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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. >> bret: president trump sense mixed signals about a plan to keep obamacare on life support and denies what are being called insensitive remarks to the widow of a fallen soldie. a judge says americans like you are not qualified to decide public health policy. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. considerable confusion in the capital tonight about just where president trump stands on a bipartisan senate proposal that would keep obamacare health exchanges going for the time being. yesterday the president signaled support. now not so much. the growing uproar at the
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white house at the moment concerns what the president did or did not say to the widow of a u.s. soldier who died in africa last week. john roberts starts us off. >> good evening. the remains of another american hero were repatriated and another american family was going through the unspeakable grief of losing a loved one. if that weren't bad enough, the tragedy has become a political football. >> i had a very nice conversation. >> president trump pushed back hard on claims he was disrespectful and insensitive in a phone call last night to the widow of la david johnson. congresswoman listened in on the call and says the president drove the widow to tears. >> "i'm sure he knew what he was signing up for. it still hurts.
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>> the white house would not go into the content of the call but insists there was nothing insensitive or inappropriate. >> general kelly was present for the call and thought it was appropriate, it was respectful and he thought the president did the best job he could under those circumstances to offer condolences on behalf of the country. >> congresswoman wilson who has a history of antagonizing president trump got intensely personal in her criticism of the call in the morning television appearance. >> this gentleman has a brain disorder and he needs to be checked out. >> this afternoon the press secretary ripped the congresswoman for politicizing a condolence call. >> this was a president who loves our country, has the greatest level of respect for men and women in uniform and wanted to call and offer condolences to the family and to try to create something from bath that the congresswoman is doing is frankly appalling and disgusting. stick with the white house defended the amount of time it took for president trump to send
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letters and make calls to the families of the four soldiers kn niger, saying the notification came from the pentagon last week. the president said he wrote letters over the weekend and monday the white house military office scheduled yesterday's condolence calls. the controversy was unfolding this morning as president trump met with members of the senate finance committee. the gathering was about tax reform but the president made headlines by rejecting the new alexander-murray senate agreement on obamacare subsidies. >> i won't do anything to enrich the insurance companies. right now the insurance companies are being enriched. they've been enriched by obamacare like nothing anyone's ever seen before. >> the rejection reversed president trump's earlier optimism about the deal. administration official tells fox news the agreement "does not make reforms necessary to lower costs and obamacare markets. does not give hhs significant new waiver authority and includes more than $100 million
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in unrelated obamacare advertising." >> this president supports republicans and democrats coming to work together, but it's not a full approach and we need something to go a little bit further. >> it's unclear whether there are the votes to pass the measure. a spokesman for paul ryan indicated it's a nonstarter in the house, telling fox news "the speaker does not see anything that changes his view that the senate should keep its focus on repeal and replace of obamacare. on the issue of the condolence call, the press secretary said chief of staff john kelly who lost his son in 2010 in afghanistan is disgusted about the fact that this has become politicized and that the focus is on the process now and not the fact that four american service members died. >> bret: more on this with the panel. john roberts, thanks. the president's top law-enforcement official is refusing to tell senators with the two men i've talked about.
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attorney general jeff sessions questioned today on a number of subjects with democrats pressing him on the firing of fbi director james comey and the investigation into russian interference in last fall's election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports. >> republicans and democrats pressed attorney general jeff sessions on president trump's decision to terminate fbi director james comey. >> the american people have a right to know why he was fired, especially in the middle of so many high-profile issues going on, including the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. >> it's important i believe to understand what role you had in this process. >> sessions said he would reline past precedent set by republican and democratic administrations. >> i can neither assert executive privilege nor can i disclose today the content of my confidential conversations with
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the president. >> sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein wrote memos for the president in may citing comey's recommendations. >> i don't think it's been fully understood the significance of the error that mr. comey made on the clinton matter. >> and an nbc interview, the president said comey was incompetent and the russia investigation should be over with. >> did the president mention his concern about lifting the cloud on the russia investigation? >> that calls for a communication i've had with the president and i believe it remains confidential. >> sessions mounted a vigorous defense when democrats accused him of misleading the committee over his contacts with the russian investor. >> now it is "i did not discuss interference in the campaign." >> let me say this without hesitation.
