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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 17, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: he makes a powerful point. what does it mean? literally no idea. doesn't make it any less great, though. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity is next. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity."s explosive new evidence. the biggest scandal, or one of them, in american history. something we've been sayingiv would be exposed for months. according to new reports tonight from john solomon and sara carter, brand-new fbi documents that show the russian nuclear industry officials kicked back millions and millions of dollars to the clinton foundation all while hillary clinton was secretary of state and helped approve the uranium one deal which gave moscow, russia,y vladimir putin control of 20% of american uranium, the foundational materials for nuclear weapons.f they are also reporting the fbi
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now has evidence that it russia for years has been doing this and they are reporting the fbihe has evidence that literally they used bribery to regain control over the uranium industry. and the clintons benefited to the tune of nearly $145 million. you want a real russia collusion story? we've got it. also, is congress going to do its job? will they investigate the explosive reports immediately? will the special counsel startrt looking into this russia plot to control american uranium?ll and is a left-wing mainstream media, are they going to stop pushing their lives and conspiracy theories to you, the american people? will they ever tell us the truth? that's not all we have tonight. the fbi confirmed that jameses comey drafted a lettere exonerating hillary clinton c
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honored months before interviewing any key witnesses in the email server scandal. we will cover all of this in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. the hill's john solomon, his colleague is out with an explosive new report. fbi uncovered russian bribery plot before obama administration approved a controversial nuclear deal with moscow. here is the headline sara carter. under fbi investigation, allowed to purchase u.s. uranium supplies. according to these breaking news reports back in 2009, the fbi started gathering evidence, including recordings and emails and witnesses they talked f to showing that the russian nuclear industry officials used bribes, kickbacks, money laundering and other illegal tactics to expandt russia's influence over america's uranium market. in "the hill" report, despite all of the evidence that they had of wrongdoing against russia, the obama justice
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department, for some unknown reason chose not to act and pursue charges. what did they do instead? the obama administration went on to approve business deals that benefited russia, putin, moscow our national security were actually going on. these include the 2010 -- now we have more details. the uranium one deal. hillary clinton signed off on it. she helped approve it. that gave vladimir putin control, over 20% of america's uranium.m. it is a foundational material to build nuclear weapons. it made it easier for the russian nuclear subsidiary to sell uranium to nuclear power plants. now the fbi officials told sara carter at circa news that the bribery investigation could have actually been stopped.
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however, this part is inexcusable. both reports highlight how the obama administration kept all of this evidence that they had of russian bribery, secret from congress and the american people. and five years after the approval of the uranium one deal and when the doj went public in 2015, it was only to announce a single charge. against the russian at the center of the bribery scheme and they played it on the down low. after president trump won in november, president obama and his administration were telling anyone who would listen -- "russia, russia, russia interfered with our election." a direct threat to american democracy. if that's the case, why when they had mountains of evidence that we will reveal tonight of russian bribery going back to 2009, why then did the obama administration and hillary in particular sign off on the sale of 20% of america's uranium to
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vladimir putin and the russians? speaking of uranium one, according to the new report from "the hill," the fbi has evidence including eyewitness accounts that "russian nuclear officials routed millions of dollars to the u.s. designed to benefit former president bill clinton, former secretary of state hillary clinton's charitable foundation. the exact time secretary of state hillary clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to moscow." uranium, remember? and peter schweizer exposed this uranium one deal in his book, "clinton cash." that's why for months on this program i have been telling you uranium one will be one of the biggest scandals this country has ever seen. just in case you forgot, let's remind you. there's a real russia collusion story, the uranium one deal
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which i predict will be the biggest news to come out in the next year or two. the secretary of state, she approved handing over up to 70% of america's uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons. although people involved in the deal in canada, they kicked back over $145 million to the clinton foundation. bill clinton doubled his speaking fees and moscow. with this new evidence, we have with this new evidence, we havee discovered the evidence against the clintons is overwhelming and incontrovertible. hillary clinton and her husband sold out america to the russians well millions of dollars floweda to their family foundation. in the process, clinton helped create a massive national security risk for every man, woman, and child. giving vladimir putin controlis over america's uranium. the material -- you use it to make nuclear warheads. if the liberal ideological mainstream media and the
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democrats in this country that have been screaming "russia, russia, russia" for all these months, if they want real russia collusion, we've got it for them. the evidence is right here. it doesn't even need to be investigated, just corroborated i'm calling on congress. robert mueller, the special stop wasting our time and money trying to find evidence of trump-russia collusion. so far you have not presented one shred of evidence except now you can actually follow facts and evidence that we do have onn the record. i'm also calling out the attorney general jeff sessions tonight. he recused himself from the russia probe. he needs to do the same. the evidence shows hillary clinton and the obama administration put this country in danger. handing russia america's uranium. even though there was blackmail and bribery and worse being committed. where was the liberal mainstream media during all of this? the media running wild with all kinds of conspiracy theories about president trump and a russia for months and months with no evidence?
