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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 18, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> sandra: i turn to you to say something profound. few seconds left. >> try to be here no matter how combative it can get. >> sandra: what do you mean, judge? we're back tomorrow at 12:00 eastern. >> harris: democrats now are grilling attorney general jeff sessions on a host of issues today. from russia to immigration, from civil rights to james comey the former fbi director. even on sessions' private conversations with the president. let's go "outnumbered overtime." that hearing is in a break for the next 30 minutes. you'd have to go as far back as january for the last time jeff sessions appeared before the judiciary committee. that was for his confirmation hearing. democrats, ready to pounce on a host of issues, including the private conversations the attorney general had with president trump. here it is. >> did the president ever mention to you his concern about
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lifting the cloud on the russia investigation? >> senator feinstein that calls for communication that i have had with the president and i believe it remains confidential. >> but you don't deny that there was a communication? >> i do not confirm or deny any communication between the president that i consider to be confidential. >> harris: that's about as mellow as it got. katherine herridge is joining us now watching all this on the hill. i tell you, that exchange between al franken of minnesota and sessions, whoo-hoo. >> reporter: they covered the water front at the hearing today, harris. republicans and democrats really wanted answers about the attorney general's conversations and what role he played in the firing of the former fbi director, james comey. and the attorney general said that he had to keep those
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conversations with the president confidential for reasons of executive privilege, that he said were relied upon by both republicans and also democrats. one of the most heated moments came in exchange with senator leahy who accused the attorney general of misleading the committee about his contacts with the russians. the attorney general countered that he felt casual conversations or casual contact such as meeting the russian ambassador at a meeting, having a conversation with the russian ambassador at a campaign event did not amount to the allegation of coordination or collusion. >> i met with the russian ambassador after i gave a speech at the republican convention. he was right in front of the speaker phone. we had a few -- we had an encounter there. and then he came -- he asked for an appointment in my office
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later. i met with 26 ambassadors in the last year. >> reporter: one of the allegations at the hearing today is that in his testimony, the attorney general in the confirmation hearing in january was kind of moved the goal post, if you will. he said, i had no contact with the russians. then later qualified it to say i had some discussions, but we didn't talk about the campaign. to i didn't have discussions about interference. the attorney general pushed back very hard against those accusations, saying that when senator franken asked him about the issue, he was relying on a cnn report that had just crossed that morning and that sessions had no knowledge of the report. let's listen to another exchange. >> you qualified your denial to say that you did not, quote, discuss issues of the campaign with russians. what in your view constitutes
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issues of the campaign? >> let me just say this without hesitation, that i conducted no improper discussions with russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country. >> reporter: aside from the hearing before the senate judiciary committee, there was another key development over at the house intelligence committee. two members of this opposition research firm fusion gps, this is the firm that commissioned the anti-trump unverified dossier that kick started the fbi russia probe last year. they went before the committee in a closed classified session and they took the fifth to every question they were asked about the dossier. the committee has tried to understand who bank rolled the dossier, who were the under lying sources for the information, the allegations against then candidate trump, and what was the relationship
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with the fbi? was the fbi aware that fusion gps was also doing other opposition research, specifically for russian aligned groups that were trying to repeal these sanctions. key developments fusion gps and the trump dossier, as well as the attorney general here on the senate side. >> harris: lot of times we say these things are repeat of what we've seen before, but there was some news made today, both from what you were talking about separately with fusion gps and this hearing we've been watching play out live with jeff sessions in the center seat all morning long. my first guest, someone who has testified numerous times before the judiciary committee during his time as the number two person at the justice department under president george h.w. bush. let's welcome him. thank you very much for joining us. sometimes these things you don't expect them to make news, but we are seeing some, at least fiery
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moments and some news points. i want to ask you what stood out from the testimony so far today? >> well, the thing that stood out to me, harris, is what a good opportunity for americans to see both how the oversight process works and what their attorney general is really like. i think anyone who's known attorney general sessions for a long time here in washington knows him to be among the most genuine people, both when he was in the senate and now. and i think that's coming through. yes, there's part political theater to this. there's hard questions. there's legitimate disagreements about policy issues. but i thought the tone, although hot, as you put it, at times was very genuine. >> harris: i want to ask you about this, because it is important, and i would imagine having worked for the office of the judiciary, it is important for there to be those times where you have to be tough and
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you have to fight back. we're seeing that with ag sessions today. at what point do you think he needs to become strong? do you think he's strong enough? what's at stake for him? >> well, i mean, i'm not so sure really that it's a question of coming on strong. it's a question of being resolute about the policy issues that are important to him torque the department of justice and to this administration. certainly there are senators, perhaps of both political parties that will disagree with some of that. but legitimate disagreement is an important part of our process. what i see in this hearing today, as much substance as theater. i think that's important. >> harris: the big question that you saw some of the senators pressing him on was about the meeting that he said at first he didn't have with russia. he then detailed what he thought the question was that he answered, which was interesting to listen to.
