the security guard was shot at at 10:05 and within 1 minute, stephen paddock open fire in the crowd. >> dana: a lot of information there. he also reminded us that 45 victims are still in the hospital. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. president trump announcing he will not recertify the iran nuclear deal. earlier this week, former secretary of state condoleezza rice told me what she thinks of the agreement. >> i am not one who would sign this deal. i don't think it was a particular good deal. but sometimes, you live with what you sign. and even if you decertify the deal, i hope they will find some way to keep it in place while they try to improve it. >> dana: john hannah is a
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former national security advisor to vice president cheney, -- gentlemen, thank you for joining me. a lot of breaking news in this hour. the president just spoke an hour ago. and just now, former speaker pelosi, the minority leader in the house, she responded about this issue. let's listen. >> president trump's refusal to recertify is a grave mistake that threatens america's security and our credibility at a very critical time. the fact is iran remains in compliance with the nuclear agreement. >> dana: john, i'll start with you. when she calls it "a grave mistake," that's curious. there was a lot of bipartisan agreement that a lot of numbers congress didn't like it from both sides of the aisle. >> that's right, dana. i think more than 50% of the members of congress were poised to vote against this deal, if they had to.
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i think everybody agrees that this deal, while done as it currently stands, has got some grievous flaws to it. particularly these sunset clauses that will allow iran within a matter of a decade to dramatically expand its nuclear program. the lack of, really, snap time of inspections and the kind of access we need into iranian military sites where any of their covert activity on a nuclear weapon is likely to occur. of course, we've still got this outstanding question on their development of ballistic missiles, in particular as the president said, and icbm capable of carrying a nuclear warhead deliverable to the united states. we do not want to have another north korea in ten years' time. i think the president has said let's start fixing some of these problems now rather than waiting till we've got another north korea on our hands. >> dana: he asked congress to take it over and that got 60 days to do that.
11:36 am
do you think that will be successful? >> well, i think more than 60 days will be required to open negotiations and try to fix some of the weaknesses in the agreement. in fact, i'm very skeptical that it will be a successful negotiation. we are asking iran to make some very significant concessions which are all desirable for omar standpoint. what are we prepared to offer iran additional concessions in return? for example, additional sanctions relief. i've seen little evidence of that. and without an adequate quid pro quo, i think this attempt to renegotiate the agreement is very likely going to fail. as president trump indicated, at that point he made -- and he can do this under present authority, at that point he will pull out of the agreement. >> dana: john, what do you make of the eye rgc being recertify? it might be the first time ever that an official government military has been labeled as a
11:37 am
terrorist organization? >> i think you're exactly right, dana. i think this is the big news. it's the fact that whatever changes are going to be made in the jcpoa embedded in a much broader iran policy that i think in essence as i listen to the president amounts to and so many words a declaration of war against the irgc, the main military instrument of irony and aggression across the middle east and its attacks on america and america's allies. i think it's probably long overdue, but i do think it carries substantial risks. we've got several thousand troops in iraq and in syria. you and i have lived through the iraq war. we know what iranian proxies were able to do against american troops. they killed hundreds, if not thousands, of american troops in iraq. >> dana: you have a good question. a final one for gary. do you think we can have an
11:38 am
impact on iran's behavior in the region especially if you look at syria and where ices has been an iraq. do we have a chance of change of behavior? >> so it's a very good question. trump's speech was very tough in terms of rhetoric, but he didn't offer any concrete actions we would be taking to rollback iranian influence in syria and iraq. and unfortunately i think iran has really established a very strong position in both countries. we don't have any easy way to change that. >> dana: gary and john, two experts you want to follow-up on this issue if you're interested. thank you for being here today. president trump's talk about health care can have an impact at the ballot box. taking his matter in his own hands by scrapping subsidies to obamacare insurance and changes. insurance giants anthem blue cross is returning to the individual insurance market.