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here's some more unhinged examples of the left. listen to their language. it applies to them tonight.. it applies to the clintons tonight.e. it applies to obama tonight. watch this. >> we want to start with this week in russia gate. >> it's like there are no shoes on the trump human centipede that are not about russia. russia, russia, russia. >> this cloud about collusion with russia will hang over him no matter where he stands. >> we are in the opening stages of a devastating political chapter in american history. the russia probe. >> the election hacking is at the caliber of a pearl harbor or 9/11. do you agree with that? >> i completely agree with that. >> donald trump sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> i personally think it's over. i don't think there's anything that can be done they can stopd this at this point, this cacophony.
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this gushing of lies, problems, questions, chaos. that will stop the president into his tracks. >> there's a smell of treason in the air when it comes to this investigation. >> a lot of people are afraid to use the t word, treason. but that's what people are investigating. >> it does look like collusion, he is listening to put in more than he is american intelligence. i've never seen that before. >> sean: the media has been breathless and hysterical over the russia coverage. have you heard any of them even mention hillary clinton colluding with vladimir putin on uranium one? has the media that is supposed to be trusted reported on the millions of dollars that were poured into the clinton foundation as a result of thisst deal? will the press even bother to look at john solomon and sara carter's reporting and do theirh own digging? while we are at it, did anyone in the media, aside from this show, did they ever ask julian assange about who gave him --
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he's the one who has the information -- who gave him info on hillary clinton and the dncn emails? we asked him and julian assange told us repeatedly, the five times i interviewed him, it was not the russians. the fake news, christopher steele dossier that wass funded in part by the democratic donors. that dossier relied heavily on russian sources. a false smear to then candidate donald trump. some media and democrats even repeated these claims.oc the ritz, hookers urinating on the bed? they paid for those lies. is that not spreading russia propaganda? is that not fake news? is that not trying to influence america's election? catherine herridge is reporting tonight that two members of the firm behind the fake news dossier have been subpoenaed to appear before congress as it turns out tomorrow. the lawyer is saying tonight his client has been advised to plead the fifth if they are forced to
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show up. you know what? if members of fusion gps don't want to appear before congress, let's hold them in contempt of congress and maybe they will go to jail. let's see. back to the media. they continue in this country to be exposed as a bunch of rigid, radical left wing ideologues. they do not care about the truth and as i've been saying for years, and journalism in america is dead. it's buried. f we have an informational crisis in this country and that's why you, the american people, no longer trust the press, nor should you. look at this pbs poll from over the summer. a combined 60% said they have not had very much or no trust in the media. for good reason.ey the media is completely biased in this country. they are bunch of overpaid, rigid, left-wing radical ideologues and they no longer care about truth. the network evening newscast, even though these massive new stories are out about hillary clinton, the obama
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administration, colluding with the russians and giving them uranium, kickbacks to the clinton foundation. they did not report on it because it does not that their narrative or talking points. those stories are pro positive. russia collusion hysteria is starting to boomerang back on the democrats. it's something i predicted would happen back in june. take a look. i've been saying this is all going to boomerang back.e. no evidence of any russia collusion. 11 months of lying and conspiracy theories. it did open up the door -- that okay, now we've got a look at hillary and loretta. i would argue hillary is going to be right behind loretta lynch in terms of investigation issues. what i said back in june is exactly what's happening now and it's only going to get worse for hillary clinton, bill clinton, the left and the media. the fbi released proof that the former director of the fbi james comey had been drafting a letter to exonerate hillary clinton in
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her email server scandal months before interviewing key witnesses including the former secretary of state herself. does this not prove what i'vein been saying? we don't have equal justice under the law. we have a two-tiered justice system. one for the clintons and one for the rest of us. it also proves james comey acted inappropriately. he deserved to be fired. he played politics and let clinton off the hook even though she had top-secret special access programs, classified information stored in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet which by the way, mishandling of classified information is a crime.s destroying classified information, that is a crime. deleting 30,000 emails, that is obstruction of justice. we care about the truth here. we care about the facts. it's why we continue to expose all of these scandals. tonight, a new level. breaking news and this will now come back.