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i want to watch an exchange between senator patrick leahy and the attorney general about being questioned about the special prosecutor investigating russian interference in our election. watch this. >> have you been interviewed or been requested to be interviewed by the special counsel, either in in director comey's firing, the russia investigation or your own contact with russian officials? >> i'd be pleased to answer that. i'm not sure i should without clearing that with a special counsel. what do you think? >> i'm just asking. have you been interviewed by them? >> no. >> you haven't been interviewed by special counselor in any way, shape or matter? >> the answer's no. >> harris: that was an odd moment. what really are we looking at there? what was the struggle about answering that question? >> well, i think what we're
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looking at is exactly what we were talking about a moment ago, harris. that is part theater, part politics, part substance. certainly, there's a lot of interest on the part of the democrats in the so-called russia investigation. but there's also a legitimate question, i guess, to be asked, whether or not attorney general sessions has had involvement in that investigation. senator leahy, who i have known for a long time, former prosecutor himself. he knows how to ask a question. he asked it. he got his answer. maybe not the one he was expecting, but he got an answer. >> harris: there was some discussion last hour on the outnumbered couch. i brought up the issue of whether it would be a good idea for the attorney general to have personal counsel with him. what are your thoughts on that? you keep mentioning politics. all of america knows that that permeates everything. but this also has to speak to
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the issue of the future for jeff sessions. and would he be well served by having his own counsel? >> i'm not in a position to answer that question. i mean, i think any time somebody gets involved in an investigation, even just as a witness, somebody who observed or heard or saw things, always a good idea. you're in the legal system. you should have advice. t to have it at a hearing like this, i'd be very surprised if that was either appropriate or necessary in the attorney general's judgment. but that would be a judgment for him to make. >> harris: deputy attorney general george terwilliger, we appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: we have much more ahead on attorney general jeff sessions' testimony. how is he now defending his role in president trump's firing of fbi director james comey? pointing to the air in comey's
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handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we'll get reaction from all of this. stay close. >> i have your letter dated may 9th to the president. specifically what was your designated role in the decision to fire director comey?
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>> you qualified your denial to say that you did not quote discuss issues of the campaign with russians, what in your view constitutes issues of the campaign? >> let me just say this without hesitation, that i conducted no improper discussions with russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country. >> harris: and then it got pretty chippy, as we say in hockey. judge andrew nepoletano, we have discussions that we can show back and forth. you said, look, this is not the man i know. >> i know general sessions to be a lot more intellectually honest and forth right than he appeared today. he appeared defensive.
