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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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nope, that was chris cuomo cleansing body and soul well physically inverted in cnn. you don't have to understand chris cuomo to enjoy chris cuomo. or do we? that's it for us tonight. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. we are covering three major breaking news stories tonight. we have breaking news that we will share throughout the hour. democrats, and the media are proving they will attack this president over anything. they are now racing to politicize the death of an killed in action. also tonight, the massive and real russia collusion story. it's expanding minute by minute. john solomon out with an explosive report today. a lawyer for the fbi informant who says russian officials funneled money to the clinton foundation, saying her client was silenced by the obama justice department. they knew all along. the lawyer along with john solomon and sara carter will
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join us tonight. also, the senate judiciary committee are opening an investigation into the kickbacks, the racketeering, the bribery, the money laundering, the extortion we told you about last night, all to secure the uranium one deal. we will cover all the details in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. for the hour, we will give you news and information no one else in this media, the liberal media dares to cover. it involves your national security. the evidence is now becoming more clear everything will day. we are going to get all of this just a minute. first, and one of the most despicable, disgusting displays of politicizing a tragedy that we have ever seen, it's now happening. we recently watched the democrats -- they politicize every tragedy, whether it's the biggest shooting or hurricane damage in florida, texas, puerto rico. democrats and their allies in the left-wing mainstream media, they've sunk to a disturbing new
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low proving in in the day her , president trump can do nothing right. they are now using the death of sergeant led david johnson who was killed earlier this month in niger to attack the president ad to do so, the media is using like a number one trump pater in the country, congresswoman federico wilson. after president trump called sergeant johnson's widow yesterday to do the right thing, offer his condolences, congresswoman wilson who claims to have heard the conversation said president trump told the widow her husband knew what he signed up for. the president also said he knew what he signed up for but when it happened, it really hurts. it still hurts. the media is leaving that part out in most instances. it congresswoman wilson went to cnn, fake news to continue to trust the president. they give everybody that wants to trash the president of form
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over there. and the widow -- watch this. >> i did not hear the whole phone call but i did hear him say i'm sure he knew what he was signing up for. it still hurts. i was livid when i heard that. to say that this young man stayed in school, did all the right things, went into the service -- became a sergeant so quickly and that he signed up for his own death? that is so insensitive. >> sean: so taken out of context. president trump is firing back against the congresswoman's claims. >> didn't say with that congresswoman said. did not say it at all. she knows it. she now is not saying it. i did not say what she said. i would like her to make the statement again because i did not say what she said. >> sean: congresswoman wilson's attacks against the president are not a surprise. she's been vicious from day one against president trump, going
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after him for months. we will have more on that in a minute. of what media won't tell you. let's assume for a second that may be the president was slightly inarticulate and his offering of condolences to the sergeant's widow. assume for just a second. isn't what the president is saying here -- that anybody who signs up for the military, they know the danger, they are courageous and heroes, every brave american that signs up to defend their country does so knowing those dangers and knowing they may end up making the ultimate sacrifice? isn't that why we honor military members? because they put their lives on the line for us every single day in america? and they don't ask for a whole lot in return? isn't that part of the equation? sergeant johnson, to his family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. he's a hero. everybody in this country should honor him for his service. by the way, you have to be a really sick, twisted, ugly
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person that puts politics first -- most of the media today -- to think that the president got up out of bed and purposely got on the phone and wanted to hurt this family after what happened to them. that's what you would have to believe to believe this story. i don't really think the president got on the phone to hurt this slain soldier's family. he was being thoughtful, trying to comfort them. by the way, the white house has witnesses that they the context of the phone call is what is important. what the congresswoman side? the only part of what the president said. there's a big question we all need answered in all of this. is congresswoman wilson trying to exploit a tragedy here and use it as an opportunity to attack the president? it appears she is. she has hated the president from day one. no one else in the media will tell you that. it's not the first time the congresswoman has attacked the
