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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 16, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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mcconnell. >> tomorrow, join us again, every weekday "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, a couple of things we are watching right now. we are awaiting the daily press briefing at the white house, president trump on the top republicans in the senate are sitting down for lunch in a meeting that could patch up the reported relationship that was needed. big-ticket items they will be talking about, beginning with tax reform. let's go "outnumbered overtime." right now, president trump and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell discussing the parties fall agenda over lunch. their first face-to-face meeting since trading some tough criticism over the failures to repeal obamacare. they are expected to have as their top agenda item having not getting tax reform passed. the stakes could not be higher politically. senator ted cruz said this about the midterms. "of tax reform crashes and
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burns, if obamacare, nothing happens, we face a bloodbath." good to have you, thanks for being with us. let's start right there. reports that there is a patching up the president and senator mcconnell need to have have. talk to me about that relationship and this lunch. >> they have a very good working relationship. what they will be talking about today is what to be be at the d of the year. in order to get tax reform, the first thing we have to do is get a budget passed. the vote in the senate will be this thursday and it will be a close vote. once we complete the budget we will be able to move on to tax reform. >> harris: i don't want to go too far back and forth between the president and mitch mcconnell, we do know which mcconnell has his hat to his
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feet to the fire after not getting the repeal done on obamacare, that is a fact. we will move on to what's happening right now, the president making news a few minutes ago. i'm sure you were watching what this, on a whole host of issues. and with the idea of tax cuts, what would happen if that could happen. he says already we are seeing the gdp healthier, if we were able to help out with tax cuts to kick it up between three and four points we would see $2.5 trillion in revenue. he says this is a great thing for the american people, talk to me. >> what we saw during the obama yearas an average of 1.8% gdp growth in our economy since the great depression. we know we need to get this economy growing and what the president is offering is tremendous tax relief for working class families as well as corporate tax relief that will keep jobs in america. too many companies are moving
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their jobs overseas because the corporate tax structure here is no longer competitive. that is the primary interest of what we have to do. the $2.5 trillion he references estimates it will bring into one half trillion dollars in revenue to the economy. 1.8%, we can do a lot better and we are expecting at least 2.9% or greater over the next several years. >> harris: he started with the economy with his brief comments, several minutes after that cabinet meeting before he went into this lunch. about how well the economy is doing if you measure it on things like what you are talking about and looking at wall street today, we are a few points away from a first in our lifetimes, 23,000 on the dow. forward movement to health care, you saw what i played for our viewers a few minutes ago, oh bloodbath, some senators are saying in the g.o.p. if you don't get done certain
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items that were supposed to make america great again, what's the response from the white house? >> i think we are going to get both items done. the reality is we need to repeal obamacare, it is hurting too many americans and we need tax reform to get our country growing again. americans need that tax relief. we are confident we will get both done before next year's midterm election. we share the urgency here, we believe these are important issues. >> harris: another newsmaking point, he said in march or april for health care, let's talk about health care. that seems to be a new date, what's happening that makes the president think that in a few months we might see it? >> what we think happened is we ran out of time and our repeal effort. people began to rally behind senator cassidy, senator graham's idea of granting more dollars back to the states. we believe more senators came to support that. what their concern was the
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process. i will let your viewers know that since obamacare past, we had 149 hearings in congress on obamacare. i'm not so sure we need more hearings. some senators who wanted more time, we will give them that opportunity and we will need another budget passed early next year. when the president talks about a march-april time frame, that is to afford us another budget. we do believe there is a lot more excitement around senator graham, senator cassidy's idea of block granting back to the states. trying to make decisions that should belong to the doctors and the patients. >> harris: to be a line of the t felt like he made -- even senator rand paul of the president credit for making a bold move. who would've thought he would be up there on the day. before i let you go, steve bannon, formally inside the
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white house as an advisor, has said he will go against all those senate republicans who didn't get on board with this president's agenda. the president was asked about this a few moments ago and he said he could understand how steve bannon would want to do that, what is the official word out of the white house on what's happening with steve bannon and midterms for republicans in the senate? >> i think a lot of americans are frustrated, there were promises made over the last six years that weren't delivered. americans are hurt, they are hurting under the weight of more regulations and higher premiums. we know that frustration is there but in many cases a more productive path would be for us to partner and make sure republicans get the job done. if we think they're going to get the job done in 2018 before they face the midterm reelection. >> harris: white house legislative affairs director, i hope you will come back and give us the news you have today on the beautiful white house lawn,
