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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 16, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tense 13 days, the soviets agreed to remove the missiles and the u.s.a. greed not to invade cuba. ending a standoff that started 55 years ago today. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the fallout from the president having it out on everything from tax cuts and whether they're coming to colin kaepernick and why the heck he's suing to stocks and why they're still soaring. but first, to the very odd side of the president and senator mitch mcconnell appearing in a rose garden today to dispense with the thorns and hedge their bets as to the timing of the tax cuts. >> it took years for the reagan administration to get taxes done. i've been here a little more than nine months. >> the goal is to sign it this year. but obama signed obamacare in
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march of year 2. >> we could have a long way to go. that's okay. >> neil: all right. is this being put off a little bit, not denied? maybe they're preparing people for that? john roberts who must have asked about 40 questions today. john, that was unexpected as was telegraphing potential delays in the tax cuts. >> always expect the unexpected when it comes to president trump. he's certainly not bound by convention. no questions about that. it was very interesting to show up for what we thought was a quick statement between the two leaders and then maybe one or two questions and he fielded them for 45 minutes after that. now to this timetable for tax reform. that's why i asked the question, we were getting indications from senior aides at the white house, it's not a matter of when it gets done but if.
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getting it done by the end of the year. the president would accept going into next year. you have paul ryan, the speaker of the house saying he wants it done by the end of the year and would keep congress through christmas to get it done. mitch mcconnell said it would get done this congress, which would get us through january of 2019. so i asked the president saying are you okay if the timetable slips beyond the end of the year to which the president answered that he's not going to talk about that. he wants it done this year. the senate majority leader said the goal is to get it done by the end of the year. so raises the possibility it could slip. but right now everybody from the president on down wants to be on the same page in terms of getting it done before december 31 of this year. now then, one of the crucial points that there will be in this is a vote on thursday. that is when they set the agenda
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for reconciliation. lindsey graham, senator from south carolina, was on one of the sunday shows suggesting it's critical that they get that end. >> set and tax reform done. let's listen here. >> you have to get a budget passed to set up tax reform. are you going to get it done? >> yeah. if we don't, we're dead. >> and there was talk that senator mcconnell may not will long for the leadership. says if he guess it done, he's okay. if he doesn't, we're all in trouble. >> you're very good with body long. how was it with the president and the senator there? it went on longer than maybe mitch mcconnell had calculated. what are your thoughts? >> i think you're right about that. the president had a willing participant for some 45 minutes as he fielded questions on occasion bringing him in. by and large, the body chemistry looked good. the president seemed happy to
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have mcconnell there. mcconnell typically is like an irish setter. you get one expression for 15 different emotions. he looks a little stoic like he's contemplating god knows what. he did seem to, you know, enjoy participating with the president. knowing the leader as i do, might have gone on a little longer than he planned. >> than he calculated. thanks. great job. john roberts at the white house. comes down to getting it done. can the gop do that? let's ask mike. what do you think, senator? >> yes. it's going to take a team approach. we'll have to lay the agenda out and work through the issues that, you know, that divide us. we'll have to get it done. we'd like to get it done this year. i appreciated the fact that they gave us leeway. but our goal is to get it done this year.
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starts with the budget and then we move forward. >> neil: everything has to fall into place as you reminded me last time, senator. the one thing that comes to mind where there might be movement to try to appeal to wayward voters. maybe some democrats. i've heard bantied about the corporate tax rate to 20%, you might not do it at all once. maybe to satisfy deficit hawks, you might be 1, sir, you can extend that over two to three years. is that true? >> i haven't heard of it put that way yet, neil. our plan is to get a good step forward this year. let me put it in perspective. we've made promises about 5.5 trillion in tax reductions. we've only got room for 1.5 trillion in actual reductions and revenue coming in. so we have to have revenue
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enhancements of about $4 trillion in order to meet the difference. so that means that the overall joy of having 5.5 trillion in tax decreases is going to be slowed down a little bit with the fact that we will see a revenue increase, which means some changes in deductions and so forth totalling $4 trillion for a $1.5 net loss in terms of revenue. that's what's within the budget. that's why some members have expressed concern with the pain that goes with the $4 trillion and revenue enhancements will be too tough for some of our members to swallow and makes it more difficult to get 50 votes plus the vice president and the chair to pass it in the house. >> shepard: you think you can get any democratic votes? >> if we get to 50, the answer is yes. if we don't get to 50, they're going to let us stew in our own juices. then it's possible that we'll end up with 53, 54 votes. but we have to get to 50 on our
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own. look, i really believe we can do it. i'm confident that we'll work it through. the real issue here is we have to grow this economy. in order to grow the economy, you have to give enough tax revenue back to businesses to where they can reinvest it. we have to repatriate the dollars overseas. there's 2.6, 2.7 trillion that if it comes back in would generate in excess of $2.5, 2.7 billion over a -- $260 billable -- billion over the first couple years. >> and you think this could be voted on, approved this year? >> yes, i do. look, we -- our team wants to get it done. there's nobody in there that says i don't want it done. everybody is saying let's find a way to get to yes.
