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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> now you care about the rules! mr. sanctuary city! may be there is a sanctuary on base. >> oh, look... >> bret baier is going to love this lead in. "special report" up next. >> bret: president trump moves on campaign promises on dismantling parts of a mama care and the iran deal expecting to dismantle a large part of the obama legacy. this is p27. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i am bret baier. president trump is trying to drive a stick into two obama administration policies. the obamacare subsidies which will surely speed up the law's demise. and second, telling congress it's time to do something about the iran nuclear deal. fox team -- how they are
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reacting to the decision to not recertify the iran deal but we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts with how these meanings are already hitting with lawmakers. >> president trump valid on the campaign trail he was going to rip up the iran nuclear deal. today, he stopped short of that, but then unannounced things are going to change. president trump today refused to recertify the iran nuclear deal. though he has twice before, insisting it does nothing to rein in the bulk of iran's bad behavior. >> the regime remains the world's leading sponsor of state terrorism, and provides to al qaeda, isis, hamas, and other terror networks. speak of the president also announced he would slap sanctions on iran's notorious iran revolutionary guard, and
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called on new steps to punish iran for its destabilizing actions and fix what he says are serious flaws in the nuclear deal. >> these include the deals by various on-site clauses that in just a few years would eliminate key restrictions on iran's nuclear program. the flaws in the deal also include insufficient enforcement and near total silence on iran's missile programs. >> already some lawmakers are working on a fix. senators corker, cotton, and rubio are proposing their imposition imposition of u.s. sanctions if iran approaches the threshold of developing a nuclear weapon. making those restrictions permanent by removing the sunset provisions. bolstering international atomic agency verification powers and limit iran's advanced centrifuge program. on the south lawn today,
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president trump told fox news that he will wait to see what congress proposes. but if he doesn't like it, he may pull the u.s. out of the nuclear agreement. >> they may come back with something that's very satisfactory to me. and if they don't within a very short period of time, i will terminate the deal. >> while today's announcement changes nothing in the short term, democrats piled on the president. >> president trump's refusal to recertify is a great mistake that threatens america's security and our credibility at a very critical time. the fact is iran remains in compliance with the nuclear agreement. if they did not, we would not be supporting recertification. >> if democrats were angry over the president's actions over sp 21, they were infuriated by the president's decision to and obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. >> that money was a subsidy and you could say, almost, a payoff to insurance companies. what we have to do is come up with great health care.
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>> the president's opponents say that the move will throw health care exchanges into chaos just three weeks before open enrollment. it can cause premiums for poor americans to skyrocket. >> republicans have been doing everything they can for the last ten months to inject instability into our health care system. and to force collapse to sabotage. >> president trump made no apology for canceling the subsidies and said if democrats want to join him in fixing the system, he's all years. >> what would be nice is if the democratic leaders could come over to the white house. we will negotiate some deal that's good for everybody. that's what i like. but they are a block vote against every body. are obstructionists. >> making the decision that he did on iran, president trump considered but rejected the advice of his top lieutenants who wanted him the recertify the iran deal. ultimately president trump decided that iran should not be
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rewarded for adhering to narrow, technical language while at the same time flagrantly threatening and stability in the world. >> bret: we heard special counsel robert mueller and his team will be talking to white house officials or former white house officials at some point. it appears that's moving forward? >> we reported a month ago that they interviewed general keith kellogg. today, we learn he interviewed reince priebus who was the former chief of staff here. also the former rnc chairman. as far as we know, mueller is still looking to have his team interviewed with three other white house officials. they will be sean spicer, who of course is no longer with the white house, hope hicks, one of the people closest to the president as well as joshua fell who was one of these books people here who represents ivanka trump and jared kushner. >> bret: president trump's refusal to recertify the iran nuclear deal is getting, as you can imagine, and a lot of
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reaction around the world. but the ministrations in medicine the administration's ambassador is not concerned of opinions of world leaders on this front. correspondent rich edson reports. >> concerned. that's how the british, german, and french governments open the response to president trump's announcement. the european union also signed the iran nuclear deal and is resented of dismissed the warning. >> this is not a domestic issue, but a u.n. security council resolution. the international community and the european union with it have clearly indicated that a deal is, and will continue, to be in place. >> secretary of state rex tillerson acknowledges a renegotiation of the nuclear deal is unlikely. he says the united states would pursue a separate companion deal that deals with what the ministrations as are the agreements failures. the administration announced differences with president trump on the deal, though he says he will work to sell the president's approach to u.s.