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good to see you, thank you. how much is riding on this meeting between the president and mitch mcconnell? let's bring in fox news chief political anchor bret baier, happy monday to you. every time zone, we celebrate every moment. the president talking a lot longer than we might have anticipated today about a whole host of issues but i want to settle in where reporters ended and that is this move, now that he is having lunch with mitch mcconnell, to sure up people in his own party. i pointed out, maybe some things mitch mcconnell fell short on with repealing obamacare, what are your thoughts on this matte matter? >> it all boils down to what the senate can get done. the big prize is tax reform. this week it's expected, senior republican aides on the hill are telling us they are going to still move forward with trying to pass the budget resolution in
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2018. it has passed the house, it now has to pass the senate to lay the groundwork for tax reform and to get the reconciliation. that is the 50 votes plus one. that would enable them to not have to get 60 in the senate to pass tax reform. they are moving forward with that and they need to hold all the republicans on the line. you saw the president golfing with senator rand paul, he has said he is a "no" on the budget resolution, we will see if that changes. the rest of the republicans have to vote yes in order for them to pass the budget. this week we are told thad cochran from mississippi will not make it back because of health issues, that means they only have one votes to spare, that is unless bob menendez, democrat from new jersey is not able to come down and vote, he is in the middle of a trial which by the way, the judge today saying that although charges can stand and stopping
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and effort by the defense to acquit senator menendez, that's a huge news issue. >> harris: it's a huge news issue because you've got to bet chuck schumer and the democrats are not going to pull him out of that seat so it would be a matter of whether or not he would make it back and we are more than 20 days in that trial. that's my home state of new jersey. you mentioned that budget resolution, we had former a for congressman on the couch with us for "outnumbered." it's now a plus for a deficit if you will, $65 billion. the president has some work to do in terms of budget, i would imagine and trying to really shore up the spending because he is saying, go out there and find some spending cuts and find me some money out there so i can pay for some of these tax cuts. >> that's outside of what is in the budget resolution. their equation and that document essentially believes that
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because of growth, will be able to grow their way out of some of the issues they are talking about. but neither here nor there, the president says the budget director needs to work with each agency to cut the fat. >> harris: then you have to factor in all of the crises we've had, i've been told these numbers don't include all of the hurricanes and all of the money we've spent on the fires. those numbers are going to get bigger. >> that's right. the deficit will go up. it's believed because of these massive spending efforts, unless you've seen that growth they are talking about, you're not going to have the national debt going down dramatically in a short period of time. right now the focus is on the growing part, you get the
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economy growing hand and then everything kind of works itself out, we will see. >> harris: can i ask you what really matters, we've got a lot of reports about the president now trying to get along with members of the party, and if he doesn't reach across the aisle which by the way he will do. what's important for the american people to know in regards to all of that? a lot of it is talk but what do we need to know? >> we need to know the president is not afraid to work with the opposing party, that for all of the talk about the concern up on capitol hill about how president trump is tweeting or this or that, there is a behind-the-scenes effort that happens to try to get things across the finish line. there is a frustration that health care, the obamacare fix, the cassity-graham bill did not go forward. there is a fear they won't have the votes on tax reform. that's why all these meetings, all of this is happening to make
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sure they can get that done. i think senator mcconnell is going to lay out the blueprints from his point of view, probably at this lunch today. >> harris: is he in trouble? >> i don't think so, until some other people in the senate, republican caucus go down, to a primary challenge i don't see mcconnell loses that as of yet. i think stephen bannon is a force on the outside that they have been to factor into some of these primaries. >> harris: you know it's a big winner in my life? 6:00 p.m. eastern when we join you for "special report." we are awaiting the white house press briefing now, president trump meets with mitch mcconnell, we've been talking about that today, this is big. senator lindsey graham with a warning to republicans on tax reform, he's going to join the program moments from now and the
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>> harris: white house press briefing set to take place moments from now, you can see we are still awaiting the situation with some of the press members pulling into place. there is a left turn we expect sarah sanders to step up to. the president has spoken today, outside of a cabinet meeting, we have that live on "outnumbered" and we've been talking about at this hour with the legislative affairs director from the white house. we know there were some new points that were made today, the president talking about march or april for seeing sort of reform further movement to repeal obamacare, that was the first time we've heard him say that today. no doubt that will be one of the things she has asked about only bring this to you live. the conservative watchdog group judicial watch says the fbi has found new documents on that controversial 2016 tarmac meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch.