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president personally. in may she was already predicting president trump's impeachment saying "he doesn't realize he is on the brink of impeachment and people will begin to call for him to be impeached and the republicans will have to join in because they need to be on the right side of history." in august, wilson proved she was no fan of president trump. she tweeted... that is what she said about our president. in june, she tweeted... back in march, she was pushing the rush of collusion an end finally in june, and reaction to james comey testimony, she put out a statement saying... this is the woman that is leading this cause against the president who called a widow in
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one of worst moments in her life, her sad -- the sad loss and following right behind the congresswoman, we have all the sheep in the lapdog media, piling on the president. assuming the worst of president trump. assuming that the trump hating congresswoman is correct. they only heard one side of the story. watch this, as usual. >> a long list of strange, bizarre interactions the president has on a daily basis. we could find ten or 11 or 12 yesterday of pot to my public record. >> he's incompetent but how about insensitive? >> i don't think he has any compassion. he has no empathy. president trump has now been embroiled in new controversy about what he said to the widow of sergeant la david johnson, 1 of 4 soldiers killed in the ambush in niger. >> sean: everyone of them are
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phony hypocrites. do you know why? where was the media outrage when it was revealed that then-president obama, he didn't even call one of his own generals. president trump's chief of staff general kelly -- when his own son was called in afghanistan in 2010, did you hear anything from any of those people in the media back then? i tend to doubt it. as a 2010 report from a local washington paper that says when a gold star parent called the white house to talk to president obama, he was told obama didn't typically make those kind of calls. according to a new political poll, 46% of the american people think you in the media make up stories about the president. do you know why they think that? because it's true, you do. selective moral outrage once again. we will meet a gold star mom, she begged president obama to not bring cameras when her son was being brought home in a
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coffin. president obama did it anyway. i'm sick of everyone in the media, all their feigned outrage. all these lawmakers that hate president trump and making their living off hating president trump like congresswoman wilson. i have a challenge for all of you overpaid spoiled brats in the media. okay, you care about the family? we should focus on the family. guess what? i heard this wife is pregnant. i'm going to personally donate -- i've already done it, $14,000. you can donate it tax free. fake jake tapper, are you going to match it and donate $14,000? anderson cooper, what about you? you make enough money. what about all the anchors at conspiracy tv? humpty dumpty? i'm tired of all of you people exploiting tragedies into believing the worse and doing nothing to help these people. also tonight, our second breaking news story, john
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solomon has uncovered another massive democratic scandal that is raising serious legal questions about the obama administration and the clintons. here is a quick overview of what we now know as this is developing every hour. according to john solomon and sara carter, in 2009, the fbi uncovered evidence showing that the russia, russia -- do you remember? russia, russia, russia, vladimir putin? they were engaging in bribery and kickbacks and money laundering and other criminal activities. they knew about it. in order to move and advance vladimir putin's power over the uranium market. in 2010 while the bribery scheme was still going on, the obama administration went on and approved the uranium one deal. that gave russia 20% of control over america's uranium. a foundational material to make nuclear weapons. there's also another major
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aspect of this story, the hill and circa are reporting the fbi has evidence including an eyewitness account that russia nuclear officials "routed millions of dollars to the clinton foundation," while hillary was serving as secretary of state and while she signed off on the uranium one deal they gave 20% of our uranium to vladimir. the lawyer for the fbi informant, she says the obama administration blocked her client from informing congress and the american people about what he saw happening. victoria will join us in a few minutes with an exclusive interview. here's what we don't know and why you should be outraged. this is what the media won't tell you. according to both reports, the obama administration kept evidence of this russian bribery pot secret from congress and it's unclear if members of the government committee, the people that approved the uranium one deal from vladimir knew what
