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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  October 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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$1 million a karat. it is gorgeous. >> eric: 30 million? have it here next saturday? arthel: absolutely. looking forward to it. connell mcshane is up next with a fox report. eric: have a good night. connell: insisting it iran nuclear deal. this is president obama's decision to decertify that agreement. i'm connell mcshane, this is "the fox report." the president disavowing what he calls one of the worst deals ever leading to condemnation from democrats, european allies and of course from tehran. calling this is a blow to u.s. credibility. here's the thing, we are not walking away, at least not yet. national security officials have spent their sunday saying the president is hoping congress will come up with something stronger to prevent another nuclear crisis like the one we're seeing now in north korea. >> what the president has
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done is he has laid out a strategy for dealing with iran's destabilizing and dangerous hate-filled behavior. it's behavior toward its own people and its behavior to the region. i would ask, as we always pay attention to our european allies and others, pay attention to our allies and partners to the region, what they've said. the people who are under the gun of this regime, israel and saudi arabia in particular. connell: for more on all of this tonight go to kristin fish his or her is live for us from the white house. kristin, as we look at this and as you watch these officials on the various sunday shows today are we getting mixed messages from this white house or simply a clarification? >> well, and you know it could be a bit of good cop, bad cop as well. the message today from three cabinet officials was very clear. they say that while president trump may have dessert find the deal that the u.s. is still very much in the deal and the administration is counting on congress to come up with a solution. >> i think right now you are
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going to see us stay in the deal. what we hope is that we can improve the situation. and that's the goal. so i think right now we're in the deal to see how we can make it better. >> let's see if we can address the flaw us in the agreement by staying in the agreement and working with the other signatories and other friends and allies within the agreement. >> now today the secretary of state was asked multiple times to clarify a report from nbc news which had claimed that he had called president trump a moron. well, secretary tillerson again declined to give a straight answer, a straight yes or no answer and instead said that these are simply destructive games of washington and that he is not playing. >> i don't work that way. i don't deal that way. and i'm just not going to dignify the question. >> so, secretary tillerson declining to put that issue to rest once and for all. instead saying that he prefers to focus on the issues of the day, issues like healthcare, tax reform,
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and, of course, the iran nuclear deal. and, you know, now the ball is in congress' court. congress has now about two months to fix it or else president trump could pull out of the deal entirely as he has threatened to do multiple times, council. connell: as have you talked, about kristin, the other big issues healthcare and tax reform, they will be big issues as we get into the new week. so, you know, maybe you can set us up for that a little bit. what did president trump do if anything this weekend to help those efforts in congress? >> well, he actually engaged in a little bit of golf course diplomacy, yesterday he played with republican senator and told he played with senator rand paul. senator paul said that good news is that president trump beat him or i guess that's the bad news for senator paul and bad news for good news for president trump. they were able to spend a good time talking about tax reform. >> i really there that we have got to do the most we can and the boldest we can
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because everybody is lower in the corporate tax. worried about 20%. my goodness ireland 12 to 8. canada 156789 we really need to do it. i think he wants to be as big and bold as possible. >> and tomorrow that issue will be front and center when president trump meelts with his sometimes friend, sometimes foe in the senate. senate majority leader hitch mcconnell set to meet at the white house sometime tomorrow, council. connell: we will look forward to that lindsey graham and rand paul golfing partners. >> benjamin netanyahu has praise you had the president's decision referring to that iran deal as historic mistake only serve to enable dangerous regime. >> iran is the foremost terrorist state of our time face rirming women and
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terrorism throughout the world and wild aggression in the middle east to. have a regime like this whose economy is 30 times the size of north korea to have a rogue regime like that acquire an arsenal of nuclear weapons in 10 years' time, which is what the iran agreement now provides iran to do is a terrible folly. connell: more on the reaction now from israel. let's go to conner paul reporting fropaul fromour jerus. >> council, taps tale of two reactions following president trump's reaction on friday that he would not certify iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement. you will are the foreign minister said this weekend that president trump's detective of new sanctions on tehran and the failure to certify iran's compliance is itself a violation of the international agreement. while british, german and french leaders have all said publicly they remain firmly committed to the current
