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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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many vietnam vets that fought beside him. paul: thanks, bill, that's it for this week, thanks to my panel, i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ julie: president trump taking matters into his own hands after republicans in congress have failed repeatedly to repeal obamacare. now using his executive powers to dismantle the health care law bit by bit. welcome to the brand-new hour inside america's headquarters, i'm julie banderas. kelly: president trump scrapping obamacare this week rolling back regulation. lawmakers are keying off on the moves saying it will triple to middle-income americans. kristin, what is the president saying today about his decision to scrap one of the predecessors
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biggest achievements? >> kelly, he says he's proud of his decision and like what is he sees in the stock market, health insurers took a plunge on friday and this morning, trump said, health care stocks have gone up through the roof, plunged yesterday after dems windfall, will throw into chaos three weeks before opening enroll meant. president trump announced two days ago that he was immediately ending the obamacare subsidies. democrats, of course, have called it sabotage but the president says that maybe this, a complete implosion of the affordable care act is what it will take to finally get democrats and republicans to come to -- come together and cut a deal. >> the democrats should come to me, i would even go to them, because i'm only interested in one thing, getting great health
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care for this country. that was a big jump. as far as the subsidy is concerned, i don't want to make the insurance companies rich. >> so add health care to congress' very long to-do list, tax reform, immigration and now the iran nuclear deal, kelly. kelly: speaking of iran nuclear deal now that president trump has decertified that, what happens next? >> well, it's back on congress to figure out what to do. they have 60 days to come up with a solution. democrats, of course, they don't like it, they called it house minority leader she called it a grave mistake. most republicans supported and are actively working oncoming up with some solution at the same time that republicans on capitol hill are dealing with all of the policy issues, they are also dealing with some very serious threats from steve bannon. listen to what he told the crowd of conservative voters valued
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voters about an hour ago. >> mitch, i don't know if you're watching today, i don't know you're watching or maybe have your staff, but if i can take a little riff on shakespeare, up on capitol hill it's before march, it's an ideology of metaphor, they are looking to find out who is going to be brudist to jileas cesar. a season of war against senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and establishment republicans, kelly. kelly: kitchen a lot of history right there. valuable history lesson and let's see what the republicans do in response to steve bannon, kristin, thank you. julie: president trump's refusal
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to decertify nuclear deal with fierce reaction from iran, president issuing statement, our weapons, our missiles are for our defense, we have always been determined to defend and today we are more determined. we have always been trying to make weapons, we need it and from now on, we will multiply our efforts. john is live from our middle east bureau. >> multiply our efforts that hassan rouhani, the president of iran said, continue with ballistic missile program and increase production of missiles and that's a huge concern not only for the united states but also israel as well, while other countries have been critical not to recertify the deal, israel standing shoulder to shoulder in particular benjamin netanyahu who called speech courageous and
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saying that he boldly confronted iran terrorist regime and iran will have arsenal nuclear weapon. that's debatable but both leaders agree that iran's ongoing icbm program remains and president trump said iran missile program violates spirit of nuclear agreement and that remains a contention for both he and his administration officials, having said that, officials with the uk, france and germany, however, said that the iran agreement is, quote, in our shared national security interest and the eu's foreign policy chief said that it's not up to any single country to terminate a working deal and iran, the headlines of last night and today as we have seen focus on the president trump's speech and decision, iranian president hassan said that the president is now more isolated than ever and it's not up to the
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u.s. to terminate the agreement, duck tailing what the eu said and he added also that and these are his words, the iranian nation is not a nation that will yield to forceful talking and hateful speeches from a dictator, the iranian nation will not surrender to any nation, more strong words and rhetoric from a regime of a country that president trump said has two favorite chants, death to america and death to israel and a country, julie, that now has the capability to firing missiles within striking distance of israel. julie: that's a scary factor there and good point. john, thank you. kelly: for more on this let's bring in jim walsh international security expert and member of study's program at mit, jim, good to see you this afternoon. i want to bring up something here that it's about this, it's worth emphasizing that this particular situation where the president decertifying it