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bribery, kickbacks, quid pro quo, america's national security at stake? joining us exclusively, john solomon with "the hill." sara carter, "circa news." sara, let me start with you. we are talking about bribery, we are talking about blackmail. we are talking about what else that was going on, that the b obama justice department knew and still gave putin, moscow, russia 20% of our uranium. let's talk about it. >> back in 2009, the fbi was approached by an americanme businessman who said look, i have information on theon russians.
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i am going to give this to you and they said well you work with us? they came to an agreement. for 15 months, sean, the fbi wac investigating the russian nuclear industry and agency. they knew there were kickbacks. they knew they were bribes and they knew how dangerous this wat to national security. 15 months had passed in the investigation and the incipio's 13 members of the governing board approved the uranium one deal for the russians. this was something i contacted fbi officials tonight -- fbi sources that were there duringng that time. they said the fbi would have had all of this information. it would have been their duty on the board, to report thatat information. now what i'm thinking is, if they did report that information, it's gotta be out there. we have to be able to see these documents. know what was going on and why the united states governmentdo decided to approve a deal that would give 20% of u.s. uranium assets to vladimir putin. there is the connection with russia. >> sean: let me go to you, john. t the fbi has evidence with financial records and
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eyewitnesses. bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering to secure their uranium one deal -- and about $145 million kicked back to the clinton foundation. and it was back in 2009? they knew about the deal? >> the russians tampered with our election results in 2016 but six years before that, they tampered with our nuclear security.. the case proved the russian nuclear industry had compromised an american truck company that moved all of the uranium. that's a national security threat. for two years, the obama administration and hillary clinton and everyone -- they said they had no knowledge of a national security threat and that's why they did not have any problem approving the uranium one deal. guess what? tonight we have a national n security threat that was proven
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in real time in 2009 in it's going to be interesting to see what congress does tomorrow morning. chuck grassley has a hearing with jeff sessions on the seat. i think you will hear some interesting questions. >> sean: sara, this is stunning. eric holder hid the information? he knew about the bribery, they kickbacks? the extortion and money and he also knew, as well as hillary. and had to sign off, along with hillary clinton, on the deal even though we know they were trying to influence every aspect of our security and get controll over america's uranium? they still allowed the deal to go through? >> it's many of the same players. rod rosenstein was head of this investigation when he was in maryland looking at the trucking company. you have a trucking company moving american uranium that is involved in bribery, kickbacks, all kinds of issues. they are moving national security asset, uranium.
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you have andrew mccabe, a deputy director of the fbi who was also charged with that investigation. there is a lot of questions here. >> sean: is mueller involved in this? >> yes, he was in charge. >> sean: how does he investigate himself? and andrew mccabe of the fbi and probably james comey. they all knew about this. >> exactly what we are looking at. these are people who actually knew about this. now it's up to congress to ask those questions and find out whr did you decide to allow this deal to go through with uranium one? what was the fbi actually looking at? >> sean: and influencing all of our uranium in this country? we will have more on this tonight. did the doj, did they deliberately jeopardize america's national security knowing all of this was going on, in other words the kickbacks, bribery, extortion, money laundering?
