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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 15, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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if you want to e-mail us, media buzz at try to look at the comments. will be back your next sunday. this is a fox news alert. the death toll stands at 40 people killed in the horrific and historic wildfires raging throughout northern california. many more people are still listening at this hour as the flames are burning or the 100 miles wide. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. i am eric shaw. i'm our cell neville. the flames destroying at least 57 homes, destroying them. although some evacuees have been allowed to return home, about 100,000 people remain under evacuation
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now we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. it is a weak deal that has been weekly monitored. the president has made clear that he will not permit this deal and provide cover for what we now is a regime to develop a
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nuclear weapon. >> kristin fisher is live at the white house with more. what is the word from the white house today about the president's decision to decertify the deal? >> this morning the national security adviser, secretary of state and u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, all three on the sunday shows and they were there to defend president trump's decision to decertify the iran nuclear deal, but they also all three said that decertification does not mean pulling out of the deal entirely, especially since technically iran has not violated the deal even though president trump has says repeatedly that perhaps it had violated the spirit of the agreement. here's the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. come immediately. >> as far as we see on compliance to that part of it. is america still safe? are we still okay with them doing all these other bad things? what you are seeing is everyone turning a blind eye to iran and
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all of those valuations out of china protect this agreement. what we need to say is we need to hold them accountable. they can be continuing to support terrorism around the world like we are seeing them do. reporter: they see this as an opportunity for congress to fix the flaws in the deal before it's too late. they believe they should have been done in the first place when the deal was struck, but many democrats today argue that perhaps it's already too late. >> there is no chance the deal is renegotiated. the iranians will not renegotiated and neither will europeans. they'll get everything they want and restart their nuclear program and be a part of the deal. reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson also in the sunday show as he addressed the airplane deal, but also weighed in on some of the controversy that himself at the center row. remember recently, republican senator bob corker said
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president trump was trying to his chief diplomat. so secretary tillerson asked about it. kind of looked down an i'm pulling in tax. he also addressed the comment that perhaps he had called president trump a moron. he refused to fully deny it but he refused to dignify it with a response. we got a hard no one hard no one when it doesn't kind of just what the moron questions linger out there. arthel: i actually saw that have been live on jake tapper show and i was unexpected not answer. it was a good one. let's move on now. the president doing some more golf course diplomacy. he was the teaming up with? >> just to be clear, we don't know for sure that he is playing golf. the white house will say that. they said he is not trump national golf course today, but
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we spotted him with republican senator rand paul today. yesterday, we know that he did play golf with another republican senator, lindsey graham for the second weekend in a row and tomorrow we know that he affected me with this sometimes friend and sometimes enemy, republican senator and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. so that should be a very interesting discussion. it pours they have so much to talk about, budget, tax reform and now health care in the iran deal to talk about as well. arthel: yeah, lots to talk about for sure. you will keep us posted on how today goes and what the president is up to. thank you >> america's ally continue to weigh and to decertify the agreement. they just heard that they will not really negotiate. they said there should be changes.