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we recognize how critical it is. we want the tax reforms and the tax deductions. we want to make sure that yes do it, we do it in a fashion that we rebuild the economy. we have to get growth and gdp up over 3% to make it work. >> neil: thanks, senator. senator mike brown from south dakota. the president, by the way, heading out to south carolina today. campaigning for the south carolina governor. he's going to be making a lot of pitches around the country for those that could advance the agenda, the agenda that he's espousing, in this case, lower taxes and anyone that can push that message. he will be doing that, you know, once he leaves joint base andrews on route to south carolina today. meantime, take a look at the corner of wall and broad. records across the board. the dow not far from 23,000. the 49th record on the year. it's not had that many records ever. we're a long way from being done with this year. former reagan economic adviser,
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economic svengali as well, art laffer on that. sometimes market can pounce on news that is promising, but sometimes not all that patient either, right? ronald reagan, took awhile to get the big tax reform. didn't take awhile to get the original 81 tax cuts. what do you see playing out here? >> if you look at ronald reagan, too, if you look at the stock market, it troughed in august of 1982. so we had a collapse up until 82 because of all the delays and all of that stuff in the tax bill. >> neil: and we had a major recession and all of that. >> oh, it was terrible. it was terrible. the reason for it, neil, we phased in the tax cuts because of silly accounting procedures. i like love mike rounds. he's a super senator. but all of the pay fors are
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wrong. if you cut the corporate tax rate by itself, no pay-fors, no offsets, nothing, you'd have a larger revenue growth over the next ten years. economic growth always gives you more revenues. did it with kennedy, clinton, does it -- >> neil: this always comes up, art. >> it does. >> neil: it's a battle for the soul of the republican party over these tax cuts. pay for them, make sure right away they're paid for. even if they produce deficits and in the beginning and the supply siders say no, no, don't get trapped in that by definition you will have weak tax cuts. where do you see it ending up? >> hopefully we'll get the tax cuts like kennedy did, reagan did and create the greatest boom of all time. that's what we need here and what we'll get. if he promises the tax pay-fors, it will hold us back and will never, never get it. then we'll have a bad election
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in 2018 and that will be very bad for the economy. >> neil: i get a sense from your friends in washington and senator rounds and some of these others that they will swallow on the deficit stuff and swallow taking on a little bit more of the debt if it means they have a victory or a win for the gipper in this case, for president trump, because they cannot afford not to have gotten something done on taxes. what do you think? >> let me tell you, mike rounds was governor of the state of south dakota, which is one of those zero earned income states. he knows exactly what tax cuts can do to create economic growth. south dakota because of his governorship is one of the most prospers places in the world. i was on the board of a company in south dakota, sioux falls. it's a great place to be. what he did was wonderful. he did very differently what he's talking about here, which is the pay-fors. if we just cut the corporate tax
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rate to 15%, 20%, we would have a super economy going forward. everyone would come and join forces with us and then you can cut the spending and bring it down. it's going to happen, neil. i think everyone is primed for it. by the way, it's the best thing in the world for growth is the defense policy, for north korea, for iran, for all of that. we defeated the soviet union not by outspending by outgrowing them. if we get the prosperity, north korea and iran and the rest will fall into line. it's a panacea in many, many ways. >> neil: let me be clear here. the north koreas are held down on tax cuts? >> what do you live think we would do if we were the side of muldavia? they wouldn't care about it. >> neil: don't skip on them. >> i'm sorry. i'm not anti-muldavian.
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what would hillary say? muldavia phobia. >> neil: thanks, art. >> great for being here. >> neil: you may have heard the dust up about jimmy kimmel. one of his friends is here. jimmy kimmel pays attention to ben. not necessarily me but he does ben.
