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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 15, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ >> right now on justice >> i have known him through politics as many democrats have. >> damage control for harvey weinstein's cronies who can't make believe anymore. >> i was shocked and appalled. >> yeah, right, hillary. just like you were with your husband. tonight i call out the liberal elitist establishment for decades of hollywood hypocrisy. it's the opening statement you will be talking about tomorrow. plus a justice exclusive. >> just the greatest, just the greatest life changing transformational in every way. >> in their first joint interview since the birth of their son, i sit down with first son eric trump and his wife
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laura. it's your inside look at life inside the first family. and they ain't that much different than the rest of us. >> we are true new parents, and babies don't sleep that much. >> wake up. justice starts now. >> hello and welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. in this hour, my exclusive interview with eric and laura trump, plus mark stein, congressman ron desantos and so much more. but first my opening statement. don't you love it when those so-called social justice warriors, the ones who claim moral and ethical superiority over the rest of us, the ones who chastise us because of our core american values are hoisted on their own? this week a real blockbuster as
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the curtain goes up on the trump-hating soros loving socialist condescending hollywood glitterati for their silence acceptance and cover up of one of their own, serial super sexual predator harvey weinstein. weinstein once the famous now-infamous movie maker accused of continuing sexual assault and harassment of dozens of young women on two continents silencing of those around him with his ability to intimidate victims, pressure business associates and buy powerful democrats. gee, another intersection of crime, money, power, and the democrat party. weinstein gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the democrat party. non-stop donations to hilary clinton, hundreds of thousands of dollars to that clinton
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foundation. and reports of almost a million and a half dollars to the clintons. and hillary, the woman who created her own war room to destroy the women who accuse her husband bill of rape and sexual assault hides for five days before saying she's shocked, shocked. think of it, hillary. were you elected president, you could have done for your friend harvey what your husband bill did for his friend that palm beach billionaire convicted serial pedophile predator jeffrey epstein by getting the department of justice, the feds to intercede, take those child rape cases from the florida d.a. where epstein was facing hard time to federal easy street, where he quickly got home monitoring. it could be you said nothing for five days because your
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experience with pedophiles goes deep, like when you laughed about and destroyed a 12-year-old innocent girl who was raped by two adult men so severely that she was in a coma for days leaving her barren and unable to have children. hillary, you actually say this in another country as if we're not going to hear it. >> we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the oval office there has to be a recognition that we must stand against this kind of, you know, action that is so sexist. >> the only sexual assaulter that i know of in the oval office is your husband the one who left the stain on a blue dress of a young intern in the
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white house. are you still schizo? now that i think about it, both you and harvey are alike, both of you addicted to a drug, both of you love money power and domination. weinstein wants to dominate hollywood and you want to dominate washington. weinstein didn't stop with you, though, also delivering $700,000 to that -- of moral superiority barack obama who also took days to condemn hollywood's open secret. funny none of them knew. really? barack, you had the fbi at your fingertips. did you have them a little too busy going after conservatives and covering up hillary's e-mail scandal, too busy with politics to find a predator in their
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midst? and michelle, you condemn women because we didn't listen to our inner voices and vote for your girlfriend hillary. where was your inner voice on the day your daughter got a job with harvey? meryl streep another paragon of virtue says she didn't know and while she preaches to us at the golden globes about our president. >> and this instinct to humiliate when it's marvelled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody's life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> meryl, you say you didn't know, how much has your best bud harvey added to your bank account while you stood
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oblivious to the victimization of young women who want to be like you? how many of those young women came to you for advice? no surprise though your morals are nowhere in line with ours. you openly rise to applaud a child rapist, roman polanski. >> the academy congratulates roman polanski. >> and then there's tough guy robert de niro. i thought he was a good fella, until i heard him talk about our president. >> he's a punk. he's a dog. he's a pig. he's a con. thinks he's gaming society.
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well, i'd like to punch him in the face. >> you don't like donald trump and his politics? you call him every name in the book, while you are knee deep in the dirty money of harvey weinstein and his cash? how many of his movies have lined your bank account? you're the punk, bob. you're the pig. you're the thug. and maybe you're just taking your roles a bit too seriously. >> and always keep your mouth shut. >> hey, bob. >> are you talking to me? you talking to me? you're talking to me? >> yeah, i'm talking to you. you're the punk.