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deal. president trump has demanded congress either alter the deal or place new sanctions on iran, which could scratch the agreement. here in israel, prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised president trump for recognizing the flaws in the agreement. >> i'm focused on the goal. the goal is to prevent iran from ever acquiring nuclear weapons. can you achieve it either by fixing it bad deal or knicksing it i don't particularly care which one. it's the result we want to have. >> not everyone in israel agrees that scrapping the iran deal is a good idea. former prime minister ehud barak a long time hawk on iran called on president trump not to walk away from the nuclear agreement. many in europe and israel want the trump administration to focus its efforts on preventing iran from developing its intercontinental ballistic missile programs. something not covered under the current nuclear
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agreement. council are. >> conor, thanks. it's been a week since deadly wildfires started burning through california's wine country. at least 40 people have died. fire officials say they have turned a corner as 50% or more of the fires are contained. evacuation orders are in effect and many people don't even know if their homes are still standing. on the story tonight for us will carr, is he in santa rosa. will, first of all, bring us up to speed on how the search for sour advisor survivos going. >> you have a number of people still missing. at the same time the firefighters on the front line are doing a great job containing these fires still burning after they raced through this community destroying 5700 homes and businesses, thousands of cars you can see this trailer looks like a skeleton. as we were walking along we noticed this skateboard surprisingly still intact. can you see the flames ate a chunk out of the skateboard
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wheel. something that caught my eye. can you see a water hose that snaked away from the house up here towards the street. you can imagine those terrifying moments as the homeowner was trying to spray down the house here before they realized it was too much. too many flames surrounding this area and this had to get out of here. still several hundred people missing, connell, those numbers could continue to go up, the death numbers that is over the next couple of days. connell: unfortunately that's the case. looking at one of your reports earlier, it's really remarkable you, will, this story always comes down to people. and that's by far the most important thing that we cover. one of the reports had you earlier in the day talked about people and their pets it's really amazing how connected they can be. tell us about that. >> really a heart-warming story. it was so chaotic when families had to race out of here. we have heard of so many who lost track of where their pets was. there was one family who didn't know where their dog
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was, i sey. they were able to go back to their home in this area. they thought izzy was lost. when they got back there, take a look at what happened. >> izzy, izzy, come here, baby. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> izzy. >> hey, baby. >> izzy is here. izzy, come on, baby. >> oh my god. >> izzy. >> oh my god. >> hey, baby. >> izzy and her family doing all right. this weekend. really a heart warming moment after such a devastating week. connell. connell: we will take it good for izzy and the family. thanks, will carr. all right. right now terror in somalia as the most deadly atook to hit that leaves people worried and mourning for the future. plus this. >> this disgusting behavior at least on the part of harvey weinstein has been brought to an abrupt and justifiable end. it is my hope there are more
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consequences. connell: new fallout tonight for the hollywood mogul harvey weinstein as the allegations against him just keep piling up.
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connell: a truck bomb explodes in the capital of somalia, killing at least 276. officials say it's the deadliest single attack in somali history. on top of those killed 2375
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people were injured. families there as we look through those people were searching through the rubble. hoping to find their loved ones alive. doctors at the city hospital say they have never seen anything like this. hundreds badly burned. the government is blaming the terrorist group lingered to al qaeda known as al shabaab. the harvey weinstein story, believe it or not, keeps getting worse. police in london now say they are looking into claims from a woman who said that weinstein sexually assaulted her three times. this comes after another british woman said weinstein had raped her. brian llenas is with me in the studio tonight. talk about these women in the u.k. fill in the blanks for us if you can on that particular part of the story. >> yeah, council, w connell talg about three women. anthony who stars in the soap opera weinstein assaulted and raped her in her home in the late 1980s, anthony told the
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sunday times in the u.k. that the hollywood mogul visited her at her house and when he answered the door in her dressing gown anthony says weinstein raped her in her hallway telling the sunday times newspaper, quote: he pushed me inside and rammed me up against the coatrack and started fumbling at my gown. he was trying to kiss me and shove inside me. another woman is reportedly unidentified former london based miramax employee accusing wine stein of raping her in the office 25 years ago. all of this as british police investigating three allegations of sexual assault. 2010, 2011, and 2015. new allegations in addition to the at least 30 other women, employees, actors, models accuses weinstein of rape, groping and unwanted sexual advances. he was suspended from the british academy on monday. motion pictures expelling him yesterday.