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>> like three years ago, i was equally liked by republicans and democrats. then the republican members went way down like 30% or whatever. as a talk show host, that's not ideal. but i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> so you don't mind if republicans turn off your show? >> i don't say i don't mind. i want everyone with a television to watch the show. but if they're so turned off by my opinion on healthcare and gun violence, then -- i don't know. i probably won't want to have a conversation with them anyway. >> good riddance? >> not good riddance but riddance. >> neil: all right. that could be a significant part of his audience. what is the fallout? jimmy kimmel says he doesn't regret losing other conservative losers. he still talks with one of them, ben style.
1:18 pm
the best selling author. they keep in regular contact, i understand. so ben what do you think of his position? don't want to lose them but so be it? >> well, i don't know what to make of it. i don't think he wants to lose anyone. his jokes are incredibly funny. i'm a trump supporter. i voted for trump. generally think he's doing a pretty darn good job. it's a little upsetting to me sometimes when i see how hard jimmy is on them. but trump is the most tempting target for comedians there's ever been. he's a walking, talking target for comedians. jimmy is a genius comedian. so i don't blame him for going after him. >> neil: do you hold the same standard or differing standards to some of the other hosts that have also been relentless in their attacks? not that kimmel has. it's a late development. i'm talking about colbert or seth myers. what do you think? >> i do not watch any other late
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night shows. i only watch kimmel and i watch him every night and almost every time i watch him i send him texts or e-mails about it. he writes back to me. he's an incredibly good correspondent and one of the most stand-up guys in the world. i disagree with him on many subjects. i'm sure he disagrees with me but he's a stand-up guy doing what he thinks is best for this country. i think we're lucky to have him. i wish he would wake up and say, you know, i think i'm going to say some jokes about somebody else instead of mr. trump tonight. but i think we're very lucky to have him. >> neil: he's a little bit different in so far as he passionately embraces what many would deep an injustice or something he perceives to be an injustice. with the healthcare rework, the fear that those that are vulnerable like his son with a
1:20 pm
heart condition might be left out. so there's not a push for humor with that. republicans say, yeah, but just as we're beginning to buy that, you're talking to chuck schumer about talking points. what do you think about that? >> i think he should talk to anybody he wants to talk to about anything he wants to. he talks to me about talking points all the time. i don't think he's ever once taken my advice on anything. >> neil: really? >> we disagree on about everything. but he answers very thoughtfully and responsibly when i talk to him. as i say, i'm not going to watch anybody else. once or twice somebody in the house will leave a tv turned to a channel where i'm seeing somebody else on and it's like touching cooties. i turned it back to jimmy kimmel right away. he's so much better. >> neil: you're not watching a rerun of lou dobbs? >> no. i should be. probably should be.
1:21 pm
jimmy is a terribly smart guy. i disagree with what he says about trump and i disagree -- i totally agree with him about the healthcare system. we have discussed this many times about how president nixon handled it and president nixon wouldn't have had a cut off for people with long-term disabilities or illnesses. neither should or present president. >> neil: so what do you think of our present president's approach on that where he's saying look, these subsidies we provide insurance companies to cover those that can't afford it, you think that boomerangs on him? >> i don't think it boomerangs on him. this is a country that has the biggest heart in the world. i don't think that anybody should be kept from getting decent medical care because he or she is not well-to-do. that is a disgrace. i've said this to you before, neil. i live in a neighborhood where half the people in my neighborhood have two bentleys.
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>> respond -- >> i can't comment on bow bergdahl. i guess he's doing something today as we know and he's also -- they're setting up sentencing. i'm not going to comment on him. people have heard my comments in the past. >> neil: all right. i apologize. we came in late. the president commenting on bow bergdahl pleading guilty to desertion. so where are the five taliban detainees that we traded for bergdahl? jennifer griffin has more. >> hi, neil.
1:26 pm
sergeant bowe bergdahl left the courtroom in fort bragg a little after 1:00 p.m. bergdahl plead guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the first charge has a five-year sentence. the last charge could result in life imprisonment. bergdahl arrived in full dress uniform. prosecutors say they didn't agree to a plea bargain in advance. the court will reconvene on monday. president trump as a candidate called bergdahl a traitor and said he would have been executed in an earlier era. the five taliban leaders released from gitmo and flow to qatar, neither the pentagon or the state department say they know where they are now. they're supposed to be held under house arrest in qatar for a year. that house arrest was extended but it's not clear in the wake of increased criticism by the qatari government by president
1:27 pm
trump whether the five taliban leaders remain in qatar or not. bowe bergdahl said he knew leaving was against the law but he had no intention of causing research and recovery operations. bergdahl is 31 years old. he escaped from the taliban 12 to 15 times but was he caught and held in a darkened cage for nearly five years. the military july denied a defense motion today to dismiss one of the charges as excessive but announced he would combine both charges for sentencing purposes, neil. >> neil: thank you, jennifer. colin kaepernick, remember him? now he's accusing the nfl of collusion. that the league has it out against him because the national anthem controversy. but what if it has nothing to do with that? what if it has everything for him to do with not being that good? the read from an nfl player after this.
