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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 14, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ >> i say it is not living up to the spirit of the deal. we can not and will not make this certification. >> the threat is a return to allow peers to make a number of different sexual harassment cases against harvey weinstein continues to grow. >> this movement clearly has been a fraud all these decades. >> it is time to negotiate health care that is good for everybody. >> the ball is in your court. >> president trump call it a renaissance for conservative values. >> in america, we don't worship government. we worship god.
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[cheers and applause] >> it is an easy touchdown for syracuse. ♪ abby: the weekend authority here for this groove. we've been here for hours now. >> that last clip, my wife is not a football fan in the least, which is here accused. she e-mailed me. weepy crime scene. huge deal. congratulations to all the folks they are. abby: a big night. and if your wife is texting it's a big deal. we have david webb on the couch this morning.
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david: i know. nice little color coronation. abby: we didn't even plan it. i love learning about her learning about our guest toes, what they drink in the morning. what is your choice? you're a black coffee. david: i like black coffee with a little bit of brown sugar but i'm going to make tea year. todd: we look like we are ready to get the baby announcement because they've got their pink, the blue. david: covering all sides of this. abby: per usual friday salé usual friday salé is often the busiest day for the administration and yesterday was the same. a lot of news out of the white house. president trump announcing he will not certify the iran nuclear deal. the president stopping short of scrapping the deal altogether. kevin cortez live on what this means. good morning. early where you are. reporter: a little bit early. enjoy your coffee and tea. i'll stick to bergen.
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thanks for asking. it's never too early, right? very interesting day in the nations capital. the president as he pointed out decided not to certify that tehran is living up to its agreement by way of the every nuclear deal. what is really interesting analyses threatening to terminate altogether if iran does not get it together. a major policy shift at the white house in washington and the president unveiling and it's very easy to spot a more confrontational approach the rogue regime. >> in the event we are not able to reach a solution with congress and our allies, the agreement will be terminated. it is under continuous review and their participation can be canceled as president at any time. reporter: a lot of people asking
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what can we do to keep this together. if we can't keep it together, let's scrap the whole thing. a few congressional lawmakers feel like they have a fix. corker, cotton and rubio at automatic snapback if iran goes under the one-year breakout. and now washington speak that means that they move closer to a nuclear weapon in under a year. restrictions remain in force indefinitely and that rates the jcp awake at sunset provisions. pollster iaea verification powers. and let iran's centrifuge program. that plus the treasury is now imposing sanctions on the revolutionary guard. they are coming out of armstrong and and you'll see a lot more of that in the days and years to come. abby: will check back with you later. hopefully you are with the then. todd: obviously this is a huge announcement by the president. what is so interesting is to listen to the pullback from the
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other side. we need to take a step back and realize what the president did was really just say we are not going to certify the every and deal. i'm tired of this every 90 days deal for a guy to act. we are going to stop now and take some action now. we are not going to certify it. congress, is your job now among many jobs you have to figure out what the u.s.a. is going to do with regard to iran. here's your chance. run with it. and abby: have heard you talk about this on fox news in your lane of some great points. let's not freak out here. you were saying, todd, a lot of the democrats including nancy pelosi. just listen quickly some of nancy pelosi yesterday. >> president trumps to certify the grace that threatens america's security and credibility at a very critical time. iran remains in compliance with
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the nuclear agreement. if they did not, we would not be supporting certification. train for this is an incredibly hawkish speech be the trump wants hostility. the president has said the united states against our closest allies when it comes to the iran deal. >> president roh jaimes decisional leak has been if the u.s. decides not to abide by the terms of the deal, that is going to damage american credibility. david: -- as nancy and her friends in the media. two quick points on this. democrats have a narrative. the president giving it back to congress, not the responsibility. one of the most important parts of this deal is the fto designation. foreign terrorist organization for the i/o gc by the treasury means the patriot act means terrorist funding, all of this can be tracked.
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we have legal structures in place. the president saying you do your job, we will do with under the law. by the way, complying with the tenants of a bad deal doesn't make it a good deal. >> those are some great points. when you look at the bigger picture, he's just fighting back. the biggest sponsor of terror in the world, let's go back to the drawing board hearing put something together that is better, stronger that holds their feet to the fire. >> let's be honest about it. they funded hezbollah hamas. they've got salmon, a breakdown, they get involved all over the world can engage in cyberterrorism, proliferation. we have evidence of their materials being used to kill our soldiers and kill our ally soldiers. at what point does someone call iran on the carpet and say the race comes with it but we are going actually take you on.
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abby: democrats and even the media are upset at media are absent what does this mean for former barack obama legacy? look at what the focus has been for president trump in office when he campaigned on immigration. i mean, you name it. health care. continuing to roll back the best way he can in his office the legacy of barack obama. a lot of people wondering what will his legacy be? andersen cooper was on last night and spoke directly to that. >> never have we seen negating, even obliterating the predecessor's accomplishments. you only have to look of a president obama is for. in all fairness none of this should be a surprise. he campaigned on much of it and if nothing else is keeping promises now. what may be surprising or at least widely debated that is how much of this is personal. todd: right, david? david: the american people, we
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get represented. we made a decision as a nation to elect president trump to roll back the bad policies of obama. obama, by the way, rollback policies he didn't believe and with bush without a joint agreement. look at what he did. but obama didn't go through the constitution in congress. he was rejected by the supreme court a dozen times plus some different things. one of the biggest things about trump, he's telling congress commit to your job. that's the constitution and that is not left or right. abby: how is that personal? andersen cooper said was different about this disease -- that's right a little lost. with personal? david: it's not. they need to drive the narrative. andersen is to drive the narrative because it's watching the failures of obama play out. obama's legacy is already fallen apart by the numbers. he's been rejected by the courts. look at all the issues of all
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his signature achievements. those are bad signatures. >> this is called democracy. you devote democracy. your devoted cayenne or lady and they change what they don't like in response of the american people about spore. they vote the individual in. of course the mainstream media will get fired because they don't like the guy. we said it countless times they don't like president trump and that's just seen in the soundbites. i was at the conference in washington d.c. we'll talk more about that throughout the course of the morning. you speak with the individuals they are in the heart of america want certain things. the president is delivering in their eyes on those issues. that is the way democracy works. >> yet to realize democrats don't like the idea that trump world through the blue wall. they are the same legislative seats. they're losing middle american counts. i hate that phrase. they count. abby: they should focus on what
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they stand for versus everything they're against. we are following closely this morning with a fox news alert. the taliban and arriving home in canada overnight after being held captive for five years. joshua boyle telling reporters that his captors killed a fourth child born in captivity, and infant daughter. he also says they sexually assaulted his wife. the trump administration working at the pakistani military now to carry out their release. and now to another fox news alert. when does threatening to the deadliest acre wildfire in california's history. the death toll rising to at least 34 people is to get a firsthand look at the daring rescues underway. >> clinic at her feet. >> sir, you've got to go. go, go, go. >> this is a mandatory evacuation order. leave your home. >> i begin video rescuing a
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disabled woman, lighting up the neighborhood with smoke so thick you can barely see. unbelievable. the wildfire with 90,000 people out of their home. also overnight, president trump to end payments to health insurers under obamacare. money pouring into insurance companies profit under the guise of obama carries over. they've made a fortune. dems must fortune. dan's muscat smarting deal. 18 states and the district of columbia during the trump administration friday's announced vampiric states as the court to force the administration to make the next payment to ensure scheduled for wednesday. taking aim and nfl players kneeling during the national anthem during the weekly address to the nation. take a listen. >> you want to see those players be proud of their country. when we identified, we pay tribute to the men and women who've given everything. let us renew our commitment to love our country, protect her citizens and ensure that this
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will always be the land of the free in the home of the brave. abby: the nfl has no plans to force players to stand for the national anthem and federal governors to discuss a possible solution to end the protest. i heard sheriff david clarke earlier this week and hannity was asking about the conversation saying what is there to discuss from the national anthem plays used in a butcher hand over your heart. >> by the way, i said this if you want to protest the cop says: kaepernick began, turn around, protest guys on the sidelines in uniform. that's it. >> democrats cried sabotage of her president trump sorter to and obamacare subsidies. just going after them. what's in it? >> i don't know what is putting out today, but i do know this is sabotage of the affordable care
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act. todd: did you hear that? i don't know but it's sabotage. david: while serving in afghanistan, now it's running 31 marathons. that's amazing. right here on "fox and friends." ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> i don't know what is putting out today, but i do notice is sabotage of the affordable care act and quite frankly a real disservice to the american people. todd: just think on that for a moment. i don't know, but clearly sabotage. president transmits to halt payments to insurers under obamacare. >> is deliberately sabotaged? betsy mccoy, author of beating obamacare joins us now. >> thank you. nancy pelosi, the woman you didn't read this blog is claiming the president is sabotage and it. >> you carry that binder for
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years. first the cost-saving reductions in the subsidies to insurance companies. what did he actually do there? >> the president is abiding by the law and upholding this important document. the united takes constitution. these subsidies were not authorized and appropriated by congress. the money to pay for them is not in this thought. obama spends that money in defiance of congress which refuse to appropriate the money. congress went to court and won a case against the obama administration because it was illegal to make those payments and the president is saying i cannot make payments that congress doesn't authorize because i took an oath to uphold the united states constitution and the power of the purse belongs to congress, not to me. >> jonathan turley basically articulate that point. he worked on this case and made this really interesting point. what is president trump decides i'm going to fight the border
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wall unilaterally. >> exactly. exactly the same thing. i'm going to grab some people's money to prop up my failing health law. it is illegal. it is absolutely illegal. the irony is we have the democrats and insurance companies on one side of the issue. the president, the the constitution and the people elected representative on the other side. which side are you going to pick? david: what does this mean to the person on main street, the small business? >> the small business is affected by this. the small businesses and individuals are very effect it in a positive way by the executive order that the president made on thursday. also called sabotage by democrats. on thursday, the president announced he is rolling back obamacare regulations, that prevented people from buying affordable health plans.
3:20 am
so now, people who don't get coverage on their job are stuck between this rock and a hard place. they have to pay huge obamacare premiums will go uninsured. you say and that's not fair. we will let you buy low cost health plans, plans that cost less than half of what obamacare bronze plan costs. transfer sum this up for the american people quickly. are they better off this morning than they were last saturday? >> absolutely. more money in their pockets and cheaper better plans available. transfer the left is added again looking for ways to oust president trump from office. this time trying to label him mentally unstable. david: you can imagine that. plus this lawmaker wanted the president assassinated. now she's comparing him with hitler. we will have that next.
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ david: here are some quick headlines. the astros beaned in the new york yankees two to one. they take their first game in the al cs series. astros pitcher striking out five batters in seven scoreless innings. 10 batters strikeout. major upsets on the college football. first i've come a good one for my cousins come this year accused at a stunning, stunning number two clemson victory beating them 27-24 that breaks the 11 game winning streak.