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allowing this deal to go through without presenting the evidence. how did hillary sign off on it and get all the money to the foundation? did they risk national securitya >> there are things we don't know yet. they still voted to approve the deal after being told. >> sean: they told them about bribery, extortion, money laundering, and they still allowed the deal to go through with the russians in our own country? >> we don't know the answer to that and i can confirm tonight, reporting on tonight senator grassley began an investigation last week specifically asking all the members if you knew there was a criminal investigation. this will become one of the most investigations. >> sean: sara, last word. how far will this story go? >> i think the story will go far. senator grassley has started this investigation last week and he had asked very detailed questions to the current board members.
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they will now seek the information he's asking forti because they are going to beur looking at and this is a whole new board, going to be answering these questions. it will be up to them to tell the truth and deliver the answers to the american people. it's going to be up to us to keep pushing this so that answers are delivered. i do believe national security was at risk. according to every source. >> sean: they knew about it. this is proof. there really was a russia conspiracy but it's not what the media reported. great wor,k, both of you. r it's amazing the work you guys do and the rest of the media is ignorant. peter schweizer and gregg jarrett. a lot more on this. president trump makes a big push for part of his agenda. newt gingrich is here and so much more, straight ahead. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary'
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> we believe that our great >> president trump: we believe that our great american flag should be treated with reverence and respect and that young americans should be taught to love our country, s honor our anthem and proudly recite the pledge of allegiance. >> sean: that was the president earlier tonight during a speech in front of the heritage foundation. taking aim at nfl players thatn. kneel during ourur national anthem.t
9:25 pm
he made a major push for a a key part of his agenda. tax reform, which every american needs. watch this. >> we need the help of the heritage foundation and everyone here tonight to get the tax cut through the house and senate and to my for signature. let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. >> sean: we need it in the president got a boost on this front. mccain endorses budget bill and win for g.o.p. tax reform efforts. joining us now, author of the soon-to-be best-selling book "vengeance," former speaker of the house in fox news contributor, newt gingrich. i know you are aware of the uranium one deal.
9:26 pm
now we've got documents. emails. financial records. we've got eyewitnesses. that show they knew. in 2009, they knew about russia, top bribery, kickback, extortion and money laundering. they still signed off on the uranium one deal, 20% of our uranium in the hands of russia. the same russia they had been screaming about for a year. your thoughts on this development? >> your report, senator grassley it's beginning to ask very serious questions and i hope the senate judiciary committee is going to open a full-blown investigation. i also hope that the house judiciary committee will do the same. t these are unbelievable charges. fronts here. the russian front which is unbelievable. and the comey drafting and exoneration of hillary two months before the interview.
9:27 pm
both of those indicate levels of corruption and dishonesty on a scale i cannot remember in american history. this whole thing coming together right now in the way it's coming together, the people who were involved, i think the average american is going to demand that the house and senate hold full-blown clear public hearings, put this stuff on the record. i want to see the draft versions of what comey was writing two months before -- >> sean: we have it. >> it's no wonder. it's unbelievable. >> sean: signed, sealed, delivered. exoneration. destroyed classified information and subpoenaed emails. why do i think i would be in jail and you would be calling me on the phone on saturday night?b >> if you're senator bob menendez and you are being tried for something and you suddenly learn that with the clinton's did maybe 50-100 times bigger and involve national security with russia and nothing happening to them? if i was menendez, i would say wow, talk about justice not being fair. and then comey, this great
9:28 pm