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russia was doing when they signed off on the agreement. there is evidence that that may in fact be true. the senate judiciary committee has now announced that they are an investigation into what key obama administration officials knew and what they knew one. for good reason, several high-profile fishes that were involved in all of this. here they are. eric holder was a member of the committee that approved uranium one. he had to know all of this. he also headed the department of justice. the overseeing the fbi. there's no way he did not know about this russian nuclear plot and he needs to testify under oath. but he knew and when he knew it. did he withhold national security information? then rod rosenstein, and now fbi director, andrew mccabe. watch their names. they were the only ones who oversaw the fbi's investigation into the russian bribery. there's no way they weren't
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aware of what was happening. tonight, the burning question is why were they silent? why didn't they sound the alarm about russia while uranium was being approved as a give to putin? robert mueller back in 2009, the bribery probe. mueller should not be in charge of any investigation as it relates to russia or russian collusion or election interference because he has yet another massive conflict of interest. it appears that mueller will be sticking around. maybe he should focus on the actual evidence of real russian collusion. everything's here. all the evidence, all that mueller and his team needs to do is cooperate the facts. in an effort to be fair to getting the answers, we reached out to eric holder, robert mueller, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, hillary clinton, the clinton foundation, we asked all
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of them to comment about on these explosive reports. the department of justice did respond about mccabe and rosenstein, they stated "prolonged standing department policy, we do not comment on the existence or course of investigations." the clinton foundation to get back to us and they are denying the story. big surprise, we did not hear back from any others that we reached out to. shocker. attorney general jeff sessions is also being asked about investigating this scandal. he was on capitol hill earlier today. he was pressed by senator chuck grassley of iowa about the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein. watch this. because i would like to remind you that deputy attorney rosenstein directly supervised a criminal case when he was u.s. attorney in maryland. i don't think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct, do you? >> it would be his decision. he is a man of integrity and ability. if he feels he has an inability
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to perceive any of this investigation, it would be his responsibility to make that determination and should consult -- as i told you i would and as i have done -- with the senior ethics people at the department. >> sean: i am sorry, this is shocking that the attorney general is refusing to flat out say rod rosenstein needs to recuse himself if the doj opens an investigation into this russia bribery scandal. it sessions was also asked about having the fbi, having evidence that russians kicked back money to the clinton foundation. he refused to comment on that publicly. we've been saying this for months. if the attorney general believes in equal justice under the law, he needs to investigate the clintons because there's overwhelming, incontrovertible criminal evidence against them. they should not get a free pass just because they have money. name, power, and influence.
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that's not how our system of justice is supposed to work. joining us now, gold star mom karen vann. i've known you for many, many years. you're the the mother of aaron vaughn. he is 1 of 30 servicemen. you met president trump. when your son's body was being brought back, you have a story to tell. was president trump empathetic to you? >> he was extremely empathetic, sean. i'm not only met him once, i've met him twice. he met with gold star families before the election and also invited our family to the white house, gold star families dinner and ceremony. a ceremony he plans to continue i understand, he brings in a tremendous number of gold star families. he is extraordinarily empathetic gold star families. >> sean: you at the time in the families, this was at the time happening in afghanistan in
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august 2011. it was the largest loss of military life in a single day. you and the families asked president obama -- he said he was welcome to come when the bodies are being received but you did have a request. the families had request. what was that? >> the request was no press or pictures, this was a solemn and very private engagement. that was agreed upon. unfortunately what happened was the next morning, we found out he did have a photographer with him and we didn't think too much about it. the next morning, the picture of him saluting our son's casket was plastered all over the media. the white house staff had released that photograph and had dishonored our very simple request to let this moment be private. our sons died at 7,000 miles away from us and we just wanted to welcome their bodies home. >> sean: president obama did not honor your request. that's a little unbelievable to me. he also did not call some families which we discovered, too.