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connell: i saw his brother bob weinstein. >> incredible interview his brother bob saying his brother harvey is sick and depraved. they co-founded the weinstein company oscar winning production company. bob insists he had no idea the extent to which his brother was a predator. hollywood reporter editorial director on media buzz earlier today said bob told them he was aware harvey was cheating on his wife did not know that his brother was, well, that it was to that extent. >> i asked him was he is your brother, how in the world could this have gone on without you knowing? he is making a distinction, believe him or not, between what everyone in the company knew he was a fill alan derer traveling around the world trying to sleep with women all times of the day. but they weren't in the room with him, they say. they don't know actually what happened in that room. >> bob says he wants his brother to, quote: get the
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justifiable that he deserves. connell: brian, thanks, bryan llenas on the story tonight in new york. people across the country are coming together to raise money for the survivors of what was the worst shooting, mass shooting in u.s. history. we'll introduce to you one group of friends who say they're in it for the long haul. plus the search for answers after the death of 8-year-old girl on board a carnival cruise ship. what we know so far. >> it was just crazy. you heard the thump. and then people started screaming and people started running everywhere. ♪ ♪ . and all day all night protection. . when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. trusted battery for your son's favorite toy?t maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams)
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cobble council an 8-year-old girl has died after falling off a carnival cruiseship atrium on to a deck. she fell several stories yesterday morning before dying at the hospital.
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the ship had been returning to port miami when it happened. >> hysterical. it was terrible. it was a bad threatening. nobody wants anything to happen, you know. anybody was standing up. because they were playing music down at the bottom. next thing you heard oh my baby. oh my baby. when you looked, she was down at the bottom. it was such a tragic thing and it was -- it happened so fast. connell: police say they don't know the cause. carnival cruise line shut a statement out our most heart felt care and concern is with the family at this very difficult time. now, to las vegas, where the tourist industry is bracing for major changes after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. city businesses expecting a drop in visitors as authorities look into new security measures affecting hotels and casinos. this after the gunman stephen paddock hauled more than 20 rifles into his hotel room and unleashed a hail of gunfire on that
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country music festival killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. many of those survivors now are at the beginning of what will no doubt be a long and difficult road to recovery. wttg's evan lamb burt tonight brings us the story of one victim from maryland who was shot in the face. she is recovering now and is inspiring an outpouring of support back home. >> looking at all these people that have turned out here admah loy's in crofton. they are here to support a woman from the county who was injured in the las vegas shooting. today the fundraiser, they are auctioning off several items. they also have a 50/50 raffle going on. there was a major update yesterday in tina frost's recovery. she woke up from her coma. that's according to a go fund me page from her mom. that her mom is keeping updated. she is still out in las vegas. getting the medical care that she needs moving forward. at some point according to
4:23 pm
that go fund me, she will be moving to a new hospital. friends say they want to do anything possible to help, including raising as much money as they can. given that they don't know what tina's medical bills will be, the proceeds from today's fundraiser will go toward that go fund me and it has already raised more than half a million dollars. the friends say that helping to organize this outpouring of love makes them feel like they can have an impact on her recovery. >> we don't know how much of the medical bills are going to cost. we just want to keep raising money for her and just show her that we are fighting for her and showing our support. at first we didn't know how serious it was so it was awful. we are like okay she is going to be okay. this isn't that bad. as more details come out, it got worse. it was a nightmare. obviously this is a horrible event but there is this much good going on. so it's a light in all of it, i guess. >> friends say more fund
4:24 pm
raids raisers are in teen as they get an understanding of the breath of her medical bills. reporting for fox 5 local news. >> republicans pushing back as president trump is accused of sabotaging obamacare. watch. >> the president is not gutting the affordable care act. let's just take the cost sharing reduction payments as one example. they are unconstitutional. a court has said so. connell: a closer look how the president's dual actions on healthcare and whether he can force congress into action. plus, capitol hill reacting to the president's decertification of the iran nuclear deal. according to one lawmaker, the president's decision may give tehran everything it wants. >> i think what's most important to my viewers is ensuring that america remains a country with its own voice, its own tradition, its own history. i have learned a lot from the fox audience over the years. they can cut through the clutter. they can spot a phony a mile
