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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to brad thor, author of "use of force." thanks for joining us. we'll have more tomorrow. i'm dana perino. now shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. president trump held a joint news conference today. it came after strong criticism from the republican senator john mccain calling out those that focus on finding scape goats, not solutions. saying abandoning america's principles of leadership on the international front is unpatriotic. today the president threatening to fight back. while he insists that obamacare is dead, it's not. and there's breaking news this afternoon of a bipartisan deal to give obamacare new life. north korea now warning nuclear war may break out at any moment. just talk or a preview? plus -- after months of fighting, u.s.-backed troops say
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they have taken control of raqqa. we're seeing celebrations in the streets i according to the u.s. military, they may want to put the party on pause for just a moment. in northern california, the story of the hero dog injured in a wild fire while keeping his herd of goats safe from the flames. and milestone in the markets. will the dow close above 23,000 for the first time ever? who knows. the bulls are running in brooklyn. let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck, president trump defending his brand of america first politics. the president says a number of countries were a little bit nervous when he became commander-in-chief. the president make an announcement when talking to the
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leader of greece. the greek leader said that candidate trump represented evil ideas. >> a number of countries were nervous at the beginning. i have very good relationships with the leaders of every country i've dealt with. but the reason they were concerned is because i will not allow our country, the united states of america, to be taken advantage of by so many other countries all over the world. >> shepard: earlier the president warned he could fight back after john mccain delivered this. blasting nationalism is unpatriotic. >> and lead for three quarters of a century, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the haas best hope of earth for the sake of some half-baked nationalism cooked up by people that would rather find
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scape goats than solve problems. >> senator mccain was accepting an award for a lifetime of sacrifice and service to the u.s. here's president responded. >> people have to be careful. at some point i fight back. i'm being very nice. very, "nice. at some point i'll fight back and it won't be pretty. >> today senator mccain said he told fox news he wants to work with the president, not against him. the president held a news conference with mitch mcconnell. president trump has blamed mcconnell for failing to deliver on healthcare. senator mcconnell said the president has excessive expectations about how congress works. the president and mcconnell said they're friends with the same agenda. still that news conference said why his former chief of staff is campaigning against established
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republicans, including senator mcconnell. senator mcconnell said he might talk bannon out of challenging some gop leaders. leader mcconnell said he is to support all of incumbent senators. john roberts, it was your question that teed that off today, john. >> it was. unfortunately the internet can be a sticky thing for some people. one of the questions i was interested in is back in march of 2016, alexis ciprus said of president trump, it looked like he might be heading for the republican nomination, of course with this nomination marks the islands it represents, the appeal it reaches and the threat to become even president, i hope we will not face this evil. so i put the question to the greek prime minister after meeting president trump. does he still think he's facing evil or has he changed his mind. listen here. >> you said the potential for a donald trump presidency "i hope
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we will not face this evil." i'm wondering if after spending time with the president you have changed your mind or if you're of the same mind. >> the u.s. is a very strong power. their ability to interview for good is very important. i want to confirm that the meeting that we had was very productive. not a moment did i feel that i was threatened at any time. >> so it appears the greek prime minister has changed his mind. when i initially asked the question, the president weighed in and said i wish i had known that before our meeting. i think the president did know about what tsipris said before the meeting. the president expounded as to why tsipris and other world leaders are unsure about what a donald trump presidency would bring. listen here. >> look at our jobs moving out
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to certain countries. the companies are living and firing the people and the product is made elsewhere and then sold back into the united states. i'm not going to be allowing that. i can understand how certain countries and the leaders of certain countries may feel. but we're not going to allow the united states to be taken advantage of by other countries anymore. there's nothing we can do about that. >> the bottom line, looks like the u.s.-greek relationship is healthy at this point. one of the big issues is bolsters greece in terms of its position in nato. as tensions rise between the united states and turkey, which is on the eastern boarder of greece, there's a need to make sure we have a strong and stable ally in that region, shep. >> shepard: did you think the prime minister answered your question? >> i think he answered it in the best way he could given the fact that he said it about was four feet away from him. >> shepard: that is a problem. his house is behind him. there's that. and senators have announced
