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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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majority leader? >> i don't know where the invitation went. we will keep an eye on it. did you get invited? >> we will find out about it. >> thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, a big meeting at the white house just minutes from now. president trump set to break bread with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and sit down that may determine the focus of the president's agenda. in the fortunes of the gop's next year's midterm. the two leaders expected to lay out their agenda for the fall in their first face-to-face meeting since trump and mcconnell took some public shots at each other over the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. the stakes high. our book and warning about bloodbath if the party can't follow through on their promises and taxes and health care. fox news alert, a lot of reaction to president trump's decision not to recertify the iran nuclear deal. this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith.
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and here today, harris faulkner. host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe and today's #oneluckyguy former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz is here. you are outnumbered. good to have you. >> harris: a lot going on monday. >> jason: nothing going on today. hotdogs and beans beans, that's what i hear. >> sandra: let's get started. president trump getting both of praise and chris is him for his decision not to recertify the iran nuclear deal. his national security advisor h.r. mcmaster saying on fox news sunday iran isn't trustworthy. they crossed the line several times and more copperheads of monitoring is in order. >> what the president has always done as he has set out a marker, marker to two the esprit night and to our allies and partners we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. it's a week deal that is being
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weakly monitored. so the president has made clear that he will not permit the steel to provide cover for what we know is a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. >> iran's foreign minister slamming the menu to be back deal and some lawmakers here at home are questioning the move including democrat chris murphy of connecticut. a member of the senate foreign relations committee. >> there is no chance of the deal is going to be renegotiated. the iranians will not renegotiated and knew they were the europeans. if we were to pull out of this agreement that the president is threatening, iran will get everything they want. they'd be able to restart their nuclear program because we would be in violation of the deal. the europeans would continue to grant them sanctions relief, their economy would continue to grow and they would look like the victim in this situation. >> sandra: so generally speaking over the weekend, we heard so many from trump administration defending his move here, but there seems to be agreement with what he did but
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they're interested in renegotiating the deal rather than doing away with it. >> jason: what they're doing is putting the onus back on congress. if you look at the deal, it should've been structured as a treaty to start with. that's not what president obama did you know radley was wrong and how to put it in congress his hands to see what they can do in terms of structuring it i disagree with senator murphy. as a complete bummer in his approach to it. they're on a pathway to building a nuclear bomb. we're trying to head that off and their ways to provide -- prevent this if we can actually do some verification as a national security advisor suggested. >> sandra: so this is opposite going to be one to watch. i remind everybody that this lunch is going to be taking place at the white house in just a few moments. i was a this will be on the table. look at what this administration just did and what it means to the country going forward. >> lisa: the big question is what this congress and do? there needs to be a bipartisan
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consensus here on moving any changes forward. i believe there is a 60 vote threshold with any changes to the iran deal. we've seen some democratic opposition on those changes. we've seen introduced legislation particularly with three flaws that he see his and a sunset provisions which seems to be a bipartisan consensus of concern there. also regarding verification, the fact that the iaea can't look at things like the military sites and then also research and development concerns over research that are ran concurrently due under the deals of the big question here is what this congress to which really hasn't demonstrated an ability to get anything done thus far. >> sandra: the president for his part once the flaws to be fixed in this deal. >> kennedy: it's a flawed deal. i'm sick of this train of thought of it's better than nothing so i guess it's good enough. what happened to american exceptionalism. when it comes to these types of agreements that we enter into. it should be exceptional. saying accepting the premise
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that iran is no longer going to come to the negotiating table, of course they will. the difference between iran and north korea they actually want their economy to grow. they have some vested interest but i will say what is the probability that more people died because of terrorism at the hands of has the law then with a nuclear bomb from iran? that accountability is absolutely critical here and the fact that john kerry and president obama left that off the table is very dangerous. >> harris: excuse me one second because i want to pick up on what you're saying there. it's a great question because your member when former secretary carrie said we don't know where all of that money has gone, potentially could have gone to other terrorist groups not just has the law but other iran back to terrorist groups. he could not say where that money was going and that's particularly important. look at smalley a. whether there is a direct connection there at all but you ask how many people potentially over the years have died from terrorism, look at that one hit in a bomb this weekend killing