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i conducted no improper discussions with the russians at any time. >> have you been interviewed or requested to be interviewed by the special counsel? >> no. >> two witnesses from fusion gps, the opposition research firm behind the controversial drum dossier that helped kick-start the fbi russian probe took the fifth. >> no american should be compelled to appear before a congressional committee just to invoke constitutional privileges. >> sources tell fox news democratic staffers on the house intelligence committee were aggressive and ran interference to help protect fusion gps. the witnesses refused all the questions on the trump dossier, including sources, who paid for it in the company's relationship to the fbi. >> bret: will follow that story. thank you. some history tonight on wall street. the dow gained 160 to close above the 23,000 mark for the first time ever. s&p 500 up 2.
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nasdaq gained a fraction. let's get some insight into the stock market surge. deirdre bolton joins us live from new york. >> good evening. it's banner day and the markets. great for most people's retirement plans. most experts say we are going to go up from here for two reasons. one is that corporate america is healthy. businesses are making money. they are controlling costs and that's what makes investors want to buy stocks. they see slow and steady growth and that's the best kind. the other reason is that the global economy is doing better than it was a few years ago as well. asia, european companies growin growing. for most investors, predictable, slow growth is the best kind. lets them have to invest more. analysts will tell you you always want to have money in as many different buckets as possible. cash, real estate, other assets that make sense to you along with stocks.
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one contextual point. today is a big day but it's also a big money decade. the stock market has risen every year for the past eight years. we are essentially in a bull market that's well into its ninth year. if you want to know who will receive the most gains technology and financial. one worry is that there is a shock to the american economy, the federal reserve has kept rates very low. if the u.s. economy needs help, there is little left. the fed doesn't really have extra tools right now. they have been in use since 2008. >> bret: not a lot of arrows in the quiver. ford is recalling about 1.3 million pickup trucks in north america because of potential door problems. models affected are the 2015 through 2017 f-150 and the
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2,017th super duty. ford says it's not aware of any accidents or injuries related to those problems that may prevent a door from opening or closing. this is a fox news alert. a massive search on for a gunman accused of killing three coworkers in a maryland office park and shooting at least one person at a car dealership in delaware. correspondent garrett tenney is in edgewood, maryland tonight. good evening. >> bret, six people have been shot and there's a massive manhunt underway for a gunman who police are describing as desperate and dangerous. this is the man who locals, state and federal law enforcement are hunting for. this 37-year-old. this morning he showed up for work in edgewood, maryland, where police say he shot five coworkers. three died at the scene and two remained in critical condition.
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from there he headed to wilmington, delaware, where he shot another man whom police say he had history with. this afternoon police in wilmington say law enforcement across the northeast are taking part in the hunt for this fugitive. >> this person is dangerous. you never know what is going to go through a person's mind. the individual is being tracked down and we are turning over every stone to try to find this individual. hopefully we will have this person in custody soon so he doesn't cause any more harm. >> no stranger to law enforcement, a long rap sheet including charges for burglary and weapons violations. law enforcement believe he acted alone. last spotted driving a black gmc acadia with delaware license plates. the fbi's asking anyone with tips or information,
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1-800-call-fbi. >> bret: thank you. we will head back for breaking details. on capitol hill, preparations for tomorrow's senate vote on a new budget, setting the table for republicans big prize, tax reform. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has an update. >> we want to take more money out of washington's pockets and put more money in the pockets of hardworking men and women throughout the country. >> senate republican leaders must approve a budget blueprint to clear a path to a tax reform. >> developing common sense tax reform goals with further instructions from the budget, the committee will be able to complete its work. >> good news for republican leaders came with mississippi senator thad cochran returning yesterday from an absence due to medical issues and arizona senator john mccain saying he supports the budget resolution. 52 republican senators, there is little wiggle room considering kentucky senator rand paul is expected to be a "no." >> if we do what we say we are i