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israeli prime minister bennett benjamin that -- [inaudible] >> the goal is to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapon. you can achieve it by affixing this bad deal were changing it. i don't care but it's the result we want to have. chairman of the gate stone institute is here. ambassador, first of all, do you think this deal can be tweaked west mark what's wrong is not peripheral provisions of the deal, what's wrong are the core elements of the deal. before it existed, before the negotiations, for decades it has been violating the nuclear nonproliferation treaty which
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they joined voluntarily to be a non- nuclear state. they said they would never acquire or seek to get nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons technology, and they ignored that solemn international promise. when the europeans were so upset about the possibility of the united states pulling out of the deal, when the europeans began negotiating with iran on this point, and 2003, their opening line was, we won't even negotiate with iran until it suspends all uranium enrichment activity. i didn't even like that idea, but at least that was the way to start, the surrender of the europeans for their intransigence, it would never give up uranium enrichment has led us to this deal. you know what, we could argue whether iran has violated the specific provisions in the deal regarding iranian enrichment. i think that's irrelevant. they shouldn't have any at all. they been pursuing these for
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25 years or more. they're still pursuing it. they've always denied that and the supreme leader had said they wouldn't have that. they say they don't want the nuclear weapons, but really, if that's the case, how can we not inspect the military sites. why is there that sunset that allows him to pursue nuclear weapons in ten years and no reining in on their support of terror. it's simply delusional for anybody to say we have adequate monitoring of what iran is doing either on the nuclear side or on the missile side. we know they have cooperated with north korea on ballistic missiles for close to 25 years, they could probably collaborate with iran on that reactor, with north korea rather, on that reactor being built in the desert and in any event, there's really been a
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case involving the nuclear program throughout its entire history that they didn't have to be forced to disclose because of revelations either by iranian opposition groups or by american intelligence but they have never been straight with a spreader not being straight now, and their assertion that they didn't have a nuclear weapons program were never proven. john kerry buckled, folded, surrendered on what was absolutely critical to any arms control agreement, getting a baseline analysis of what the iranian military program had been up to the time of this deal. we never got that, we don't have adequate insight into it now and were not likely to get it because the iranians are not going to agree to any changes to this deal. why should they. it's a great deal from their point of view. >> the prime minister said the getting hundreds of billions of dollars and finally ambassador, the iea said technically iran is complying. the bottom line, do you think the obama administration policy, do you think it's
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approach to iran actually did and will change their behavior? >> well, it's made it more aggressive and more dangerous. the obama policy was appeasement and it failed. just on the iaea, very quickly, they have reported iranian noncompliance. i think they are testing the envelope but even more importantly, the iaea has also said it doesn't know what's going on on the military bases where the critical weaponization issues are being developed. >> it doesn't know what's going on in iran's military bases. that is probably one of the most important statements and issues on this issue that anyone can say. investor, thank you for your analysis as always. >> thank you. arthel: there are new developments in the harvey weinstein sex abuse scandal. new accusations of assault today. this time, in the uk. brian has more. brian, what do we know about
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these latest accusations. >> three more women are now accusing harvey of rape. one of the women is british actress lisette anthony. she stars in the soap opera that said weinstein assaulted and raped her in her own home. anthony tells the sunday times in the uk that the hollywood mogul visited her at her house and when she answered the door in her dressing gown he raped her in the hallway telling the sunday times newspaper he pushed me inside and rammed the up against the coat rack and started fumbling at my gown. he was trying to kiss me and shove inside me. another woman, a former miramax employee accused him of raping her in the office 25 years ago. all of this is british police are investigating three new allegations of sexual assault, all made by the same woman who reported being assaulted in linden in 2010, 2011 and 2015. these new allegations are in addition to at least 30 other
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women's, employees, actress and others who accuse him of unwanted sexual advances. >> it's hard to even listen to these allegations. meanwhile, how significant is it that the academy expelled weinstein yesterday. >> it significant in that the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences which runs the oscars has only ousted a member once before in their history. the 54 member group includes hollywood heavyweights so it's an official ousting from hollywood's elite, but in a statement they also said this, we do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of this colleague but also to send a message that the error of willful ignorance and shameful complacent in
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workplace harassment in our industry is over. the academy said they will be working on ethical standards for their members and people are now looking at whether the economy will oust members like bill cosby who faces sexual assault allegations and roman polanski who is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. many knew about weinstein but kept it quiet. will this change the culture of science to keep this from happening again? that's one of the many questions after this horrific story. >> i'm sure many actresses will not remain silent. brian, thank you. eric: there's a tragic story in miami. an 8-year-old girl was killed after she fell several floors on a carnival cruise ship that was docked at the miami port. police say she fell from a deck in the atrium and landed on the lower deck. this happened yesterday morning. >> it was a bad thing. nobody wants anything like that to happen but it is one of those, i can't explain how it happened or what.