10:18 am
this was after the fbi previously said it didn't have any documents with that. the meeting came at the height of the hillary clinton email probe and fueled republican speculation that the clintons were trying to influence the outcome of that investigation. she will reportedly be grilled on capitol hill this week. house and senate lawmakers will look into the russian interference of the presidential election last year. let's bring in the president of judicial watch, good to have you today. let's start with the basics, what did we learn from these documents? >> we haven't gotten them yet, the fbi did a search and told us that they didn't have anything. we had another lawsuit against the justice department for records about this tarmac meeting and we did get documents from the justice department that showed they were in communication with top officials of the fbi. lo and behold, the fbi comes
10:19 am
back and says we will reopen, it was never close since we were in litigation, and just the other day they told us they found 30 pages of records that they wanted until november 30th. we don't know what's going to be in the records, but if i were about president i would be asking both leadership of the fbi and justice department what is going on here, what's with the stalling and the obstruction? there may be an innocent explanation as to why they were missing, but i find that to be a highly unlikely possibility. >> harris: they told you you have to wait until late november, you don't know what these documents are actually going to look like because you don't have them now to compare them to what they will look like after they are redacted so you won't know what you're missing. you want the president to step in, is this something that judicial watch makes a point with with the white house or do you just hope for the best? >> we've told the white house that they should take the
10:20 am
approach of extreme transparency on these corruption issues in my view is the deep state doesn't want to release these records, you see it with the clinton issues, the obama issues and the trump-russia issues because i think they know releasing the records would hurt people they like like hillary clinton and barack obama and her people they don't like like president trump. >> harris: when you talk with white house officials, what have you been told in the past? are you hoping to have some fresh conversations now? the game has changed. the fbi has found something they said didn't have. >> they hold their cards close to the vest, the white house would probably want to see the information released, at this point you have to wonder whether it's just plain insubordination by top officials in terms of withholding information, we have a right to under the law. >> harris: we were reporting this on "outnumbered" when it happened, it broke during our
10:21 am
hour, what about loretta lynch telling james comey to refer to hillary clinton's email scandal is just a matter and not an investigation? >> that communication would be covered by this lawsuit. we haven't seen it yet. we've asked for the fbi records about the clinton investigation and we've gotten records but they've only released about half of the records they have. for every record they give us, they withhold another one. this is why the administration at the top level needs to pay attention to this issue because this corruption is a major issue for the american people and this is why people like jeff sessions and the new fbi director have their jobs, because people want the swamp to be drained. this is the sort of thing that drives people crazy, they know the records can be released. we are not asking for state
10:22 am
secrets. we want to know what the government was up to. >> harris: it's interesting when you put it that way, they certainly did not label it this way, the fbi or anybody else. maybe somebody went rogue, maybe somebody made a mistake. what significance is this when you talk about a cover-up? >> when we asked the state department for records, they said they looked everywhere. litigation force their hands and force them to disclose so they had these emails. this reminds me of that. the fbi only gave us these records, only because we caught them red-handed. it's really troubling. >> harris: we will check back with you as we get closer to
10:23 am
that deadline, the fbi says they are going to hand to some of those documents. all right, we are awaiting a white house press briefing. the president's sitting down lunch with sanity and senate my leader mitch mcconnell. they are laying at the fall agenda, a lot at stake here. lindsey graham is warning republicans, to get tax cuts, tax reform, and health care reform, the parties party is d.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, we are awaiting a white house press briefing, the president's sitting down with senate majority mitch mcconnell. just before that meeting, president trump was outside his cabinet meeting this morning, he spoke about this move to end health care, watch. >> health care is moving along,
10:28 am
a subsidy to the insurance companies, a gift they had given them, you could almost call it a payoff. it's a disgrace. that money goes to the insurance companies. you want to take care of people that need help. >> harris: lindsey graham saying that if the republicans fail to get health care reform done, the party is in trouble. >> we promised to cut taxes and we have yet to do it. if we are successful, if we are not, it is all in trouble, we will lose our majority and i think president trump will not be reelected. >> harris: senator lindsey graham joins me himself, true and necessary would be the questions i would ask. talk to me about the facts and why you think it's necessary to warn republicans.