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doesn't mean he's ripping up the treaty; is that right? >> absolutely. you know, for viewers this can be a little confusing. we really have two different things in play. they are related but they are different. one is the agreement that was negotiated by the 7 governments and endorsed by the un security council resolution, that's one thing. over here is a piece of legislation passed by congress, a domestic-american law and that's what the certification debate was about. that law passed by congress in 2015 requires the president to come to continue and say that iran is complying with the law or otherwise the deal is in american self-interest and it doesn't receive certification, congress has 60 days to impose new sanctions if it wants to. it's really american law that is about to certification debate and he has not yet, he has the power to do yet, he hasn't chose tennessee power to union larlly
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rip up the deal. he can do that. he's not doing that right now. kelly: and given that the president has three scenarios that can be followed and the trump administration's preferred outcome of what they are looking for and what will happen. you break down the three scenarios, break it down for me in terms of what congress can do and what the president can do and how the world can move forward? >> well, you're right to point to the three different scenarios and there's just tremendous uncertainty as to what will happen next. we were just talking with your reporter out in front of the white house, it has a busy schedule and trying hard to pass legislation and one outcome that nothing happens, congress can't pass legislation because it can't get the vote and you get the scats quo, the second possibility is that congress will vote new sanctions and if they do that, that will violate the agreement and it will be the u.s. violating the agreement,
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not iran and that isolates us and gives iran a big gift because it gets to decide whether it wants to start with the centrifuges. iranians get a free pass and do what they want. there's a sort of thing in between where they pass legislation and they set triggers in it and set conditions but don't do anything to the deal as it stands today. so, you know, nothing big change that would collapse the agreement and then some things in between those two. kelly: let's take a look at the iranian national council, hassan is stating here, this is what he said about the president, he said trump's speech was a national disgrace, real estate project that's a matter of war and peace. donald trump is way over his head. your response to that? >> well, you know, some of the language is pretty trump. i know people feel strongly
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about it. i will say this, it's not stretched by imagination, does begin a process that could end in conflict in this way, kelly, let's say that congress decides to impose sanctions and violate the agreement and the agreement collapses, what are the options for iran is to restart centrifuges, the same folks who don't like the agreement are going to say, oh, my god, we have to do something and some of those will argue for bombing iran as a way to stop them from restarting their program if the agreement collapses and if that happens then you could very well get another war in the middle east. i'm not predicting that but that's certainly one -- kelly: let's talk about what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has to say about this, quote, i'm committed to working with the trump administration to constrain iran's support for terrorism and impede the threat
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of ballistic missile and deny iran the path to a nuclear weapon. given what the senate majority leader is stating, will congress work along with the president in getting something so that we have an advantage because right now iran can do whatever it wants down the road and build what they want? >> you're certainly right, kelly, to say that the deal has pieces of it and some restrictions come off of 10 or 15 years, other parts of the agreement are permanent. for example, destroyed reactor, that ain't coming back. that's a done deal. you're absolutely right. some of the restrictions come off. in terms of what mitch mcconnell is saying, certainly the president is within his right to impose the penalties or other things on iran outside of the
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nuclear deal for other reasons and people have to decide whether that's a good idea or bad idea. but if they impose sanctions that are because of simply reimposition, old sanctions, people will see what it is. kelly: before i let you go, the president is saying this is a bad deal and since becoming president, this is an even more bad deal, our allies are saying one thing, some people are concerned that because of his decertifying him we could be stand ago loan along with israel but the president says it's a bad deal, do you agree? >> i agree with secretary mattis and rex tillerson and national security adviser h.r. mcmaster who told the president that the agreement is in our national security interest. we have them in a box. that's a win for us, in my view.
