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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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he said it again. he said let there be light, daddy. >> sean: bring the whole family and bring to choose. that's all the t >> good morning, you're watching "fox and friends" first this wednesday morning. it is 4:00 am on the east coast, appreciate you joining us for the first hour of "fox and friends" first. top stories this morning, the middle class, the senate looking to move forward to pass historic tax cuts by the trump administration but can congress deliver. griffin can do live in dc with the latest. how are you doing?
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>> we will see, the senate will proceed on the budget resolution paving the way to pass a budget and tax reform through budget reconciliation rules requiring the majority to pass as donald trump takes his tax plan, the conservative heritage foundation promising the tax code bringing trillions of dollars home and you keep more of your money, a plan democrats oppose. >> hard getting the democrats because they are obstructionists but if we get the republicans we need we will get that largest tax cut in the history of our country and you will see things happen like have never happened before. >> getting republicans on board the end could be insight. acute vote to watch on the budget today will be rand paul who says he isn't quite there yet but healthcare holdouts
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signaled support for this budget. the white house is optimistic they could deliver something to the president's desk by the end of the year as steve mnuchin says everything is negotiable. >> everything is negotiable to get this done. what we are focused on right now is tweaking the system to make sure we have a middle income tax cut. >> he said one thing not negotiable is cutting the corporate tax rate 35% to 20%. the senate resumes budget talks today trying to move forward as the president meets members of the senate finance committee so things are moving but as usual in washington, slowly. >> he may say that is nonnegotiable but people may try to negotiate it nevertheless. congress are not the only obstacle for donald trump. if he wants to pass his historic tax cut, former chief speechwriter for george w. bush says he needs to get the
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american people on board too. >> exactly what he had to do, he is going out and using the bully pulpit to sell it to the american people, rally conservatives, rally ordinary americans and get it done. he has to have more details like that. the $4000 figure is shaky for most of the economists i talked to in part of the problem is we don't have a tax bill yet. we don't know what the rates will be for each individual group so he can't go out yet and say in a credible way if you're making this amount of money this is what your tax bill will go down, if you're making this amount of money, he has got to make it real for ordinary americans. heather: football players who refuse to stand for the national anthem will not be penalized, that decision is owners and players gear up for a second
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round of talks. jackie ibanez joins us with a story that is triggering fresh outrage. >> reporter: the nfl will not force its players to stand for the national anthem at will not punish those who neil, at least not for now. in new york city, the possibility of implementing such a rule was not discussed at all. roger goodell making a bipartisan appeal in an effort to ease tension. >> today's discussion with our players was very productive and very important, the players and owners came to an agreement these are not issues that are player issues or owner issues or community issues, they are issues that affect all of us in our communities. >> players were invited to join owners in a closed-door huddle. >> the resolution overnight.
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>> talked about how the owners could come alongside us and we could collaboratively work together to create and change. >> this was not with protesters, they were flooding outside making it clear they were on the players side, viciously confronted gerri jones for requiring his players to stand. >> people need to take a knee against white supremacy and stand up against you and your buddies out front. >> as for heidi heitkamp, one of the players that he declined to attend but his attorney says he was never invited. but he would attend future meetings. >> that was interesting. i was going to ask about that, several players who were there said he was invited but didn't attend but his attorney says he wasn't. more to come on that. you can chat with jackie on facebook page, there's the
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question on your screen. what would you like to hear come out of today's hearing and we will give you some of your responses later in the show. another headline, the american woman freed after five years of captivity is in the hospital. her husband says his wife was admitted in canada but did not specify why, they were kidnapped by the tell than in 2012 when hiking in afghanistan and had three children in captivity. the trump administration played a major role in the rescue carried out by the pakistani military. the husband refuses to come to the us fearing he will be arrested over his sister's alleged ties to a gitmo detainee. there is a new report, new russia was using briber and