10:29 am
>> we promised to repeal and replace obamacare, we've tried twice and failed. the president committed to trying next year to have grant to replace obamacare. what do you tell republicans we've got the house, the senate, the white house. all you need is 50 votes in the senate. if we can't deliver on cutting taxes, what good are we to the country? if we can't repeal and replace obamacare, why have us appear? i believe the president had a great week last week, republicans in congress have to get our act together or we are all going to lose. >> harris: i wonder how hard it is not to finger point. people in the house say they can get their stuff together and they look across and see you across the chamber, what's going on with the senate republicans? did you feel better as you saw somebody who is a holdout, rand paul standing right next to the president, putting into effort that executive order last
10:30 am
week and then they seemed to be at least on the same page about trying some things going forwar forward. >> i'm very encouraged, i know he played golf with the president yesterday. it allows people to form associations, the bigger the pool you by end, the lower the cost. when it comes to tax cuts we desperately need to cut taxes. the average since world war ii is about 3.2% of gdp growth. i believe a tax cut is absolutely essential for growing the economy. i am hopeful we can pass the budget this week that will allow us to cut taxes later in the fall. >> harris: with all due respect, what is broken on the senate side? you played golf with the president, what did you talk to him about? did you talk about what's broken in the senate? >> it's about health care reform, we had a process that's not the best process. we'll have a chance next year to
10:31 am
bring graham cassidy after the committee process, going back to regular order. it is a block grant that takes all the money out of washington, takes the money away from washington, d.c., bureaucrats and gives it to your governors, that i think they can do a better job of delivering health care. i am hopeful that alaska comes on board, alaska has really high health care costs because there are 750,000 people in the state twice the size of texas. i think we've got a good chance of getting votes on graham-cassidy next spring. the economy needs to grow and the only way we are going to grow is by a tax cut. >> harris: you mention senator mccain and people wanting to get back to regular order, words like stability and can we get it done? and you get one thing done and work on the regular order later, cannot work like like that? >> i think we are going to have some democrats come aboard for the tax cut.
10:32 am
there are some democrats in red states, this tax cut is good for the economy, good for working people. lower the corporate rate so people don't have to leave america because of high corporate taxes. we are trying to streamline the tax code. i am willing to increase the minimum wage when the bill gets from the senate to the house, i think people at that level, hardworking people, young people, seniors need a pay raise, too. i'm hoping we can find a handful of democrats to buy into the idea that a tax cut is good for america. >> harris: you said president obama, that was in the mix there. let's talk -- >> i'm glad he's gone. >> harris: i know that you are. let's talk about the decertification of iran. i'm curious to know what some of the responses are on the hill. >> i'm pleased that president
10:33 am
prof trump is delivering on a campaign promise to get a better deal. the certifying is the first ste step. if iran continues to deny inspectors to come on military bases, we will re-oppose sanctions. if iran continues to test fire missiles, we will re-impose sanctions. if they continue to be the largest state sponsor of terrorism we will reimpose sanctions. president trump did a really good thing trying to get the world to focus on a better deal. at the end of 15 years, the iranians can do whatever they want, the sunset clause has no limitations. this deal really ensures them to get a bond and we are trying to get a better deal. i think president trump has done the world a service here by revisiting this agreement. >> harris: i had the former
10:34 am
ambassador to israel for the united nations on on friday and he got up in the middle of the night to talk with the senator because he wanted to make the point and talk about what this does for israel. he felt good about what the president had done, it was a step. he thought it was definitive, less ambiguous. i'm curious going forward, what does it look like works for a rehearing on back channels from them? a lot of curiosity, what is their response? >> donald trump is trying to make it a really good deal for israel and the world at large. i can't believe we have a deal where the iranians decide, i can't believe we didn't connect the regime's behavior to the deal. at the end of 15 years, this
10:35 am