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allies. >> i totally expect that our allies will be very supportive on any undertaking to deal with iran's threats. >> the other countries in this agreement, china and russia, claimed the iran nuclear deal is working. the russian foreign ministry says, "we hope this step will have no adverse impact on the implementation of the deal, but it is obvious it runs counter to the spirit and the letter of the jcpoa." that, to the trump administration, that claims iran violated the spirit and letter of the nuclear agreement. for generations, saudi arabia has fought iran for regional influence. in a statement, it's government "support resolute strategy by u.s. president donald trump towards iran and its aggressive approach." israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu congratulated the president for boldly confronting iran. iranian president hassan rouhani says president trump's speech is full of fake accusations. and claims that iran will
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continue to expand its ballistic missiles program despite pressure from the united states. bret? >> bret: rich, thanks. we will talk with the panel about 321. we have a special guest on that in just a bit. firefighters are gaining some ground against wildfires burning in california's wine country, but the fight is far from over. senior correspondent joins live from oakville for the latest development. good evening, adam. >> it's a fight against time, a fight against mother nature as firefighters are sought these layers in northern carolina from the ground and on the air hoping to beat them back before the weather is expected to change. >> we have people who've been out here going on their fifth day. we are going to try to get them off and replace them. >> as fatigue sets in for those battling the deadliest wildfire outbreak in california's history, fresh firefighters get their marching orders for what could be a busy weekend. >> we need all of you to keep doing what you are doing. we just need to support you
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mentally and physically so that we can continue this operation. >> an operation that includes more than 9,000 emergency responders during numbers that are increasing by the hour as officials issued another round of red flag warnings. >> one of the things being predicted for the weekend for saturday evening's red flag warnings with high north winds again. >> containment for some of the larger wine country fires is now in double digits, there are still areas of concern. >> they are everywhere. little pockets, parts we cannot get to. we are waiting for it. it's like anything else. there are good days and there are bad days. >> with the possibility of more bad days ahead, sheriffs are going door-to-door to make sure that those in danger have gotten out. but there are some who refused to leave, like bob faith and his son who are defending their home with the help of firefighters. >> i'm not leaving. we are going to be here this is our home. these are our generation's we aren't leaving. >> seeing our neighbors homes go
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up in flames, we are hearing propane tanks go off like grenades. we haven't slept in nights. >> others say they didn't wait. >> when you have to run, you have to run. you have no choice. we have nothing. you have to leave faster. you have to leave with nothing. you just have to save your life. and your kids' life. >> bret, there is a possibility of rain. but the white you see behind me, the haze, is actually a good sign. they are hammering it from the air from helicopters and some we've seen from the california national guard. >> bret: adam housley live in oakley oakville, california. today, former obama administration u.n. ambassador samantha power met with the house committee investigating russian meddling in last year's election. this as the permission to unmask
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comes the question as congress attempts to reauthorize an act using into angela's gathering for an mike emanuel is following all these development's today on capitol hill. >> former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power answered questions behind closed doors for members of the house intelligence committee. >> she has a lot to do with the help and back. especially with regards to intelligence gathering and how that information was used and whether or not looking forward we need to do things differently. >> one of the obama administration officials who made request to ident by americans whose names came up in foreign intelligence reporting, what is known as unmasking. fox news reported last month that sources say power had more than one request in 2017. >> if i'm going to look at the numbers, there is no evidence that there is no other question -- >> the director of the national security agency laid down the ground rules for such requests.