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kelly: jim walsh, thank you. good day to you. julie: deadly fires there. wild fires in the northern part of the state so far have killed at least 35 people as rescue teams are still searching through rubble, 5700 homes and businesses are destroyed. will carl live in santa rosa, california. >> julie, we will start with the good news, fires raging overnight that force more evacuations are being held in check in front lines, they are doing a great job today, so good news there as authorities continue to go through these neighborhoods that are still in disarray. a chunk of bricks and navigated by cadaver dogs. we are seeing videos from a sheriff's deputy, trying to save
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lives, take a look at what he saw. >> where you're at? >> right here. >> come on. >> let me get her feet. >> sonoma county sheriff's office. evacuation order. >> go, go, go, go. >> many residents had no time to prepare for this. some actually had to jump in the pool, jump to try to survive and we heard one mom who piled her kids into her car and they are safe and homes destroyed. take a listen to what she said.
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>> that's all that matters but still it's still shocking and hurts. my best friend's house burned down too. she's on the other side. we are going to go through this together. >> fire crews health paying attention to the winds, low so far, if they do that's great news. >> will carr, thank you. kelly: isis could be on the verge of defeat in defacto raqqah and latest on the fight to drive out isis from the syrian stronghold plus a new report shows who president trump attacks more on twitters and it's not democrats, who could be it? we will tell you coming up. >> the you know whether it's good or bad has always, they try to make it negative. the media -- i call it fake media. fake, there's so much fake news.
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kelly: reaching a deal to allow the evacuation of civilians and local islamic state fighters from raqqah, however, does not include foreign fighters, tribal leaders say the deal will save
1:20 pm
lives of civilians use bid the terrorist group as human shield. julie: president trump is never shy about calling his opponents on twitter and now a new report showing his biggest target, i bet you could guess, it's the media. white house columnist for the hill, thank you very much for talking to us. >> my pleasure. all right, not a shock here. the president has an issue with the mainstream media, in fact, 89 of president trump's 167 attacks on twitter since inauguration have called out news outlets or penalties, 56 attacks addressed to specific media outlets and that includes new york times which by the way 17 times they got it from the president, cnn13 times and nbc12. 33 different times he mentioned fake news. how do you believe the strategy is working for the president so far? >> the first question we have to ask in trump's cases working for
1:21 pm
whom. i do think it works to his most loyal supporters, i think it gives them a common enemy, but there's not so much evidence that have works beyond his base of support and the certainly very little efforts, indeed, that it has actually had garnered any more favorable media coverage. julie: so it has fired up his base and that has worked for him. that's what helped him get elected and his base loves unlike any other president in american history. that connection that he has with them on twitter. this week the president called reports from nbc fake news after nbc reported rex tillerson had called trump a moron never denied calling him that but he did, in fact, say that the nbc report was fake because
1:22 pm
tillerson considered resigning. that part was not true. >> well, in relation, as i understand, nbc has to -- julie: the moron part or the firing part? >> that it's accurate in both cases. i'm not speaking for nbc, that's my impression. the broader question is because if they do, if they do make errors that's something they will draw attention to but want to incorporate it of what he calls fake news. julie: accountability is an
1:23 pm
issue and always has been. the first president that calls out the press and by calling out the press and fake news, is he also calling attention to some embarrassing situations within his own administration? >> yes, he is because he's making the stories bigger than they would otherwise be. you are and are talking about the tillerson story several dais after the first emerged and maybe in other circumstances that's a story that would disappear. i think the calculation is different. i think his calculation is by labeling fake news he can create that the media is against him and trusted by supporters. >> it could be argued that the
1:24 pm
mainstream media does, we have a lot of power. when we go on the air and report something that's not factual you can really ruin somebody's life. there's no accountability because the fcc doesn't hold anybody accountable by reporting false news so then it is up to executives to take action at certain networks that some of their employees report false news by suspending or firing them. this is a first for president, though, to actually call out the media. he did go as far, though, as warning that maybe nbc's license should be revoked. that was one of many tweets that got a lot of backlash, that's going into a completely different realm which is against the u.s. constitution and the first amendment. where do you draw on the line on calling out executives who should be called if they are reporting false news but crossing the line and -- and perhaps implying that somehow they should be taken off the air? >> i think your question raises a couple of great points, julie,