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4:29 pm
requirements and eliminating subsidies. >> this is the equivalent of healthcare arson. is he literally setting the entire healthcare system on fire just because the president is upset that the united states congress won't pass a repeal bill that is supported by 17% of the american public. these subsidies, going to the insurance companies, help very low income people afford insurance. connell: all right, let's go to caroline shively who is joining us now from washington with the latest. let's start with the subsidies, caroline, who gets them, okay, and then what happens to those people now that they are going away? >> sure, connell, the federal government pays $7 billion a year for those subsidies. they go to insurance companies to help decrease the cost of co-pays and deductibles for an individual making about 12,000 to 30,000 a year. in august, the congressional budget office said if the subsidies are cut and congress does nothing, premiums would go up 20% next yearenned at deficit would increase by
4:30 pm
194 billion over 10 years. democrats say the president made the move to take down the entire exchange system. while many republicans say the subsidies aren't even legal, and they say they don't want to throw money at a system that's already failing. for president trump, it sounds like a maneuver to get democrats to the negotiating table. >> the democrats should come to me, i would even go to them because i'm only interested in one thing, getting great healthcare for this country. that was a big chunk and as far as the subsidy is concerned, i don't understand to make the insurance companies rich. >> there is bipartisan legislation slowly moving through the health day in would fund the subsidies but not sure if it's going anywhere, connell. connell: other story is the executive order the president signed. when he did so, the whole point, the whole idea was to lower costs how does it work exactly? >> sure. that order will let people bihealth insurance across state lines and make it
4:31 pm
easier for businesses to buy strip down policies. you increase competition to lower prices. many democrats say this will create cheap plans that don't cover much of anything and have fewer protections for consumers. democratic leaders don't seem inclined to negotiate. >> we have to be very prayerful about that. at this time you are suggesting that we sit down with the president. the president says repeal and replace. where is the replace? we haven't seen anything. >> the timing of all of this is crucial. open enrollment begins in three weeks. connell? >> caroline shively in d.c. the president not only challenging lawmakers when it comes to healthcare there is also iran and nuclear deal. mr. trump's decision mouth to recertify really putting the onerous on congress to come up with something stronger. doug mckelway has that part of the story. the president's national security advisor today explained his boss' two-step threat to the iran nuclear
4:32 pm
deal. either congress and the other nations in the seven-party deal toughen the agreement or mr. trump will pull out unilaterally. >> what the president though has done, he has set out a marker, a marker to the iranians, and to our allies and partners that we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. >> one key to satisfying the president, iran must allow international inspectors access to its military sites. >> it's just implement the agreement by going to sites, to fully implement the inspections of sites, the monitoring of suspicious sites within iran. >> democratic critics say if the president makes good on his threat to pull out, it will free iran to pursue its nuclear ambition even more aggressivelily. >> there is no chance that the deal is going to be renegotiated. the iranians will not renegotiate it and neither will the europeans. so if we were to pull out of this agreement as the president is threatening, iran would get everything they want. >> one republican senator argues even if the obama negotiated deal remains intact, it only temporarily
4:33 pm
delays iran's inevitable pursuit of a nuclear capability. >> after 15 years, the iranians can do anything they want in terms of enrichment and reprocess processing. >> the president's strongest side yet of his intent to undo the obama legacy. at the same time he is leaving it in congress' hands how to execute the dismanhattan ling, connell? connell: really was a whirl wind you have reaction from this president last week the executive orders as we heard from both doug and caroline. all of that pass sparked some strong criticism to nancy pelosi the house mirnghts leader. she argues the president is unhinged and out of touch. >> i think that this week the week of friday the 13th, is the week that president trump went rogue. he went rogue on women's health in particular. but we're moving from one thing to the next because that's the chaos that exists
4:34 pm