11:39 am
joining me now as agile as become candidate for >> dana: -- yours is a little bit closer, ed in virginia. how important is health care. what the president announced is something your voters are paying attention to? >> it's a very big issue here, dana. one of the things that is clear to me, in virginia we cannot count on washington, d.c., to solve our problems, we've got to have our own solutions here. i've put forward a plan, "health and my commonwealth," it's one of my 19 detailed policy proposals to face the challenges we face here in virginia to make health care more affordable. i am focusing on the state policies. my opponent doesn't have a plan to do this. what we need to do is enhance more insurance competition in virginia. i put forth a plan to allow us to have competition across state lines whether the federal government asked for acts or not, which would ban the cost curve.
11:40 am
also giving us the freedom to innovate in our medicaid program in virginia. what we need in virginia is different from what people in illinois or california or new york or florida or texas need. we can be a leader in this regard if we can work with the federal government to have that opportunity. i would also like to come up there my policies, which they would come and create increased competition in the provider market place as well and all those things would help bring down costs. >> dana: we've got three weeks until november 7, the day of the election. the washington -- if you look at the real clear politics average, it's much closer with northam at 49% and you at 43%. i have a question about national politics and how this affects you, because people are looking at how president trump will affect the election, either hurting or helping you. i wonder about the democrats. there is certainly civil war within the democratic party as well and there is a lot of
11:41 am
progressive liberals that want a different democratic party. ralph northam, as i understand that as a democrat, has been pretty moderate. hasn't hurt him in this election? >> at one time he was, but he moved very far to the left in the democratic primary contest that he had. he's a rest governor i've ever seen in either party in virginia who is not running in strong support of our right to work laws here. you know, he at one point said we cannot overturn them because there is republican general assembly, but today he said, but we may get a gemma democratic general assembly. that would be a disaster for us. we just saw kentucky become a right to work state on our border for us to go the opposite direction, become a compulsory union state, would be wrong. he is a governor who is not standing strong for our right to work laws. he wants to impose carbon limits, like president obama had a come up you know, clean power plan that president trump
11:42 am
repealed in virginia. he wants to impose one on the state level. >> dana: like jerry brown in california? >> exactly, moving very far left. i would say about the polls, by the way, dana, "the washington post" has been wrong so many times. these public polls are not designed to gauge the outcome of an election. they are designed to affect the outcome of an election. we are in a dead heat race here. i feel momentum wherever i go. i truly believe we are going to win this. i -- >> dana: i know of a president who might agree with you on the polls. >> [laughs] >> dana: ed gillespie, candidate for governor of virginia, that election in three weeks. thank you very much. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: new fallout around the harvey weinstein scandal amid new questions of what people call very question of the language in his contract. plus we are following the deadly wildflowers wildfires in california. it's shocking. >> it's extremely shocking,
11:43 am
dana. the wildfires continue to burn across northern carolina. the forecast calling for possible rain next week, but before that they forecast more wind. we will have a lab report coming up after the break. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> dana: fox news alert. the worst wildfires in california history still raging with thick smoke spreading across the bay area. hundred still missing across the area. at least 31 confirmed dead and 3500 homes and businesses destroyed. adam housley joins us live. you are in oakville, california. adam, authorities say hundreds of people are still missing. is it that they are missing and they haven't checked in somewhere or are they worried that the fatality rate could go up? >> the fatality rate will go up. they think a lot of it has to do
11:47 am
with communications. cell service is still spotty in a lot of places. obviously, no internet in a lot of places for people to check in. a lot of people have gone to evacuation centers or staying with friends. we have a live view of santa rosa. i want to show you the burned out homes in santa rosa. also forensic teams, dana, going through. in some cases, they are finding the numbers on hip implants, for example, to be able to write in a fight remains. there is going to be that situation as well where remains are going to help them find some other people. we can give you a live look at sonoma as i get back to you, dana, the lab look at sonoma shows a more positive scene then we seen there. making pretty big headway on that fire. they made pretty good headway on a number of these fires so far, dana. >> dana: how was the weekend looking? >> that's the catch. in fact, behind me, this is a fire in oakville which is in the middle of napa valley. if you are a fire fire, there are no homes up there at that level. it's backing down, which means it's going to burn down slowly.