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you disgust me. folks, hollywood's been steep in hypocrisy for decades, as the curtain goes up on the casting couch, aka, the casting bed, the town that glorifies violence, murder, and rape is the same town where centuries old rules of women sleeping for a job is kept quiet. actors, the ones who need to read other people's words for a living and then convince themselves that they have the moral turpitude to pontificate to the rest of us on how we should act try to tell us how to be. and by the way, it's not over yet, folks. there's more coming. it's not just adult women. it's human trafficking. it is child sex trafficking. it is real pedophilia in a town where there are no rules, where the truth is stranger than fiction, and where fiction is based on reality. it is time for the department of
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justice to get their act in gear, start a federal criminal investigation into harvey weinstein, his ongoing criminal activity that no doubt has crossed state lines and continents, and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook, twitter, instagram, hashtag judge jeanine. all right, joining me now to talk about all of this is author and columnist mark stein. you know, mark, i got to tell you, that's what i did for 30 years. i hate it when they use power and they victimize innocent victims, and this guy did it for all to see, and none of those phonies who pretend to tell us how we act as though we are inferior to them knew about it. when you've got four guys on the weinstein board who resigned, four out of nine, in days, you know there's more coming. what do you think, mark? >> yeah, and i think that's the
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real issue here, judge. this guy is an evil man, a monster, and his evil goes back to the dawn of the 1980's, the beginning of his career. i think that's the earliest claim by a woman to be attacked by him is 81 or 82. but what's at issue is the fact that he was protected by all these glamorous hollywood figures who now claim to know nothing about him. his own company priced in the value of an assaulted woman by saying that he'd have to pay a fine of 250 grand. that's in the contract. that's what that woman's body is worth to the weinstein board that drew that up. and you said, the only thing i disagree with in your opening statement is you said three claims i believe it is up to five. 20 minutes ago i heard of a british actress that told
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scotland guard she was raped by weinstein. you said two continents. i think it's actually three. there's a model in new zealand. he did this everywhere. >> i'm not surprised. >> he did it at cannes. he did it at toronto. he did it at the ritz hotel in paris. he did it everywhere. >> this is an international bully. i'm disappointed because the n.y.p.d. which is a great police department and they know that i love them, i worked with them when i was d.a. they took a young girl, a young want to be actress, wired her up, she went to them, upset, but surveillance cameras see her running out of this place where she was with harvey weinstein. they wire her up. she does everything she's supposed to. they take the case to the manhattan d.a., after she speaks to weinstein. he says oh i'm sorry i won't do it again. i'm used to doing it. i'm a famous guy. and the manhattan d.a. says oh there wasn't enough. there wasn't enough?
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>> yeah, and i'm sorry about this, judge, but i do think that is the most -- that's political corruption. this woman, this italian woman was twice traumatized. the first time was when weinstein attacked her and touched her breast as she said. so she goes to the police, and they wire her so she has to go back and meet with him and do it all again, and then some dirty stinking rotten corrupt prosecutor having put her through that won't actually take the case any further. and this is what is the real issue here. until a week ago, this guy was still powerful enough to get nbc to tell jokes about what he'd done on saturday night live. this guy's company is dead, you know, judge. there's never going to be a film that says the weinstein company presents ever again because that company is dirty, going and giving your money, giving 8 bucks to go and watch a
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weinstein movie is like buying blood diamonds from the congo or liberia. that big glamorous hollywood night out is paid for with physical assaults on young women all over the planet, going back to 1982. >> mark stein, there's more to come. and we're going to have you back. thank you so much. and next, meet the newest member of america's first family, i will talk exclusively with his parents. >> it changes your life. it changes your perspective. it changes everything. you see the attacks. you see the divisiveness -- >> eric and laura trump are next up on justice for the first time has mom and dad. last week we introduced you to some of washington's worst deep insiders holding up the president's agenda. guess what? you can't miss them. justice on a roll, when we're on a roll.