still allows iran to march toward a bomb without limitations. the president's right to try to get a better deal, congress i hope will back him up because the arabs and the israelis who live in the region are speaking with one voice here. how often do you hear them saying the same thing, but they are. they are supporting president trump. and to my democratic colleagues, don't defend iran, don't defend their ability to do anything they want 15 years from now, to keep building missiles in violation of u.n. resolutions, to deny inspection, hijack our sailors on the high seas. to my democratic friends, it is in the world's interest to get a better deal. >> harris: senator lindsey graham being very bold and clear as he always is. always good to have you, thank you very much. as you get closer to health care, tax reform, we'd like to bring you back and get your vision on what's coming up. the president mention for the
10:36 am
first time we might see something in march or april, you have said that would be about the time we would try something else. we appreciate you. >> if we don't deliver we are going to disintegrate as a party. we've got to deliver on health care and taxes. we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. >> harris: i'm told i have another couple of seconds with you, i do want to go here with you. as you go forward, what is the president telling you? you can share, i understand that everything you can share. what is he telling these people who have gone against him on certain issues? >> the president and iran against each other, he won, i lost. i want to help him. he's got the nfl to sort of bend to his will in respect to the national anthem, pakistan is helping us with hostages being
10:37 am
released. pakistan is responding to trump and a good way. you've got democrats defending insurance companies on the health care decision, democrats defending iran. he's got our democratic friends in a bad spot on health care. who in our right mind believes it's a good idea to continue to give $7 billion a year to insurance companies for obamacare without reform. the president's right to want to get a better deal on health care and i hope we can cut taxes, not just the momentum for 2018 and i'm going to do everything i can to repeal and replace obamacare. the president told me he's not bluffing on iran, that he wants the world to know he will withdraw from this deal if we don't get a better deal and he told me to my face that he's never going to allow north korea to get a missile or a nuclear weapon to hit america. he doesn't want a war but if it takes military force to stop a threat to our homeland, he will do it. >> harris: i wanted to get
10:38 am
specifically, if you could share with us, what the president has told you. it's important, he is coming out of this meeting with senator mitch mcconnell. he will have met with you, rand paul and mitch mcconnell, doing all sorts of things. you've given us a flavor of what's important to the president and he says he is not bluffing. we appreciate your time, thank you very much. now while i was speaking with the senator, you may have noticed the press room emptied out. every correspondent, every reporter, every cameraman, everybody got up and left. and you know this half-hour, the first part of "outnumbered overtime" we have been watching that room fill up. they are going to the rose garden, breaking news, president trump has come out of that meeting with senator mitch mcconnell, we expect to see them both in the rose garden moments from now and we've gone from a white house press briefing situation to a live event in the rose garden in the
10:39 am
white house and you just heard senator graham giving us a flavor of some of the things the president has been saying to those in his own party about going forward on things like health care and tax reform. this is a big moment, we will cover it live on fox news on "outnumbered overtime" moments from now when it happens. stay close. impossible to ignore.
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visit quickbooks-dot-com. let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. >> harris: a fox news alert, we were told moments ago there would be a presidential event in the rose garden and i want to read you a little bit of the color here. the white house announced over the p.a. system, the people in the white house press briefing room would be able to hear they have an open press event to get to in the rose garden. we have not been given any details about the president will be talking about. a cabinet meeting where the president spoke about a whole host of issues more than iran, helping out the nation in crisis
10:44 am
after the hurricane, the fires in california, the vegas shooting and what we are doing there with the investigation. a whole host of issues. the president was asked questions by the press corps at that event and then he said it, we will see you later, we are going to go into my lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, which we expect they will be talking about the difficulties inside the republican party about getting health care reform done. and also what's coming up with tax cuts and all of that. a lot to talk about and to be brief with this president about, he will step up to the lectern moments from now and the rose garden and tell us something. we are told senator mcconnell will be there as well. meanwhile, president trump renewing threats to kill the iran nuclear deal after he announced on friday he would stay in the agreement but no longer continue to recertify at every 90 days and will leave it up to congress to fix the deals flaws in two months.