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>> our process is it has to be on the process of your job. you need this information because of the execution of the official duties. >> this comes as lawmakers are looking at --dash foreign intelligence surveillance act or fi -- under a special court order to collect and analyze emails and other digital communications of foreigners living overseas, but the agency also ends up collecting data on an unknown number of people in the u.s. the u.s. says this helps foil there are -- lawmakers are working on fine-tuning it. >> the bill contains new accountability and transparency requirements to address the unmasking of u.s. person identities which has been a source of great concern for many members and their constituents. >> if congress doubles in making
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those reforms, it's likely key members from both parties will push for a straight extension. those close to the program described it as a must-have tool. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. the mystery in las vegas. the -- that killed 58 people last week. also broke down today when talking about some of the heroes from that concert shooting. she of correspondent jonathan hobbs joins us from our west coast bureau with today's developments. >> good evening, bret. it was an emotional news conference as sheriff joe lombardo defended his investigators while making a significant change to the details of the shooting timeline. he had previously said the security guard who was shot first encountered the gunmen in the mandalay bay hotel at 9:59:00 p.m. then the gunmen opened fire on the concert crowd ten: zero five, raising question how
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quickly hotel security staff acted to call the police. today, he stood by the 9:59 p.m. time point, but said that's when the security card first found the hallway door on the 32nd floor, not stephen paddock's room, and he spent the next 6 minutes finding another way to get into that 32nd floor hallway. confirming the hotel's version of the timeline, that the security guard was shot at 10:05:00 p.m. with gun fire raining down on the crowd within a minute of that. but sheriff lombardo is offended that any suggestion that he or investigators deliberately misled anyone. >> there is no conspiracy between the fbi, between lvmpd, and the aging mg emperor nobody is attending to hide anything >> sheriff lynn bartel confirmed that the gunmen shot aviation buildings nearby mccarran airport but experts say it's
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highly unlikely that gunfire would have ever cause an explosion. and he said that autopsy had been performed on stephen paddock and paddock's brain has been sent away for further microscopic evaluation. as for the investigation, 2,000 leads have been pursued. 1,000 pieces of evidence seized, and hundreds and hours of video are still being poured over. investigators seem no closer to answering the biggest question of all, why the massacre happened. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. president trump puts a stop to federal subsidy payments to insurance companies through the question is can he do all of that legally? and what about all of the states now suing the government because of the move? analysis and answers after the break. . prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> bret: president trump called it a renaissance for conservative values during a passionate address during the values voters summit in washington today. >> we know that it's the family and the church, not government officials, that know best how to create strong and loving communities. and above all else, we know this: in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. >> bret: that got a standing ovation. president trump is the first sitting resident to speak at the summit. he also received a round of applause when he described his decision on stopping obamacare subsidies. >> we are really working very hard and hopefully congress will come through. you saw what we did yesterday with respect to health care. it's step by step-by-step.
3:20 pm
we are taking a little different route than we had hope because getting congress, they forgot what their pledges were. so we are going a little different route. but you know what? in the and make, it's going to be just as effective and maybe it will even be better. >> bret: so can the president stop obamacare subsidies? jonathan turley joined me now for analysis. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> bret: you are also the lead counsel for the house of your service in this in the challenge in a court case that ended in victory. >> that's right. >> bret: so this is a constitutional move? >> it is. the original order that has just been rescinded was unconstitutional by a finding of a federal court. the court found that not only did it violate article one the constitution, it violated the health care law itself. because congress had the ability
3:21 pm
to grant subsidies under federal law, but it chose not to. in fact, the administration had come to congress and asked for this money and congress said no. the president said all right, i will order it directly from the treasury. well, you cannot do that. the defining power of congress is the power of the purse. the federal judge issued a historic ruling and said this is wrong, you can't violate the constitution come on the matter what you're complaining about with congress, you have to play within the rules of the constitution. so obviously there's a lot of pushback to that. >> bret: democrats including one who was a part of the leadership during these set up of the law who is now the california attorney general said this today. >> the trump administration is deciding not to follow the law. everyone has to follow the law, everyone of us has to pay our bills. just because donald trump's president doesn't mean he has to follow the law. we did not mean to have an executive decide which of these
3:22 pm