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will vote for the budget. if we are not going to be conservative, i can't vote for it. >> g.o.p. leaders sound hopeful they will have the necessary votes on the budget. top democrats have shifted their aim for the next fight. republican plans for tax reform. >> why is the trump administration proposing this immoral plan that will explode the deficit and not grow the economy. because the plan is very, very good for the super rich members of the trump administration. >> democrats are trying to exploit friction with former white house chief strategist steve bannon threatening to find conservative primary challenges to take on every incumbent g.o.p. senator except ted cruz. leaders suggest the president is too worried about his base. >> he's got to learn if he is going to just be so afraid of the right wing whenever they barked, he runs away, he's not
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going to be able to govern. >> key senate republicans say the president is clear about where he wants to go on taxes. >> needs to be about growth, it needs to be about better jobs and higher wages for american workers, and those are priorities for the president and priorities for us. we will see if there are some democrats willing to join us. >> if at least 50 senate republican stick together and say yes to the budget, there's nothing democrats can do about it. so that's likely why they are shifting their focus to the bigger prize: tax reform. >> bret: mike emanuel life. thanks. democratic lieutenant governor ralph northam has a seven-point lead over republican ed gillespie in the virginia governor's race. according to the latest fox news poll out tonight. that election is november 7. immigration travel ban that was supposed to take effect today instead is taking another judicial hit. a judge in maryland is the second to block the third version of the policy. national correspondent william
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la jeunesse tells us why. stick we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. >> nine months ago president trump proposed travel ban to stop individuals from entering the u.s. from countries considered a national security threat. >> we don't want them here. opposition was fierce and tuesday a pair of federal judges rejected trump's third proposed ban hours before taking effect. >> blocking 115 million people randomly, to my mind, from these six countries. but it's not random because it really has a muslim bias. >> the administration argues it's not accurate. since the new new ban covers k, venezuela, syria, yemen, chad. >> it's an order we are proud to defend. >> federal judge derek watson
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disagrees, writing "categorical restrictions on entire populations of men, women, and children based upon nationality are a poor fit for the issues regarding the sharing of public safety and terrorism related information that the president identifies. >> what we are seeing is the administration do its best to craft an executive order that complies with the legal rules that the courts so far have articulated. they are trying to thread a path between accomplishing international security goals but in a way that is consistent with the law. >> unlike previous travel bans, this was not temporary. stopped the state department from issuing visas until the countries comply. will they appeal or go to the supreme court? we are told the department is figuring it out. >> bret: thank you. the nfl says it would like players to stand for the national anthem but will not force them to. we will tell you why when we
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>> bret: the commissioner of the national football league says everyone should stand for the national anthem. roger goodell says the league will not require players to do so. comes as the nfl tries to balance the players desire to protest and the owners desire to keep raking in profits. but rick leventhal is in new york. >> nfl owners in new york for the league meeting says there will be no rule forcing players to stand during the national anthem even though roger goodell says he thinks they should. >> we believe they should stand. it's an important part of our game and our moment. >> dozens of players have sat,
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taken any or stayed off the field during the anthem which they say is a protest against social injustice and police brutality. the game operation manual doesn't require the players stand but suggests that during the national anthem players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in her left hand and refrain from talking. former san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was the first to take any last season. he is now off the team and claims owners are colluding against him to keep them out of the league. the 49er ceo says he has a newfound respect for kaepernick. >> he was courageous and what he did but now we have to go from protest to progress. >> president trump tweeting "the nfl has decided it will not force players to stand during the playing of our national anthem. total disrespect for our great country." the majority of fans say they don't support the protest.
