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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 14, 2017 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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hi. we'll get you a king size bed as all your own thank you for joining us number one business block the cost of freedom continues right now. take it away, mr. neil cavuto. >> neil: welcome, everybody. coming to you from seattle today which has a lot at stake if you think about all of the technology companies and the big names here that are hoping to see tax cuts and the like and then the middle of all of this the president getting nasty with his own team going after the likes of bob corker and a nasty tit for tat a lot of folks wondering you need all the friends you can get to get tax cuts through or is this just part of a wider strategy to put the pressure on the folks on capitol hill to deliver the goods this go around. let's get to it with my team panel joining me charles payne, we've got deirdre b, what is joe doing here? ben stein and last but not least adam leshinski.
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charles let me go to you first on whether the president disrupted the message. you know i'm in a town right now that is hungering for these tax cuts a lot of them pay at the top advertised rate the sticker price rate, odd as that seems and they want to see it, so whatever their political persuasion they get a little concerned when the president goes off topic. do you? >> charles: i'd like to see a little more care "with the stick because you know, president trump comes from the business world he's dealing with congress and you'd think that an elected official will look out for the people's business and not necessarily making decisions based on their own egos that may not be the case so that being said, you know what works in business you can have tough tactics and in that making a deal and even being friends with the person across the table from you. it doesn't work or hasn't worked that way in a long time in washington d.c. and that's unfortunate.
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>> neil: what worried me about the language back and forth and did raise a view is sincere young mom, i'm an older dad but it's like separating my two teenage kids like he started it. that all might be well and good and i'm not taking sides here i just think that you're the president of the united states in this case you're punching down you don't need this kind of grief. you don't need to do it. what do you think? >> i'm with you. it felt like back on the campaign trail, i mean president trump has already won, we need to move forward. what we know what we all know about this tax plan is it may add $1.5 trillion over the next decade. he needs all the help that he can get even house speaker paul ryan was trying to keep the conservatives under the same tent, trying to push this forward and i mean, in the senate, the president can only afford to lose two votes.
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i'm assuming senator corker is now one of them, but there is also mccain, there's collins, i mean there's a few. >> neil: you're right. i mean, i don't know, but i do know that corker was on record already saying don't add a dime to the deficit so maybe it was a built in doubtful vote whose to say but ben the battles back and forth that's notwithstanding i know you're not a believer that this creates revenues down the road, but let me ask you, you have been a fan of the corporate tax cut and seeing that come to fruition. do you think it will? do you think by the end of the year these cuts will be reality? >> i think the corporate tax will be. i'm reminded by president trump of the fact that warren buffet, my dear friend has only one book in his office besides books of statistics and that's how to win friends and influence people and mr. trump would be very well advised to read that book. >> neil: yeah, if he will let him but let me ask you, joe
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you're for stating your mind and you're very frank and might be something a lot of the president finds very very refreshing but can it get in the way of closing the deal? you come from a state where the governor is very in your face, chris christie in new jersey and that's actually hurt him at times, in fact right now it's hurting him a lot what do you think? >> yeah, but i think donald trump has a concerted effort. i may be over thinking this neil but from knowing donald trump for so many years. >> neil: this is not the show to do that young man. >> [laughter] but i think it's a concerted effort. everything is a negotiation with donald trump. when he sends a tweet out i don't know that it's off the cuff. i think it's an effort to negotiate with the other side and i think listen to this, i love-- >> neil: you don't think that's just impulsive rage? >> i think that maybe corker and the president talked beforehand and they work it out. it's a little bit of a show. i think corker comes around in the end. i'm telling you. >> neil: professional wrestling now? adam, what do you think? >> adam: well i think that's wishful thinking on joe's part.