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in california using a dominant defensive performance where they used dominant defensive performance to defeat washington state 37-3. their first win in 14 years against the top 10 teams. abby, tia. abby: unbelievable. thank you so much, david. now turning to the 25th of them as a potential option to get president trump out of office. look at these headlines. one reads when did we reach 30 fifth amendment territory. another impeachment will save us from trump's the 25th amendment might. the president can be removed a majority of the cabinet determines that he is unfit about which should really be talking about this. here's a debate, amy holmes, political analyst for rasmussen report was a clinton campaign adviser and of course a fox news contributor. good morning, ladies. thank you for being with us so early. i said we're not talking about the 25th. i've heard mentions from democrats about the 25th
3:26 am
amendment for the day the president got into office. it's one thing to hate him and his policies. it's another to say he's mentally or physically unfit to be president. >> it's another to be delusional. there is no way trump cabinet will be invoking the 25th amendment to remove him. i also think it is dangerous thinking. before the election we got a lot of lectures on the media and democrats that the results of november needed to be respected by donald trump because they thought he would lose they feared he would keep on fighting. it seems those democrats have never accepted the donald trump one-day election in november. he did win the popular vote but he did win the electoral college at 63 million americans voted for donald jay trump to be in the white house. abby: you look at how this city how this would even have been peered the 25th amendment you have to get the cabinet to stand up and say the president is unfit to serve. do democrats really see this
3:27 am
happening? >> i think we have to take into account why these stories are being discussed right now. this is not being interpreted by democrats. this is in response to one of trump's early supporters, senator corker say the president is unstable or reports coming out that republicans are saying that the president is unstable and unraveling and when you've got senator corker saying he's leading us into world war iii, these are questions that need to be asked. certainly we are not at any stage where the 25th amendment could actually be invoked. i am surprised that we also learned the president himself didn't even know at the 25th amendment was when his senior adviser, steve bannon, told him this is something you should be concerned with. if the president is charged with defending the constitution, you
3:28 am
would want him to understand all of what the constitution entails. this is coming directly from republicans who are now saying, you know, actually hurt clinton said during the election. >> had no place did he talk about the 25th amendment. he mentioned the word dangerous and this is a dangerous confrontation by having it in this country. it's also dangerous for democrats to focus so much on this? >> certainly is dangerous for their party that they seem to be often in lala land with dreams of the 25th amendment. they are just absurd and not going to happen. in the sense of it being dangerous, we have a democracy, election, logical disagreement. most of the times they are between parties but we should be talking about trying to remove the president simply because you disagree with choices he's making as controversial as they may be. he was a lack did. the one on his campaign promises
3:29 am
goodies now fulfilling campaign promises. democrats only have themselves to blame but they failed to defeat him. >> is also really challenging specific aspects of the constitution and that is concerning. >> would use the word concerning and the word dangerous. your thoughts in the missouri state senator recently and she's been in trouble for things posted on facebook in the past but on twitter she recently compared trying to hitler. she says i have a first amendment right to share my opinion and if the name is offensive to people they should look at the amendment again. original post as i hope is assassinated. how would anyone defend that? >> i think that post was indefensible. i think we have to be intellectually honest with the audience because this is not the first time that a president has come under attack like that. we saw for eight years president obama come under similar attacks
3:30 am
and actually someone like ted nugent who was welcomed into the white house for photos and dinner with the president. this isn't something conservatives can use as a rallying cry because we've had a long history of conservatives doing the same thing. who should know the language whether on the left or right. >> we're talking about elected official. ted nugent isn't the one elected into office. >> correct. let's focus on the elected official who was almost unanimously by her state senate quarter making those remarks and now she's comparing donald trump to hitler. this is the one who not only disrespected the president which is to write but also 6 million jewish were murdered by adolf hitler. hundreds of thousands of allied troops who died in defense of the west and the united states of america. for her to be comparing donald trump who merely for enacting
3:31 am
policies to a historic building with real blood on his hands i think is totally out of bounds. does she have the right to say it? yes. as the first amendment require us to like it? no. >> we see a lot of actions by this president that put them in the leg -- >> don't go down that road. >> i'm not focusing on the hitler aspect. insanely never president going after the free prize in the way dictators have in other countries. abby: ladies, we have to leave it right there. always good. any good to have you. thank you, ladies. president trump's decision on the reindeer mean? general jack keane is here to discuss that next. george clooney accused of one of his costars and she woke up about harassment on sat? clooney's response is coming out. sorry, kids. no hollowing costumes in school
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3:36 am
with nuclear weapons. in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated . >> the president making a huge announcement yesterday. general jack keane to retired four-star general, former vice chief of staff of the u.s. army, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. good to see you, sir. as always. i want to break this down into parts. one, let's focus on how this is going to impact our allies both in the region and outside of the region and to, not just nukes involved. there is also general ballistic missiles there right now are a clear and present threat to so many allies in the region. >> yes, certainly. this is very much about our allies because for the last eight years the interest of the united states in the middle east and also allies have been
3:37 am
trampled on by the obama administration. just remember that this deal, the nuclear agreement was the seminal foreign policy and national security object to is that the obama administration for eight years. as a result of that, he gave us a sense, the civil war and syria that we refuse to aid the theory and opposition forces and at least we may not have been able to run a sod out of power, but we could have done so much more to stop the killing that has taken place. so our allies absolutely applaud this. when president trump went to riyadh a few months ago and made the seminal speech therapy for 55 liters of the middle east and northern africa, he told them, the first thing he said, iran is the strategic enemy in the region and i will stand with you against this number one threat to the region. so while we are focusing so much
3:38 am
of the nuclear deal and what's wrong with it and how to create some threats to fix it, and the real major thing i get out of this is the strategic object is that we move from appeasement to iran for the last eight years, the confrontation and willingness to stand up with our allies against them. >> general, we hear from the media that essentially this would be the ending of world war iii, but does the hyperbole not recognize the hegemonic aspirations of iran in the region? >> you know, you're absolutely right. what the iranians have done, the number one objective the president cited yesterday was to neutralize the afghan behavior in the region. that was the first thing he said as part of the strategic review. they've got 160,000 rockets and missiles in lebanon with hezbollah. they are there for one reason and one reason only. israel. iranians run a more inferior. they brought the russians in
3:39 am
when the regime was in trouble. they solidified the western part of syria. but to solidify the eastern part. one criticism of the trump administration i don't think we have no coherent plan after we defeat isis. they have more political influence in iraq than we have despite all of their military successes there. they want to build a land bridge from iran through iraq, through syria, through lebanon and a naval port and the mediterranean. they trampled all over gannon. they depose the government that we are supporting. yes, this is a very dangerous regime to be sure. if we let them have nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles and we think north korea is a problem, that would make iran not just a regional merit, but a global mass. abby: general, you know how to command the stage. so does general john kelly.
3:40 am
i know you saw this press conference. the highlights for me taking on the press. when he speaks it's like the media, they don't quite know how to respond. they taken very seriously. what was your response to him saying to the media come the media company to just get a few more services for your story. >> i think one of the most frustrating things this administration has to deal with, all administrations do with criticisms criticisms of the press. it's part of their everyday staple. the amount of false stories that are out there, even i know myself from reading news media every day that i know for a fact based on by contact with the administration that this is a bunch of silly. and we just know it's not true. i share general kelly's frustration, coming to work every day working so hard to get something right for the american people. these people really putting a shoulder into this thing to do
3:41 am
what's right. obviously to include the president himself. he had his own personal style in its controversial that people always criticize it. but he is the president of the united states. his hearts in the right place. he's got great leaders trained to do the right thing. when people write false stories which are allies, i've been in the far east command of far east command of the least in europe for weeks. since president trump a select team. i'll tell you what, they read this media and they have some concerns, but they also are absolutely reassured we have a president who's putting america back on the world stage, promoting global leadership, stability, security and prosperity once again. we have not had that for some time. abby: those false headlines can be quite dangerous. good to have your perspective. i do want to bring you something quickly. george clooney denied former er costar vanessa marquez who starred as nurse wendy goldman
3:42 am
and accused clooney and having a role in her being asked from his show. the allegations after clinton publicly condemned harvey went in factions. responding to marquez statement saying i had no idea i was blacklisted if she was involved in any decision about her career that she was lied to. carolina panthers fan arrested after punching an older man. we want to warn you come you may find this video quite disturbing. [inaudible conversations] wow, kyl barrett out charge of simple assault after the altercations during thursday's game. a fan posted this video on instagram. witnesses said the vic was upset they were standing during the game. suspect the attorney claims the man was harassing him and his girlfriend. but would we do without social media videos?
3:43 am
abby: don't take it that seriously. i have to get a lawyer and defend yourself. why'd you hit an older person? it's just wrong. so wrong. todd: he was not old. abby: kory lewandowski, dan bongino both joining us live. transfer could harvey weinstein sue his own company for firing him? does he have a case? gregg jarrett is on deck. gary is. ♪ 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness, so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress
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abby: welcome back. bring you details on the weinstein scandal. now facing removal from the procedures academy board. there will be a state later today. david: today. david: been welcome in not
3:47 am
backing down after being fired from his company. tmc reported the rule based in houston are greedy and never violated his contract. the contract allowed him to keep his job even a sexual harassment suit came into play. just unbelievable. abby: fox news anchor gregg jarrett, no one better to help break all of this down. what standing does weinstein have at this point? he is going to sue his own company. where does that go? >> is your chance. not only a sexual predator who terrorize women but also a fool if he thinks he can contest being fired. his contract was an illegal contract because it enabled him, in writing to harass women, pay a fine essentially to himself, continue the job and continue to terrorize and harassed and sexually abused women. that is under lock and illegal contract. it is null and void, which makes
3:48 am
and an employee who can be fired for a reason or no reason at all in the money of reasons. abby: through and are claiming that he them. the details coming out or getting worse and worse. >> battlement worse and worse, evidence of the 2015 undercover reporting by n.y.p.d. what about statute of limitations? talking about the contract, but the charges that can be brought. >> no statute of limitations anywhere, which i don't want to get too drastic but it is penetration. first come a sexual assault in most jurisdictions, so use in legal jeopardy criminally. probably l.a. police are investigating and that tape in new york is incriminating, damning evidence. he chose to drop the case and interestingly, the lawyers for
3:49 am
weinstein lavished generously a lot of money after he dropped the case against weinstein. abby: chretien at the unbiased? >> absolutely. should end up behind bars if the accusers are correct. 32 women have come forward. sexual harassment, three of them as you point out. this is a guy who deserves to be behind bars. if he thinks he can retain his position at weinstein company, he cannot. abby: just horrible. >> i wrote a column that said the weinstein co. could shut its doors and do three things. apologize sincerely, set up a fund to the benefit is analysts will continue to grow in finally come finally, contribute tens of millions of dollars to organizations that are dedicated to helping abused women. and then, it should close down operations. abby: good to have you with us this morning. kory lewandowski coming dan
3:50 am
bongino both joining us live next hour. david: this marine lost both legs while serving in afghanistan. now he's running 31 marathons in 31 days. david: that's impossible. david: it's amazing. he's doing it to help his fellow troops. right here next on "fox and friends." what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country,
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3:53 am
abby: this is a remarkable story of determination. in 2010, bob jones serving in afghanistan when he stepped on a landmine. he lost both of his legs but he did not let that slow him down, even winning a bronze medal in
3:54 am
2012. david: unbelievable. now his mission to help other veterans. he is running dirty one marathons and 31 days in 31 cities to raise money for wounded veteran charities. it's an unbelievable honor to have them here. marine corps veteran rod jones joins us now before his recent central park this morning. cannot thank you enough for being here. before we get into the specifics, please tell us your story. >> sure, i was a combat engineer in the marine corps. my job was to find ied is buried in the ground and so in july of 2010 i was in afghanistan, saying an district of helmand province and we were pushing into taliban territory, taking it over and we came out to a danger area where there was a likelihood of an ied being there. i went out to clear a route through the area. the ied found me before i found it. abby: at what point did you wake
3:55 am
up after losing both of your legs and say i can't go on with my life, you can even walk anymore, saying i'm going to do something, actually in this case ran 31 marathons and 31 days. how did you get to that point? >> i have an uncanny knack i suppose her of being able accept my situation. i was able to accept it pretty quickly once i kind of came out of the haze from surgery and pain medications. i was able to bounce back pretty quickly and, you know, i just figured this is a situation now, so my mission is still the same. make a difference in the world. leave the world better than i found it. so how am i going to do that now? todd: as if this whole thing was that remarkable enough, you ran a race, a marathon in london on thursday and traveled to philadelphia yesterday now you run today. the travel alone would exhaust
3:56 am
me, not to mention you are running 2622 miles in each location. this is unbelievable. tell us what you are doing today. abby: look at that. this is a map of all the races you are doing. >> we are going to drive about 9500 miles total. luckily for me we have an rv, so i have my wife there that is handling just about everything. i have a driver, my mom that gives me massages because she's a massage therapist. i'm resting pretty well for most of the travel. todd: how can we help? obviously an amazing cause. >> besser to help us to go to my website, rod jones donate to charities and supporting there. by the really nice t-shirt i'm wearing and most importantly you can actually rsvp to run with me. i'm encouraging everybody to come around a mile or whole thing whatever you want. david: you are an inspiration. thank you for service in all you do.
3:57 am
corey dillon dass gave with iran. >> of imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, maybe that is why kim jong un has his own version of mira lago. up next with "fox and friends." to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
>> iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. we can not and will not make this certification. >> there is a theme. the threat is a return to rule of law. we move from the appeasement to iran in the last eight years of confrontations. >> the number of damning sexual harassment cases against harvey weinstein continues to grow. >> the feminist movement clearly has been fraught all these decades. >> is time to negotiate health care that's good for everybody. >> the ball is in your court.
4:01 am
>> president trump called it a renaissance for conservative values. >> in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. abby: taking aim at nfl players to enter the national anthem. >> respect our flag and respect our national interests. ♪ transform a little bit worried because it's two sons he had. abby: and dancing. kind of bobbing. if you really want to wake up. david webb on the couch this morning. trends are still here. i haven't run away yet. three to go. i'm ready to go.