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north of 200 people and injuring so many more. that answers your question with facts just recent in terms of how much damage it could be. if you leave the country who is hell-bent on supporting terrorism is free to do what they want. >> sandra: what is this a warning shot coming in response from iran? basically saying the u.s. will never be trusted. we get out of this deal, they'll never be trusted in the long-term deal. >> jason: we have oral responsibility. we have a duty and obligation to protect the united states of america. this is a provision that is actually in this provision, you can actually have this checkmark to be able to say i'm not going to recertify, put it over into congress' hands. that was part of the deal. so to go to that process is a healthy one. he actually strengthens the hands of the united states in negotiating with iran. >> harris: before we pick this up, we are waiting for some video to come out, fresh video
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from moments ago the president having met with his cabinet and for two seconds away. i may cut in on you but i want to say that before you get started. >> lisa: it's going to be important to hear from the trump administration and providing leadership as congress does this review over the last 60 day period. to kennedy's earlier point, that was a point that he made was he felt like the obama administration had a myopic viewpoint and looking at iran looking at the nuclear aspect. >> harris: going up to cut it with breaking news. the president has just met with his cabinet. they talked about the iran deal, the california fires, the vegas shooter. now the president of the ad states. >> thank you very much and today, here to discuss at the cabinet meeting critical domestic policy issues i like to basically provide you with an update as to how we are doing for the american people and we are doing a lot of great things. the unemployment rate is at an almost 17 year low.
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the stock market is soaring to record levels. we just had a new high on friday i think we're hitting another new high today. because there is tremendous optimism having to do with business in our country. gdp growth has reached more than 3% last quarter and other than the hurricanes, would've done phenomenally and still will do very well but something will have to be taken off because of the tremendous problems of the massive hurricanes that we have had to endure and now i guess can probably add wildfires in california. the economy cannot take off ticket really has the potential to do unless we reduce the tax burden on the families, businesses, workers of our country and we will be able to do that, we are getting tremendous receptivity from the people. i hope we get the same receptivity from congress that we are getting tremendous accolades for what we are doing having to do with both reform and with domestic tax cuts.
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it will be largest tax cuts in the history of our country. we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world right now costing us millions of jobs and trillions and trillions of dollars. it's time to restore america's competitive edge and pass historic cat tax cuts to the american people. one point in gdp with $2.5 trillion, think of that, revenue. one point we go up from three to four and when i began, we were in the ones and as a quarter's 3.2% and we are going up higher. we went as an example from two to three are from three to four talking about $2.5 trillion but talking about many millions of jobs, so we want to also reduce excessive government spending and that's what we are working on at her cabinet meeting today. as we head into next year's budget season, a fast director mulvaney to come up and find
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various savings and all of the departments that are gathered around the table which is everybody. i knew my cabinet to work with director mulvaney to fight these spending cuts, fight for them and make sure that they happen. we want to make the departments as lean as efficient as possible at the same time, going to be departments with lots of art. one thing we're going to be looking at very strongly his welfare reform. it is becoming a very big subject and people are taking advantage of the system and that other people aren't receiving what they really need to live and we think it's very unfair to them. but some people are really taking advantage of our system from that standpoint and we are going to be looking very, very strongly there at welfare reform, going to be a big topic under this administration and it has started already and we have a lot of recommendations that we are going to be making and you'll be hearing about them very shortly. the other thing we are doing
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that relates to people's lives is the prescription drug prices are out of control. they've gone through the roof and if you look at the same exact drug by the same exact company made in the same exact box and sold someplace else, sometimes it's a fraction of what we pay in this country. meaning as usual, the world has taken advantage of the united states, they are setting prices in other countries and we are not. the drug companies frankly are getting away with murder, and we want to bring our prices down to what other countries are paying. or at least close i'm at the other countries pay more because they are setting such low prices that we are actually subsidizing other countries. and that's just not going to happen anymore. this is been going on for years. our people are paying so much more. and i don't mean they're paying 2% more bread i mean they're paying double, triple, quadruple. the pain so much more that is very unfair to the united states as usual.