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commissioner roger goodell says they are focused on concerns. stick we are not afraid of tough conversations. that's what we are having with our players. that's what we had yesterday to make sure we understand one another and understand with their coming from. >> the commissioner says six or seven players are protesting and the goal is to get that number down to zero without changing the rules. >> bret: thank you. firefighters in california report excellent progress in their battle against the deadliest and most destructive series of blazes in that state's history. 34,000 people remain under evacuation orders out of 100,000 during the height of the fires. at least 42 people have been killed. 6,000 homes destroyed. the city attorney in los angeles is asking women who say they were sexually assaulted by disgraced movie executive harvey weinstein to come forward. he says the office will prosecute where facts support
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conviction. a spokesman for weinstein has delight allegations of nonconsensual sex. i judge says people like you are not qualified to set public health policy. funding for places where drug addicts can safely use and abuse dangerous drugs. dan springer has the story from seattle. >> with the opioid crisis growing, the fight over what to do about it has landed in the courtroom. officials in king county washington want to open the country's first so-called safe injection sites were addicts can shoot up in the presence of county health workers. supporters say it's about saving lives. >> it will stop them from dying, that's the main purpose. stick with the plan prompted a citizens initiative aimed at blocking all public funding for the sites. backers of the initiative elected more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. a group name to protect public health student to kill the
3:24 pm
measure, arguing voters are in no position to weigh the scientific evidence or understand the impact of vetoing part of a multi-wrong response to local public health crisis. superior court judge veronica galvin agreed and instruct on the initiative, ruling it "interferes with the duties and obligations of the board and county counsel." >> when our representatives don't listen to citizens anymore, we still have the initiative process to make sure our voices heard. it's not interference. it should be welcomed input. >> and states that allow initiatives, they're about all kinds of ballot measures that touch on public health. including medical marijuana, vaccinations, and abortion. >> this is different from other kinds of policy. public health officials need to be able to respond quickly and effectively in the case of public health crises. >> i-27 leaders vowed to appeal the decision and hope to have a countywide vote in february.
3:25 pm
city councils throughout king county have had their say. seven have said they will not accept a safe injection site with more expected to follow. >> bret: thank you. up next, a chilling warning from britain's head of domestic security about the terror threa threat. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 5 in las vegas. the hotel security worker who was shot by the man who massacred 58 people earlier this month says he is healing physically and mentally day by day. jesus campos made his first public appearance on the ellen to generous show. -- fox 9 in the twin cities. the station gets a first look at video of the august bombing of an islamic center in bloomington, minnesota. leaders are hoping someone will come forward to help catch the person responsible. no one was injured or killed.
3:26 pm
the fbi is still investigating. this is a live look at san diego from fox 5. big story there, another death in the cities hepatitis a outbreak. that brings the total to 19, with 507 others sickened. county health authorities traced the outbreak to last november. officials have stepped up immunizations, sprayed sanitizing chemicals on streets and sidewalks and set up public hand washing stations. that's tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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♪ 's view on the head of britain's domestic intelligence services the terror threat is worse now than at any time in his career. the warning is getting playing of attention inside and out of great britain. greg palkot takes a look from london.
3:30 pm
>> screams and terror, one of several attacks this year that have triggered a warning from one of britain's top security chiefs about the current terror threat. >> the threat is multidimensional, evolving rapidly, and operating a scale and paste we have not seen before. >> in a rare speech, the director general of mi-5, the u.k. equivalent of the fbi, he admits he's never seen it this bad. some 36 people were killed and more injured in attacks in london and manchester. add to that strikes across europe including barcelona and beyond, the lone wolf style and more orchestrated brooches. he described a diverse global challenge. >> there's more terrorist activity coming at us more quickly and it can be harder to detect. >> there are ongoing u.k. government probes into how well authorities handled the latest wave of attacks.
