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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 21, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> donald trump wrapping up his war of words with the florida congresswoman, frederica wilson calling wacky and accusing her of killing the democratic party. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> the latest verbal attack as the white house defense chief of staff john kelly who called wilson an empty barrel making noise. the squabble started after she
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criticized the president's condolence call to the widow of a us soldier killed in niger. in an exclusive interview with maria bartiroma, he said kelly disapproved of those comments. >> he was so offended because he was in the room when i made the call and so were other people. the call was a very nice call. he was so offended that a woman -- somebody would be listening to that call. he couldn't believe it. he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. this is not. i was so nice. i have called many people and i would think every one of them appreciated it. i was surprised to see this to be honest with you. >> investigation is underway about the niger ambush resulting in the death of those four american soldiers. kristen fisher live from the white house with more. where does that investigation stand? >> the white house is a won't rest until he gets answers. the secretary of defense was on capitol hill meeting with senator john mccain after mccain
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complained that the senate had not been briefed about what went down in niger and threatened to subpoena, they were clearing that up. matus conceded that the pentagon can always improve communication but neither the senator nor the secretary gave any more details on the attacks so as the investigation continues so does the controversy between chief of staff kelly and congresswoman wilson and the president himself is weighing in and explaining how tough these calls are to make in an interview with maria bartiroma. >> these are tougher than dealing with the heads of countries. these are hard calls, they are sad and some times the grieving is so incredible, but he is a delicate man and a wonderful man and he is doing a fantastic job as chief. >> donald trump talking about his chief of staff.
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the politics continues even as today, one of the american soldiers killed in niger, sergeant johnson, is laid to rest in florida. >> policy white tie tax reform continues to be front and center for this white house. any update on a timeline? >> donald trump said in this interview he wants tax reform done by the end of the year but would like to see it done faster, he would be disappointed if it took that long. the question is will he have the votes. here is how he answered. >> i think we have the votes, to vote for the tax cuts, other people, we have tremendous enthusiasm this time. healthcare, i was told, was tougher. i would say it is not a contest. speaking of healthcare i believe we will get that also.
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>> he wants healthcare done 3 or 4 months from now, tax are formed by the end of the year. the first step is passing the budget and donald trump set on twitter he believed the big milestone should have gotten more attention. the budget that was passed is a big deal especially in terms of the biggest tax cut in us history. the mainstream media barely covered. some would say it is a fair criticism but at the same time, it is tough to focus on that when donald trump is also continuing to tweet about wilson. just this morning he continued to talk about her and the ongoing spat with his chief of staff so tough to move past it when the president himself keeps talking about it. >> thank you. catch the entire interview with donald trump tomorrow on sunday morning futures at 10:00 eastern on the fox news channel. you can watch the one on one on mornings with maria monday on
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the foxbusiness network. >> back to the continuing war of words between general kelly and congresswoman wilson, their escalating feud touching on different topics. sarah westward of the washington examiner, good of you to shed some light on this in your prospective. the white house wants to get beyond the controversy over the president's phone calls, the widow of the army sergeant and congresswoman wilson's version of that call is the president being insensitive and the chief of staff, john kelly, took exception to that and in hopes of moving forward but for the past six days this back and forth seems to continue with what are you hearing from your sources about the latest controversy and how we can get beyond it? >> there was hope the general kelly's statement thursday would
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be the last word in this controversy given no one of either party can come close to matching the moral authority kelly has when it comes to goldstar families and military service, the father of a marine killed in action in afghanistan but because there was a portion of kelly's moving statement thursday the turned out to be inaccurate, he accused her of saying something it does not appear she said, critics have tried to undermine the statement and prolong the controversy from the white house's perspective, congresswoman frederica wilson deserves the blame for inflaming this controversy, she is the one who politicized donald trump's call to the widow of sergeant johnson and they are hoping some republicans might try to defend the president, turn the fire on frederica wilson but we have not seen anyone stand up and take up the white house at line onset. kelly: as we watch the report,
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we saw donald trump moving away from this issue entirely, discussing his aspirations for tax reform which is a very ambitious plan and wants to get that done before christmas but minutes after posting a tweet about that, the president returned to the subject of congresswoman wilson tweeting i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congresswoman wilson, she is a representative is killing the democratic party. do you see this as productive for the president? obviously firing up his base but is it his way of moving forward in a way that he can put this behind him and get on with plan for tax reform? >> as he continues to focus on congresswoman wilson amplifying her message by attacking her personally he is giving up the opportunity general kelly presented him with to move on from the controversy. of the white house refused to