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last week, also sent a letter to congress outlining my and ms. trish's top for immigration reform, this was a bottom-up effort driven by dedicated law enforcement professionals and they took a big oath to protect our nation, the justice department is doing a fantastic job on the border and with regard to immigration, more than anyone has ever seen before from a justice department. thank you very much jeff. it has really had an impact in a very positive impact, and now we are going to take it to five steps further. our proposal closes dangerous loopholes and vulnerabilities that enabled illegal immigration asylum fraud and visa over states the visa overstates talking about numbers that nobody even knows what they are there so out of control. and we are going take care of that. when you look at what's going on in mexico, mexico is having a
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tough time right now in terms of crime, more than ever, we need the wall. we have drugs pouring through on the southern border, literally pouring through and we have to have the wall. we are going to have the wall but if you look at just what's happening on the other side of the border with tremendous crime and the tremendous problems going on, very good relationship with mexico, but there are a lot of problems and we don't want the drugs and we don't want the crime, but we need the wall. additionally, the vast congress to ensure that any proposed immigration reform ends chain migration. one person comes in and then brings everybody and his family and with him or her. and we have to end chain migration which is critical for creating a system that puts american workers and the american taxpayer first. last thursday, i probably nominated kiersten nielsen to serve a secretary department of
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homeland security. i urged the senate to quickly confirm this tremendously qualified nominee, and i also asked for my other nominees did he have approximately half the number of nominees confirmed by the senate. the democrats have terrible policy, terrible, and very good at obstruction. the one thing they do well, the policy is no good and i'm not even sure they're very good politicians because they don't seem to be doing too well. that could be because of their bad policy. but they are great at obstruction, and we have half the nominees that president obama had at this time. it's very unfair. they are taking everybody right after the final moment. in many cases, confirming that with tremendous majorities. but they are bringing them out purposely. they are bringing them right
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down to the final. we have people that are totally qualified that are going to pass that are going to have to wait a long time because it's total obstruction. i can say the same thing with our judicial nominees, our judges. we have some of the most qualified people, "the wall street journal" wrote a story about it the other day. this is some of the most qualified people ever and they are waiting forever. it shouldn't happen that way. it's not right and is not fair. i want to thank acting secretary elaine duke for her leadership in responding to the catastrophic storms that have struck our nation and our territories. also a disaster declaration in california response to the devastating wildfires that we've never seen. we mourn the terrible loss of life. we have fema and first responders there. we have a military helping. it is very sad to watch how fast and how rapidly they move it how people are caught in their houses. it's incredible thing. caught in their houses. we have a lot of people helping
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government in california and made a lot of progress in the last couple of days. they are subject to wins and what happens with nature, but it's been a very sad thing to watch. we also continue to pray for the victims of the mass shooting in las vegas. we cannot erase the pain of those who lost their loved ones, but we pledge to never leave your side. we are working with them very much though with the fbi and law enforcement, department of justice and i guess a lot of people think they understand what happened but he was a demented, sick individual. the wires were crossed pretty badly in his brain extremely badly in his brain and it's a very sad event. in each of these tragedies we've witnessed tremendous strengths and heroism of our people.