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the president has two things working against him here. one is that he and the team around him are completely inexperienced at the legislative process and it's showing. that's a non-trivial problem he has. he doesn't know how it works and then he has his own impulsive behavior as you said, neil and so i don't think it's planned. i don't think it's productive for anybody. as you point out, neil, a lot of americans want tax reform across the ideological spectrum and he hurts his chances every time. >> neil: do you think we'll get it adam? >> adam: no. >> neil: do you think? really? >> adam: no because he is not leading to bring anybody together. on other issues it looks like he's going to bring people together and then he listens to somebody and goes off the rails again and so this is something that needs presidential leadership. >> neil: well that's not all his fault right? you have democrats that go back and forth a couple republicans who legitimately are trying, right? >> adam: and i agree but let's,
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that comes back-- >> neil: no you don't you don't agree with what i said. >> adam: i do. >> neil: [laughter] >> adam: if you take just the example of corker, it's his responsibility to be the bigger man and he's almost incapable of that. >> neil: well, you know, this is a point i raise and i always hear it from those who called me a never trumpers or a global it's, i tell people, i thought they were referring to my weight size but i'll tell you charles payne what worries me about this kind of talk is you're free to have very tough views and grab people by the collar behind closed doors, lbj was effective with that. jfk had his moments, richard nixon as ben stein could attest, but i don't know if doing it out in public secures you the kind of loyalty you'll want down the road even beyond these, that's all i'm saying, what do you think? >> charles: there's merit to
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that. >> neil: oh, i think there's a lot of merit to that what do you mean some? >> charles: i'm only saying that because you're 3000 miles away but the idea that someone is elected by the people of their state to do their bidding for them will change course. we're talking about campaign promises neil, these are things that the republicans have promised the people who ushered them into office and they're saying well i changed my mind because trump hurt my feelings are you serious? i can't believe they can do that with a straight face and straight conscience. >> neil: all right so deirdre? >> ben: that's not what's happening, what's happening is mr. corker says the voters elected them to not add any money to the deficit and mr. trump is going to add money to the deficit. so he is making promises as he sees it. >> neil: deirdre in the end do you think we get these and if we do if they're watered down will they have the impact that many republicans hope, or will they just be happy for a victory on this? finally get something done final ly get something they can show the american people, the
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fighting and the nasty tweeting back and forth notwithstanding victory unites all dividing players. >> deirdre: neil i don't think we get a victory on this before the end of this calendar year. i'm not writing it off for the future but before the end of 2017 seems ambitious. the only bright spot that i see from watching the markets is there does seem to be some sort of expectation that positive change is coming for business. i mean, we see this continuation of a bull market that i would argue is almost unprecedented. >> neil: all right guys we have to take a quick break here and address the bigger issues. this idea of going ahead and doing whatever you want to do as long as you can rack up a victory, does the end justify the means, after this. >> today a new flurry of white house chief of staff kelly los ing his battle to stop fighting and keeping the focus on passing the pro-growth agenda
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plus a president trump promising his new healthcare executive order will create competition and cut premiums but will it work? we debate it at the top of the hour we'll see you then.
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>> live from americas news headquarters in washington good morning to you i'm leland vittert. new fallout from president trump 's efforts to rollback obamacare. democratic attorney generals from 18 states and the district of columbia now suing the trump administration after it announced it was ending payments to obamacare insurance exchanges the lawsuits claim the decision to stop the subsidies will make healthcare for america's most needy even more expensive. iran's president blasting the trump administration over its refusal to certify the nuclear deal. asan saying president trump " made baseless accusations." the iranian leader also vowing to ramp up the country's defense s adding that they will
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stick to the nuclear agreement, despite president trump's criticism. i'm leland vittert, a lot more on this at noon eastern, now back to cavuto on business. >> neil: all right it probably doesn't warrant a fox news alert to say that hollywood has the bias against this president, doesn't flip over this president , but maybe entertainer m& m jumped a little bit by jumping after his own fan base particularly those who might so happen to like the president. look at at this. >> and any fan of mine whose a supporter of his, i'm throwing in a line, you are either for or against if you can't decide i'll do it for you with this. >> neil: joe, did that jump the shark? >> joe: there is not one donald trump supporter who is an m& m fan. i mean really?