4:02 am
abby: todd, good to have you with us. a lot of this to get to israelis have on saturday morning. david: president trump announcing he will not certify the iran nuclear deal. transfer the president shopping sort of scrapping the deal altogether. abby: kevin corke live in washington with what all this means. always good to see you. >> great to be with you guys did the president that i do support congressional lawmakers in their effort to influence them foster better deliverables from the iranians, but he made it clear in his remarks with the white house that if we can't get this thing right, he will terminate the iran nuclear deal. the effort is simple. to get the regime to live up to the spirit and the letter of the accord. >> while the united states adheres to our commitment under the deal, the iranian regime continues to feel conflict, terror and turmoil throughout the middle east and beyond.
4:03 am
importantly, iran is not living up to this. of the deal. todd: you guys talked about this in the last half-hour. a dramatic shift in a far more confrontational way to look at the iranian regime. as for congressional lawmakers, they are trying to come up with a fix for the jcpoa, corker, cotton and rubio. sanctions if iran goes under the one-year branko. they remained in force indefinitely. goodbye to the so-called sunset provisions that apply to sanctions bolstering the iaea verification powers and limit iran's advanced centrifuge program. now you're asking yourself, what does it mean now? the ball is in congress' court. 60 days to formulate a strategy until the strategy that to the white house. again, if they can be successful in that affair, they could hold the u.s. out altogether.
4:04 am
we'll be listening very carefully. abby: let's hope congress can do their job. good to see you. thank you. transfer great way of breaking that down for us, the nuts us, not symbols. a little analysis from corey lewandowski, former trump campaign manager and senior advisor for america first. good to see you as always on saturday morning. he heard the president and kevin. what do you think? >> good morning. great to be with you today. clearly the administration following through on the campaign promises they made paper president trump talked about on the campaign trail and as the president was the iranian deal has been a terrible deal for the american people and what he's done is he's empowered as ambassador to the united nations company keeley, to make sure that iran -- that the iranian deal is followed through on and she went to vienna, met with executives at the iaea and then she went and gave a speech in washington d.c. a few months
4:05 am
back to lay the groundwork for the fact she didn't believe this was actually being followed through on. the president said yesterday will mixture congress has the power to go back and look at this, understand that, come up with the resolution. if they don't come if you act under his authority of the president of the united states to pull out of the deal. >> this is that the president promised on the campaign trail undoing the obama era policies. andersen cooper mentioned that last thing on the show. here's what he said. >> never had we seen the president so bent on obliterating his predecessors accomplishments. if you want to notice against you only have to look at what president obama was for. in all fairness, none of this should be a surprise. he campaigned on much of it and is keeping his promises now. what may be surprising or at least widely debated is how much of this is personal. abby: i am not sure that it's personal.
4:06 am
it does make you wonder, though, the president is successful with the iran deal, obamacare, turning these things around, while the former president barack obama's legacy be? >> you will be one of the failure. we've seen this administration has tackled a fist and isolate and done more in the first 10 months or so in the administration of ridding the world of this terrorist organization in the obama administration in eight years. the stock rocketed 43, 44 new highs. a trillion dollars in the stock market in the first 10 months of the administration. where the growth rate of 3% and 4% moving forward. under the old administration 1%. we need to look at the metrics. an unbiased assessment of what the president has been able to achieve compared to the previous eight years. he is far and away above anything the obama administration has been able to do. now we're looking at health care because congress refused to act
4:07 am
because of their inability to get things done, took done, took it in his old hands and by health care across state line. go back and look at the campaign. these are things the president campaigned on an even andersen cooper, not a friend of the administration has to admit he's following through on his campaign promises which is that the american people elected him to do. the mac it's funny. president keep their promises. hillary clinton who didn't get to be president is on a book to a book tour that never ends it seems. she now calls trump and assault her. is that out of bounds? >> hillary is a very angry person obviously. she ran the worst campaigned in the history of presidential campaigns that she couldn't connect with female, african-americans and hispanics. she forgot what the state of wisconsin was finishing up every battleground state in the country and blames everyone else for her lost futures on the book
4:08 am
tour to say it's everybody else but irrelevant. it wasn't her fault. where is she on the weinstein thing? abby: a lot of people haven't seen the clip. i want to get your thoughts. let's let people know what you're talking about here. >> this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere whether an entertainment politics, after all we have someone admitting to being a sexual assault in the oval office. there has to be recognition that we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic. >> and this depends upon women coming forward and having the courage to come forward. in your book on the three women brought onto stage by trump attacking her husband new kind of dismiss them. without the right thing to do? >> yes, that at all been. that was the subject of a huge investigation as you might
4:09 am
recall in the late 90s and never conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past. david: so gloria, is this the 90s flashback? missing something about sexual assault her admitted in the white house. >> there was a sexual assault in the white house called bill clinton. he had to pay $750,000 fine for abuses he perpetrated while president of the united states. he lost his law license. he lied under oath that he was impeached. she should be talking about in the white house. when she talks about the entertainment industry, this is amazing. harvey weinstein and friends of hers for a long, long time. she's been stunningly silent. we saw that mario cuomo, mayor from new york and decided to give it all back. it's amazing the hypocrisy of hollywood in the liberal elites who they don't want to talk about harvey weinstein anymore because he's one of their own.
4:10 am
the netiquette of "the new york times" did want to break this story. it's amazing how the liberal left has their own agenda and they refuse to acknowledge that they have been part of the problem in hollywood for the last 30 years. it hasn't been one person or two people. we are at 30 people now have accused harvey weinstein of serious felonies have no recourse and no cry from the liberal left. this is what the hypocrisy is all about. >> three women accusing winds can of raid. it's so dangerous to point out hypocrisy is a great place to be. >> thank you. abby: we do want to begin with the fox news alert. the american woman arriving home in canada overnight after being held captive for five years. joshua boyle told reporters his captors killed a fourth child born in captivity, and infant daughter. yes is that they sexually assaulted his wife caitlin coleman predator and administration working working with the pakistani military to
4:11 am
carry out their release. when does threat and to spark more flames of what is now the deadliest week of wildfires in california's history. the vessel rising to 34 people as they get a firsthand look at the daring rescues underway. >> come on. >> litigator feat. >> sir, you've got to go. go, go, go, go. >> this is a mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. abby: flames lighting up the neighborhood with smoke so thick you could barely see anything at all. wildfires have changed entrée cheesed 90,000 people out of their home and it continues. greater details on the harvey went in scandal. now facing removal from the academy board. they will decide his fate later today. not backing down after being fired from his own film company. tmc reported in a hollywood is planning to challenge saying he
4:12 am
never violated his contract which allowed him to keep his job even if sexual harassment suits came into play. as his next move in his rogue nuclear program, kim jong un building his own version of mar-a-lago while his people starve to death. building a knock of spanish resort in the seaside town, a vacation spot that appears to be kim's attempted to north korea take on his getaway. only his report just happens to be alongside his rocket test site. two differences bear. abby: just a few. the story has been story has been a few outrage story has been a few outrage. an illegal immigrant killing a data to kids in a horrific car crash. the illegal immigrant serving two years in jail. the mom seeking justice peter congressman joins us live with what he's doing to help next. try to do absolutely pitch in in a final paragraph of the infamous tarmac waiting between
4:13 am
bill clinton and the rental lunch? wait until you hear what the fbi just found. will that ignite another scandal? ♪ we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. but they never i always loved me back.otatoes, so i came up with o, that's good! comfort sides with a nutritious twist like mashed potatoes with yummy cauliflower, but you'll only taste the love. see what i mean? o, that's good! our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast."
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4:16 am
david: the latest on this devastating story appeared a father and his young children killed after an illegal immigrant falls asleep at the wheel and friends had gone into the family. those innocent lines you see there were lost. the suspect getting a mere slap on the wrist from expected to spend two years behind bars. her broken mother and widow courtney hakki joined us last week on "fox and friends" and i
4:17 am
spoke to her. here's what she told me. spinnaker membered their beautiful faces. i see them from the moment i wake up to the moment i go to bed. i remember their hugs and i miss those. i miss those hugs everyday and i miss hearing mommy coming down the love you. i miss everything about them on a daily basis. abby: she would never have been back. courtney hakki as congressman joins us to sit tight future tragedies like this one and make sure justice is served. good to have you on this morning. >> good to have you with you. abby: have been thinking about her all week in which he is lost. before we get to helping others i know it's a passion from yours. is there anything about the illegal immigration now charged to two years for killing most of her family's or anything that
4:18 am
can be done because people are frustrated. >> abby, my worst days as a prosecutor before coming to congress was having to sit with kind of and hear the stories are not prospective peer one of my worst days as a member of congress was story and knowing that it could have been prevented. we really do need to focus on enforcing the immigration laws that are on the book. i worked closely with the hacking family and law enforcement officials to make sure he got the maximum punishment under the law. we need to do a better job of not just enforcing the laws, then making sure illegal aliens have a propensity to commit crimes don't get banned the first place. >> now this man will go to prison for two years and then he is living free. courtney's life will never be the same. you see the photo of her adorable for a time, for real
4:19 am
daughter, 22 -month-old son gone forever. you've got to know courtney personally and she's fighting hard, passionately to make these changes. what have you learned from her and her story? >> people talk about closure. in so often from the other side we hear compassion and certain programs amending certain programs could break apart the events of illegal. there is no child will have a worse com and kelly hakeem her grace and hacking or the family. and so, i can't tell you how much i appreciate the fact even after this tragedy, courtney is willing to devote her time towards making sure they're
4:20 am
american citizens don't go through what she has. the good news is we finally have someone living at 1600 penn irving avenue who shares that frustration and concern and is willing to work with congress to prevent these types of tragedies abby: all ask you again is there anyway to change the mandatory sentencing
4:21 am
4:22 am
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. todd: 20 minute after the hour. virginia's gubernatorial election given the vice presidential treatment today. mike pence campaigning for the republican nominee later today and former vp spinning this morning in northern virginia with lieutenant governor bob north. answering questions from the special counsel, robert mueller's team on the probe. white house chief of staff lawyer says the interview is voluntary investors dread
4:25 am
investigators interviewed another current former white house officials. david, over to you. >> thank you. this week president trump talking through everything from the iran deal, fake news media. what is the american people think the malay carter, poster of atlantean partners at the president to the dial. good to see you. first, let's go to donald trump on: kaepernick. >> i watched: kaepernick and thought it was terrible. and then it got bigger and bigger as the mushrooming in the nfl should have suspended him for one game and he would've never done it again. they could have suspended him if he did a third time for the season and you would never of had a problem. but i will tell you, you cannot disrespect our country, our flag, and them. you cannot do that. >> out of the dial is turned off
4:26 am
for the president? >> republicans love this stuff. democrats gave it a d., which i thought was most interesting is democrat said this is one of the fake issues to distract us from other things going on. republicans say it's important to get her patriotism back. >> of course that's the big news on friday. those who for the president on the iran deal. >> i think it was one of the most incompetently drawn bills have ever seen. $150 billion given. we've got nothing. they've got a past nuclear weapons very quickly. think of this one. $1.7 billion in cash. this is cash out of your pocket. you know how many are was that must be? they're missing a promotion where they have -- that's a lot. would be authorized to do it
4:27 am
enjoy the people who deliver it? you may never see them again. this is the worst deal. we've got nothing. trained to got to admit it's got some great laughs in there. >> the democrat -- basically what the democrats said, you can see republicans gave a come independent speed. the democrat said basically what up over obama would be against what the ax to grind. republicans said one of them said this very well. at that date didn't negotiate with terrorists. his right to force a vote. divided on this issue as well. train to classified, but we'll get into that another time. americans care about taxes. we are getting close to the end of the year. they are looking at april, so what about the tax code? he says will make it easier. >> the second plaques of our framework is to make the tax
4:28 am
code more simple, fair and easy to understand. american families and businesses waste billions of hours and tens of billions of dollars on excruciating paperwork. you see that all over the place. you have no idea what you're doing anyway. in compliance every single year. massive numbers of paper. under our framework, the vast majority will be able to file their taxes on that same single sheet of paper that i'm so proud of talking about. >> you can see republicans and independents of the chart they are. they give us an a+ for democrats gave it a c+. we heard especially earlier talking about simple and fair. the message democrat can get behind and also believe which is important. >> things, leave. great to see you. remember that infamous, i would
4:29 am
say famous and infamous together meeting between loretta lynch. this could unite another scandal. dan bongino but the president to decertify the iran deal saying it was a scam from the start here and he joins us next. ♪ ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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4:33 am
>> we will see what happens with iran. we are very unhappy with iran. they have not treated us with the kind of respect. they should've thanked barack obama for making that deal. they were economically gone. 100 to $150 billion into their economy. he gave them 1.7 billion in cash and they should be thanking president obama. davida that. >> the present rate they are yesterday. dan bongino, former secret service agent, who said the podcast renegade republican and author protecting the president. as always, good to see you on a saturday morning. the area and it was a joke from the start so the question is why are democrats so vociferously defending them?