subsidies for americans would be paid in which wooden. donald trump is deciding which ones he wants to pay. he doesn't get to do that just because he is president. >> and you are saying congress doesn't get to just make things up? >> it's rather bizarre. he's talking about a law that was... i'm sorry, an order that was found to be unconstitutional. what president trump just did is we are not going to continue to pay subsidies that the federal courts that was unconstitutional. what this does is returns the issue to where it remained all along, which is in congress. i don't have a lot of options of the democratic congress. does not want to conquer guys -- you can't circumvent congress, you can order the treasury of billions of dollars without an appropriation of congress. >> bret: what is it about these attorney general 's where the map includes 18 states and the district of columbia, what are they -- what grounds are
3:23 pm
they using to sue the administration over this decision to stop subsidies question mike >> i expect they will try to relitigate what we litigated earlier in the price . >> which you are welcome. >> frankly i would welcome because it would amplify the victory we had before. but unfortunately, this is sort of a perpetual litigation machine that we've seen where every move ends up in court. there is this cathartic reaction to go to court. i think with these attorneys have to think about is how bad cases can make bad law for them. and they've already lost on this. they can keep on returning to the table and putting bets down, but they lost and lost big in the previous litigation. they are going to be fighting for something that a court found it was a violation of the corporation's abodes of united states constitution. >> the president says he's up for renegotiation. anything can happen with the democrats going to the table. you write in this opinion for "the hill" op-ed, if democrats look at it about funding the
3:24 pm
wall, the president's border wall, and they said no to that funding, and the president said, you know what? i'm directing the treasury to take the money anyway, that would be analogous? >> it is. the democrats are now applauding a president who circumvented congress and just basically ordered the funding of billions of dollars worth under this law. what if president trump took that lesson to heart and just ordered billions to build the wall? you can't choose. but what the difference is is between governing by principal and governing by personality. it's clear that many of these democrats, you know, they like president obama, do not like president trump. is that the system that you want question mike is a system that will turn simply on who is making the decision rather than they have the authority to make it? >> bret: jonathan, always a pleasure. as much as it pains me, congratulations to your cubs. >> thank you. i know that is tough. >> bret: good finish on the week. the wall street, the dell jumped 21, the s&p 500 grew to go,
3:25 pm
finishing at a record high. the dow grows 1.5%. the s&p 500 was up two tenths, the nasdaq grew a quarter. republican senator susan collins announced today she will not run for governor of maine. she had been waiting for months whether she'd make a bigger impact in the senate or launching bid to become the first woman governor to serve as main's governor, first woman to serve as maine's governor. today she wants to continue her work, advancing policy as a senator. up next, another twist in the harvey weinstein scandal as reports surfaced that he may have been allowed to harass. 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness, so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress
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3:29 pm
>> the harvey weinstein event is so powerful. >> the fallout in tinseltown continues. >> this has been going on for decades and decades. >> the latest? the academy of motion pictures meet saturday to consider stripping the mega producer of his membership. but a bigger bombshell comes from tmz, which claims weinstein's employment contract permitted him to sexually harass women, provided he pay for it. >> all harvey weinstein had to do is pay any judgment or settlement that a woman might have gotten as a result of this. and a fine. what they do is the company gets to $150,000 the first time he doesn't, $500,000 the second, $750,000 $750,000 a third. >> a potential gold mind for victims and a potential liability as well. >> actors jane fonda and colin firth voice regret for not
3:30 pm
speaking up. and ours after saying weinstein shouldn't be confirmed, oliver stone was accused of groping a model. actress rose mcgowan claimed an unnamed studio exec raped her in 1997 but agreed to a settlement. she now says the exec was weinstein, and employed to cut ties with weinstein, he refused. amazon put price on leave after a female producer claims price harass her in 2013 and amazon failed to act on her complaint. jeff bezos on twitter for "funding rapists, alleged pedos, and harassers." weinstein denies any sexual assault. bret? >> bret: thank you. the horrors of 9/11 will never be forgotten. for those closest to the tragedy, the scars will always
3:31 pm
remain. but there is help out there. shortly before that terrible tuesday, a fund was set up to assist the families of victims and the people who came in to help the aftermath. will david asked us on instagram, what's the status of the 9/11 fund? i hear it's in the billions. tonight, correspondent laura ingle has some answers. >> catherine susan wolf. whenever i come by here, i always give her a kiss. >> charles lost his wife catherine on september 11th 2001. catherine was working on the 97th floor of the north tower of the world trade center. charles would learn of katherine's death a few days later. as our grieving nation began to recover, the federal government created the september 11th victim compensation fund, or vcf, to provide compensation. it was provided by federal money
3:32 pm
which congress appropriated for the dedicated purpose. >> anyone in our zone, which is the pentagon sites or anywhere south of canal street, includes responders and survivors. >> the program has been updated a couple of times and today it has paid out over $3.1 billion, covering more than 14,000 compensation determinations. it's currently funded under the james the driving 9/11 health and compensation act of 2010, a bill which president obama signed into law and reauthorized in 2015. a nypd officer who died of a respiratory disease links to responding to recovery efforts in lower manhattan. the latest revision includes money for cleanup workers and first responders dealing with related health issues. >> there really is no amount of money that can alleviate the losses that were suffered as a result of 9/11, and we hope