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comment on this beyond general kelly's statement, that could have been the final word. hard for anyone else to criticize anything general kelly set on the subject but donald trump undercut that. kelly: let's keep in mind he is a four star marine general, he has seen combat and done a lot of things in the service of this country and we thank him for that. as chief of staff, he gave a dramatic, emotional response, he lost a son in war, he knows the pain of losing a loved one. in defense of donald trump's phone call, very emotional and the democratic congresswoman, wilson, and others, accusing him of being racially insensitive by calling her an empty barrel, looking through every, that has no racial terms at all. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the
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term is not racial but an expression meaning as we say in the south allhat, no cattle and the general stand by his remarks. is there any way for the white house, republicans and democrats to get over this and move on with the agenda of getting something done for the country? >> weekends reset the news cycle. the hope would be when everyone returns to work in washington monday there will be some new subject to focus on. that becomes more difficult if donald trump himself is tweeting about it continuing to fan the flames of controversy but there's an opportunity to move on from this given the power of general kelly's statement and congresswoman wilson doesn't appear to have more to add beyond her characterization of the phone call which everyone knows by now. there is hope the white house can move on from this if donald trump takes the opportunity given to him. kelly: john kelly is a marine
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four star general who lost a loved one, he knows what he is talking about. as far as race is concerned he was over a lot of people of all colors and nationalities. thanks for weighing in. julie: donald trump does not plan to block the relief of documents related to president kennedy's assassination. the national archives have until next thursday to make the file public. he has the power to stop that release but he tweeted this morning and this is what he said. subject to the receipt of further information i will be allowing as president the long blocked and classified jfk files to be opened. maybe you can explain what this means. we know more about the president's decision to release this document. what does that mean? >> the jfk files consist of 3000
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secret documents and the fulltext of 30,000 files previously released, the cia, fbi, the justice department, this goes to 25 years ago, and the records collection act to set a deadline to release all assassination files this thursday. and revealed conspiracies about the assassination on november 22nd. and donald trump has the right to withhold some or all of the jfk files, depending whether agencies are the cia, and has been given a convincing enough argument about releasing documents, hasn't been given a convincing argument. and roger stone wrote a book alleging vice president lyndon
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johnson had to do, said on info wars, making files public. >> what else do we learn from these documents? the findings are going to be telling. >> unlikely we will get major revelations, scholars and experience he is conspiracy theorist will look for details about lee harvey oswald, the man charged in coming jfk and whether he acted alone. the dallas morning news reports the jfk files contain cia personality, letters from the fbi director j edgar hoover and first lady jackie kennedy, transcripts of kgb agents argued oswald had not been recruited by the soviets and insight into his trip to mexico city just 7 weeks
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before the assassination. donald trump in may 2016, candidate trump linked to the father of texas senator ted cruz to jfk's assassination citing is unsubstantiated report that his father raphael was photograph next to oswald. america's top conspiracy no doubt. kelly: a group photo, all five living former presidents will be posing for pictures later tonight to headline a hurricane relief benefit. the concert called deep from the heart, the one american appeal, will be held on the campus of texas a and m. >> reporter: the reason it is held here is this is home to the george herbert walker bush presidential library not far from where we are and he has this message for hurricane
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victims. even if the path to recovery feels like a road that goes on forever, we are in it with you for the long haul and that is the central theme of the big concert event deep from the heart fundraiser. every penny raised will go to help victims of hurricane harvey, irma and maria, storms that devastated so many states this year. former presidents obama, bush 43, clinton, bush 41 and carter will all be here and say a few words accompanied by the former first lady's too and some big names will be performing including the gatlin brothers, alabama, lyle lovett and robert earl keen and lee greenwood will serve as master of ceremonies. all five former living us presidents launched the hurricane recovery effort together last month, they came
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together and decided something had to be done to help so many who were suffering. the arena on texas a&m campus can hold 13,000 spectators. tickets range from $40 to $60. we are not sure of capacity. organizers are not giving us total numbers of tickets yet. if you are at home watching, you're not in texas, would like to help, you don't have to be here in person to do it, you can donate to this particular cause, go online to and donate anything. every dollar counts. kelly: are you going? >> reporter: we will be here, on the stage and some good snapshots to bring to our viewers. it will be a lot of fun.