4:34 am
>> listen, first off there is no iran deal. there is an obama deal, but someone should tell the iranians that there is an actual iran deal. now if the spirit of the deal as i've heard recently, and the spirit of the so-called iran deal which was really the obama deal was to stop or slow down the development of nuclear technology for the iranian, then why are the iranians thirst eking dual use technology in developing ballistic missile delivery systems to potentially deliver a nuclear weapon. here is one where pro-tip about the obama deal. there's no iran deal. it's a joke. you probably shouldn't deliver pallets of cash to a regime whose motto is like death to america. probably not a good idea. >> interesting topics absolutely. as the president said yesterday, the basically restored their
4:35 am
economy. >> cash is king. we talked to people all over the country. what are you hearing from the people out there? do they get this? >> they absolutely get it. as you've probably seen yourself, twitter is a great big public forum where you get a lot of good voices on both sides. some can get a little hostile but to get public opinion at least. the only people defending that are doing it not to defend the deal. they are doing it to defend obama because they want to maintain this veneer of foreign-policy credibility on the obama site to make people believe the democrats have something to stand on and they don't. it's always a crèche for them in the past. train to the deal is kind of a hollywood reality. what about a real hollywood reality? jimmy kimmel "good morning america" talking about the nation. here it is. let's listen in.
4:36 am
>> first of all to harvey white demand a false equivalence is said that the knowledge equivalent to what happened in las vegas. harvey weinstein is not a person, not a friend of mine, i'm not in the movie business. i will add that story came out like moments before we went to tape on thursday we didn't have a show on friday. >> you address that on the following monday. >> what they are doing now is trying to drag up any kind of especially these gun nuts trying to take any comedy bit i get out of context and use it as some kind of proof saying that i'm calling myself a moral conscience of america which i most certainly never did. abby: can you pick and choose? not the moral conscience of america appeared which you often hear liberals in hollywood jumping on things like gun control in health care,, how is this different? why should we not be thinking about something so worth it?
4:37 am
>> i've really been very deferential to the sky because of what is going through because of his child. i've got to tell you i'm losing patience with him. i don't think he cares and he probably should but he says things are ridiculous on their face you should be embarrassed at first he says they take my comedy bits out of context. if you saw that day, this is a family show. i literally can't even discuss what he's doing with women on the show because it backwards. there's no way to take that out of context. secondly, it is kind of fascinating jimmy wraps himself in morality when discussing guns and health care. we are saving the kids come the saving grandma from evil republicans. when he said obvious black-and-white moral issue cut and dry, he runs from it because harvey is a democrat. no other reasons avoiding the topic. he should stand on principle and pay this guy deserves that. it's got a coming next week.
4:38 am
i've got a whole bunch of bits prepared but i'll never do it. abby: a lot of hypocrites on this one who avoided so long and it's important to point that out. always good to see you. has your family and gross? >> they were great. things are having them up for the cooking with friends. they are still talking about it. abby: i love it. good to see you. other headlines we are following. police identifying killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old marcus mcneill shot several times. but really what is the video where he was shot and killed during a struggle rather than at a distance. 30-year-old derrick burgess will face first-degree murder charges and possibly the death penalty. records describe him as a career criminal. the three-year veteran of the forest leaves behind a wife and two gun kid. and the fbi finds 30 new pages of documents concerning the controversial tarmac meeting between bill clinton and the
4:39 am
meadowlands. judicial watch same offense only documents as a watchdog group caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit. in june 2016, a private plan phoenix preload member that while the fbi was investigating hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. they expect to see the documents by the end of november. stay tuned for that one. the houston astros beating the new york yankees to the one with the first game of the best-of-seven series. ken dialed getting the final bit to recite a. 10 strikeout performance. transfer what are you going to do? we are played with the houses' money at this point, yankees fans. >> i'm not into this at all.
4:40 am
>> i was in d.c. yesterday. it was ridiculous. unbelievable. serious stuff to get your obviously our lives in california with those wildfires are they going to see any relief anytime soon? >> a better day yesterday. at least control about the conditions get worse than a flood all across the state and throughout the afternoon we watch winds pick up and will try things out toward southern california. southern california now another bad day for. winds will continue sometimes 50 to 55 miles an hour. unfortunately a really rough weekend. next chance of rain towards the end of the dry season. we will begin the rainy season. this takes us until thursday and maybe some good moisture moving in. along with go. one other story right here, some severe weather today. watch out from around chicago
4:41 am
over towards the northern part of missouri. >> you've been a busy man these past few weeks. reporter: i tried. abby: thinking of everyone in california. i don't know if you're going to make it come in david. strange and tragic what is going on. >> president trump becoming the first president ever to address the values voter summit. behind the scenes with kellyanne conway, dr. ali decaying and many more. we will have that next. trent is still to come, jason jason, rob o'neill. this is a great line. who are we missing? ♪ and now, i help people find discounts, like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance.
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4:45 am
david: some quick headlines. despite chicago's statistic that's been named one of the safest cities in the world. the economist unit a london-based research firm rank in the city tonight tina fey says. the only other two u.s. cities on the list does seem the cisco nla pier chicago police reported 530 murders so far this year. they bring the survey says they think it's okay to shut down campus. this is a growing number of protests against conservative commentators continue. the survey by the republican pollster john mclaughlin had no partisan gap when it came to condoning violence to silence speakers. unbelievable. transport switching gears 45 minutes after the hour. interesting day yesterday. the values voter summit spoke with so many interesting people.
4:46 am
all the attendees will get a chance to speak with all different types of folks about how they feel the president is doing with regard to a number of issues. i specifically matter to that group of individuals at that conference. things like abortion, family values and things of that nature. here is what they have to say. >> this morning i'm honored and thrilled to return as the first sitting president with this incredible gathering of friends. so many friends. >> what did you think? >> fantastic like he always is. very relaxed, very much at home, but also recognizes how important a sort of reporters. >> so inspirational. just amazing. >> the values are something is focused on. >> he had a home run here. you connect with the people. >> i do think the president is doing with regard to conservative issues? >> is doing really well. any 1% of evangelicals voted for
4:47 am
donald trump which is the highest ever. >> to an amazing job with conservative issues. >> everyone here brought together by the shame shares and timeless values. >> many times voters like this are pigeonholed into one or two issues that we know they are false doctrines conservative social economic foreign defense issues. >> we protect religious liberty. >> how is the president doing with regard to what you call the attacks on christian liberty? >> is doing an outstanding job. >> we cherish the dignity of the beverage human life. >> we believe he's doing wonderful things. he's speaking up for values, defending the unborn. >> democrats think they can run their lives, overrule values. >> i was the president doing with regard to small government issues? >> a fantastic job. >> producing president trump is doing? >> in spite of all the attacks of viciousness and all the rest
4:48 am
of that, he is progressive for it. >> the progress he's making i want to encourage him to continue to bring us and we are saying merry christmas again. >> why something as merry christmas important? >> that is symbolic of the inspiration for the heart and soul of this nation. >> i love how donald trump is doing now. >> our administrations would be cherished, protected and defended. like you have never seen before. >> the encouragement people here at the values voter summit takeaways that we have a president who understands these are important issues he's working on. >> do is create a nice -- [inaudible]
4:49 am
above all else, we know this in america. we don't worship government. we worship god. >> rework, todd. you talk about the values voter summit. a lot of times they worry about the values. they lose sight of faith in talking about what president trump is doubled down on many things he campaigned on. >> there is an important point here being ignored by a lot of the media. whether you are a christian conservative, evangelical, you like the fact that you've got a president keeping his word, his nomination and appointment. then look at the const to shame. they care about the constitution. they believe in individual rights and recognize differences and they got to the biggest
4:50 am
selling point. i don't there is anyone who believes the social conservatives. constitutional conservative gives them the right to believe in their values. abby: great point. todd: next guest says reno suffered an absolutely heartbreaking tragedy, boosting herb rather, sister-in-law and her four grandchildren and a fire that united their christmas tree while they slept. could've been prevented with a sprinkler. she is here live with her life-saving advice for every family next. you don't want to miss it.
4:51 am
♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> when guests are threatening to spark more flames of the deadliest week of wildfires in california's history.
4:54 am
as we continue to track wildfires there this week also marks the national fire safety prevention week. on average, seven people died in the u.s. house fires each day. >> for next guest knows the heartbreak of us all to well. january 2015 she lost her brother, sister-in-law and four grandchildren to an electoral fire that another christmas tree. the only thing that could've saved their lives would've been a fire sprinkler system. >> joining us now with the national fire cheese. welcome to the both of you. i just want to say i can imagine the loss of the tragedy of losing six family members and a fire like that. in such a short time to make people aware. >> is very important to me people realized. my family did not --
4:55 am
[inaudible] reporter: fighters dispersing in california california, nothing could have stopped that. that's a different thing. fire sprinklers can make a difference. tell us about as. >> as they light the fires, what's changed in california's fuels in the forests have changed, so have the field of our homes. what you hear it now, the smoke alarm currently morning. >> the exact same situations. one with a sprinkler, one without. >> you see the flames go across the ceiling. the fire is being contained. it is deactivated as the woman of the sprinkler is closest to the fire goes out. as you see now the sprinklers control the fire. reporter: chief, i want to ask you this.
4:56 am
i don't have a sprinkler system. a commercial building obviously do. how, does it? >> in california and maryland requires an all-new construction. it's in the international residential code and the national fire protection association standards of code. it is required in new homes. some states don't adopt it. what we see here is the growth so fire burns faster. underwriters laboratory told us this. home fires burn faster. that's what we are seeing in the home. the sprinkler won't save it comes from outside. if it comes from the inside. the smoke alarm is early suppressant and then we need our firefighters for emergency was bonds. reporter: thank you so much for being here. crucial is to have. we want to get the word out. more on this with "fox and
4:57 am
friends" when we come back. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. as it's time for our fall sale on the only bed
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>> not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> the only people defending that are doing it to defend obama. >> we cannot and will not make the certification. >> we flew from appeasement to iran. abby: details of the harvey weinstein scandalous jason whittle from the stooges academy awards. >> at the mason hypocrisy of hollywood and the liberal elite and refusing to acknowledge that they have been part of the problem. >> is going to be time to negotiate health care that's good for everybody. conservative values -- >> we don't worship government. we worship god.
5:01 am
>> a very happy life even though my wife went to see her cues probably can't even name one person on the team. it's all about me today. >> for those of you don't know, syracuse beat clemson from a very unexpected because they're sort of nok football team. they won the national championship last year. abby: david and i are moping over here. we are happy to be alive.
5:02 am
>> they went to our country. >> those giants fans. >> you are with us today. david webb, everybody. a lot of news to get to. big show still ahead. >> chub announcing he will not certify the iran nuclear deal. transfer the president stopping short of scrapping the deal altogether. >> washington d.c. on what this means. how are you? >> i'm doing well, guys. giants fans out there beware of the broncos. i'll leave it at that. the iran nuclear deal, congress has 50 days to refine the approach is that if someone and then they have to sell it to the white house because again, ari some sort of their breakthrough, the president could still pull the u.s. out of the agreement is
5:03 am
simply speaking, tick tock, congress, tick tock. >> in the event we are not able to reach a solution with congress and allies, and the agreement will be terminated. it is under continuous review and our participation can be canceled by me as president at any time. >> keyword there, continuous review. that means they are looking at this very carefully. here's a possible six byte corker, cotton and rubio comest and rubio, snapback of iran goes under the one-year break out. bill that the iaea powers and limit iran's centrifuge program. don't forget, they are also major news out of washington. the president declaring iran's islamic revolutionary guard a terrorist resolution. actions by treasury can come off part of their lifeblood. but to you.
5:04 am
>> let's get right to the point on this deal. it's a bad deal and has been a bad deal. bernie sanders is tweeting why we are not complying with this deal. this is a guy who should pay more attention to his wife, jane, not a bad deal turns out. the american people get it. the terrorist regime really important in a president operates the people from the government. he's been there for 28 years as they've been in power. they oppress their people. americans get this is a bad deal. proliferation and the money we gave all says it was a failure from the start. >> this deal together just yet. he is saying congress, do your job. we've got to be stronger when it comes to iran, the biggest sponsors of terror in the world. if you take a step back regardless of republican or democrat, is not what everyone should want?