10:16 am
he appeared as though he didn't want to be there. i know it's an unpleasant experience. he quibbled with the questioner. just be honest and answer the question. lot of the questions are not designed to illicit the truth. they're designed to trap him, to make him look bad or to play to the audience back home, which senator franken is brilliant at doing. >> harris: you saw he talking to mr. terwilliger about how politics seep into this. at the end of the day this is about the future of attorney general sessions and his ability to lead an entire agency, if you will. and so the fight back here has to be strong. but what you're saying is an nuance on that. >> what i'm saying is, yes, he has to be strong. and, yes, he shouldn't display irritation at being there. and, yes, he should expect very difficult, even tricky questions. >> harris: is any of this surprising? >> no, none of this is
10:17 am
surprising. >> harris: none of those questions are surprising to you? >> no. but remember, when you testify before congress there are two statutes. perjury. the other is you cannot mislead. question, can you mislead congress with a truthful answer? answer, yes. so if the truthful answer could give the long impression, you have a duty to explain your own answer. then you give them time to do that. certainly, he's aware. >> harris: they went back and forth for quite some time about the time in order for mr. sessions effectively and fairly to be able to answer. i mean, sometimes there were like nine parts to some of the questions that were coming out. >> again, this is not a court room in front of a jury where you're trying to get data, intelligence from the witness. each of these senators has a different motive. republicans might want to throw him some softballs. >> harris: wanted him to come
10:18 am
talk to his state in nebraska. >> democrats want to make trump's life more difficult. you just have to put up with this as the attorney general. it's part of your job. >> harris: american public's watching this. they're seeing some things they've seen before. seeing attorney general sessions better defend his comments on whom he met with. all of that is good information because you get to learn maybe a few new things there. but the bottom line of this is, this is about protecting america. we just want to get to the point where we agree or don't agree that the russians would like to bust up our democracy. they don't care who's in the white house. >> i don't know any anybody that could really challenge what you've just said. republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals. everybody knows the russians were way too close on this campaign. the question -- this last campaign. the question is simply, did any americans help them? that's what bob mueller is trying to find out.
10:19 am
>> harris: a. and, b, how do we prevent it from happening. you heard attorney general sessions say i don't know what we're doing right now is helping that along. >> we're not moving the ball any any direction. >> harris: in a few minutes this hearing will continue. sessions is gonna sit in that hot seat again and go for however long he does. you said what about this afternoon? >> well, i don't know where it's going to go, but they'll probably grill him some more about jim comey. answer completely. make sure they understand his answers. >> harris: all right. judge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> harris: this was a hot topic today. i'm glad you could come back. president trump has wrapped up a meeting with the senate finance committee. they were talking tax reform and healthcare. we're going to hear from one of the members on that committee, senator tim scott from south carolina will join me next. i'll ask him what the president said today on taxes and healthcare. stay close. >> congress must find a solution
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>> harris: the nfl headquarters here in new york city is what's on the left side of your screen. we're expecting nfl commissioner roger goodell to step up to the microphones. the big issue now on the fields of the nfl saying that it would not force players to stand during the national anthem. what will that look like going forth? they've had an owners meeting today. what are the owners saying to the nfl commissioner? what is that conversation like with players feeling one way and the president weighing in on this issue, too. we'll watch it. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens from nfl headquarters in new york city. another fox news alert.
10:25 am
president trump just wrapped up a meeting with senators on the finance committee including my next guest, senator tim scott of south carolina. they were talking tax reform ahead of a critical vote on the budget. a resolution that is necessary to then get tax reform done. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity in my opinion. this is something that will be really unique. the timing is right. we're going to restore america's competitive edge, rebuild america's middle class very much aimed at the middle class and renew the promise of the american dream. >> harris: trump also tweeted this. democrats will only vote for tax increases. hopefully all senate republicans will vote for the largest tax cuts in history. that from the president of the united states this morning. now let's bring in south carolina senator tim scott, finance committee and healthcare
10:26 am
committee. we heard the president talk on tax cuts and reform to the american people. anything new coming out of the meeting that you just left? >> i think the key for the meeting that we just left was, number one, the president was very clear that he wanted to produce a middle class miracle for hard working americans, and he would love to do it in a bipartisan fashion. we are ready to go it alone. the focus of this tax reform package is centered on how do we make sure everyday americans get to keep more of their money in their pay checks. that means reducing their taxes. the focus was very clear. we are hopeful there will be a bipartisan opportunity, but we are prepared to make sure that we deliver to the american people the ability to keep most of their pay checks every single pay check. >> harris: i can almost hear the cheering from the middle class and really everybody, in every income level. when you look at middle class and small sinesses, those are the people worng at those small businesses that keep creating jobs. you say a middle class miracle. can i ask you, why does it take
10:27 am
a miracle to help the groups of people that both sides on the political party landscape say that they want to help? >> it certainly should not, but the reality is, if you look at the last time we had an opportunity to do tax reform and got it done was 1986. more than 30 years later. it would be a miracle for us to get that accomplished if we're going to do it in a bipartisan fashion. what would not take a miracle would be for 50 of us to vote for a bill to get it across to president's desk so he can sign into law these cuts that will help inspire and encourage growth and innovation in our economy in ways that we have not seen in a generation. what would take a miracle is for us to do that in a bipartisan fashion, which should be part of our goal. >> harris: president trump this morning talked to us, our morning host, about getting democrats on board. let's watch that and then i want to get your reaction. >> sure. >> the problem is we have no democrats. we have no democratic votes. >> have you tried? >> we've tried. they're in a fog.