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kelly: looks good, for a worthy cause. for more on the benefit concert you can tune into tonight's special live edition. julie: steve bannon goes after a former republican president. >> i want to apologize to any bush folks in this audience because there has not been a more destructive presidency than george bush's. julie: what it means in the gop fight between the establishment and insurgents. accusing north korea's nuclear aim will be a hot topic. in china, the key to the crisis next. >> china is helping us. 93% of the things going into north korea come from china. china is big stuff.
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china just about what it does with north korea or do we have a separate policy with china? >> developed a very good relationship, the power to do something with north korea and we will see what happens. that said we are prepared for anything. we are prepared like you wouldn't believe. you would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are if we need to be. would it be nice not to do that? will that happened? who knows. julie: president travels to asia on his first trip to the region since taking office and is expected to press china to do more to reign in pyongyang. the foreign policy analysts at carnegie mellon university at the hoover institution.
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thanks for talking to us was when donald trump will be sitting down with china during his trip to asia next month what do you think the conversation will be like, they met in florida, it seemed to go well and he has a good relationship in the interview so what pressure can he apply on china? >> it will be an important diplomatic meeting because so much work to the china us relationship in 2017 and so much has gone into the us relationship with japan and south korea to address the north korean problem. this past week there was a minister in south korea, the japanese and south korean deputy foreign ministers and deputy secretary of state john sullivan
11:23 am
had a strong meeting coming out of that with the consensus that the nuclear rising north korea is a priority for all in the region and eventually could be direct us north korean talks. when the president goes to asia he will have behind him the wind of a lot of strong efforts in the us and the top envoy will have a follow-on meeting based on the vice minister's meeting and the navy drill between us and south korea, and something that will not stop, consistent with our long-standing pattern with our partners into a signal to the chinese and the north koreans that it is business as
11:24 am
usual despite the rhetoric. >> that is something donald trump has been doing since he took office and taking a strong stance and sending a strong message not only to china but north korea. when they first met in miami, the two of them over a beautiful chocolate cake, the tomahawk missiles could not have sent, trying to defeat isis, here is what we won't wants to happen if north korea continues to defy the rest of the world. i'm wondering how this relationship between these two presidents might help his position compared to past presidents considering we have never seen china go to the table the way they have on trade and their banking systems, missed a major ground here. >> you are making a key point, china seems to have turned the corner, has a lot of work to do.
11:25 am
it is abiding -- could do more. the us is more aggressive with china and china understands it. that a special time, donald trump is clearheaded on this topic and so committed to the nuclear rising north korea. the chinese leader is facing another 5 year term with enormous internal support. the strongest chinese leader in recent decades. they are strong in their own way and understand this is where they are combined with diplomacy, made it clear the instability in northeast asia point to north korea and no one else and that brought them together and will be the focus
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coming up. julie: thank you, appreciate talking to you. kelly: a major victory in the fight against isis. us back forces recapture the group's strongholds in syria. what it means for the global battle against the terror network. and tax reform, passing a budget plan, how republicans plan to deliver on a big campaign promise by the holidays. this keeps us on the timetable to get this to the president's desk by the end of the year, we know it is an ambitious timetable. america has fallen behind, people are sick of this tax code, time to move.