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with their baby and life as members of the first family. >> so it's 31 days since he was brought into the world? >> a month and two days, yeah. i can't believe it. >> are you tired yet? >> well, fortunately we have great make up artists here, but if you can't tell, yes, we are true new parents and babies don't sleep that much as we're finding out. >> tell us about him. how much did he weigh? and how long was he? it's not tall because they don't stand yet; right? >> he was 7 pounds, 6 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long and he's already almost 10 pounds and 22 inches long now. so he's a growing boy. but blonde hair, like his dad. >> yeah. he is you. >> right. >> now that you two were kind of all around the globe, i mean,
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you're eric trump, you are mrs. eric trump. you are the president's son. the president's daughter-in-law and now you are parents. how has your view of the world changed >> you know, it was her birthday two days ago, we talked about this. if you look back at the two years, you start with the campaign, the primaries, the election day, the inauguration, and then the last year which has been amazing and her pregnancy and now little luke, and you know, this kid is so special to us. by the way, i always thought i was going to be the person who taught him so much, and i will, but honestly i think he's taught me at this point more than i have taught him. there's something really special about bringing a little person into the world and it is -- it changes your life. it changes your perspective. it changes everything. >> you see the world through his eyes? >> you know, there's innocence; right? you watch these maniacs every single day out there. you see the attacks. you see the divisiveness in this country. you see the bad people. you see sensational news and i mean just everything that we all
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talk about all day every day and then you get home and you hold this little, you know, 7 pound ball of love and all he wants to do is sleep and eat and smile and, you know. >> and mom is responsible for the eating part in the sense that you are doing it naturally? >> yes, i am. it's amazing. it's sort of incredible that the human body not only provides you with the immense love that you naturally and immediately have for another human you just met, but that you can provide everything they need, and, you know, i didn't know how i would feel about all of it, and it's been such a blessing, and like eric said, i mean, nothing can prepare you for this, and it totally changes your life, and everyone said that to me, and i said yeah, we will see. i don't know, i'm not sure how -- if that's true. it is so true. it's changed in the best possible ways and we're so lucky. >> it's changed your life in the sense that you now have this additional person in your life. eric, i understand that you come
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home and you go reach for the baby even if he's sleeping? >> yeah. >> even though i say don't touch him he just went to sleep. he has to pick him up. >> you can't help yourself. i mean, they are so beautiful. they are so pure. they are so innocent. >> i knew you when you were a little boy. i feel like your mother sometimes -- no offense ivana but i'm so proud of you as a father right now. this is so exciting. >> thank you. >> you call him little luke. were you going to call him eric? >> we went back and forth. she ultimately won. it is eric luke trump. we're calling him luke. he's great, life changing transformational any way. she always said i don't know how we can love anything more than our dogs. i think we might have a new number one in the house. >> we have three in the house. >> my favorite story is you were
12:23 am
going to name the baby charlie. but the dog is named charlie. >> i said can we have the dog and a child named the same thing? no, we can't do that. >> do you find that you want to stay home more? do you have that maternal pull that a lot of us felt i mean i did when i was working? >> yeah, it is a definite balancing act when you are a mom that also works, and, you know, he's only been here a month so i'm slowly transitioning back to work. i do find when i'm at work, all i think about is him. then when i'm at home, i always think about being at work. it is a balance. it is incredible that you want to be with another human. they can't even talk to you yet. >> right. >> and i think it's very -- we're very lucky that i am able to sort of stay home at least for a little bit right now. everybody says this is the time you need to cherish and they change so quickly so we're trying to do our best to take it all in. >> you are taking it in.
12:24 am
but eric, let me ask you this, you know, since your dad became president, the world has been even from my distance, i mean the world has become more vicious, you know, the attacks more -- how do you plan to prepare for the media and the attacks, not just on you but now on this innocent child? how will you react? >> i think probably the exact same way my parents did to us. i had the greatest parents in the world and they shielded us from it. it was incredibly important. they kept us away from the spotlight. there's nothing nice about it. i mean, again, you see the attacks every single day. you see the 24 hour news cycle which is largely responsible for a lot of it. you see social media where everybody now has a platform that they never had before and they can stand behind a little device or computer or whatever and be free of any kind of repercussions. you see how nasty it's been. listen, children are delicate. people are delicate. but children are especially delicate and i think you have to shield them from that. my parents did an amazing job
12:25 am
with that. we didn't have the limelight before that. we stayed out of the limelight. we wanted nothing to do with the papers or magazines or tv. it wasn't until really the apprentice much later on in our lives that we started coming into it a little bit at a time and then obviously, you know, throughout the presidential race, got thrown into it. >> yeah, for sure. >> but you have to shield them from that because it is a very very tough, you know, dark world at times. >> definitely. definitely. so as i see you, the happy couple now, with little luke as you call him, will there be another trump? i have to ask you -- >> jeanine, we just had this one. [laughter] >> he's smiling. you're exasperating. >> he's ready. >> it's been a month, come on, what are we waiting for? >> we get to maybe decide a little bit when we're ready for the next one. >> she is such an incredible mother. >> she's an incredible woman. >> the warmth, i have always known this.