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we were there right on the fifth floor and everyone was standing up. they were playing music at the bottom and the next thing you heard all my baby and when you looked she was over the bottom. it was such a tragic thing and it happened so fast. arthel. eric: she was rushed to the hospital and later died. authorities are trying to determine what happened and how she died. arthel: the death toll is rising in somalia after a truck bombing yesterday. ahead, why authorities are calling it the deadliest attack in the nation's history. plus, president trump announced his immediate and to obamacare subsidies, and now urging democrats to come to the negotiating table. we will get reaction from one republican congressman. that's next. >> what would be nice is if the democratic leaders could come over to the white house,
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in the capital of somalia. that is after a massive truck bomb went off yesterday. 231 people killed. 300 others injured in what is the nation's deadliest attack ever. so far no claim of responsibility, but somalia's government is blaming the radical islamic terrorist group al-shabaab which has been fighting the somali government for years. arthel: president trump is ending obamacare subsidies to insurance companies. now a group of healthcare providers has written a joint letter to congress urging lawmakers to keep action to keep the subsidies in place. they argue americans will see their premiums go up or have their premiums reduced. congressman, thanks for being here. will cutting obamacare insurance company subsidies make it easier for consumers to buy cheaper health plans.
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>> i don't know that it makes it easier to buy cheaper health plans, but what would make it easier is if donald trump does what he does best and uses the leverage of the situation. these subsidies have been deemed illegal by a federal judge after a lawsuit filed by the obama administration. the challenge to us that. >> congressman, i just wanted you to ask the first question that cutting these subsidies will make it easier for americans to buy cheaper healthcare plans. is that the case or not? >> i think it is the case because he now forces congress his hands and we had to come up with the appropriation. i think it's appropriate for congress to do their job, but this leverage that i speak of
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is the very thing that brings democrats to the table. that's what the president is talking about. democrats coming to the table to find a solution that does exactly that. it lowers premium costs, it provides more opportunities and i believe that's what we will do because we are now finding ourselves in the situation. >> how will congress, as a whole respond to the request of the insurers to cut the subsidies. what's the plan. >> let's remember the subsidies are part of obamacare but they've never been appropriated. the previous president, obama illegally paid these subsidies out. we been trying to do this throughout the course of the year. remember democrats in congress. by while they say they want to fix it, they want to prop it up. were not interested in propping it up. we are interested in finding solutions and alternatives.
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i think you will see the house of representatives and hopefully the senate, let's face it, senates not always accomplish what they promised they would do. now we have this opportunity. >> with that opportunity, we listen to the president say they're forcing your hand, if it implodes contact your congressperson. in very short order, what are you and fellow lawmakers and democrats planning to send to the president's desk to replace obamacare? let's remember the house is already done its job. the senate has failed on a couple occasions. i think this adds extra weight to all of that. we also have to remember the consequence were talking about is happening even with the csr's. what was also happening is that they are making billions of dollars in profits. the notion that the sky is falling is a false narrative that is grossly exaggerated. let's get back to work, let's work on the appropriations process.
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but with those appropriations, i notice nancy pelosi thanks we should attack them to must pass legislation. i think this is must pass legislation. we need to attach some obamacare fixes and that's what i mean by leverage. when we get back, hopefully we will roll up our sleeves and get right after it. arthel: will this be an effort on all parties there in congress? we hear all the division and i think that's what the american people are tired of. we get it. let's fix it, and with that in mind, can you do something to fix it, and how do you envision the american healthcare system in the next 5 - 10 years. >> sure. i think we can fix it and i think we've demonstrated that we can, but i think what this action does, remember this is court ordered in many respects and already deemed illegal. what this does is it forces democrats to the table. they can't just be obstructionists on everything. arthel: you ruled the house and senate. i'm not trying, i'm just
9:26 am
saying we need both of you to work together, both sides. i keep hearing it's them, exam. >> that's my point as well. in the senate, three republicans opposed it which is one too many. i think what this does, what the president is doing is forcing everybody's hands. everybody seems unified in the idea that we have to fix this. now there is a real consequence and that consequence, which by the way, should have been known wellin advance, i find it a little bit frustrating that we have insurance commissioners and insurance company saying this is devastating and that we didn't plan for this when the reality is they should've planned for the president to keep his promise because this president does exactly that. arthel: kevin kramer, it's a pleasure to talk to you. thank you. eric: attorney general loretta
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. eric: congressional investigators probing a bald men into the 2016 election. the former top official from a bomb administration is coming week now expected to question former attorney general loretto lynch behind closed doors the senate and house intelligence committee hearings. they want to know more about the tarmac meeting with president bill clinton. remember that happening in the middle of the investigation of hillary's e-mail server? that of course prompted fbi investigator james comey to go public with the investigation. what a mess now is the columnist for national review magazine.