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each one of these tragedies that we've had, we have witnessed such strength and such heroism when americans are unified, no destructive force on earth can even come close to breaking us apart we've a lot of work to do on behalf of our magnificent country and our extraordinary citizens, a great trust has been placed upon each member of our cabinet. we have a cabinet that there are those who have said it's one of the finest group of people ever assembled as a cabinet and i happen to agree with that of course, i should agree with that. but i think we have an extraordinary good people around this table. this is a tremendous amount of talent and i wouldn't say i was necessarily looking to be politically correct although i ended up being politically correct because that was the right thing to do in every sense of the word. however, we have gotten really
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great people, very proud of them. so working all those things i just outlined many more. we have the iran deal, but right now a lot of people agreed with what i did. i feel strongly about what i did. i'm tired of being taken advantage of as a nation. this nation has been taken advantage of for many years, for many decades, and i'm tired of watching it, but the iran deal with something that i felt had to be done and we will see you face too. it might be positive and it might be very negative. it might be a total termination. that's a real possibility. someone said that's a greater possibility. but it also could turn out to be very positive. we will see what happens. i thought the tone of the iranian leaders was very modified and i was happy to see that but i don't know if that means anything. they are great negotiators and negotiating a phenomenal deal for themselves but a horrible deal for the united states.
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we are going to see what happens. the health care as you know is moving along. knocked out csr's, that was a subsidy to the insurance companies that was a gift that was frankly what they gave the insurance companies, just take a look at their stocks and where their stock was when obamacare was originally approved. if you invested in those stocks, you'd be extremely happy. they have given them a total gift. they have given them, you can almost call it a payoff. it's a disgrace. that money goes to the insurance companies. we wanted to care for people. we want to take care of people that need help with health care. that's what i'm here to do, and i'm never going to get campaign contributions from insurance companies but a lot of other people got them. look at the democrats, take a look at that. take a look at how much money
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has been spent by the democrats and by the health companies on politicians generally but take a look at the coffers of the democrats the csr payments have actually brought republicans and democrats together because we got calls, emergency calls from the democrats and i think probably the republicans were also calling them saying let's come up with at least a short-term fix of health care in this country. the gravy train ended the day i knocked out the insurance companies money, which was last week. hundreds of millions of dollars a month handed to the insurance companies for very little reason. believe me. i want the money to go to the people. i want the money to go to poor people that need it. i want the money to go to people that need proper health care. not to insurance companies which is where it's going as of last week, i ended that.
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so we have a lot of interesting things to do. our meeting with mitch mcconnell a little while for lunch. i think we will say a few words in the steps after that. i know you won't have any questions and pretty much, that's it. enjoy yourselves. i'll see you out there with mitch mcconnell. thank you very much. steve is very committed pretty he's a friend of mine and he's very committed to getting things passed. despite what the press rights, i have great relationships with many senators, but in particular with most republican senators. but we are not getting the job done. and i'm not going to play myself. they are not getting the job done. we've had health care approved and then we had a surprise vote by john mccain. we had other things happen and they're not getting the job done. i can understand where steve bannon is coming from and i can
9:22 am
understand where a lot of people are coming from because i'm not happy about it and a lot of people aren't happy about it. we need tax cuts. we need health care. we are going to get the health care done. in my opinion, what is happening is republicans are meeting with democrats because of what i did with the csr because i cut off the gravy train. if i didn't cut the csr's, they wouldn't be meeting, they'd be having lunch and enjoying themselves. they are right now having emergency meetings get a short-term fix of health care. the premiums don't have to double and triple every year like they've been doing like obamacare because obamacare is finished. it is dead, it is gone. he shouldn't even mention, it's gone. there is no such thing as obamacare anymore. and i said this years ago. it's a concept that couldn't have worked. in its best days, it couldn't have worked. but we are working on some kind of a short-term fix prior to the republicans, it was some democrats.
9:23 am
its obstruction but maybe with some democrats to fix health care permanently. so i think we will have a short-term fix with republicans and democrats getting together and after that, we are going to have a successful vote because as you know, we were one vote short and i think we have the votes right now whether it's a block grant or something else, block grading the money back to the states, which does seem to make sense the states run it because it's a smaller form of government they can be more individually sensitive. so that will happen fairly shortly as soon as we have the next reconciliation, i think we'll get the vote for health care. i feel very confident. i think we already have the votes on health care. sadly, the democrats can't join us on that which would be the long-term fix. but i do believe will have the short-term fix because i think the democrats will be blamed for the mess. this is an obamacare mess. when the premiums go up, that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that we had
9:24 am
poor health care and delivered poorly, written poorly, approved by the democrats. it was called obamacare. but i think we will have a short-term fix and then will have a long-term fix and then that will be take place in march or april. we have a very solid vote. the probably be 100% republican, no democrats but most people know that that's going to be a very good form of health insurance. so that'll be it. any other questions? us even a little a little while. i know how he feels. it depends on who you're talking about. there are some republicans who should be ashamed of themselves but most of them i know the republican senators. most of them are really great people that want to work hard and want to do great things for the american public they had a few people that really disappointed us. they really disappointed us, so i can understand fully how steve bannon feels. thank you very much.