12:26 am
i think i was maybe a little bit more excited about the kid originally than you and honestly it is the warmth and the love, you know, she's beyond -- >> she's blossomed into this role immediately. >> eric trump, lara trump, parents, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeanine. and washington's worse, still ahead tonight. plus i will talk live with congressman ron desantos. and next if you were with us last week, you know you won't want to miss round two of our powerful political pugnacious panel. they are back and standing by to debate. if you call it that. justice rolls on in a moment. t
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jeanine. >> welcome back. time now for the political panel. former secret service agent and best-selling author.
12:32 am
>> i'm not going to ask you if weinstein what he did was wrong, i'm not going to ask you why no one said anything and why he only donated to democrats but i'm going to ask you to listen to the two sounds. one is from 30 rock and the other is -- let's see, seth mcfarland take a listen. >> i'm not afraid of anyone in show business. i turned down intercourse with harvey weinstein on no less than three occasions. >> congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. [laughter] >> so when people like meryl streep and all of these women and hilary clinton say they didn't know, you can't be any more public than saying that because i'm telling you if there was no truth to it, harvey would have sued them the way he gets involved every time the new york times or any other magazine
12:33 am
threatened to do an expose on him. chris? >> he's a creep and everybody who helped cover him up is -- is complicit and they should be ashamed of themselves. i think we need to be on the lookout for this kind of behavior in every industry and hollywood can't be exempt from it at all. >> what about the fact that hollywood unlike most other industries seems to be indigenous to the whole place but more than that these are the people who actually stand up and talk down to the rest of america as though for some reason they have the right and the higher moral ground from which to lecture us? >> they have a platform for a given time and trying to express their views just like dan and i will do tonight on your show. >> go ahead, dan. >> well, listen, i mean this may be the only time chris and i agree about anything ever. he is a creep. the guy's clearly a loser.
12:34 am
but what bothers me about this whole thing, judge, is it's clear now that hollywood is a moral and ethical vacuum. it is a pig sty of semi-values because there are no values in hollywood. here's the kicker on this story that's driving me crazy. i know the clintons. i worked with them. you can't tell me with a straight face that someone in their staff, if not the clintons themselves, did not have an inkling of an idea that this guy was the pig he turned out to be, and the fact that they did nothing about it and still took his money, as a matter of fact, i was at mrs. clinton's birthday party where this guy was celebrated like he was part of the family. it is kind of a disgrace. and the clintons have some accounting to do for that. >> dan, you know what? if we're going to hold every elected official accountable for every creep that's donated to them, there will be bodies on both sides of the aisle. >> no no. >> -- to be disgusted with, oh, yeah. >> we're going under the hood for review here. that's not what i said. you are right. i stipulate that point. i've run for office.
12:35 am
i've probably taken donations from someone who was an idiot down the line too. i'm stating that someone on that staff likely knew about the behavior of weinstein. these are not stupid people. the clintons nor their staffers. you can't tell me with a straight face that no one had an idea. >> let me interrupt you. we're talking about weinstein. millions of dollars to the democrats. millions of dollars to the people who stand up and lecture the rest of us. this was an open secret. we're talking about women, young women, preying on the most vulnerable, women who wanted a job, a career, who were hoping to make it big, and this dirt bag pig imposed himself on them, and then the d.a. in manhattan says it's not enough. all you had to do was turn on that tape and another democrat turn on that tape and say to the jury now go deliberate. >> well, judge, you are right. it's horrible. disgusting. it's almost as bad as --
12:36 am
>> let me tell you something. we have got hard evidence, chris, don't mix this one up. >> hard evidence -- >> hard evidence on a tape of a victim setting up a defendant. where the defendant said -- be quiet chris. the defendant says it is not a he says she says. she says and he says exactly what she said he said. now cut it out. this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> he said it himself. >> chris, chris, chris, hold on here too. let's be -- >> i wasn't going to talk. >> there's a big difference between a private conversation where granted i will give you that, the conversation was totally inappropriate between trump and him at the time, there was a huge difference between that talking about grabbing women by the you know what and actually grabbing women by the you know what -- >> and admitting to it. >> and admitting to it.