virtuous person front of the press corps but wait a second, he is writing and exoneration two months before an interview?d no wonder they did not put her under oath. it was rigged. >> sean: they quoted the dossier. that they used russian sources for. this is where the media in this country the american people. they don't do their job. they are agenda driven.ta they've made more mistakes ini the last year than i've ever seen. i thought it was bad when you were speaker. i've got a transition. i've got to ask you about how important this tax deal is. thad cochran flew back for this
9:29 pm
thing, he's not feeling well. john mccain, you don't know what the hell he is to do. he's all over the place these days. >> i think speaker paul ryan, for the average working american, it's going to be an increase in take-home pay, the chairman and counselor, $4,000 for families. i would not be at all surprisedd to see some democrats decide that they will vote for this thing. this is the key for congress and for the president. i love the way the president put it tonight. it ought to be a christmas gift for every american can really get the economy rolling. nothing can be more important for the republican stand r to focus on getting this done and m getting it signed. i would prefer beforein thanksgiving, and certainly in early december. >> sean: it's personal with john mccain. when he came back after his surgery, he said to stop listening to radio and cable house like me and people like me
9:30 pm
can go straight to hell but i didn't take it personally at all. this is important, the end of the year. the timeline is now tough because the house is on vacatioh this week. the senate was on vacation last week. take this much vacation? which is a side note -- are you confident that at the end of the day, the mccains, the susan collins, the people voted for this bill, are they going to be there, are they going to be republicans for once? are they going to get their identity somewhat back or are they going to bail and screw it up health care? >> you've got your first real test this week. if they can pass the budget resolution, that's a huge step in the right direction. they might also have a little bit of luck in that i do think three or four democrats -- if we
9:31 pm
can drive home the small business and what a huge tax break it is for working middle-class americans, what a huge tax break it is. you got toto north dakota, montana, missouri, indiana. all democratic seats. west virginia. you're talking about a $4,000 increase per middle-class family? i think it's going to be pretty tough for the democrats to go home and vote "no." >> sean: i saw your commentsn: about steve bannon. yeah, i don't want to see the democrats take over the house or senate. but i am with steve bannon in this sense, if mitch mcconnell cannot get the job done, mitch mcconnell needs to go. s he is not getting the job done. for him saying oh, we have excessive expectations, our expectations were raised -- i s see you laughing -- raised because people like him were promising to repeal and replace obamacare for seven years and they cannot get their act together. go ahead, straighten me out. >> i'm not going to straighten you out. what i responded to with bannon was he said he was going to run against every republican except
9:32 pm
ted cruz. up for reelection this year. we go down the list, everyone he's talking about voted to repeal obamacare. voting to cut taxes. everyone he's talking about voted for every single trump judge. show me the principal case id don't mind if he wants to complain about mitch. he is a big boy. he will take care of himself. that's not the argument. bannon is suggesting -- he's going to wage war against who? against republicans. when we fought nazi germany, we didn't start trying to play britain. >> sean: he's not talking n about a real war. the art of political war. >> wait a second, sean. we are good friends. hold on. >> sean: here it comes. >> bannon said against every republican senator except ted cruz. that is an absurdity. >> sean: okay, here's what i want. i wish i could say what i am
9:33 pm
thinking to get there bleep together and i think bannon is saying the same thing. >> no, he's not. >> sean: they really screwed up in the last nine months of this year. seven and a half year promises, pretty disappointing. >> you are too good at this to say that. a specific thing. you and i both know -- i assume bannon meant what he said. he's going to run against every senator except ted cruz. i think it's absurd. my column on friday's going to be about this. check their records, they voted for every trump pledge to repeal obamacare. >> sean: politicians seem to respond to one thing, fear of losing their power. i think alabama was a shot across the bow. the canary in the coal mine. they don't organize and get together and get in the room and shut the door and turn off the air conditioning like our framers and founders.