9:32 am
what did ms. lynch say? >> as little as possible. she's already said it was a completely innocent meeting, even though there were no staff there to take notes, which is what you normally have when the cabinet official has an important meeting with a figure. it was about golf and grandchildren. eric: it went on for half an hour or so. >> 40 minutes. eric: hillary clinton are but said nothing inappropriate that happened except exchanging pleasantries. >> it's a tough world when you can talk about the grandchildren for 40 minutes. eric: what were they talking about while they fess up about anything? >> loretta lynch is a good soldier. she will toe the party line. she is not going to make it easy for anyone there. >> 30 pages or so and e-mails that i've never been mentioned
9:33 am
racial laws. this is what they wrote about that appeared ready for this? fbi is out of control. it's stunning that the fbi found we will continue to press for answers for the fbi documents games in court and in the meantime the fbi should stop the stonewalling release these new records immediately appeared significant controversy about whether the fbi and obama justice department investigation gave clinton, the witnesses and potential targets preferential treatment. we don't know if they did anything wrong and they both denied wrongdoing. what could be in these fbi e-mails? >> i think that the fbi is under attack from the left and the right. it is under the greatest crisis it seems since watergate. you think they would be as transparent as possible in order to clear their name. the fact that they are not being transparent in these records were suddenly found in another
9:34 am
lawsuit indicates that maybe they don't want to cooperate and maybe that is something to hide. this only raises more questions about the fbi. this is her most important domestic intelligence agency. we have to clean it up because it is so powerful. eric: do you know what is in a female than what they can reveal if anything? >> to trump administration to get to the bottom of this. they run the fbi. it should be in their interest to be as transparent as possible. they campaign against the a bomb administration not being transparent and it wasn't. these records mostly relate to the amami are and they should be repealed. if they aren't, all american should be concerned regardless of the administrations, agencies do stuff we never know about. eric: maybe hopefully through this lawsuit by judicial watch. meanwhile friday, samantha power, the former u.n. ambassador behind closed doors has to do with that unmasking a trend campaign officials that she defends.
9:35 am
>> there were two potential scandals with the 2016 election. the russia scandal we've all heard about. the other scandal is why assert officials suddenly, which happen to be an election year are interested in unmasking which u.s. citizens were being picked up in intelligence wiretaps. talking about john brennan, cia or, susan rice national security adviser appeared also talking about samantha power coming u.n. ambassador which usually has nothing to do with u.s. intelligence. in 2016, suddenly an incredible interest in u.s. intelligence. every working day she had more than one request to unmask the name of the u.s. it has been uncovered on this intelligence. >> it tells me she suddenly got an interest in the election year that she never had before. eric: they defend themselves by saying they were concerned of russian influence in how these redacted names of american citizens or whatever and they wanted to know. >> what does the u.n. ambassador have to do with the russian
9:36 am
investigation? she's a diplomat. that's normally other people. when the world was her concern that she is 260 times for the unmasking of a name. eric: do we know what she said on friday about that? >> no, but all of these reports are false but she's credited no details. eric: all right. we'll see what happens when ms. lynch testifies behind closed doors in anymore from the judicial loss lawsuit on those fbi e-mails. tanks. arthel. arthel: eric and john mccain are you cutting subsidies to help in translating to a political battle on capitol hill. your senator bill cassidy this morning on "fox news sunday." >> the president is not getting the affordable care act. let's take them as one example. they are unconstitutional and what the president focusing on her middle-class families who are paid $30,000 to $40,000 a
9:37 am
year for premiums posted up above on top of this. think about that. $30,000 to $40,000 a year. if there's something damaging the credibility of the affordable care act is these premiums unaffordable, not which the president is doing. arthel: caroline shively live with more. we heard cassidy said the president is not getting obamacare, but the other side says what? >> bier slamming the move, arthel. nancy pelosi says the president wants repeal and replace without the replace. senator chris murphy on fox. >> the subsidies going to the insurance companies help very low income people afford insurance and without the subsidies, and there will be many people who won't be a will to provide insurance and afford it. >> president trump of the subsidies the bailout for the insurance companies and so this might put pressure on democrats like pelosi and murphy to work with them on the solution. here's the president.