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extortion to seize control of 20% of uranium stockpiles but cut deals with moscow anyway. this is a big deal but according to the hill fbi documents show russian nuclear officials gave millions of dollars to the clinton foundation while hillary clinton was secretary of state, who was also on the committee that signed off on that deal. >> the case proved russia's nuclear industry bribed and compromised all of russia's uranium in the united states that is a national security threat. >> the first russian kickback started in 2009. new document landing, james comey, after it was revealed he began drafting and exoneration letter for hillary clinton, in
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private email server, trey gowdy once comey to testify again. >> congress should look at this decision to charge whether it was made before you interviewed two dozen witnesses including the target of the investigation. we need to talk to them again. heather: they plan to speak to comey's former colleagues, new evidence showing the obama administration knew back in 2009 about the russian bribery plot before the deal. the fbi kept under wraps. newt gingrich calling out what he is calling historic corruption. >> these are unbelievable charges. if this is true on two fronts, the russian front and the comey
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drafting and exoneration of hillary two months before being interviewed. both of those indicate levels of corruption and dishonesty, in american history. the people who were involved, the average american is going to demand the house and senate hold full-blown, clear public hearings, put this stuff on the record, and two months before. heather: much more to come on that. hours before it was set to take effect donald trump's latest travel ban is blocked by a federal judge in hawaii. judge derek watson was appointed by the obama administration, was unconstitutional and discriminates based on nationality despite the third and restricting us entry from venezuela and north korea. the doj plans to appeal that
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rolling. let's talk about something fun if you are a yankees fan, the yankees powering their way back to tie things up against the houston astros in the american league championship series. >> into the gap, two runs score. sanchez delivers. jillian: 6-numfour when powered by aaron judge and gary sanchez gained 5, is tonight. all rise for the judge. the los angeles dodgers trying to make short work of the comes with a 6-1 victory taking a 3-0 series lead in that one. he time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour.
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opioids killed more americans in 2016 that are 19 years of the entire vietnam war. the trump administration is tackling the epidemic head on. nicole safire is next to bring the best plan of action. the scale but won't away, disgraced former congressman anthony weiner's personal laptop. nfl players, i am going to stand. the song spreading like wildfire. ♪ honor all the people who died as a symbol of freedom ♪ lucky to live in the land of the free
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first, it wasn't me, that is what lawmakers claim samantha powers told them while testifying about 260 unmasking requests made in her name of
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trump officials near the end of the obama administration. >> the testimony may be under my name but i did not make those requests. we have got to get to the bottom of that. jillian: congress is investigating the obama administration and masking hundreds of americans from intelligence reports. donald trump sitting down with our own brian kill need to address representative tom mariano withdrawing his name from consideration to become the next drugs. >> congressman marina was pulled back as drugs are. >> he was a supporter of mine, i won pennsylvania. the perception he has a conflict of interest with insurance companies but even if there is a perception he has a conflict of interest he doesn't want anything to do with that.
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tom marino said i will take a pass and he was very gracious. jillian: you can hear brian's full interview later this morning. how deadly is america's opioids epidemic. according to this jaw-dropping report it has claimed more lives in 12 months and all 19 years of the vietnam war. donald trump is promising is that will end now. how does the administration plan to change that? joining us to way and is nicole safire, thank you for joining us. you think we need to tackle this with a multifaceted approach. >> we are going on, i don't want it to be such a diverse and for people to focus on we have to change this bill and that will
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solve the problem because it is a small piece of the puzzle here. it involves multifaceted approach. jillian: you begin with pharmaceutical companies. >> right now they do direct consumer marketing. you see their ads, they are able to lobby to congress and senate, sends $100 million in lobbying alone. we need to make sure that stays legal and needs to be a relationship between a physician and the patient. we don't need marketing from the pharmaceutical companies. when it comes to physicians is there a nefarious thing going on? absolutely. they are legitimate uses of opioids. we need a centralized system because sometimes you have patients going to multiple physicians with multiple prescriptions. >> doctor shopping. >> they don't realize that