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>> neil: all right. netflix is out with earning after the bell here. the stock was at an all-time high advancing on better than expected earnings and revenues and better than expected subscribers. we're on it after this.
1:31 pm
>> it's very disrespectful to our country when they take a knee during the national anthem number 1. number 2, the people of our country are very angry at the nfl. look at their ratings and look at their stadiums.
1:32 pm
you see empty seats where you never saw them before. >> neil: the president not letting go. doubling down, quadrupling down in his disgust for players that kneel during the national anthem. that comes with the show down with the titans and the colts. it will be in nashville. ahead of tomorrow's big meeting between owners and commissioner goodell. also union reps have already made it clear that they have a tough time with this sort of demand here. baltimore ravens tight end ben watson on all of the above. very good to have you. where do you stand on this back and forth? >> well, i think it's really a great first or second step for the league to have this meeting. commissioner goodell actually said he wants to promote a civil and constructive discourse. this will be a meeting between nflpa reps and commissioner good den and the owners. what everybody wants i think on
1:33 pm
both sides is to have something in place to help us move forward, something constructive, something respectful but to understand where we are to promote positive change. >> neil: when you hear that one of the ideas i guess the nfl is kicking around is to demand that all players stand for the national anthem, they might find a jerry jones dallas cowboys middle ground, that you can kneel prior to the anthem but everybody is up for it. do you support that? >> i'm not so sure that -- that's been what is reported from what commissioner goodell said. but if you read his words. he stated what the code is already. players should be stand. it's been written out across the board. there's no fine schedule for not standing but something that is written out. i don't think we'll be in a situation at least not tomorrow where the nfl is mandating that players stand for the national
1:34 pm
anthem. when you talk to players, they want to stand for the national anthem. guys are patriotic. we support our military and police. the reason why some are kneeling is because they want to raise awareness to certain issues. the nfl has done a good job raising issues, whether it's breast cancer or supporting the military or whatever it may be. i think part of the dialogue would be how can the nfl as powerful as it is, how to empower the players to be change makers in their communities. >> neil: players are going to feel like pinned to a corner if they're ordered to stand, right? some of them i would imagine are. so if they're benched for a game or as many games as they continue to behave like this, how do you think they'll react? >> well, any time someone is backed against a wall, they will react. we saw that a couple weeks ago when president trump made his comments about the sob and all that. many players reacted emotionally
1:35 pm
to that. >> neil: what did you think of it personally? >> personally i was ultimately offended. it made me very upset for him to number 1 call a player an sob. said they need to be fired for exercising their constitutional rights. i was upset. i was angry. i felt hurt. i felt like it was pushing us back to a time and even a time now where as athletes were told to shut up and play and perform as if we don't pay taxes, we're not fathers, we don't care about our country. that's what it felt like to me: the nfl understands that. the nfl has stated that they want to support players. at the same time, they want to respect fans as well. what i want fans to know is that guys in the league, we respect them, we respect their opinion. needs to be empathy on both sides, needs to be respect. the name-calling back and forth does us no good and gets us
1:36 pm
nowhere. >> neil: you're a shrewd business man, ben. you must realize someone said that players are nervous as this as well, not just owners, that you know, you're playing in not as crowded stadiums with ratings not what they were. this might not be exclusively the reason, but could be a big chunk of the reason. what do you think? >> i think there's -- that may be part of it. the narrative of it just being about the flag is blown out of proportion. you look at the way that fans are digesting media now, look at espn and the cutbacks they had to make, people are just getting their news and their sports in different ways. i think there's a strong part of the population that they don't want to watch football because of what is happening. i want to bring those people in. our hope is to come out and say, i understand why you're upset. if i'm an owner, there's a bottom line there. it's about earning money. i believe the money aspect of it is part of the reason why we're
1:37 pm
having this meeting. that's great. great things can come from a meeting, the next step into action, legislation, whatever it may be. and no matter how it started, the future can still be bright. people love football. although they're taking time away from it, i believe that many of those people will come back and address this the correct way. >> neil: we'll watch. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> neil: colin kaepernick is in the news. he's feeling a grievance because he's having a devil of a time getting on a team. his defense attorney says that's part of the problem right there. one of the things i see -- very good to have you -- no team is hiring him. he says that's because they all agreed he's a hot potato. he says with better than 80 quarterbacks, backups to the
1:38 pm
backup quarterbacks, certainly he would be worth a look on that basis alone. does he have a case? >> well, collusion means are multiple teams, two or more in the nfl, working together to prevent him from working in the nfl? >> neil: is that all you need? two or more? it doesn't have to be three dozen of them? >> i think more will help. really it's just two or more. but the issue really here is the there proof. is there an e-mail or a text. because multiple players or multiple people in the nfl can dislike what he's doing, but they have to prevent him from playing. >> neil: so they would have to agree and some electronic proof where they do agree, don't hire this guy. he's bad news and will make it difficult for you, your stadium, your ratings, et cetera, and that would close the collusion deal right there. >> yeah.