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we learned even his own general, when general kelly lost his son -- i do want to drag in the politics but you did meet president trump and you hear that general kelly wasn't called and you see one of the biggest jump haters attacking the president on this very issue that touches your family so deeply. my question to you is, to sense this is being politicized and your reaction to it? >> it is definitely being politicized. this is nonsense to even be discussing it, sean. i know you are frustrated by it and i sense it in your tone and i am appreciative of that. when a loved one has died overseas, it's an octave honor -- i did not agree with president obama, his policies or anything else but i did respect the fact that he came to meet our families. you have to respect the extension of grace and mercy and love and respect that's given and to turn this into a
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political stunt for this congresswoman who seems to be desperate for attention, it's a gross undermining of the loss that has been suffered by this incredible family. but i grieve with. >> sean: they don't put in context how much this congresswoman hates the president. karen, i've got to know you. love you. you are in our thoughts and prayers always. thank you for being with us. >> love you too, sean. >> sean: sara carter and john solomon, attorney victoria toensing. i will start with you, victoria. this is your client. he wanted to tell congress about all the bribery, all the scheming and kickbacks and corruption. he had the information, he wanted to tell the story. what happened? >> when he started working for the fbi in 2009, he was signing a nondisclosure agreement, they never gave him a copy of it and when he went public in 2016,
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way after all of this was done, the justice department justice department under loretta lynch called him and threatened him with his freedom if he violated the nda. i had never heard of an nda that had a criminal motive or violation but they will not show the copy of it. we decided to go to the members of congress and senate, i have breaking news for you, sean. while i was in makeup, i got a letter from chairman grassley asking my client to give them information. what this does is set up a constitutional issue because the executive branch cannot say to someone "don't give information to the legislature." it will be a very interesting thing to see how the justice department response. >> sean: that would be amazing. they have the ability to lift the nda. sara, vladimir putin gets 20% of
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our uranium. all this money gets kicked back. i'm always a big believer, follow the money. vladimir putin was up to his eyeballs infiltrating. this is a real national security issue. getting our uranium was his goal. >> absolutely. it was a counterintelligence investigation to begin with. it started out as a counterintelligence investigation heard what happened was the united states had known the russians wanted to get by this process and penetrate the american market so they could have russian dependency. so people would be dependent on russia and that's what they were doing all alone. this is how they did it. they reached out to people that knew it would help them move legislation through. move the process through quickly. apparently they found it. especially here in the united states. we don't want to jump the gun and we know this is ongoing and
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there was a large number of kickbacks and bribes that we still haven't uncovered yet. >> sean: john, you broke this forward. this is important about the informant. if senator grassley is going to allow this informant to talk, who would have to sign off specifically? victoria is being a great attorney. i would hire her myself in a second. we would have to sign off on this? it would have to be the justice department, right? >> the fbi might have a say too. they would be concerned about what information, methods, and sources might be devolved by him. it will be a two-tiered review. fbi first and then justice department, second. >> sean: waited the money come from? you talked about money laundering. where did the money that got into the clinton foundation come from? >> we don't know that. we have to find that out. the money from the kickbacks came from the contracts.
6:23 pm
the contractor would then kick that money back to let him he put his buddies russia. where the money came from for the clinton foundation, we don't know except for what is in the public records. a bank interested in the deal gave bill clinton $500,000. and others donated millions of dollars over the years. >> sean: is a possible this is a real rush of collusion, influence, peddling, bribery, extortion kickbacks scam now? who needs to get on this? victoria, last word. >> bob mueller needs to get off of it. i can't imagine he doesn't have conflict. >> sean: very good point. any breaking news tomorrow, guys? sara, john? >> stay tuned. more to come. >> sean: i know what stay tuned means in your world. we will see you tomorrow then. we will get to the truth. the media is ignoring it. this is too important. it's one of the biggest
6:24 pm
scandals, when we come back a couple more reactions to the democrats in the media politicizing the death of a soldier to attack president trump.
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>> sean: as we continue on "hannity," joining me now with reaction to the loss latest attack on the president, former milwaukee county sheriff, david
6:28 pm
clark. and the author of "drone warrior," may be seen to be a movie, brett velicovich is with us. when you say about somebody that signs up, everybody that signed on to the military knows their life is that risk and they do it anyway. the president goes on to say and when something horrible happens, your worst fears, it hurts. did he say anything wrong in that? is this being politicized? >> sure it is being politicized. he's very sensitive with these situations. he made it clear during the campaign and law enforcement as well. i knew nothing was taken out of context. nearly 40 years myself and law enforcement, we know what we sign up for and what he was talking about was they knew where they were the defending the country and they knew the sacrifice that had to be made. shame on the left and anybody
6:29 pm
that would exploit that over the body of a service man coming back in a flag draped coffin. >> sean: you have one of the biggest trump haters leading the pack. i watch this in the media runs with it. it just disgusts me. >> it's a sad day in our country went we sunk to a new low. we are using a service member who gave everything everythingr country. who sacrificed everything into using death as a political 12. this man is a hero. he is absolutely a hero and the fact is, this tit-for-tat politics going on right now is not needed. we've got to get away from the military. >> sean: sheriff, listen, i will be the first to admit that the media are overpaid brats. a lot of us. i will put up $14,000. a tax-free to the family. i will ask all these spoiled brats that are politicizing it in the media, put your money where your mouth is. donate to this family and this woman and the child that will be joining this world soon.