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medications are opiates because they have certain brand names but it centralized prescribing unit we can monitor what patients are using and we should have strong guidelines how to -- make sure physicians, why we have addiction. >> when we talk about a centralized system tracking more of it that will allow pharmacies to do a better job. >> this is not implement it a little bit, pharmacies take action saying we won't see a doctor they can't prescribe but only going to give patients ten pills so they are able to monitor how much and how quickly it is used. jillian: that has artie taken affect. and law enforcement. >> we need law enforcement. i would love to say it is just a physician pharmacy problem but we have a lot of illegal substances coming in a that is what people are dying from, opioids are laced with fentanyl. from the southwest border we have to stop the foot traffic but from overseas china is
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manufacturing tons of these. jillian: the 5 states with the highest rate of drug overdose in 2015 are west virginia, new hampshire, kentucky, ohio and rhode island. >> we talked a lot about west virginia and ohio. they have to focus on their statewide law enforcement, it is america's crisis, those states have to divide individual parameters and figure out what is going on. jillian: the numbers are staggering and that put it in perspective, the number we talked about it the top. that puts it in perspective for people. >> it is a september 11th attack every three weeks, that is the amount of casualties. jillian: we appreciate you
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coming in so early. 20 minutes after the top of the hour isis on the run in the city it considered its capital. major victory in the war on terror no thanks to the previous administration. >> the reason isis spread so rapidly was for political reasons the obama administration removed our military forces. jillian: we are alive with a big blow to the militant group and what it means for america. >> have to start by building a wall, a big beautiful powerful wall. jillian: the cornerstone of his campaign from the beginning and this morning new proof the border wall is being built. ♪ you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent
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heather: welcome back, a cnn reporter, this moment between donald trump and mitch mcconnell was more important than tax reform, poking fun at the two for holding hands after the press conference on tax reform except there was one detail left out of that report, the social media firestorm, carly shimkus from serious ask am 115. >> some blowback on this. a cnn reporter posted this video of the president helping mitch mcconnell of a flight of stairs after their joint press conference and captions that video, that hands lock between trump and mcconnell, the problem was mitch mcconnell is a polio survivor who sometimes needs assistance getting around something even one of her colleagues pointed out to her on twitter so she is getting
1:25 am
accused of mocking the senator. listen to this reaction, probably too young to realize people used to get polio in this country, matthew says mocking a guy with polio is a hallmark of great journalism, cnn must be proud of your stellar reporting. condorcet is making fun of the president for helping a polio survivor that stumbled a mistake classy. other people are saying just because she pointed out they were holding hands doesn't mean she was making fun. any response from her? or cnn? >> no response. she hasn't deleted it. heather: maybe she will. the border wall, some prototypes. >> one of the president's biggest campaign promises is happening, yesterday the president took to twitter and posted a video that shows the progress of a prototype for the
1:26 am
border wall being built. in total eight prototypes are under construction which is going over well with the president's supporters, john says thank you for your commitment to our nation's border security, build the wall and stop illegal immigration. another tweet said congress, build a wall, listen to the people who voted for trump, not going away. heather: look at the prototypes and choose among them. >> isn't that interesting? heather: eight options. >> finally, this country music song. jillian: a cute one. created a song to support fans and players standing for the national anthem in the nfl, take a listen. not going to stand for my hand on my heart ♪ old glory represents ♪ this is my love ♪ >> finger pat garrett posted
1:27 am
that on facebook, bringing a lot of praise. a fantastic song, love this, thank you. thank you for loving our country. vicki says one of the great amazing songs to represent our country and what it stands for. let's stand together to keep us as a great nation. this is an the first political song he has created. ten years ago he created a song called shoot mama in honor of sarah palin. heather: thank you so much. pat garrett. thank you. 30 minutes after the top of the hour, democrats instantly engaging class warfare on the historic tax plan. >> continues his war on the middle class with his unfair tax plan. >> completely focused on the wealthy and the powerful, not on the middle-class. heather: the trump
1:28 am
administration says they are just playing politics. >> this isn't about tax reform, this is about jobs and creating economic growth. jillian: heather: political panel on deck for a fair and balanced debate next. ♪ i want you to know ♪
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends" first, we are back with a fox news alert, major blow dices is us back forces in syria have liberated the terror army's self-proclaimed capital rocca. live from london, more on this major victory. >> reporter: syrians have been celebrating for 24 hours, many of them have had little to celebrate in months. part of the reason we are seeing a lull is the city about to fall, a lot of syrian fighters
1:32 am