5:05 am
>> democrats claim to support israel don't pay attention to iran supporting hamas and has 11 attack israel. 11,000 missiles of some sort of pointed at israel whether its rockets or otherwise. >> grade-point. nancy pelosi and other folks in the media have the reaction. >> president trump's refusal to recertify is a great mistake that threatens american security and credibility and a very critical time. iran remains in compliant with the nuclear agreement. if they did not come he would not be supporting certification. >> incredibly hawkish speech. the united dance, tribe administration wants hostility. the president has set the united dates against our closest allies when it comes to the iran deal. >> president rouhani's position now we cut them out, if the u.s. decides to abide by the terms of the deal, and that is just going to damage american credibility.
5:06 am
todd: you clearly saw nancy pelosi speaking there, in number of members of the media speaking. i'm a sort of national security issues, i prefer to get my information analysis from individuals like you, military individuals to bet on the frontlines to understand how diplomacy and military work together. and so, when you speak with these individuals come in many in favor of what the president did. looking at kicking the can down the road mentality, the appeasement mentality, the president said it yesterday when you avoid the problem, it gets worse. david: the problem doesn't go away. an important part is that he withdraw from the battlefield, whatever that is, the diplomatic battlefield, actual battlefield, that doesn't mean your enemy withdraws to the battlefield. you are so engaged in conflict. we are in a conflict with iran. they are hegemonic views that i've been writing about for
5:07 am
years and i've been studying for years. it doesn't stop. they further their ideas and proliferate around the world. they are a global threat. can you imagine if they had a nuclear weapon? not just delivery. it's proliferation. abby: it is good for allies. we had general jack keane on the show earlier and it was a reminder of how we forget how important relations are to our allies around the world. israel is one of them. david: egypt's government. at a recent conversation with one of their senior officials. they want security and certainty. other companies, jordan is weak militarily. they give us good intelligence. >> at the mention of the top of the show a very busy news morning here because yesterday was a very busy news day. as you might imagine, the president did it at 7:00 on the east coast has been tweeting this morning.
5:08 am
health insurance stocks which have gone through the roof during the obama carriers plunged yesterday after i handed the dems windfall. very proud of my executive order which greatly expanded access and far lower cost for health care. millions of people. let's break this down for ultimately what it is. those under the obama administration were illegal when you listen to individuals that jonathan hurley. there are subsidies for insurance companies. no two ways about it. david: they try to pop up as system because the key to obamacare was they need to have the young people by support the old. that is the funding mechanism for not failed, the executive cannot do this. congress, the house controls the money. the money is spent there. it's appropriate, factually correct because there's an appeal under way after the decision. the trumpet menace ration for a
5:09 am
while house continued payment now we see action being taken on not. the rebound and look at the investor side of that. abby: what happened to the people? david: that their bottom line. the profit margin accounts for dollars in subsidies from the dollars sales, whatever else. >> here's what the president's doing that's different from obamacare that were shoved down everyone's throat. i heard him yesterday. he said i want to work with democrats. i invite them to the white house. i will go see you. democrats in a box because they are open and honest on the campaign trail, then no changes need to be made with health care. i do go back to constituents and say we need to come to the table and have a conversation about how to fix obamacare and now it's a matter of them working together. >> from one moment i do not
5:10 am
leave, and a moment democrats will come. the president made promises on the campaign trail. he skipped another promise in this promise is real-world effect. not for being political and it's not political. he is a businessman. the blue-collar billionaire gets it to the american people. >> for completely different reasons. the unraveling of the iran deal, unraveling of hollywood with harvey wines being facing more accusations from the growing number practices or the big question is will he listers decide to keep weinstein in the academy. the folks who put on the oscars every year. seems like we are going into a baseball. we want to focus on this because we think this underlies the hypocrisy. having a meeting today to determine whether the individual has been accused of many things.
5:11 am
they were accusing him. david: how many accusations and undercover tapes do you need to have a meeting to remove harvey weinstein. you need a meeting for this? todd: there's going to be a meeting. a few years ago the esteemed coaches penn state university with regard to the whole jerry sandusky scandal. he was run out of town and for all intents and purposes he was an older gentleman, yes. we had talk show host on the hypocrisy that exists between that situation and what's going on in hollywood right now. take a listen. >> a few years ago it penn state, joe paterno and jerry sandusky doing terrible things. it was suggested that joe paterno had been made aware of years earlier and he didn't come out in the clearly and in a loud voice about what he had heard.
5:12 am
it was declared that he was just as guilty as kerry jerry sandusky. i would have different circumstances because of his party affiliation, joe paterno, well known friend of george h.w. bush, they lynched him, crucified him because he didn't speak out. all these hollywood people we learned didn't speak up in virtually identical circumstances and they are heroes. >> done about it for years. david: i reiterate, does hollywood really need a meeting to decide to toss harvey weinstein of hollywood? david: if i were whoopi goldberg i would wake up and take ice, no. i think the answer is pretty clear here. >> some of those within thick as. i would just be the question on a table. why does hollywood need a meeting. trade for we've known about this for years. with david letterman.
5:13 am
transfer the american people are frustrated with and talking about this all morning. the society of the media helping that are so quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to president trump base south of unanimous sources. here as he said they've been sitting on it for years. number of women have come out and are able to mention their name in who they are and what they've been through, yet it's taken so long for so many people to come out and report this. politics aside, no one should stand for any of it. david: criminal, predatory behavior. coming up, first of his fake news come in a jerry falwell junior says president trump should claim a new phrase for lawmakers for blocking his agenda, fake republicans. transfer plus, just 17 days away from the spooky scary holiday known as halloween. the most popular candy in your state as well.
5:14 am
really interesting, guys. excited to see what we'll find out. that is all coming up when "fox and friends" continues. sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
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>> 17 minutes after the hour and a saturday morning. a warning to republicans. jerry falwell junior defending president trump singh is time to send a message to those obstructing his agenda. take a listen. >> i spoke to the president last week and told him he needs to quite a new term, fake republicans. that's what those people you just named are. not really republicans. we don't have a majority in the senate and i would be a good term for them to start using. >> were some working against him working against them and set up
5:18 am
with him? gymnast alice jason chaffetz, fox news contributor, former commerce miniature at the house oversight government reform committee. great to see you. first, your take on the term paper publications. when you think about that? >> i'm sure it's cute, probably very fact is, but it's a dangerous low. i wouldn't necessarily encourage a record of frustrated senate is not able to do what i think they would do is get republicans to vote republicans. when you start going around in tearing people apart like that, it's a very dangerous game. at one point ted cruz to take an absurd example did not endorse donald trump at the republican convention i is a fake republican? i don't think so. it's a very dangerous way to go. >> and seems to me there's two paths to go down at this point for the republican party. further cannibalization are working together on policy. how does the republican party do
5:19 am
the latter? >> well, it's a great point because i like what margaret thatcher just said you got to go out and win the argument and then you win the vote. but we haven't been doing particularly in the senate were there you are the most deliberative party in the face of the planet don't get to the part of having a debate. you have good thoughtful people like rand paul who weren't going to vote on the procedure to move forward on health care bill. that was a procedural vote. all you want to do is debate the bill, offer amendments. again, a good thoughtful person but you've got to be able to have the actual debate and win the argument. >> i'm glad you brought up rand paul. a rand paul did is that the republican party needs. he was the only person you seem to be talking about groups coming together on health care come associations can do things along those lines. the president went along with that. we see more of that going forward on health care, but specifically on taxes or do you
5:20 am
think it's of the same and we get to christmas in congress is stuck there because nothing got done. >> i think the opposite of progress is congress. the founders of our nation said it have to be a very difficult, arduous process and as a conservative i don't want legislation to just fly through time after time after time. nevertheless, the republicans have to live up to what they promised to do, repeal and replace obamacare, just tax cut plan is so we'd better go out and build the coalitions and win the the american people. david: jason chaffetz, always a pleasure. enjoy your saturday. still had come at the mainstream fiercely attacking president trump for his tweets. are they missing the real story about how he's transforming our nation? hypocrisy from, you guessed it,
5:21 am
the president to harvey weinstein. allegations against her husband are clearly in the past. all fired up about that and much more. he is on deck when "fox and friends" weekend continues. you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> hillary clinton falsely claiming donald trump is an admitted assault, admitted assaults are she compares them to harvey weinstein and claims against bill. clearly in the past. okay i'm a little confused. >> this behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it's an entertainment politics, after all we have someone admitting
5:25 am
they are a sexual assault or in the oval office. there has to be a recognition we must stand again that is sexist and misogynistic. >> this is having the courage to come forward. getting your book, attacking there has been any kind of dismiss them. are you sure about that? be my guest, that it's all been litigated. there was a huge investigation as you might recall the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn. that was clearly in the past. abby: that would integrate and for this? the lucky sheriff, david clark. good to see you this morning. transfer good morning, sheriff. >> usually i can keep a straight face that i can after listening to that. there's a reason he chose to hillary clinton is "crooked hillary." she sat up there saying her
5:26 am
husband was having actual allegations and she defended the actions and trashed the reputation of the spec ends. that dems need to be believed because they have to have the courage to come forward. when the victims came forward, called the floozies. a right wing conservatives see. when she said we have admitted sexual assault person in the white house committee was going back to her husband because that's when we had a suspect inside the white house. >> what bothers me about this as a yale educated attorney, what hillary clinton just said calling president trump are accusing him of admitted sexual assault, and that is real specific legal language that could be defamation or slander. as a yale educated attorney, she should know that. would he think about that?
5:27 am
>> she knows that's a high threshold. you can make the smears and get away with it. time and time again not only during the campaign but this phony book tour she is on issues morally bankrupt. she will do whatever she has to do to protect herself, her image and reputation. one person in the united states of america, and maybe in the world that has no respect for the victims of sexual assault than women who have been sexually assaulted and the sort of behavior in the work place is mrs. bill clinton. the reputation of her husband to prop him up in the white house for future political endeavors was more import. women's groups thought to be coming out right now and attacking her and doing nafta are not only her past treatment
5:28 am
of women who have claimed sexual assault or sexual harassment, but for what's going on right now. i'm surprised that she was what she wanted to do, she would be defending harvey weinstein right now. right now she knows that the whole thing caved in on images left with nothing to do but kind of shuffled through on its grave. the woman is despicable. abby: that didn't last for more than two days. moniz took these come out. thoughts as well on the issue. the nfl stadium for the national lampoon. use it in his weekly address. listen to this. >> you want to see those players be part of the country. men and women have given everything for defense. let us renew our commitment to love our country, protect our citizens and ensure this will always be the land of the free and home of the brave.
5:29 am
>> of course the nfl now has this pronouncement that you have to stand. it's not a rule put in place, david. >> he is right on this. he's going to kick sand in the face of his fans. mark piazza to fans of the game and we appreciate the fans and knowing us all phony. this is simple. i did some time ago but that's timing it takes about two minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem. and how undisciplined they are. roger goodell fumbled the football on this thing. he chose to allow the inmates to run the asylum and knows that the nfl leaders the authority. they have the authority to establish reasonable work rules.
5:30 am
standing during the nationally at them is a reasonable work role. i think this is important, too. the nfl now if they'd fill in the width to your to discuss the situation. what is there to discuss? in grade school, probably second or third grade, maybe even kindergarten. what are the league owners going to do? when classes for the players association? >> it seems to be a day for meetings whether in hollywood or the nfl with these controversies. thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. david: coming up, i'll spoken on many, many issues but admittedly it took jimmy kimmel days to address the harvey weinstein scandal. why is kimmel now playing defense? abby: 17 days away from holland. with the most popular candy in the country?