9:38 am
>> democrat should come to me. i would even go to them because i'm only interested in one thing. getting great health care for this country. that was a big jump in as far as the subsidy is concerned, i don't want to make the insurance companies rich. >> most predictions say this will cause premiums to go up but tax credits will also go up so that could offset subsidies. arthel: walk us through. how do the subsidies work and who could be affected? >> pretty complicated to the federal government pay $7 billion to insurance companies help decrease the cost of co-pays and deductibles for lower income consumers. people up to four times the poverty level. that won't change because it's written in the law. insurance companies make up for the lost federal money somehow. they could raise premiums in many states for middle to high income earners. they can also cause some insurers to get out of markets altogether although we haven't seen that yet. another interesting note this could be a risky move politically for the president and analysis by the ap says 70%
9:39 am
of people benefit from cautionary subsidies live in states that backend come in states where he won in november. >> caroline shively, thank you. eric: we have been telling you there's even more trouble for producer harvey weinstein. more allegations, new ones against the movie local coming to light. very troubling. the motion picture academy kicked them out. allegations are one of hollywood's worst kept secrets they say for years. we will have much more coming up. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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9:44 am
275 isis militants and family members surrendered at several hundred fighters are still believed to be dared in step three. this almost one year since the launch of the military campaign to drive them out. arthel: more trouble for a movie mogul harvey weinstein. new accusations today this time in the u.k. just yesterday the motion picture academy voted to strip the producer of his membership. christian toto is here as a contributor for the hill. joining us now with more on this. so the motion picture academy boosted weinstein even before the reporting on these new allegations. did the academy have a choice? >> not really. i'm one who can distance themselves from harvey weinstein will do it if they haven't done it already. they had to do it, but this is the first of many dominoes to fall. arthel: separately, speaking because of donna miles, innocent until proven guilty, a few days ago the president of amazon
9:45 am
studios was suspended after being accused of sexual harassment by an executive producer of one of his shows on amazon. the base that contained the secrets been cracked and will now crack wide open? >> i certainly hope so when it should happen that way. we will have to wait and see. allegations have come out since the first scandal broke. this is an industry which has kept the secrets for many, many years and all the people who have done that may continue to do so. while it is impressive and hopeful that all these voices are coming out, we need many more voices to speak out and we need it now. this is a moment in our culture where things can change and if it doesn't happen now, i don't know when it will appear this has to continue and i fear there will be more and more headlines and revolutions like right now. arthel: actress rose mcgowan keeping this going. she treated shortly after and i
9:46 am
told ahead of the studio that h.w., harvey wein dean raped me. over and over aesthetic purity said it had been proven. i said i was the proof. arthel: have we become the culture of looking the other way and is not what will be the consequences? >> i hope we are. part of the problem here is harvey weinstein was not the only person doing this. we've heard stories about the casting couch for many years and they rolled their eyes and that is just hollywood. it's a terrible part in people are being hurt and minds being altered. we need one of these people to come out and good for rose mcgowan. one of the leading voices on social media and the press talking about this and she is involved directly her accusations against harvey weinstein. she's a leading voice and we support people like her and hope more people will come out and tell their stories.