surrendering for the last 48 hours, the us military is reluctant to declare total victory. >> isis is losing its grip. after four months of operations rocca is 90% cleared. we are aware of reports that isis has been defeated but clearance operations continue and we expect our democratic force partners to hit pockets of resistance as the final parts of the city are cleared. >> reporter: the reason for that is many of the iis fighters that remain in raqqa are foreigners. they were not afforded the same opportunity to surrender like the syrian fighters were. the militia wants them dead, doesn't want them to return or go elsewhere or go other places to fight. they are running out of food, water, ammunition but that will take some time to get rid of them. as the capital of raqqa of the islamic's military says the
1:33 am
fight will not be over. the u.s. army says ias has 60,000 fighters in syria and iraq. big milestone, 3 months after the us established its anti-ias coalition in iraq in syria, a big success but the u.s. army says the fight isn't over yet. heather: what happens next and who controls what, very key. how is it possible isis spread so quickly? karl rove, chief of staff or george w. bush at the start of the war on terror says it is because the obama administration was determined to pull troops out of iraq. >> the reason isis spread so rapidly across syria and iraq was because in 2012 for political reasons the obama administration with your military forces from iraq. does anybody think if we kept
1:34 am
intelligence gathering and military training and military coordinators, and organized column of isis approach to mosul american firepower and american leadership could not have helped the iraqis keep them restrained and not allow them to take mosul. heather: some headlines, two more confederate monuments taken down overnight, this time statues of general john hunt morgan and vice president john c breckinridge removed from a courthouse in lexington, kentucky. the city hopes to move them to a cemetery where both men are buried. county leaders voted to take them down after the deadly riots in charlottesville. the mandalay bay secured he got shot while confronting the las vegas shooter is not missing after all. mgm resorts which owns the hotel says jesus campos just wanted his privacy after he mysteriously went into hiding last week. it didn't last long. he will appear on the ellen show
1:35 am
later today. >> i went to go lift a pant leg up and saw the blood. that is when i called in on my radio show that shots have been fired. heather: generating $20,000 to the las vegas victims. that is interesting. he will be on the show. remember this horrifying incident when a doctor was dragged off of the united airlines plane? we all remember is that. those two officers dragging batman have been fired for using, quote, excessive force. officials say one of those officers is a sergeant who attended to cover up details of that incident from chicago. two other officers have been suspended. donald trump is urging congress to pass tax reform by the end of
1:36 am
the year but top democrats are screaming class warfare. >> continues his war on the middle class with his unfair tax plan. >> completely focused on the wealthy and the powerful, not on the middle-class. heather: joining us for political debate, lawrence jones, host of the way that richard fowler, radio talkshow host and fox news contributor, thank you for joining us. class warfare or not? >> i would not go far to say class warfare but every time you cut taxes in this country you have to offset the tax-cut with subset. what democrats are saying is if you are going to cut taxes for the wealthiest 1% or the wealthiest 2% or for those who make a lot of money you have to offset that tax cut with draconian government spending cuts, cut meals on wheels, afterschool programs, school lunch programs, programs in the
1:37 am
defense department which put our security in jeopardy. that is the trade-off, or you create deficit spending. that is the argument democrats are making. if you're going to cut taxes you have to cut government spending. when you cut government spending you heard vulnerable americans and that is bad for the american people. jillian: your opinion? >> comical the democrats are so suddenly concerned about government spending when they do spend our money over and over again but they are phrasing this argument is just the rich. the president wants to cut taxes for all americans. when you phrase it that way i don't think anybody can disagree with that but democrats say this is just for the rich or the wealthy, it paints an unfair picture to americans the president only wants to help the rich when he wants to help all americans. heather: nearly doubling the 0 bracket and increase the child
1:38 am
tax credit that so many people want, and simplifying the tax code which will benefit people across the board. look at this poll, cbs poll asking people about current tax reforms, who do they benefit? 58% say they favor the wealthy, 90% say they treat everyone equally, 18% say they favor the middle-class, 5% say they favor the poor. this is an indication the president does need to go out there and talk about his plan, let people know who it benefits, why and how, majority people think it benefits the wealthy. >> that is part of the problem. when you cut taxes, anytime you cut taxes, 99.9% of the time you see taxes cut it benefits the wealthy unless you have attack cut to targeting the middle-class. president obama did cut taxes. he cut payroll taxes, what we have seen from this tax plan according to tax policies,
1:39 am
nonpartisan and evaluate these things, this tax-cut will be a 6-figure tax-cut for those who make money and for regular americans talking about a couple hundred bucks here or there. that -- heather: you get the final word. we should mention small business, middle-class americans will see a top tax rate at maximum 20%. >> help small business hes in return helps the middle-class as well, 35% going down to 20%. i'm not for punishing americans for coming out of poverty, this is what democrats want, what is president said, let's have small business -- let's not punish americans for getting out of poverty. democrats -- this is just for