3:31 pm
according to the intelligence chief, u.k. anti-terror operations are busy. seven potentially deadly attacks have been thwarted this year, some three and 79 people have been arrested. 500 investigations being conducted into some 3,000 suspected terrorists. the rise in recent years of so-called islamic state is said to be a root for greece and have the terror uptick and as isis loses ground, the threat remain remains. >> as well as those we are looking at today, risk can come from returnees from syria and iraq. >> just as significant, the digital battlefield. the internet, social media, instant messaging providing more weapon for the modern jihadi. this global threat demands cooperation. relationships between authorities in the u.k. and u.s. have had their ups and downs. it remains close and it's
3:32 pm
crucial. >> bret: greg palkot live in london. thanks. iran's u.n. ambassador rejecting any suggestion that tehran is playing a nefarious role inside iraq. he blames "the hostile policies of the united states and its regional allies, especially the zionist regime that have turned the region into a tinderbox." that statement is not easing the fears of many in the u.s. national security correspondent jennifer griffin watching the situation. >> now that isis controls less than 3% of iraq, the u.s. military must figure out how to keep iraq from breaking apart while also preventing iran from turning its neighbor into a proxy state. >> nearly every threat to peace and security in the middle east is connected to iran's outlaw behavior. >> the shia-led government. the u.s. finds itself in the middle of a potential three-way
3:33 pm
civil war involving three factions. >> they are going to start demanding that we leave iraq and we leave syria. >> the head of u.s. central command issued a similar warning. >> iran's desire to build larger influence literally in developing the tehran-beirut access and figuratively five increasing military and political influence in places like syria, yemen, iraq and other places. >> u.s. military commander's on the ground have to be more diplomatic to avoid antagonizing baghdad who is permission they need to stay in iraq. army colonel ryan dillon said he saw no evidence iran played a role in pushing kurdish fighters out of the oil-rich city of kirkuk. even though photos and videos emerged on social media of a shiite iraqi commander with close ties to iran who would been on the u.s. sanctions list
3:34 pm
since 2009, taking part in the flag raising ceremony after iraqi forces moved in. also seen in kirkuk, the shadowy iranian general. leader of proxy forces and on the u.s. sanctions list. a year ago, kurdish fighters teamed up with iraqi forces to kick isis out of mosul. now they have turned on each other and many u.s. officials blame iran. >> bret: thank you. iran's supreme leader calling on european leaders to support the west's nuclear deal after president trump's refusal to recertify the agreement. ayatollah khamenei says if the u.s. scuttles the deal, "we will shredded to pieces." he says the nuclear agreement in which iran promises not to work on the developing of a bomb benefits european countries. up next, the panel on president trump's condolence call and his call on a bipartisan health care fix.
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beyond our borders. francis parliament has adopted and approved a sweeping counterterrorism law that replace the 2-year-old law state of emergency implemented after the november 2015 attacks in paris. it's the first major security legislation for the new president emmanuel macron. it gives law enforcement greater authority to conduct searches, close religious facilities and restrict the movements of terror suspects. spain's prime minister is urging catalonia's leaders to back down from their bid to gain independence. catalonia's president is facing thursday morning deadline to clarify his intentions. spain is threatening to seize some or total control of the semi autonomous region if it proceeds with succession plans. somalia officials say two people have been arrested with saturday's truck bombing. thousands took to the streets today in a show of defiance after what many are calling somalia's 9/11. many people asking why one of the deadliest terror attacks in years is not getting what they
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>> has the white has been involved in negotiations? >> we have been involved in this is a short-term deal because we think ultimately block grants going to the states is going to be the answer. that's a very good solution. while i commend the bipartisan work done by senators alexander and marie and i do commend it, i continue to believe congress must find a solution to the obamacare mess instead of providing valence to insurance companies. if something can happen, that's fine, but i won't do anything to enrich the insurance companies. >> bret: okay, so we are trying to figure out exactly where president trump, the administration are on lamar alexander-patty murray bill. it was seen as a temporary fix
3:40 pm
to obamacare while a bigger fixative repeal and replace is still being worked on. the president tweeting today: "i am supportive of lamar as a person and also of the process, but i can never support bailing out insurance companies who have made a fortune with o'care." with that, let's bring in the panel. steve hilton, former advisor to david cameron. a.b. stoddard, associate editor at real clear politics. byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner" ." is there an evolution here? do you think he felt pushback from conservatives? >> both of those things. i think he found out more of what was in the murray-alexander agreement and i got a bad reaction from a lot of conservatives, policy walks and others. and also it was pretty clear
3:41 pm
last night one of those sound bites you played was a speech from last night. he made it clear he wasn't going to go with any sort of bailout. i think he spoke off-the-cuff yesterday when he said he supported it. and now he commands the to her making this effort. >> bret: here is senator alexander on the compromise leading up to what he says are conservative victories. >> this is what we need to do in the meantime. it gives us a few steps toward what we most want which are more options for the states to give people choices of insurance at lower costs. there are more victories for conservatives in the alexander-murray compromised we've had eight years of arguing about obamacare. >> bret: guy who likes compromise sometimes, speaker paul ryan, through a spokesperson says the speaker does not see in him that changes his view that the senate should keep its focus on repeal and