10:45 am
here's the president again for moments ago. >> the iran deal was something i felt had to be done and we will see what phase two's, faced you might be positive and it might be very negative, it might be a total termination, that is a very real possibility. it could turn out to be very positive, we will see what happens. >> harris: iran's foreign minister says the presidents move has already damaged u.s. credibility internationally. >> nobody else will trust any u.s. administration to engage in any long-term negotiation. because the length of any commitment, the duration of any commitment from now on with any u.s. administration would be the remainder of the term of that president. >> harris: let's bring in my next guest, former united nations ambassador john bolton, a fox news contributor and a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute,
10:46 am
nobody else will trust the united states? do we care that iran would tell anybody that and who are they talking about? >> i think the foreign minister of iran who knows america well knows whose sentiments in this country he is playing on, he's trying to make a political point. i think the response is clear, there is not a country in the world that doesn't act in its own national interest and if the deal has become harmful to it, it gets out. nobody in the world should be surprised that this deal, which was hotly debated in the united states was very much at risk if trump or any republican were elected and i think that's the point we are at now. this deal is hanging by a threa thread. >> harris: the president of the united states stepping up to the lectern and the rose garden, let's watch. >> president trump: thank you very much. we just spent quite a bit of
10:47 am
time inside with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who has been a friend of mine for a long time. long before my world of politics. early into his world of politics, i think. we've been friends for a long time. we are probably now as least as far as i'm concerned closer than ever before. the relationship is very good, we are fighting for the same thing, fighting for lower taxes, big tax cuts, the biggest tax cuts in the history of our nation. tax reform as part of that. we are getting close to health care, it will come up in the early to mid a part of next year. i think we already have the votes, we feel confident we have the votes. i believe republicans and democrats are as we speak working together very hard right now, working together to do an
10:48 am
intermediate plan, or short-term plan because obamacare is a disaster, the rates have gone up, the premiums have gone up, the deductibles have gone through the roof. it's terrible, unless you really have a problem, you are not going to be able to use them. we have been working together long and hard, we think we are in good shape for the budget, we hope. we hope to be in good shape with that again, the largest tax cuts ever passed in this country. you look at other countries, what they've done, when i hear ireland is going to be reducing their corporate rates down to 8% from 12, you have other countries also. we can't be at 35% and think we are going to remain competitive in terms of companies and jobs. i was very honored to see a man i've had a lot of respect for,
10:49 am
the head of fema, he gave us an a+, i've always had respect for him. he gave us -- he is the fema director of the clinton administration, gave us an a+ for how we responded to the hurricane aftermath, all of the hurricanes. and that includes puerto rico. i just want to thank him, wherever you may be, wherever you may be listening, i appreciate it because it took it out of politics, out of the world of politics and that he was with the clinton administration and i'm sure remains loyal to the clinton administration, i hope he does. just to finish off, my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding. has been outstanding. we are working very hard to get the tax cuts, we will continue to work hard to get the
10:50 am
health care completed. i'm going to be surprising some people with an economic development bill later on that i haven't even told mitch because i want to focus on tax cuts and some other things right now. one of the unspoken elements that we discussed at lunch and is not talked about, we got a great justice into the united states supreme court, he is going to be outstanding hopefully for many years. something people aren't talking about is how many judges we've had, whether it be the court of appeals, circuit judges, district judges, we have tremendous under review, the democrats are holding them up beyond comprehension, they are holding them up. frankly, they have terrible, terrible policy. terrible policy. perhaps they are not even good politicians but they are good at obstruction. i looked at some of these numbers between the judges and i
10:51 am
want to say, we will set records in terms of the number of judges and if you read "the wall street journal" i have to give them a little bit of a person, a writer. who i won't mention names who has really been a fair person, wrote an article, wrote an editorial in a sense saying how well we are doing with judges and appointments. i think it's one of the big guns on things of this administration. in addition to the fact that we have had a lot of legislation passed. the judge's story is an untold story, nobody wants to talk about it but when you think about it, mitch and i were saying that has consequences 40 years out. many are in the pipeline, the level of quality is extraordinary and i just wanted to say we are working very closely on that also and
10:52 am
getting really great reviews from those people, in many cases some call scholars that have been studying it. with that i would like to have mitch say a few words and if you want to do a little question-and-answer we can do that also. thank you very much. >> thank you very much mr. president. i want to underscore what the president said. we've been friends and acquaintances for a long time, we talk frequently, we don't get a view or read out every time we have a conversation but frequently we talk about the issues that are before us. obviously passing the budget, which enables tax reform and tax reduction comes next, to take adequate care of those who've been harmed, by the natural disasters we've been afflicted with lately. and of course the senate's