1:40 am
the wealthy. >> just because you cut taxes doesn't mean taxes will translate into creating jobs. president bush cut taxes in the early 2000s and we had the recession of 2007-2008 meaning his tax cuts didn't translate to job creation is people said it would have. >> you have americans, we have small businesses that are struggling because you wanted to force obamacare down our throats which in return made a lot of go to part-time, this balances out. heather: we have to wrap it up. we do know it is the biggest tax reduction in the history of this country if it goes through as planned so we will see what happens. thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the pc police want to make sure no one gets offended this halloween. a trigger warning checklist to
1:41 am
students. our next guest says the coddling has to stop. the nfl punting on the national anthem controversy, the door opens for more protests. jackie ibanez standing by. >> reporter: a lot of people say they need to see a change, what we are talking about on facebook live, on my phone. we will be right back. ♪ i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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words from a doctor: stage 2 breast cancer. i have three little kids, my baby's seven years old - i can't have cancer. we really wanted a cancer team, that would care about not only my cancer but you know, how is my husband doing through all of this? and what about your three kids? so we thought that we would travel to cancer treatment centers of america and see what they had to offer. i think the hope for us came in the form of knowing that these doctors were experts, and that they
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would help us decide the best course of action in the hopes of beating it. so when amy came to us, the first thing we did was discuss her case with the surgical oncologist, the radiation oncologist, the genetic counselor and came up with a treatment plan. the plan for her was to begin with preoperative chemotherapy, thereafter proceeded with surgery. one of things that we loved about ctca was that they give you a series of options. and you do what's best for you. depending upon what decision she makes with her surgical oncologist, we then know what to offer as the plastic surgeon and reconstruction team. dr. fernandez was wonderful. he said it's up to me to do what's best. it's about giving her options where amy has all the information to make a decision best for her. rather than one treatment fitting all, it is a personalized approach to cancer therapy. we have so many tools.
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this is what attracted amy to our center all the way from new york. cancer is what they deal with everyday. these were people who are experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. we left the hospital on day one feeling like, this is going to be okay. we're going to beat this and this is the place that's gonna help us do it. that feeling is priceless. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. >> halloween becoming more politically correct the college campuses trying to dictate what students can and cannot dress up as. asking if costume is offensive.
1:45 am
and thank you for joining us this morning. a couple issues at hand, the conversation begins with what is offensive and who determines what is offensive? >> i made my own flowchart. helpful for most colleges to hand out. kind of complicated so i break it down. do you want to wear a costume? yes, no, do what you want should be where the conversation starts. that we are even having a conversation about the offensiveness of halloween costumes and the second sue is universities are initiating these conversations and we see this on college campuses that professors, administrators, liberal leaning students are dominating the conversation about culture so that no one is allowed to speak up and suggest it is a bit absurd that we spend
1:46 am
days talking about hurt feelings by a costume. heather: let's talk about some of the examples. is your costume offensive checklist and there are contact numbers, five hills contacted asking whether their costume is offensive and get her opinion and this says cultural appropriation, what is it and why is it bad and santa barbara flyers says a workshop on cultural appropriation and northern arizona, we are culture, not a costume and this is not okay with examples of what is not okay. you are in school, supposed to broaden your horizons, learning from each other. >> what these colleges are doing more than creating a safe space
1:47 am
culture that is leading -- perpetuating adolescence and sense of entitlement, stifling the individual rather than allowing kids to make their individual choices which is what college is for, they are becoming the moral arbiter telling them what is right, what is wrong, manipulating students into oversensitivity fueled by liberal groupthink. as we know groupthink is antithetical to intellectual growth which i think is something universities are supposed to be promoting. heather: the arbiter of humor, you said. >> exactly. the line between humor and cultural appropriation which i'm not even sure what exactly that means is subjective and it should be, universities don't need to tell you what is objectively right or wrong, what is funny, what is not. that is not their place. that it up to the individual students to make their own decisions and suffer consequences if they don't get invited to a certain halloween party, that is perfectly fine.