3:42 pm
replace of obamacare. seems a.b. that we are back to square one. >> yeah. actually the president did lead senator alexander on and talk to him over the weekend. he said i don't want us people to suffer. lamar alexander felt he could come out and say that out loud. lamar alexander doesn't give a lot of interviews. doesn't talk to the press very much. he was encouraged by the way to not have fox news go into a county that trump won where people say my whole life took a bad turn in november of 2017 after those csr payments were cut. he knew this was going to do. i was told last week he was in a meeting at the white house, spent the entire meeting trying to drive the conversation to a health care deal. he wants this behind him. but he had pressure from his crowd last night. he had pressure from mark meadows of the freedom caucus, spoke positively about this deal
3:43 pm
and he backed off. they don't have the votes for repeal. the republican party of 2017 who are seated in congress are not going to repeal this law. i thought his opening gambit was good yesterday which was let's do this and then we'll get to our own thing later on. but he's slowing up the process. the house problem solvers caucus came up with the first plan. it has more things and it republicans would like, including a medical device tax repeal and other things. there's a little more there that could happen. but not of paul ryan and the leaders are saying let's go back to repeal. which they all know is an illusion. >> bret: they may not bring up the spill. it's the leadership's decision. let's talk broadly, steve. about governing and working with lawmakers. and an executive and the trust level of the yen and yang. you have to believe you're going to be backed up at some point to go out on a limb to put
3:44 pm
something. >> yes, i think that's right and i think there's also a really big question here on strategy. it's not being handled right. i've said many times that the really big thing the president was elected to do to get the economy moving, get jobs and incomes and that's the thing he seems to understand the best. we are going to talk about it later. all of this is a diversion from the big thing he needs to do. everything they go in, they get bogged down. you're right they don't have the votes. that's why i was encouraged to see there may be an attempt. encouraging, felt like he was learning the ropes a little bit in terms of working with others, giving encouragement. now it feels like a step back. it's just not -- all of it is wasting time and energy that really should be focused on the economic. >> bret: we should point out lindsey graham and others have said even if the cassidy-graham bill was passed, it was still
3:45 pm
take a couple years to be implemented to do these block grants to states for that repeal and replace version. >> that was a step for the senate. house had passed a bill and the cassidy-graham bill was not where to be anything like it so we are still going to be a long way away. i think for republicans, you have to remember it is taking a while to soak in about how catastrophic this obamacare failure was. the reason there's all this tension about tax reform right now is the basis as we screwed up obamacare and if we mess up on taxes, it will be a total disaster and we will lose our jobs. this is not something that's gone away. with the president did with this order to cut off these csr subsidies is put the pressure on congress to actually do something. they are feeling it, and that's why we had the murray-alexander thing. >> bret: we talk about the constitutionality question. congress had to appropriated. i want to turn to the other
3:46 pm
thing they got a lot of attention today and it seems like everyday there is something, that shiny thing that gets our attention. this is about the condolence calls. >> i'm not trying to prove anything with the president. the president evidently is lying because what i said is true. i have no reason to lie on the president of the united states. with a dead soldier in my community. >> didn't say what that congresswoman said. didn't say it at all. she knows it and she is now not saying it. i did not say what she said. and i'd like her to make the statement again because i did not say what she said. >> reporting of a phone call. >> there were several people in the room from the administration that were on the call, including the chief of staff general john kelly. >> bret: this is a called the widow of someone who died, a soldier who died in niger. now you have these news organizations going after all these gold star families who did
3:47 pm
or did not get calls or letters from the president. associated press found relatives of four soldiers who died overseas who said they never received calls from trump. relatives of two confirmed they did not get letters after her army son died in syria in may. sheila murphy says she got no call or letter from president trump even as she waited months for his condolences and wrote him "some days i don't want to live." it is so heart-wrenching to be in the public. >> you are right. that's exactly how i feel about it. it is so sad in every single way. sad for the family, sad that this is what our political debate has come to. chasing after the story. if there was some deeper truth at the bottom of this that it was important to get out there about something nefarious that the government or the administration or the president had done, fine. but actually i don't think there's anyone who really believes president trump doesn't
3:48 pm
really take seriously the honor of the military, that he is somehow unpatriotic or doesn't care. >> bret: it was the president brought up these calls and who called and who didn't. presidents of past and whether they did or did not. but it's going to go down this road, and it's going to continu continue. >> i think it's terrible for every military family and gold star family in this country to watch and listen to any of this. it's extremely upsetting and it's offensive. the president started this on monday. he was asked about the ambush in niger and why it's taken two weeks to find out about it. reports say james mattis is still trying to look for answers about what happened. that's concerning. trump turned it into some untrue accusation about former presidents to which a twitter onslaught began, proving what he said was false. he doubled down today. he might have stumbled over his words and said the wrong thing.