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there's a deal to continue payments to health insurance that president trump has blocked. patty murray and lamar alexander worked out the agreement. the president said he was involved in the negotiations. >> we have been involved. this is a short-term deal because we think block grants going to the states will be the answer. that's a very good solution. we think it's not only going to save money but give people better health care. and they're working together and i know very much what they're doing. >> shepard: for now a fix for obamacare. senators murray and alexander began talks months ago when the president was threatening to stop the subsidies. back to john roberts. >> the omb director was behind me. i asked him what the president thought of the deal. he said he likes it but he's learning the details of it. so he doesn't know if he likes the deal or if he likes the fact that they reached a bipartisan
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agreement. because one of the president's goals, shep, in initiating the executive order that he has that made some changes in obamacare including removing the obamacare subsidies, which the president believes were illegal for the executive branch to do, to try to bring republicans and democrats together to forge some sort of bipartisan agreement over a way forward on obamacare. i put the question to the president this afternoon that he's plans to support the graham cassidy bill in the senate went nowhere. the house voted on it. went nowhere in the senate twice. looks like it's going nowhere on the senate until the new year. he issued the executive order getting rid of the subsidies. what is his healthcare plan? listen to the exchange here. >> at this point, what is your healthcare plan, sir? >> well, if you look at insurance companies and you'll take a good strong look at the numbers, you'll see since the
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formation of obamacare, they're up 400%, 450%, 250%. 300%. they've made a fortune. obamacare is a disaster. it's virtually dead as far as i'm concerned. i predicted that a long time ago. it's a concept that doesn't work. >> so the president says that obamacare is virtually dead but for the next little while, it will live to see the light of day. this new deal between senator alexander and senator murray would restore the csrs to insurance companies for two years around allow states flexibility in how the money is used. it would allow flexibility by the states to offer catastrophic plans to people over the age of 30. senator tim kaine of virginia spoke before he knew this deal had been cut, said he's looking forward to some sort of bipartisan agreement on the way
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forward for health care reform. listen here. >> we're going to come up with bipartisan solutions to make healthcare better rather than destroy it. there's a good discussion going on about what we can do to stabilize the individual market in the short term. the most urgent thing we can do is stabilize the individual market. i think lamar alexander and patty murray are close. i look forward to their efforts going ahead. >> the details of the plan will be released around 5:00. we know a couple of the pieces. back to the bigger issue. what is the president's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. i asked him a follow up question. he said it's basically the graham cassidy bill that failed twice in the senator and won't get the support of senator rand paul unless there's changes. so i don't know where it's going. >> shepard: president trump is expected to make his case for a tax plan tonight.
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the president is pitching his ideas to the american people and also trying to convince members of congress. cutting taxes, the president has said, is a top priority of the white house right now, which is looking for its first legislative victory since the president took office. peter doocy with more. an important week for the tax plan no doubt. >> the tax plan may be in trouble this week if republicans cannot scrape together enough of their own votes to pass a budget. no budget means no tax reform and the republicans have even less of a margin for error than they normally do because republican senator thad cochran is at home recovering from an illness. rand paul threatening to withhold his support. he tweeted this. senators mccain and graham are torpedoing the budget by insisting on budgeting the budget cap for more spending. senator graham told me, that's not true. >> i think senator paul is
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trying to find a way to vote no and he always does. the president wants to spend more on defense. i want to spend more on defense. every military leader says we need to build up the defense department in light of the threats we face. >> just a few minutes ago, chuck schumer told reporters over in the senate that if there ever is actually tax legislation, democrats will be willing to work with republicans as long as they just showed with the healthcare deal. >> we will work with them just as we are on healthcare. we hope that's a message that our republican colleagues understand and see. we're not here to obstruct. >> but nobody has seen a piece of tax legislation, so that means that it's really hard to tell how anybody is going to vote, shep. >> shepard: peter doocy on capitol hill. thanks. more from the president's news conference and what his short term healthcare deal could mean for millions of americans.