3:33 pm
these funds can provide a little bit of help of the support, financial support, a little bit of concentration for the pain and suffering. >> of the fund still has $4 billion left to distribute, and has helped people like charles who advocated for other families to apply move forward. >> the fact i received this money allows me to get treatment that i needed. to overcome the ptsd. >> the new law allows those to submit the claims to the vcf over three years, giving them until september 18th, 2020, the do so. >> our whatever happened to series continues next week. president trump continues to dismantle the obama legacy one step at a time. the clear power plan, the obamacare subsidies, and the iran nuclear deal. charles called charles krauthammer next with
3:34 pm
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>> millions of people will get tax breaks to help them avoid coverage, which represents the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history. >> one by one, it's going to come down and we are going to have great health care in this country. >> there is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change. >> we will put our miners back to work. >> nuclear deal? implement it. >> i announced today we cannot and will not make the certification. >> bret: this is a rollback of obama legacy items, clean power care, a moniker subsidies, the iran nuclear deal. what it means in the big picture, in the past hour, the defense secretary stop by and talk to some reporters including
3:38 pm
our own pentagon team about the implications worldwide of this iran deal. >> if i got some word like that, i surely would have asked a meeting to go back over and say whether or not i thought it was a good idea, there is nothing that happened when you are told to do something we execute, okay? there would've been something that happened after we received the discussion like that. nothing like that. >> bret: that's actually a different part of that conversation where he's talking about the nbc report of secretary tillerson, what was alleged to have been said at the pentagon and the president was looking to tenfold increase nuclear weapons. i posted it online. you can see all of that there. he shoots it all down. we will get the iran piece in just a bit. let's bring in our panel. max left ab stoddard, and jason riley, walter general columnist.
3:39 pm
okay, jason. first of all, the overarching theme here of the past seven days is that this administration is going after campaign promises and rolling back some obama legacy items? >> you went through the list, iran, paris accords, epa regulations, you can even add migration, executive actions for the dreamers. this is the downside of going about trying to build a legacy by doing runaround's on congress and that's essentially what he did. it didn't matter whether his party controlled congress or not. there were things he couldn't get through so he decided to go around them and work through the bureaucracy. when you build a legacy like that, you risk the next person coming in simply reversing everything, which is also a warning here for donald trump, which is to say if he wants something more lasting than obama was able to accomplish, he too needs to get through to
3:40 pm
congress, simply doing things on executive action will leave his legacy vulnerable to the next president. >> bret: ab, we went through the legal argument for jonathan turley. the president is saying that, listen, this is the deal, and the democrats want to negotiate, we will all go there. >> the legal argument is sound. it was clear from his tweets that he intends to, sort of, hasten the deadline and create an emergency about congress making an effort after all of the failure of repeal and replace effort by republicans to come in and come up with something. it will be a repair job. it will not be an entirely new law, it will not be a repeal. there are bipartisan plans. the caucus and house came up in -- between alexander and mary. we've known the president's been so involved so much. but he's clearly calling on
3:41 pm
congress to act. i think there are people who will be ready to step up. it'll be hard for some republicans to take part in this to make it look like they are saving obamacare they are not happy with the fact that he did this and in some districts, swing districts, there are a lot of constituents that receive these csr payments that help them afford every expensive coverage and is very tough for them politically. >> bret: right. that is the owners. the onus is now on congress in a number of these campaign promises. senate minority leader statement today. republicans have been doing everything they can for the last few months to inject instability in the health care system and enforce collapse through sabotage. last night, the president acted. the american people will be the ones who are hurt unless all republican colleagues help, the american people will know who to blame when millions lose coverage. >> okay, chuck and nancy. the ball is in your court. you watched republicans try to figure out what their version of health care reform looks like. the democrats were into
3:42 pm
#resistance the fight everything at all costs. now the president is saying to them, taunting them a bit on twitter, let's deal. you want to get the csr payments done? i'm willing to talk. i think what you see is a president who is no longer going to take the current of congressional leadership that we can get this in one big package and jam it through with republican votes. on these key issues, he's going to take it step by step, get what he can get with republicans but also work with the democrats. that is lasting. the good side of that is or becomes law and may be congress starts to work. >> it's also interesting listening to schumer and pelosi defend corporate welfare. that's what these payments are to these insurance companies. a court said last year these payments were illegal because congress had not authorized them. here you have trump reducing corporate welfare and upholding the rule of law and he's being attacked for it. >> can i say something on that, bret?