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>> harris: we have been watching the president give us an idea of meeting with his cabinet there in the cabinet room. it was much like a board room meeting as a congressman and i were just speaking about just moments ago. he had several topics. when he got to the point of all the crises points in this country, it really let you know the balancing job that this white house has had to do, much like every white house a lot of crises. you had the hurricane after hurricane, there were four. at least, still working on the season and then you had the fires out west and the vegas shooting. the president down the nothing that he could do could wipe away the pain but that we were with those vegas families and remain with victims so on and so forth as he made a heartfelt plea for the nation to continue to support all of those victims from all of those states at the same time. congressman, what's interesting about this is his tone. you and i were talking off-camera about that. your thoughts? >> jason: the demeanor that he was showing here is much like you would see when he's actually
9:26 am
in person. it is more calm him he's going through a list much like he would do in a board meeting. that the biggest news that came out of that was saying health care march or april, i hadn't heard that before. the one thing that i thought he said but i just flat out didn't believe is when he talked about the budget and the appropriation. the house passed a budget that supposedly cuts $200 billion but they passed an appropriations bill that spends a net increase of $65 billion. so when he says that director mulvaney is going to go work with each department and agency to turn their budget, the house just passed an appropriation bill closing up the discretionary budget by some 60 plus billion dollars. big wet was really interesting was harris leading into the slums with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today, he did say we would step up and answer some questions following that meeting. we've been waiting for that meeting, going to be very important one because the two had very choice words for each other and jobs that they are
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doing but i heard talk of tax reform. i heard talk of health care reform. i heard the fall agenda. clearly laid out by this president and talk on immigration. he addressed the wall. we have to build a wall. we are going to build the wall, he reiterated that >> harris: the other point i'll hit this with you, lisa, the first question and the only topic covered by the reporters in the room was information that came out that steve bannon is going to take on in primary challenges any g.o.p. senators who did not get behind the policies of this president and the president then asked about that. >> and probably of a different mindset than some people just in the sense that i think of a publican party has long been split. you can go back to 2010 where you saw primary challenges. there is a reason that there were 17 republican candidates in the presidential primary. the republican party has long been split and i think the difference between alabama race and other states is he was an institution of the state of alabama.
9:28 am
his name idea was exceptionally higher. he of other primary challengers who don't have the benefit from high name recognition and are going to have the resources to try to build that name i.d. particular than a statewide challenge like that. i think that race is a little bit different and the party is long been split. >> harris: the president said there are some republicans and he was speaking about senators still on that subject matter was steve bannon. there are some republicans who should be ashamed of themselves. he said that steve bannon's threat to get rid of g.o.p. senators who were standing with the president, he can understand that. >> kennedy: it'll be interesting to see if that comes up during the lunch with senate majority leader and the president because steve bannon has taken direct aim at mitch mcconnell and he is firing with both barrels. so we will see if mitch mcconnell leads to the president and says please, call this guy out because president trump is still very much defending them. >> harris: halloween to know if he's done that?
9:29 am
if mitch mcconnell still has a job. >> sandra: don't forget the way the president led this like a board room. guess what he started with, the economy and the unemployment rate. the doubt all-time high. he started with where he is winning. just wanted to get that. >> harris: i wanted to let you finish your last thought on that because it was hilarious. >> kennedy: i honestly think that if they and lindsey graham said this is weekend if they can't repeal and replace obamacare that they can't get anything going on tax reform which they haven't been able to do so far, than they deserve to be thrown out of office but to lisa's point, there is a massive chasm within this party. >> harris: that's not new. give the congressman the last word. >> jason: steve bannon singh is going to go after everybody opposing the president but who was the president golfing with this weekend, rand paul. and lindsey graham was been a thorn in his side.