11:48 am
if the wins come from the north and they blow from the north and a little bit to the east, the fence from the ankle, it will come right down the hill, then it would end up in homes. the situation of they are cautiously optimistic, this is one of the few places where it still burning pretty significantly. other plumes of smoke around, but they are smaller. they had a calls for winds, the did not calm. if we get those wins tonight chemical winds tonight, dana, and will make those go away. everyone is hoping that forecasters are wrong again and we do not get those winds tonight. >> dana: thank you so much, adam housley. all right. the follow-up from the harvey weinstein scandal, reporting that the contract included language that protected his job and new questions about this previously recorded audio from authorities.
11:49 am
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>> dana: actress rose mcgowan officially accusing harvey weinstein of rape. now price has been -- "jeff bezos, i told you the head of your studios hw raped me over and over." kimberly guilfoyle, cohost of
11:53 am
"the five" joins us. this story gets bigger and bigger and it grows into other companies, says of roy price this issue. today is women should boycott twitter day in defense of rose mcgowan because twitter basically suspended her account for a little bit of time. i guess it's back now. >> nevertheless, can you imagine that for somebody trying to outcry a criminal act committed against them and trying to silence them? i think it was very bad optics for them. >> dana: how much potential legal trouble is harvey weinstein in and is a criminal? >> i think it's civil and criminal and its significant because it's not just in this country but looking for problems, of course, in london as well. when you see the level of allegations and specificity, it's really problematic for him. i will tell you what i found to be just completely shocking as well. you have a call for it. the contract. >> dana: let's take a listen to this from "fox & friends" this morning. >> you will not believe the
11:54 am
contract the weinstein company gave harvey weinstein in 2015. it tolerates sexual harassment not one instance, not two, but in an infinite number of cases. >> dana: tmz broke the story. he got a contract in 2015. as lawyers, you think, who in the world puts this kind of clause in a contract or what company would allow it. >> can you imagine a corporation sanctioning criminal conduct? to me, this is usually problematic for the company. it suggests they have knowledge beforehand about this, that it was problematic, said that he was to too valuable bring in development deals. they went ahead and said, okay, we know you are a bad character, bad actor. we are going to let you stay in the position as long as you reimburse the company, you can run around and treat this place like your personal, funeral, playground for sexual assault and sexual harassment.
11:55 am
it's really irresponsible and any other victims they see on the screen they can bring forward, i think, a case against the company because this was essentially allowed on their watch. >> dana: also, we brought this up on "the five" last night, what about the women who have been targeted who are not famous? they might have worked in support? who could be their voice? who should they go to if they have a claim? >> there's a lot of options here because you can get a lawyer they can try to bring a number of cases together and the idea of strength in numbers. i think right now it won't be hard because it's not all been called out so that anybody who has a case can go for it. they can contact an attorney, they can certify a class action to bring this, like, in unison, because you want to make sure that any of these vulnerable victims, people that might not have had the means and the resources to be able to get an attorney and bring a case and represent themselves -- >> dana: and they would feel like they have the power to do it. >> "how can i do this? i can barely pay my bills as it
11:56 am
is, i better keep my mouth shut and ruin my economic chances in the future." >> dana: your expertise is always hopeful here, kimberly. >> i think i was a you later. >> dana: in times of tragedy, we need some good news. how these little guys escaped the wildfires in california.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
cal cam there is some good news. the generosity of people helping each other in california. donations of food and supplies are pouring in giving hope to those who desperately need it. many trying to focus on the things not destroyed. >> we're so much better off than so many people in the world. i'm grateful for what we do have. >> i can't say enough about how grateful we are to the fire departments and phenomenal job they're doing. >> volunteers also evacuating these adorable puppies, highly trained service dogs to help people with disabilities when they grow up. part of an organization, canine companions for independence, the
12:00 pm
dogs are living in foster homes until it's safe to return. another week down, lots of news, hope you join us next week. we will be here all five days. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. shepard is next. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c., today president trump took two major steps to roll back the work of his predecessor. the latest, a move that could end up taking apart the iran nuclear deal. >> i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions. >> shepard: the president kicking it back to congress to determine what happens next. ahead, the options lawmakers have, and the reactions of america's allies. the president also making a dramatic move on healthcare, cutting off obamacare payments that help low income americans cover insurance costs. critics say they'll sue k they stopit


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