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do you think eminem-- >> neil: what if there were? >> joe: no, there's not. somebody said oh, my gosh if i say it like dump that eminemem won't like me no more? >> neil: you're so weak you don't want eminemin to not like you or write a wrap song. but you don't want that and you're afraid of him criticizing you. >> joe: it does maybe in some other entertainment but look he's got such an audience and it's not trump supporters i could assure you. >> neil: all right charles payne i don't buy it. what do you think? >> charles: look at eminem's roots that whole detroit working class roots they have a lot of crossover. age may be a differential but there's just a lot of people who like both of them and eminem challenged them and it's not like some of the nfl players you have to be careful when you tell people to pick and choose
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that's for sure. some people might want to like both. >> neil: all right well, i know ben stein was burning all his dvd's so ben, what do you do here? >> [laughter] >> neil: what do you do now? what do you do now, ben? is this a risky strategy? >> ben: i do actually have some eminem discs and my wife is a fan of his for some reason i don't know why i'll have to give him a blood test to see if she's still my real wife. i think eminem done outrageous idiotic things to be on television giving the president of the united states the middle finger is absolutely outrageous. it does advance a debate in any way whatsoever all it does is say lock i'm eminem i'm still trying to be outrageous i'm an older guy but now still outrageous. >> i'm with you ben. >> neil: do you agree deirdre? >> deirdre: i do. i think eminem is hardly a shy,
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retiring wallflower kind of guy. he's into controversy and started fights himself. he is a fighter that part of his image, to me, it's like mcdonald's now trying to sell vegan burgers, right? he's really going against his brand and i do think a lot of the places where he sells music are actually places that went for trump. i mean, west virginia, parts of kentucky, the ozarks. there are a lot of places where people are buying his music because it's all digital sales. >> neil: but it's not just him right? i hear you, but adam, it is something that's getting widespread not just being critical, but being critical of the audience that might like you and donald trump, seth meyers and expanding group of people said keep it going. >> if deirdre and charles are right and i agree with them you'll say this is because of my perspective i think we ought to be giving him a patton the back. he is putting his business at
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risk. he is risking offending his customers and he presumably on principle. >> charles: presumably after talking to his accountant. >> ben: what's the principle? he didn't explain one thing. >> i think it's fairly obvious what point he's making it was pretty straightforward. >> neil: the only point i got from that was he was nasty. >> ben: what policy do you think he disputes and what do you get from that? >> deirdre: it's an appeal to authenticity. a lot of people hate celebrities because they find them fake and love or hate the message, or love or hate hip as a performer. i actually think that this is his stab at authenticity which like george burns always cracked if you can fake authenticity you've got it made. >> [laughter] >> ben: [laughter] >> neil: that's like saying all tv anchors are into just the image. is my hair okay?
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>> deirdre: [laughter] >> neil: charles payne, here is what i worry about with this is that it's open season now and that might be fine, the president might have asked for a lot of this but in the hollywood community, there doesn't seem to be much of an attempt to semi balance it out. maybe that will just never happen but it's full throttle, full attack, pretty much all the time. >> charles: it is but sometimes that back fires as well. neil i have no problem with an individual not liking the president or liking the president. that's a beautiful thing. >> neil: absolutely. >> charles: listen, i've seen the tweets, man but the point is though, when they start to go after people who voted for president trump and they start to insult their fellow americans , i think that's what we have to draw the line and i think that's where they make the bring its mick takes. >> neil: guys thank you all very very much. we have an open invite to eminem , if you want to come on just come on. >> charles: neil i think you
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could beat him. >> neil: likely. in the meantime amazon is going to make it easy for your kids to get online and shop and buy something. the idea is that they have to check with you first if they are going to purchase something. oh, yeah that should work out well.