6:30 pm
how about that? >> you are right and they won't do it. it's more important for them to take out their political scoresheet and see how they can wrap the president over something he didn't do. the american people are tired of it. i am tired of it. the tables are being turned because the american people are watching and are disgusted by these political tactics. the tit for tat that goes on on a daily basis with this president especially over the death of a service man who went over and served his country with faith and honor and courage. >> sean: last word, brett. >> i've been thinking about this family all day long. the national media, that is highly disrespectful. it's something that's dangerous to do and right now, this family is probably getting calls from reporters, getting emails from reporters all across the country that are sitting there saying what of the president say? that he does respective? and not talk about what is important. how can we do something about
6:31 pm
this grieving family? >> sean: they get a double whack because the media is covering it. they don't have to do this but they didn't do it. they deserve more respect. donate to the family. >> sean: roger goddell, nfl commissioner, high-stakes news conference, he blew it today. move the league put in and to players kneeling during the national anthem? i will be in the studio tomorrow. there's a reason and we will explain. my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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>> we believe that our great american flag should be treated with reverence and respect and that young americans should be taught to love our country, honor our anthem and proudly recite the pledge of allegiance. >> sean: thought it was the president last night talking about respecting the flag. sadly, the national anthem
6:36 pm
controversy in the nfl doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. here's what the commissioner of the nfl, roger goddell said after meeting with the owners and players. it's pretty sad. >> everyone should stand for the national anthem and that's an important part of our policy. it is also an important part of our game, we all take great pride in and it's also important for us to honor our flag and our country and we think our fans expect us to do that. the fact is, we have half a dozen players that are protesting. we hope and we are going to continue to work to put that to zero. that's what we would like to do. we want to make sure we are understanding what the players are talking about. that's complex. >> sean: and looks like professional athletes and their obsession with social justice in the workplace -- the cavaliers locked arms during the anthem
6:37 pm
and lebron james were sneakers with the word "equality" written on them. larry elder and daryl parks. i thought it roger goddell wimped out today. this is the same nfl we've been discussing. you can't honor slain police in dallas after the tragedy last year. on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, you can't put the date on your cleats and say never forget. why is the nfl and other sports defying what the american people are saying loudly that they don't want, politicizing sports this way? >> good question. is a good question about why the players, irrespective about what they feel about racism and donald trump and how donald trump in their opinion just colin kaepernick. the nfl is probably the most successful sport business in the world. they are losing patrons, fans.
6:38 pm
and fans also double as taxpayers. jerry jon scott $300 million from taxpayers to build the stadium that he later sold for profit. they are taking a baseball bat to a very successful business model. the bottom line is this, colin kaepernick and his perception of police brutality -- according to "the washington post," there were 250 black people killed by the police. 500 whites. i daresay people in the audience can name a single one. when it happens and as it happens rarely, the media goes into a frenzy over this. >> sean: daryl, what is your reaction? larry, finished. >> 17 unarmed black men were killed by the police last year. 17. that's not very many. as opposed to 5,000 blacks killing other blacks. mostly young black men killing other young black man.
6:39 pm
are we really consider about black pipes, why are we concerned about that? a small number of black killed by the police. >> i think he's mixing up the issue. the commissioner had it right. it's not protesting the flag or anthem. these athletes, these nfl players have the right to protest the issue addressed. to deal with the issues that the athletes have brought to the league. now that we are dealing with the issues, i think you will see less athletes protesting because the nfl has taken the issues very seriously and brought the players to the table and bring them back. it was never about the flag or the anthem. it was bringing issues to the forefront of america and dealing with the issue. the issue happening is that we have issues in policing that exist in the country, many deaths. we have to deal with those issues. those are important issues. throwing out numbers just to
6:40 pm
throw out numbers does not address the issue. >> sean: we are going to leave it there. we have a famous celebrity icon speaking out, how she was sexually harassed as a teenager. another person talking about in hollywood. we won't be in new york tomorrow. we have a big announcement, straight ahead. dynamic performance, so you can own the road. aggressive styling, so you can break away from everyone else. the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity" or explosive fallout from the harvey weinstein scandal tonight. it seems like every single minute of every day we are learning more and more about how disgusting the casting couch culture is in hollywood. how everybody knew and no one did nothing to stop it. molly ringwald, famous for her roles in movies like "the breakfast club" and "pretty in pink," she was only 14 years old and it doesn't stop there. martha stewart has now come forward saying she was sexually harassed working as a model at age 16. we mentioned last night, dominic patten is now reporting that the los angeles city attorney is now going to prosecute harvey weinstein if, in fact, victims come forward and he joins us now with more. what can you tell us about this?