12:37 am
and actually saying i'm famous. i'm used to doing it. i'm sorry. i won't do it again. give me that case any day of the week i will convict this guy 56 times. >> i agree. >> let's move on. let me just say, i agree, but the evangelicals around this country still supporting somebody who -- >> let's talk about healthcare. what we've got now with healthcare is we've got ending the obama care subsidies to the insurance companies and now the democrats are saying well, we're going to sue for payments. what do you say, chris, in 20 seconds? >> i say matthew 25 says that which you do to the least of them you do unto christ. this president is putting people out on the streets with healthcare who need it. >> you have people like chris quoting the bible while arguing a taxpayer-funded bailout on a
12:38 am
health insurance company that people like chris bash for the last month. these guys are total hypocrites. they have no principles at all. they will say anything to advance a political point. >> here's the thing -- >> i have actually read the bible and i know what jesus would do in this situation. matthew 25. read it before you go to bed tonight. >> guys, courts have already ruled that payments to insurance companies and subsidies are illegal. so take it one the courts. dan, chris, bye. some questions i want answered tonight by attorney general jeff sessions, i'm talking about it next with congressman ron desantis. don't miss it. you're entitled to answers and i'm going to get them sooner or later. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages,
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>> welcome back. joining me now republican florida congressman ron desantis. thank you very much for joining me tonight. now, you were on a couple of weeks ago when we talked about debbie wasserman schultz and i will get to that in a bit because my audience and i are chomping at the bit to find out what the deal is with that woman. but before i get to that, a few weeks ago, i had congressman jason chaffetz on and without going through the whole transcript of what happened, he said that when he was a congressman, before he left, when he was with government oversight and reform he spoke to attorney general jeff sessions and he actually visited him and he said it was the most frustrating discussion he had ever had and he asked him about irs, and the clinton e-mail scandal, and what the attorney general was willing to do, you know, the new attorney general under president trump.
12:44 am
and chaffetz said i didn't see the attorney general willing to let -- administer justice and he said -- he basically told me he wasn't going to pursue anything on those major cases. how can the attorney general of the united states tell a sitting congressman that he's not going to pursue justice because a democrat is involved or because it involves another administration and are some people above the law in this country? >> well, i will tell you, judge, first, great opening statement. you hit the nail right on the head on that one. it is very frustrating because as we sit here today, you know, your viewers know about the irs targeting scandal, and yet the house when chaffetz was chairman we held her in contempt of the congress. yet what has happened? nobody has been held accountable at all in the irs targeting scandal. we know the clinton e-mail scandal, obviously hillary's conduct, but what about loretta
12:45 am
lynch, what about comey and his memos, there are so many things that need a thorough investigation >> what are you guys doing about them? you tell my viewers my audience what you guys are doing. you are a congressman. what are you doing? >> we actually on the judiciary committee met with attorney general sessions and the rest of the leadership and the sxwrus 'tis department -- justice department relatively recently in the last month. we raised those issues. republicans on the judiciary committee have asked attorney general sessions to appoint a special counsel to deal with the fallout from the clinton e-mail investigation. we know that was not handled on the level and the american people deserve answers. as of this moment, they have not been willing to appoint a special counsel and it is my sense, although they didn't say this outright, that there's a hesitancy to look backwards and they are more interested in looking forward. the problem with that as you suggest, judge, is that you have some people in that prior administration who have gotten away with some pretty bad conduct, and just even think, right before president trump was
12:46 am
inaugurated, you had the leaking of the information against michael flynn. that's a felony -- >> so everybody is sitting in their chairs listening, saying, what are you going to do about it? what are you going to do about it? what is the president going to do about it? why is jeff sessions -- look, when i was a prosecutor, every crime i dealt with was a crime that occurred in the past. my brain didn't indicate that there was a crime occurring tomorrow and i was going to interrupt it unless it was an attempt or a conspiracy for the future. what i'm saying is of course there are crimes from the past. and jeff sessions issues a statement, we're not going to prosecute her, what is going on? >> that's why we requested the special counsel because i think they have to look at these things, and it's also frustrating when you look at some of the bureaucracy, the leaking that's been leaking for political purposes to damage the president, that's really been
12:47 am
unprecedented. we've had leaks in the past, but not weaponized leaks in this way. and yet to this day no one's been indicted for any of that. >> 20 seconds debby wasserman schultz you had a hearing this week just like you said you would? >> we did, and we found out that he has been working from time to time while employed by wasserman schultz from pack stan for months at a time -- pakistan for months at a time. he was transferring data from house of representatives. we think he was transferring it to people in pakistan. this thing is getting bigger, judge. i appreciate your attention to it. i think you are going to see some more fireworks out of the criminal case very soon because the wife and he are on the outs so i think she's going to testify against him. >> good, i hope so. ron desantis, that's good to hear. thanks for keeping us up on this one. they are standing in the pr
12:48 am
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12:51 am
last week you met some of washington's worst right here. road blocks getting things done for america. tonight former doj official jay christian adams is here. all right, christian, thank you very much for being here. what i want to know is why are these people still working?