10:28 am
they have 48 votes. all they want to do is obstruct. i think we'll have democrats if we get through the budget. if we get through the budget, we have taxes. i think we're going to have some democrats, especially in states where i did very well. >> you're growing the economy for the middle class. middle class does well. then businesses do well and we make things in this country and working families get tax breaks. that's what the president said in his campaign. that's what he said on forbes last week. that was part of what he said last night in his heritage speech. i watched it. i want to find a way to do it right with 60 votes bipartisanly. >> harris: got to think he was pretty popular today. i understand he may have joined you guys. >> he was there. he was very fair on what he thought was necessary for us to move forward. reality of it is that the democrats will be obstructionists if they are not willing to allow us to move forward in a bipartisan fashion. the onus is on them to come to the table. we have opened the door. the door is wide open.
10:29 am
we want to make sure the focus is not on folks on the left, folks on the right, folks up or down. this is our opportunity to focus straight and center on the american people who are working every single day and for the vast majority they have not seen the economic recovery come to their home in the form of a pay increase. so this is a chance for us to reduce our chances, increase take home pay by focusing specifically on those things that will help that happen. >> harris: i want to move on to healthcare. people may not know it, senator, but you and the president have met many times. you have talked about bridging different types of divides. so i know that you have talked also about -- >> thank you. >> harris: absolutely. after charlottesville. you talk bipartisan on many issues. as we reach healthcare, we saw senators lamar alexander and patty murray, a democrat, reach a deal, a bill, a deal on a bill, if you will. some republicans say they don't
10:30 am
like it. democrats say they don't like it. how do you bridge the divide and get the president's vision of having some sort of replacement repeal for obamacare potentially by spring '18? >> i think the fast track to get there, the president and those republicans and democrats all want to find a way to stablize the individual market. this is where a lot of the pain and suffering for the everyday american who is either self-employed or an individual not covered by a group policy. there are about 20 million folks in that market. that market is challenged because there's no group afill affiliation or association. the president's executive order that provided folks to be part of an association plan even as self-employed individuals actually lose the ball down the field significantly. the opportunity for us to stablize the market and not have an insurance bailout is the second tier. that's the legislation that's being worked on by lamar alexander and senator murray. i'm hopeful that they will move
10:31 am
the ball forward enough i. e. allow for more flexibility for states by doing so, those csr's that we've heard talk about in the news, we could get those done for two years, if we're able to provide a more conservative solution, which means flexibility, catastrophic plans and more waivers for states to be innovative and creative in the healthcare so as to make sure the average person can afford a policy that covers their wants and not pay for the coverage they simply do not need. >> harris: before i let you go, i want to talk one more question about tax reform because it's hitting me now as we're watching the dow. wall street is reacting to the idea that tax reform could happen by the end of the year, so analysts are telling me. north of 23,000. look at this number. it's unbelievable, right? but here's the thing. is it postured by, okay, we're gonna get some policy and if and when that policy doesn't happen, what will it look like?