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plus, keeping an eye on the markets. the last hour of trading, the dow earlier hit 23,000. something we have never seen before. we'll be watching that throughout the hour to see if it makes history again. in addition to that, remember the travel ban? no. that just got blocked. that's breaking news. and the bulls are running on wall street and in brooklyn. today on the hour-long noon news of one of our local stations in new york, news chopper 7 lived over this bull as it ran and brooklyn. they called it a cow for a long time. city folk. we'll be right back. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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>> shepard: there's breaking news now. a federal judge in hawaii has just temporary blocked the latest version of president trump's travel ban. the new restrictions were to affect citizens of chad, iran, libya, north korea, somalia and some venezuelan government officials. hawaii argues that the updated ban simply continues president trump's "promise to exclude muslims" from the united states. other courts are also hearing challenges to the policy. more now on the president's news
12:17 pm
conference with greece. let's go to jill kevin from the a.p. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: he did say something about being evil back in the day. that was interesting. >> yeah, the prime minister of greece made some tough comments when the president was running and suggesting that electing president trump's ideology would be a face of evil on the world. >> shepard: he didn't take it back either. not one little -- not that far. >> he did not but he did say -- it's words were interesting that he said at no point in his interaction did he feel threatened. i'm not sure if it's one of those turns of phrase -- >> shepard: the translation thing. >> exactly. >> shepard: or if he was re-assuring us. i never felt like anything bad was going to happen to me for that. >> the two of them did seem to have a friendly rapport.
12:18 pm
so it seemed like the two of them, the message is that the two countries are unified, really positive message, optimism about greece leaving the eight years of economic recession, entering the new more positive phase and they're talking about how they can work together, potential sales of airplanes and things like that. no and then there's john mccain. i wonder if john mccain feels is same way. >> we talked about the president's healthcare comment. what is notable is what didn't get brought up in the press conference. the president was not asked about his comments to john mccain saying that well, he's being nice for now. just watch out. we didn't get any questions about the president's comments ant previous presidents not calling or writing letters to the families of soldiers that died. >> shepard: completely false. >> that didn't come up at all. we weren't able to ask about whether or not his chief of staff, john kelly, had spoken to
12:19 pm
the president about the former president not calling him, where the idea came from. there's foreign policy issues that were not addressed. >> shepard: it's interesting. yesterday free-flowing ones, there were a lot of words, lots of words. but you never really learned much. you know what i mean? >> this is my second day now. >> shepard: welcome. >> yesterday's very different. it was like a mosh pit of reporters that just ran to get spots around him. by my count, it was something like 30 odd questions he was asked. today was more stayed, chairs set up, microphones passed along. we were just screaming. but the president sometimes answered a lot of questions or takes a lot of questions and doesn't necessarily provide complete answers, that answer the full extent of what we're looking to know.
12:20 pm
you know, on the plus side he does take questions frequently. reporters can't complain over the last 48 hours that we're not asking him. >> shepard: not a complaint one can make. he's there answering questions. jill, great to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: a great look, all the screaming. don't abandoned it. the justice department reports they filed the first criminal charges against chinese drug traffics accused of selling fentanyl and other opioids to the american people online. rod rosenstein announced the indictment this morning. he said he told prosecutors to go after more of these types of cases. >> when they have an overdose death in their community, don't stop with the local distributor. find out where they're coming from and getting in the community. if we can shut down these labs in china, we can save thousands of lives. >> rosenstein says the cdc estimates more than 20,000
12:21 pm
americans died in 2016. u.s. backed forces say they have taken back raqqa in syria. but american commanders say this battle is not finished. we're live at the pentagon straight ahead. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> shepard: u.s.-backed forces in syria have taken back the city of raqqa from the islamic state terrorists, a big win against the militants that for years called that city their capitol. celebrating in the streets where they previously lived in fear, we're told. among extremists that terrorized the public with crucifixions and be headings for acts like smoking a cigarette. a u.s. military spokesman said about 100 militants are still in raqqa and booby traps are a big threat right now. some images to show you. a soldier waving the kurdish party flag from a destroyed building in raqqa. the u.s. democratic backed forces had a four-month fight that left most of the city in ruins. here two women hug each other after they escaped from the fighting.
12:26 pm
some of the islamic state fighters rounded up and decided not martyrs at the moment. this is a significant and symbolic victory over the terror group. analysts warn the threat from the islamic state is not over. it's just evolving. our national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon this hour. what is the latest there? >> shep, it's not quite over. it's close. at a press briefing earlier today, a u.s. military spokesman told reporters that 90% of raqqa has been recaptured from isis and roughly 100 militants remain in the city. that's not the biggest threat to u.s. backed fighters there. >> the fight in raqqa is more about a feig against ieds and explosives than against isis. >> highlighting the dangers of the roadside bombs, colonel dillon said a u.s. backed commander was killed while walking in raqqa yesterday.