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whoamike and jen doyle?than i thought. yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. julie: republican sitting states for the major goal of tax reform, this after the senate approved the budget plan in a
11:31 am
marathon session, praising lawmakers, tweeting budget that passes is a big deal in terms of the biggest tax cut in us history. mainstream media barely covered. >> several gop leaders suggesting tax reform by thanksgiving. there is a lot that needs to happen with the house approving the budget the senate passed this week. gop leadership expects this to happen without any issue by the middle of the weekend house republicans will release their proposal which will include a lot of specific that weren't included in the framework republicans last month such as the cutoffs for various tax brackets and incentives for retirement savings and what tax credits will be included. democrats have been criticizing
11:32 am
gop initial framework, leading to higher taxes by the middle class, a deck of the gop leadership denies. >> asking the american people to foot the bill for these tax cuts for big corporations is wrong. democrats are looking for a tax plan that begins in ends with middle-class families. >> they will be finalized in a matter of days and we put this up and the purpose is not to be raising. if this was a tax increase we wouldn't be doing this. it is about lowering taxes on the middle class, simplifying the tax system and growing the economy. >> democrats have suggested there are areas of finding common ground. the white house is working to get both parties involved. the reason republicans need to pass the budget before tax reform is to use part of the parliamentary tool known as reconciliation to pass tax
11:33 am
reform, without democratic support as long as they get 55 to 52 republicans to support it but we saw on health care that is no small feat. kelly: let's bring in a tax reform export, the president of the committee for responsible federal budget. thank you for joining us. this is a sticky subject. everyone wants to see tax reform but the political forces are aligning and miss aligning with each other. is there any way to achieve a bipartisan plan that he would like to see on tax reform. >> the key to getting a bipartisan plan, republicans and democrats, not happening as much as it should. the goals they could agree on our something previous leaders of the finance committee agreed on. of tax reform is revenue neutral
11:34 am
by both parties might sign up but that is a difficult task. let me take a step back and talk about the budget that set the stage for this. for many years republicans talked about the importance of balancing the budget and are on the verge of passing a budget, they have a chance to put that in place and for spending cuts, the other part of getting our fiscal house in order, we have $47 trillion of spending over the next 10 years and budgets are about to pass, $1 billion out of $47 trillion. it is not making many hard choices and on the tax side we have to decide if we want tax cuts and all of us do. who doesn't want to pay less in taxes but tax reform would grow
11:35 am
the economy and not add a huge bill to our children which we are on track to do if we allow $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. if they go forward with tax cuts as opposed to reform not only do you have a hard time getting democrats to come to the table but it is not good for the economy, to get rid of those loopholes and reform the tax code. >> you brilliantly laid that out and hopefully people in congress are watching. what do you say to the president's plan trying to bring people to the table and provide a tax reform that will spur economic growth helping businesses and will his plan help those in the middle-class or critics have said he will end up helping the rich? >> i think the framework as laid out focusing on corporate tax reform in simplifying tax policy on the individual side isn't easy with a big if or but and
11:36 am
that is how do we fill in the paperwork. you have to broaden the base and lower the rate, getting rid of loopholes. for every loophole there are tax lobbyists lining up to protect it. we need to talk about those details that can make a difference and here is the big tension, things that will grow the economy, not the same things that will help the middle class in the immediate moment in tax cuts. i would rather see a focus on a comprehensive plan for tax form that will grow the economy and figure out the gains from growth which are permanent will benefit middle-class and not the upper end
11:37 am
and doesn't grow the debt. hard choices involved. >> hard choices indeed, the 2018 budget. how the republicans are doing that as a political maneuver to get the reconciliation for tax reform on 50 votes if republicans agree and exclude democrats. it doesn't get it done you saw what happened with healthcare reform. >> if you need republicans or fewer voters makes it less durable, as soon as you pass the tax plan to fight will start again, should we repeal it, we don't want to go to repeal and replace, we wanted to stick and be permanent and good in the long run. what i think is let's work on doing this right. i don't think the timeline matters, the structure matters and growing the economy can
11:38 am
benefit us through higher wages but can't keep the tax loopholes that exist, we have to look at those. kelly: you make it very simple and understandable so thank you for your perspective, have a great day. kelly: donald trump is celebrating the defeat of isis in raqqa. the city was the self-proclaimed capital, military operations will transition to a new phase. the commander in chief says, quote, together with our allies and partners we will support diplomatic negotiations that end violence, allow refugees to return home and yield a political transition honoring the will of the syrian people. >> spain's political crisis is going more as protesters again take to the streets. what is sparking the latest turmoil? donald trump's former chief
11:39 am
strategist steve bannon blasting former president george w. bush? our panel will weigh in next. >> he has no idea where there he is coming or going just like it was when he was president of the united states.