in the white house right now. i just -- maybe he is being ill advised, i don't know. but i do know that when he speaks, hes did not speak from the basis of knowledge. connell: all right. for more on all of this, let's bring alana shore in she covers congress for politico. thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. >now, thepresident went rogue ss nancy pelosi. so, i guess all the goodwill of chuck and nancy is out the window here. what happened? >> well, to be clear, that goodwill started to fly out the window when the president earlier last week began saying you know what? that deal i struck with chuck and nancy it wasn't really a deal. i do want something for my border wall. what happened on friday with healthcare and with iran was really just a final straw for democrats. the flirtation with bipartisan appears to be over u. connell: other side of it from the white house's point of view is we know and we have known for some time the president is to put it mildly from us strait with
4:35 pm
the congress. we know for a fact that's the case because john kelly came out and told us as much the chief of staff in that surprise press conference he had in the briefing room last week. how does that continue to manifest itself, do you think, more executive actions like the one weeks saw last week? >> probably. i mean, let's put aside democrats for a moment. because, despite minority leader pelosi's words, which do speak for most of her party, really where trump is frustrated lately is with the republicans. keep in mind they couldn't get it done on obamacare repeal. there is not a lot of signs they can produce any obamacare fix that he would wants to sign and, you know, when it comes to iran, there is already early signs we reported last week that senator rubleio has some concerns about senator corker's plan to make good on what the president is asking for. so, it's really anybody's guess how he will handle this because he has taken to twitter to hit mitch mcconnell. there is not much more he can do. connell: there was a report from axios that he picked up the phone and called mitch mcconnell. he must realize, the
4:36 pm
president, that he needs the majority leader, right? i don't know if that's truce or what you would call it but it's a phone call if true? >> absolutely. the fact that they are in communication is probably a good thing for the republican agenda. but the issue to watch is still taxes. if mcconnell can get that tax bill through, that will do a lot to remedy this relationship. connell: we thought, i think, after healthcare and maybe we were wrong to think it, with the collective analyzing all of this that tax reform would be easier than health reform. it doesn't seem to be the case by any stretch. what are you hearing is the latest down there in terms of whether they will be able to put something together and if they do what the timetable will be? >> the time take has always been there their enemy. the treasury secretary was going on television this spring saying we can get it done by august. they kept setting these somewhat artificial deadlines for themselves. now the latest artificial deadline is the end of this year. that is very unlikely to happen given that there sim congratulation issue to handle. there is government funding to handle in december. i don't think that the tax bill is anywhere near dead
4:37 pm
but this year is a very heavy lifted. connell: we don't have a bill, flight that's the whole point. it's all this talk about framework and outlines and all the rest of it just getting the bill. that's the first step. is that a thanksgiving goal? do these deadlines even matter? is that a mistake to put that type of as you called it artificial date on these types of things? >> well, certainly republican leaders seem to believe these deadlines modified rank and file, right? this is all about getting, you know, basic parameters that everyone can really sign on to. as you point out there is no legislation and no real clear outlook for markups. unlike healthcare in the senate we are going to actually put this through regular order. but they haven't figured out when yet. connell: what did you make of iran and the kind of conversations we saw in the vary just sunday shows h.r. mcmaster on "fox news sunday" and rex tillerson and others on the other sunday shows making the case for decertifying the iran deal but kind of walking this tight rope of saying hey, listen, we are not pulling out of this deal necessarily, at least not
4:38 pm
yet and now kicking it back, essentially kicking it back to the congress, right? >> absolutely. i think these administration officials made a very almost semantic case. it's not untrue. it's true the president has not pulled out of the deal. what no one halls said yet is where the sort of lies. time suspect now i am pulling out. that's unanswered question. connell: what about on congressional side on capitol hill what's the answer there? what will they do with it? they could just leave it as is, right? and they have other options. which is the most likely option that they take up, do you think, from what you are hearing? >> i think they have a sense based on what the president said friday and his advisor said this weekend if they do nothing he might pull out the next time the 90 day deadline rolls around because can he certainly do that he doesn't need congress to slap sanctions back on iran to stop waving them. they there is this sense on the hill how much time do we