6:45 pm
>> what we are seeing here is the beginning of what could likely be a very deep investigation here in the west coast. officially the l.a.p.d. has not started an investigation though as we print reported, they areg into complaints in the u.k. and with the nypd. incredible evidence comes forward, they will prosecute and pursue convictions against harvey weinstein. this raises concern here in the city of angels. >> sean: you have investigations in new york and maybe l.a. and the united kingdom. i've been reading the harvey weinstein, if they prosecute, can be looking at 25 years in jail? >> something like that. it's very complex the way these things work. in the state of california, there is no statute of limitations on crimes like rape. that's based on the law signed into effect earlier this year -- some of the things bill cosby
6:46 pm
was able to get out of in his various allegations. this is a big. that law is only holding against crimes that have happened after january 1st 2017. otherwise the previous 10-year statute of limitations still holds in the state of california. let's be clear, the doesn't mean it didn't happen here. they are looking at similar things and of course as i said, in london. >> sean: thank you, dominic. this is the tip of the iceberg. listen to corey feldman talk about pedophilia in hollywood. to speak of the number one problem in hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. that's the biggest problem for children in this industry. >> the casting couch even applies to children? >> coming out. not in the same way. it's all done under the radar. everybody talks about pedophilia. it's a big secret.
6:47 pm
>> with widespread? >> coming out. i was surrounded by them when i was 14 years old. surrounded. literally didn't even know it. until i was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted and the types of people that were surrounding me, oh, my god, they were everywhere. like vultures. i'm saying there were people come of the people that did this to both me and corey. they are still working and still out there and they are some of them richest, most powerful people in this business. they don't want me saying what i'm saying right now. >> are you saying they are pedophiles and it still in this business close to mexico yes, yes. >> don't think it's all roses. >> it's an entire industry. >> sean: cohost of the number one morning show, fox and friends, ainsley earhardt. this is your second in a series. >> that sound right, that breaks my heart. >> sean: you always have the
6:48 pm
best illustration. we have a really cute picture of your daughter on the back which is awesome. you have a young daughter, all these young girls and now he's talking about pedophilia. everybody is coming out. it's like almost everyone. the media knew about it and they spiked this story on weinstein. hollywood knew about it. >> the book is called "through your eyes," it's seeing life through the eyes of your child. i had my dad here with me yesterday when the book launched. it reminds me when i hear these stories, i wanted to move to l.a. i wanted to be a child actress. and my parents had when you are getting you go to college and you can make your own decisions. i'm so glad they told me that. molly ringwald, i read the article in in the new yorker ad she said her parents were with her and she was harassed, a director put his tongue down her throat when she was 14 years old. another man pressed up against her to get sexually aroused.