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julie: steve bannon, one of donald trump's closest advisor slamming george w. bush saying he was the most destructive president ever. the latest attack on the gop establishment, he spoke outside the california republican party convention just one day after president bush gave a speech denouncing bigotry and nativism in the united states. >> president bush embarrassed himself. it was a highfalutin speech made it clear he didn't understand anything he was talking about. the industrial revolution,
11:44 am
globalization, no idea whether he is coming or going just like it was when he was president of the united states. i want to apologize to any bush folks in this audience because there has not been a more destructive presidency than george bush's. kelly: let's bring in richard fowler and lawrence jones and host of his own radio show. no surprise, anytime steve bannon speaks he will stare attention but speaking ill of a former republican president is that necessary when trying to push through the gop message? >> definitely untrue. i cautioned mister bannon to be cautious when talking about w. a lot of republicans feel like w. it was refreshing to hear from
11:45 am
him. he called the store with his speech. it is awful of mister bannon. julie: when you look at how the president was elected and there are a lot of conservatives and those further on the right that don't necessarily find president bush a remarkable president you have to wonder if he is alienating republicans that do love president bush. he is a well-respected man. does he run the risk of alienating those republicans with the midterm elections coming around? >> it is clear steve bannon and donald trump are the head of this party, they won the presidential election, the won primary, defeating george w. bush's brother and other more mainstream republicans. they are the head of the party and the direction based on part
11:46 am
where the party wants to go, george w. bush is the way of the past, they are leaders of the party dictating direction. >> they want to run antiestablishment, didn't one to consider himself a new candidate. and in definition is the establishment. >> i disagree with richard when he says bannon is the leader of the republican party, donald trump is. and going against the establishment. and the president and mister bannon, you see a lot of people the president endorsed in the primaries steve bannon is going to go against, the
11:47 am
antiestablishment, now donald trump, even though he is not quite the establishment candidate he is the leader. >> i beg to differ. asking donald trump, not that he's the establishment, but to make america great again, that make america -- draining the swamp, the idea of the swamp is the establishment. if it was not for steve bannon's establishment. they are connected, the leaders of this republican party. >> advising the president coming from a nonpolitical background, you have to give it to steve bannon, he did get his base out to those far right voters who voted for donald trump and steve bannon, good reason he got a lot
11:48 am
of their attention. >> bannon is not the problem with republican party right now. the people he is targeting in the senate, a lot of those candidates not going along with the agenda. this establishment versus antiestablishment is a relevant discussion. are they going to go along with the agenda? >> they worry about the agenda and the house past 200 bills and died in the senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, how concerned should he be that healthcare is a bust? what about tax reform? how concerned should he be? >> very concerned. don't see it getting past, and in the beginning, over 200 past, eventually die in the senate. the senate can't get aboard with the agenda they will be out of
11:49 am
office. >> the final word. >> i agree if republicans get on board the steve bannon donald trump agenda donald trump and steve bennett will run candidates against them. if you can't get along with the far right -- by the steve bannon donald trump drain the swamp is what they are going to do. >> i got to say you will see the president, steve bannon, you see that. >> steve bannon candidates win. >> richard fowler, appreciate it. >> they are still talking. >> mariah carey the latest in a rash of break ands, emboldening those criminals, could this be the future of high-speed travel, 30 minute fast lane between two major cities.
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town, she was in new york, the burglar snatching $50,000, now her name is added to a growing list of celebrities hit by burglars this year, kendall jenner, hillary duff. >> for three days sleeping in my bed, stole my olympic ring, my gun, my precious jewelry. >> the person who broke and was later arrested, reporting kim kardashian, kanye west had three cars ransacked friday. didn't make off with much.
11:55 am
lapd has a passport looking into the burglary. kelly: reporting from la, thank you. julie: donald trump keeping up his feud with the democratic congresswoman the drama unfolding with the chief of staff in the middle of it all, more throughout the day. . . .
11:56 am
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>> fag and politics, first lady
11:59 am
donating creme silk grown created by french designer heve two had two weeks to come up with the design. the collection is one of the most popular exhibits at the museum. kelly: indeed it is, i have been to that exhibit before. imagine being able to travel from new york to washington in half an hour, it may soon be a reality. elon musk getting the green light to start hyperloop by digging tunnel, make stops in baltimore and philadelphia in ruth to new york. that would be amazing. julie: how long is your commute, train, plane, automobile? kelly: four hours. elon musk, see me. julie: i like it.
12:00 pm
kelly: i could be his test. we will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. julie: one hour from now. i hope to see you on the fox report. kelly: did you see 10:00? [laughter] >> welcome to the journal editorial report, a big step forward in the republican tax reform effort as the senate passed a budget blueprint thursday night that paves the way for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts and blocks democrats from filibustering a final deal, so the the gop deliver before the year's end, let's ask dan henninger, kim strassel, editorial page kate odell and columnist bill mcgurn. are the republicans getting act together after health care fiasco? >>


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