9:34 pm
i will send them free pizza, which did not exist for them, ti get on the same page and serve the american people. the forgotten men and women. fear seems to be a good w motivator. i think bannon is saying get your act together. i agree with that sentiment. >> get your act together is fine, trying to beat all the republicans is just dumb.. >> sean: [laughs] all right. >> invite steve on.he i will come on with steve. >> sean: i would do an hour with you and steve any i think it's important. >> that would be fun. that would be quite an evening. >> sean: i will call him right after the show. congratulations on the new book. peter schweizer warned us first about the uranium one deal. gregg jarrett is here. the hill's and circa news' big bombshell. more on that straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: we have more on the explosive report from john solomon and sara carter that said the fbi now has proof russian nuclear officials kicked back millions of dollars thatd. benefited the clinton foundation prior to the obama administration's approval of the uranium one deal. they knew about bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering. 2800 government documents from huma abedin were found on anthony weiner's laptop and they might have been classified. here with reaction, someone who wrote exclusively about corruption, author of "clinton cash," he first discovered the uranium one story. and gregg jarrett. we've got to start with you, mr. schweizer. if you broke this thing. what do you make of the new development tonight? they all knew and they still approved the deal. >> it is huge, sean. kudos go out to these reporters for doggedly going at this
9:40 pm
story. we also need to tip our hat to you because you've been talking about this for a couple of years when a lot of other people have forgotten about it. this is a massive scandal andth it's still shocking to me there has not been a congressional hearing. there's been no investigationha when it is warranted. and my hope is that this new reporting will not only get senator grassley to raise these very serious questions with the attorney general, but we will actually get an investigation of this for people whether it's a grand jury or congressional -- it warrants that kind of activity. >> sean: gregg, you wrote this story about a year ago. >> i did. i accused her of potential racketeering. it's using any business as a corrupt criminal enterprise. in this case, her business was a charity but it was a dual purpose, it appears. this fbi documents gathered in 2009. it seemed to show that the russians were funneling tens of millions of dollars to that
9:41 pm
charity. illegal money which makes it a criminal enterprise. >> sean: we had russian operatives in this country. eric holder knew about it. they know about bribery, kickbacks, money laundering. here's something -- i wonder if all the money that was donated was washed through latvia as they had one of the reports. i wonder if the money came from russia. >> it could have been. it apparently came from more than half a dozen sources. >> sean: but it did benefit bill and hillary clinton.
9:42 pm
>> receiving money from the >> it could have been. it apparently came from more than half a dozen sources. >> sean: but it did benefit. bill and hillary clinton. >> receiving money from the russian nuclear industry connected to this uranium one deal.>> what really i think is making congress angry is that eric holder who sits on the committee that approved this deal with hillary -- hillary presides over it. he knew about this when it took place. guess who else knew about it and he was supervising in all of this? robert mueller was fbi director and rod rosenstein, then u.s. attorney. supervisors on this investigation. >> sean: wait a minute, if they knew what real collusion is happening and they did nothing, how can they sit in judgment the way they are in this case? it seems to me they've all got to be cleared. >> they've all got to be fired or resigned. >> sean: immediately. >> it totally compromises their integrity. i don't see any other way out.
9:43 pm
>> sean: when you wrote about this, peter, i remember we did a lot of this, on "clinton cash," were you not able to put all the pieces together and does this make more sense to you based on your early reports? >> it does. in the book, we focused on hillary's role. we knew in 2009 -- they knew because there was wikileaks cables that proved she was told in those top-secret memos that the russians were trying toov corner the world's uranium market. she knew about that. and apparently didn't care. we also pointed out that a lot of these donations that came to the clinton foundation, their signed agreement with president obama was that they would disclose those donations and as of course we revealed, they were not disclosed. they were hidden. why were they hidden? these new revelations indicate part of the reason. why they didn't want this stufff to come to life. >> sean: up to $145 million? >> $145 million. think about this, nine shareholders in uranium one. nine all decided spontaneously to donate to the clinton foundation. a lot of this money was flowing
9:44 pm
months, just months before that crucial vote to approve the deal. it's really shocking. >> sean: last word. go ahead go ahead. >> last word, keep in mind, "the new york times" is reportea uranium one is actually exporting from the united states, part of the agreement -- >> sean: unbelievable. >> it's being exported out of the united states. we don't know where it is ending up.s >> sean: who should be investigating this as of tonight based on what we learned? >> it cannot be jeff sessions. remember, he recused himself. it cannot now be rosenstein because he had this information when he knew it. >> sean: whoever's third inn the justice department. >> or fourth, who can be appointed by either sessions or rosenstein. >> sean: you think rosensteintm
9:45 pm
and mueller has to go? >> i do. hiding this information, notte disclosing to congress when they had a legal obligation to do soi seems to be unconscionable and they have no more integrity associated now with trumpab collusion. >> sean: now we know there's kickbacks, bribery, extortion, money laundering, i want to know where the money really came from, to the clinton foundation. what is it funneled through latvia or any of these groups? who gave the money? $145 million is a lot of money. who benefited? it was putin and russia. that's the question. >> a wikileaks document shows she was peddling access and today we learned she was peddling influence. >> sean: at the risk of american security. >> >> sean: we will continue all week on this. huge developments today at the harvey weinstein scandal gets worse.