6:49 pm
when she was 13 years old. and she said she had very protective parents who traveled with her and were with her all the time. i'm glad my parents protected me from that. >> sean: it goes into your book nicely. i know this is the second in a series for you. it's the thing we find irritating. cutting the lawn, rain, snow, when you do look at life and when you slow down, and you see it through your kids eyes -- it's a beautiful thing. then you juxtapose it to the evil in this world. >> that's right. that's why we need to hold onto our children and just remember that we need to look at life through the lens of a child. she walked out one day and she had never seen rain. i left my umbrella and i had to turn the stroller around and in new york it's not convenient because all the taxis are taken when it rains. how to go back upstairs to get my umbrella. i was just delayed, mad. i turned the stroller around and i look at her and she had these
6:50 pm
big eyes. her mouth is wide open. she's looking at the rain and i thought this is my little girl, the first time this human being has ever seen rain and it changed my perspective that day. i was with her when she saw a dog for the first time. she's cackling. this is a dog. i love that she was a dog lover instantly. >> sean: i will send three dogs over for her. >> not yet. we will go pick out a dog one day. i'm really looking forward to that. it's what our children teach us and we could go on and on about what our kids bring to the table. >> sean: echoes through all all of that. all of what they see that we take for granted. the rain, sun, snow, stars. at the beautiful park and animals. >> thank you so much. >> sean: it's related to both issues, i think. i would get off the school bus, my parents had no clue where i was. i knew where my kids who to make
6:51 pm
more every minute of every day. >> things have changed. >> sean: didn't have the restrictions you put on your daughter because of all of this evil. it's sad, isn't it? >> a few people change everything for all of us. look at 9/11. you can get on an airplane without being pressed to go -- a few jerks did all of this. evil people, it changes everything for all of us but we have to be protective and that's our job as parents. >> sean: this is a great book. the illustrations are phenomenal. >> beautiful. >> sean: you are doing a book signing tomorrow customer >> in connecticut. and friday myrtle beach, then columbia, south carolina. sunday, greenville. ainsley earhardt, we are giving proceeds -- tomorrow we have the -- stay tuned for that, we have a big surprise for him tomorrow.
6:52 pm
i won't reveal what that is. >> sean: on the back is a picture of you and your daughter. >> isn't she cute? i love her so much. >> sean: okay, there we go. >> i love her. >> sean: congrats on being number one in the morning. >> your viewers and you, thank you. >> sean: best show on cable. no doubt. when we come back, we have an exciting announcement. we are not going to be in this studio tomorrow and there's a really good reason why. we will tell you about it, next.
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6:57 pm
faith into action and something remarkable happened. but we did not cross the finish line. we crossed the starting line. today some say we've become more divided as a country than ever. divided over race, politics, religion. even our families are divided and they say it's only getting worse. but you and i know something that they don't. an awakening has begun. >> sean: here in studio, actor and founder of "revive us 2", the one and only kirk cameron. there are people here that say he was my childhood crush. which made me laugh. i know you do these events and get hundreds of thousands of people, it's called a fathom event, right? >> that's right, alternative entertainment in the movie theaters. i have an audience that i love to provide content for a period at the family. we put these events together and
6:58 pm
lots and lots of people come. >> sean: they are in their theaters, it's october 24th. they buy tickets like they are going to a movie. where are you? >> that's right, i will be in washington, d.c., on tuesday night at the museum of the bible. an amazing gift and we will be broadcasting into 800 movie theaters with hopefully a couple hundred thousand people. >> sean: hundreds of thousands of people -- listen, i really believe everything about the bible and i believe the whole thing. i'm a bigger center than you and i don't go to church regularly. >> [laughs] >> sean: but i believe at all. there seems to be in this country a revival of faith. i won't mention all the crap i've been discussing about hollywood, you don't need to be dragged into that but you are creating an alternative. i think americans that are
6:59 pm
conservative and kristin don't want to be a part of people that have contempt for them anymore. >> i think you are exactly right. the mix of the negative narrative that produces so much anxiety, division and hostility, i travel around teaching marriage and family conferences. at 250 cities over the last seven years. there's been a shift in the mentality of much of the culture. there is building that want to build into their faith, their god, their family. >> sean: how did you survive hollywood? you are like, normal. >> i have a lot of people and my peers to thank for that. >> sean: you're going to be on my radio show tomorrow. we will have more time. where do people buy tickets? i want people to go. >> >> sean: great to see you again. that's all the time we have left. tomorrow night i'm not going to
7:00 pm
be in this chair. we are going to las vegas for a very special reason. but i can't tell you now. we will tell you tomorrow, from vegas. thanks for being with us. ♪ >> good evening, everyone. i'm trish ragan. welcome to "fox news tonight." if he announcing today it will still allow its players to kneel during the national anthem. this despite outrage from patriotic fans and opposition from president trump who treated out earlier... nfl, too much talk. not enough action. stand for the national anthem. nfl commissioner roger goddell spoke to the press today after meeting with nfl players, owners and union officials. it all led to no action on the anthem. >>


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