3:43 pm
this idea of the separation of powers and the idea of -- they've ceded their authority to the courts, white house. donald trump is calling their bluff and saying, guess what. when it comes to immigration, when it comes to these type of appropriations, guess what, guys? the constitution says you have to act. >> bret: as the president said, don't give me the funds for the wall, just do it by pen and phone. that wouldn't go over well in capitol hill. i promised you will hear from charles carr , charles krauthammer. he still recovering after surgery and we miss his voice on days like this. we miss his voice a lot. in april, we discussed the iran nuclear deal and how iran was in compliance technically. that's what the europeans are saying today. here's what charles had to say about that. >> there's no contradiction whatsoever in our position. you need three things to develop a user role nuclear weapon. you need the fissile material.
3:44 pm
number two, you have to weaponize it. you have to make it explode. that's what was revealed today, they've been working on this dissing you asleep. third, you need the ballistic missiles that will developing them. the obama administration looked at only the fissile elements. technically speaking, you can say, yes, it's a program. they are not increasing the amount of rich uranium. with the iranians are doing and it's so obvious a child can see it is that the program of the visible material is frozen, they are working rapidly on the web as a weaponization, which is the other part you need, and the ballistic missiles, what you can see. the weapon is in a military felicity. it was supposed to be investigated under the obama administration and before the signing of the agreement to make sure it hadn't been used in the past for weaponization. of course, obama and kerry caved on that. we are not allowed to inspect. we allowed the iranians to
3:45 pm
inspect themselves, which is a joke. they are developing a nuclear weapon. it's a violation of the spirit of the agreement because of the way they look at it. and half a decade, they will be able to resume the fissile material, enriching uranium, they will have it weaponize, they will have the missiles. >> bret: you think when you are doing the deal that a weapons program will be in a military facility. but that was one of the problems. >> we can't get to it. we cannot inspect it. >> bret: that is one of the problems. again, we miss his voice and we hope he comes back very soon. pulling and praying for him in recovery as he continues to. a be the president saying i don't want to recertify this every 90 days. congress, if you want to act? ask. but he also threatened if you do not changes substantially, he will pull the u.s. out of the iran deal. >> right. once again, onus is completely on congress. as i said before, i don't have a
3:46 pm
lot of faith in congress doing anything in 60 days. there are members like senator corker and senator cotton, they want to make -- they want to place greater restrictions. they are watching the icbm testing, the things that the iranian regime is doing that violates the spirit but not per se the letter of the law. that is going to be a really hard sell. it's really hard right now him to do all of the things they have to do to budget deadlines with a 30 legislative days left in the rest of the fall. and the huge... >> getting out my little violin. >> the focus on tax reform to come together and face a democratic filibuster, going be very hard to change the deal. >> bret: i don't make predictions but i think they give some vacation time to get stuff done. next up, the friday lightning round. k a flight,
3:47 pm
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sfx: mnemonic >> we knew the cuban government could stop the attacks on our diplomats. >> cuba has a responsibility under the vehicle protection to protect our diplomatic staff. that has not changed. it's also a well-known fact that in a small country like cuba that has that type of regime and government that it does, they tend to know things going on within its own borders. >> bret: what is happening in cuba with the sonic attacks, if that is what they are. really hurting americans, some of them having to leave. the associated press captured some of this audio of what they believed to be part of this attack. sounds like really annoying cicadas. i don't know.
3:51 pm
it's dangerous and it's affecting people. we will start the friday lightning round. matt, what about this? >> i like what heather said. definitely against levy and the connection definitely against the geneva convention. they follow people in this country 24/7. the idea that government didn't know exactly what it was doing in trying to impose harm on these american serving there. anybody who says anything else than that is wrong -- become more fallout after whatever we're doing now, pulling people out, kicking people out? more beyond that to cuba? >> here is where this goes. the next step is we are not going to show him that we will ever put up with it. we will rollback everything obama tried to do to warn these warm these relations. what did obama know and what john kerry and you as they were getting out of office, they were doing everything they could to make peace with the mullahs in iran, did they overlook some of this in their haste to look like great peacemakers? that's what i wanted to know.