5:31 am
candy corn? really? >> you know what the answer is. of course there'll surprise. transferred david and i aren't happy. david: red hots. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪ abby: now i doubt i can get into. welcome back. if you've been watching the late-night show, we are left too early. just watch them and never sleep. jimmy kimmel is now under fire for not bringing up that all of the past week what is going on with harvey went seemed. he talks about he brought it up monday. people are saying where is the outrage. so upset about things like gun control and what's going on with health care. someone in hollywood you know many of these factors is. why are you not standing up stronger? theory was defending a position. >> first of all, the false equivalence is that that somehow is equivalent to what happened in las vegas. i am not in the movie business. and i will add that story came
5:36 am
out like moments before we went to tape on thursday we didn't have a show on friday. >> you address it on the following monday. >> of course that was convenient. what they are doing now is they are trying to drag up any kind of especially these gun nuts trying to take in a comedy bit i get out of context and use it as some kind of proof they are saying that i'm calling myself a moral conscience of america which i most certainly never did. transferred to be clear, the story broke almost two weeks ago. the critique was where were you? the show on friday but the show is taped so we were unable to talk about it. now they've been more open to talking about it this week. to his point, not the moral conscience of america. >> morality and what is the conscience. jimmy kimmel has been clear. you have to go to the tape and watch them being the moral conscience against the right and
5:37 am
every other issue out there. he says he is not really hollywood. when two of your best friends are hollywood people like damon and aflac, i don't know how you separate the two. i grew up around a lot of these fact there is. i'm not in hollywood that i'm not in front of a camera in hollywood. they are. train for what is so fascinating about this is discussion as we've seen over the course of alaska blears the late-night talk shows have become more politicized and less funny. one guy who does focus on the funniest jimmy fallon. when you know it from us are focusing on the funny and not politics gets with the hollywood elites. take a listen to this. >> you would be weird for me to start doing it now. i don't even really care that much about politics. i've got to be honest. i love pop culture more than i love politics. i'm just not that great.
5:38 am
the other guys are doing it very well. cold air is great, he's always into political comedy. i think when it's organic i'll dip into it as well. i've always made jokes about the president. president obama made thousands of jokes. i remember i had them on the show sorry i put you down. trump is like everyday is a new thing he gives a lot of material and a lot of stuff to make jokes about. it's just too serious. david: about the late-night folks and out winner funny, not political. just be funny for it. i still have more faith in jimmy fallon. if you just as comedy that's one thing that he doesn't want to be in politics and now is commenting on politics. abby: he also says it like it is are there things i'm good at and things are not good at. if you want real talent, go talent, go watch his audition tape for us to know years ago. that's the thing. stay in your lane.
5:39 am
stay in the places where what you're good at. give the audience what they want. david: have an lip-synch battle against the rock. still the greatest video out there. abby: exactly. other headlines this morning. investigator about the unmasking of trans campaign advisers. the former u.n. ambassador to the u.n. meeting with the intelligence committee for hours. one of the obama administration officials who administration officials who sources say made request to identify names in pop and are sad. carolina panthers band is arrested after punching an older man in the stands. warning, you may find this video disturbing. kyl amir d. now charged with assault after that altercation during thursday's game. police tracking them down after fan posted this video in instagram. witnesses say they were upset and standing during the game. the suspect attorney said the
5:40 am
man who was harassing him and his girlfriend. is it really worth it? trick-or-treat, the nation's favorite halloween candy collected 10 years worth of data in coming up with this map of popular halloween candy based day. candy corn is my favorite. six days choosing it as their top candy. they will spend somewhere around to $.7 billion on halloween candy this year alone. we have found our own states of the most popular candy. abby: jolly ranchers for utah. >> i'm not going to eat this hot. arizona gets knickers. reporter: it is on by the way. >> i donate candy bars. but for me this is the only
5:41 am
candy bar. abby: what happened to our states? what about skittles and jolly ranchers? what's going on? >> you can clean carmelite of your teeth for the next one minute or so while i talk about weather. the fire danger of meeting today. flag warning for the wave for northern and southern california as well as the colorado river valley. arizona. didn't increase the threat conditions out as a dozen not sure when before the dryer from the land off towards the water and the temperatures the next two days are also going to climb which is not good news. all of this fire danger will stick with us. the next chance of rain moving in us by thursday. they start to get towards rainy season. on thursday we have simmering that will certainly help. one last thing for severe weather today that we are worried about in this part of
5:42 am
the country, maybe even a few tornadoes. the >> i want to hear david read it now. go ahead. take it away. >> is this the e-zine i get? coming up, the mainstream media in the president's tweets and the president has been added all morning. let's see it. >> his job responsibilities do not include managing the presidents twitter feed. >> the president's word adding insult to injury. trying to instill in them, but our next guest says they are missing the real story. stross williard explained. todd: plus, abby is really getting ready to get in the halloween spirit. abby: what on earth? who did that?
5:43 am
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now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
5:46 am
>> the mainstream media continuing to attack president trump for us to eat. >> also some controversial comments about the hurricane crisis in puerto rico. >> job responsibilities do not include managing the presidents twitter feed. >> the president's words adding insult to in salt -- injury to insult. david: the next guest we have right here on the couch with us as the press is missing the real story. she writes in her latest op-ed the media remained so home with the president's tweets that it is missed mr. trump's project to transfer in the rest of the federal judiciary because his rules that congress and the proof is an extraordinary class a judicial nominee is now coming
5:47 am
through as he keeps battling the media was shiny objects in the background. government is being redone. abby: joining us now, kimberly stross of "the wall street journal." you are saying wake up, let's talk about the american people. >> this got a lot of attention, but everything else has been missed in the rails her year as the president is now nominated 60 judges and they are all of neil gorsuch. abby: is not the thing you can do in terms of legacy is putting people into a position. >> not only are they of that caliber, but they are 40 years old. david: how important if i can interrupt you for a moment, that he gives these justices. guys like don willett, that are more caught to traditional in her younger. how important is that because of article iii courts affect us on a daily basis. >> these guys all look like incidentally appeared what is
5:48 am
interesting about them to about them too as they've come up with the time and learned in that time when we are dealing with the giant growing bureaucracy and administrative stay. they are attuned. >> everybody else is focusing on the next level here. why has the mainstream media not figure this out? >> because they were so busy paying attention to the controversy. the daily theme on and on. this has been out there for everyone to see. we don't know the names of the judges put forward the work mitch mcconnell has been doing to get them through or chuck grassley to run for senate judiciary committee. all notified, so much more entertaining for them to get outraged. you have to wonder, is this a conscious distraction, and trying with the little shiny object over here. i don't think it is, but for him at the useful side effect.
5:49 am
abby: and curiouser thoughts on general john kelly's press conference this week when he spoke directly to the media and talk about how frustrating this for him to go in the white house every day and do his job and great headline after headline with the source about the next person being inspired or disruption in the white house. you are a reporter whether jamaica the interaction? >> be embarrassed laughter that was going on when he was talking. i would've just died of shame if i was in there. it was sort of like having a schoolteacher spanking you. just delivering a spanking to a bunch of 90 children. >> is a no-nonsense guy. >> is very polite. no disrespect to you, the uri terrible. we are not tabloid media, all of us. todd: thank you so much for being here. on a focus on one final thing. kimberly chose snickers for her
5:50 am
candy of choice. >> three to one on snickers. abby: thanks for being here. transfer congressman jim jordan, a killing that could mean he and the man who killed osama bin laden. i can't say that enough, rob o'neill, all join us live. abby: is getting spooky in our studio. i can't believe hollowing. -- almost hollowing. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied.
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5:56 am
-- the walking dead weird resort with a really beautiful picture of abby. abby: you guys are so rude. >> we did something so wrong which is right here. abby: my husband would tell you that's what i look like all the time. >> that's terrible. this is another free app to download. all of this stuff, which is online also at "fox and friends".com later this morning. david: what are the most popular ones on the app so far? >> are halloween spooky sounds. this means we need to leave. abby: the nfl now saying they will not force them to stand for the national anthem. rob o'neill has done when he joins us in the next hour. david: what does geraldo rivera think i'm the president position
5:57 am
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>> president trump: iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. we cannot and will not make this certification. >> this iran deal is a total fares. it's only people defending it are doing it not to defend the deal, they're doing it to defend obama. >> abby: brand new details in the harvey weinstein scandal now facing removal from the academy board. >> it's amazing the hipocracy of hollywood and the liberal elites they refuse to acknowledge they have been part of the problem. >> president trump called it a renaissance for conservative values during a passionate address. >> president trump: we don't worship government we worship
6:01 am
god. >> [applause] >> we have some members that have been left in the chamber too long and it's time we eject them what do you think? >> the president is taking aim at nfl players kneeling for national anthem. >> president trump: respect our country, respect our flag and respect our national anthem. ♪ because i'm happy >> people of america want that. >> here we are on a saturday morning look at this. >> abby: and we are feeling happy. >> it's the snicker effect. president had announcing that he will not certify the iran nuclear deal. >> pete: but the president is not sure of scrapping that deal altogether. >> abby: kevin corker is live for us in washington with more on what all of this means kevin you've been with us all morning long what's the latest?
6:02 am
>> kevin: listen this is a very interesting washington style story right? in treeing, fighting in the white house administration with capitol hill, this is exactly the kind of story we love to cover here in the nations capitol. here is what's going on okay? the president said look i'm all for congress trying to come up with better deliverables for the agreement but he made it clear he will terminate the nuclear deal if it fails to live up to the spirit and the letter of the accord. >> president trump: the iranian regime continues to feel conflict, terror and turmoil plow out the middle east and beyond. importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> if that continues he's walking away. now there's congressional lawmakers working on a fix talking about snapback of u.s. sanctions, keep those
6:03 am
restrictions indefinitely, drop the so-called sunset provisions, bolster the iaea's varification keep in mind it's very difficult to actually get into some of the spaces in iran and limit obviously their centrifuge program. house minority leader nancy pelosi calling it a great mistake this idea of the threat to lead the iran nuclear agreement by the president but clearly that is not a position held by the administration nor by many on capitol hill. this will continue to unfold for the next 5 # days guys? >> live for us, washington. >> abby: let's bring in geraldo rivera. good to have you. >> geraldo: glad to be here. >> abby: you've been doing an incredible job on the road but we want your take on the iran nuclear deal and my question to you why are democrats so up in arms about this? the president is not saying we're doing away with this deal yet, he says i want congress to do their job and pushback on iran. why is that so bad geraldo?
6:04 am
>> geraldo: well i think what is in that story, abbey, is the fact that people ask me particularly my wife and her friends how can i still be friends with the president of the united states when he has all these policies that are so wildly inappropriate, certainly from the progressive half of the political spectrum. my answer is there are two donald trumps. i really, i've known him forever and i think that i have the ability to assess where his head is at. the donald trump whose the tweeter, impassioned and then when you examine in the sober light of what has actually happened, what he did, you'll see he is well within the norms of a moderate republican president and the policies that he has are traditional policies. sometimes he couches them in flamboyant packaging so to speak and i think the iran nuclear deal is a classic example of
6:05 am
that. on the one hand, he is very ferocious. they're not honoring the spirit of the deal. if they don't do this, if they don't do that i want congress to do this, i want congress to do that but in the cold sober light of day you'll look at it and say guess what? the iran nuclear deal is still in place. >> abby: right. >> geraldo: i think they will modify it around the edges and they will maybe forge a better deal going forward but my point is this is not a radical president. this is a traditional moderate president with unorthodox packaging. >> david: but the response isn't moderate. you've got democrats saying this will lead to world war iii. you've got not a deal ratified by the senate as in a treaty under the obama administration and the president within the constitution to your point about this, i call him the constitutional president. he says i'm the executive. you're the legislative. you should be doing this so you
6:06 am
talk about your more progressive relatives who are looking at him personally but why not look at him for what he does because he's going within the boundaries of the constitution. >> geraldo: i definitely think that this president has the worst relationship not only with the press but with those on the other side of the aisle than i have seen since richard nixon. >> david: but it's not all this fault geraldo. the press came after him. gore ailed o. believe me i'm not suggesting it is his fault. i'm suggesting when you live in a divided household like mine and i suspect that we are common place all across-the-board. he does not get the benefit of the doubt for anything. anything he does is construed in the most wicked, negative way possible and you know having just experienced abbey you mentioned my puerto rico trip, having seen how he was treated in puerto rico and then seeing press about how he was treated in puerto rico, it was almost an absolute 100% disconnect. i saw crowds that loved him.