1:39 pm
that would fit the burden of proof there. maybe his agents have that information. >> neil: you think they do? >> it's unclear. it appears they might have something if they're moving forward. >> neil: maybe they have nothing else to lose. no team has picked up on him. he's a young man. nobody is getting younger, this is a sport that beats you up. nobody is picking him. i guess they're a little surprised because at least among backup quarterbacks, he would certainly be among those considered. he's not even being considered for that. >> yes, it's hard to tell what they have at this point. really there's arbitration. this won't be open to the public. it's a behind-the-scenes closed doors. only this would go to trial if he appeals to arbitration, if he decides that he doesn't like what happens in arbitration. at that point they could go to district courts. >> neil: where do you see this ending up? unless the teams did collude, we
1:40 pm
don't need the controversy or the ratings, half-filled football stadiums, wouldn't it be worth it if he's so good that i'd happy absorb that because bottom line he's such a great player i'll take all the controversy and anthem nonsense just to have him on my team because he's a winner? >> i think that's a hard call. i think that even if he's a good player, if people are not coming out and filling up seats, that's a huge financial loss. i think some teams may be willing to have a player that is not as good in order to not lose money on these games. >> neil: real quickly while i have you. from a legal perspective these players that feel like they're backed in a corner on whether they should stand for the knight, national anthem, do they have a legal case if they're benched? >> they could. they go go to the national labor
1:41 pm
relations board and filed a complaint and say they have a right to protest peacefully. they may have a case there. >> neil: thanks for >> thanks. >> neil: all right. the president is touting his run-away stock market. why wouldn't he? it's gone up $5 trillion in value since he was elected. black friday was 30 years ago this week. should he be careful what he's bragging about? after this. ng to be a smoker. it's like when am i gonna be able to sneak out of here and go have a cigarette? i just knew i had to quit, and chantix was the method that actually worked for me. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions
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>> the stock market is soaring to record levels. we hit a new high on friday and hitting another new high today because there's tremendous optimism having to do with business in our country. >> neil: the president touting stocks hitting record highs, the 49th record high just this year. it's never been done before. we still have a ways to go this year. markets are way up since the president's election almost a year ago. in fact, about $5 trillion in market value added since that
1:45 pm
time. black monday was 30 years ago this week. so should we be worrying about history repeating itself? is it dangerous to brag about a performance on a dime that could reverse itself? stocks can keep headed higher despite the fears. heather, prices might already be getting too high. so heathered, you're worried. >> what was that? >> you're worried. >> a little bit concerned when you have president trump touting the stock market performance since he was elected. you start thinking, is there still enough optimism left in the markets to continue higher. a lot of the flows have come from abroad and retail investors coming off the sidelines. and fear of missing the market highs. so you know, we're all watching corporate earnings this week. that will be the key to see if we can continue higher in these
1:46 pm
markets. >> neil: and they have been good thus far. it's still early. this quarter is expected to be up as well and continuing on a spade of better than seven or eight in a row. do you think it's dangerous to brag about markets that could turn on you? ronald reagan was loathed to turn about the markets because he felt he could be detracked if someone cites a crash that happened under his watch. how do you guard against that? >> you don't talk about a no-hitter. it's superstitious. the fundamentals are solid. there's a chase for yields. we have come a long way. we've had a healthy bounce here. over 15% in the s&p since november. if you compare that to clinton, over his tenure, it was 265% increase in the stock market. under obama, it was 235%. there's still more upside
1:47 pm
potential here. it comes back to earnings. we're expecting modest earnings growth. we can overachieve. we'll look for a 3% growth here this quarter. profits from banks are amading. j.p. morgan $7 billion. corporations are doing extremely well. that's what drives the markets. >> neil: if he's right, that will keep this going awhile or they hope awhile. so anything can undo it. north korea implosion or maybe not getting tax cuts. let's say the latter. they're denied. then what? >> if we don't get tax reform, the markets will pull back by the end of the year. so perhaps alan will prop up the markets. dow 23,000. i'll get my baseball cap ready. until then, it may be okay to be cautious and wait for some sort of pull back. but again, alan will win this
1:48 pm