12:52 am
why is jeff sessions and the department of justice, which should be loaded with people who want to prosecute, not doing what they should be doing? >> look, jeff sessions is not the problem. it's all the swamp creatures underneath him, the career leftovers from the obama era who were implementing obama policies who are standing in the way of prosecuting the irs abuse, standing in the way of prosecuting voter fraud. these same people who ran the department under holder are still effectively rurnd ever running it under -- effectively running it under trump. >> why aren't they fired? are they civil service? >> yes, they are mostly civil service. some are another class of civil service, you can move them right out. but the problem is some of the top people who have been brought in don't have a stomach for a fight. the president has a stomach for a fight. he wants to implement his policies but the department has a lot of institutionalists, people who think that the department is worthy and they didn't pay any attention to the elections in november. >> okay, so if we've got these
12:53 am
obama, these clinton holdovers, and you're saying there are people in there who don't have the gut for a fight, and i assume you are talking about jeff sessions, i assume you are talking about tillerson, then even if they are civil service, can't we move them? >> yeah, sessions isn't the problem. yes, the civil service people -- >> if i have got somebody in my department when i was d.a., different level, same concept, i move them the heck out. >> right, the department has an immense inertia, it is not that easy. you can do stuff judge. there's something called the senior executive service, people all throughout the federal government, all you have to do is give them two weeks notice, three weeks notice and say you are going to go work in studies in north dakota, nothing against north dakota, but the point is they have the power to do it if they have the fight to do it, if they have the willingness to make the moves that this president ran on of getting the swamp out of washington. >> okay. so i got a guy, let's talk about andrew mccain. last week we talked about andrew
12:54 am
mccain. he gets i think it was $675,000 for terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia who gives it to his wife who is running with hillary; right? and andrew mccabe is in charge with the hillary e-mail scandal, right, for the fbi. >> right. >> what the heck is this guy doing in the fbi? >> well, and he's going to the swearing-in of the new fbi director along with james comey and mueller and trump can't even go. look, the swamp is still running the show. >> so move him out under the ses law, this law that -- send him to north dakota to study. >> right. and that's what it takes is guts, is to move people out like mccabe whose wife is connected to mcauliffe financially, money went into her pocket which is his pocket and those are the kind of people who elected trump don't trust. >> you know what? virginia state law allows the candidate to keep money. so whatever that three quarters
12:55 am
of a million dollars that she got, mccabe got from mcauliffe who is friends with clinton, whose husband was investigating clinton, she can keep; correct? >> right, under virginia election law, that's right. >> what are we going to do christian? the president is working 24/7. what are we doing? >> there is a guy who ran the irs effectively defended it, still defends it contempt of congress and still gets a government paycheck. they have been unwilling to impeach him in congress. the people who can do something about it are in the administration. >> j. christian adams we are staying on this one. ladies and gentlemen, you know anyone who is in the swamp. send it to us.
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judge jeanine: before we leave tonight, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter. that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. next week i will be but same time, same place, same channel but different location. justice will be live from los angeles. watch out, i bringing my cup. there is no such thing as a deep state there. i can make a citizens arrest. greg gutfeld is next. see you next week from la, maybe if i make it.
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it's a very handsome group of people. i don't like standing in front of them. [laughter] first thing you know. we always like unattractive teams pride that is true. he always tells the truth. [cheering and applause] greg: you know what i love? i live in hollywood lectures us. >> we can end this nightmare before begins. >> i hope the people don't blame you for sexually


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