12:27 pm
350 isis fighters have surrendered in the past week. the pending fall of the isis de facto capitol doesn't mean the end of isis yet. the fighting will continue in eastern syria. isis only controls 3% of iraq in the border along syria. questions remain about the hundreds of u.s. troops in syria. senior u.s. and russian military officials we learned met face to face last week for the second time in a month as both countries seek to stay out of each other's way there. >> shepard: they're careful to point out there's still a threat from the islamic state. >> the president is worried where done isis go next. there's no question when a terrorist group loses its capitol however that it's a big win. today marks exactly three years since the u.s.-led coalition
12:28 pm
formed to fight isis. you might recall when isis took over raqqa, these enduring images of isis parading in the streets and this armored vehicle doing doughnuts in the traffic circle. today u.s. backed fighters recreated that scene by doing doughnuts of their own to celebrate. officials have warned that while isis being crushed in iraq and syria, the group will likely go underground to yemen where the pentagon says for the first time u.s. aircraft bombed two isis training camps yesterday killing dozens of fighters. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. an f-18 fighter jet crashed outside madrid. killed the pilot. an official with spain's defense ministry said the plane didn't have enough power to take off. still no word on what went wrong. it's the second military plane to go down in spain in less than a week. north korea issuing a new warning that nuclear war could happen at any time. it's also responding to
12:29 pm
president trump's rocketman comments with a new nickname for president trump. the husband of an american mother killed -- i should say held hostage for years is talking about their ordeal. he's explaining their decision to have kids even in captivity. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. federal investigators say a hot air balloon has took so much benadryl that it's like he's driving drunk. he slammed into power lines in austin, texas killing all 15 passengers and himself. they said he had said ties and opioids. the coast guard calling off the search for a missing oil rig worker. the blast hurt seven other workers. investigators say cleaning
12:32 pm
chemicals caught fire on the platform. an abandoned russian space craft burning up over dubai. scientists say they planned the whole thing but apparently caused a bit of a scare for the folks in the united arab emirates. the news continues with shepard smith after this. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped.
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12:35 pm
jong-un little rocketman. now the north koreans are spreading propaganda posters around south korea. they refer to president trump as mad dog trump. rich edson is live at the state department. i guess they don't know we have a mad dog. >> we do. at the department of defense. north korea is also saying they'll spare any country nuclear war if they refuse to contribute in any type of military campaign against north korea. this is a line that was part of an obtained address and not delivered and part of prepared remarks from a north korean diplomat at the united nations. he said to reuters, as long as one does not take part in the u.s. military actions against the dprk, we do not intend to use nuclear weapons against any other country. this is while the u.s. deputy secretary state john sullivan
12:36 pm
says they still try to isolate north korea. sullivan is travelling to south korea after this and says the u.s. is not ruling out direct talks with north korea one day. the administration says north korea would have to substantially change their behavior like stop launching missiles and detonating nuclear weapons and right now their behavior is far off that point. the u.s. and south korea are in the middle of holding joint naval exercises during this week. this is as the european union has just decide that it is going to further sanction the north korean economy. shep? >> shepard: rich edson, thank you. we're hearing from the husband of an american woman that spend five years as a taliban hostage. she spent five years pregnant. now the house chose why they had more kids while in captivity.
12:37 pm
>> the couple said they wanted to make a start on their dream family. they said we're sitting with hostages as a lot of time on our hands. we always wanted as many as possible and we didn't want to waste time. kate is in her 30s and the clock is ticking. he said honestly, we always planned to have a family of five, ten, 12 children. we're irish, ha-ha. boyle e-mailed pictures with his oldest son saying the boy began raiding the first refrigerator of his life and that his kids have reached the first true home they have ever known. when he first landed in toronto, boyle said the network killed their infant daughter and raped his wife. the taliban said it was a miscarriage. in the e-mail exchange with the associated press, boyle did not answer questions about his fourth child.
12:38 pm
he did say during the five-year captivity, his family was shuffled among three prisons. he called the first barbaric, the second more comfortable and the third a place of violence in which he and his wife were frequently separated and beaten. boyle has said god has given me and my family unparalleled resilience and determination. katelyn coleman, his wife, has not spoken about the ordeal. shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. the taliban claiming responsibility for three deadly attacks in afghanistan today. officials say the violence killed 74 people and injured more than 200 others. investigators say two suicide car bombs went off at police headquarters about two hours south of kabul. there were also attacks at a nearby security compound and a government complex in the western part of the country. the victims include police officers and civilians. afghanistan's deputy interior minister calling what happened
12:39 pm
today the biggest terrorist attack this year. lawyers at the center of the russian investigation refusing to obey subpoenas from the house intelligence committee. can they do that? we'll talk to the judge. plus another look at the dow hovering around record territory today. a few points off of 23,000. waiting to see if it tops that mark as we head toward the closing bell.