6:07 am
i saw crowds that were very excited about the fact that he was there. president obama only visited puerto rico once in eight years and that was for a four hour million dollar fundraiser. >> abby: so we're not getting the real story to your point. you were on the ground. >> david: there's a real story on the ground. >> gore ailed o. the real story sadly is theres enormous work to be done. this is the worst natural disaster in modern history. never have so many americans been so negatively impacted. we are all riotously concerned about what's happening in the wildfires in california but you're talking about people in the order of magnitude of tens of thousands. in puerto rico it is millions of people that are involved, their homes are wrecked they have no electricity, they have no water it is absolutely awful. the next question is how is fema and the federal government doing in response to this crisis? far better than they are given credit for, as was the presidents performance in puerto rico far better than he was given credit. >> todd: another huge story we are talking a lot about harvey
6:08 am
weinstein situation, as a reformed lawyer talking to another reformed lawyer here, hillary clinton falsely claims donald trump is an admitted sex assault eras she compares him to harvey weinstein but claims allegations against bill are clearly in the past. before we get to this sound bite , let's get to that and then i'll follow-up with a question because ising is bothering me big time about this. >> this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere whether it's in entertainment, poll sick s, after all we have someone admitting to being a sexual assault erin the oval office, there has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of, you know, action that is so sexist. >> this depends upon women coming forward having the courage to come forward and yet in your book the three women brought on to stage by trump attacking your husband, you kind of dismissed them. was that the right thing to do are you sure about that? >> well yes because that was all litigated. that was the subject of a huge
6:09 am
investigation as you might recall in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past. >> todd: before we play lawyer geraldo how do you respond to that? >> geraldo: well i respond several days todd. i think that i'm the father of daughters, i respond that way. i am also someone whose a friend to president clinton at that time. it seemed to me that he paid a terrible profound price for his extra curricular activities. how he abused monica, how he did whatever he did to the other women i don't know but this was the president for the second time in the history of the republic who was impeached. he bears that big red eye forever. president clinton, however charm ing. he may have been and has since retained that the charisma he's someone whose only the second time after andrew johnson, president whose impeached by the congress of the united states.
6:10 am
he was ultimately acquitted but he paid a very severe price, and i think that when you recall that president clinton was more popular at the end of his term than he was in the beginning in some ways, i think that the american people tended to forgive him. now i thought when president trump went after the access hollywood tape when president trump went after bill clinton and brought paula jones and so forth to that debate that he had , that he did something that was really very underhanded very wicked, that he made hillary pay for the sins of bill clinton. the issue of whether or not she was an aider and abetter i leave to the viewer. >> david: he had an admitted sexual accuser. >> todd: that is the textbook definition of slander when you accuse somebody of having committed a crime. as a yale educated lawyer she should know that. >> geraldo: she's also a wife and someone who lost an election because of her husband and because of anthony weiner, she lost and i think that is the burden women candidates bear
6:11 am
going forward. >> david: that's so yesterday. those three words she used, geraldo let's address that to your point. admitted sexual accuser. not just like she said about bill that was so yesterday. she lost, now these three words being tossed at president trump. >> geraldo: david whether it is in politics as in the case of the clintons, whether it's in the news media as in the case of some of our own colleagues and some of the others who have fallen by the wayside, or whether it is in hollywood, sex harassment stinks, and having lived through many decades and many different social times i can tell you that times have changed. i grew up in the jane mansfield marilyn monroe, the playboy centerfold were our cats meow back in those days. times changed. that was the free love in the 70 s but harvey weinstein represents an enduring stereotype. this big fad hairy sweaty be
6:12 am
jeweled emperor of movies has 18-year-olds, 20 year olds coming into his office desperate for a break in show business and instead what they get is okay you do me something and i'll do you something. the casting character is horrifying, harvey weinstein is like one of the most malignant examples of the casting couch but i think that this inequality between subordinates and superiors is something that men now know and abbey you know this men now know that they do any of the stuff at their pair ill. that this is you screw up, your career is ruined. we have plenty of examples. >> todd: as it should be. >> abby: it's alarming it takes women so long now, still in today's day and age to come out and even in hollywood. >> david: disconnected and deflected to call on the president admitted sexual accuser. still waiting on that one. >> geraldo: one quick one i hate that we applaud when it's our enemy who falls.
6:13 am
>> abby: geraldo you're so right let's take politics out of it. geraldo great to have you on. great work in the past few weeks >> todd: remember the infamous tarmac meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch? the fbi just found something that could ignite another scandal. >> david: one republican lawmaker has another idea of geraldo's haters of president trump in congress. >> we have some members that are done that have been left in the chamber too long and it's time that we eject them. what do you think? >> david: his colleague and house freedom caucus remember jim jordon, he's here to react live, next. so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom...
6:14 am
let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now.
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6:16 am
. >> you think it's time that congress quits talking and they start doing? i would suggest that we have some members that are done that
6:17 am
have been left in the chamber too long and it's time that we eject them. what do you think? >> david: house freedom caucus chairman calling on voters to replace lawmakers who do not support the president's agenda. joining us now with reaction, congressman jim jordan, a member of the house freedom caucus. congressman good to see you. >> you too david good to be with you. >> david: let's get right into it what your fellow congress men and freedom caucus members said, what do you say to that? >> stating the facts, look voter s have a way of remembering when their elected official doesn't do what he said or she doesn't do what she said that i say this all the time. our jobs pet basic. what did you tell the voters you'd do when you ran for the job, what did they elect you to do, let's keep our promise and do that so maybe there will be some of these town halls have already been this for some members a little come to jesus moment where the voters say wait a minute. you said you were going to do x, how come you haven't done that, so i think it's exactly right.
6:18 am
>> todd: one of the topics of discussion there, in your congress there, sir, is obamacare obviously everybody is talking about that and this week president trump ended the so-called illegal insurance company subsidies but my question for you, sir, if these were deemed illegal, why are 18 states and washington d.c. suing with attorney generals that quite frankly should know the letter of the law? >> well because they want the money. i mean, you know the left always wants more federal government and more federal government money, but they are illegal. there's been a court whose decided that. we know they weren't appropriat ed dollars so the president did the right thing and for the left, yesterday nancy pelosi and schumer talked about this sabotages the law. for goodness sake this law was falling apart and if you want to talk about sabotage never forget jonathan gruber, the architect of obamacare according to the new york times who told us that they lied to the american people democrats when they passed this thing seven years ago. that's the real sabotage. remember when they told us all
6:19 am
these things guys? they said if you like your doctor keep your doctor, like your plan keep your plan. the president of the united states, president obama told us, premiums will decline on average $2500. how is that working out for the american people? they went just the opposite direction so nine different lies they told us and yet somehow doing something, stopping an unconstitutional action somehow that's sabotaging the law? it's ridiculous. what we need to do is what we told the voters what we were going to do, what mark was alluding to in his comments. >> todd: quickly sir you work with these individuals there in congress. don't they run the risk of having their state attorney generals obviously on the democratic side completely having the law in against them if they create precedent on a legal standard that they've already lost on. jonathan turley was on talking about that just yesterday. why are they like this with regard to this? >> you have to ask them. it's wrong. i think it's very clear the constitution is clear, the
6:20 am
legislative branch appropriates dollars, the executive branch can't spend it. it's that fundamental and that's why it's important the president did what he did yesterday and said look i won't continue to engage on an unconstitutional activity with a bunch of false statements given to the american people. i won't continue that but what has to happen is members of congress have to do what they said. six republican senators voted against the clean repeal legislation, voted against back in july the exact same legislation 20 months ago they supported. >> david: just about 30 seconds left congressman. what's the next step for the congress? are they going to deliver something to go along with the president, the leader of the party real quick. we better deliver on tax reform, cut taxes for the american people simplify the tax code and put together a tax code that's condusive to economic growth that's what we focus on. >> todd: jim jordan thank you so very much. this marine lost his legs, while serving in afghanistan and now running 31 marathons in 31 days
6:21 am
find out why he says it's so important when fox & friends returns. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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6:24 am
>> todd: 24 minutes after the hour on a very busy saturday morning quick headlines virginia 's gubernatorial election getting the vice presidential treatment. vice president mike pence campaigning with ed gillespie, and former vp joe biden spending his day with ralph northrop. and the fbi finds 30 new pages of documents concerning the controversial tarmac meeting between former president bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch. judicial watch saying the fed's only found the documents after the watchdog group caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit. they expect to receive the new documents by the end of november abbey over to you.
6:25 am
>> abby: thank you, todd. well democrats in the media upset that president trump is following through on his promises to dismantle obama's legacy. take a listen. never though have we seen a president so bent on reversing negating his predecessor's signature accomplishments. if you want to know what president trump is against you only look at what president obama was for and in all fairness none of this should be a surprise. he campaigned on much of it and if nothing else he's keeping his promises now. what may be surprising or at least being widely debated is how much of this is personal. >> abby: things like the iran deal, obamacare, immigration, regulations on coal, and of course the climate accord. here is caylee mcananey, and director of strategic for hillary clinton adrian elrod. good morning ladies . >> good morning, abbey. >> abby: so how often, caylee you have politicians running for office promising a million things and when they get elected , they rarely follow through on those promises and here we have a president you may not agree with him on policy but
6:26 am
he's saying look i promised this to the people that voted for me and i'll do everything i can to put those in place. is that what we're seeing happen here? >> exactly. this is a president that's making good on his promises to the american people and it's refreshing, unlike other politicians like you said who reverse course when they enter the white house. president trump is making decisions that are hard, but necessary on the iran deal, on the paris climate accord, on daca. these were decisions he promised to the american people and now there are things put into action , the american economy is coming back. it is an exciting time to have a president whose actually go to do what he says. we're not used to that in washington but that's what we're seeing. >> abby: another thing we're not used to seeing adrian is both sides coming together. we may not see that happen on things like healthcare or this iran deal but you heard from president trump yesterday. he's at least extending out the hand inviting democrats and i want you to come to the table i want to have these conversations because i want to get things done.
6:27 am
>> we'll see if that actually happens. we are ten months into president trump's term and first term and he's basically gotten nothing done and look to your point, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi both made it very clear they're willing to come to the table with the president with republicans and do something to lower the high cost of premiums for healthcare. there are fixes that need to be made to obamacare but they are absolutely not going to repeal. you're seeing president can t really going in sabotaging the current healthcare for example, by open enrollment taking place november 1 through december 15 and this used to be a three-month period for open enrollment and now its been down to six weeks and also slashed the marketing budget for obamacare by 90% so he's certainly doing what he can. >> abby: well you just adrian i'll jump in because you said he hasn't done anything basically so far. you've already been mentioning thins you may not agree with but things he's put in place. why are democrats so upset then if as you say he has done nothing? >> well we're upset because we actually would like to work on
6:28 am
some very key issues that do need to be fixed again going back to obamacare but we're certainly not going to repeal it it took a long time as both of you know to get obamacare passed it was a bipartisan effort. it's going to be that's why you're seeing efforts to repeal obamacare fail because people want their healthcare, they like their healthcare, they just want the costs lowered so democrats are willing to come to the table on those issues and work with the president but we're not willing to put people's lives at risk or their health at risk in order to give him something in the win column. >> abby: caylee you want to jump in here i see. >> yeah, because obamacare was not a bipartisan effort that was a far left effort that reeked havoc upon the american people and the president has done a ton and signed 52 pieces of legislation, rescinded 860 executive orders, the keystone pipeline is being built, we're out out of tpp, the iran deal is being rectified. we can go on and on. this is a president of action that's dismantling the failed
6:29 am
legacy of president obama and i'm not sure why the mainstream media is trying to say this is a personal, this is personal to president trump. that's why he's doing everything the opposite of president obama. no, he's a republican. obama is a democrat. they have opposite agendas and president trump is getting things done on be half of the american people and everyone should be very excited about that and absolutely false to say he's done nothing. >> he can't get tax reform done. >> well we don't know that yet. if there's work to be done. he's 10 months into the administration. i would say talking to the american people a lot are saying let's put politics aside and please come together both parties and figure out what we can do to make everyone's lives better whether it comes to foreign policy or healthcare or immigration so we can end it there we'll see where all this goes adrian caylee good to see you. >> thank you, abbey. >> thank you abbey. >> abby: the timeline changing again in the las vegas massacre the reason behind the switch and the sheriff's emotional moment at the podium yesterday we'll bring that to you just ahead. and the nfl now saying they will not force players to stand for
6:30 am
the national anthem. the man who of course killed osama bin laden we know him well on the show rob o'neill has prop s on that i bet he does. he's joining us live right after this. today, smart planning is helping the new new york rise higher than ever. as the world leader in unmanned aerial systems, we're attracting the world's best talent to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub. all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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>> david: he's the man who shot osama bin laden on the couch with us rob o'neill. >> good morning. >> david: let's dive right in.