1:48 am
not professors or administrators place. heather: appreciate it. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. some of donald trump's biggest critics claim to be resisting on behalf of the middle-class but forbes released its list of the country's richest people and guess who was at the very top? the battle over self driving cars spilling into the streets of america's biggest cities. ♪
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>> welcome back, 4:51 on the east coast, the scandal keeps growing, anthony weiner and his wife, the fbi revealing to
1:52 am
judicial watch that it is 2800 emails found on weiner's laptop that were sent when she was with hillary clinton at the state department, forcing the fbi to realize its investigation into clinton, you remember that just days before the 2016 election. it looks like it is costing donald trump a penny to be the commander-in-chief, forbes magazine said trump's and that worth dropped $600 million in 2016. he is now worth $3.1 billion making of america's 248th richest person. bill gates topping the list worth $89 billion followed by jeff bezos and warren buffett and facebook founder mark soccer break --zuckerberg. the stock market, the tao touching 23,000 for the first time ever. are you tired of winning yet?
1:53 am
tracy has the record-breaking details, way up and good news. >> it doesn't become official until it closes at the 23,000 mark but we did touch the record high of 23,000 and the last time we had a record was august 2, '22,000. so it only took 53 days to get there and this is the fourth shortest stretch of time we have seen a 1000 point gain. here is what the president had to say after we reached the milestone. >> at the stock market, and all-time record high, for the first time ever, 23,000, very happy about that.
1:54 am
i think they will. >> what is interesting is yesterday marked the 50th close under donald trump. what should they be mindful of? >> a lot of healthcare stocks were up, we are keeping an eye on all of this, closing get 23,000. jillian: another exciting they would self driving cars in manhattan. i don't know if this is a good idea at all. >> i don't know either. it is bad enough with humans behind the wheel. imagine robots driving but gm will deploy a fleet of electric cars earlier next year within a 5-mile square radius in lower manhattan so they are testing their self driving skills. the good news is there will be a safety operator behind the wheel to gather data and be there in case something goes wrong.
1:55 am
this is going after new york city taxi drivers which are huge here. heather: these are cute little cars. i like it. i hope it has been tested in lower manhattan since i live in upper manhattan. thank you so much, appreciate it. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. the debate over the national anthem, protests reaching up fever pitch. when colin kaepernick supporters attack dallas cowboys owner gerri jones, the nfl leaving the door open for protests to continue. your comments up next. ♪
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heather: football players who refuse to stand for the national anthem will not be penalized. the decision as owners and players gear up for a second round of talks today. we asked what would you like to see out of the nfl owners meeting. jackie ibanez joins us with your responses. >> matt on facebook said i would like to see the head of the nfl issue an apology to the fans and condemned the ones who neil, make a breach of contract 11 go. christine says ticketholders and viewers that fund them will decide their fate. on facebook, i think it is blown out of proportion. until 2009 players weren't even on the field for the end some. that is a true fact there. a lot of people fired up, the want to see a change.
2:00 am
maybe we will see something. heather: will the fans be happy about it? thank you, appreciate it and thanks to everyone for joining us for "fox and friends" first at 4:00 am, see you tomorrow. "fox and friends" first continues, goodbye. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. rob: donald trump taking his tax pitch back to the american people, could be one step closer to tax break and the border wall. jillian: new evidence the obama administration knew about russia's bribery for years, the bombshell report revealing how they covered it up. colin kaepernick to rob: nfl or


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