9:30 am
>> harris: president trump about to sit down for lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. just moments from now, we knew that this would happen after that cabinet meeting, so we are expecting him to lay out the republican agenda at that lunch. there is a lot of talk about. tax reform, health care, iran, and he just kind of set it up there with the cabinet wrap-up. we will talk about it. stay close. the best simple salad ever?
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heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at >> sandra: fox news alert. right now the white house, president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell about to discuss the g.o.p. fall agenda over lunch. and there is plenty of policy on their plates, including health care, the iran nuclear deal and overhauling the tax code. as senator lindsey graham warns of the g.o.p. is dead if it
9:35 am
doesn't act on tax reform. just one item on the republican agenda. watch. >> mitch mcconnell is not our problem. our problem is that we promised to repeal and replace obamacare and we failed. we promise to cut taxes and have yet to do it. if we are successful, mitch mcconnell is fine but if we are not, we are all in trouble. we lose our majority and i think president trump will not get reelected. >> sandra: that's a pretty tough assessment but i think a large part he is very accurate. people want results. the republicans have the house the senate and the presidency and they have to actually produce. i think one of the key is when they walk out of this meeting is are they talking about tax reform for the talking about tax cuts because with all of the chatter, we have yet to see a bill that would actually introduce and in mid-october, we are way late in doing that. >> sandra: some conservative groups places blame solely on mitch mcconnell not getting anything done. >> lisa: i think the blame could be on his shoulders but it's on everyone's right now it doesn't matter republicans lose
9:36 am
the senate in 2018 because of an action. i think there is a big concern here looking ahead to the midterm elections. it's not just senator graham as well. senators cruz has said that it's going to be a bloodbath. mike lee has said that we are dead if we don't get something done on tax reform and attack myself back to working on the campaign trail. what is the messaging here for 2018, what was said in 2010 and 2014 midterm election. we going to appeal obamacare, we need majorities to get obamacare done. you've had your chance and you didn't get anything done on it. we're going to do something about the economy. so i'm taking myself back to those days and looking ahead it doesn't 18, what is the message? >> harris: it so interesting about what you're asking because you don't want the message to be what we didn't finish. you don't want hashtag that. >> kennedy: the difference here is sent republic's are playing defense and the president is playing offense. at some point, if they lose commode they going to do you max it around and blame each other. do you think the american public
9:37 am
has an appetite for that for hyper politicization and one party. >> harris: is not working for the other side. >> kennedy: in the middle of two civil wars. if that two parties on the brink of implosion and who loses here? it's not necessarily the parties, as the american people who are waiting for something to get done. >> sandra: when i spoke to senator ted cruz on friday, asked him how would you describe the current state of your party and he said hanging in the balance. it a lot at stake here in this lunch meeting, very important one. >> jason: they are supposed to patch the budget by april 15th bread they still haven't passed the budget. if you don't pass the budget, you have reconciliation. if you don't have reconciliation, you have to get to the 60 vote threshold which means you can't move forward on the tax reform package that you need. in december 8th, circle that date on your calendar because that is when the appropriations right now and they're going to have to do something dramatic on that day. >> sandra: did you get that? circle that on your calendar.
9:38 am
>> kennedy: it on my phone. >> harris: will have senator graham join us so will ask him all those questions. >> sandra: house minority leader nancy pelosi pushing back against calls for top democrats to step aside and make way for new leadership. veteran democratic senator dianne feinstein is now facing a primary challenge next year. is it time for a new generation of leaders in the democratic party? your old magic set? (sigh) and this wrestling ticket. which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahh, your diary! "mom says it is totally natural..." $25 is nothing. (alert beep) abracadabra, bro. pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today.