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>> neil: guard your kids amazon is going after them online. do you know what they're buying online? and the emerald city to your wallet the stocks that could make you a lot of
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>> neil: welcome back everybody. i'm neil cavuto coming to you from seattle this is the mecca of all things amazon big revenue generator here, i think everyone is a prime customer, it comes with being a seattle resident even their kids. amazon is now making the push for your kids too to sign up and get what they want just check it
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with you afterwards of course and the next generation of primers are, well, coming up. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing adam what do you think adam: well i think it's a good thing. it's just the reality this is how these kids shop just this week my daughter was shopping on amazon. she's not quite 11 and she did ask for permission but over time we'll see what happens. i think this is a good thing given where things are developing. >> neil: what was she trying to buy? >> adam: i don't know. no she was buying her halloween costume. it was very innocent, neil. >> neil: i thought it was like a patty hurst outfit, i'm kidding, just kidding. >> [laughter] >> neil: deirdre you always get nervous about this sort of stuff i can see the wisdom in the next generation of amazon customers. it is easy to use kids are probably more sophisticated with this than certainly-- >> deirdre: i'm not going to
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tell my kids. adam says it's good i agree it's very good for amazon but this reminds me of what apple did by giving away free computers to schools right? then your kids are used to apple computers and you have to buy apple or an example was the cigarette ads that are joe cammel cartoon character to draw in kids obviously made illegal but the point is if you begin to convert kids young, mcdonald's happy meal there's a ton of examples so on amazon's part it's extremely smart. i am not going to say one word to my children. i hope they never find out about this, because they don't seem to be-- >> they will do it anyway. >> deirdre: for the moment it's lockdown in my house. >> neil: ben stein what do you think? >> ben: i think that my son spends as much on amazon every month as is necessary to buy three bentlies, literally, literally. i'm not making it up.
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literally that's how much he spends and i don't want him or anybody else's children spending any more money on amazon. i love amazon. mr. bezos is the greatest businessman in the history of retailing by far, but encouraging people to use amazon is like encouraging them to use crack. >> [laughter] >> little different. >> ben: but you know charles payne it's not as if it's out of the norm or as usual as adam pointed out others do it, have done it, continue to do it. it's a way a lot of kids already do it. they always say look and the parents can write-off on this. would you endorse that your kids were doing that? >> charles: no i think i agree with deirdre. great for amazon, bad for parents, bad for anyone worried about or in the evolution of a handful of tech names and my son had an uber account for three years before i found out and by the time i did, using my credit card it was a $4000 bill, so i don't know-- >> you're offering up control. they have a solution to your
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problem. i didn't even know about uber. i had never heard of uber. >> neil: sounds like all your kids joe. >> joe: so many children and so funny when i go on amazon they put it in the cart. you notice that. it's all of a sudden all these things are in the cart and you got to pull the trigger i appreciate amazon giving us the heads p as parents love that. come to new york jeff bezos come to newark, new jersey isn't that a great place for a head quarter s, neil? >> neil: there you go it's a concept. all right, a quick goodbye to my friends deirdre and joe can't wait to have them back. when we come back where you can find the green in the most unlikely places, after this. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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>> all right. the things to get you more green. charles. >> redhead here, i think it goes much higher. neil: adam, what about you? >> xly, consumer discretionary spdr, wages go up and consumers spending. neil: ben, how are you playing this? >> the usual, the spdr's, i
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love them and they love me. neil: okay, i like the passion you bring to the table here, ben. [laughter]. and i want to thank you personally. >> i've been trying to make up. neil: there we go. >> drip, drip, drip, leaks supposedly from the administration spilling out once again, rumors all denied, by the way, from the white house about a cabinet member calling the president moron, to the president unravelling, and the nuclear arsenal. john kelly making an appearance at the white house to squash the story. true or not, these distractions are slowing the president's pro-growth agenda. should we be worried is this let's go to steve forbes, michael, elizabeth macdonald,


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