9:46 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." everyday we are learning more and more about how disturbing that casting couch culture is in hollywood. the disgraced producer harvey weinstein officially resigned from the board of the weinstein company today.yw reporting tonight that the los angeles city attorney will prosecute weinstein's victims come forward. we will have the reporter who broke that story on tomorrow. in a shocking turn of events, bob weinstein, harvey's brother, is also accused of sexual harassment. he is denying the allegations. and former chairman of dreamworks says there's no way harvey weinstein acted alone saying men around weinstein
9:51 pm
protected him and described them as a pack of wolves. topline actresses are coming forward about harassments they received. reese witherspoon said she experienced sexual harassment and assault, including a director that assaulted her when she was 16 years old. jennifer lawrence detailed how a female producer made her stand naked in a lineup next to other girls, enticing her to lose weight. oh, my gosh. joining us now, fox news correspondent geraldo rivera, conservative columnist monica crowley. it's the music industry, tval industry.. movie industry. young people have dreams, aspirations, desires. what happens? >> the music industry, television, news, anything that involves a camera or the way you look, these kinds of judgments come into play. it's been an incredibly corrosive effect.
9:52 pm
it generates this kind of culture. >> sean: nbc knew and spiked it. "the new york times" knew and spiked it. everyone in hollywood knew and -- >> i'm talking about mass corruption, sean. it's true. we've got money, greed and power and influence. we have the corruption of sexual abuse and harassment. jennifer lawrence was talking about being judged at 15 and sexually harassed. >> sean: reese witherspoon. >> not only do we have rape onon the table. rape allegations but we have charges of child predatory behavior. >> sean: we were warned about this years ago and on your own tv show, you did these stories. you've known about this. you talked about how screwed up these child actors' lives become.
9:53 pm
>> we have been talking about this scandal in ideological terms, political terms but essentially, they are criminal. with harvey weinstein and roman polanski or woody allen, you name them -- generally speaking, the complaints come years later. the statute of limitations -- these women, jennifer lawrence, reese witherspoon were all at a gathering in southern california over the last couple of days and they come up with "well, i think it's a great idea." because a prosecution will not happen in the majority of these cases. they are very rare -- veryl riy and shaky cases. why not have a commission? where you have actors or actresses, producers where they can tell these stories, name names and make recommendations. i believe if you had this commission, not only would you
9:54 pm
hear these hair-raising stories but you would also expose a corrupt industry. it's so corrupt that there are agents that work as pimps. and stage moms that know exactly what they are doing when they push their 15 or 16-year-old daughter into this meeting with a big belly, gold chain-wearing producer. >> sean: last word, monica. >> i think this is making hollywood wide open. it's going to break other industries wide open. >> sean: tip of the iceberg. >> it is the tip of the iceberg. there are plenty of enablersrs involved across the board with harvey weinstein. i just hope it leads to some reform and a much better culture. in all of these industries. >> sean: more after the break. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think
9:55 pm
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>> sean: for the past two years, i've been working on a very special project and i'm a proud executive producer. i wanted to do this because i'm tired of films that go against conservative films and values. it's called "let there be light." you can find where it will be in 10 days. here's a sneak peek. >> i can't stop thinking about davey and how he looked and how it felt and what he said. >> wait? what? what did he say? he looked at me. and he said, "daddy, let there be light." all i wanted to do was put my
10:00 pm
arms around him. and he said it again, "let there be light, daddy." >> sean: you can bring the whole family and bring tissues. that's all the time we have. always fair and balanced. stay tuned. steve hilton is next. >> steve: good evening. i'm steve hilton. this is "fox news tonight." they let me back. we have great stuff to get to. will john mccain be grandstanding to win the approval of the elite. and "the new york times" looking at the nfl. president trump was answering questions from the press when he provided another example of why he appeals to americans who are fed up with open borders and free trade run amok. >> i will not allow our


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