10:32 am
that is the concern. how do you get there on tax reform? i'm looking at the list of the finance committee. you've got senators like mchaskell. you had some democrats outside sherrod brown. >> folks on the middle class, left and right. that's good news. second, looking for a way to make sure we understand and appreciate the dynamic nature of our economy, so you can include that as part of the analysis on how you grow the economy to create the future jobs here in america. if we can stay on that pace where we can have republicans and democrats having that conversation, we have reasons to be optimistic. but let's not forget the fact that the goal is not for us to have republican solution or even a bipartisan solutions. we need american solutions for people who have not seen a raise in a decade. that's our goal. we need to remain focused on that. >> harris: that's true. sometimes you want to walk across the hall and bang on a
10:33 am
door. it >>'s frustrating at times, no question. >> harris: tim scott, senator from south carolina, thank you, sir. hope you'll come back. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: no apologies when it comes to merry christmas. we're saying god. or on matters of heritage. president trump not sheering away from his values. >> we believe we should sprefrb our history, not tear it down. now they're even trying to destroy statues of christopher columbus. what's next? has to be stopped. it's heritage. the best simple salad ever?
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hey hun, huh! we gotta go. come on. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that. >> harris: today is the day that we will find out what the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell, plans to do about players who are protesting in the nfl by kneeling during the national anthem. at first he said they could kneel and didn't have to stand. then it came out that the policy
10:38 am
would be that they would not have to stand during the national anthem. so we have gone back and forth from standing, kneeling, standing, kneeling, and now the commissioner is getting ready to tell us what's just happened after a meeting with 11 team owners, 13 of those nfl players who have protested during the national anthem. nfl's players association and officials from around the nfl. so it will be interesting to see where he lands on this and the context and tone and tenor of those meetings culminating with this nfl headquarters meeting on park avenue with those people i just listed. as he steps up to the microphone there, we will take you to him live. roger goodell at the nfl headquarters. but we move on. >> freedom is not a gift from government. freedom is a gift from god. we're here tonight to rededicate
10:39 am
ourselves to the defense of our god given rights. we should preserve our history, not tear it down. now they're even trying to destroy statutes of christopher columbus. what's next? let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. >> harris: that's president trump serving up some political red meat for the conservative audience at the heritage foundation. he went on to talk about cutting taxes. but the president hit some of the issues most dear to his base. for reaction back from the outnumbered couch, marie harp and republican strategist evan sigfried is here. he's talking, as he did on this nfl issue, about the flag and standing for the national anthem, from a place where he thinks he has standing and ground with everybody. >> yes. he's talking about issues that
10:40 am
many americans feel very strongly about. there's a lot of americans who feel strongly about people who kneel during the national anthem and how that offends them. >> harris: no matter what their politics are. >> and there are people who want to say merry christmas. it's a very smart trap he's laid for democrats. democrats oppose trump at anything and everything he does. and when they're making the argument that, no, you should be able to kneel, it translates to some voters as they're against people standing for the national anthem. >> harris: marie, you and i have talked on the couch about the fact that if you look at this for just what it is, it's kind of the president being political, but all just showing what his beliefs are. >> well, i think the president is trying to focus on cultural issues, what some call the culture wars, in part because he hasn't had success on the traditional legislative agenda he laid out. healthcare repeal and replace. still hasn't happened. tax reform is getting pushed probably into next year.