6:34 am
yesterday the president stands firm and speaks about the irgc. they trained the force and they make weapons that kill not only american soldiers that kill people all around the world. the asymmetric weapons and labeling them a foreign terrorists organization how important? >> this has been done a long time ago. the iranian revolutionary guard has been up to this stuff forever. i mean long before 9/11. and they support everybody that's death to america death to israel so they will support hezbolla, hamas, the taliban and the revolutionary guards everywhere. we fought against them in iran. they were the dudes that taught al qaeda how to make the improvised explosive device that will rip through, explosives go faster than bullets and go right to the vehicles tearing legs off killing marine soldiers, airmen, sailors. they've been at it all the time and they do everything. they have cyber warfare, they attacked parliament this summer. they're everywhere, nasty people and again, they want terror and
6:35 am
they want the end of the world so not a good group of people. >> abby: rob your perspective is so interesting because you've actually been on the ground, been there fighting against these terrorists. yes. >> abby: now you're here at home seeing politics play out. what is so wrong with what the president is now saying, he's not doing away with the deal at least yet, he's saying congress we have to be tougher when it comes to iran. why are democrats so upset? >> democrats seem to get upset with president trump because he tells the truth which is odd. i mean, i run into these revolutionary guys in afghanistan fighting them. of course there's something with dealing with the iranians leave it or not they lie to you. >> todd: what? >> i'm just a student here at the gate in afghanistan and these are bad guys trying to do bad stuff. they're out there and it's very real when you're over there. here you can make it a political thing and play party politics so i can stay in office all this stuff but they are really real bad guys they don't care what we look like if we're american or israeli they want to kill us.
6:36 am
>> todd: let's switch gears to the anthem protest nfl will not, will not make players stand and maybe not so coincidentally thursday night football ratings are down as these anthem protests continue. what's your take on this? >> i think that they've lost the message. i think it turned as opposed to originally even though i still don't buy it against police brutality now its turned into an anti-trump is what they're doing i think as an insult to police and every veteran i know is insulted and this is something i haven't heard brought up yet. how about the police stop going and let the nfl shell out a few million dollars for private arm security because the cops are there protecting them and i just don't understand it any more. you can't, they try to say we're not disrespecting the troops. we're just doing a peaceful protest. just because you say you're not disrespecting the troops doesn't mean you're not disrespecting the troops. >> david: it doesn't matter what they say when it comes to how the american public reacts. i get it they want to protest.
6:37 am
my take on that by the way is turnaround and protest the comes on the sidelines. you want to protest against police brutality turnaround take a knee to the police officer in uniform but the american people see disrespect for what it is and i think that's even broader than the american military and families. i think it's just an american thing. you raise your right hand or put your hand over your heart. the anthem plays people get choked up about it. >> definitely they do and if they want to take a knee after or before the anthem i'd join them but i think they've lost what the protest is and if you need to explain what your protest is you might be doing it wrong because they need to keep saying well we're not doing this but you know what you're doing taking it and it's disrespectful as far as i can tell. i'm sure there's vets out there that disagree with it. >> abby: you're right now we're not even talking about the issues they are trying to protest. we're talking about the disrespect with the flag. i think it started off with colin kaepernick being lazy. he made up the story well i talked to a vet and he said it's cool for me to kneel. no it's not.
6:38 am
he's against fascism wearing a fidel castro shirt. maybe he should open a book. david: but yet he quotes winston churchill. >> abby: rob good to have you. >> thanks. >> abby: if you can't stand for the flag and the anthem what can we stand for in this country. good to have you with us. i do have other headlines this morning. las vegas police once again revising the timeline of the deadly shooting saying there was no six minute gap, now say stephen paddock shot a hotel security guard outside the suite at the very same time or within seconds on firing on concertgoer s. the clark county sheriff tearing up as he talked about the heroic actions of first responders yesterday take a listen. >> brady sustained four separate gun shot wounds and the reason why i bring this one up, he asked me if he to go back to
6:39 am
work today. >> abby: just so tough. 58 people were killed 546 others were injured in that horrific attack. also just this morning george clooney denies black listing his former er co-star for reporting onset harassment. vanessa marquez who starred wendy goldman accused him of having a role in her being axed from the hit show and he publicly condemned harvey weinstein's actions and he responded us in a statement saying i had no idea vanessa was blacklisted if she was told i was involved in any decision about her career then she was lied to. and the new york times have been accused of bashing the president on social media so now the paper is putting a new policy in place to make sure its journalists don't look bias. the new guidelines read in social media posts our journalists must not express partisan opinions, promote
6:40 am
political views endorse candidates make offensive comments or do anything else that undercuts the times journalistic reputation. we'll see where that goes. and a remarkable story determination in 2010, u.s. marine rob jones was serving in afghanistan when he stepped on a landmine losing both of his legs but he didn't let that slow him down. he's making it his mission to help other veterans listen to this by running 31 marathons in 31 days, to raise money for wounded veteran charities and he joined us earlier on the show ahead of his race in new york city this morning and here is what he told us. >> i just figured this situation now so i'm going to my mission is still the same, make a difference in the world, leave the world better than i found it so how will i do that now? >> abby: he's so inspirational. you can help by going to his website >> todd: i got chills during that entire interview. what an amazing guy. >> david: but it's a marine. >> abby: i asked him that
6:41 am
question. i said how did you find that ability to wake up after you didn't have legs and he said it's always been apart of me and that's instilled in so many military you get up and you keep fighting. >> david: joining the military volunteering to take this job, a blank check to this nation it's something you do. i don't know how many guys no matter what time you serve remember when they raised their hand and what it was like. >> todd: go outside to rick richmuth now for a look at our weather. rick, how is the situation out there in california? >> rick: a rough weekend ahead yesterday was a little bit of a better day. they got a lot of things under control evacuations are in sonoma county as winds have shifted. take a look at a map showing you what's going on with red flag warnings going in effect all across much of california throughout the day. the wind will continue to be the case. i'm not sure if we will bring the maps up or not but it's an offshore wind that brings the air from the land instead of from the ocean that's what happens in california and we have the offshore winds that continues to bring dry conditions, temps warmup a lot for the day today and tomorrow,
6:42 am
in fact the next three days guys we do have a chance of moisture coming in by the time we get towards thursday afternoon which we desperately need. >> abby: rick the good news behind you? christmas lights are going up on the trees. >> rick: how is that good news? >> abby: because i love the holiday season. >> david: i love christmas but it's not halloween yet. >> abby: we had a debate on this show a year ago and clayton and tucker or someone at the time talking aunt christmas decorations and people that keep them up all year around. >> todd: oh, no no no. rick thank you. president trump backing the first sitting president ever to address the values voter summit. >> president trump: in america, we don't worship government, we worship god. >> [applause] >> todd: so what did the crowd think speaking of christmas they have a lot to say. i went behind the scenes with kellyanne conway and many more that's coming up next. >> david: devastating wildfires burning across california. one pastor was forced from his home in flames and he's using
6:43 am
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>> todd: so yesterday i was in washington d.c., our nations capitol talking to folks at the values voters sum it inside view as the president is about to go speak, as you might imagine that crowd really really fired up to hear the president speak and we got a chance to speak with individuals both dignitaries as it were and the regular folk about what they thought. here is what they had to say. >> president trump: this morning i'm honored and thrilled to return as the first sitting president to address this incredible gathering of friends >> [applause] >> president trump: so many friends. >> todd: you heard the president 's speech what did you think? >> oh, he was fantastic like he always is. he was very relaxed very much at home but he also recognizes how important this voter group was. >> it was so inspirational, it was just amazing.
6:47 am
>> it seems like the values is something he was really focused on. i think the president did outstanding and he hit a home run here and connected with the people. >> todd: how do you think the president is doing with regard to conservative issues? >> he's doing very well. go back and remember that 81% voted for donald trump which is the highest ever. i think president trump is doing an amazing job when it comes to conservative issues. >> president trump: everyone here today is brought together by the same shared and time less values. >> many times voters like this are pigeon holed into one or two issues when we know there are actually full spectrum conservatives, social economic moral and defense issues. >> president trump: we protect religious liberty. >> todd: how do you feel the president is doing with regard to what you call the attack on christian liberty? >> i think he's doing an outstanding job. >> president trump: we cherish the sacred dignity of every human life. we believe he's doing wonderful things for the pro life movement and speaking out for our values, defending the unborn.
6:48 am
>> president trump: bureaucrats think they can run your lives, overrule your values. >> todd: how do you feel the president is doing with regards to small government issues? >> he's doing an absolutely fantastic job. >> todd: with regard to issues important to you how do you think president trump is doing? >> marvelously. in spite of all of the attacks and vicious and the rest of that he is progressing forward. >> i agree with the president, the progress he's making, i want to encourage him to continue to bring us together. >> president trump: we're saying merry christmas again. [applause] >> todd: why is something as simple as merry christmas so important? >> it's symbolic. that is symbolic of the greater battle that is raging for the heart and soul of this nation. we need to bring christmas back and i love how donald trump is doing that. >> president trump: in a trump administration, our nations religious heritage would be cherished, protected and defend ed like you have never seen before. >> the encouragement that i think people here at the values voter summit and across the
6:49 am
country takeaway is that we have a president who understands these are important issues and he's working on it. >> i've been in this country since 1967 and when i came here, america was great and i saw the deterioration and donald trump is going to revive those values and restore the great america. >> president trump: above all else we know this, in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. >> [applause] >> todd: you guys what really stood out to me about the emphasis on family there is as you saw in that piece and as the crowd dictated, it really does transcend race and religion, the two biggest years were from merry christmas and for israel there you go. >> david: by the way my part on this that little girl? we were just talking about christmas when she said the christmas line and i'm like that's awesome because i'm not guy that when the song triggers in my head that it's christmas music. >> todd: for the next month and a half. >> abby: is it too soon to start now? >> todd: not for abbey. >> abby: i'll be getting it going on the car ride home.
6:50 am
in serious news, devastating wildfires out west turning entire communities into ash. one pastor forced to flee his home amid the flames now using faith to get him through and will join us live with his story and advice next. 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness, so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you grandma's. aunt stacy's. what are the reasons you care for your heart? qunol coq10 with 3x better absorption has the #1 cardiologist recommended form of coq10 to support heart health. qunol, the better coq10.
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>> abby: the wildfires in california closed in on his home pastor phil's family was told they only had minutes to evacuate their home. >> todd: to cope with the struggle the pastor relied of course on his faith. >> david: joining us now the senior pastor influence church in am a him hill, california, pastor just an absolute pleasure to have you here. your faith and the faith of your
6:54 am
congregation and this fire just tell us about that. >> pastor: well you know, it was kind of an odd situation because i was on a plane to pittsburgh to do some tv interviews so my wife text me and said that we have five minutes to get out of the house what do you want? and it was amazing, you know, how it changes your whole outlook on life, because i thought of well, i want family photos, i want the flag of my father that was draped at his arlington funeral, and you just kind of go through the basics of life but you realize when it all comes down to it we have everything because we have our family, our life and whatever happens is really in god's hands >> abby: you've written a beautiful op ed for fox and i want to read our audience apportion. you say i get it moral evil can be explained by the free will of man but much of the things we face are not a result of our free will, so where do i go from here? either god or nature which he
6:55 am
created, must cause these physical evils, but these things seem incompatible with all lov ing, all-powerful god. a lot of people after, you know, hurricane devastates their home and everything they had and loved and fires like you're experiencing they're angry right they wonder why god could do something like this, where do you find that strength and how do you turn to faith to help you rebuild? >> pastor: over the years, of course i've dealt with a lot of situations like this and i believe there's a divine tension and somehow we know that there's this god who loves us and obviously has blessed us in so many ways but at the same time we have this tension of the not yet always abides with us and i think that's where our faith really grows is in that tension and when we try to deny that tension, then we move into anger , we move into bitterness, we question the character of the nature of god himself. >> todd: pastor phil i want to ask you this quickly. what do you say to all of the folks there in california who
6:56 am
are undergoing the same thing that unfortunately your family did? >> pastor: i think, you know, community is important. love one another. we live in a call de sack that's really multi-ethnic and multi- religious and we just love , you know we love our muslim neighbors and booed it's neighbors and try to show the love of christ to everyone and i think love never fails is what the bible says. >> abby: pastor good to have you here i'm glad your family is safe and you're back in your home we're hoping the best for everyone else out there. good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> abby: more fox & friends right after this.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ uptown funk don't give it to you ♪ >> abby: i think the camera should come on the couch right now todd is dancing and it's a dangerous place to be. >> todd: played this on the sax o phone at my wedding no joke.
7:00 am
>> abby: david you lasted four hours of the show. >> david: it feels great. >> abby: how many cups of coffee did you have? >> david: only one i drank one cup of coffee in the morning. >> todd: have a great day, everybody. >> president trump: the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered. we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. >> dagen: president trump saying not so fast on the iran nuclear deal. he's kicking it to congress telling them to toughen it up or he will tear it up. several world leaders are concerned by the move but gary b. smith says it's the right long term move


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