4:39 pm
really have? is it only 90 days because we have plenty of other things to get done in that time. connell: they don't want that situation is what you are saying? they don't want to lead the president in a scenario where he does want to completely pull out of the deal. then what's likely? what's likely now? >> well, i think have you senate foreign relations chairman bob corker who viewers may remember was in a twitter spat with the president less than a week ago. in the driver's seat here. senator corker is trying to finesse something through is he working with tom cotton one ever the senate's hawks respected by conservatives. that's giving hope to some republicans. the fact is they are going to need 8 democratic votes. it takes 60 get anything through the senate. that's where the rub ler meet the road. connell: as it has with any issue. alana joins us from politico. we appreciate it. we have this story about a high school coach forcing cheerleaders in to splits while the district attorney is not pressing charges over this story. we'll have that for you
4:40 pm
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4:44 pm
praising these women who did find the courage to do that. yes it did take some of them a few years to make sure they established their careers and they had the legs to stand on too do it. the audio came out of courtney love in 2005 saying don't work for harvey weinstein. lifetime banned. i have been on other panels about this where my opponent has come out to say these women knew. meryl streep knew jane fonda knew a year ago. don't you dare. >> that was the panel on media buzz today talking about this growing scandal involving harvey weinstein. the president of france said he has come out and started the process of revoking weinstein's legion of honor award. this as more women including british and french actresses come forward accusing the hollywood producer of sexual assault and harassment. we are joins now by the executive produce of fox news objectified harvey levin. we are going to talk about objectified and terrific episode involving tyler
4:45 pm
perry which we will in just a moment, harvey. first the news with harvey weinstein. where is this all going? it's like every single day there is something new, right? >> it could go to court. there is going to be a media on tuesday an explosive meeting with board of directors with the weinstein company. we know that weinstein will be on arizona on speaker phone. his lawyer patty glasure is going to be on in the room. i am told that bob weinstein is angry, screaming and it's so combustible and they are so at odds over this firing that is going to be an ugly meeting from everything i'm hearing. the big thing for me is the hypocrisy in this town is just breathtaking. that, you know, i'm not saying whether the academy of television -- motion picture academy should have boot booted him or not. they didn't boot bill cosby and polanski.
4:46 pm
they are acting like oh my god how could this happen? they knew about this. everybody in this town knew about this. courtney love talked about it in 2005. we found that video. angie ebberhard said she quas on a boat full of people of a list stars did he terrible things. show told people and they laughed and said that's harvey. tina fey did it on 30 rock. seth mcfarland did it when he announced the oscars. it was on television for 10 years. they are acting like they didn't know. it's ridiculous. connell: you guys had at tmz this report during the week about his own contract, his own employment contract at the weinstein company which, you know, the way i read your report essentially said this guy could sexually harass people as long as he paid the settlements. that was basically in the contract, right? >> well, they provide for settlement payment and penalties and that cures it. now, what the board of directors is going to say is but, we have a code of
4:47 pm
conduct that allows to us fire him. and weinstein's lawyer, patty glasure has come back and said who cares about the code of contract. you have a contract with this guy. so it's going like this right now. if this ends up in court, everybody is saying this is going to be the end of the company. because all of the dirt that's going to come out is going to be so bad. so, it's in everybody's interests not to have this go to court it could end up in ar arbitration or mediation. right now neither side is talking to the other. connell: it is remarkable. >> it really is every single day there is something else. speaking of remarkable, harvey, this episode does and the show has been great so far objectified. this show tonight on tyler perry seems to be very, very interesting for some reasons. everything that he has fought through. i think people know the name but i don't think they know much about just in general about what's behind that name? what did you learn from doing this work on tyler perry? >> it is such a remarkable
4:48 pm
story of a guy and i think he would say that who by all rights should be dead. he had the worst upbringing. you know, sexual abuse, physical abuse, poor, never cut a break. there is a reason tyler perry was able to lift himself out of that and become one of the biggest people in entertainment, ever. there is a reason for it. and the reasons apply to a lot of people. when you watch this and you hear it, it's inspirational. it's an incredible story. and as i look at him, when i'm sitting there, and, you know, i'm just -- you know, i'm awe struck by how amazing he is. >> to harvey's point, let's take a look at a clip from the episode of october find with tyler perry. you get a sense of what this guy had to fight through. >> you always believe in god. >> always, all my life. growing up in the bible belt. faith and god were so very,