10:53 am
unique role that it seems to be a lot of people forget, we are in the personnel business. there are 1200 of the presidents combinations subject to confirmation in the senate. the house is not in the personnel business, we are. the single most significant thing this president has done to change america is the appointment of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. it's not just the supreme court, there are a lot of vacancies that both the circuit court and district court level, as the president has indicated, young, conservative, and when we say conservative about a judge we are talking about the kind of people the presidents appointing to the courts believe that the role of a judge is to try to rule based upon what the law says. not what they hope to the would be. if a judge is not occasionally unhappy with the conclusion they reach, they are not a very good
10:54 am
judge. judges don't wear red, they don't wear blue. they wear black. those of the people the president is sending up to the senate to be confirmed. many are younger and will be on the bench for a long time and have a great deal to do with what kind of country we are going to have far into the future. legislatively, obviously the top priority is tax reduction. with the president and i would both like to say to you today contrary to what some of you may have reported, we are together totally on this agenda to move america forward. >> mr. president, if there is a timetable for tax reform, paul ryan has said he wants to get it done by the end of this
10:55 am
year, he would make the housework through christmas break to get it done. would you be okay if tax reform were not passed until next year as opposed to this year? >> president trump: i would like to see it be done this yea year. we won't go a step further. if we get it done, that's a great achievement. don't forget, it took years for the administration to get taxes done. i've been here for nine months. i can say the same thing for health care. if you look at obama, first of all, they weren't able to get it done. other administrations weren't able to get it done. president obama after a long period of time was able to finally push it through. pushed through something that is now failing. we are meeting right now and right now they are working on something very special but i have to tell you, i really believe we have a very good chance.
10:56 am
of getting the taxes done hopefully fairly long before the end of the year. >> the goal is to get it done this calendar year but it is important to remember that obama signed obamacare in march of year two. obama signed in july of year to go. we are going to get this job done in the goal is to get it done by the end of the year. >> president trump: just to finish up. we could have a long way to go but that's okay. >> do you still have confidence -- and on health car health care, in a recent tweet you said the only problem you have with mitch mcconnell is he failed to repeal and replace, that should never happen. >> president trump: let me go to the second part of your question. we've been doing health care for
10:57 am
seven months. and probably six months if you think about it, we started and probably total of six months. others were eight years and they didn't get it passed. this man is going to get it done and i think long before anybody else. as far as tom moreno, he was a very early supporter of mine in the great state of pennsylvania, a great guy. we are going to look into the report and take it very seriously, we are going to have a major announcement probably next week on the drug crisis and the opioid problem. frankly, the world has a drug problem. the world has a drug problem. we are going to do something about it. i'm going to have a major announcement on the problem next week, we are going to be looking into it. >> i'd like to ask you, do you
10:58 am
support the plan by people who previously served in your administration to primary republican candidates in the 2018 election? >> president trump: i have a very good relationship with steve bannon, he has been a friend of mine for a long time, i like steve a lot. steve is doing what steve thinks is the right thing. frankly, they are great people, what mitch will tell you is that maybe with the exception of a few, and that is a very small few, i have a fantastic relationship with the people in e senate and with the people in congress. our use of reprentativ. i have a great relationship with political people. it's not the way it is. we have a fantastic relationship, i am friends with most of them. i don't think anybody could have much of a higher percentage, but i am friends with most of them, i like and respect most of them and i think they like and
10:59 am
respect me. the republican party is very unified. when we get things approved, we have to go because we have no democrat support, we have nobody. we don't have a vote from the democrats. as an example, massive tax cuts. we may not get any democrat votes. we may not get three or four but we may not get -- we are the highest taxed country in the world and yet we may get no democrat support. and that's because they are obstructionists and they basically want us to do badly but that's not going to happen. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> we're gonna look at that very closely.
11:00 am
well, he's a good man. i have not spoken to him. i will speak to him and i will make that determination. if i think it's 1% negative to doing what we want to do, i will make a change, yes. >> senator mcconnell -- >> we are going to be doing that next week. by the way, you know that's a big step. by the way, people have no understanding of what you just said. that is a very, very big statement. it's a very important step. and to get to that step, a lot of work has to be done. it's time consuming work. we will be doing it next week. okay? [ talking at the same time ] >> did you have a chance during your lunch today to discuss the comments steve bannon made this we


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