3:49 pm
what he did today made it a lot worse. he has a terrible record on gold star families. he needs to spare this one group of people. >> you have to separate. one, he made a terrible mistake bringing up obama and previous presidents at the press conference. that was a dumb thing to do. as far as the stuff with sergeant johnson's family is concerned, we do have a member of congress who talked about his engagement several months ago -- impeachment several months ago stirring this up. it's not clear what the president said and whether it was disrespectful or not. >> bret: the broad point being all of it is horrific. we have to cover it because it's news, but it's bad. next up, the attorney general had tense moments with former colleagues from the senate. insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?!
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>> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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>> how do you know who the special counsel has contacted? i have not spoken directly with anyone on special counsel. >> special counsel has asked your office. >> you seem to know so i don't want to come in here and be trapped. >> we need to understand what happened and whether anyone inside the trump campaign assisted the russian effort. >> i conducted no improper discussions with russians at any time. >> may i suggest -- >> you had a long time, senator franken. i would like to respond. mr. chairman, i don't have to sit in here and listen until his -- >> you are the one who testified. it is to go without having a chance to respond. >> bret: it was fiery. attorney general on capitol hill. senators, many democrats,
3:54 pm
pressing him for answers on the russian investigation among other things. back with the panel. byron. >> what was remarkable as it didn't really move the ball very far at all. the scene you saw with al franken and sessions, they were going over an exchange that it happened during confirmation hearing nine months ago. there were more conversations, more talk about sessions not revealing his conversations with the president which he still is not doing. it didn't really move the ball forward. it was almost like the attorney general showing up for his semiannual meeting at the judiciary committee. >> we saw two things today. general sessions is a very good lawyer and he came back primed for this entire experience with notes about his previous interactions with senator franken. it was smart and shrewd. donald trump has told the world why attorney general sessions is afraid to talk about any of this. not only has recused himself from the russia probe but his
3:55 pm
boss doesn't want him mentioning a word. he played a game with executive privileged today that he's not authorized to play but he did it anyway. >> total waste of time. sadly, many times on the show, washington at its worst wasting time, pompous grandstanding. who cares about any of this? the most important thing about this whole russia collusion story is what jared kushner said. we couldn't even collude with our own campaign let alone russia. that's the truth of it. there is a serious issue about russia interfering in our democracy and the chinese come by the way. there's a whole argument about what we do about these authoritarian regimes and what they are doing in cyberspace. that's the proper discussion, not this. >> bret: thank you. when we come back, some comic relief at that hearing today on capitol hill. les. essential for vinyl,
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>> bret: final tonight, a sticky situation for two senators during attorney general jeff sessions testimony today. senator ben sasse says the senate judiciary committee got a little distracted, here's why. >> there was some drama there. sorry to have added to the drama, i dumped a dr pepper on senator cruz, so that's what was distracting us on the side of the dais. >> bret: of course the senators took to twitter to address this conflict. senator cruz called for sass to be cut off from drinking anymore dr pepper. crews applied to some of his ribbing on twitter posting a folder to my photo of the zodiac killer. theories that crews himself with the zodiac killer, twitter ate all of this up today. all of this over a spell dr pepper at a hearing. it was fiery today. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. i have to step out for an event,
4:00 pm
but the talented james rosen is coming here to handle the online show. "the story" hosted by my colleague martha, from new york, starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, new developments in the uranium one story. first, you member this moment from the 2012 presidential campaign? >> this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical flow. >> the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy back, because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> martha: as you can see, clearly back then president obama did not see russia as a threat and russia took advantage of that in this way, by moving to gobble up as much of the existing uranium on the market, primarily from the u.s. and canada. they did so, according to no reporting on the fbi investigation, by bribing and giving kickbacks to american


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