1:25 pm
i do completely take your point of accountability, the media does hold power unchecked but the idea of a president checking that power is a very different thing and this gets to a broader picture, i think, it seems to me that we have become quite bad as a nation in establishing principles that should apply to republicans an democrats, liberals, conservatives, many people who support president trump are defending call for suspending license, but if we had a president elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, how would people feel of that president threatening a broadcaster -- that's an important issue. julie: there is a double standard here. unfortunately the president has so many people within his administration that are dumping leaks and when they do lake them they are not coming to us, they
1:26 pm
are going to mainstream media organizations like new york times, for example. you know, so the leaks are being done in a malicious way, you know, trump is tweeting about specific networks, specifically thursday basically said that nbc may have replaced cnn. cnn must be happy about this as top target of media criticism after report that is trump is seek to go expand nuclear capabilities and here is that tweet. people are just now starting to find out howdies honest and disgusting fake news nbc news is. viewers be ware, maybe worse than even cnn. there you go. heat off of cnn. that's a good thing. >> it is, but of course, in broadly speaking not just in television broadcasting, we are seeing that are shall we say most confrontation to the president actually with degree of commercial reward for that. in some cases but you're quite right, the president has different places in his --
1:27 pm
julie: thank you very much, thank you, appreciate it. all right. kelly: this is a fox news alert, harvey weinstein, the movie mogul has been expelled by the notion picture academy following the growing list of accusations of sexual harassment and assault. more on this later in the program. this is the affect -- oscars by the way, suspended, met today to discuss allegations against harvey weinstein and required two-thirds majority say immediately suspend from the academy. they went onto say that we do not simply do to separate ourselves from someone does not merit respect colleague and send the message that the era of willful ignorance and sexual
1:28 pm
predatory behavior in our industry is over. what the issue here is a deeply troubling problem that has no place in our society and the board will continue to examine the situation there again harvey weinstein out from the motion picture academy which is the oscars, julie. julie: more issues to congress ranging from tax reform to immigration and now the iran nuclear deal. can lawmakers get it all done? plus, the family held captive revealed terrifying details about the five-year ordeal. >> i kneeled by her and i said -- she looked exhausted
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the oscars following growing list of accusations of sexual harassment and assault. the academy motion picture board of governors met today to discuss the allegations against harvey weinstein and voted well in excess of required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him from the academy. we do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of colleagues but also to send a message that the era of local ignorance and sexual predatory behavior and workplace in our industry is over, but what's at issue is a public problem that has no place in our society. the board continues to work to establish conduct that all academy members will be expected to exemplify.
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julie: american canadian family returns home after being held captive in the middle east. caitlin coleman and joshua coleman were kidnapped while hiking in afghanistan and held by link to taliban. the couple along with three children who were actually born in captivity landed in canada yesterday are speaking out about whord -- ordeal. kitty with the fascinating story, kitty. >> are now recovering with family members in canada and undergoing all the necessary medical checks as you can imagine. joshua boyle has talked about captivity, suffered horrific deal, coleman was pregnant while in afghanistan, west of kabul,
1:35 pm
gave birth to four children. one of those children was killed by captive and also says his wife was raped. now the couple has seen pleading for their life and the whole family was finally rescued by pakistan military last wednesday apparently after a u.s. intelligence tipoff. they had been moved across the border from afghanistan into pakistan and they were being moved again when pakistani security forces were able to intervene. now their captors were from network, an extremely notorious to kidnappings like this, they have held western hostages before usually for cash, the u.s. has designated the network a terrorist organization and often targeted them during the war in afghanistan, but given what was known about the dangers, many people are now questioning why this couple traveled to a particular area of
1:36 pm