debate because he can say that investors have been waiting a long time for a pull back and it just hasn't come. >> neil: what would you like for, alan, where you say that's it. it used to be said in the 80s before the great pummel on october 19th when the cab driver is investing heavily -- but that was happening for a good while. what do you like for that would give you pause and say all right, enough. >> people are less fearful. when nobody is afraid of a crash, we don't have the discussion of a crash and everybody is convinced the markets are no higher and higher. but markets aren't going straight up to straight down. yes, we had the 23% fall black monday. that was a unique situation. technology was different. >> neil: yeah, we recouped those losses in short order. another one heather, new develops that follow the headlines, follow developments. hear guys like you and say gee, i should be in this thing i when
1:49 pm
do i get in. >> neil: what do you tell them, heather? >> they feel like they've been missing it. that is also propping the markets up. fear of missing it. there's no where else to go. be patient and wait. if you want some exposure to the markets, look for some value names. not the big facebook, amazon, netflix, google. they're sexy and they've had a tremendous run but that may not be the best place to put your money given the run that they've had. it's okay to wait a little bit with some cash on the sidelines to hedge your bets. >> neil: the other aspect, alan, real quickly, is interest rates. they've been very low. they're nothing like i can remember when my wife and i got our first house. it was double digits. to a lot of young people today in the same position, they see a mortgage going to 4 something and they think they miss the boat. our perspective is change.
1:50 pm
does that worry you? people forget the not too distance past. >> yeah. until the interest rate environment changes and gets to about 4.5% -- >> neil: we're a long way from that. >> we're a long ways from that. but let's remember, it's not just us or the u.s. if you look at germany up 20%, france is up 20%. japan, hong kong. everybody is up. so it's a global reboost here where everybody is performing and everybody is doing well and i think some of that pissimisn has shaken out. >> neil: thanks very much. and remember, people have asked me are you going to footage from 30 years ago when you works for
1:51 pm
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our clients needed more. call us, and let us put our 30 years of tax experience to work for you. speak to the search continues for a missing worker after an oil rig exploded in louisiana. casey stegall and dallas with the latest. >> this is an active investigation but officials believed cleaning chemicals somehow and caught fire on the deck of the oil platform offshore, and they believe that was the cause, although they are out there today looking for clues and collecting evidence. as you said, it's located on lake ponte train which is north of new orleans.
1:55 pm
the rig. jefferson parish officials and the wii is say it was used for storing oil and there was no active drilling going on at the time. witnesses report hearing this loud explosion and then fireballs lighting up the sky. >> the whole house shook. things fell off tables. it sounded like a bomb dropping buried the whole house lit up. >> authorities are saying there are no immediate environmental concerns, zero evidence of an oil leak but we know at least eight people were on the platform at the time, one person still missing at this hour. rescue choppers and boats have been scanning the scene trying to locate that employee. various agencies are involved including the u.s. coast guard. seven other people were seriously hurt and taken to area hospitals following the incident.
1:56 pm
police say at least two remain in critical condition. earlier today, investigators say they located a broken gas line out on the platform. they believe it was a result of the initial explosion. looking into what went wrong on the oil platform last night. >> neil: thank you. meanwhile, is the epa administrator scott pruitt worried about things like this? are we doing enough to prevent things like this? he is with us at 12 noon tomorrow on fox business network. we'll be right back.
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1:59 pm
>> neil: we are learning the president is going to meet with federal reserve chairman janet yellen as he considers a short list of potential replacements or whether she could keep that job. among others being considered, terry cohen, national economic advisor. some noneconomist types. maybe bring it out to people who
2:00 pm
are part of the real world, whatever that means. what does this former reagan confidant, senator phil gramm, think republican should do differently? he is with us tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. we will see you then. >> dana: i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." >> we are getting close to health care. it will come up in the early to mid part of next year. i think we have the votes. we feel confident we have the votes. i would like to see it done this year. if we get it done, it's a great achievement. don't forget. it took years for the reagan administration to get taxes done. i've been here for a little more than nine months.


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