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>> kennedy: top democrat nancy pelosi vowing to stay despite calls from the democratic party to pass the torch to new leaders. >> i do think we have a great array of talent and i have promoted it along the way. it's up to the caucus to select its next leadership. i enjoy the support of my caucus. they are going anywhere? >> the affordable care act as you know is very important to me
9:43 am
and when the president became president and i saw the threat to it, i said i've got to stay to take care of the affordable care act and that is my fight. that's my mission. i think i'm a great legislator. i know the budget and i don't believe that i have promotion is a terrible thing that 70 have to do it. [laughter] >> kennedy: pelosi also said any time another party battle is looming, longtime democratic senator dianne feinstein facing her first major challenger in 2018. california senate leader kevin deleon announcing yesterday he will oppose her in the primary. sing the party needs a more progressive agenda. the liberal group democracy for america founded by howard dean already backing his bid. jason j fits. >> harris: somebody's gotta do it. >> jason: go, nancy, go. the very first question you get asked usually in the debate in
9:44 am
the general election is your very first vote, who are you going to vote for for speaker and as long as the democrats continue to put up nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and have hillary clinton as essentially the head of their party, they're going to continue to suffer because they don't have the leadership and they don't have an agenda to back it up. >> harris: as at the congresswoman was going to say i vote for nancy pelosi just to get her back in office. >> jason: i got to tell you as long as they keep putting nancy out there. >> sandra: but she's a master master legislator. >> kennedy: a master at losing how seats were democrats it is what we've seen under her leadership. and that's a big problem for the democratic party and it's been particulate put in a spotlight after the majority special election, 0 for foreign special elections thus far but i'm really interested in seeing coming to the primary challenger of dianne feinstein and the liberal state of california and i'm curious and interested to see this happens elsewhere and if it does, what it really does
9:45 am
is put those democrat senators particular the ones running for reelection and this is a present from brandon in a box because they go along with him to appease general election voters do they watch the left and are afraid of primary challengers. it's going to be interesting. >> that's exactly was happening in the republican party. using this wave of antiestablishment as him but the question is what happens on the left? >> lisa: the bernie sanders wing of the democratic party gaining more traction? >> harris: didn't have an armas time is a republican party like the dnc that moved against a particular candidate who had a 45 million supporters in bernie sanders. you don't see that equivalent see on the other side of the political aisle. democrats are actually shooting themselves in their own foot not only they're not running other types of candidates with her before for their life, but generationally different, millennials, younger representative tim ryan comes to mind but there were others. cory booker from jersey, others might want to step up and i'll
9:46 am
just take the mantle pretty how about they just shared it for a while? i argue in the republican party, there is more our opportunity. you had 17 presidential candidates. there's more opportunities to get in the polls without the apparatus against you until steve bannon. >> kennedy: the one thing that hillary clinton nancy pelosi have in common is when they do interviews come all the talk about is themselves. >> harris: summit's got to do it. >> kennedy: they are dedicating to ideas and solutions. at some point, that's got to be a liability. >> jason: on the revoking side of the isle after only three terms in congress, it became a chairman. that would never happen on the democratic side of the aisle and they know it. and since barack obama first took office, the democrats when you can't state legislators, governors, senate and the presidency, they lost 900 seats 900. so they've got a long way to go. this is a conservative nation, republicans are doing well. but now that they have the
9:47 am
levers of control, has to produce. they produce and will continue to have republican majorities. failed to do that and nancy pelosi probably would get the gavel back. >> kennedy: you can take my gavel from my icy fingers. [laughter] speaking of productive meetings, controversial tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. the key fbi documents, watchdog group finally got its hands on and the bureau said they'd missed it. how can union.