afghanistan which is known for taliban activity specially given the fact that at the time caitlin coleman was already program. >> kitty logan, thank you. kelly. kelly: president trump forcing lawmakers' hands on everything from obamacare to immigration and even the iran nuclear deal, so has the president's frustration with congress reached a breaking point? joining me now former adviser to president bill clinton and fox news contributor and brat blakeman, former assistant to george w. bush, gentlemen, good to see you this afternoon. >> good to see you, kelly. kelly: throughout the process we have seen president trump and expressed frustration over and over again and in particular with his own party which has a majority and, yes, they've been unable to move the needle legislatively. do you understand his frustration and is some of it because self-inflicted wounds or is it because of the penalty
1:37 pm
problems getting with other republicans? >> well, i would say that it's probably both. trump doesn't have the persuasive power of ronald reagan and, on the other hand, congress has a rating of about, i don't know 10-11% and even friends and family of members of congress have gotten south on them. so i understand the president's frustration but the american people hold them accountable and the president himself seems for both good and bad seasons distance themselves from among the most unpopular institutions in our society. >> steve bannon is going after republicans, gop establishment, if you will, calling evangelicals to get involved in the fray. so you have republicans cannibalizing republicans, what does that -- does that go well for the president in terms of aggressive legislative agenda that he still hopes to
1:38 pm
accomplish? >> it does not. 2017 must be year of action because 2018 in midterms there's going to be reflection. we gave everything republicans power we can give and still they haven't made good in promises, frustration that president trump has is well before he came to washington, promises were made with regard to health care and immigration, and taxes and then donald trump, there's a convention, we form a platform, every republican agrees, same thing, immigration, taxes, and health care and yet still nothing gets done. the president, i think, now in frustration is reaching out more to the -- to across the aisle to see if there's any possibility for democrats to join him. kelly: let's bring up a tweet that the president issued on this topic. let's take a look at it.
1:39 pm
since congress can't get act doght on health care, i will be using the power of for pen to give great health care to many people fast. actually reports that that's been unconstitution, that president obama overreached by going to the treasury department and getting money directly to affordable health care which was against the constitution. doug, the president in so many ways is a correcting a wrong. >> well, let's leave that to the supreme court today, but to me, the president is doing for himself and i think he's a favorite for reelection in 2020,
1:40 pm
ted cruz if we don't get tax reform, a blowout in 2018 and if the republicans pass nothing as is possible, i think we are looking at a very, very problematic situation and the democrats if the president is trying to evicerate, not going to happen, not going to work. kelly: i can see the frustration from the white house, i can see the frustration from the gop congress and i can certainly see the opposition from the democrat party. -- this is delicate balancing act that the president has to wiggle his way through. what advice would you give him having served the president in the past? >> i think what he needs to do is to really try to bring all
1:41 pm
together, we either sit together or rise together as a party. everybody is in this together. remember, donald trump promises, we are not solely his, there was promises that every republican who stood for reelection and every republican who called themselves a republican dating back to platform out of convention, we are not going to be successful if we don't deliver for the american people. there's really no excuse. we have every branch of government, the american people couldn't have possibly given us any more power, and by the way, the president cannot rule exhaustively out of executive orders, that's not a constitution for legislation. kelly: we are going to leave it there. i would love to hear comment on that but it seems like brad is striking a cord with a lot of people, that is everybody has to play in this together. >> that's why we need legislation. i wish for bipartisanship, not sure we are going to get it but
1:42 pm
we need legislation, not executive orderers. wrong if the democrats do it and wrong if the republicans do it. kelly: good to see you. >> good to see you. kelly: thank you. julie: could america be move get away from social security after the equifax data breach exposed sensitive information, the trump administration is looking at alternative to 9-digit code. strong reaction on both sides of the aisle after president trump scrapped obamacare subsidies but will congress be forced to take action as a result? we will talk to one republican lawmaker next. >> one by one, it's going to come down and we are going to have great health care in our country. we are going to have great health care in our country e. theratears® unique electrolyte formula, corrects the salt imbalance that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy.