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this guy feels like he can take on anything. this guy isn't sure he can take it anymore. unwavering self-confidence. stuck in a 4-door sedan of sadness. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. dial star star audible on your smartphone to start listening today. >> shepard: an update on breaking news. the travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii has blocked the latest version of president trump's travel ban hours before it was to take effect midnight tonight. judge andrew napolitano is here. this has a national impact. >> yes. this does not just block it in hawaii, it blocks it everywhere in the united states of america which does two things. it rentered moot any other litigation against it. it doesn't matter what other federal judges say and it tees it up to go back to go to the
12:43 pm
ninth circuit. here we go again. he's blocking it because of the same deficiencies that he found in the previous executive orders which fail to comply with the rules of the ninth circuit and fail to -- >> shepard: saying it's a muslim bam. >> yes. that it fails to articulate national security reasons for identifying the six countries and blocking everybody from those countries. so we're back to square one again. >> shepard: lawyers for the unverified report that the russians have compromising information on president trump say their clients will not testify before the house intelligence committee. this comes after subpoenas from devin nunes. he said he's stepping a side because he ended up in investigation over his handling of classified information. the attorney firm says they're cooperating with all legitimate investigations. back to the judge.
12:44 pm
they can say come talk to us but you don't have to go, right? >> they started with an invitation. so the committee invited -- >> shepard: this is from the trump dossier. congress is trying to find out who paid for it. paid for democrats, russians. did somebody make it up or is there any evidence to substantiate it. so the committee invited these people to come in. they said no. the chair of the committee issued a subpoena. they said -- >> shepard: i thought he recused himself. >> yes, a, you recused yourself and the chair can't issue a subpoena. only the committee can. the committee didn't do so. so therefore we're not going to honor this false subpoena. that's not the end of this. >> shepard: this is a side show, right? >> a side show. the same people that are declining to speak to the house intelligence committee on the theory that because they're researchers and writers they have the same protection against
12:45 pm
having to reveal their sources and methods as journalists do, which would be a very good and legitimate argument if accepted by the committee. >> shepard: interesting. >> but they are cooperating with bob mueller. that i have met with fbi agents. that's the reference and the quote you just read with that we will cooperate with legitimate investigations. >> shepard: that was a slap at nunes. it wasn't at the committee, the chairman himself. >> precisely. for reasons you articulated -- >> shepard: not fully. we didn't have time for that. >> yeah. a lot there. he did publicly recuse himself. now he's jumped back in. >> shepard: can you do that? >> no. >> shepard: you can do whatever you want. >> the republicans control congress. i don't know where this is going to go, but we certainly haven't heard the end of out. the dossier is, you know, over the top. the president has denied it.
12:46 pm
everybody wants to know where it came from. >> shepard: parts of it -- well, i don't know. it's not worth it. really not. it's tuesday. the yankees won last night. >> shepard: yes. i hope they do the same time. >> can you refuse to answer a valid subpoena? yes. you go to a judge and the judge asks in private what the subpoena says and whether or not you have to turn it over. we're not gotten there yesterday. >> shepard: what did you think of aaron judge? >> fabulous. and about time. >> shepard: gotta go. they're screaming at me. for bid we have fun. >> go yanks. >> shepard: and astros too. you're out there. ahead we'll have to go to california for an update on the wild fires. it's getting better. looters are going after families that already lost so much. looters in the middle of this. first, an update on the mystery of the security guard that was show before the massacre. what happened to the man that lots of people are calling a
12:47 pm
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>> shepard: the mandalay bay security guard that helped police catch the los angeles gunman is not missing as records have suggested. mgm international reports that mandalay bay's parent company told the las vegas review journal that jesus campos doesn't want media attention. it was reported that he disappeared. police say jesus campos pointed officers in the gunman's direction after the gunman shot him in the leg. a lot of people have called the guy a hero. right now he wants to be left alone. sonoma county police say a woman took advantage of people that evacuated in the deadly wild
12:51 pm