10:41 am
>> harris: you think? even with all of the offensive he's been on in the last 24 hours? >> mick mulvaney said tax reform will probably get pushed to the beginning of next year. he politically rightly understands that for his base, this is very helpful for him to do. i don't think it's going to grow his numbers beyond that support. his numbers are still at historical lows for a president in the first year. i think he's trying to solidify the base. what will be interesting is whether that works in 2018 when he's not on the ballot, but his party is. >> harris: evan? >> i think marie is talking about the president trying to shore up his base, but there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the president. when they go out and defend people doing things that are offensive to many americans or when democrats defend that, that does not offer an alternative. democrats haven't come out with a message. their message is no, you can kneel for the national anthem. no, you shouldn't say merry christmas. that freedom might not even be a
10:42 am
god given right. it makes democrats shoot themselves in the foot by defending it. >> harris: when the president said freedom is a god given right, what do you say? that's not just red meat to the base. >> that's pretty much a pact at this point. i think every man strives to be born -- >> harris: and woman. >> thank you, harris. this is language the president -- >> harris: i saw you nodding when evan was talking. >> what i agree with is the democrats need a positive message and a positive agenda. can't just be anti-trump. it didn't work in 2016. it's not going to work next year and certainly not going to work in 2020. donald trump has never been someone to use this -- >> harris: how do you know that? >> he's been a public figure for decades. he's never focused on this overtly religious language. he's used it a lot since becoming president. i find it interesting. i do think it's trying to speak to some of the base. i'm not saying democrats don't say merry christmas. that's a gross over
10:43 am
generalization. you can't call people protesting racial issues in this country unpatriotic. you can't question the right of people to use their first amendment. that's not fair. that's the argument democrats are making. >> the problem with the argument the democrats are making is that the argument takes longer than a bumper sticker slogan to make. >> all complicated issues. >> they've gotten much shorter. when you say no, they should be able to, that's what people extrapolate. they don't extrapolate the very long and lengthy message. >> harris: let's talk about success with the president on these issues. we've been talking about the nfl as we wait for the nfl commissioner to step up behind that microphone and tell us what his decision will be about the policy with the nfl and kneeling or not kneeling for the national anthem. we'll get into that as it happens. but with respect to that, the president got out on that issue, he never backed down, he never waiver. we've seen the nfl do gymnastic moves trying to figure out what
10:44 am
to do about it. not the president. it was a winning issue for him. >> it was. because many americans felt this was wrong, but nobody was there to say it's okay to say you should stand up for the anthem. last year nobody really did that. the only thing president obama said, and i'll give him credit for this, was the people who kneel should take into consideration how it would impact somebody who lost a loved one in a time of war for standing up for those freedoms. president obama was right, but he never forcefully echoed that and told people to stand. >> harris: the reason i bring up this now, we'll take you there. but the reason we segue is we don't have to wonder where the president stands on these issues. we haven't been with the president in private. he's more public now than he has ever been. he's the president. we now know more about that. this is consistent with what he was saying to the heritage foundation last night. >> it is. you're right, he has not waivered on this issue.
10:45 am
transitioning to the nfl though, they are in a more difficult spot. they do have business considerations, if people don't want to pay to go to these games that's an issue. lot of their players now, not just colin kaepernick, but a number of players believe this is an important issue. they should be able to deal with it as a unit, as the nfl, as a team. they're in a tough place. >> harris: all right. with the president talking about these issues, freedom, religion, merry christmas. evan, you point out what is the counter point? got to be good ideas from the democrats. if they posture themselves anti-any of that, they're in trouble. we are actually going to bring in a former nfl player to talk with us about this. he's on board for today as this is happening. they are adjusting the cameras which sometimes can indicate we're moments away. we're going to take a quick break. the nfl commissioner, our power panel and a former nfl player set to sit down and join us
10:46 am
here. world champion. okay. we'll talk about this this issue even deeper. stay close.
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>> dana: hi, everyone, i'm dain in perino. we are awaiting sarah sanders to take the podium at the top of
10:50 am
the hour. plus attorney general jeff sessions is back on capitol hill after a contentious morning. we'll bring you the highlights. and if that's not enough, the nfl commissioner roger goodell is about to give a news conference after two days of meetings with players and owners. we'll take you to that live at the top of the hour. >> harris: just getting word we are inside a five-minute warning from nfl commissioner roger goodell, who is expected to speak after the league's decision to allow players to keep kneeling during the national anthem without penalty. president trump said it has decided to not let players stand during the national anthem. bringing back marie harp and evan siegfried. also joining us burgess owens is here. great to meet you for the first time and talk to you, sir. i know you have strong views including your decision about whether these players should kneel or not. what is it? >> i'm a very patriotic, very
10:51 am
proud american, with a history of proud black americans. it comes down to this. we owe it to your next generation to give them hope. every time we stand against the flag, the opportunities we give those kids a look at the indication that they might not have a chance that we have. so i believe very simple. man up, stand up. stand up for our flag. there's a lot of issues. these issues are not just happening all of a sudden. i think we need to address them as americans. pull back the cover on what's going on in black communities. >> harris: for people who have not heard you talk about it, you said it is time to change the conversation between white and black americans. what do you mean? >> very simply this. we've been listening to the leftist marxists for too long. for me, the conservative black americans like myself and for generations in the past, i say very simply, we do not look for your pity. don't pity the black race.