9:47 am
now is the time and if it doesn't happen now and get swept under the rug, a lot of these practices will go on. arthel: as you know, and on twitter suspended her account for 12 hours after posting about her sexual harassment claim about harvey weinstein. having been ignored by many in hollywood, she now has been vindicated. so what happens to rose mcgowan's career now and will again her public didn't encourage not just actors to speak of, also people who know if you see something come and say something. for different reason but applying it to this situation. >> the culture is evolving and that's a good thing. the actors, producers, direct or say i want to hire rose mcgowan. i want to kind of welcome her into the fold and say good for you. you are talented actor. i want you on my project. from that perspective it could be positive for her career that she is helping other people by
9:48 am
speaking out in such a blunt manner. as for the future of other stars, i don't know. a cultural shift is going on but it's not complete yet until more studio heads blow the whistle on this behavior, then that will be real change. until then, you might be a blip on the radar and things go on as they are. arthel: everyone is definitely watching. we'll see how this unfolds. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. eric: could we soon see an end to social security numbers? that's what the white house security court nader is calling for after the massive breach at equifax. >> i personally know my social security number has been compromised at least four times in my lifetime. that is just untenable. >> what are they going to use you think? dna, temperance, spatial recognition? we will take a look at that next. proven track record
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>> the white house exploring ways of replacing social security numbers for identification. follows the recent apple fax breach that exposed the social security numbers of more than 145 million americans. more with what we can expect. >> this social security mac
9:53 am
ideas that use some protection to 50 million of our citizens. >> and two years later franklin roosevelt could not have imagined the lack of protection inherent in the ubiquitous social security card to the nine digit number as a de facto national i.d., sending it was never intended to be. the breach of 145 million social security numbers reveals its vulnerabilities in the digital age. >> i personally know my social security number has an compromised four in my lifetime. that is just untenable. >> once the number has been compromised, it's rightful owner faces a maze of time to reclaim stolen identity. the nine digits are meant for life and cannot be replaced with different numbers and in the world of the internet, thieves often run free. >> do you have any clearer sensei of who's behind this, the nationstate or criminal organizations and what the motive was?
9:54 am
>> had another good sense. >> one option to replace the number, a fingerprint or iris scan. no two humans have the same but the scans are not foolproof. >> even though it's a part of me and his unique to me, it is digitized, for it to be compromised and reused exists. >> other options include a public private key or token not unlike a credit card through the chip would contain a huge number of virtually inhabitable spirit they would only need a pin or password to unlock it. if compromised on a new card with new numbers could easily replace it. another option is new technology called block chain, a network of many computers per data is transmitted and stored simultaneously in security and hvac checking the other with algorithms that cannot be controlled by any one device or compromised at any one point of failure. >> the white house now beginning the process of moving towards a new social security system that is safer. the cybersecurity coordinator
9:55 am
asking all federal agencies to offer input on replacing the present system. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. arthel: thank you, doug. new hiking trail making it debuted. while officials say johnny cash was the big inspiration. ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon,
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♪ eric: what a great song. officials in california opening in the running trail known as the johnny cash trail. the state park to the city's historic downtown. arthel: runners and bikers came to celebrate its unveiling. its unveiling. the its unveiling could do merely to point that mile-long trail was named after johnny cash since it runs through prison property popularized in one of johnny cash's hit on a molson prison blues blues. >> what a great song. not only the running trail, but on the sun records in memphis, though. you can actually stand in the studio where they record wholesome city blues back in 1955 and they've got the original mike in the original star. we did that. it was a fantastic experience. arthel: there's magic in the studios.
10:00 am
and historic reporting have been made in l.a. in various places. we have to go for now. we'll be back again at 4:00 and 6:00 eastern. eric: in the studio for fox news. leland: i love it. elizabeth: california inferno could the death toll rising with firefighters for some good nose for mother nature after days of high wind and dry year. on the ground in wine country. leland: plus comments president trump prepares to meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, we will break down how congress may react with password, health care and executive orders. but senator rob portman of ohio joins us to talk about working out a deal with the white house on tax reform. >> radio allegations against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein including words against him from his own brother.


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