4:49 pm
very important. >> yet there was a point things got so bad that you attempted suicide? you cut your risk you? >> tonight obviously we will get the answer during the episode. but that's powerful stuff. >> can i tell you one thing? >> sure. i will tell you one cool thing. people have to give me an october that reach each period of their life. one point simple as a rock. tyler perry wal-mart pajamas. they are really significant: he has two chairs that were owned by abraham lincoln. and i got to sit in one of them. connell: did you really? >> the whole concept is great, right, the show. that's the whole idea most people know that have been watching the last few weeks. they tell their own life story through these octobers, right? >> they do, indeed. connell: he has quite a story to tell u overcoupling the odds. harvey, thanks so much. and thanks for the update on
4:50 pm
the harvey weinstein story. harvey levin, objectified tonight. a story that really captivated the nation. this cheerleader sharing a video of her coach forcing her into a split as she is literally shrieking in pain. up next, why that former coach will not be facing charges. take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. what maheart-healthyle salad the california walnuts.ver? the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts.
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♪ connell: so it turns out a high school cheerleading coach in denver will not be facing criminal charges for forcing cheerleaders into splits. this is the image that has prompted an investigation. davidson from our denver affiliate kddr has this report. >> videos of forced splits at east high in denver is what prompted multiple investigations. fox 31 played the footage for months. we decided to stop and just show pictures because the
4:54 pm
videos are too hard to watch. the now fired east high cheerleading coach forced his athletes into splits at summer camp in june and the video surfaced in august. we did talk to williams on the phone. he provided us with this statement. we would never hurt our kids or put them in harm's way and there is more to the story and will tell it soon. law enforcement's investigation lasted weeks. parents and students were brought in for questioning. even cheerleading experts got involved. based on all the facts the district attorney decided not to move forward saying the evidence does not support the filings of criminal charges. >> given the varying opinions that would have caused, i think, some doubt in the minds of some potential jurors. >> the interviews revealed various accounts at what happened summer camp that day. beth mccann said some experts disagree with the use of the forced split technique. >> there is a split in the cheerleading expert community about whether or not this is an acceptable
4:55 pm
technique. it sounds as though this was a technique that may have been used by others but isn't used as much now. >> while the district attorney's office has closed this case. the school system completed its independent investigation in september and those results did stir things up a bit. the high school's principal now retired and athletic director lisa porter resigned. >> the report shows that they did not sufficiently address, share, or report allegations of abuse in the contents of the videos. >> both the school system and the district attorney's office do agree on one thing. they say the exercise you see in this picture is wrong. the district attorney says while she doesn't think the technique should be used, it's still not grounds for a criminal case. >> that is zor stevenson with a report from our station in denver. up next the country music legend now memorialized with his very own nature trail ♪ i fell in to a burning ring of fire ♪ i went down, down, down
4:56 pm
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connell: blue skies for the men in black. the johnny cash hiking trail celebrating his official grand opening. it is near sacramento, runners and bikers decided to take advantage of a what is a two and half mile path. >> very enthusiastic because it is such a treat to use utilize the open space. this is a perfect example of that. the trail is going to nature and accessible to everyone. come out out in use it. connell: it is named after cash because most of it runs through the property of muslim prison. he immortalized that penitentiary in his song, folsom prison he also performed there in the late 60s.
5:00 pm
that is how fox reports this sunday, october 15, 2017. thanks for joining us. "objectified" starts right now. >> the objects people keep in their home to find who they are. this is "objectified". tyler perry. harvey: this is fantastic. i'm harvey, this is a story about a poor, abused child who became one of the richest, most influential people in entertainment. one time when things got so bad you attempted suicide and did you give up on god's work the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father never shook his faith in god. persistence, talent and lock propelled tyler to success on


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