9:48 am
9:49 am
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9:51 am
>> sandra: more "outnumbered" and just a moment. but first, here is harris coming up with overtime and just a few moments. >> harris: we are going to take it away at the top hour with "outnumbered" over time and that's the point that we will do some reaction to what we didn't already get and that was 10 minutes or so with the president outside that cabinet meeting, a lot of news made during that period we will talk with senator lindsey graham also about what's going on with the president having lunch and playing golf with people that are said to be maybe on opposite sides of issues with him. so senator graham will join us,
9:52 am
with bret baier and many others. we will see what top of the hour. >> sandra: thank you. the conservative group judicial watch thing the fbi has now found 30 pages of documents leading to the june 2016 meeting at an airport between bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch. right before the decision came down on indictments in the hillary clinton email case. this bureau claimed there were no records related to the controversial meeting. this is right up your alley. >> jason: this just absolutely infuriates me. for the fbi to go on the record and said that there were no documents and then to produce 30 documents, some of it should be held accountable, somebody should be held in contempt, somebody. >> sandra: will day, though? >> jason: they won't prosecute their own, but they should. this is my guest and just a guess. you have michael horowitz who is the head of the inspector general for the department of justice. yes 450 employees. you never hear about him because there aren't any leaks.
9:53 am
he is doing a definitive investigation into the fbi, what happened everything were not tarmac meeting all the way to the dismissal of james comey. my guess as to that investigation, the aptly found some documents in the fbi and the department of justice realized oh, my gosh, mother going to be in that report, we better get these out here now. >> sandra: wondering what they are going to reveal. >> jason: look at james comey and the questions surrounding him. not only did he light was about when he came to the determination about not to recommend an indictment against hillary clinton, he also lied about when he released the private memos because he told us it was a response to the trump tweets but if you go back to "new york times" article, he clearly had leaked that information before president trump had even tweeted that out. so there's just so many questions about him, his role in this, what role his involvement in the molar investigation as well. i want to ask you a question.
9:54 am
how much faith you have in congress and the oversight because with the everything about president trump had been heavily litigated but has there been enough scrutiny to the fbi to come into some of these other things of been going on? >> jason: one of the most difficult parts about providing oversight of the department of justice. one of the chairman of the committee. i could issue a subpoena but the only way to enforce a subpoena was to get the department of justice to do it. even though you are serving a subpoena to the department of justice. needs to be annexed by the deadweight performers go to the court and enforce that subpoena. until then, judicial watch are going to be much more powerful and potent than congresses. and more power to them but that's not the way it should be. >> kennedy: they also shouldn't be shutting down its freedom of information act. the american public has a right to know. when news organizations were judicial watch them when they filed his request, they should be granted, it should be honored and we seen some department after department whether it's hillary clinton, state department or now the fbi.
9:55 am
>> jason: unfortunately with all due respect, the attorney general, it's no different than when we have this previous one. it's a deep state. there tens of thousands of people that are there to protect themselves. instead of rising above it and saying we work to people and we are here as a nation because we are so critical. that's what we do. that's why we have oversight. >> kennedy: what is it mean for media on this? why are they not more curious about james comey's role and more curious about the unmasking of trump officials? you look at the michael flynn lake, why has there not been more curiosity about all this other stuff where there are so many questions unanswered and you look at all of trump, russia stuff how heavily litigated that has been in the media but there seems to be zero interest in all of this other stuff that's going on. >> sandra: we will leave it there. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:56 am
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♪ i'm living that yacht life, life, life ♪ ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested >> we always love to have you, congressman jason jay joining us on the couch today. he may talk to reporters afterwards briefly. any final words from you? >> three fingers of bourbon, that's what i expect from mitch mcconnell.
10:00 am
>> tomorrow, join us again, every weekday "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, a couple of things we are watching right now. we are awaiting the daily press briefing at the white house, president trump on the top republicans in the senate are sitting down for lunch in a meeting that could patch up the reported relationship that was needed. big-ticket items they will be talking about, beginning with tax reform. let's go "outnumbered overtime." right now, president trump and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell discussing the parties fall agenda over lunch. their first face-to-face meeting since trading some tough criticism over the failures to repeal obamacare. they are expected to have as their top agenda item having not getting tax reform passed. the stakes could not be higher politically. senator ted cruz said this about the midterms. "of tax reform crashes a


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