fires in northern california. stole credit cards and checks books and ids. cops say this woman is behind bars now. they say most of the stolen belongings came from abandoned cars. tens of thousands of people return home, some are dealing with what homeowner calls the new normal. officials say the deadliest wild fires have killed 41 people and detroit nearly 6,000 homes and other structures. claudia cowan is in santa rosa this afternoon. what is the latest on the ground there? >> hi, shepard. there's still a lot of smoke in the area because there's still active fire. containment is up and officials say they hope to have the wild fires out by friday, especially if we got promised rain on thursday. this area has not had significant rain in five months and we need it bad. as we take a closer look at the firefight on the ridge, 34,000 people are still out of their homes. many more have been allowed to
12:52 pm
return to their neighborhoods. so many finding nothing left, even those like chris doolittle whose house did survive are struggling to cope. >> i'm devastated. my friends, my neighbors. i'm devastated for everyone. truly. >> from one fire to the next, about 100 miles away, crews are battling the bear fire in santa cruz county. one witness said it was like a wall of flame. several firefighters were injured working in the steep rugged terrain. some 300 cal fire crews are working this fire in the angeles national forest near los angeles. the mount wilson fire is threaten ago historic observatory. thousands have been working around the clock for days on end. this is now day nine. the end is in sight. so long as this good weather holds and especially if we get
12:53 pm
that rain. shepard? >> shepard: claudia, thanks. one family's dog refused to evacuate. stayed behind and saved the goats as one does. lillian, tell me about this little hero. >> this is oden. a great pyrenees. >> the boy. >> and according to the boy, rowland woke up -- >> shepard: look at that. >> he smelled smoke and realized the family's farm was under threat of a wild fire. he grabbed hit daughter, the two other damages and cats and oden refused to leave without the goats. he had to make a quick decision. when that made it back, their material possessions were destroyed by the fire but miraculously all eight goats came to greet them with oden behind. he made friends with some baby deer. he took very good care of the
12:54 pm
goats. they were all fine. one had a small burn on his back. oden suffered from singing on the furs and whiskers. >> shepard: a handsome pup. he should meet the bull from brooklyn. hang on, oden. nice to meet you. in london, it's as if somebody put an instagram filter on the sky. it turned orange in the middle of the day yesterday. forecasters say the orangey glow is what is left of hurricane ophelia. the tropical storm sent temperatures soaring above 70 degrees in parts of the u.k. or as the britts would say 21 celcius. and we'll tell you about the
12:55 pm
bull and the cops in brooklyn. go bull! people would stare.
12:56 pm
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find clear skin that lasts. >> shepard: all fugatives should be as this guy in michigan. he agreed to turn himself in on one condition. if people shared the police department's facebook posts about him 1,000 times, challenge accented. the suspect held up this end, this is a photo from last night as he walked to the police station. notice he has a bag in his hand. he surrendered and brought a dozen doughnuts and a bagle for some reason. he spend the night in jail. hearing today. redford police say the community support was amazing. the running of the bull in brooklyn, new york. prospect park to be specific. what a day. police say a bull got cut loose from a slaughter house, chased him through prospect park.
12:59 pm
people stopped to watch. it's brooklyn. people didn't notice. so he did some sprints on the soccer field there and at other times stared at the spectators. cops cornered him and tranquilized him and took the bull away. the bull will go to a sanctuary. it was breaking news at noon. chasing the bull around. so jealous they don't have llamas. on this day in 1931, a judge sentenced al capone to 11 years to prison. he head add group of gangsters that smuggled alcohol in prohibition and ran gambling and prostitution rings. his men killed off their competition and he paid the cops to keep them off his case. but there was a team of federal agents that he couldn't corrupt. the untouch ables got him for tax evasion. capone ended up in alcatraz. he got out early for good behavior after the feds finally
1:00 pm
put away their most wanted criminal 86 years ago today. a quick dow check. we're close. it's very possible to gets nine points in a minute or so. cavuto is on deck right now. >> neil: all right, shepard. thank you very much. we're so, so close. it still might close over 23,000. let it be known the dow jones industrial closed 23,000 at 11:06 a.m. this is when it went down. might close again over that level, but when it did go over that and stick over that for a good chunk of the day, a lot of it built on a improving numbers we've been seeing out of the factory sector, very good news on earnings. we're in and out of this level. but the fact of the matter is, this market has been on a tear to put it mildly. again, with this


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