10:52 am
what we need for americans to do is this. stand against the democratic marxists who have had the boots of, their boots on the necks of black americans for too long. if you want the race to grow and prosper, look at the messages that's been going on in the black community. those who tell the kids that they should grow up being anti-american, anti-white, anti-family. everything that's going on that has been messaged by the leftists. we fight against that, we win this fight and can move forward. >> harris: i want to bring this back to football because i have heard you say the two go hand in hand. you say the people doing the protesting need to simply do one thing and that is win at the game that they've asked all of us to pay to watch. >> that. at the end of the day it comes down to this. they're entertainers. first of all, we have young men who have been brought up in this environment in which they have been trained for 15 years that this country is not for them, yet they're succeeding. we need to address those issues.
10:53 am
on the other side, we have a company that will not set parameters for their football players. >> harris: the nfl. >> exactly. >> harris: yeah. >> and it's an indication the nfl has been pushing the leftist agenda for too long. not the days of al davis and vince lombardi. it's now a political tool for democrats. that's why this whole thing started last year. we need to put an end to it. if they want to keep their brand, get back to playing football, stay focused, get out of politics and let americans help the black community the way we should. it's getting these leftists, understanding what they're trying to do and get them out of the way. >> harris: we haven't even talked about why they're kneeling anymore. evan sigfried is here along with marie harp. evan? >> i think the nfl commissioner goodell has not handled this situation well. >> harris: you can talk directly to mr. owens.
10:54 am
>> burgess, do you think owners are not wanting to punish their players because it would negatively impact their team and the desire of other players to go into those teams in the future, say with free agency? >> it's the tail wagging the dog. i think they got caught up in the political process now they just don't know how to get out of it. if they were to treat their employers the way they treat their employees at the corporate office. understand these are grown men. they understand parameters. set the parameters. let people know what's in, what's out. americans are sick and tired of watching a league that we pay big dollars for, to not understand how to control their own brand. yes. if they want to win the big game, they need to pull these guys together and pull harmony that they're working together to win game after game, not demonstrating against our flag. >> harris: marie? >> what i wonder is if there's a middle ground here for the nfl? burgess, i'd love to get your
10:55 am
thoughts on this. is there a way to say, we will raise awareness for these issues that you are protesting. they're real issues, they're important, and we should talk about them. if they put in place a process to do that and then the players say, okay, you've listened to us, we'll stand. is that possible? >> i think we need to look at who the target is. understand nfl is a place where 70% of black players are millionaires. they're being paid very well. they have a platform. the issue should be talking with the black politicians who run these communities for decades. we have 83% of black females not working. we have crime going through the roof. 6% of black -- 40% violent crime. that goes to a litany of failure. illiteracy. 75% of black boys in the state of california cannot meet their reading standards. why are we not talking ab these things? why will do we not talk to the people who are responsible? these leftist, marxist democrats
10:56 am
who use misery as a policy and strategy. they want to get elected so they keep people angry and fighting against everybody el. that's our fight. it's not the nfl. nfl, unfortunately uses a tool. it's the black politicians we need to be talking about. and those who control them, the white marxists. >> harris: we are awaiting roger goodell at the nfl head quarters in new york. stay close.
10:57 am
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>> harris: we have been told we are now well inside the five-minute morning until this nfl headquarters meeting with roger goodell. to kneel or not to kneel? what will the nfl say? it's coming up. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: this is the fox news alert. we're keeping an eye on multiple stories breaking this hour. hello, everyone. this is "the daily briefing." nfl commissioner roger goodell set to hold a news conference in moments amid the controversy surrounding player protest during the national anthem. follows two days of meetings between league officials and players, as well as team owners. goodell said the league did not ask the players to commit to stand during the national anthem. a move president trump called, quote, a total disrespect for our country. we'll take you there as soon as it starts. meanwhile, we are awaiting the white house press


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