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booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. julie: president trump is using the power of his pen to deal another blow to obamacare. on thursday he signed executive
1:47 pm
order designed to lower premiums and allow americans to buy insurance through large group plans. he also announced he was ending obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. here with me now texas congressman, thank you very much for talking to us. >> thanks for having me on, julie. julie: does obama subsidy cut hand a new problem as if they need more? >> i don't think so. but i think if nothing else it provides the impetus for the fact that we have to move on this. i will tell you on the house, we put a lot of energy and a lot of work into -- into getting a product over to the senate, it happened in early may and had been discouraging. it's been disparaging that now we can't seem to move forward in the senate, perhaps this provides the -- the catalyst to actually get something established. julie: president trump says he doesn't want the health
1:48 pm
insurance companies get rich, by doing so is he hurting the poor, can you answer that for us? >> number one, the insurance companies are always going to do well. that's the way the -- they are designed. don't cry for me argentina. if affordable care act passed, i said back then, it was design today fail, i read this the other day, someone wrote that with obamacare there's no alternative and no escape, that's the way it was designed. so there are going to have carefully constructed policies to minimize the collateral damage that people experience. at the same time we have no choice but to go forward. there have been two people hurt and those two people deserve our attention the same as the one who was helped. julie: does this or does not
1:49 pm
hurt the poor by cutting obamacare subsidy? >> number one it doesn't have to. if -- if it's strictly focusing on the executive orderers that were released, the agencies revised the rules to a lor -- allow for people to join together, that doesn't have to no way is that going -- julie: this isn't a done deal, it doesn't have to. there's room for negotiation and that's the point i'm trying to get across here because the president called the democrats obstructionists and imploring for them to come to him to negotiate a better plan and seems to me because he calls himself a negotiator in chief is that this is a negotiating tactic to get republicans to finally step up to the plate and get the job done they promised and failed to do and that's repeal and replace obamacare, if this doesn't care republicans, i don't know what will. >> that's exactly the point. i think the president -- in many
1:50 pm
ways it was and i leggant solution. both sides have to work together on this. i don't disagree with that. there are places where we can work together and i think we have during the year, that model needs to be followed. julie: thank you very much. >> thank you. kelly: president and vice president are hoping to both tip the scale d d from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner.
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kelly: current and former vice president both diving into the virginia governor's race. mike pence holding a rally and joe biden hitting the trail with the democratic candidate ralph, fox news coiner garrett tenney live. >> two taking place in november, the biggest challenge for the candidate is actually giving voters to turn out on election day. to help with that, they are bringing in some big names over the next week to rally their bases, former vice president joe biden kicked things off by
1:55 pm
hosting a workforce round table outside of dc, democratic candidate governor currently lieutenant governor, at the private event biden criticized the trump administration for dismantling key legacy items from the obama administration and said democratic leaders at the state level need to step in where the federal government is failing. >> it's the only hope for leadership we have now, is that -- at state level. is really is, it really is the only hope we have number one. you know, someone said there's a guy named bond said that this administration is unify bid incoherence and incompetence, that's the unifying principle, so you have to step up. >> a little more than three weeks to go, the race is expected to be close. latest real clear politics northum ahead of gillespie.
1:56 pm
yesterday on fox news george w. bush's former white house council said after last presidential election he's feeling confident. >> these public polls are not designed to gauge the outcome of an election, they are designed to affect the outcome, we are in a dead heat race here and i feel momentum everywhere i go. >> former presidents will come to the state, george w. bush will head fund raidsers for gillespie and barack obama will return to campaign trail since first time leaving office. kelly: that will do it for us. julie: the news continues, we are not done. >> get on the ground. >> i am on the ground. >> all the way down. ♪
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we are we are tragic death toll sadly keeps rising, 35 people have been killed, nearly 6,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed destroyed in this massive continuing catastrophe, hello, everyone, welcome to brand new hour of america's news headquarters. arthel: governor jerry brown will give update on the disaster, expect today join him, senators diane feinstein and harris and flames have torched more than 200,000 acres so far as crews work around the clock fight to go save lives. will carr live in napa with the latest, will, if we have to we


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