3:52 pm
>> bret: we are going to follow the story and continue. ab, this week was the week of harvey weinstein. investigation continues. obviously, the political fallout continues. >> right. the democrats came around very late to talking about how horrified they are and how they never knew president obama, hillary clinton, she says she's going to find a way to return some dollars, but obviously they didn't quote themselves on glory. this is obviously a situation where he potentially faces criminal charges. and it's clear from the fact that ben affleck is now facing two groping allegations. there are other men in hollywood that might not have been as bad and pathological as harvey weinstein but they better duck and cover because more stories are going to come out very soon. >> bret: winners and losers this week. >> the winner is the trump administration's decision to pull out of unesco which is the u.n. agency ran by anti-american, anti-israel folks who are sympathizers for dictators and communists.
3:53 pm
it was long overdue. the losers are the boy scouts of america, bret, who announced this week they will admit girls to the boy scouts. this is a surrender to the cultural war and progressive will not stop there. they do not want any gender distinction. >> i have a combination. mullah 20-year-old noble peace winner. she was shot. she writes in an attempt to stop me, i attend my first lecture at oxford. congratulations, malala. my loser is steve bannon who is admitted this week he's going after almost every incumbent except for senator ted cruz who happens to be the favorite republican of robert mercer, the billionaire backer of bannon's anti-establishment revolution. he plays the same money game everyone else does. >> bret: winner or loser? >> winner, general kelly who is a little more happy and pleased
3:54 pm
with his job then all of the gossip rest accounts that look like you are reading the "national enquirer," how everyone's losing razor blades over the white house. he's the winner. >> bret: winner? >> there's somebody to pick for form. the fact they would ban marsha blackburn's because she simply talked about not funding planned parenthood and stopping the barbarous practice of selling baby parts just shows twitter is a left-wing tool and that needs to change. >> bret: obvious winner, chicago cubs and all of my in-laws who texted me early in the morning. also, winner, all of the coffee shops in washington that had a long night the night before. next year. next year. when we come back, this year's biggest headlines in sound bite sound bites.
3:55 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, the politicians, the press and athletes all have in common, at some point the president criticized them all this week. here's notable quotables. >> three years ago. so this is like a pr stunt to me. >> by the way, everybody wanted to be here to me. what a group. a very handsome group of people. in fact, i don't like standing in front of them. >> made a joke. maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. >> i just would like for you to let him know how shameful all the tweets that he put out this morning. >> i'm a little busy today. i haven't been looking at twitter. >> it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. >> bun one of his frustrations is you, all of you. not quitting, not getting fired and i don't think he will fire anyone tomorrow. maybe develop some better
3:59 pm
sources. >> right now we have so many nuclear weapons. i want them in perfect condition. perfect shape. >> it was apocalyptic. >> i'm praying a lot. >> i this the reason the president supports the agreement act is because the american people do. not because chuck and i were such engaging dinner parters. >> i will tell you a story about the back side of a president that i have come to know very well. >> as a christmas gift, we hope congress will pass massive tax cuts. >> if that means we have got to stay here until christmas, then, tough, we will do that. >> why don't we just stay in tomorrow and get moving on some of this instead of making threats about the christmas holiday. >> thank you, everybody. >> bret: one week. that's for inviting us in tonight fair balanced and unafraid. the story with martha starts right now. state of the union in this weekend. "fox news sunday" hosted by
4:00 pm
james rosen with an exclusive interview with the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster. turn in local listings on the big fox. in the meantime, make it a great weekend. >> martha: breaking tonight, the achievements president obama was most proud of, his healthcare act and his agreement to curtail iran's nuclear ambition received major blows today as president trump seeked to take apart the obama legacy. the handover that cold day in january was the beginning of the trump way of viewing the country and its goals. so what could not be achieved in congress is now getting the pen and phone treatment that president obama himself once turned to. tonight, a look at the major move by mr. trump to give americans more options and to roll back subsidies that were never authorized by congress. and to take a more aggressive stance against the mullah


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